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tv   9 News Now Tonight  CBS  June 20, 2012 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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dulles a little disappointing. 97 was our record set back in '64. 95 right now downtown, 90 in gaithersburg, 93 in frederick and 93 in fredericksburg. factor in the humidity. doesn't change the temps that much which tells us it's not super humid. feels like 97 downtown, 95 in gaithersburg and manassas and also feels like 98 in leesburg. so for tonight then clear to partly cloudy and muggy, low temps in the 70s, winds westerly at 10. we'll come back, talk about the records tomorrow and let you know when the heat breaks. not only is this the hottest day of the year so far, it's also the longest day of the year. kristin fisher is headed outside to see how folks are trying to cope. >> reporter: i'm kristin fisher on the national mall where it's the hottest day of the year and the longest day of the year. earlier there was supposed to be a summer solstice volleyball game, but it was canceled due
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to high heat. paramedics say that's a good call. the summer heat can make people do crazy things. for prince george's county paramedic arvery butler he's dealt with countless heat- related calls during his 18 years on the job. he knows heat is the no. 1 weather-related killer in the united states. so today he's trying to encourage this landover hills family on a scorching midday walk to stay inside. are you sweating? >> yes. >> you are? >> are you hot? are you sweating? >> yeah. >> down your face? >> i got my straw hat on, so that helps. >> they look like they're dressed pretty well. the kids have hats on. you do have sunscreen on, sun block. stay inside and turn on the air conditioning and worry about the bill later on in the year.
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the heat has gotten the d.c. government to extend public pool hours. many of them will stay open until 9:30 tonight. however, those free public pools will open at 1 p.m. instead of 11 a.m. the whole deal here is the department of public works makes change to keep folks out of the scorching sun for as long as possible in. other words, you come in at 11:00, you'd be out there two hours longer. metro warns commuter do not expect 100% air conditioning on the subway cars. the transit system made a fix to the cooling systems on all of its subway cars. 40% of the condensers have been replaced on the 1000 series and the number is 78 on the 5000 cars, but that doesn't mean there won't be problems. riders on cars without air conditioning should notify managers. a 44-year-old man dead following a shootout with a metro transit detective.
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the two exchanged fire in the 7100 block of lory lane in new carrollton this afternoon. >> reporter: i'm surae chinn in lanham, maryland, where police are investigating a man shot to death by a metro transit police officer. the blown out police cruiser indicates a violent exchange of gunfire on lory lane. >> we are very thankful the detective was not injured or killed today. >> reporter: the officer was investigating the man as a person of interest in the attempted abduction of a 25- year-old woman at a d.c. metrobus stop over the weekend. it led him to the 44-year-old man's house this afternoon. witnesses say the suspect came out with a gun and chased after the officer, then rammed the police cruiser. there was an exchange of gunfire. witnesses heard four to five shots. the 44-year-old suspect was found dead in the road. >> some people are built to do certain things. he's not like that. >> he's not no type of guy, he's not like that. he's got two kids, always stays with the kids. >> the name of that detective has not been released, but
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metro says he's a five-year veteran of the force and currently on administrative leave. former d.c. council member harry thomas, jr. cooling his heels in the federal pen. he reported this morning to begin serving that 38 month sentence for stealing $350,000 from city youth programs. thomas admitted to spending the money on luxury cars and lavish trips. he's serving that sentence at a facility in montgomery, alabama. the 51-year-old could be released as early as february of 2015. prince george's county councilwoman karen toles learned her fate today for speeding on the beltway. toles was found guilty of reckless driving february 22nd in prince george's county near branch avenue. the in-car camera clocked toles going 108 miles an hour on the beltway and then over 80 on branch avenue before they pulled her over, but the judge in the case today gave toles a fine and probation before judgment and that means no points on her license and she gets to keep driving. another story making big
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news in d.c. is the showdown between the obama administration and the congress over the justice department's operation fast and furious investigation. the house oversight and government reform committee voted to hold the attorney general eric holder in contempt for failing to provide documents from the botched mexican gun running sting. this move comes after holder asked for and received permission from the white house to withhold the information on the grounds of executive privilege. so is the contempt charge an honest attempt by the committee to get at the truth or as our attorney general says, it's just political gamesmanship. joining us now to talk about this issue, jeffrey jokobavitz, head of litigation of his law firm and former defense attorney jim shallock here as well. explain to us something about executive privilege. every white house tries to use it. >> sure. executive privilege was used 14 times by bill clinton, six
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times by george bush. this is the first time barack obama is using it and it's a privilege designed to allow deliberations to proceed with confidence, that government officials could deliberate with each other and know it won't get out in the public about what they're saying. >> they could have conversations about sensitive things, say what they think and not worry congress will be looking over their shoulder. even if that's the case, why not turn over these documents, jim, because it looks like you got something to hide? >> congress has a right to know what's going on in an investigation. they have a right. they're elected by the people and have a right to subpoena documents and to investigate this botched gun running scheme. now by taking the fifth amendment, people say to themselves what are they hiding in court? same thing here. i think the american public is saying what executive privilege? what are you hiding? yes, it's political, but why isn't the white house turning over the documents congress wants? >> jim, it's not the same as the fifth amendment and obviously holder has turned
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over 7,600 documents. he's turn over documents. it's a political investigation. they continue to ask for more and more documents and are trying to get something to take it against the obama administration. >> it is a political situation, but this is serious stuff. guns, agents of the united states let gun goes to mexican killers and cartels to follow the guns. an agent was killed and two of the weapons were found at the scene. people were murdered with guns from this botched project. >> the argument of the administration is we've given you enough information so you can figure out what went wrong and you're basically trying to find out whether or not eric holder made the final decision here. is that something everybody needs to know? >> it's congress that has the right to know. the white house has to cooperate with congress. congress is elected by the people. they have a right to oversight. >> this feels so partisan here. we've seen it on both side. isn't this just about a power match between the white house and congress and who has the right to the information?
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>> derek, absolutely and this has gone on for years. this type of gun investigation started in the bush administration and so it's not something that's unique to washington. it was a botched investigation. unfortunately somebody got killed, but it's a battle between congress and the white house that's been going on indefinitely. >> what are they hiding? >> on that question we'll have to say good-bye. gentlemen, i appreciate your time. we'll do it again. don't worry. coming up on 9 news now nuns on a bus? how's that for a turn? they're on a 2,000-mile journey here to washington d.c. we'll tell you why. >> plus wikileaks founder julian assange makes a bold last ditch bid to get political asylum. we'll tell you why he wants it. we'll be right back.
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wikileaks founder julian assange holed up in london where he's requested political asylum, a desperate move that hopes prevents his deportation back to sweden where he's wanted on rape charge. as long as he's in the embassy, he's on diplomatic territory. it was said he would be extradited to sweden next month if they can get their hands on him. the jury in the jerry
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sandusky molestation trial rested its case tomorrow resting without calling the former coach to the stand. several character witnesses testified that sandusky, the man they know, is a good fellow with a family stellar reputation. he is accused of sexually abusing 10 boys over 15 years and if convicted, the 68-year- old sandusky could be sentenced to life in prison. a group of nuns are on a nine-state trip that includes the washington d.c. area, but the journey is not about religion. these nuns are protesting congressman paul ryan's budget plan which they say would hurt the poor. >> reporter: rolling down the highways of middle america, the nuns on the bus are hard to miss. their driver bill says he normally carts around famous musicians. well, these nuns including 81- year-old sister diane donahue from los angeles say they feel like they're get rock star treatment. >> hi, there. >> that's the most amazing thing when you walk out of the bus and you see the excitement
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and the anticipation. >> reporter: the nuns are attracting crowds of supporters of the stop. they plan to drive more than 2,000 miles through nine states ending up in washington d.c. july 2nd. the a man purpose of the bus tour is with us -- the main purpose of bus tour is wisconsin congressman paul ryan's passed budget plan which ryan says is in tune with his catholic faith even though it cuts services to poor. >> congressman ryan claiming the catholicism mantle really set our teeth on edge. >> reporter: the nuns stopped at ryan's wisconsin office tuesday delivering to one of his staffers what they call a faithful budget proposal that protects the poor. the idea for the bus tour came after the vatican's recent public criticism of socially active nuns in the u.s. which
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the nuns say create an outpouring of sympathy and a lot of attention. >> so we said how can we use this opportunity of focus on us to show people what we are really about and who they care for. >> reporter: so far the nuns who now have their own song thanks to fans in iowa say they are overwhelm by the receptions they're getting. they're using their time on the bus to check e-mail and twitter accounts as driver bill gets them to their next stop. >> those nuns are something else. now the u.s. conference of catholic bishops has also called on congress and the administration to reject proposed cuts in domestic and international hunger and nutrition programs. coming up on 9news topper says he has a super charged summer forecast. you'll want to stick around for that.
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back up from the bay bridge is certainly nothing new, but there was a sort of unusual cause for delays today. motorists couldn't travel across the spans because they were bringing underneath the brings four new cargo cranes. the cranes were taken to the port of baltimore to take in larger ships expected to go to the panama canal once they finish the widening project. >> okay. we know it's hot, has not quite
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reached the triple digits, but it's hot and it's going to be hotter tomorrow. >> happy summer. >> thank you. >> 7:09 just came here of the right on cue. it was hot today, no records, but i think we have a better chance setting a record high tomorrow. the records are lower and the thermometer may go higher. let's start with a live look outside at our live weather cam brought to you by michael and son. it's actually not bad out as long as you're not moving around too much, it's okay. down to 95, dew point still in the mid-60s, that's okay. winds out of the north, northwest at 10, pressure falling at 30.01 inches of mercury, but 37% humidity is manageable with temps in the mid-90s. in fact, 88 in gaithersburg, 91 in manassas and leesburg and 93 up in frederick. you factor in the humidity, doesn't change temps much. pops up to 97 downtown, feels like 94 in gaithersburg and 95 in manassas and one of the hotter readings feels like 98 in leesburg, but not as humid
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as it certainly could be or has been in the past. very hot one more day, heat advisory tonight till 10:00, heat advisory tomorrow from noon until 10 p.m. and again we aren't going to reach the criteria of having a heat index of 105 to 109, but it's going to be hot again tomorrow, unhealthy air and a record high possible thursday. the record high is only 98. we got a ballgame tonight, rays in town, temperatures upper 80s to mid-90s, but really a nice evening for baseball. the nats have to get back on the winning track. clear to partly cloudy tonight, muggy, lows in the 70s, winds out of the west at 10. remember it wasn't too long ago we were able to open our windows at night, not anymore. mostly sunny, hot by lunch tape, temperature 75 to 94 and -- lunchtime, temperatures 75 to 94 and by afternoon partly to mostly sunny, very hot, some thunderstorms tomorrow, not a bunch, highs 95 to 99, winds west, northwest at 10.
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here are the possible highs tomorrow, maybe 98 downtown to tie the old mark, 97 in gaithersburg, leesburg and maybe 99 or so in manassas. here's the deal. keep your shades closed, curtains drawn, especially the west side facing of your house. exercise in the morning or stay indoors. you don't want to do it now. it's still 95 degrees out. wear light colored clothing, check on the elderly and don't forget the pets. we'll break it down, 72 to 80 by 6:00. 88 to 94 by noon and 95 to 99 by evening, just a slight chance of an isolated shower. weather alert codes go like this, yellow, yellow and green, upper 90s tomorrow, isolated storm, a much better chance of scattered storms friday, only low 90s, not bad and then a green day saturday, maybe a morning shower, temperatures in the upper 80s. now the next seven days maybe a passing shower sunday, temperatures still in check, upper 80s, monday a stronger
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front approaches, showers and thunderstorms mid-80s and and behind that only 78 tuesday and 80 wednesday, living up to its name of a cold front and next week is at&t. >> after all those 90s we'll be breaking out the coats. >> you want to go to the at&t? go to our website or our facebook page and it's a sweepstakes. you only have until saturday. we'll announce next monday who the winners are. you can pick any day you want to go, wednesday through sunday. >> very nice, sir. let's get to our weird news file because could there be a time when a guy just has to have a manny pedi. to a place called mentor, ohio, where charles sweeney walked into a manicure joint and demanded, not asked for, demanded service. thing is they were about to close and told him come back tomorrow. no. sweeney didn't want a pedicure
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tomorrow. he wanted it right now, but when none of the workers would stay late, he went into his bag and pulled out wads of doe. that's when the cops were called and put a stop to all that. so then why was mr. sweeney so desperate for a manny pedi? the cops weren't quite sure, but sweeney did admit to coughing down 12 beers just before he came into the salon, so yes, top, beverages were involved. >> of course. >> by the way, he pled no contest to inducing panic and resisting arrest. so there you go. >> we want to hear what you think. search your e-mails to mcginty's mailbag, the address, mailbag at 9 news now will be right back.
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in the mailbag tonight we take you to the wusa9 facebook page for an overheated debate regarding metro's decision today to let riders bring water on board to trains and buses because of the heat. you'd think there would be a little gratitude but apparently not so much. abe gordon, oh, whatever. i drink on metro all the time, coke or mountain dew, energy drinks, whatever. i get not allowing alcohol, but come on. don't have 20 minute delays daily and maybe i wouldn't get so thirsty and dehydrated. susan clark is similar.
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how about metro hands out some water? then i would be impressed. it should be a requirement to hand out water on trains that don't have ac. and nathaniel vick sums it up. metro can sick it. allowed? i'd like to try to see them take the water out of my hand. this might be the lesson for metro. sure, everybody knows when it gets hot, sometime cars break down, there's no ac. problem is you've had years of mistakes and difficulties and the riders' goodwill has been used up. so even when you tie to do something nice, you -- try to do something nice, you get no benefit of the doubt. then there was a criticism on the pitbull law in maryland. some want the dog declared inherently dangerous. brian englewood is not one. i have a pit lab mix. she is smart, energetic, gent, not the typical -- gentle, not the typical behave of pitbull. i've never been -- behavior of a pitbull. i've never been attacked by a
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pitbull type dog. i have been attacked by a poodle. ban them? but jerry simpson answered oh, yeah, i bet that poodle chewed your leg off. if a pitbull attacked you from behind, you might not be here to tell about it. i love all dogs. however, pitbulls for whatever reason can do great harm. for a hearty debate, mailbag at we'll see you later. bye bye.
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now, "entertainment tonight," the most watched entertainment newsmagazine in the world. john edwards' mistress. rielle hunter faces the camera. >> i'm a woman who fell in love with a married man. i'm not the first and i'm not going to be the last. >> the new image of their love child. a kiss caught on video. will they get marry? plus, was elizabeth edwards consumed by jealousy? >> elizabeth took an image of john and rielle and would look at it over and over. new jack osbourne, opening up about his multiple sclerosis fight. >> i have been having symptoms for the last three, four years. >> as we look back at richard pryor's in his final days. battling m.s. >> if there's one thing that you


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