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tv   9 News Now Tonight  CBS  June 22, 2012 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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of hail with this. one of the concerns with this cell coming through loudoun county is it could have winds in excess of 60 miles per hour. let's take it back to the doppler, if you can. see this area along route 17? this guy is likely having some hail. we've had reports of hail nearly an inch in diameter. this is building down to seneca also. we'll have to watch this area. rockdale, herndon, these areas are going to get rocked. gainesville, get ready for these storms coming out of marshall and the plains. this is going go down over toward warrenton and probably in the d.c. metro, give it an hour or so or less, these storms are marriaging 20 to 30 miles per hour. we still have a severe thunderstorm watch for just
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about everybody until 9:00 p.m. those warnings we were looking at, 7:45, loudoun, i believe it's going to 7:45. i just saw the information there. lots going on. this should be winding down over the next few hours. anita? >> we'll be coming become do you through the newscast if anything changes. a family is being treated after an accident when two vehicles collided and then ran over a kiddie pool. >> reporter: two suvs collide, sending one careening through a fenced yard, running over four children in a kiddie pool at 3:30 on a hot afternoon. even police were shocked by the results. >> you think you're in a safe area in a fenced yard. the last thing you think is for a vehicle to come through a
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fence. >> reporter: the injured vehicle, 4-10. the rider in the four runner were taken to the hospital. seven people in all injured. it happened when the driver of this ford escape was making a left turn. as the impatient of the driver of the toyota raced to get by. vanessa was in the toyota with her mom. >> where were the kids who got hurt? >> inside a pool. >> the children in the pool were run over by the car? >> yes,. >> how fast was the other car going? >> it was speeding fast. >> unfortunately when people are being impatient when driving, these type of accidents will occur. >> the four runner driver will be cited depending on the conclusion of the investigation. i can see reckless driving -- >> reporter: at least one of the children taken to the hospital was brought back from death and is in critical
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condition. scott brewer, 9news no. williammoreland saw flames coming from a home. he saw a woman who was in an iv in a hospital chair. he and neighbors picked her up and carried here to safety. >> i saw nothing until she came downstairs and yelled fire. >> i was thankful i decided to come this way to come home and give a helping hand to these folks who were in there. >> he sure did. the cause of the fire is under investigation. it was an emotional day where a memorial was inveiled to remember victims of the deadliest crash in metro's history. the ceremony comes three years to the day nine people were killed in a collision on the red line.  bruce laotian has more. >> this is my baby, my cousin right here. >> for the extended family of
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veronica deboys, the plaque overlooking where she died shows people still remember. >> they care. that's the main thing. >> but it's still not a plaque, not a should to relean on. >> come over two or three in the morn because i just needed to talk, you know, and she would open the door. i don't care what time it was. >> nikki king's son buzzed her nickname into his hair. >> and her stepdad? >> i'm doing okay. i'm just here. >> he seemed unsure if metro has done enough. >> they're working on it. hopefully they will get better. >> metro has installed a new general manager. it's replaced one of the circuits that let the train disappear into a black hole. it's buying new more crash worthy cars. but the chair says she's concerned about a series of recent problems, doors flying open, parts of brakes falling
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off. >> those events are very significant. metro needs to pay attention to them. those are warning signs. >> metro says it is paying attention that safety is a never ending process. the ntsb chair herself rides metro at least once a week. bruce laotian. 9news now. >> they're pushing for subway system across the country. another twist at the turmoil of the university of virginia. a letter was sent to the school, calling on it to resolve questions about the leadership by next tuesday. it comes after the president says he's going to suspend the plan to take over the charlottesville school until august 15th. he was set to replace teresa sullivan. sullivan's forced resignation led to protests by students over the campus. trust in the school won't be
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restored until sullivan's status is resolved. seven teenagers are facing trespassing charges after being caught drinking alcohol on the roof of wakefield high school. they were called to the arlington school around 5:15 this morning. all the teenagers were recent graduates. four of them are charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor. they're questioning about a case of vandalism at the school next week. the d.c. public school system says they're fired after helping students cheat on the standardized test. >> the office of the state superintendent released the results of an investigation into the 2011dccs test. three students tested -- students told investigators that their teacher pointed out
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correct answers. same thing at lang don. marks were erased that could have lowered scores. not good. the chancellor of d.c. public schools puts it in perspective. >> i'm so pleased this investigation confirmed what we thought all along, that there's no widespread cheating in d.c. public schools. in any system you have a couple of people who choose to break the rules, out of over 1100 classrooms tested, to have only two classrooms with confirmed cheating tells me that our teachers, our administrators, our school staff are doing right by our young people. >> in washington, kristen fisher, 9news now. again, two d.c. public schoolteachers are in the process of being terminated and more firings could be coming. coming up, he served his country with three tours of iraq, but now a former soldier feels betrayed by the
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government and the gi bill. we'll explain.
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day two of jury deliberations in the jerry sandusky sex abuse trial. the jury asked to rehear testimony from mike mcqueary. he's the former grad assistant who testified he saw sandusky engaging in a sex act in a school shower with a young boy.
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the jury has no idea of the bomb shell from the stepson who says he was abused by the coach. ten boys accuse him of abuse over 15 years. a man planning to blow up the u.s. capital pled guilty today. he appeared in federal court on charges of attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction. the illegal immigrant from morocco was wearing what he thought was a suicide vest when he was arrested near the capital in february. undercover fbi agents actually provided that dummy vest. under terms of a plea deal, he'll receive a sentence of 25 to 30 years in prison when he's sentenced in september. the teenager boys who taunted a bus monitor are now getting death threats.
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the hue humiliation of karen klein klein -- >> there's no excuse, and we're going to get to the bottom of that, but it really broke my heart. i shed a lot of tears thinking about that whole thing. i just want you to know that my family, all of us are deeply saddened by this whole thing. >> klein doesn't want criminal charges brought against the boys. she thinks community service would be appropriate as a punishment. klein also wants an apology if the kids, but she says she's not quite ready to face them face to face. a local marine veteran who fout in iraq is stuck in limbo after what he calls a failure in the gi bill. it's put his life on hold and left him with mounting college debt. >> he would rather be in college today than tinkering
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with his jeep, but the community college won't readmit him or give him his transcripts until he pay as $2,700 bill for the last semester. he enrolled under the gi bill and said he was told it was all covered. >> he said don't worry about that. you are 100% covered. >> he was 19 and determined to do his part after 9/11. >> those who can have a moral obligation to help. >> he joined the marines and was in iraq in a month. he still blocks out the things that happened. >> it's hard because you just think about your friends. >> you lost friends? >> yeah. >> you saw friends lose their lives? >> yes. >> he joined the california highway patrol and last december moved to north virginia where his wife had a job lined up. he decided to go to college under the gi bill and enrolled.
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>> if i owed anything, they would have had to collect it then. they gave it back stamped said, okay, you're god -- good to go. >> they paid it. then when he enrolled for the summer, he was told to pay up and then he received a letter saying if he doesn't pay by today, they will refer him to a collection agency and tack on another 30% to his bill. >> when he enrolled in january, it's possible the billing people didn't know about the big change to the gi bill. that change would save the program money by only paying in- state tuition. >> i feel like i was lied to. >> that change in the gi bill occurred last august, five months before he enrolled at nova. a nova spokesperson says they're looking into the case to see if they can help him out. still ahead on 9news, a case of lost and found, more than 65 years in the making, plus a lot of turbulence out there is in our region.
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howard bernstein has the latest on our severe weather alert, when we return.
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we head to michigan for a story of a reunion nearly 70 years in the making. warren howton was 14 and living in new hampshire when he lost his wallet. it contain photos of his family along with other keepsakes.
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now, he's 81 years old. someone discovered the wallet along with his old baseball mitt in an old one-room school that was by his child hood home and managed to track him down. >> it was unbelievable. you know, it just blew me out of the water. >> the navy veteran says he doesn't remember losing his wallet, but he's grateful for the person who found it and all the time and trouble they went through to find him and give it back. >> let's get over to 9news weather team. >> still watching the severe storms in montgomery. fairfax, loudoun county, it's been a hard hitter. there's damage to a barn in johnsville. nobody was injured but 150 head of cattle were in there. this barn took some serious wind damage. libertytown also in frederick county, they had trees knocked down. this is from georgetown, i
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believe. we're looking off to the west at big, big storms still. in loudoun county we're going to show you video here. this was the scene as storms rolled through there. they were pretty tremendous. photojournalist greg caser is out there. let's go over to weather graph. we've got big storms coming through now. still, nice thing off tooto -- to the west weeks not seeing any markers. warrenton, the hail reports have been up to an inch in diameter. the heaviest storms we're hearing are over toward areas of montgomery county and moving into warrenton. check this out. down to potomac, potential of hail. we want to go up to johnsville, maryland and show you what happened earlier. here's video we have. you can see what the winds did to that barn that's housing 150
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head of cattle. this is a live picture from sky 9 up there. you can see what some of those winds did. we don't believe this was a tornado, but the straight line winds, we were seeing them early. these storms headed up to baltimore, likely delaying the start of the nats-os game. there was tremendous damage from some of the wind gusts that were with these storms we were dealing with. you folks in potomac, these storms are weakening coming out of ashton and herndon, but you're still seeing that. back down to the south, fairfax county, by the way, and montgomery county, those warnings until 7:45. this system is approaching warrenton. hayesville, you guys are going to get in on this storm in the next 20 minutes or so. you may take 30 minutes or so. batten down the hatches. i think things will be
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improving once the line passes. we have a severe thunderstorm warning in effect until 9:00 p.m. it's going to chop down from the east as the storm passes where you are. >> we've got better news at the weekend. >> thanks, howard. once these line of storms come through and that cold front associated with it, we're talking temperatures dropping and the humidity going down. right now, tyson's corner, you can see it's shaking around because of the winds and also that dark ominous sky. we're not quite out of the woods just yet. i think for a couple more hours we could still see activity. 84 degrees. the factor and the dew points of low 70s, feels like 90. cloudy skies, winds are coming out of the south at 8 miles per hour. right now, temperatures cool down to about 69 in leesburg where we saw some severe thunderstorms go through. also down into the lower 70s at pax river, we saw some storms go through there as well. lower 80s in hagarstown and 80
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degrees in gaithersburg. what we're expecting for the next couple of hours, here's a electric at the future cast. the cold front coming through and pushing to the east. we'll start the see the showers and thunderstorms start to die down. after that, they will clear out overnight and we'll see lots of sunshine and then a break for the humidity. the next three days, highs near 90 tomorrow. thunderstorms possible. monday is yellow alert because the chance for scattered showers and storms. highs around 87 degrees. check out your next seven days. cooler for tuesday and wednesday. at&t national, looks good for golf. fridays, back into the mid-90s. that's it for us here. see you after the break. stick around. ♪
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in chicago a classic case of hitting the gas instead of the brakes. it ended up being a very expensive mistake. >> the luxury car pileup looked and sounded something like a movie. >> all of a sudden, boom, this huge crash. >> a cbs 2 news writer happened to be exiting the garage when it happened. >> i was afraid for my life because the car nearly hit me. >> lucky for you the jaguar took the brunt of it.
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>> so the jaguar and another expensive car were the victims. >> another returned with shopping bags was none too pleased. >> what did you see to the man who did this. >> i have not even seen the idiot. >> and when the owner of the mercedes arrived -- >> oh, my god. it's my car. ed this bad. this is really bad. >> she worked at radio 107.9. >> so you guys are going to have something to talk about tomorrow? >> yes. we're going to tell the listeners what happened. >> i do the news in the morning, so i'm going to say, hello, i was part of the news. >> the driver of the bmw said he was returning a car he rented for business when he hit the gas instead of the brake. once the bmw was hoisted off, the mercedes emerged damaged.
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this lady's shopping trip came to an end. this barn was pretty much destroyed by straight line winds. no human injuries, but 150 head of cattle were housed in this barn. looks like there have been some cow casualties at the very lease. new warnings south and west of d.c. we'll be tracking it. >> we'll be back tonight at 11:00.
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now, "entertainment tonight," the most watched entertainment newsmagazine in the world. jessica simpson's baby weight battle. the new photos today. what she's saying about the trouble she's having shedding the pounds. then, katy perry's first sit-down since her split with russell. her revealing new movie as her marriage falls apart with cameras rolling. was there anything that was offlimits? >> sometimes my tummy turned when i saw certain scenes. celebrity autopsies. our special report. whitney houston's drugs. a real housewives' husband's hanging. michael jackson's homicide. the real reasons behind celebrities' deaths. what the markings reveal? whitney's plastic surgery scars.


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