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tv   9 News Now at 430am  CBS  September 5, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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away -- to waste, the president took action to lift the shadow of deportation from a generation of young law abiding immigrants called dreamers. >> reporter: tonight president bill clinton will be the star. >> they have clint eastwood. we have the clintons. i think we win. >> reporter: he'll say why president obama can do it. >> indeed when he left office, the economy was in a far better condition than it was when he took office. >> reporter: for those watching at home, president clinton will have to compete with the start of the n.f.l. season. susan mcginnis, cbs news, charlotte. >> the first lady will continue campaigning for the president this morning. she's expected to speak to several democratic groups in charlotte. president obama will arrive in charlotte later today to prepare for his speech tomorrow. another person beaten and robbed in one of the capitol hill neighborhoods in d.c. this one just a few blocks from a violent attack that took place a couple of weeks ago.
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early yesterday morning two armed attackers took a man's belongings, beat him and took off. the latest was on north carolina avenue on 3rd street in northeast d.c. >> we're obviously concerned. we're close to the capitol. this doesn't happen very often. >> i think it's -- definitely hope it gets figured out soon. that's very uncomfortable. for us that's pretty close to where we live. >> police say this most recent attack in the -- and the one carried out two weeks ago are not connected. authorities say this time the victim was not seriously hurt. however, the victim in last month's attack on capitol hill was very seriously hurt. he is improving now. thomas maslin has been upgraded from serious to fair condition. he went to a nationals game and then out for a drink on capitol hill with friends. and he was found unconscious just a few blocks from his home after he was beaten. police are still looking for his attacker. more than a dozen relatives, neighbors and fellow soldiers turned up at the
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montgomery county courthouse to support an iraq war veteran who's accused of kidnapping a 12-year-old girl for sex. he's 23-year-old nathan foitno -- portnoy. he said he believed the girl was 20 not 12 and let her out of the car at her request. >> no attempt to restrain her, no threats, no force. he lets her off right at her house. there is not one element of kidnapping. it is if anything the opposite of kidnapping. >> at yesterday's hearing, the judge lowered portnoy's bail from $1 million to $300,000. a car sitting in the middle of the road, the engine running. no one behind the wheel. but get this. in the back police find an 8- month-old girl strapped in her car seat. it happened early monday morning in dumfries, virginia. police say they tracked down the driver, a relative from woodbridge. he's now charged with child
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neglect and drunk driving. the book detailing the raid on osama bin laden's compound has skyrocketed to the top of amazon's best seller list. >> as matt jb jab-- as matt jablow tells us, the pentagon is considering all positions for the navy seal no wrote "no easy bay." president obama praised the quote, quiet professionals, the navy seals who carried out the raid. >> we weren't sent in to murder him. this was hey, kill or capture. >> reporter: today the justice department is criticizing one of those professionals for not being quiet enough. >> it is the height of irresponsibility not to have this kind of material checked for the possible disclosure of classified information. >> reporter: before retiring from the navy a few monthing ago, matt bissonnette was a member of seal team 6 which on may 2, 2011, shot bin laden to
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death in his pakistani compound. >> the rotor happened to miss this wall. >> reporter: he's now a best selling author having cowritten "no easy day." his account on the day osama bin laden died. in the book he gives some details about the raid but nothing, he says, that would compromise national security. but the defense department has a much different view saying the book does in fact contain sensitive information and that bisson net did not clear the book as he was required to. >> there was a requirement for prepublication review. it wasn't followed. the author is in tearl breach of -- material breach. >> reporter: john mahoney is a d.c. lawyer who handles cases involving national security clearances. he says from everything he no, sirs -- he knows about this case, bisson net may have
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broken the law. >> without getting clearance, it could lead to criminal charges and a loss of his security clearance or even a court marshal. >> reporter: if the book does disclose national security secrets, he might not be the only one in legal trouble. the book's co. author and publisher could also face criminal charges. matt jablow, 9news now. >> scott pelley spoke with the author. the interview will be the whole episode of "60 minutes." he's accused of shooting a classmate on the first day of school and now a 15-year-old is formally charged in the case. robert gladden, jr. is facing nine counts of attempted murder, first degree assault fa charges. he fired to rounds from a shotgun at perry hall high school last monday. a 17-yard was critically -- 17- year-old was critically injured in this.
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an afghan refugee struggled for years to make a living as a small businessman in america. now he's in a fight with his landlord over art. bruce leshan has the story. >> i think it's pretty. >> i wouldn't want that mural on my business. >> reporter: on an eclectic block of south 23rd street. >> i think it's nice to have an outlet in public for people to look at. >> reporter: a battle rages over a mural pointed on the side of this smoke shop. >> i think it doesn't fit in this neighborhood. >> it's beautiful and has culture. >> the whole building was in bad shape. >> reporter: he says he spent months fixing up the building which he says has been vacant for years. inside he's hired young people to sell afghan jewelry. >> i'm providing more jobs and opportunities and live the wonderful american dream. >> reporter: the landlord was happy when he cleaned up the outside and installed planters, but furious when he hired a
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couple of artists. >> they were out here for a good week and a half, two weeks almost, day and night painting, painting, painting. >> reporter: to put something catchy on the front. >> take it down and wash it away. >> reporter: the landlord says the lease is pretty clear here. it says there will be no sign outside without prior approval. he also says that amin owes him back rent. >> i don't understand too much. >> reporter: amin says he is trying to do the right thing. the central characters now smoking a whale instead of a cigar because the county complained that a cigar was advertising. >> it looks like -- [indiscernible] >> reporter: he's struggled to make a living here since he left afghanistan. >> my hard work and money. >> reporter: and now he fears he'll lose a work of hart. -- work of art n. arlington, bruce less hahn, 9news --
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leshan, 9news now. >> we tried to get a hold of the landlord for an interview but have yet to hear from him. our time is 4:38. it's the longest running game show in history. you can watch it every weekday right here on channel 9. coming up at 4:51, see ow "the price -- see how "the price is right" celebrates 40 years of giving away some pretty incredible stuff. imagine a mcdonald's without cheeseburgers. it will be a reality first. jessica doyle will tell you where the first vegetarian golden afternoones will go up -- arches will go up. >> but first howard will be back with the forecast. you're watching 9news now.
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it is 4:40 on this wednesday. we are looking good this
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morning. quiet outside. by noon 82 degrees. southwest winds at about 5 to 10. highs in the mid- to upper #s on. it's not -- upper 80s. it's not going to rain all day. we'll have a threat of showers and thunderstorms on and off. figure that pops could put down some heavy downpours. we'll have the weekend outlook when i return. here's monika with your timesaver traffic. >> we'll take a look at the beltway in prince george's county. first of all on the inner loop between route 1 and kenilworth, stay to the left to get around construction. here at central avenue you're okay. also construction in laurel southbound 95 to 16 and 198 in the right lane. i'll be back with more traffic at 4:47. it is time for the first your money segment of the morning. >> the market is going to be turquoise today. i just wanted you to understand why. look the at stereo around he. >> we coordinate. you have the color, too. >> i sort of blend why. >> you're working it. we're hoping investors are going to work it today. we're hoping for a better day. wall street ended mixed yelled
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but at least it wasn't down across the board. some stocks were able to overcome downbeat reports on construction spending and manufacturing. and investors will have a fresh crop of economic indicators to look over later today. checking the numbers, the dow stands at 13,036, dropped 55 points just about in trading yesterday. nasdaq was up by 8 and the s&p 500 was down by about one and a half. part of the reason nasdaq was up, shares of apple rose 10 bucks after the company invited reporters to a news event next wednesday in san francisco. we previewed this for you yesterday. if you were watching, word is am will introduce the iphone 5 or whatever it's going to end up calling the latest version of the phone. among the devices rumored, a slightly larger screen, faster processor and smaller dock connector which means they'll have to replace all the dock connectors. >> brilliant. >> absolutely. it's possible the new phone will also include technology
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that will make it easier for shoppers to make payments through their phone. and mcdonald's plans to open its first vegetarian only restaurant in india. the world's largest hamburger chain says it's responding to customer preferences in the country. mcdonald's already caters to local tests. it serves a big mac made with chicken patties instead of beef. >> interesting. who knew. >> we're hungry already. it is 4:43. it's humid out there now. does that mean rain is headed our way? howard will let us know. he has the forecast. monika tracking your road conditions. they're coming up too. >> it was like a scene out of an action move. a traffic cop risks life and limb to get his man and it's all caught on tape. we'll be right back.
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. coauthor
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good morning. welcome back to 9news now. 4:45, almost 4:46 on this wednesday morning. mike spoke about it just a little while ago. it's muggy again outside today. does that mean we will have more rain in the forecast? >> we've got showers and storms in the forecast. we're not going to see them all day. probably most of the day we won't but anything that does pop does have the threat to put down some heavy downpours. we're also looking at unfortunately some more heat and humidity for the next couple of days. dow have some good news -- i do have some good news for you guys. looks like early next week a little taste of fall around here. >> hurray. >> got some highs in the 70s coming up in the seven day. >> the lows? >> 50s and 60s. let's get you that bus stop forecast on this muggy wednesday morning. temperatures in the 70s, even near 80 in a few spots. just an isolated shower or two in western virginia, western maryland. they're moving east. we'll be watching the sunrise at 6:41. dat threat for the showers and
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-- today the threat for the showers and thunderstorms will be with us and midday this afternoon. clearly not an all day rain. don't get expected about that but it could impact some plans from time to time. 4:00 85. i think we're going to poke up to 87, maybe 88 with enough sunshine, 81. yesterday it got up to # 9 degrees. -- to 89 degrees. average highs down to 83. we'll get there. it's just going to take a little while. watching the showers and storms in western maryland. a little bit of lightning toward elkins, west virginia right now as this is marching to the east. just south of cumberland now, romney. mainly in west virginia toward moorefield and baker. straussburg, woodstock, this keeps coming your way, could be around another 30 minutes or so. we'll see potentially a few showers here early into northern virginia and the northern shenandoah valley. 75 in gaithersburg. it's 78 in baltimore. easton 79 degrees along with
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the patuxent naval air station and luray at 75. outside on our michael & son weather camera, we're looking at northwest d.c. toward the southwest. this is wisconsin avenue down there near the best buy and ace hardware store. that's what we're looking at. quiet. 79 degrees. south, southwesterly winds at 11 and the humidity still very high at 79%. we have this moisture here lining up from new england back toward west virginia. clusters of storms. one came through chicago earlier. there's another one that's getting ready to come through i think in another hour, hour and a half. so there could be delays with early travel through o'hare and midway this morning. futurecast, got the scattered showers and storms. lunch time metro and especially south of us. i think for the afternoon that threat may be more south than north as we're looking at 4:15 now. maybe southern maryland could get into the action. could be heavier showers and storms there. generally quiet tonight. on thursday afternoon we're
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going to pop a few more of those showers and storms here and there in the afternoon. i think the activity tomorrow should be less than today and even less activity on friday. so temperatures are going to respond up. 2k58 7, maybe -- 87, maybe 88 with enough sunshine. 70s again tonight. upper 60s in the cool spots. 93 tomorrow and friday with a few storms tomorrow. isolated storms friday. saturday looks unsettled. scattered showers and storms, 87. there's the cooler weather. monday and tuesday highs in the upper 70s. lows 50s and 60s. monika samtani, good morning. good morning. things are looking good outside i'm happy to say. we're in that last few minutes of construction. in fact, all of the crews should be clearing that up shortly, especially on the west sides of town into tysons and annandale areas. if you're planning to head over on 270, if my clicker would allow me, i'm show what you it looks like. there we go. southbound on 270 from frederick down to clarksburg and the point where the lanes divide, you will find the lanes open right now. no delays across the legion bridge. we'll go there live right now
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on our mdot camera. take a look here n. is heading south from bethesda into the tysons area. as i said things look really good here. back over to our maps and this time to southern maryland. looking good on route 4, route 5, 301 out of brandywine. 210 out of accokeek and oxon hill. no problems across the wilson bridge and alexandria. a look at central avenue. this is a good indication of the beltway, that entire stretch in prince george's county. i'll be back with more traffic at 4:55. andrea? >> thank you, monika. a deadly crash at an air show was caught on tape. this is home video from the quad city air show in davenport, iowa. three planes are flying in coordination when one of them crashes into an al fall ya field creating a huge file ball. the pilot died on impact. the air show was temporarily halted. the cause of the crash remains under investigation. a cop risks his life to make sure a suspected criminal did not escape. >> check this out.
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the 34-year-old officer hung on to the windshield of the vehicle for 25 minutes. all while the driver drove through city streets, weaving back and forth trying to shake him off. >> for the first ten minutes i thought i was going to die but then as he kept dig zagging the car, did an illegal u-turn and crashed into other cars including police cars to get rid of me, i was determined to survive and catch him. >> this guy is in good shape. as the car stopped, the officer jumped off the windshield, chased the suspect into the subway where he caught, captured and arrested him. the officer pulled him over initially for a traffic violation and then the guy took off. the driver was also wanted for drug charges. >> that's amazing. in the last 40 years, thousands of people have walked away from "the price is right" with stories they never could have imagined. >> i went behind the scenes of this iconic show. it's celebrating four decades on the air. we were there in the 25th year. melissa mccarthy takes a look
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at the longest running game show in television history. >> what a show today. 40th anniversary of "the price is right." >> reporter: it's stood the test of time. "the price is right" has captivated audiences for a generation. >> i realized covert operation. we could go to hollywood and have some fun. it's free. >> that's my show. i've been watching it since it actually started in '72. >> heemps the star of the new -- here's the star of the new show. >> reporter: drew carey filled his shoes and passenger his own mark. audience members continue to be the stars of the show. >> how you doing? >> reporter: over the years it's grown more outrageous and each player has a life altering moment. >> when i started with "the price is right ," i was going 28 years. i came once every single year. >> come on down. you're the next contestant on "the price is right." >> reporter: 2002 was her year and now out of hundreds of past
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winners asked to come back for the anniversary, she was chosen again. >> how about a new truck. >> reporter: from the very first episode back in 1972, paula convenience was called to the stage. >> stand up. >> reporter: he got his chance 40 years later to win a 1972 chevy. >> welcome back to your youth, paul. >> thank you. >> the energy here in this room is the same. i love coming to work, you know. i feel great when i'm here and i feel great when i leave. i get a douse of happiness. >> reporter: stan is the man who makes the split-second decision on who gets chosen. >> i won the showcase. i still drive the car. >> i look for energy, sincerity, excitement, it's like going to the circus every day, a big carnival atmosphere. it's a fun gig. i think i won the job lotto. >> it's not cast. >> reporter: through every win
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or loss, each contestant has a story to take home. >> ford escort, fully loaded i got. the quick excitement of winning. >> reporter: from prizes, cash to even traveling the world, fans have stayed loyal lining up daily hoping their name is called and their price is right. >> i just hope it keeps going. >> reporter: 40 years later the fans new and old are just as loyal. the games continue to draw us in. its host entertains like no other keeping this the longest running game show in television history. melissa mccarty, cbs 2 news. 4:54. time to look at the question of the day today. according to a new survey, americans say this is the number one item that's a must have at a picnic. is it a, music, b, beer, or c, a frisbee? >> what do you think. post your answers on our facebook fan page and we'll share some of them in about 30 minutes. we'll be right back.
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. welcome back. we're looking at mostly cloudy this morning. we have a few showers in western maryland and west virginia now. that will be the situation today where we'll have the chance for a shower or thunderstorm this morning, midday and again this afternoon. it's not going to rain all day by any stretch but any showers or storms could have heavy downpours with highs in the mid- to upper 80s. if you're planning to head northbound on i-95 just heading out the door, this is what you'll have to deal with. a bit of volume already forming route 644 to the beltway. 395 light to the 14th street bridge. more on that coming up in my next report at 5:01. she's known for dancing all the way down the steps on her show. she'll get a chance to dance on the hollywood hall of fame.
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we have those stories and more in this look at entertainment. >> reporter: kirsten dunst and her costars attended the new york premier of their comedy "bachelorette." the movie is about three friends who are asked to be bridesmaids for a woman they used to pick on in high school. the story centers around the wild party the night before the wedding. >> i think they're behavioring so badly because of the situation. i don't think they're this crazy all the time. >> it open itselfs on -- >> reporter: it opens on friday. ellen degenres is being honored with her own star on hollywood's walk of fame. >> i spent my entire career trying to conduct myself a certain way and making sure that no one walks all over me only to get to a point where people are going to walk all over me. >> reporter: the actress, comedian and talk show host has been entertaining audiences for more than 30 years. ellen kicks off the tenth season of her talk show next week and recently started her
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own record label. the rogging stones announced -- the rolling stones announced they're celebrating their 50th anniversary with a greatest hits album to be released in november. it will include two songs that the group recently recorded in paris which are their first new tunes in seven years. the president of france will honor former beatle paul mccartney with a legion of honor award. the 70-year-old singer/songwriter will become an officer of the legion of honor in a ceremony this saturday. that's your eye on entertainment, teresa garcia, cbs news, hollywood. >> paul mccartney, 70 years old. can you believe that? >> can't believe it. good morning. thank you for watching 9news now at 5:00 a.m. i'm andrea roane. >> i'm mike hydeck. thanks for joining us. good morning, monika samtani. good to see you. good morning, howard bernstein. today is wednesday. we'll get through it. today we'll see a couple of showers and storms but it's not


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