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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  August 10, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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hydeck. we're going to have timesaver traffic in a moment. but right now howard bernstein has ourward first and thumbs up review for the weekend. >> even saturday afternoon should be pretty good especially north and wes of town but this morning, i'm sorry commuters this is a rough morning on the roads. we've got the rain and in, many areas has caused problems overnight west of town and it's now moving in and some of it's been on the heavy side. a look outside at tysons corner this morning where it is raining pretty good at the moment. the rain moved in about an hour or so ago and it has been really coming down harder than that it's actually getting lighter here in the last few minutes a little bit. temperatures are running in the upper 70s in town and low 80s by noon. some sunny breaks this afternoon with highs in the mid to potentially upper 80s. depending on how much sunshine we see. here's the rain that we've been tracking overnight. want to zoom in and show you. you guys are getting slammed with the moderate to heavy rain a little bit of lightning there rockville. this is moved in also to
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alexandria living northeast into laurel and silver spring as well. we'll go further to the south and you see here look at this southeast to la plata. but look at the moderate to heavy showers and even lightning and thunder in virginia which wants to track into southern maryland in the next half hour to hour or so. maybe stronger storms later today. now with beverly farmer with timesaver traffic. she'll have all the details of the ugliness outside. absolutely. you said it up there with the weather forecast. and what's been going on out to the west. i-66 well, we have wet pavement and volume building here in manassas into center vim coming past 28 out to the west we had multiit will crashes including one with the tree down on 66 between marshall and delaplane. in those stretches now only the westbound crash at the 31-mile marker still working. eastbound lanes have been reopened basophile cost you some sty -- but still cost you some time through there. 66 each way with a commercial structure fire. that's 29 in gainesville south
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of 55 is closed. in vienna into oakton the southbound lanes of 123 shut down with a crash and wires down close to hunter mill road. 95 commuters and 395 commuters no beg issues for you heading up to 14th street bridge. maryland one accident on the beltway from the ramp to the inner loop to go on to 95 northbound. coming out of silver spring gofer to college park. that's a look at timesaver traffic. back to you. thank you beverly. once again, a storm moves in and the power goes out. for thousands in our region overnight. >> as you can expect many residents are not happy about that. as many as 6,000 pepco customers were without power at the height of the storm. during our last check about 2,000 customers were still in the dark. brian of ross moore and montgomery county is one of those without power. >> unfortunately, we're getting used to this. and i am going to finally break down and buy generator capable of running more things. you know. hope springs eternal. we think we can live like the
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rest of the first world but not so in this neighborhood. >> we have a shred of good news. last night's storms cools temperatures considerably and we didn't have to run the air conditioner last night. and some good news this morning for washington redskins' fans. rookie quarterback rg3 made an impressive nfl preseason debut against the buffalo bills last night. >> first quarter a nine yard gain down to the 21-yard line. moments later he would pass over the middle to pierre garcon for a 20-yard gain. looking good standing tall. that sets up the short pass again to garcon and that brought on a touchdown. redskins hold on to beat the bills 7-6. watch this celebration from pierre garcon. yeah. a little concerned about that. i'm sure they're telling him don't do it again. so congratulations it's just preseason. i know. it doesn't matter. but -- people are asking about
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tickets and daily deals for super bowl. >> that's right you don't want to blow out the shoulder. so watch that. >> exactly. they'll be returning. now turning to the 2012 presidential race, president obama wrapped up a two day trip to colorado. >> meanwhile, he's running out -- time is running out for mitt romney to announce his choice for vice president. susan mcginnis takes a look at some of romney's possible running mates. >> reporter: president obama hit the wrestling mat at the u.s. olympic training center in colorado springs. but he saved his best takedown moves for mitt romney's tax plan. >> we have tried this before. they tried to sell us this trickle down, tax cut, fairy dust before. it didn't work then and it won't work now. >> reporter: mitt romney was busy raising big cash in the big apple. >> great day in new york. thank you. >> reporter: the governor held a funds raisonneur new york where he raised an estimated $1.5 million. but he did make his presence known in colorado. the romney bus showed up in
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colorado springs with surrogate campaigners including louisiana governor bobby jindal. governor jindal is said to be on a short list of vice presidential candidates. and with only three weeks left before the gop convention in florida, many are watching the mitt romney app the see the name of the running mate and speculating on how it could change the outcome of the election. >> i'm not going to be the vice president but i do endorse mitt romney who i think is going to be a great president. >> reporter: a new poll shows which candidates republicans prefer. >> i kinds of prefer marquee rubio. >> reporter: 28% prefer the florida senator over everyone else. new jersey governor christie and wisconsin congressman paul ryan are next at 16% each. >> the obama administration and their campaign is just broken. >> reporter: virginia governor bob mcdonnell. ohio senator rob portman and former minnesota governor tim pawlenty are at the bottom of the polls with 6% each. susan mcginnis, cbs news, washington. >> mitt romney will be working
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at hiss boston campaign headquarters today and president obama will be hosting a dinner tonight honoring ramadan. d.c. firefighters pulled one person from a burning apartment in northwest. crews rushed to the fire at the hampton court apartments on new hampshire avenue northwest near virginia street. this happened around 3:30 this morning. no word on the condition of the person crews rescued. there were no other injuries and no other units were damaged right now firefighters have opened windows and set up huge fans to clear the smoke from the building. crews will later investigate how the blaze started. the time right now is 6:06 and i am watching your money on wall street, there are also signs the job market is improving. 6,000 fewer people applied for unemployment benefits last week but the job crisis in greece getting worse. unemployment rate there jumping to 23%. we care because u.s. investors care about greece's economic problems. been watching very closely now checking this numbers for you --
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could the recession be leading to a baby boom? some are saying yes. the weak economy actually hurt the u.s. birthrate in recent years, young people who planned to start families got sidetracked by high unemployment. pew research finds about 22% of 18 to 34-year-olds postponed having a baby but that trends is expected to reverse itself as the economy improves. at the same time the number of women entering their childbearing years is surging. this is being called the echo boom. women who are the children of baby boomers. and speaking of baby booms, the 9news now family is so happy to welcome a new member. >> miranda warning reporter delia goncalves -- morning reporter delia goncalves gave birth to a little girl and we'd like for you to meet daily
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jemima. she was 20 inches long and born less than an hour after delia and her husband arrived at the hospital last night. we're told everyone is fine. congratulations to delia. darrell, and little dylan who is now a big sister. >> all ds and we love them very much. >> an a. plus grade to all. school will be back in sex before we know it and coming up only -- session before we know it and coming up some thrifty fashion trends. and first howard has the weekend forecast. >> timesaver traffic is also coming up next right after the break. you think that jason bourne was the whole story?
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keep the rain gear handy can think twice about the outdoor plans today. numerous showers and storms, any sunshine is going to focus up into the upper 80s and any sunshine will still help the pocket of the strong to severe storms for the afternoon. howard it's really playing havoc on the roadways too with that weather forecast. eastbound on 66, have had issues getting into marshall with the crash and westbound out near depula plain as well with the crash. eastbound here 123 doing well a
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crash just cleared on 123 southbound right near hunter mill road. we'll check timesaver traffic again coming up. jessica back to you. the summer is speeding by. can you believe it? parents happy to have their kids back in school soon but they probably not so happy about all the money they're about to spend on back to school clothes. but we are here to help save you some money this morning. i'm joined right now by angelica talent and she has some ways to save on back to school fashions this morning. thank you for joining us. >> claireen is all about directing them to the latest fashions without breaking the bank. >> some new fashions for kids in a second but what are some strategies for stretching the budget and making your dollars go gut when we go back to school shopping with our kids? >> definitely buy some basics like comfy tees and a few pairs of jeans and maybe a couple of pairs of leggings for the girls and that should do the trick from the fall to the spring.
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>> let's take a look at what offsets upper fussier -- you have set up for us here and the gorgeous kids you brought along. >> 6-year-old markayla has apparition inspired too. tutu and black leggings. this is from marshall's and only $15. >> it's adorable too. >> yes. next, we have nora also a 6- year-old first grader. she's wearing the animal print trend. at the bottom from the gap. paired with a cute doggie fingerprint t-shirt up -- present t-shirt up top from marshall's. this entire outfit only $42. let's go to genevieve. we've topped a fitted pleated skirt with a tank and cardigan perfect for the d.c. days that start out chilly and enup sunny and warm. only $15 from tj maxx. now to the boys, this is deven
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sporting the junior varsity look from the gap. he has red in his plaid shirt with cardigan and gap jeans, check out the high top sneakers from ralph lauren. from marshall's for only $40. >> that's a good deal. absolutely. >> we have one more. >> here comes austin rocking the sporty athletic look. wearing a striped hoodie and comfy for shirt. he's showing off the hometown pride even with the fun baseball cap. this entire look is from marshall east and was less than $100. thank you to all of the models. >> they look fantastic. they're absolutely adorable. now in terms of saving as well, also maryland has a tax holiday coming up. >> that is true. it's going to be back to school shopping for what five days, tax-free. and you can buy all of your basics that you need incorporate them with some of
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the -- the last season's clothing, and that should stretch you at least until christmas time when it's time to go shopping again. >> there you go. angelica, thank you so much for coming in this morning. thanks to all the kids as well who came in. they look fantastic, andrea and howard over to you guys. >> very nice. i was asking -- howard about phillip and he says it's between phillip and his mom. he just pays for it. >> how much were the sneakers? >> good when you can balance that. >> more people are seeing us this morning because pepco just released the latest numbers on power outages and about 200 families are still without power this morning. after last night's storms. and we have storms moving into our area again this morning. hopefully no more outages though. >> we had a few outages overnight too i know out in the shenandoah valley they had a few hundred as well. so yeah these were some big storms last night with the lightning. this morning there's some storms and a little bit of
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lightning but a little bit of heavy rain. here's a look at the day planner and the showers and storms on and off today. it's not going to rain all day but the threat is going to be with us this morning and midday and then again this afternoon and we get a lot of sunshine between the lines of storms mid if in the upper 80s and the more sun we see the more energy for potentially strong to severe storms this afternoon. right now it's a yellow alert day but if it looks leek severe weather is going to be more likely we may be declaring a severe weather alert day later. check in at noon for that. the morning's radar all late up. look at the other line in ohio and kentucky moving into west virginia. that's why we're thinking several rounds of storms today. the heavier rains a few hours ago. out west and all moved across us and look at this. little bit of lightning now showing up into north central montgomery county with the heavier rains there and really been coming town. here's a look on live doppler 9000 hd. as we're watching the radar view from montgomery into howard county. also another cluster off to the
6:17 am
south. we'll focus north fist because this is moving to the northeast, pretty good clip. 30, 35 miles per hour. pockets of heavy rained times and also the yore -- at times and also the other area. colonial beach is seeing it too and just east of 301 in towards areas in southern prince george's county. seeing a little bit of the heavier rainfall as well. 79 d.c. with 77 in easton and raining more overnightfalling into upper 60s into the 70s. a wet damp mortgage out there with -- morning out there with 79 and a humid morning too at reagan national humidity at 83%. you'll see the first batch of rain guilty out of here and some sunny breaks this afternoon and many t more sun -- the more sun we see we'll have to watch the line very carefully. 87 today with the scattered showers and storms. some of them strong to severe maybe. tonight back in the 70s with a few more showers and storms. early showers tomorrow here in
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the district. east of the bay and especially by the ocean some of the showers may linger all day. 23 you're going to the beach. 87. for sunday outlook is fine. 88-degrees and a sunny warm dry day even better monday. monday looks like a nice one if you can sneak a long weekend. 91 on monday and a few more showers and storms come tuesday 92. beverly farmer's been doing a great job filling in for monika this week. >> thank you hordes and a better job this morning for you? the weather forecast is certainly playing an issue for travelers on 66234 particular. to the west, well west of fairfax and see eunoia although moving well right here on wet pavement. the earlier storms between delaplane and marshall creteed issues -- created issues, eastbound traffic still slow getting by what's left of the earlier crash. in 29 south of 66 close to vent hill road and close to 15 due to the structure fire. southbound 23 a crash just cleared from the way and that
6:19 am
is good news. 95 travelers only volume draws to report into wood spring heading into springfield and on 395. maryland crash on the ramp from the inner loop to go on to new hampshire avenue -- sorry north on 95 that's been cleared from the roadway. andrea jessica back to you. thank you very much. we will have more right after this.
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welcome back. 6:22. your weather first and we've had some rain going on for the last several hours and recently the rain's been rather heavy in a few spots. here's a look at live doppler 9000 hd. you can see some heavy rain across parts of montgomery into howard counties now and another batch coming out of colonial beach into charles and st. mary's counties and we'll be dealing with the showers and thunderstorms even and off much of the way. some sunny breaks as well. we'll see temperatures by noon into the low 80s perhaps mid- to upper 80s for highs and the more sun we get the stronger the severe thunderstorms will be this afternoon. -- thunderstorms will be this afternoon.
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good morning everybody. robert griffin iii's debut as a redskin is in the books and he did as well as they would have hoped. it wasn't perfect. but it was good. we knew his debut would be short-lived and it was just 14 plays for the rookie. and he ended on a high note. let's get to those highlights. things did start out little rough last night. two handoffs to running back evan roisterredness really go anywhere a completion to -- roister didn't really go anywhere. and a completion didn't go anywhere as well. even though the bam was down, george wilson took it to the end zone and rg3 ran him down. no way buddy. third time was the charm for the rookie though. an eight play, 80-yard drive capped off the 20-yard screen pass to garcon who enjoyed a celebration flip into the end zone. i'm sure much to the dismay of his coaches. that would be it for rg3 and what was all in all a pretty
6:24 am
good night. >> it was a lot of fun. and i definitely feel like it was a lot easier. but like i said, it's -- it's the first one is always the toughest. but to get it out of the way and have a successful outing and get a touchdown on that drive to cap off our day really set the tone for the year. >> rg3 looked confident in his debut. he didn't take too many risks. but that will come with time. and another positive note, no sacks on the rookie. despite an o-line that's been hampered by injuries. that will do it for your morning suits, i'm -- sports, i'm kristen berset at ralph wilson stadium. have a great friday.
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we are back at 6:29 and
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this is always the place to get your weather first. >> and we are taking a live look at reagan national airport where you see gray skies out there. howard east been talking about the rainstorms coming through potentially could delay some things, if you have a flight check the is that which is of the flight later this morning. >> thank you for starting your friday with us. i'm andrea roane? and i'm -- >> and i'm jessica doyle in for mike hydeck. howard bernstein the out on the weather terrace. >> that's lifted north and east for the moment but the threat for more showers and storms as we get later into today and potentially late this afternoon this evening we could be talking strong to severe thunderstorms. here's a look at the day planner we start with the picture at tysons corner. it is gray and damp there. car lights have the headlights on with the cars with the headlights on good idea. and i believe the law. this morning, we're looking at some scattered showers and storms. in fact, through midday and this afternoon scattered showers and storms. there will be breaks though.
6:29 am
it's not going to be the all day rain and the concern is the more sun we see the hotter we get, the stronger or maybe severe nature of the storms will develop by the afternoon and late afternoon evening. rain this morning pushing through. some of that is on the heavy side and the heaviest pushing through montgomery into howard county. southern and eastern frederick county and mount airy there to dayton ask columbia county. i-70 only still seeing moderate downpours. prince george's county just east of 301 seeing the heavier rains moving up to upper marlboro. we go farther south and look at this little lightning and thunder showing up there in mechanicsville and virginia beach. this is lifting to st. mary's and charles. calvert is going to get hit as well. temps this morning running still 80 in annapolis. but with the rain we cool down to 67 in leesburg and 68 in winchester and 69 in gaithersburg. i'll be back with a few minutes and talk about the weekend and let you know which is the
6:30 am
better day and right now, we go to beverly farmer she's in for monika samtani with timesaver traffic. busy morning especially out to the west howard with all the bad weather that had come through 66 fauquier county still dealing with the remnants ochoa crash eastbound coming in to marshall. westbound near the plains. right side of the roadway was still blocked there. and folks coming out of lynn don fauquier county you will have to deal with that. on 66 in manassas volume light even on the wet pavement. 29 lee highway shut down between lynnton hall road and route 15 with the commercial building fire. and so that's still not your access to 66. remember that. now if you're traveling on 395 northbound seeing a little volume delay heading up through landmark. brief delays after that to the 14th street bridge. your lanes are open on 270 headed south and you will finds the heaviest traffic getting into urbanna and hyattstown southbound. that's a lock at your dry.
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back to you. "cbs this morning" just about 30 minutes away. >> and gayle king has a preview from new york. what do you have for thus morning? >> we will be ready. hello. we'll show you why the latest hurricane forecast may be more accurate than ever before. the new prediction calls for five the eight hurricanes this year including two or three major ones. plus why you might get a better deal right now buying a new car instead of a used one. how's that possible? we'll show you at 7:00. >> we'll be of whatting and good seeing you -- watching and good seeing yesterday handling the women on "the talk." going to do that again anytime soon? >> that was fun. anytime they asked me back i'm there. anytime i'm there. see you. >> all right. see you. a second person has died in that deadly house fire in prince george's county late wednesday afternoon. >> 15-year-old rickey cole died thursday. his 5-year-old niece jade buffaloe day it had day of the
6:32 am
fire -- died the day of the fire. her father remains in the hospital with severe burns covering half of his body. firefighters pulled all three from a burning duplex. fire investigators say an improperly plugged in air- conditioning unit is to blame for the deadly house fire. on carington court in capitol heights. prince george's county firefighters went door to door telling neighbors how to prevent electrical fires. bruce leshan has to look at what you can do keep your family safe. >> reporter: the toll of electrical fires in the united states is no pun intended just shocking. some 280 americans are killed each year. about 1,000 more injured according to the u.s. fire administration. and in this case, the fix apparently pretty darn simple. investigators say that an air- conditioning unit, a window unit like this, instead of being plugged into the wall, it is supposed to be, was plugged
6:33 am
first into an extension cords like this one -- cord like the one. then the extension cord was actually plugged into a power strip and then the power strip was plugged into the wall. the experts say that any small electrical tool or appliance that shorts even a little bit or smokes or gives off sharks needs to be replaced -- sparks needs to be replaced. power strips generally okay if you just plug a computer or cell phone, tvs into it. where you run into trouble is if you plug an extension cord in there and then run a whole bunch of other appliances off of this. anytime you have a plug near walter you need to have -- water you need to have one of these gfi switches. finally, if your light switches get hot or spark or if the lights flicker shut them off and have them professionally replaced.
6:34 am
26,000 residential electrical fires every year, $1 billion in damages, don't be a statistic. bruce leshan, 9news now. >> bruce adds the u.s. fire administration says electrical fires are worse in the winter when people are inside and using things space heaters. but clearly an air conditioner in the summer plugged into a cord that can't handle it is also a danger as well. a prince george's county man is behind bars this morning accused of sexually abusing three young children. investigators say michael brochu sexually abused a 120- year-old boy -- 10-year-old boy in his home. detectives tell 9news now they also believe brochu abused a 6- year-old family member and another 8-year-old boy in his care. the first man on the moon is recovering from heart surgery. neil armstrong commanded the apollo 11 mission that landed on the moon in 1969. upon stepping on the surface,
6:35 am
armstrong issued the immortal words that's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind. a statement from nasa wished the 82-year-old former astronaut a quick recovery from cardiac bypass surgery. nasa acceptability back the first 360-degree color photos of mars. it shows the gail caterer the rover landed -- crater where the rover landed sunday night. you can see all of the photographs you want from curiosity by following the rover's twitter feed. jess? thanks andrea. we are watching your money this morning. and we're watching your credit cards. credit cards are going social. major credit cards companies are tapping into the power of social media to bring you new benefits and joining us now to talk about how you can get more for your money with your credit cards is john keirnan. credit hard cubs senior
6:36 am
analysis -- card hubs senior analyst. how are the credit card companies using those to expands the brands? >> well, it's important to talk about how the marketing is changed over the years. credit card companies if you might remember if you've ever been to college football game, you can sign up and get a free t-shirt: this is like candy for college students especially if they've been up for a while getting ready for the football game. but when the card act came out and increased transparency and consumer rights in the city that outlawed the -- industry that outlawed that kind of marketing. they needed a new way to reach the coveted demographic of college people who can be lifelong customers for mortgages and lones and bank accounts and et cetera. it was a perfect storm where the new law came out and at the same time, social media had
6:37 am
been kinds of growing in ubiquity. from 2005 to 2010 we saw something like a 70% jump in the number of people 18 to 29 using social media. and so it was a natural way for them to go from on campus to kind of taking the -- the credit card signup table into your living room. and so what they've been doing, we've seen examples of chase hosting facebook like contests where you can get $1 million randomly or $1,000 amazon gift card. >> there's a real value for people participating on the facebook apps so far because there's an actual payoff potentially there for you. >> basically not a whole lot of likelihood you will win but it gets people excited and interacting. >> tell us about the virtual rewards that you can possibly get -- using social media and credit cards. >> win of things we have seen is american express and the online gaming company zynga
6:38 am
came out with a farmville prepaid card to get frit real life money and spending is. i wouldn't do it. personally because it's probably not a great value. but for people who are really into the games, it's nice. and -- it's just another way for them to play off the interests of young people and the sites they use every day to push their products. >> it makes sense to grab the young people early. i signed up for my am excards back in college. thanks so much for coming in this morning to talk about the benefits. the time right now is 6:38. plus i'm going to have today's daily deals, thank you for getting up with us on this friday morning. you are watching 9news now.
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welcome back to 9news now. friday morning edition at 6:44. we're checking the ride for you. outer loop of the beltway you head west to college park and getting into silver spring and
6:43 am
bethesda. volume delays here and wet pavement and everyone dealing with that here at colesville road. on the outer loop to connecticut avenue checking for the report of crash and we're careful through that area. east on 66 still seeing volume days to get -- delays to get in to marshall because of a crash earlier and westbound near the plains the accident along the right side of the roadway. in manassas volume is light and lanes open but 29 shut down in gainesville south of 66 with the structure fire. 95, 395 slow in landmark and getting up to the 14th street bridge. jessica back to you. thanks beverly. the weekend is almost here that's a good thing. but if you ride the metro, you know that could mean another weekend of delays due to track work. both medical center and the bethesda stations on the red line will be closed beginning at 10:00 tonight. these closures will last all the way through sunday. now shuttle buses will be provided. red line riders should add an extra half hour to their trip. there are also be single
6:44 am
tracking an parts of the orange, blue and green line stations. so you know these things are out there. and you can plan accordingly. and also planning accordingly this morning what do you take with you? an umbrella and light coat for later on this even? >> maybe not the coat but a rain jacket if you're going on out the. the probably we will have is that we're going to have the showers and storms on and off. so they're going to be kind of -- >> most of the day? >> yes, into tonight even but there are going to be thymes the sun will be out. but the more times the sun is out potentially severe weather this afternoon. if we stay cloudier and more showery the weather won't be as bad later. the day plan they are morning. because that threat of showers and storms will be with us on and off all day. starting temperatures in the 70s and not a will the of o movement with the scattered showers and colloids around and sunny breaks. mid to possibly upper 80s but the more sun and the hotter we get that will fuel more energy into the thunderstorms that will be wanting to develop this afternoon and this evening.
6:45 am
we really have to pay attention late today as well with the threat for severe weather. right now we're at a cuello alert for -- yellow alert for the alert system. certain impacting the commute this morning and other jute door plans but if it's going to be see veer more we may up to at that time severe weather alert day. the rains that have been moving in during the last few hours some lightning and thunder in spots as well. west of us and now northeast and southeast of us here in washington. with the little lightning and thunder up in howard county and also down coming out of the colonial beach area to st. mary's and charles county. want to show you this on live doppler 9000 hd, lots of pockets of light rain across the region but the stuff that was in montgomery county 30 minutes ago? quickly is racing in to areas in howard county and also up to ellicott city and baltimore. that's all moving to the north and the east. and this is a pretty hefty rain there anding see montgomery county -- you can see montgomery county looking much better but columbia north to ellicott city.
6:46 am
east and northeast of upper marlboro the lighter shower and heavier iran to davidsonville in the next few minutes and then down south southern maryland i know we're slow to get to you but here it is. it is coming down in buckets. lightning and thumped all of this lifting northeast and calvert county. northern calvert and anne arundel watch out as this heads your way. it is a muggy morning. rain around. we were 80 a little while ago and now down to 73 at national but still 80 in annapolis and the 60s to near 70 in much of fairfax county. loudoun county. haymarket at 69 and gaithersburg 68 and in tysons corner looking at the michael & son weather camera, a cloudy wet start to this friday morning. 73. winds, little gusty here north- northwest at 15 with the thunderstorms around. and the humidity at 88%. watch the rounds of showers and storms today lift away from us here and get into the sunshine at points. again this could be bad. more heat? these thunderstorms coming late this afternoon and this evening
6:47 am
could be strong to severe. and then we're going to see the showers and storms diminish somewhat overnight tonight and maybe lingering a while east of town tomorrow with a couple of morning showers even here in the metro. if you're north and west of d.c., you'll have a better saturday than south and east. 87 today. strong storms may be severe. we'll have several rounds of it but not an all day rain. tonight 75 in town and maybe 65 north and west. tomorrow 87 with the early showers. going to the beach though? the showers could lidger all day on -- linger all day on saturday. sunday sunny dry and 88 and mondays looks pretty good too. 91 with the sunshine and tuesday with 93. back to you. thank you howard: passengers at dulles airport have a new tool to help you get through security quicker. >> it's a new video system that calculates wait times at the main terminals east and west checkpoints. the information will allow passengers to select the lines that are moving the fastest. the wait times are displayed at check point mezzanines and on
6:48 am
the airport authority's website. dulles is the first airport in the country to employ the new technology. and investigation is underway into how a regional commuter flight landed at a wrong airport in west virginia. united express flight 4049 was supposed to fly from morgantown to clarksburg tuesday night. but instead, it landed at fair month municipal airport ten miles away. the operator silver airways is investigating along with the faa. the crew has been removed from service also. its is 6:48 and time to answer today's question of the morning. and the question again -- >> facebook friend roberts writes -- but sorry the correct answer is c., gardening. and we are speculating it's probably because the cost of all the plants ! ly" and then e-
6:49 am
books now are so cheap. you are still reading right? >> absolutely. >> you're checking deals snout. you betcha. we've been combing through the day's daily deals emails and retailer websites to find you some deep discounts. and here are some of our friday favorites. how about some back to school savings this morning? you can get a backpack and lunchbox combo, activity book, calendarrings and aviarist of other items -- a variety of other items for more than 50 presidents off. and you can save $2 with the promo code school. this offer is through ever save. if you're looking to change up your summer shades, gilt city has a deal for you. pay $50 and you'll get $100 you can use to solstice sunglasses. choose from a wide range of top designer brands and only valid if you order online and there's free ground shipping. finally today there's nothing like paint balling and beer. for $59 you can go paint
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well, we're looking kind of damp out there. this is tysons corner we're seeing the heaviest rains across the southern maryland right now. coming out of colonial beach and areas south of fredericksburg and you guys will be under the gun for the next one to two hours with scattered showers and storms
6:54 am
today. enough sunshine mid- to upper 80s and maybe some severe weather late this afternoon. jess? thank you howard. the time right now is 6:53 and here's a look at some of the top headlines before you go. rg3 an impressive preseason debut as the redskins took on the bills last night. he completed three passes for 58 yards including a 20 yard td to pierre garcon. they beat the bills 7-6. the justice department decided it won't prosecute goldman sacs or its employees saying it could not meet the burden of proof. the doj investigation started when the senate sub committee concluded that goldman sachs deceived investors about risky mortgage securities in order to shift risk from the company's balance sheets to the investors. its is now 6:54. a final look at weather and traffic when we come back.
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in today's one more thing if you're trying to improve yourself and you're watching right now you're on the track right. time management experts say if you get started early in the day, mornings are the best and it gives you the best chance of reaching health, work and relationship goals. >> got a couple of tips here for you. go getters say try to get a predawn exercise in like the high powered ceos do. meditate or pray. work on personal or long-term projects outside of your daily duties. and fix a family breakfast to spend time with your kids. >> so get started. the right way in the mornings. with us and you're getting good advice from howard on the forecast. >> 9:00 racket ball game scheduled for saturday. get started early saturday. hey weather-wise, rain gear, patience today. showers and storms on and off.
6:59 am
some sunshine maybe some severe weather late this afternoon if we get enough sunshine. tonight, showers and storms diminish somewhat, 73 could be some early showers saturday 87 although they'll linger east of town and by the watch. looks like it could be showery by sunday. upper 80s to low 90s and 93 on tuesday with a couple of storms, jess? >> well, as for wall street looking for more economic data. >> okay. "cbs this morning" is next. they have a story about american girl power from gold medal boxer shields to gabby douglas to the u.s. women's soccer team. american women have won twice as many gold medals as the men and plus the worst drought in years. >> i'll be back with just 25 minutes with live weather update and while you're at work today get your news, weather and traffic by visiting us at >> we will see you mondays morning at 4:25. have a great weekend everybody. >> bye delia. [ captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: ]


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