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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  August 13, 2012 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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. ryan on the record. in his first interview since be added to the republican ticket, vice presidential ticket paul ryan defends his controversial medicare plan. >> we need to preserve benefits because they organize retirement around them. you must perform that for those of us who are younger. on to rio. the london olympics rock'n'roll to a finish. now rio waits to host -- the agencies investigates a training program that allegedly encourages racial profiling training program that allegedly encourages racial profiling techniques. captioning funded by cbs this is the "cbs morning news" for monday, august 13, 2012. good morning everybody. good to be with youment i'm terrell brown. mitt romney's choice of
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congressman paul ryan as his running mate on government spending and responsibility. ryan, the tea party favorite has proposed a budget plan reshaping medicare cutting spending for the elderly and poor. democrats are calling it the romney ryan plan. they sat down with bob schieffer for their first interview together. it's turned into a referendum on ryan's budget proposal. >> i have my budget plan as you know that i've put out. that's the budget plan that we're going to run on. at the same time, we have the record of president obama. if people think, by the way, that their utility bill has gone down, they should vote for him. if they think jobs are more plentiful -- >> i'm going to quote you. america is a place where if you work hard and play by the rules you can get ahead. but the fact is a lot of people don't think that's true anymore. >> president obama is picking winners and losers based on connections, based on fads like
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solyndra and basically giving handouts to businesses, giving preferences to the tax code, we want to get washington out of the business of picking winners and losers. we want entrepreneurs to remove the barriers so people can work hard and succeed. we want to turn the mrn idea back on. >> drew levinson has more. good morning to you. >> good morning, terrell. mitt romney is hoping that putting paul ryan on the ticket will pay dividends. it appears it cashed in yesterday for him in wisconsin. >> a tearful paul ryan was enthusiastically welcomed to wisconsin as mitt romney's choice for vice president. >> hi mom. >> the romney campaign is hoping ryan will help the gop win the state's ten electoral votes. >> my veins run with cheese, bratwurst and a little spot of line i and some miller.
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>> romney to florida, ryan in iowa. >> we're going to split up more often than not and double our efforts. >> president obama won't concede iowa just yet kicking off a three-day bus tour today. the president congratulated ryan for being named to the ticket and called him the ideal -- >> he's an articulate spokesman for governor romney's vision. but it's a vision that i fundamentally disagree with. ryan is best known for drafting the gop budget passed by house republicans. that plan would shift medicare into a program providing vouchers for senior citizens to get their own health insurance. >> ryan defended his plan on "60 minutes" on sunday. >> we need to preserve their benefits. in order to make sure we can do that, you must reform it for those of us who are younger. >> democrats claim it would bankrupt medicare. >> insurance companies would cherry pick the healthy people,
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cherry pick the best people to insure. the people in medicare would see their costs go up. >> the issue is important in florida filled with retirees. and romney is profiting from the pick. a campaign spokesman tweeted the campaign has raised $5 million, terrell. since the announcement. >> more to come. drew levinson in washington this morning. drew, thank you so much. more on that "60 minutes" interview later on "cbs this morning." you can see the full interview on cbs sarah palin says she won't be speaking at the republican national convention later this month in tampa, florida. palin was the 2008 republican vice presidential nominee. she supports mitt romney and will focus on grassroots efforts to help get him elected. she didn't say whether she would attend the convention. the house oversight committee is -- against eric holder today. the committee wants to force holder to turn over documents
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related to the botched gun tracking -- the justice department is withholding documents under white house executive privilege. exhilarating 2 1/2 weeks in hon. done came to an end last night. the celebration may have been british, but the games were ruled by the stars and stripes. >> queen elizabeth did not reprice her starring role from the opening ceremony. instead that job went to prince harry and his sister-in-law. but the closing ceremony wasn't lacking in musical. including we will rock you. the spice girls performed to go for the first time in years and the who closed the show. there was even a tribute to the late beatle, john lennon. overall the show was a celebration of all things briti british. big ben, a giant union jack adorning the floor of the stadium.
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if there was anyone who should be celebrating, it's the u.s. olympic team. sunday lebron james led the u.s. to a gold medal over spain. it was the 46th and final gold for the americans. team usa blew past china to win the overall medal count. the u.s. topping china in gold medals, which wasn't the case in beijing. speaking of host nations, britain -- >> the u.s. got there in large part due to women athletes. including a gold from the women's hoops team. their fifth straight olympic title. their next chance is in rio day january zahn 2016. at the closing -- passing along the flame to the next host city. before the games shift to rio, russia hosts the winter games of 2014. the gave i is investigating
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a collision between an american guided missile destroyer and oil tanker outside the strait of hormuz. it was left with a large hole in its side. no injuries on either ship and no oil was spilled. but porter is docked in dubai. recovery efforts continue in iran. two powerful quakes killed 300 people. it caused widespread damage. at least 20 villages were destroyed. egypt's new elected president, morsi, it's the latest move between morsi and the military. thousands gathered in cairo to support morsi. he also said a constitutional declaration limiting his powers had been can semd. take a quick break on a monday morning. a deadly shooting caught on tape. police open fire on a suspect in
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could've had a v8. a united airlines flight caught fire before taking off in washington state saturday night. officials say the fire on united flight 776 started in the auxiliary power unit. the passengers all got off safely and were put on another plane bound for washington, d.c. a couple hours later. a man with a knife died in a hail of bullets in new york's times square and it was caught on cell phone video. police fire 12 times killing 51-year-old darius kennedy on saturday. he allegedly threatened officers with a knife. police say they pepper sprayed him and then he lunged at them. they opened fire. police acted appropriately. cbs "moneywatch" time. the kindle gets nuts and the dark knight is no longer rising.
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ashley morrison with those stories and more. >> good morning, terrell. prices at the pump are shooting back up again. according to aaa, the national average for a gallon of gas is now $3.69. that's up 30 cents from just a month ago. analysts say prices should go up at least through labor day but they will not get as high as they did in april. one of the reasons for the pain at the pump, the out put lost at the chevron oil refinery in california. also, more than 4,000 residents who live near the refinery filed legal claims against chevron. they say they have breathing problems and irritated eyes. weak reports from japan put a chill on asian markets. the nikkei lost a fraction and the hang seng shed a quarter percent. wall street looks to continue the winning ways this week. the dow closed up 111 points to finish at just over 13,200. the nasdaq also had a good week,
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rising 53 points. it's a big day for the online deals company groupon. they will release their second quarter earnings today. their shares dropped 60% since november. analysts expect revenue to -- another volley in the e-reader wars rmt barnes and noble is cutting the price of the nook to $179. that undercuts the 6 gig kindle fire which goes on sale for $199 and barnes and noble also sliced $50 off their big nook. it now costs the same as the kindle. and at the box office, the reboot of the bourne action films kicked the dark knight out of first place. the bourne legacy starring jeremy renner took in more than $40 million in its first week. coming in at number 2, will ferrell's political comedy the campaign opened with $27 million and dropping to a distant third place, "the dark knight rises." you know what, terrell, i'm
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thinking we need to see that campaign. it looks funny. >> i know. as long as you're treat and the popcorn is on you. >> big bucket. ashley morrison in new york. good to see you. take care. coming up, your weather forecast and in sports, payton who? an impressive debut by new indianapolis colts quarterback andrew luck. morning donut cookies chips, chips,...! silence those tempting thoughts with new light & fit greek. its creamy thick texture helps satisfy you. it has twice the protein of regular lowfat yogurt. and at 80 calories it's the lightest greek yogurt with fruit. cupcake! it's not gonna happen. new light & fit greek. be light and fit and satisfied.
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here's a look at the weather in some cities around the country. in new york, mostly sunny, 86. in miami, afternoon thunderstorms, 91.
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periods of rain in chicago, 74. partly sunny skies in dallas, 100. and los angeles, sunny, 88. let's check your national forecast. dry and sun fri the virginias to canada. scattered thunderstorms develop from northern central texas across the south. heavy downpours possible in the four corners states. temperatures could hit 102 degrees just west of the mississippi river. the desert southwest topping out at 121. in sports this morning, the miami come fins cut ties with wide receiver chad johnson hours after he was released from jail. johnson was arrested saturday night for allegedly head-butting his wife during an argument. the six-time pro bowler was charged with misdemeanor, domestic battery and released on $2500 bond. indianapolis colts fans are hoping andrew luck helps them turn the page on the peyton manning era. they got to see the number one pick in action for the first time. it didn't take long to impress.
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on his first play, luck throws a short pass to running back donald brown. he takes it 63 yards for a td. by the way, peyton did the same thing in his colts debut in 1998. luck led the colts to two other touchdowns and indy beat the rams 38-3. rory mcilroy spared golf fans drama during the final round of the pga championship. the native of northern ireland blew away the field winning the last major by a record margin. he shot a 6 under 66. he's the youngest golfer to win two majors since 1980. a controversial ending to a -- in the western regionals. hawaii trailing northern california by three runs and down to the final out after an error by the northern california left fielder. two runs score but take another look here. it looks like one of the runners did not touch third base. northern california's manager decides to appeal the call. >> which one?
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>> the second guy? >> okay. so the first thing you do is step off and you're going to -- when he says play, you're going to step off and throw it to cole nice and easy and say that the second runner missed the bag. >> the pitcher tosses over to third and would you believe it, it works. the runner is called out. northern california wins this thing, 7-5. when we come back, a another look at the top stories. an al gay store latches on to its trainer during a show. l gay its trainer during a show. i gay its trainer during a show. g gayo its trainer during a show. at ga to its trainer during a show. o n to its trainer during a show. r gay store latches ony stoore lat with a name like smucker's, it has to be good.
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here's a look at the weather. in d.c., mostly sunny skies, 87. mostly sunny in atlanta, 90 degrees. morning showers in st. louis, 81. afternoon thunderstorms in denver, 85 degrees and 81 in seattle, becoming sunny. top stories now on a monday
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morning. mitt romney and his new running mate, wisconsin congressman paul ryan hit the campaign trail separately today. romney says they'll be running on his budget plan, not ryan's. ryan's proposal reshapes medicare and cuts social services to the poor and elderly. the london olympics finish with a flashy ceremony. the u.s. won 104 medals, 46 gold. the next summer olympics will be held in rio. tsa agents at logan airport are complaining about a training program to spot terrorists. "the new york times" said they took a behavior detection class racial profiling middle easterners and other passengers. our boston station, wbz, reports. >> transportation security administration officers screen roughly 80,000 passengers a day at logan airport. now the tsa is investigating its own practices after 32 officers say managers encouraged them to pick out minorities for extra
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screening. it's part of a behavior detection program where they're to look for fidgeting or not making eye contact. >> if somebody wanted do something sinister, they're trained to know to stay calm until it's time to act. >> jason palmer doubts the training could pick out a terrorist and says he knows how to avoid profilers. >> if i were to dress a different way, i would probably be pulled to the side. and i don't know if it's racially based or whatever, it's just the way things are. >> palmer and others have come to accept an invasion of privacy is part of traveling. >> you know what you're going to be going through. you either with it or against it. >> it began after september 11th, but government accountability office says in the decades since then, no one has been able to prove that the behavioral assessment technique is scientifically accurate. >> the tsa tells us they designed the program with the help of renowned behavioral siex kolgss and experts.
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they say racial profiling is not tolerated within the ranks of the tt sa. >> boston has a bad history of race relations. >> groups like the aclu and the naacp say they're willing to work with tsa to develop new procedures. >> new york times also reports 161 airports across the country already use behavioral officers to identify possible terrorist activity. the tsa is considering expanding using more advanced techniques with boston's program as a model. in ohio, an alligator show went very wrong for the trainer. >> oh, my god. >> the gator bit down on the man's arm during the show at the cuyahoga county fair on thursday. it let go after 20 seconds. the trainer escaped with a minor flesh wound. i didn't know you could train an al gator. coming up, more from bob
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schieffer's exclusive interview with mitt romney and paul ryan. i'm terrell brown. this is the "cbs morning news." [ music playing ] [ music playing ] hgotta start the day off right. wardrobe. cute. then new activia breakfast blend. a great way to help start the day. mmm... creamy lowfat yogurt with grains in yummy breakfast flavors, like apple cinnamon. its hearty, with twice the protein of regular lowfat yogurt and helps regulate your digestive system.
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currently 61 in winchester. cumberland even better at 67. mid-60s in fredericksburg and
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gaithersburg. a lovely monday morning out there. it is 4:26. she's back. i'm talking about monika samtani with timesaver traffic. >> reporter: i'm happy to be back. commuters will be happy to hear things are looking great. i'm going to start off with the west side of town. the on the outer loop between route 123 and route 50, you have got the right lane getting by construction. let's go outside life to the merge allegiance bridge where you are going to see the traffic moving well between 270 and tyson's corner. only the right lane is getting by on the outer loop. the other side of town on the beltway, between route 450 and the bw parkway, construction there, other than that, things look great heading into the
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northeast corridor. and we'll head out again. traffic moving well the entire top stretch of the beltway. we'll be back with more traffic coming up at 4:00 3-d. after a whirl wind weekend for republican presidential candidate mitt romney and paul ryan, the two are splitting up to cover more brown. >> congressman ryan will go head to head with president obama in iowa. drew levinson has more. a tearful paul ryan was enthusiastically welcomed home to wisconsin. the romney campaign is hoping ryan will help the gop win the state's ten electoral votes. >> my veins run with cheese, bratwurst and a little spot of
4:29 am
miller. >> president obama won't concede iowa just yet. the president congratulated ryan on being named to the ticket. >> he is an articulate spokesman for governor romney's vision. but it is a vision i fundamentally disagree with. >> ryan is best known for drafting the budget passed by gop republicans. that would provide vouchers for senior citizens to get their own health insurance. ryan defended his plan sunday. >> we need to preserve their benefits because the government made promises to them they organized their retirement around. >> democrats claim it would bankrupt medicare. >> insurance companies would cherry pick the best people to insure. the folks that remained in medicare would see costs go up. >> the issue could be especially important in florida, filled


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