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tv   9 News Now at Noon  CBS  June 29, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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over and under debris, trying to find a worker they believe is trapped after a warehouse collapse. crews have been working around the clock at the warehouse on cabin branch drive in land over, maryland. our scott broom joins us now with more information. scott? >> reporter: this is the recall document storage facility. the rescue effort is going into its 14th hour and of course in brutal heat right now. this all happened last night when a worker, rescuers believe got buried under mountains of shelving and stored documents and roofing materials after an accident inside the billing -- building that caused the roof to collapse. standing with me now is chief mark brady with the ems fire service. i know the building started creaking this morning. you had rescuers and dogs inside. for safety reasons you had to pull them out. what is the plan right now? >> the plan is we brought in structural engineers that arrived early this morning.
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they met with our firefighters, our collapse rescue teams to come up with the best access to an area where we believe our victim is located. the plan now is we are going to bring in three large cranes that will reach over the back wall of this facility, start to remove a lot of the roofing debris in the shipping area. once that is removed, we are bringing bulldozers to remove boxes and shelving equipment out of the way. then we are going to bring in search and rescue dogs from montgomery county that will help us pinpoint the location of our victim. > >> reporter: we are talking about more hours without a doubt? >> without a doubt. possibly into tomorrow. >> reporter: how do you know you have a victim in there? >> he was seen by co-workers, just before the collapse occurred. his family has not heard from him since the incident last night. >> reporter: we have been in earthquake situations. we know people can survive for days in these situations.
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we are assuming this is a rescue effort? >> without a doubt, our firefighters and medics need to believe that so they can move forward at the pace they are. >> reporter: chief mark brady, thank you very much. we learned earlier this morning it appears the cause of the collapse was some activity inside the building, a forklift, perhaps, bumping into one of the large storage racks. it caused a domino effect and actually knocked some structural supports out from under the roof. 25 people were inside. that one man still accounted for is still in there and they are not giving up. scott broom, 9news now. >> thank you very much scott. montgomery fire investigators are asking for our help to catch the person who set fire to a barber shop in silver springs. crews rushed to ebony barber shop early yesterday morning. a witness told investigators
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they saw a man smash a hole in the front door of the shop just moments before the fire. this afternoon a judge is expected to rule on releasing evidence from the george hugeley trial. hugeley was convicted of second degree murder in the 2010 death of his girlfriend, yardley love. both played lacrosse at uva. our parent company, began net and -g ga net -- ga net, has asked the judge to release all documents. george zimmerman has been charged in the death of trayvon martin, a case that generated protests across the nation. >> reporter: george zimmerman shook hands with one of his attorneys as he entered a packed courtroom for his second bond hearing. the judge is considering when to set a new bond for zimmerman after revoking it earlier this
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month. prosecutors say zimmerman and his wife misled the court about an online account. the defense called a financial expert about how much the fund collected. >> the net total fund was $197,567. where did those funds go? >> they transferred into mr. zimmerman's bank account. >> reporter: the majority of the money was then transferred to a legal defense fund. zimmerman's attorneys say their client didn't intend to mislead the court and the original $150,000 bond should be reinstated. prosecutors want zimmerman to remain behind bars. >> reporter: zimmerman has spent a total of 38 days in jail that. includes the time after he was first arrested and when he was taken into custody again when a judge revoked his bond. he is charged with second degree murder in the killing of trayvon martin. zimmerman claims the unarmed
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17-year-old attacked him. if zimmerman is released, his lawyer says he will be taken to an undisclosed location for his own safety. the defense also called a firefighter and emt, who treated zimmerman the day of that incident. the firefighter said that almost half of zimmerman's head and face were covered in blood because of the injuries he sustained in the altercation with martin. well hot weather has dc department of motor vehicles inspection station shifting its hours. to keep everyone safe from the heat, officials say that they will have special hours today and tomorrow. the inspection station will be open from 5:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., instead of the normal summer hours from 6:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. by the way, we are under a heat alert. the temperature could go above
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100 degrees today, so let's get right to olga with more information. >> reporter: j.c., we are well on our way to triple-digits. today is a very intense day. temperatures are pushing 100 degrees and highner many regions, we are already well on our way there. in fact the national weather service has issued a heat warning for most of metropolitan washington as well as the district of columbia and charles county. this runs until sunday at 9:00 p.m. we won't even get much relief from that heat during the overnight period. here are the current temperatures around the map, already 98 in dc, 95 in manassas. it feels like triple-digits already across the region. well over 105 to 107 in many areas. this is when you really need to take precautions. if you are going outside make
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sure to take care from the heat. you want to make sure you don't spend an extended period outdoors and please, don't forget about your pets. thank you, olga. the heat, of course, is bound to take a toll on the golfers and fans attending the at&t national. our kristen fisher is trying to stay cool. she joins us now from the congressional country club. kristen? >> reporter: j.c., it was already hot when tiger teed off at the tenth hole around 7:50 this morning. he is now 1 under with three holes to go. joining me now, frank hanrahan, you have been out here all day? >> at 5:00 a.m. it was hot then. this is one of the times where the pga tour should maybe allow players to wear shorts. this is incredible. >> reporter: let's talk tiger, he is 1 under now. three holes to go. what do you make it have? >> this is a good bounce back from yesterday. he was plus 1. you want to get back in.
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this is his tournament. he'll make the cut today. but it is very important for him to find his game a month away from the british open. again, it is his tournament. >> reporter: so the leaders right now, brandon degong, jimmy walker, they are 5 under right now. a lot of people don't know those names. >> maybe after this weekend they will. these are the type of tournaments it is quod to -- good to see the younger guys play. tiger is in the mix. there are some guys that will try to make their mark by winning a tournament here at the at&t national. >> reporter: frank thank you so much. if you all are maybe at work, just getting off to take a half day off work, coming out here, at 1:52 billy hurley, local boy, will be teague off. he is 2 under right now, so he is still in the running. we'll have much more coming up at 5:00, 6:00 and 7:00. back to you.
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we'll get a close-up look at the devastation from the wildfires. i'm drew levinson in colorado springs, that story, coming up. also, see how the supreme court ruling on the affordable healthcare act is being used as ammunition for the upcoming presidential election. we'll be right back.
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while the legal battle over healthcare ended at the supreme court yesterday, the political
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battle has been reenergized. dan yell nottingham shows us why republican presidential candidate mitt romney has raked in millions because of yesterday's ruling. >> reporter: opponents of president obama's healthcare reform law are turning their disappointment at the supreme court's decision into a rallying cry for november. republicans are zeroing in on what chief justice john roberts said. congress has the power to require every american to buy health insurance because it is a tax. >> obamacare raises taxes on the american people by approximately $500 billion. >> reporter: president obama argued just the opposite when he was trying to get the law passed. >> it is absolutely not a tax increase. what it is saying is, we are not going to have other people carrying your burdens for you. >> reporter: now republican leaders are turning those words against democrats. >> there are promises made throughout the process by this
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president, nancy pelosi and others, saying oh no, we are not going to tax people. well the court said this is a tax. >> reporter: house republican leaders say they will vote to repeal at fordable care act when they get back from their july 4th break. house minority leader nancy pelosi says she is looking forward to that fight. >> they want to end reducing costs through medicare and care for our seniors. >> reporter: thursday the president made a plea for the country to move past this political battle. danielle nottingham, cbs news, washington. a health vote for repeal would be symbolic. the measure would not get through the senate. coming up next, olga will have the weekend forecast. she is in for howard. >> reporter: that's right. and a hot forecast it is. high heat through the weekend, and even some rain and storm chances in our forecast.
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i'll give you all the details on the week ahead, including the fourth of july forecast coming up when 9news now at noon continues.
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the most instructive wildfire in colorado's history has claimed at least one life. president obama is touring colorado springs. >> reporter: improved weather conditions are helping
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firefighters in colorado springs battle what is now the most destructive wildfire in the state's history. one person was found dead inside a burned out house. several others are missing. nearly 350 homes are destroyed. >> our condolences to those who have lost a family member and who have lost so much. >> reporter: president obama is here today to survey the damage, and thank the army of firefighters who have been trying to get the week-long inferno under control. the president declared the scene a disaster area, clearing the way for federal aid. the costs of fighting this fire is already more than $3 million. it's been a grind for the thousands of people now living in evacuation centers, like this one. for them it is agonizing, not knowing if their homes are still standing. >> charla bertrand and her husband spent the last three nights here, sleeping on cotts.
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she still is not allowed to go home. >> i do understand that they have to make sure the fires are out. they were getting pretty close. >> reporter: there are reports officials believe a person started this wildfire. but the cause remains under investigation. drew levinson cbs news, colorado springs. >> i looked at olga's weather map and in miami, i think it is like 87, 79. they are doing better in the tropics than we are here. >> reporter: we are blaming it all on the heat wave that came rolling through. we knew it was coming. in fact we tracked the heat in the midsection of the country. yes, it is finally here right in our backyard. the forecast for today was a day planner. we have a lot of sunshine this morning. we are starting to see a few high, thin clouds move on through. if you are headed out to the at&t national, you really want to take precautions, have that bottled water with you and wear
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a visor, at least a hat to keep the sun out of your wise and keep you in the shade as much as possible. >> we are pushing through the 90s. we'll hit 100 degrees through the 4:00 hour. most of us will sit in the lower 100s. even after sunset. that is why we have this heat warning in effect, that is covering charles county, the district of columbia and all of our virginia counties. the rest of us is under that heat advisory. but the warning is basically for much of the area until the entire weekend is up. as we head into our sunday forecast as well. in all though, it looks like we are in for a hot stretch ahead. yes, up to make sure that you stay hydrated, and keep in mind that we do have the warning up for the duration. we will break several records today, as those numbers start to come in later on this afternoon. there is a slight chance for showers and thunderstorms as we
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head toward the afternoon and evening hours. better chance comes later on tonight and topper will be here to track all of that for you during the evening hours. the heated is going to hold on with us throughout the weekend and yes just a hint of relief on the way. details in the 7-day. records so far 95 at dulles .10 1 is our forecast high for reagan national today. we'll meet or exceed that. it will be close as the temperatures are moving up. futurecast showing us moisture, even by the 2:00 hour. notice the steadier rain stays west of the divide, it will try to jump on over we'll see steadier rain move into our region later on this evening. but it passes out very, very quickly by midnight hour at noon toward tomorrow morning things will start to calm down with another pop of showers and thunderstorms late in the day on saturday. have the umbrella handy all
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weekend long. we are going to go through hot days. highs today we are forecasting 98 for leesburg, 101 for manassas. overall, we are going to keep the heat on for the next three days. that is why we have a yellow weather alert, severe heat moving in, dangerous heat i should say, moving into our region. with the triple-digits. by the time we get to sunday, we are still hot. not quite as hot, but we will not get too much relief as we get further into the extended forecast. i think the heat holds on with the storm chances until monday. then the next system gets close enough to us. the front will bring us the northwest winds and our temperatures return to the lower 90s. 90s now will return in just a minute.
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all right. today i am one-on-one with bushing moses -- with burt moses. it is a five time, tony award winner, it is back until july 22nd, and the music man is here with me. he is better known as bushing moses but i call him harold hill. >> i have been playing it for a month and a half. >> let's tell everybody what
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the story is about. >> meredith wilson wrote a love letter to his own town of mason city and he calls it river city, iowa. there, a con man comes, named professor harold hill. and he tries to sell them a boy's band to organize a marching boy's band, except harold done know music whatsoever -- doesn't know music whatsoever. >> it is a great story. it has some all time favorite songs. it really does. >> reporter: the score is brilliant in so many ways. simple and accessible, 76 to him bones, it has trouble, it has the songs some of the ones people don't realize they know. >> and molly smith, the artistic director actually directed it. i thought she did a great job. >> she is job joust absolutely brilliant and clitful.
12:27 pm
we have this glorious production and best of all, it is air conditioned. >> and it is in the round. it is not easy to do a production in the round all the time. molly does a great job making sure nobody is left out. >> there are times i could reach out and touch someone's leg. i don't, but there are times i could. so there is really not a bad seat in the house. it poses different problems but actually is a more natural way to be on stage. >> and kate baldwin is your co-star. gorgeous woman. you have fun, don't you? >> absolutely. particularly in playing harold hill, who needs to be infectious. >> and he is. let me say on arena stage,
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music man is there until july 22nd. and the normal heart talks about the aids epidemic in new york during the early 80s. great productions. thank you for being here with me. come back and visit us at 5:00, and try and stay cool.
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