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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  August 14, 2012 1:35am-2:05am EDT

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what did we learn on the show tonight, craig? [meow] [laughter] craig: i'm really sorry. we ran out of time. john irving left a pause which was five-minutes long. we don't have time for your song. but if you come back tomorrow night, you can start the show with your song tomorrow night. ok? good night, everybody! captioned by the national captioning institute
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>> we are one step closer tonight to vegas style casino gambling right on the banks of the potomac just over the d.c. line. tonight a committee of the maryland house of delegates voted 13-7 in fair ever a bill
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to guild a casino at prince george's harbor. the state senate already approved a version of the bill and the full house of delegates will take on the issue in an unusual summertime special session of the legislature. all of this may leave us wondering, why is maryland obsessed with the gambling issue and why now in the doldrums of summer. scott broom is in national harbor to explain. >> reporter: 2008 was the last time they took on this issue. back then, prince george's county wanted nothing to do with gambling, not here or anywhere else in the county. here now are my top five reasons why things have changed. number five, it's the economy stupid. back in 2008, life was still good. now prince george's county faces big deficits every year. gambling is projected to bring $69 million a year into county
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coffers. number four, former commity executive jack john sore is gone. he opposed gambling to keep the religious con stumpensy on his -- con stitch understand si -- constituency on his side. also, the voters like it. number two, the competition got tougher. neighbors in west virginia, pennsylvania and delaware have all gone for vegas style table games like rowellette and table games. number one, the governor used it to hold the state legislature in -- he has vowed never again. >> i'm going to put those states behind us. >> so there you have it, the
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top five reasons things have changed. so, if this thing does move through the legislature, and the voters approve it in a statewide referendum in november, there could be a vegas-style casino up on that hill now occupied by cirque du soleil overlooking national harbor by 2016. scott broom, 9 news now. >> big changes ahead. voters will be asked for their stamp of approval in a statewide referendum in november. a woman found inside her burning apartment this afternoon has died from her injuries. firefighters responded to the chef he will ri -- cheverly station at 4:00 this afternoon. the victim found unconscience with critical burns. no word yet on a cause. new at 11:00, police investigating a metro bus accident that put a young woman in into the hospital. it happened this evening right at wisconsin avenue and
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jennifer street in northwest. metro tells us that bus was turning from wisconsin on to jennifer when it hit a pedestrian. that woman suffered injuries to her left leg and her left arm. the driver of the bus is fine. there were no passengers on the bus. out on the campaign trail, now that mitt romney has chosen wisconsin representative paul ryan to be his running mate, the race is on to define the little known congressman in the minds of the american voter. gary nurenberg has been watching and he's here with the campaign wrap-up. >> reporter: like your mom told you, there is no second chance for first impressions. because ryan is making that first impression on so many voters who don't know him, both sides today were trying to get their view of ryan as the impression those voters remember. so what do you think of paul ryan. >> i've gotten to know congressman ryan. he's a good man, a family man. he's a very articulate spokesperson for governor romney's vision. the problem is it's the wrong
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vision for america. >> reporter: ryan has deeply studied the nuts and bolts of federal spend and his budget plan was adopted by house republicans. vice-president biden disputed ryan supporters who called the ryan budget plan gutsy. >> what's gutsy about givingmillionaires another tax break? what's gutsy about gutting medicare, medicaid, education. >> reporter: ryan proposed changes to medicare, affecting americans now under 55, that would phase in vouchers for those who wanted them instead of the government controlled medicare plan. it would save money for the plan but cost recipients more. >> we want to make sure we preserve and protect medicare. >> reporter: knowing ryan's plan could scare some seniors, romney's campaign with reassurances monday in senior- heavy florida. >> my plan for medicare is similar to his, which is do not change the program for current retirees or near retirees. >> reporter: ryan was in iowa
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making national his d.c. reputation as a deficit hawk. >> we need to stop spending money we don't have. [ cheering and applause ] >> president obama has given us four years of trillion dollar plus deficits. >> reporter: because ryan's house budget plan calls for severe and likely unpopular changes in entitlements in the tax code, romney sent a clear message of at least some distance this weekend on 60 minutes. >> i have my budget plan, as you know, that i've put out. that's the budget plan that we're going to run on. >> reporter: it's a fine line for romney using ryan to solidify his credentials in a sometime skeptical republican base while assuring more left leaning voters that it is romney, notary an, who's driving the ticket's but jet and tax policy. anita? >> thank you, gary. new information tonight on a sexual assault that happened in montgomery county. it was monday, july 9th at the
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green farm conservation park on snuffer school road in gaithersburg. today police put out this composite sketch of the attacker. a 21-year-old woman says a man fitting this description was armed with a knife and sexual assaulted her at the lake. it's a hispanic male between 5'5" and 5'7" inches tall. call police if you in information. three people including a law enforcement officer dead tonight after a shooting near texas a&m university. as reporter edward lawrence explains, things could have been a lot worse. >> ambulances and police swarmed a neighborhood a couple of blocks from texas a&m university at college station after a gunman opened fire. >> i heard 30 shots fired. they sounded like semiautomatic rounds rifle. i heard a lot of people saying it was a straight shot, but from what i heard it was more of a tap tap tap, tap tap tap.
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>> i heard two bullets right by my room over there. i threw myself out of bed. i thought i don't think i should be by the window. >> reporter: police say a man was shot to death. so was a law enforcement officer, county constable brian bachmann. >> it's sad and tragic that we've lost him. >> reporter: the gunman, thomas kalfal was killed by police. another officer and another woman were also shot and injured. >> there are many, many different witnesses, as well as responding law enforcement officers. there's a lot of details that we're trying to piece together. >> reporter: police say bachmann was in the process of serving an eviction noticed when the shooting started inside the house. texas a&m issued a warning on its website warning an active shooter near the football stadium. bachmann leaves behind a wife and two children. edward lawrence, cbs news. >> the college is 90 miles northwest of houston.
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the attorney for murder defendant george zimmerman filed a motion asking for a new judge in the case. zimmerman is the neighborhood watch volunteer charged with murdering an unarmed teenager, tray john martin -- trayvon martin during an incident last february. the judge is the one that concluded zimmerman lied about his fanses to october out of jail on a lower bond. investigators tonight trying to figure out how a man was able to breeze past a multimillion security system at new york's j.f.k. airport. according to the new york post, he got stranded on his personal jet ski craft in jamaica bay, so he swam three miles, scaled an 8 foot barbed wire fence and walked across the runway past security cameras and motion detectors. he was arrested and charged with criminal trespass. gorgeous out there today, but tomorrow, yellow alert. topper is joining us now from the terrace.
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what about that morning commute, topp? >> we made changes to the forecast. temperatures, we hit 90 today by the way. that's the 43rd time we've done that since june 1st. it's still pretty nice out. still pretty toasty downtown, 80. everybody else in the 70s. some cases low 70s. gaithersburg 72. looking at 68 in fredericks. 73 in manassas and 77 out toward leesburg. now, we're looking at satellite picture radar combined. got showers back to the mountains. some of the showers could make it in here in time for the back end of the morning commute. we've. >> mr. adkison: couple of showers before the afternoon. i think the main event is going to be in the afternoon still but i think the wakeup weather, some clouds at 5:00, some clouds at 7:00 and maybe a shower, maybe even a thunderstorm with temperatures in the 70s by 9:00. we'll come back, we'll tell you what the threats are with these thunderstorms. also let you know when things calm down a little bit, if we're going to go back to code green any time soon.
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>> thanks, topper. this. this next story is blowing up our facebook page. we have to warn you, the images you're about to see may be disturbing. two trucks plastered with graph particular photos of aborted fetuses. they were part of one group's efforts to swing virginia to the republican ticket this november. >> this is the truth. and the truth isn't pretty. and if this is okay, then it should be okay to put pictures of it out there. but historically, we know it's showing the truth of social injustices, what ends it. >> organizer says she regrets the abortion she had after being raped while she was serving in the military. that experience led her to work for the center for bioethical reform, an antiabortion group that uses graphic images like these. on our facebook page we asked the question, have these activists gone too far? carmen writes, yes, they have. why do all of us, including
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kids, have to look at this so they can make a point? amy posts, i'm a pro lifer and i think it is horrible to drive around town. i have kids and i don't want them seeing that kind of thing. log on and weigh in with your opinion on our wusa facebook page. the county's volunteer fire rescue association has stopped seeking a referendum. today they announced a deal with the fee with the county executive. the fee will take effect january 1st and charge for calling an ambulance. county residents will not see a bill. instead that will go straight to their insurance companies. but everybody else may. the county expects that fee to bring in about $16 to $18 million. dozens of potentially dangerous trees in the gray falls area are going to start coming down tomorrow. a driver was killed last month when a rotted out tree fell on his car while it sat in traffic. the virginia department of transportation says it will take three weeks to take down
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all 59 of those suspect trees. you might call her a lightning rod in the sexual revolution. after the break, remembering helen gurley brown. plus, the unbelievable details on the biggest burmese python ever found in the state of florida.
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caught on tape, wrong-way driver. imagine you see in the coming at you. a driver pulling a huge rv going the wrong way on a busy stretch of road. weaving in and out of the oncoming traffic, near misses everywhere. and this crazy scene went on for more than 7 miles before the cops could get the driver to pull over. this happened earlier this year in melbourne, australia. now, the judge has taken away this guy's license. take a look at this. it's a giant burmese python. and it came from the florida everglades. it's 17 feet, 7 inches long,
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the largest ever found in the state. a couple more fun stats for you. scientists say it had grown to just under 165 pounds. this enormous snake also had a record-breaking 87 eggs inside. >> oh, okay. in tonight's health alert, the cdc's list of states with the highest percentage of obese people living there. mississippi comes in at number one. not a great ranking to win. louisiana, west virginia, alabama and michigan round out the top five for obese residents. here in our area, virginia comes in 14th, maryland 22nd. the district of columbia comes in down at 47. and colorado is ranked dead last making it the fittest state in the union, at least by this measure. she breached the gospel of mini skirts and maxi bras, telling single women to go for the gusto. helen gurley died today at the age of 90. she gave the buttoned down
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1950s a fit with the best- selling book, sex and the single girl. she was editor of could say month toll tan -- cosmolitan magazines. what mitt romney's newly running mate will mean for his chances of winning the election. tonight de recollect says -- derek says maybe there will be a campaign worthy of our attention. >> it would have to conclude the major issues facing our country has something to do with president obama demonizing the small business owner and dumping welfare reform while his opponent mitt romney hasn't paid any income taxes but does sing badly. and our space visitors would take note no matter how cookie or unfair -- kooky or unfair the charges who cares? there's no penalty for lying
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about your opponent. that sad truth has made for one of the most uninspiring campaigns we've ever seen. enter paul ryan. he is the man with the budget plan. democrats don't dig it. that's fine. but maybe now you will talk about your plan to deal with the red ink long-term. let's be real, mr. president. just raising taxes on the rich is not going to do it. now romney says he's got his own budget plan. that's cool, but while your plan is quite detailed about tax cuts and my bank would love you for it, it's not specific on the specifics of the spending cuts we'll need to balance that out. could you fill in the blanks on that, please? you see, our space friends here, they don't know much about politics, but they do know that a more substantive base when it comes along. if ryan brings that to the campaign, we're all better off. if not, don't be surprised if more and more voters find themselves consuming mass quantities. anita? >> okay, derek. i'm looking forward to the debate itself.
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we hit 90 today. it wasn't uncomfortable. >> no, it was nice. >> tomorrow we move up the timetable of the showers and storms. so now we actually could see some in the morning. a live look outside. temperature downtown still a little bit sticky, 80s. dew points have come up a lot. more moisture came in. relative humidity 64%. winds out of the south at 15. satellite picture radar combined, here is our next weather maker. it produced some pretty big storms earlier today in eastern kentucky, eastern tennessee and back into georgia. now the storms have weakened a little bit but they're getting pretty close to us. they'll probably ride over the mountains tonight. some sprinkles, some showers are possible in the morning commute and toward the tail end of the morning commute we might add thunder to that. right now dry. showers show up from winchester back toward stanton. that will be added to the
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morning. a morning shower or thunderstorm possible. more though in the afternoon with storms. again, some could be heavy. some could be severe. and the main threats for this type of a situation will be hail and gusty winds. of course we will keep you posted throughout the day and online at overnight then, partly to mostly cloudy and mild. a shower possible west. still pretty comfortable in the bushes. tomorrow morning, temperatures in the 70s and 80s. winds out of the south/southwest at about 10. now, by afternoon, mostly cloudy, almost hot. scattered showers. some heavy, some severe. high temperatures still 86 to 90, despite the cloud cover. wind out of the southwest at about 10. so we're looking at storms both morning and afternoon, but i think the main event will be in the afternoon between about noon and maybe 6:00 p.m. we will certainly keep you posted. all right, your day planner. 66 to 74 to start with some clouds. maybe a thunderstorm by noon.
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82 to 86. good chance of storms by evening, 87 to 90. now, the next three days, code yellow tomorrow obviously. 88 and then we're going to go code green wednesday and thursday. upper 80s on wednesday. just an isolated storm. near 90 again on thursday, just an isolated storm. next seven days, hot briefly on friday. we're back in the low 90s on friday. a stronger cold front approaches late friday and friday night. that will give us a good chance for showers and thunderstorms. primarily overnight on friday which would end up being kind of nice. clearing us out for the weekend. saturday and sunday, mid-80s for highs, lows in the 60s. maybe a shower next monday. not bad under partly cloudy skies. temperatures in
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so, what did robert griffin, iii do thursday night?
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to reference that, let me reference cam newton who in his debut went 8 of 19 for 134 yards. but it wasn't the numbers. his performance gave his team hope. robert griffin, iii's stint wasn't long but had a similar impact. >> robert griffin, iii leaves the redskins offense. >> the script was written and followed to a tee. he went out and gave redskins fans a glimpse of hope, of excitement, of what could be. >> we did a great job. we moved the ball down field. we got first downs. we scored a touchdown. we did everything we wanted to do. >> i thought he was pretty calm and collected. i thought he did what he had to do. you're hoping the quarterback does play that way in the first game. some times it doesn't happen that way. >> i thought i did okay. i threw the ball well. other than that, the six passes we threw and all the runs, i made the right run checks. by no means was i perfect, but i thought it was a great first outing. >> now he's got to have short
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memory, forget about buffalo and get ready for the next one. first and second preseason games are typically vastly different. griffin knows that. he expects to play at least a quarter and probably more against the bears. education continuing, yes. oh, yes. redskins fans, derek, you're going to love this. the cowboys offensive line is in worse shape than your team. four starters injured and tony romo gets sacked a couple of times. won 3-0. no excitement there. all right, matt looking to get back on the winning track on the west coast. ryan zimmerman says this is how we do it. to the wall, seven runs in the third. still a long way to go in san francisco though. nats winning 8-0 the start. you may not know the nhl is in a labor dispute and the reason is serious. the reason economics. the caps still out on a regular
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basis. that's good, but teams like this struggling to make money. the commission has threatened a lockout september 15. alex ovechkin weighing in. tweeting today, tough to hear commissioner beckman say they will knock out. i'm in for negotiations at the office. when defense fails, finally, this is oakland and chicago. first the oakland defenders knock each other over and almost don't make the play. first baseman catches the ball, then he falls asleep. a. j. says i'll score. the catcher is behind first base. no one is covering home. when defense fails. that's how the nationals used to be before they got good. >> man, not anymore. >> not anymore. we'll be right back.
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