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tv   9 News Now at 5pm  CBS  August 30, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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we've been talking about the need to use this case to get young people to recognize the signs of drinking and of domestic violence and to act. >> and for friends to step in and do that as well. let's go back to some more speakers at the podium outside
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the courthouse. >> reporter: these have been an extraordinarily difficult two years for george and his family and we've spent literally hundreds of hours with this client talking about his case and talking about everything under the sun. we've been extraordinarily proud to represent him and delighted to have gotten to know his wonderful family who you heard from in court today. my partner, mr. lawrence and i, are trial attorneys. we're in and out of this court all the time. this is what we do for a halving and we fundamentally believe in the jury system and in our courts, but we fundamentally disagree that the conviction in this case for second degree murder was at all appropriate and we basically disagree with the sentence imposed today. we think that george was convicted of a crime inconsistent with the facts and
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he seed the penalty inconsistent with what -- received the penalty inconsistent with what the evidence would require. mr. huguely will appeal these convictions. he'll appeal his sentence. our system provides that a single person or a single group of people are not the final arbiters. we are confident that a mature and careful consideration of this case will result in the reversal of these convictions and that the correct outcome in this case will eventually be reached. our client, mr. huguely, remains optimistic and he remains hopeful that a thorough review of the case will lead to the outcome, the just outcome, that he has sought from the beginning. thank you. i'm saying that we have a process of appellate review.
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there's a reason for that and this is a case in which that review ought to occur and we think that when it does occur, that mr. huguely's convictions will be reversed. we're confident in that. >> reporter: did he feel sorry for what he has done? he didn't show any remorse. >> of course he is and that's what he said. i'm sorry you missed it. thank you. yes. >> you are watching 9 news now at 5:00. we just heard from the defense attorney for george huguely and she was pretty demonstrative in her opposition to the sentence even though it was reduced by three years. in fact, she says the conviction itself was an injustice and they're going to appeal that conviction. they say that it basically is the jury got it wrong. they believe in the jury system. >> it is interesting, a very
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different take than the previous attorney talking about how things kind of with all of the evidence and the fact that there had been previous arrests and issues with george huguely's behavior leading up to ts that this was a young man warned in some way about the path his life was taking. >> two very different takes from the attorney, andrea. >> reporter: very different and you may have just heard me ask the defense attorney is george huguely remorseful? because in the courtroom george huguely spoke for the very first time, turned to yeardley love's mother and her sister and said i am sorry for your loss. i pray that you find peace, which in my opinion is quite different from acknowledging the crime that he was convicted of and showing any real contrition. i just asked his defense attorney is george huguely
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remorseful? and he said of course, he is. but at the same time it is very clear that george huguely and his family plan not only to appeal this sentence, but to appeal the jury verdict. the sentence, the conviction relief second degree murder as -- of second degree murder as well. >> do you think we'll hear from the love family before this is all over? >> reporter: i would be surprised if the love family does, but then again we were all surprised to hear george huguely stand up and speak in court. around 12:45 today the love family actually pulled up behind the courthouse, all of the media is now situated in front of the courthouse. so it's quite possible they could leave unnoticed. a couple fascinating things happened this afternoon. ed when all sorts of testimony that -- we heard all sorts of testimony that the jury was
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never privy to. no. 1, we heard in great detail about george huguely seeming to be like a ticking time bomb leading up to the murder of yeardley love. ed when a young woman that i don't believe -- we heard from a young woman that i don't believe we've ever heard from before who scribed a night of -- described a night of excessive drinking and she and george huguely and others were out and completely unvocked according to her testimony george huguely turned around and simply slugged another young man that was walking. he was okay, but that was not reported. then we also heard from a young woman whose father was george huguely's lacrosse coach at landon in bethesda. we heard that the young woman told her father that she was extremely concerned about huguely's excessive drinking, asked her father who thought highly of huguely to speak to him about that. apparently he did. the next thing this young woman
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knew, george huguely approached her in a bar just off campus, came up to her and put his hands around her neck, choking her and said i can't believe you told my father about this. again, an act of violence we had not heard about. we also heard testimony from a young man named gavin gill, a fellow uva lacrosse player, who had when he believed huguely and yeardley love were broken up, had some type of a romantic encounter with her. next thing he knew, he awoke in the middle of the night in his own apartment with george huguely on top of him beating him in the face and then the fourth incident of violence that we heard about today or actually excessive drinking that we heard about today was an incident that has been widely reported in lexington, virginia, when he was cited for disorderly conduct after a night of heavy drinking. it has been a very interesting day of testimony in the court.
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we also heard on hughley's side. we heard so many character witnesses including the catholic priest who has visited with him every week for the last two years, says he is a religious and spiritual young man. we heard from an aunt, an uncle of george huguely, who said he was kind, caring, loving and a role model for all of his cousins. so once again the judge slightly reduced george huguely's prison sentence to 23 years. that's down from the 26 year sentence the charlottesville jury recommended. the prosecution team is calling it -- they said the jury got it right. the judge got it right. they're considering it a victory. the defense team had been asking for 15 years. live from charlottesville, andrea mccarren, 9 news now. >> did the judge say why he only reduced it three years or
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didn't go farther because, of course, the seencing guidelines allow anywhere from five to 40 years? did he give any clue as to his reasoning? >> reporter: well, he had faith in the jury's decision. he thought that the jury had acted appropriately given the very brutal nature of this crime, but i have to tell you importantly it is a 23 year sentence, but he's getting credit for time served. generally with good behavior he will serve only 85%. so if you do the math quickly, which we have, he'll probably serve about 18 years in prison. he's now 24, almost 25. that means he will be out when he's still a fairly young man, about the age of 42. >> thank you. >> andrea, why do we not hear from these people before, why again these accounts of this violent ticking time bomb behavior? how did that not come out in trial? >> reporter: well, as you know, our colleague bruce leshan was in on the trial
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every day. i can't speak to the reasons that the lawyers gave then. it's not unusual, however till , i'll tell you -- however, i'll tell you in my experience for the jury not to hear of piece of evidence. i think they stuck specifically to the facts of this case and his relationship with yeardley love. >> thank you, andrea. >> before we transition to our other top story we should say the yeardley love family issued a statement saying, "we would like to thank everyone who worked so tirelessly on yardley's behalf. in particular, we would like to thank dave chapman for his dedication and compassion. i don't know how we would have gotten through the past two years without him. we find no joy in other sorrow. we plan to work diligently through the one love foundation to try and prevent this from happening to another family. we are relieved to put this chapter behind us. again we would like to thank everyone for showing us such kindness during the most difficult time of our lives signed sharon, who was yeardley
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love's mother and lexie love, yeardley love's sister. we move on to our other top story, isaac. the heavy rain bands continue to inundate the gulf coast prompting rescues and evacuations in some louisiana and mississippi towns. areas all around new orleans are still being plagued by heavy rains and flooding from isaac which has been downgraded but still powerful. >> hundreds of homes, even more arprobably under water and thousands of people are at shelters. here's the latest. >> a truck driver has died in mississippi when his vehicle was struck by a falling tree. it's the first death blamed on the storm. >> and isaac's damage could get even worse. authorities say a dam at a lake near the louisiana/mississippi border is under pressure and at risk of bursting. dusk to dawn curfews remain in effect from new orleans to baton rouge. new orleans' mayor says the city's levees and pumps have held up to their first big challenge since katrina. the biggest problem, there are downed power lines, scattered
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tree limbs and minor flooding. meteorologist topper shutt is tracking isaac's slow path. he's in the weather center right now. >> it is a tropical depression now, so winds not so much a factor. it's going to be the water that will tell the tale the next couple days. now we'll look at radar. still plenty of bands of showers and storms now hammering northern louisiana, a good portion of the mississippi beginning to spill into arkansas as well. it's got winds of 35 miles per hour. it's moving off to the north, northwest at about 12 and it's about 35 miles west, northwest of monroe, louisiana. so again a tropical depression, but has plenty of moisture left. so we're still talking about heavy rains tonight over northern louisiana and heavy rains tomorrow over arkansas, pretty much the entire day. we do have a wind gust of 35 at jackson, 21 at biloxi and a wind gust of 30 at baton rouge. we'll talk about the path, has it really changed? it's going to go back into arkansas, move very slowly. even if we get into friday at
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1:00 it's city going to be in northern arkansas. then it -- still going to be in northern arkansas. then it begins to accelerate into missouri to the east on saturday and making a turn to the ohio valley, but the silver lining is much needed rainfall for much of the midwest. our own scott broom joins us now live from moth point, mississippi. they're still having rescues even at this hour, correct, scott? >> reporter: yeah, you're right, topper. moth point is real close to pascagoula and thank goodness it finally quit raining. i so was glad to see the radar of this storm. pascagoula and this east side of the storm just caught huge amounts of rainfall, 20 inches of rain fell in this town and it has finally stopped. i'm telling you nobody here imagined that a category 1 hurricane coming ashore 160 miles away from here in another
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state would have created flooding like this. 20 inches of rain from a storm that simply will not leave. >> i was really concerned about getting her out of there because i don't want nothing to happen to her. >> reporter: this was approximately the 200th rescue of the day. rescuers predict they'll be doing this for at least another 24 hours. >> the areas that are flooded now will get worse. >> reporter: bewildered residents were brought to the town's public safety clothing, some still in bed clothes. they were loaded on school buses and taken to a high school on higher ground with no idea how much higher the water will get or when they can come back home. mississippi's national guard is here with trucks that can navigate the flooded streets. mississippi's governor is frustrated by isaac's lumbering pace. >> night and day wind has been
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blowing, rain has been falling, surge has been coming in. this system stalled over the gulf coast and will not move out. >> reporter: the rain just keeps coming even as isaac slowly moves farther away. there will be many more rescues here in the days to come. large low lying sections of moss point and pascagoula are under evacuation orders this afternoon. rescuers have still not counted how many thousands will have to move. topper, we've got the national guard here. we've got all the state officials here, all the local police are out and this is still in this part of mississippi a very much active emergency right now because all of that rain fell has fallen inland and all of that water is coming in this direction. so, in fact, here in some places the water is still rising even though as you just reported finally what's left of
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isaac, that tropical depression, is starting to move faster and get away from here. reporting live in moss point, mississippi, scott broom, 9 news now. >> thank you, scott. it teaches us a couple lessons. it's not the wind that's going to really kill you, it's the water and kind of hearkens back to agnes in 1972, not a very strong, a pretty big storm and that produced a lot of rain and flooding even here. we'll come back shortly, talk about whether isaac is going to affect us over the holiday weekend. well, it is mitt romney's turn tonight at the republican national convention to reintroduce himself to the american public. the former massachusetts governor is hoping to connect with the american people as he accepts the gop nomination to run for president of the united states. joining us live from the convention site in tampa is cbs chief washington correspondent bob schieffer. it's great to have you with us again, bob. you're like me. you watched paul ryan give that passionate speech last night and i think you said he did a
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pretty good job or as best as you could imagine him doing. with 24 hours to think on it, what's your take on how it came across? >> i think democrats are pushing back on a couple things he talked about. they say he should have checked his facts a little more closely. i've got to tell you as speeches like that go, this was a very good one i thought. you know, had he some lines in there that people -- he had some lines in there that people could remember. he was razor sharp sinking those needs in, but i don't think went -- needles in, but i don't think he went over the line. he was the personal. he was not nasty. the people loved him. it will be interesting to see what the impact of that speech will be, but the other part is because ann romney made such a good speech and because paul ryan made such a good one last night, the superior now really on mitt romney to -- the pressure is now really on mitt mney to make a better one and this is a night where he basically does reintroduce himself to the american people, in fact, introduces himself to
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some of the american people because our polls show there are still about one in three americans who don't know enough about him to have an opinion. >> it's very late in the game, though, to make a whole reintroduction. are there a couple points he can make to perhaps either soften some edges or give people some insight they just don't have yet? >> i was at a symposium of political consultants today and the consensus basically was people know what he thinks of the obama administration. they said what he needs to do tonight is tell the american people what his vision is of where he wants to take america and they were saying look, if he can do that in a way that connects with people's lives, the person, the candidate, who is able to do that will be the one that wins. >> of course, there's so few actual independents out there that he can make a little impact on those votes, that can be enough to push him over the top. >> yeah. because let's not forget this
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is going to come down to the undecided voters and about 10 of the so-called battle ground states and in those states we're finding the undecided vote is only 5 to 10% of the electorate. this election is going to be very close and is going to be decided by a very small number of people in those battleground states. >> they're singing the national anthem down there, bob. i guess they're getting ready to get things started. thank you for your time. we'll be watching tonight later. >> let's get outside to topper, anita and lesli. >> another gorgeous day. >> unless you have allergies because the mold is high and the weeds. >> weeds and ragweed are going to kill folks now through the rest of the summer and fall until the first frost. so you folks will be praying for an early frost, but many of us enjoy this, low humidity. let's start with another live look outside brought to you by michael and son. we have clear skies.
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it's pretty warm out, 88, but the dew point is manageable in the low 60s, fairly comfortable. winds are out of the south at 7 and the pressure right now 30.06 inches of mercury and holding steady. so it's a very nice evening. outside story, we've been keeping track of this. we haven't had many days in the 90s recently. so far 43 days 90 or higher. that's june, july, so far in august. even if we have one today, we'll probably have one tomorrow, we'll end up with only 45 90-degree plus days. average is 31, so yeah, we're way above average, but for a while we thought we might break some records. well, we had 47 last year. we had 52 in 2010, not going to touch those and the record number is 55 days set back in that incredible summer of 1988. so we have gone down a little bit in the temperature department the last part of august. temps right now 84 in bethesda, 86 in great falls and also in
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vienna. 87 in arlington, 90 in college park, 84 in bowie. baseball forecast, tell you what, great game last night, the nats put the skids on a five-game losing streak. they host the cardinals tonight. temperatures to start the game mid-80s, by the time it's finished mid- to upper 70s. they start an 11 game homestand, not quite as cool tonight, though. hotter tomorrow, more humid on saturday and the weekend is up to isaac. we still feel isaac will throw some moisture our way sunday and labor day. clear and mild tonight, not as cool, 64 to 72, winds southwest at 10. so a tad big muggy downtown and inside the beltway, 72 arlington, 71 downtown, 64 gaithersburg, 65 reston, fairfax and 68 in college park. tomorrow sunshine in the morning warming quickly, 70s and 80s. air quality forecast be code healthy, by afternoon mostly sunny, hot, not that humid is
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the key. high temperatures will be near 95, winds west, southwest at 10. next three days, code green tomorrow and saturday, an isolated storm, 91 and code yellow sunday with the threat of thunderstorms and temperatures in the upper 80s. next seven days, even a better chance on labor day with temperatures in the upper 80s, even into tuesday isolated thunderstorm possible. highs go back into the low 90s and then wednesday and thursday if isaac behaves, pulls out to the north and kind of dissipates, we'll be dry, partly cloudy with high temperatures in the upper 80s. so it is warm out here. don't get me wrong, but it is comfortable and if is a great night for -- it is a great night for baseball. back to you guys. coming up on 9news the third time is a charm for a nasa rocket carrying twin satellites into orbit. >> up next for the second straight day a tractor trailer truck overturns and burns in northern virginia. we'll be back.
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sky 9 over the second fiery truck crash in two days. this dranker flipped over and caught fire in the -- tanker flipped over and caught fire in the middle of the morning rush hour just south of leesburg. the drive was flown to the hospital and should be okay. the -- the driver was flown to the hospital and should be okay. the toll road was shut down while right a manning fuel was transferred from the overturned -- the remaining fuel was transferred from the overturned tanker to another one. according to aaa the price for a gallon of regular unleaded in the d.c. metro area is now $3.80 up from 3.78 yesterday and nine cents more than this time last week. the national average stands now at $3.82 and prices could go even higher because of the refineries in the gulf that were shut down because of
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isaac. well, it is mission accomplished for nasa. >> release. >> kind of understated, but after two failed attempts earlier this week the space agency successfully launched twin satellites into orbit from cape canaveral. an unmanned rocket carrying two probes blasted off just after 4 appear. those satellites will study -- 4 a.m. those satellites will study the earth's radiation belts. meanwhile two astronauts took a walk outside the space station. the 6 1/2 hour walk is the first planned nasa spacewalk in more than a year. the goal is to replace a faulty power unit and install a series of cables. this is williams' fifth spacewalk and hashida's first time out there. coming up we'll go back live to charlottesville for
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more on the sentencing of george huguely for the murder of his former girl friend yeardley love.
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we're continuing to follow the breaking news from charlottesville where george huguely has been sentenced in the murder of yeardley love with a 23 year sentence. >> reporter: that 23 year sentence was a slight reduction from the 26 year sentence recommended by a charlottesville jury. it was very interesting this
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afternoon in the courtroom. shortly before that sentence was issued by the judge george huguely stood up and spoke for the first time addressing the family of murder victim yeardley love. he said, mrs. love and lexie, i am so sorry for your loss. i hope and pray you may fine peace." then he turned -- find peace." then he turned to his family and he said i thank my family and friends for your support with his voice breaking. right after the sentence and the conclusion the prosecution and the defense team spoke to reporters briefly. here's part of what they had to say. >> we believe that the jurors here in charlottesville got it right. the judge made some adjustment based on an appropriate factor to take into consideration which is the sentencing guidelines and he otherwise nearly without modification affirmed the judgment of the
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jurors. >> we fundamentally believe in the jury system and in our court, but we fundamentally disagree that the conviction in this case for second degree murder was at all appropriate and we basically disagree with the sentence that was imposed today. >> reporter: so as you can see, two very different takes on that 23 year sentence, but if you factor in good behavior, the standard 85% time of service for an inmate like george huguely, you can figure out that he will be out of prison with a few years of supervised probation around the age of 42 and his legal troubles are not over. we also know that yeardley love's family has filed a $30 million civil suit. we'll have more coming up tonight at 6:00. live from charlottesville andrea mccarren, 9 news now. >> thank you. joining us again to discuss
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george huguely's sentence is trial attorney jeffrey jacobovitz. good to see you here today. we sort of had a tale of two george huguelys today, the tale of the 1 sentenced and convicted and the tale of the other that friends and family are trying to suggest is the real george huguely. in the end he was sentenced to 23 years in the prison, not the max but certainly not the least amount. >> that's a typical situation for a sentencing and i know andrea raised the issue about remorse. it's very hard for a defendant to be up in court and extend remorse to the judge if he knows he will appeal the case. >> so he pulled it back some and said i'm sorry for your loss and hope you can find peace. >> you do not want to say anything that could ultimately restrict you on appeal. on the other hand you have to show some remorse to the court because the court has the ability to lower the sentence. >> this is a case as you know that put drinking and domestic
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violence very much in the spotlight. you heard the prosecutor say if young people see these signs, but the unfortunate take-away is that they need to act. did this judge hand down 23 year sentence do you think to send a message? >> i think it's a message that the ultimate problem is peer pressure and it's very hard for people to act. people can act and i think the message is do act. you have a situation here where there are prior cases of vice by the defendant. nobody really took it into account. it certainly didn't come in at trial. the court heard about it during the sentencing phase and the judge did reduce the sentence but really minimally. >> when you take a look at this case as andrea mentioned, there are still more legal fights to come. there is the appeal and two civil cases filed from yeardley love's family. will this sentence have any bearing on those cases? >> what's interesting about that is once his appeal is done, he's forced to testify civilly at a deposition. he does not have a fifth amendment privilege anymore and
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so the public will hear his side of the story if he does not win his appeal. >> could there also be more testimony like what the judge heard today and what was expressed at sentencing that you said would have been prejudicial? >> right. that will not be precluded in the civil case most likely. >> so everything will be out there on the table. >> that's right. >> because yeardley love's suit, they are suing both george huguely for wrongful death and suing the university saying that they should have known and taken some steps. >> right and that's an interesting situation because it could be one of the parties, for example, the university turns against george huguely, they're both defendants and they may not have consistent defenses. >> more to come on this for sure. thanks for being here and putting all this in perspective for us. coming up a woman is caught not only sleeping on the subway but snuggling up to a dude she's not really -- she doesn't know him, okay? >> oh, no. she's really smuggling up. >> but up next two police officers are under criminal
5:36 pm
investigation after being caught on tape slamming a handcuffed woman to the ground. >> and don't forget we're always on at stay with us. we'll be right back.
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the los angeles police department facing some new brutality charges over an incident that was, as they always are these days, caught on tape. this began as a routine traffic stop. the surveillance camera captures two officers as they pull 34-year-old michelle jordan in a parking lot over for driving while talking on her phone. her attorney describes what happened next. >> at some point she was pulled out of her vehicle, thrown to the ground, handcuffed, brought back to the police cruiser and
5:39 pm
then him tossed to the ground -- hip tossed to the ground very violently while in handcuffs. >> wow. >> we've been seeing that same video and it's nasty every time. to make matters worse after she was put in the back of the cruiser, the officers appear to fist bump each other. jordan has cuts and bruises on her face. the lapd has removed the officers from duty and demoted their captain and they could face civil charges. jordan's attorney plans to file civil charges. talking on the phone is bad but it's not that bad. a surveillance camera a sho the video shows the victim walking down the street when an suv pulls up, someone fires a shot and the victim runs. a passenger gets out firing more shots at the guy running. fortunately the victim was only grazed. police released the videotape in hopes of catching the shooter. clearly they were out for that guy. >> a strong case for those
5:40 pm
police cameras, i guess, capturing that stuff. a group of bearded men caused a busy bridge to be shut down last night in portland oregon. >> the men said they were part of a beard club and were taking photos for a breast cancer calendar, but that wasn't the problem. police say one of them was carrying an assault rifle. someone called 911 when they saw some of the men were wearing camoflauge and kevlar. officers shut down the bridge and took the men into custody. police eventually let them go without filing any charges. things get a little batty during a newscast in on the, what canada. -- in ottawa, canada. several employees tried to capture the winged creature while other ran away. did you see the bat? >> i did. he came before you looked. >> they're there trying to catch it in the studio. >> left through a side door. if you have ever seen somebody dozing off in public,
5:41 pm
you can relate to this. this is cell phone video of a woman snoozing on the london underground. her head is on the other side and check her out. i just need a pillow. >> she's making friends. >> she thinks she's about to wake up but doesn't. then she's a little embarrassed after it's all over, yeah. >> she's tired. >> she is. >> he said hey, you know what? this is okay with me. >> he's got a big smile on his face. >> he did not mind at all. >> he doesn't look like there's a problem. from a famous coffeemaker to a popular baby bather, coming up we've got all the important recall information you need to know. >> and we'll also show you hi- tech ways thieves are stealing billions of dollars from you.
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the mr. coffee drinkers are feeling the hit literally from their cup of joe. the company is recalling 600,000 single cup brewers. the problem is there's too much steam that can build up in the water reservoir and it can force the brewing chamber to open and spew out all those hot coffee grounds and water everywhere. it happened 164 times and in nearly 60 cases people suffered burns to the face, their upper
5:45 pm
torso or hands. you can call 1-800-993-8609 for a free replacement. the summer infant company is recalling 2 million mother's touch and deluxe baby bathers. five babies received head injuries when they fell out of the bather after folding the wire frame that detached from the hinge. four children had their skulls fractured when they fell from the fabric seats. you want to stop using those now. you heard me tell you about giant foods recalling mangos and several others are being called back by the fda as a precaution after an outbreak of salmonella that had made at least 100 people sick in 16 states. these are the lot numbers on the mangoes, 3114, 4051, 4311, 4584 4959 sold between july 12th and august 29th. health officials are still trying to find the source of
5:46 pm
the outbreak. in a struggling economy the fraud business is booming and scams cost all of us 40 to $50 billion a year and the crooks are looking into all kinds of new stuff to rip you off. susan feinberg was stunned to find out criminals stole her identity and raided her home equity line of credit. >> we discovered that they had cashed checks for $17,000. >> reporter: susan isn't sure how the crooks got her social security number or her mother's maiden name, but frequently people are fooled into sharing those details online. consumer reports reveals america's worst scams that tap into the changing technology. >> we've cautioned against phishing e-mails that trick you to reveal personal information, but now scammers have figured out how to lure you on your cell phone. >> reporter: it's assaulted called smishing. a phoney link appears offering
5:47 pm
you a voucher. they've gotten more sophisticated. this looks like a flight definition and this looks like a ups invoice. >> -- a flight confirmation and this looks like a ups invoice. callers offer to slash your credit card interest or fix a computer virus. you just need to pay a fee or disclose sensitive financial information. fortunately susan's bank agreed she was not responsible for the $17,000 theft. she also set up a fraud alert with the three major credit reporting bureaus. you could get a security freeze which blocks access to your credit report so that you can protect yourself in this situation, but the bottom line is you really should never give out personal information or your money to someone who seeks you out. >> that nigerian prince did not heave you any money.
5:48 pm
no, they didn't. >> -- leave you any money. >> got to let that go. >> i'm trying to impart that to my daughters. they think i'm paranoid, but remember, if they're after you, you're not paranoid. >> no paronoia there at all. >> none. >> what's going on in the weather? >> we'll talk about isaac, just a depression now, but it will throw some moisture our way late in the holiday weekend. let's start with the radar picture. this will still show it has some punch left, pretty good bands of showers and thunderstorms still spinning around the center as far to the east as western alabama hammering mississippi much of the day. we had a live report from scott. they're doing evacuations still in southern mississippi because of all the rain. now this began to push off to the north and west. it will hammer northern louisiana tonight and arkansas most of the tomorrow. the track will take it through arkansas tomorrow and we get into saturday, go through missouri, begins to turn north and east. in fact, by 1:00 saturday it's just about over toward -- well, just west of st. louis really
5:49 pm
and then it goes off to the east and through the ohio really and starts to go down southeast into tuesday. i think by the time we get into seuss and especially labor day the moisture -- sunday and especially labor day the moisture will be close enough to us to give us some showers and thunderstorms, not a washout. live look outside on our live weather cam brought to you by michael and son, 88, 63 the dew point, that's pretty comfortable, still a pretty good hair day. winds out of the south at 7, pressure steady. temperatures 90 in rockville, 84 bethesda, 85 great falls, vienna, upper 80s in arlington, 87 out toward college park, 84 in bowie. so great night for baseball. i think nats start an 11 game homestand and we're getting down towards brass tacks here. not quite as cool but still comfortable in the burbs. hotter tomorrow, not crazy humid, though. more humid saturday and the
5:50 pm
weekend is up to isaac. i think we'll get a little moisture from him at some point. tonight clear, mild, not as cool, 64 to 72 for lows, winds southwest at 10. if pure inside the beltway downtown -- you're inside the beltway downtown you're probably in the low 70s, 72 arlington, 71 downtown, 64 gaithersburg, 65 in reston, 68 in college park and also bowie. tomorrow morning mostly sunny, warming up, temperatures in the 70s and 80s, winds out of the southwest at 10. by afternoon hot, mostly sunny, that not humid, high temperatures near 95, wind west, southwest at 10. next three days we'll keep tomorrow code green, just hot but not humid, 94. we'll keep saturday code green, not enough to change your plans, an isolated storm, 91. we are going code yellow sunday as storms become more prevalent, temperatures in the upper 80s. we'll update this closer to the weekend. next seven days we're looking at more storms on labor day and
5:51 pm
a better chance on labor day, a leftover storm tuesday, drying out wednesday and thursday. so again we'll watch isaac for us, not going to have a huge impact but stay tuned. well, the nationals had a big series and that's starting tonight. >> they're hosting defending world champion st. louis cardinals. message? we want your trophy. >> and there will be no rain delay tonight. kristen berset is live at nationals park. >> reporter: yeah. nice and sunny here, not too many clouds in the sky. the nats have a big opportunity starting with this 11 game homestand against the world champs coming off a five-game skid they finally ended last night in miami. the nats haven't had too many skids this season and the frustration kind of boil over a little bit last night. bryce harper, the rookie, had one of his best careers, his first multi-homer game but it ended with the first ejection of his career, a little frustration after hitting into a double play in the 9th inning. he spiked his helmet and got
5:52 pm
ejected for the first time ever. today davey johnson talked about what happened to his rookie. >> bryce couldn't control his emotions. i had a little chat with him. he'll get over it. he's just a 100%er and he expects good things out of himself and he breaks bats, throws his helmet. he's just got to stop it, capitad for to be losing hum in a ball -- can't afford to be losing him in a ballgame with that. >> reporter: we just heard from davey about bryce. bryce admitted last night he needs to get a control on his temper a little. charlie, are you worried about that at all or he's a young guy? >> he's a young guy, 19 years old. he does everything full bore 100% and he knows that he's got to try and contain himself. davey said it's enough with the broken bats, the smashing of
5:53 pm
the helmets. this situation last night throwing the helmet right was a turn out of a beat of the umpire. the umpire is watching the mate and doesn't know if there was any -- plate and doesn't know if there was any intent and davey told us it cost us a chance for the 9th inning. if you can't control your emotions, it not only hurts you, it hurts the club. >> reporter: dave, also news out today, which i don't know how much breaking news it is, stephen strasburg will get shut down in two or three more starts, but i feel like that's what we've heard from davey johnson. what knowledge do you have of that situation? >> it's like you say. this is what we've known all along. if he makes two more starts and goes about six innings per start that, put him at 162. if he goes three starts, that's 168. that's right within the window they expected to keep him at. jordan zimmerman threw 161 1/3
5:54 pm
innings. he has shown a little lack of command as of late with his fastball, but the starts against the braves he was terrific. so hopefully the last two or three starts we'll get the very good strasburg we've been accustomed to. >> reporter: the big homestand starting tonight, world champs. charlie, just how important getting past the world champs and getting over that skid and back on track? >> it's a good test. last night was a big win ending the losing streak. they gained game in atlanta to regain a five-game lead. you want to play well at home and take advantage of being at home with the last big homestand of the year and the cardinals can really hit. the nationals will have to pitch well. they'll need their offense because the cardinals, despite the fact they have albert pujols, they can score runs. >> reporter: it will be an exciting series. guys, thank so much for taking a few moments. live in nats park, back to you in the studio. still ahead scrambling to
5:55 pm
save everything, a look at some of the steps to ease the flooding before it gets even worse. >> then a little later we're live in tampa looking ahead to tonight's suspect answer speech from mitt romney. >> but -- acceptance speech from mitt romney. >> but first the west nile virus takes a deadly turn in maryland. we'll be right back.
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
we start our health alert
5:58 pm
with some sad news out of maryland. the state has its first reported death from west nile virus which, of course, is carried by mosquitoes. 9news has been checking on this this afternoon. so far we don't know in which county it happened or anything much about the victim, but there has been a death. we have 13 reported infections in maryland. west nile cases across the country are up 40% since last week. the cdc says we may be on pace for a record year. symptoms of west nile include fever, headaches and body aches. they can also feel like the flu. yosemite national park is closing more than 90 cabins after an outbreak of junta virus. park officials say the double walled design of those contains made it easy for mice to nest in between and they fear at least 2,700 people may have been exposed to the illness and warn it could take as much as six weeks for symptoms to first
5:59 pm
appear. drug resistant tuberculosis is spreading at an alarming level. a study reveals the super bug type of tb is prevalent in africa, asia, europe and latin america. drug resistant tb is more difficult and costly to treat and kills more people and with all the international travel we do health officials are worried about where cases will show up next. finally a major settlement over the way a pharmaceutical company tried to sell its drug. the district along with 36 other states reached a $181 million settlement with janssen pharmaceuticals over marketing of the drug pispelodol for -- risperodol for marketing for alzheimer's, dementia, depression and anxiety. this is 9 news now. >> i never in my entire life


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