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tv   9 News Now at 5am  CBS  June 25, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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this week. beverly farmer is in for monika samtani. she'll have your traffic in a moment but we kick it off with howard bernstein and your weather first. >> it's going to be an interesting week. we'll start relatively calm and cool. blazeningly hot once again by the time we get towards friday. >> poor mike will be out there on the course in heat. oh. >> it could be triple digit heat by the end of the week. yeah, it could be serious heat by the end of the week. let's talk about this morning. it's quiet right now. later this morning and toward the middle of the day expecting some showers and thunderstorms. the cold front is going to come through. temperatures could get into the mid-#s on for highs -- mid-80s for highs before we see that kick out of the west with winds. we should be done with the storms i believe by the evening rush hour. watching some of those showers and storms. a couple came through overnight. a lot more activity up here in pennsylvania. this is what we'll be watching for the middle of the day. more so the middle of the day. your temperatures this morning, they're in the 60s to mid-70s
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here in town and by the bay. monika is off but we have beverly farmer. she has the time saver traffic for you. a heads up for folks who commute through prince george's county. just reporting a crash, prince george's county fire and police responding kenilworth avenue near 410 east west highway. as far as the beltway is concerned through maryland and i-270, look at pace at 109. still pretty good from frederick county into hyattstown, germantown. you meetinged those showers in just locations just enough to make the pavement wet. overnight road work out of the way 066. the beltway at 66. right now the trip is pretty good heading inside the beltway, too, through falls church, ballston heading on in toward the roosevelt bridge. outer loop leaving springfield into alexandria, they finished the weekend project. on the outer loop closer to van dorn street, just after van dorn is where you'll make the local through lane choice. stick with the through lanes
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unless you need the local exits. the local lanes are now just single file through that phase of the project. this week the supreme court is expected to hand down a highly anticipated ruling on president obama's health care reform law. >> this spring the justices heard arguments on whether that law is constitutional with its mandates forcing most americans to buy health insurance. 9 news now reporter delia goncalves is live outside the supreme court with more. good morning, delia. >> reporter: good morning, andrea. it's quiet this morning but we're here back -- but when we were here back in the spring, there was a lot of debate and protest over this issue. we're likely to see some of that protest and debate as the country awaits a decision. at issue as you had mentioned, the individual mandate portion of this law that requires all americans to buy insurance or face fines by 2014. the justices will also decide if the medicaid portion oversteps its boundaries in
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individual states' rights but no doubt the individual mandate is the key sticking point here. the justices could uphold the law as is or strike down that provision. the question is, does this law survive without it? >> i'm actually continuing to be confident that the supreme court will uphold the law. >> if i'm elected president, i will repeal obama care and i'll stop it in its tracks on day one. >> reporter: -- >> there's going to be a bottom line whether the mandate is constitutional or not. i would be shock fundamental we didn't know that after -- shocked if we didn't know that after the decision. then it gets more complicated. >> reporter: it certainly does get more complicated. we'll take a look back at the spinning debate and hear from some of the justices themselves. andrea and jess, back to you. >> delia, reporting live outside the supreme court. one person was shot and six others stabbed after a fight broke out at a gaithersburg restaurant. the brawl at the new red rock cafe started early yesterday. montgomery county police say at
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one point more than 100 people got involved. the restaurant had advertised a rapper karoke night that attracted young adults across the washington area. police believe the brawl began between female patrons inside the restaurant and say the witnesses they've questioned have not been cooperative. a maryland brushfire escalated to seven alarms before firefighters got it under control. the fire on kent island scorched about 50 acres of forest. queen ann's county officials say they don't expect to have the fire completely out till sometime later today. no homes were damaged but one firefighter was taken to a hospital with an undisclosed injury. a few dozen people are still waiting to get their power back on this morning. tens of thousands of people lost power in friday night's severe storms. now pepco reports just a few scattered outages left in parts of the district and prince george's county. most of those outages were caused by falling trees and branches taking out power
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lines. many of those storl cleanup project -- storm cleanup projects will last for days to come. some neighborhoods in cheverly were among the hardest hit. sunday the chainsaws were running almost nonstop. there werele wood chippers on site as well as power crews working on those down lines. >> the wind came through with hail from all directions. you could hear fans buzzing and blowing. it was pretty intense and scary. >> it's about a 30-foot -- it blew out the back window, damaged the front window. >> some homeowners told 9 news now this is the first time they've seen such severe damage in their neighborhood. >> a tough situation. it is 5:37 or rather 5:05. i'm watching your money. big week ahead for economic reports. wall street is waiting on a flurry of date tacht the latest figures on home sales and prices, consumer confidence as well as personal income and spending. we're also going to find out
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how quickly the economy grew in the first three months of the year. on friday stocks rallied back from their second worst sell- off of the year. checking the numbers here for you, the dow stands this morning at 12,640. it was up 67 points on friday. nasdaq up by 33 and the s&p 500 was better by about 10 points. congress faces a deadline this week that will impact millions of americans with student loan debt. if lawmakers don't reach an agreement by july 1, the current low interest rate on those loans will double. republicans and democrats must fine $6 billion to offset those lower rates. the g.o.p. prefers eliminating programs from the president's health care law while democrats want to close tax loop loopholes. >> both parties agree that they don't want to see the increase in loan rates particularly right before an election season where students are going to be -- votes up for grabs for both parties. >> the pressure of this being
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an election year makes this work in consumers favors. enough law make -- neither party wants to get the blame for failing to get this done. debby's lack of direction could cause plenty of problems for people in the sunshine state. that's coming up. >> people in colorado only wish debby and her rains would head their way as a brand new wildfire forces evacuations. we'll be right back.
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welcome back on this monday. we're dealing with quiet weather but looking at the threat for showers and storms through the middle of the day as a cold front pushes through. some of the storms may pack a little punch east of 95. temperatures will be in the mid- #s on, better than yesterday -- mid-80s, better than yesterday's 93. it is going to get nasty hot around here by the end of the week. i'll have your full seven-day forecast in about five minutes. right now over to beverly. she's tracking time saver task for you. one accident of note in prince george's county. they just went to check on kenilworth avenue. maryland 2 on 1 near 4010 east west highway for the crash. here's 395 moving smotly across the inbound 14th street -- smoothly across the inbound 14th street bridge. your next traffic update is up at 5:17. andrea, back to you. >> thank you, beverly. making news now coming up
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on 5:10, at least one death so far has been blamed on tropical storm debby which is churning off the florida gulf coast. the storm's movement has been slow and erratic. hurricane forecasters say some places could end up seeing more than 2 feet of rain from debby. a new wildfire in colorado has already forced more than 10,000 people to flee their homes. the waldo canyon fire started around noon on fire. authorities have ordered people out. thousands of egyptians spent the night celebrating their new president elect a week after voters cast their ballot. the government announced mohammed morsi as the winner. now citizens will wait to see just how much authority the military will give to the new president. many of us already making july 4th plans but loudoun county lawmakers have plans for july 3. it involves a critical vote on metro's silver line. that story is coming up at 5:51.
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tiger woods talks about bringing the at&t national back to washington after a break from last year's u.s. open. howard has a triple digit temperature in the seven-day forecast. keep it here. so, you actually reward people for staying with you? yep. the longer you stay with us, the more you save. and when you switch from another company to us, we even reward you for the time you spent there. genius. yeah, genius. you guys must have your own loyalty program, right? well, we have something.
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good morning. welcome back to 9news now. our time is 5:13. coming up on 5:14.
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it's a monday morning. it's not a bad morning but again people will be cleaning up because of what happened on friday night. >> big storms. we could see a few more storms today. not expecting a repeat of friday but we may get a couple of strong storms. >> there's a lot of interest in that triple digit number on your forecast. >> by the end of the week. if your ac is not working you'll be okay the next two, three days but by the time we get to the end of the week, friday low 100 i think. i have 102 on the seven-day for friday. >> i hope you're wrong. >> i'm not putting it out there- - >> 101 i can deal with. >> i don't put 102 out there lightly either. this is what i think is going to happen. i'm just not throwing numbers on the seven-day with a dart board. that 102 may be conservative in spots. let's get going. you've been warned. let's get going with your
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monders forecast as we've got -- monday forecast as we've got numbers that will be comfortable. noontime 83, 85. we have a cold front coming. that's going to kick off some showers and storms later this morning into the middle of the afternoon. but notice by 6:00 p.m., we've cleared out here. 82 degrees. northwest winds 10 to 15 miles an hour gusting to 20. cold front on the way. you can see the showers and storms here passing interstate 80 up across northern pennsylvania. and that is what we're going to be looking at for the midday thunderstorms. right now comfortable out west. we've got mid- to upper 60s. a little bit warm still in town. college park still 75. columbia is 68. rockville is 67 and in alexandria this morning, 73 degrees. so you don't need a jacket early. looking at our michael & son weather camera about a half- hour before sunrise, we've got good visibility. partly cloudy skies. winds out of the southwest ahead of that front still. that front will switch winds to
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the northwest and they'll start to kick up this afternoon. a little gusty. humidity 76%. the barometer is down 29.79. let's show you what's happening on the bigger picture. here's the front up in this part of the world. you see it from albany back to not quite pittsburgh. the front will be kicking off the shower and the thunderstorms as we get into the afternoon hours. still in pennsylvania but i want you to watch around the metro. showers and storms and they really -- this line really firms up. it looks like south and east of d.c. so here we are by 3:00. we could have some strong thunderstorms south and east of town with all of this pushing away from us. should be decent around here for the evening rush hour. the only thing that will be a factor for your outdoor activities later this afternoon will be the winds. they'll be kicking up out of the northwest probably gusting 20 miles an hour or so. tonight clear skies. it's going to be gorgeous, 50s and 60s and a really good looking tuesday around here with high temperatures only about 82 or so before things
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really start to turn around for the second half of the week. so the yellow alert today for the thunderstorms, middle of the day, definitely going to slow you down in spots, 86. tonight about 62 in town. we could be in the low to mid- 50s in the cooler suburbs. gorgeous. open the windows and enjoy. nice tomorrow, 82. wednesday we start to turn it around. 87. still not too humid. the heat builds by thursday, 94, and friday, saturday, 102 friday. 98 saturday. and sunday 96. could be a few afternoon storms any of those days. it is now 5:17. let's go to beverly farmer with time saver traffic. building volume on that traffic ride northbound 95 as you head out of fredricksburg and stretches through stafford to get up to quantico. seeing more volume there getting across the occoquan and into springfield, left side of your screen, the headlights toward you. the main and express lanes moving smoothly to get to the beltway in springfield and on to 395. northbound 395 that's a good ride heading toward the 14th street bridge. no early troubles east on 66
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heading into the beltway into falls church from rosslyn. on the outer loop of the beltway between springfield and alexandria, the new traffic pattern in place aft weekend project on the outer loop just after van dorn is where you'll have to choose local or through lanes and remembering there's only one local lane available to you on the outer loop between van dorn and the split passed telegraph road. if you're traveling on the beltway in maryland, no early problems but two accidents to report. kennel worth avenue near 410 checking for the crash and also checking bw parkway southbound it the beltway and 410 riverdale. that's a look at your drive. next time saver traffic at 5:24. back to you. tiger talks about returning to congressional for the at&t tournament. >> we want to take another look at our question of the morning. according to readers digest, this happens most often on fridays at 5:10 p.m. i hope beverly weighs in on
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this one. a, facebook post update, b, online video game playing or c, road rage. >> let's hope it's not all going on in the car. here's a look at a response you posted on the wusa9 facebook fan page. keisha williams wrote, c, road rage but i believe it starts earlier in the afternoon than that. certainly in the washington area, you know. >> log on to the wusa9 facebook fan page. leave your response. we'll reveal the answer during the 6:00 hour. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] it would be easy for u.s. olympian meb keflezighi
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5:21. pretty quiet right now. we're looking at futurecast at 9:00, around 80. we'll head toward lunch time. a few showers and storms north and west. they'll pick up as we head toward the middle of the afternoon. here we are now by 3:00. really seeing that line firm up south and east of town. high temperatures today about 85, 86. jess and andrea? >> thank you, howard. many of the world's top golfers arrive today in advance of the at&t national. >> and the nationals head out west after a disappointing end to the battle of the beltways again. kristen berset has highlights in your morning sports. good morning, everybody. for the first time in a long time, the battle of the beltways this season was more than just two neighbors teams playing each other. it's now two of the league's best teams going head to head. the nationals first in the nl
5:23 am
east, orioles second in the al east. yesterday the rubber match at camden yards, we pick this up the top of the 3rd, game still scoreless. ryan zimmerman, welcome back, buddy, at the dish gets the base hit to left field. nats on the board. 2 for 4, breaking out of the slump a little bit. in the bottom of the 8th, it was the inning for matt weiter. he was supposed to have the day off but good for the birds he didn't. top 9, johnson looking to close out the series. nationals last-ditch effort to take the lead. danny espinoza at the dirk. don't test his arm. orioles take the series or take the game 2-1 and the series. another great pitchers dual [
5:24 am
inaudible ] at&t national returns to congressional this week. the last time tiger was here, he won his own tournament. now after a rough outing at the u.s. open, he has a chance to reclaim some of his glory this week. he'll be joined by other players making a splash of their own this season. tiger says congressional is a tough course but he's looking forward to hitting the links. >> i think it's a fantastic tee to green golf course. it's -- you have to drive the ball well to get into some of these flags but once you get on the greens, there's a lot of pitch to the greens, a lot of movement. usually from back to front. and placing the ball in the correct spots is -- it's vital giving yourself a chance. >> the mystics out west in seattle looking for their first road win of the season. good game for former terrapin crystal languagehorn. game high 21 points but -- langhorn. game high 21 points but one person can only do so much. mystics lose. that's a quick look at sports
5:25 am
this morning. we'll be live at congressional country club all this week in all of our shows. have a great monday, everybody. we are expecting the supreme court's huge decision on health care reform this week, and that story is coming up. >> plus, there's good news for drivers who need a lot of gas to get to their july 4th destinations. what about drivers on the roadways this morning? here's beverly farmer. pretty good right now if you're traveling southbound on 270. just the building volume. you're below speed out of urbana to get past 109 and the truck scales. your next check of time saver traffic at 5:30. you're watching 9news now. good monday morning. we'll be right back. kids, do you know what it is that makes this country great?
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good morning. welcome back to 9news now this monday morning. i'm andrea roane. i'm jessica doyle in for mike hydeck. beverly farmer is in for monika
5:29 am
and will have traffic in a moment but we start with howard. lots of changes. >> the first half of the week will be comfortable. watch out for thunderstorms in the middle of the day and afternoon. nice weather and hot by friday. in fact, kind of hot by thursday but really, really hot on friday. >> over a hundred. >> possibly, yeah. here's a look at the day planner on this relatively cool monday morning. got a nice picture there. partly cloudy skies on our weather camera. 83 degrees by noon. it's going to be later this morning through the middle part of the afternoon that we'll have the best chance for showers and storms, but by 5:00 i think all that is really south and east of us. back down to 83 after having highs in the mid-80s. this morning we're watching some showers and storms. had a couple overnight. those are well to our east now. that's what we had overnight. up in pennsylvania, this is ahead of a cold front. that's coming for today. these showers and storms, you can see some of these may start to get close to western
5:30 am
maryland here over the next couple of hours. but we're going to wait for it till later this morning. temperatures in the mid-60s in the shenandoah valley. low 60s in cumberland with 70s in town and off to our east and southeast. let's go to beverly farmer. on the beltway in maryland, outer loop of the beltway only building volume as you head west through silver spring to the point where the lanes divide and passing university here. volume still light through silver spring and bethesda. crash reported on the southbound bw parkway inside the beltway near 410 and on kenilworth maryland 201 near 410 in riverdale. if air checking out the ride for folks heading on 95 virginia, heaviest volume is leaving 610a up toward quantico with a crash moved to the left shoulder. next set of slowdowns briefly in woodbridge, here in springfield. just more volume heading up to the beltway. lanes are open 066 inside the -- on 66 inside the beltway to head through falls church and
5:31 am
make the way across to the teddy roosevelt bridge. next report coming up at 5:38. back to you. >> tank you, beverly. -- thank you, beverly. tropical storm zeby is causing -- debby is causing problems in most of florida while the rest of the gulf co. gets nervous. >> debby is churning off the panhandle but her effects are be felt from tampa all the way to jacksonville. one death being blamed on a tornado, one of several debby spawned and her reign could cause more damage. some parts of north florida could get more than 2 feet of rain before the storm moves on. others along the gulf coast are taking precautions. >> our biggest concern are the 4-foot levees being over top and failing if we see the storm pound the waters up into the marshes for several days. >> authorities in at least one louisiana parish have already declared a state of emergency. they want to be prepared to move people out of low-lying areas quickly if the storm
5:32 am
heads their way. this week we expect to hear the supreme court's decision on president obama's health care reform law. the high court could decide to strike down the entire law, rule that certain parts of the law are unconstitutional or uphold it. 9news now reporter delia goncalves is live outside the supreme court with more how likely they'll uphold the entire legislation. >> reporter: we ever one is on edge trying to figure out what decision will come down. there are several options so everyone is bracing themselves for whatever decision could be handed down today and certainly their eyes will be on the supreme court as they prepare to make history in this case. the affordable care act is one of the biggest expansions of national health coverage since the creation of medicaid and medicare in 1965. after more than six hours of debate in the spring, the justices could today hand down their decision on whether or not the individual mandate portion of this law is
5:33 am
constitutional. analysts say two of the nine justices are likely to be the deciding vote on this historic case. >> i don't think you're addressing their main point which is that they're for the creating commerce in health care. it's already there. and we're all going to need some kind of health care, most of us will, at some point. many of the most controversial cases remain pending so it is likely that the sharp disagreement rate will go up next week. >> reporter: supporters of the law will say that the law is already helping millions of people, including 6.6 million young adults who are currently insured under their parents' plan. we'll have more on that side of the story coming up at 6:00. andrea, back to you. >> delia goncalves reporting live outside the supreme court where another decision with huge nationwide impact is
5:34 am
expected this week as well. the justices will issue their ruling on arizona's controversial antiimmigration law. this will set a major precedent in federal stance on the issue. the high court could uphold the overall law as a state's right to decide public security issues. they could reject the entire law on grounds it interferes on federal authority, or they could also rule on each piece of the legislation. protesters are keeping up the pressure in charlottesville, virginia. tomorrow the university of virginia's board of visitors will vote on whether to reinstate teresa sullivan as president. dr. sullivan was forced to resign earlier this month. right now her last day is scheduled to be august 15. sunday faculty leaders were joined by hundreds of students who want sullivan to stay. >> this isn't just the faculty speaking. this is all of us speaking as a united voice coming together saying these are the principles that we believe in and also we want our president back.
5:35 am
>> many of the demonstrators at sunday's rallies wanted leader of the board of visitors rector helen dragus to resign. the vice rector resigned last week. virginia governor bob mcdonnell has threatened to replace the entire board if they don't resolve the conflict by tomorrow. the time is 5:35. i'm watching your money. d.c. mayor gray is attending events in china at this hour. he's on a rare trip overseas. the mayor is searching for foreign investors looking to buy real estate here. chinese funds could help speed the redevelopment projects like the southeast waterfront. gray also hopes to secure financiers to fund his plan $1.5 billion streetcar network. he's expected to return from his trip next week. if you're planning on filling up ahead of vacation this week, you're going to save a few pennies at the pump. in virginia aaa mid-atlantic says the price of a gallon of regular now averages $3.22 statewide. 6 cents less than last week.
5:36 am
more than 25 cents less than a year ago. in maryland you're going to average about 3.35 for regular unleaded and avoid d.c. if you can. the average in the district 3:53 a gallon. >> okay, i'll have to look elsewhere. biologists lose one of the symbols of the diversity found on the galapagos islands. could a princess crown herself queen at the box office? we'll tell you.
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5:38 am
a quiet morning though a mild morning. we have 60s in the suburbs. a front is coming today. that means some showers and storms will be possible right in the heart of the day here. it's not going to be late afternoon for most of us but i think later this morning through the middle of the afternoon would be the best chance for some showers and storms with highs in the mid- 80s. we'll turn to the northwest and pick up at about 10 to 15,
5:39 am
gusting to 20. nice this evening. a little breezy, 6:00 p.m. temperature of 82. let's check in with beverly farmer for a look at time saver traffic. volume building northbound 95. you know it leaving quantico with a crash moved on to the shoulder. getting into springfield good place. in landmark still looks good on 395. they're clearing the road work on southbound 270 near georgetown road so that's a little slubbish. your next check -- sluggish. your next check at traffic at 5:48. we're searching through date's daily deals, e-mails and retailer websites to find you deep discounts. here are some of our favorites. how about paying $269 for a cannon power shot. it's a savings of $80.99. this particular camera comes with built-in wi-fi. that will help you upload your pictures faster. sounds great, right? you can find this deal at here's another one for you. is offering a
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samsung 51-inch 3-d plasma hdtv at 20% off the normal price. you can buy is right now for $599.99 and shipping is free. if you have an offer you've seen or if you're a local merchant with a deal for our viewers, i would love to hear from you on facebook. andrea, over to you. >> thank you, jess. a local zoo director now faces animal cruelty charges. fairfax county police arrested 26-year-old meghan mogensen after a five-month investigation. police say the zoo improperly treated sick animals and improperly used euthanasia drugs. she is also charged with possession of a controlled substance. this morning biologists believe a subspecies of giant tortoise has become extinct. lonesome george was found dead in his corral at the galapagos national park. it's believed he was around 100 years old.
5:41 am
the tortoise was discovered on one of the galapagos islands 40 years ago after scientists thought the subspecies was already extinct. he became a celebrity with island visitors. the differences between tortoises on the different galapagos islands helped charles darwin form his theory of evolution. >> he was still relatively young. some go to 200. where will metro's silver line really end? more on that big deadline looming. a decision coming up. >> one of virginia's smaller cities prepares to welcome presidential candidate mitt romney tomorrow. >> and birthday time. let's see who's celebrating a birthday today. he was the first black student to enroll at the university of mississippi. james meredith is 79. singer carly simon is 67. remember jj from good times? dynamo might? actor jimmy walker is 62.
5:42 am
>> supreme court justice soniaed sotomayor is 58. happy birthday if this is your day, too.
5:43 am
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5:45 am
hello and welcome back to 9 news now on this monday morning. 5:45. the question is debby is doing what to the gulf coast and where? >> 20 confirmed tornadoes in florida. tons of rain down there. this will barely move for the rest of the week. by friday and saturday it will be in the western panhandle. >> it's coming across land so it won't get to hurricane strength? >> it may. it will be out in the gulf for two or three days so it has time. right now it's struggling to strengthen. in fact, it's weakened a bit. we start with debby.
5:46 am
florida is being pounded with heavy, heavy rain. we know a guy in orlando at disney this week, one of the guys we work with. stay inside, mike. find inside activities. tornado watch across much of florida. then the western part of florida getting a little bit of a break now but debby actually is in the gulf of mexico. not moving. winds have weakened to 50 miles an hour and the motion on this at least the stationary now but watch this over the next three, four days. debby is going to slowly, i mean at a snail's pace make her way toward apalachicola here as we head toward maybe late wednesday, thursday, thursday before making landfall. three days of sitting out there. it could strength into a hurricane. might stay a tropical storm but boy, this thing is just taking its sweet time. with that we're talking about rain totals which could exceed 2 feet. so flooding will be a problem just from the rainfall let alone any of the other associated problems with a
5:47 am
storm surge or winds that a tropical storm or hurricane may bring. our day planner around here today, well, we're looking at 80 degrees by 9:00. 83 at noon. there will be a scattering of showers and thunderstorms for the middle part of the day. it will probably start later this morning north and west of town and be south and east of us by 5:00 or so. so i've got partly to mostly sunny at 5:00 p.m. for d.c., 83. lower eastern shore, southern maryland you might still be lingering with some of those thunderstorms in your neighborhood. we're seeing storms in pennsylvania. out ahead of it 60s and 70s. 75 in town. as we look out on our michael & son weather camera, sunrise a few minutes ago. with partly cloudy skies to the east, that's blocking that sunrise. 75 in town. southwesterly winds now will turn to northwest this afternoon behind that cold front which will continue to -- we'll continue to watch. here we are by noon. showers in southern pennsylvania. a few north of town coming
5:48 am
through during the middle of the day. by 3:00 looks like most of it will be south and east of d.c. and then you're talking by 6:00 p.m. ocean city down toward norfolk would more likely see the showers and storms than here. we should be done mid afternoon. 86 today. a yellow day because i think the storms today could impact your outdoor plans. low 60s tonight in d.c. with 50s north and west. beautiful tomorrow at 82. nice on wednesday, 87. here comes the heat. thursday 94. potentially low 100s by friday with an afternoon storm. it's 5:48. beverly farmer, how are we looking so far? >> so far so good if you're heading north on 95, howard. you have the volume delays heading north of 610 aquestion came harbor -- aquia harbor. brief slowdowns in woodbridge. heavier volume in springfield to get to the beltway on to 395. the pace is accident heading to the 14th street bridge. the new traffic pattern on the outer loop as you leave springfield heading past van
5:49 am
dorn, very shortly after van dorn is where you'll find the lane question for the outer loop-inner loop for the local through lanes an the new traffic patterns in the local lanes that are narrowed down to single file aft weekend work. if you're traveling on 66 slow past manassas. inside the beltway still looks good to get through falls church and rosslyn. all lanes open there. maryland drivers, no early troubles. building volume on the outer loop in silver spring. the beltway in bethesda looking good each way actually between the 270 spur and american legion bridge. here's river road just inside the beltway moving at a smooth pace. next check of time saver traffic comes up at 6:00. back to you. >> thank you, beverly. campaign 2012 president owe bam pa leaves for new england around -- president obama leaves for new england around lunch time. he's going to make stops in new hampshire and boston before flying to atlanta and miami tomorrow. >> mitt romney is headed to southwest virginia tomorrow. bryce williams has more on preparations to welcome the
5:50 am
candidate to salem. >> reporter: welcome to salem, a small city that's about to be bustling with activity. >> presidential candidate mitt romney is coming to town. did you know that? >> i did not know that. she just told me this morning. >> reporter: that's why secret service agents and other law enforcement officers were prentsz at cart -- were present at carter machinery. >> we saw security people yesterday looking around. they're supposed to come in again tomorrow and checking everything out and help set up stuff. >> reporter: do you mean the secret service? >> yes. >> reporter: employees say they've been sprucing the place up as they get ready for a very special guest. right now what are you doing to make things look good? >> we're moving stuff around where they're putting the stage up and have places for the people to sit, chairs and stuff. kind of painting some of the buildings and doors and stuff like that to make everything look good. >> reporter: while the romney campaign has not told us why they chose salem and carter
5:51 am
machinery, one of the company's employees has a good idea. >> we get a lot of business out of the coal energy. i think -- coal industry. i think the energy programs that go along with the president can greatly impact how i work. >> reporter: residents of salem are pleased to see romney isn't just visiting the big cities. >> i've got to say it makes him more down home and that's probably how people will see it as he cares more about the little people rather than the big cities. making news now at 5:51, rescuers have spent a second night trying to find people trapped in a mall collapse in canada. a roof collapsed saturday afternoon at the mall in elliot lake, ontario killing one person and injuring dozens of others. crews are still trying to make the structure stable enough to allow a full search. other countries in south america are deciding how to handle a sudden change of
5:52 am
leadership in paraguay. the ousted president is calling the new government illegitimate. after an impeachment, he was given two hours to defend himself before the senate voted to remove him. the first ever civil union ceremony at a u.s. military installation happened this weekend in new jersey. air force tech sergeant irwin umali exchanged vows with his partner at joint based maguire dicks lake hearst. the military dropped its don't ask, don't tell policy last november. loudoun county has just over a week to city if they'll opt in into the silver line past the airport. board members will not get the postponement they requested. >> reporter: right now the vote is too close to call but what is certain is that the vote will move forward without delay. >> no extension. >> reporter: after loudoun county board members already received a 30-day extension, a
5:53 am
second delay was out of the question. >> i have every expectation they're going to vote by july 3. >> reporter: the metropolitan washington airports authority which oversees the project is hoping the board will opt in for phase two of the silver line. but they've had controversy of their own. ousted board member dennis martir filed a lawsuit to get his seat back after virginia governor bob mcdonnell removed him for questionable spending. >> i seem to be the brunt of the governor's anger. >> reporter: do you worry that you might be a distraction to the board? >> you know, i hope not. >> reporter: at this week's mwaa meeting, martir was sitting next to the newly appointed board member but because the seat is now part of a lawsuit, both are not able to vote on any action. >> the bottom line is i'm going to do my job as a board member. i have two more years left on my term and i plan to stick it out. >> reporter: back in loudoun county, chairman york's office is scrambling to secure the vote. his office says they have four
5:54 am
solid yes votes. they need one more to opt in. the success of the silver line project to be extended past dulles airport hinges on the july 3 vote. phase one of the silver line ends here. if loudoun county opts out of phase two, that could mean an 18-month or three-year delay and the last stop on the silver line would be at dulles airport. in reston, surae chinn, 9news now. >> there's one more work session scheduled at the end of the month before the vote. the members -- the majority of members who are against the silver line project are newly elected. we want to take another look at our question of the morning at 5:54. according to reader's digest, this happens most often on fridays at 5:10 p.m. is it a, facebook post updates, b, online video game playing or c, road rage. >> here's a look at a response you posted on the wusa9 facebook fan page. our friend phyllis wrote c.
5:55 am
everyone wants to get home or somewhere other than work. >> log on to the wusa9 facebook fan page. leave your response. we'll reveal the answer in about an hour. >> president obama's health care reform law is expected this week. that story is coming up. >> plus, there was animation domination at movie theaters across the country this weekend.
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5:58 am
>> welcome back. we're looking all right this morning but we have to watch out with a cold front to our north and west some storms later o. 9:00 70s to about 80 still. we should be mainly dry here. we'll see some of these showers starting to come in toward the lunch hour really firming up here. here we are at 1:15, scattered showers, a few thunderstorms. by 3:00 most of it will probably be south and east of us. andrea? >> thank you, howard. in entertainment news, jeopardy host alex trebek is in the hospital. he suffered a mild heart attack saturday according to a statement from sony television. the statement adds that trebek is under observation and undergoing further tests. trebek is 71 years old. he also had a heart attack about five years ago but he is expected to recover in time to begin filming the upcoming season of jeopardy which starts next month. at the box office this weekend, those who are not animated need not apply for the
5:59 am
top spot. the disney pixar movie brave shot to the top grossing almost $67 million. the redheaded princess is quite the tomboy. it bumped madagascar 3 into second place and abraham lincoln: vampire hunter debuted in third place. prometheus rounded out the top five with snow white and the huntsman. thank you for watching 9news now at 6:00 a.m. and spending part of your morning with us. i'm andrea roane. i'm jessica doyle. mike is on assignment at the at&t national golf tournament this week. poor mike. >> beverly farmer is in for monika. she'll have traffic in a moment. howard bernstein is here with our weather first and he


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