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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  August 9, 2012 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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. commercial controversy. a new super pac ad implies a laid-off worker's wife died after mitt romney's company shut down a steel mill. >> that's when they found the cancer. by then it was stage 4. there was nothing they could do for her. curiosity's canvas. the mars rover feeds more stunning images of the red planet back to earth. and run for the ages. an athlete's last place finish and run for the ages. an athlete's last place finish is a first in liolympic history. captioning funded by cbs >> this ises "cbs morning news" for thursday, august 9, 2012. good morning everybody. good to be with you. i'm terrell brown. this morning, sparks are flying on the campaign trail over health care. both candidates pushed the issue yesterday. mitt romney in iowa, president
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obama in colorado. but it's an attack ad aired by supporters of mr. obama that has the romney campaign up in arms. manuel gallegus joining us with more. good morning to you. >> good morning, terrell. as the president and mitt romney trade blows over health care, several new polls show that the president is actually maintaining a slight lead over romney in the race. but the obama campaign admits it's going to be very close in key states. president obama is in colorado for his second day of campaigning. >> we win colorado, i'll get four more years. >> the latest poll shows the president trailing mitt romney in the rocky mountain state. they hope it increases support among female voters and put him over the top. >> when it comes to a woman's right to make her own health care choices, they want to take us back to the policies more suited to the 1950s and colorado you've got to make sure it does not happen. >> in the cornfields of iowa, romney also focused on health
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care. >> the top of my list of programs we don't need is one that costs $100 billion a year i'm going to get rid of and that's obama care. >> president obama is publicly embracing the term obama care. >> i actually like the name because -- because i do care. >> a new ad from a pro-obama super pac is drawing criticism from the romney campaign and independent fact checkers. >> i don't think mitt romney understands what he's done to people's lives by closing the plant. >> the ad features former steelworker talking about his wife's death. the implication is that she died because she no longer had health insurance after bain capital shut down his company. >> after that my wife became ill. >> the washington post gives it four pinocchios, the highest rating for a false ad. >> the obama campaign says it had nothing to do with the commercial and doesn't know the specifics of soptic's passing. >> this latest ad by the
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pro-obama super pac is part of a $20 million campaign. but romney has actually been outraising the president in campaign cash in the last three month. terrell, we have three months of campaign ads to go. >> here we go. manuel gallegus joining us from washington. thank you very much. there's been a leadership shakeup at the largest breast cancer charity foundation. susan g. komen for the cure, ts latest fallout to briefly end funding for planned parenthood. nancy brinker is stepping down from day-to-day management and president liz thompson will pursue other opportunities. coleman ended funding for planned parenthood in january because they were being investigated by congress. an investigation urged by pro-life activists. there was such a stir, komen reversed the decision. the search for new evidence in the a ton paetz case wasn't -- where his alleged abductor worked. paetz, then 6 years old
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disappeared may 25, 1979. the date is commemorated as national missing children's day. his body was never found. pedro hernandez said he killed paets and was charged in the case. police in wisconsin are trying to figure out what triggered a deadly attack on a sikh temple sunday. we're learning about the gunman and how he died. susan mcginnis reports. >> the suspect in the temple shooting near milwaukee died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. the fbi says wade michael page turned his gun on himself after a police officer took him down with a shot in the stomach. >> i've seen the video. it's an amazing shot. thank goodness. >> investigators say they have no evidence that anyone other than page was involved in the shooting in oak creek on sunday. despite evidence of page's connection to white supremacists, agents say at this point there's still no clear motive for the rampage. they're looking into more than
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100 leads. >> we're reviewing voel um news electric particular records from his e-mail accounts, combing through traffic videos, neighborhood security videos. >> page's former girlfriend, misty cook, was arrested over the weekend on a weapons charge. but the fbi says there's no sign she had mig to do with the attack. >> six people died in the shooting and four injured. three are still at this hospital in the intensive care unit. one of them is lieutenant brian murphy who was shot at least eight times. the police chief says murphy is improving fast. >> he's up walking, had him sitting up for a period of time. he's progressing amazingly. >> the sikh community is preparing for the first funerals on friday. members are asking for answers, but without a living suspect, the fbi says they may never know what was in the shooter's mind. susan mcginnis, cbs news, milwaukee, wisconsin. overseas, the united states started a program to clean up a
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highly toxic chemical agent orange used during the vietnam war. a service was held. it was 50 years ago the u.s. began spraying agent orange. it's been linked to cancer, birth defects and other disabilities in u.s. veterans. a just released study found that babies who received a tiny heart pump are more likely to survive long enough to receive a heart transplant. john lapook reports. >> her heart was failing and the prognosis was poor. her mother watched helplessly. >> they say she won't make it for heart transplant because she's getting sicker and sicker every day. >> but she was lucky enough to get an experimental device called the berlin heart. the device takes over the heart's job of pumping blood. a tube implanted inside the heart channels blood to the pump which sits outside the body. it then sends blood directly to arteries supplying the rest of
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the body. >> this is her today. the four months she spent on the berlin heart bought her the time to receive a transplant. dr. charles frazier of texas children's hospital is the lead researcher for the device and operated on this girl. >> it's amazing. she would not have prior to this device being available, she would have languished and the likelihood that she would have been transplanted is extremely low. >> she's one of 48 children who received the device between 2007 and 2010. 90 survived to get a transplant. in contrast, only 62% of children receiving conventional medical support lived long enough to get a new heart. the results led to fda approval in december and surprised the researchers. >> we all believed that the patients were going to do well. but we didn't -- i certainly didn't believe more than 90% of them were going to do well.
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>> a huge problem is that there is simply not enough of these tiny hearts around to be available for kids who need transplantation. think about how small they need to be and right now for kids ages 10 and under, there are about 200 of them awaiting transplantation and the average wait time is about two to three months. so for them, this berlin heart is so-called bridge to transplantation, can be truly life-saving. dr. john lapook, cbs news new york. an australian rescue team, the jet flew from christ church new zealand landed on an ice runway, then headed back. the scientist is in need of urgent surgery. flights there are usually made during the summer. it's winter there now and light for just a few hours a day. the first man to walk on the moon, neil armstrong, is recovering from heart bypass surgery this morning. it was july 20, 1969, when armstrong and fellow astronaut
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buzz aldrin landed on the lunar surface. armstrong just celebrated his 82nd birthday largely stayed out of the public eye. he lives in ohio. it is not clear this morning where he was operated on. coming up on the morning news on a thursday, more from the martian frontier. the latest pictures beamed back from the mars rover reveals an eerie similarity to earth's desert landscape. late check-in. a big bear shows up at a hotel in new mexico. this is the morning news. here's my morning routine. gotta start the day off right. wardrobe. cute. then new activia breakfast blend. a great way to help start the day. mmm... creamy lowfat yogurt with grains in yummy breakfast flavors, like apple cinnamon.
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a resort hotel in the mountains of northern new mexico got an unexpected guest, a curious young black bear that came through the front door that was left open by mistake. workers stayed out of sight. with no food to be found, the bear wandered around the halls for a few minutes last weekend, then checked out. it's amazing how they roll up on you like that. passengers on a bus traveling from atlanta to charlotte, north carolina
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evacuated the vehicle moments before it caught fire. the double-decker mega bus was left a charred wreck beside an interstate highway near the georgia/south carolina state line. the driver pulled off the road and told everybody to get off the bus fast. they did. and no one was hurt. cbs "moneywatch" time on a thursday. sales slip for a fast food giant and the iphone loses more ground to the android. ashley morrison doesn't have either of those. she's here in new york with more. >> i knew you had to say it. good morning to you too, terrell. in july the number of homes entering the foreclosure process increased for the third month in a row. the firm realty trac reports the number of homeowners receiving an initial default notice increased 6% from july of last year. foreclosure proceedings slowed down last year when several lenders were investigated for foreclosure fraud. new inflation data from china spurred hopes of more stimulus action there.
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tok tokyo's nikkei added 1% and the hang seng added 1%. stocks stayed flat. it looks like diners aren't loving mcdonald's as much as they used to. the fast food chain says its global figure had the worst showing since april 2003. the decline was cue in large part due to slumping sales overseas. it plans to restart growth here in the u.s. by offering new menu items. google's android phones are starting to take over the smartphone market. new research shows that in the second quarter of this year, four android equipped phones for every iphone, together the phones account for 85% of the market. the big loser in all of this is the blackberry, which has seen its market share plunge below 5%. yes, i know what you're going to say. >> go ahead and hold it up, ashley. you got it here with you. >> i like my blackberry. >> it's a loser. does that make ashley a --
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>> easy. took me a long time to get to the blackberry, too. >> iphone upgrade. see you tomorrow, ash. coming up next on your thursday morning, your weather forecast and in sports, make it three olympics, three golds for american beach volleyballers, plus an olympic first for a courageous young woman on the track.
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here's my morning routine. gotta start the day off right. wardrobe. cute. then new activia breakfast blend. a great way to help start the day. mmm... creamy lowfat yogurt with grains in yummy breakfast flavors, like apple cinnamon. its hearty, with twice the protein of regular lowfat yogurt and helps regulate your digestive system. our morning routines are important, aren't they? new activia breakfast blend. here's a look at the weather. new york, thunderstorms, 86. thunderstorms as well in miami,
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91. rain in chicago, 74. dallas, you got thunderstorms, 102. sizzling in los angeles, sunny, 93 degrees. let's check your national forecast. showers and thunderstorms will be widespread for the eastern third of the country. severe storms most likely in the mid-mississippi and ohio valleys. the plains will be dry except for thunderstorms in northeast texas it will be hot and dry across the west. in sports this morning, a big day on the track and on the sand for team usa in london. merritt took the gold in the 110-meter hurdles. just beating jason richardson. it's the first one two finish in -- pulled away to win gold in the 200 meters. brittany reese won the long jump at the olympics. misty may treanor and kerri walsh jennings won a third straight gold in beach volleyball beating kessy and ross in an all-american final. kobe bryant scored 20 points hitting four straight
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three-pointers putting team usa over australia in basketball 119-86. the u.s. back on top after wednesday in the medal count with 81 including 34 gold. china second with 77 overall and 36 gold. russia now in third with 52 medals. 11 of them gold. but most the most striking athlete in london yesterday, never came close to winning a medal at all in an outfit covering everything but her face. sarah attar became the first woman runner to represent saudi arabia at the olympics. she finished last in an 800-meter heat but drew a muj cheer from the crowd. attar has dual citizenship with saudi and the u.s. and is a student at pepperdine university in california. the rockies at the dodgers. eric young got things started with a bang. hitting a drive off the wall in center and racing around the bases for an inside the park homer. the dodgers led and victor -- l.a. won it 6-4.
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philadelphia hosts pittsburgh tonight in pre-season action. andy reid will be there four days after the death of his son. reid returned to the eagles training camp at lehigh university. his son, garrett reid, was found dead there on sunday. reid told reporters why he returned so quickly. >> you feel the strength of the team, and i felt it with my family the last couple of days. i feel it with the team. so i'm a football coach. that's what i do. i know my son wouldn't want it any other way. >> reid says the outpouring of support he received was a humbling experience. when we come back on a thursday, a look at the latest pictures from the mars rover and omg, look who is the fastest texter in america. he'll reveal the secret to this speedy messaging.
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you won't run into the top ten appliance brands just anywhere. only sears carries them all. this is the top ten advantage. this is sears.
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here's a look at the weather. lots of thunderstorms in d.c., atlanta and st. louis. 90, 92 and 87 respectively.
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partly sunny in denver, 95. in seattle, partly cloudy skies, 75 degrees. the new mars rover curiosity is painting increasingly detailed portraits of its surroundings on the red planet and beaming them back to scientists. more from the jet propulsion laboratory in california. new pictures from the mars rover curiosity capture the majestic view of the north rim of the gale crater. >> you would be that nasa was trying to pull a fast one and put the rover in the mohave and took a picture. l.a. smog coming this there. the first impression you get is how earth-like it seems. it captures a shadow of the robotic arm in the image. >> the mast is deployed, which is excellent. that's what we're looking for. >> the camera is transmitting
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the new images including this black and white panoramic view. most of the photos have been low resolution thumb nails. nasa expects more high resolution images and color versions soon. >> video footage gives new insight into curiosity's tricky dive through the atmosphere. you can see the heat shield as it falls a a. >> it was taken 2 1/2 minutes before we landed. curiosity is on a two-year mission to discover whether there was ever life on mars. so far nasa calls it a success. edward lawrence for cbs news. curiosity will send a 360-degree color picture in the next few days. in the next story, it might make you lol. austin weers ki of wisconsin is the fastest texter in america for the second year in a row. he beat out ten others in a contest yesterday measuring skills, including texting while blindfolded and texting backwards. this kid is the bomb. austin says the key to his success, his abnormally fast
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thumbs. >> wonder if he was using an iphone or a blackberry. i'm terrell brown. this is the "cbs morning news." here's my morning routine. gotta start the day off right. wardrobe. cute. then new activia breakfast blend. a great way to help start the day. mmm... creamy lowfat yogurt with grains in yummy breakfast flavors, like apple cinnamon. its hearty, with twice the protein of regular lowfat yogurt and helps regulate your digestive system. our morning routines are important, aren't they? new activia breakfast blend. hershey's drops.
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a lot of hershey's happiness in little drops of milk chocolate. and cookies n creme.
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. good morning. welcome to 9news now. today is thursday, august 9. it's buddy check day. don't forget to call a buddy. i'm andrea roane. i'm mike hydeck.
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beverly farmer has traffic. monika samtani is off. howard bernstein with weather. weather wise important stuff. it's going to be a hot, humid day with only an isolated thunderstorm the way things are looking now. tomorrow looks to be the much more active weather day this week. potentially some strong storms. we're 77 under clear skies at national. 90 by noon. we're looking at a lot of sunshine but we have patches of fog south. also the threat for the isolated storm this afternoon. i think most of us, though, won't be bothered looking at a quick look at temps this morning. you see how we've got the 60s and 70s out there. 78 on the bay and annapolis with upper 60s in the shenandoah valley. want to show you the doppler loop going across the region. you see the storms in ohio andeanian. not much going around here. look at west virginia, southwestern pennsylvania. watching one thunderstorm here in somerset county which has been moving off toward the east. it looks like it will stay north of the mason-dixon line. you folks in western maryland will be watching that now. as far a today's highs are
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concerned, it's going to be toasty. 94 for d.c. 91 win chester. 89 will be our cool spot locally right on the bay in annapolis at the naval academy. monika is off but we check in with beverly farmer with timesaver traffic. good morning. pretty good start out there. overnight road work, what we're looking at to see how much of that would be on your way on this early drive, inner loop of the beltway, work crew has been set up between university boulevard on the right side of the screen. the inner loop travel heading toward new hampshire avenue in the bridge project. two lanes are able to get by along the left side of the roadway. the outer loop of the beltway lanes open into 270, maryland incident free. virginia drivers on 66, road work has been westbound between nutley street and 123. that had traffic getting by along the right side of the roadway. 66 inbound, though, front royal, manassas, fair oaks into vienna and calms church had lanes open. virginia beltway overnight road work has been each way between
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springfield and tysons. the 95 corridor checks in already virginia side between fredricksburg, stafford heading into woodbridge and on up towards springfield. headlights to you is northbound traffic heading to the beltway and on to 395 we still look great. that's a look at timesaver traffic. >> thanks, beverly. a 5-year-old girl is dead after a fire tore through her home in prince george's county. this began around 4:30 yesterday afternoon in the 6300 block of carrington court. >> the girl who died at the hospital was one of three people removed from the home. her 24-year-old father, her 15- year-old uncle are still in the hospital in critical condition. ken molensina has more. >> reporter: dante maynard grew up in the house that now sits charred and in ruins. he says his cousins are the victims who had to be rescued
4:29 am
from the flames [ inaudible ] >> reporter: sadly late wednesday evening, prince george's county officials confirmed the 5-year-old girl who was pulled out of the house died. her father and teenage uncle were still listed in critical condition. firefighters were met with heavy smoke and large flames shooting out of the two-story duplex when they got here. >> i had walked outside to go to the store and fire was coming from the side of the house. so i started screaming "help." >> reporter: both the girl and teen uncle were pulled from the second floor windows according to rescuers. they were described as being unconscious and paramedics immediately began cpr on them. people looked on in disbelief. >> if i hadn't been hollering a screaming for help, they wouldn't have known. >> investigators say the fire started somewhere on the first floor. at this point they're still trying to figure out the cause. police are searching for the person who shot and killed a


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