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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  September 6, 2012 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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presidential power. surprise apprance from barack obama at the democratic national convention after bill clinton tries to sell voters on four more years of an obama administration. >> we believe that we're all in this together is a far better philosophy than you're on your own. isaac's effects. oil from the bp spill is discovered after the storm tears up beaches along the gulf coast. koikoff controversy. the nfl season gets under way last night but a new study reveals the potentially dangerous effects of playing the spofrmt. >> never did i think that my mental or cognitive abilities would be impaired by playing
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mental or cognitive abilities would be impaired by playing this game. captioning funded by cbs this is the "cbs morning news" for thursday, september 6, 2012. good morning everybody. good to be with you. i'm terrell brown. the curtain comes down on the democratic national convention today. president obama delivers his acceptance speech tonight in the finale. the president was officiallily nominated for a second term last night after been impassioned speech by bill clinton. president obama is the man to rebuild the economy, not mitt romney. vice president joe biden also speaks tonight. late last night biden toured the convention site. susan mcginnis is in charlotte where it's going down. susan, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, terrell. last night president linton did what he does best, breaking down complex topics like medicare and wall street regulation into sim p terms and he ended up giving the speech of the night.
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president obama made a surprise appearance on stage with president clinton at the democratic convention wednesday. president obama listened backstage while bill clinton nominated him for a second term. >> i want to nominate a man who is cool on the outside but who burns for america on the inside. >> and the crowd went wild when president clinton acknowledged the power of the first lady's speech. >> by the way, after last night, i want the man who had the good sense to marry michelle obama. >> he summed up republican arguments against president obama this way. >> we left him a total mess. he hadn't cleaned it up fast enough. so far he put us back in. >> he said romney's plan to cut the deficit with a $5 trillion tax cut doesn't add up. >> it's arithmetic. we simply cannot afford to give the reins of government to
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someone who will double down on trickle down. >> his speech electrified the crowd. >> he was absolutely bill clinton. >> crews were supposed to be breaking down this stage and setting up at the outdoor bank of america stadium but the threat of severe weather forced organizers to hold president obama's acceptance speech here. >> oh, my god, you don't know how many disappointed people are. >> the change of venue means thousands won't be able to attend. >> that is a shame. a lot of people came a long way to see him speak. that's the weather. >> as the president prepares for his speech, there's no lack of advice here if he wants it. >> take the gloves off. don't apologize for the contributions that he's made to this country in the last four years. >> campaign officials say the president will lay out his plan for fixing the economy overt next four years. tonight vice president biden makes obama's case just before the president himself takes the
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stage. terrell, the first president since the great depression to seek reelection with joblessness as high as it is. >> see how this goes. susan mcginnis in charlotte for us. democrats ended up backtracking on the party platform following criticism from the romney campaign. they rewrote the platform to declare that jerusalem is the capital of israel and inserted a reference to god. president obama had ordered the changes. some delegates objected loudly when the issue came up for a vote. by the way, you can watch president obama's acceptance speech and coverage tonight at 10:00 p.m. eastern time right here on cbs. republican vice presidential nominee paul ryan said prayer in public schools is a constitutional issue for states. while campaigning in provo, he thought utah had a good chance of pushing it through. he said the obama administration hasn't delivered on its promises to fix the economy. >> candidate obama said a lot of things that gave people a lot of
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hope to get elected but president obama did not deliver on these commitments. >> mitt romney campaigned yesterday in a new hampshie pizza shop and practiced in vermont for his debates with the president. a federal judge ruled that arizona authorities can enforce the most controversial section of the state's tough immigration law that allows -- to check the immigration status of suspects. critics call it the show me your papers provision. supreme court upheld the provision last year leaving open the possibility of contesting the law after it goes into effect. to the lingering effects of hurricane isaac. oil was washed up on beaches from the bp spill in 2010. tar balls and oil have been reported on beaches in alabama and louisiana. bp says some of the oil is from its spill, but that some may be from other sources. a 13-mile stretch of louisiana beach has been closed. >> this kind much puts to rest suspicions as to whether or not there's still oil out there. we're going to hold whoever is responsible for getting that
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picked up. >> experts say even though the oil is less toxic now, it can still harm wildlife. health officials say it's the worst year ever for case was the west nile virus in texas. at least 510 cases have been reported. 87 deaths reported nationwide. at least 43 in texas alone. anna werner reports. >> it was just miserable. fever and chills and headaches, nausea. i mean, you name it, it was miserable. >> 42-year-old katherine de ville was infected with west nile in july. she wound up with meningitis and encephalitis. >> this virus has taken more than a month of my life, actually. i was sick for almost the whole month of august. >> west nile virus is spread by mosquitoes. it's killed at least 35 people in texas. the state has recorded nearly 900 cases. that's 45% of all west nile cases in the united states.
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aerial pesticide spraying last month in and around dallas dramatically reduced the mosquito population. in july, half of the mosquitoes tested positive for west nile, now it's just 5%. but doctors believe the number of reported cases will increase because weeks can pass before people infected with west nile develop serious symptoms. dr. beth bell of the centers for disease control and prevention expects the outbreak to last until october. >> oh, it takes a little time for people after they get sick to go to the doctor, to get the blood test. what we're counting are cases of illness which occurred several weeks ago. >> and that's not the total number of people who may be sick from west nile virus. the cdc says hundreds more people probably have become ill but just never went to a doctor. anna werner, cbs news, dallas. quick break now on a thursday morning. when we come back, central american shakeup. a major earthquake rattles
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buildings shook and workers fled their offices after a powerful 6.6 quake, 6.6, 7.6 actually rocked costa rica yesterday. the u.s. geological survey said it was centered in the northwestern part of the country. at least one person was killed and some houses and at least one bridge collapsed. in the last 40 years shall the region has been hit with 30 earthquakes with a mag nude of 6 or larger. cbs "moneywatch" time. facebook stock stops the bleeding. ashley morrison, i don't know what the deal is with talking today. >> it's not even monday. good morning terrell. the financial world is watching frankfort, germany. that's where the president of the european bank will announce his plan to support the struggling economies of italy and spain. mario drag i is expected to show
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details of a bond buying plan. the ecb meeting. the nikkei was unchanged and the hang seng added a quarter percent. stocks on wall street were mixed. the dow added 11 point while the nasdaq lost 5. one stock that moved well was facebook. shares rose nearly 5% on the news that ceo mark zuckerberg will not sell stock in the company for at least a year. investors in the social networking site were concerned that if zuckerberg sold off his shares, the stock's value would sink further. more problems for the ford escape. they're recalling 7600 vehicles because of a coolant leak that could cause the engine to overheat or catch fire. it is the third recall for the 2013 escape in less than two months. united airlines wants to fit more passengers on its flights. so it's making its seats even smaller. united will reduce seats in
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coach from 18 inches to 17 inches. that will give the airline room to install six more seats. terrell, i'm not really sure where they're going to put those. a cozy flight. >> i'm 6'4" by the way. what the heck am i supposed to do. put you in the aisle. >> put me over somebody else's chair. smell me fight. ashley morrison here in new york. good to see you. thank you so much. coming up, your thursday morning weather. in sports, o rivals go head to head in the opener. as a new study comes out linking football to head injuries.
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here's a look at the weather. cloud and sun in new york, 85 degrees. afternoon thunderstorms in miami, 89. mostly sunny in chicago, 79 degrees. partly sunny and hot in dallas, 102. thunderstorms in los angeles, 84 degrees. let's check your national forecast. showers and thunderstorms will pop up from the gulf coast to north carolina and from pennsylvania to new york. it will be dry over much of the midwest. very hot from the mississippi valley into texas and oklahoma with the mercury reaching as high as 106 degrees. in sports this morning rng the nfl season kicks off with a grudge match between the cowboys and giants. lots of smoke as the super bowl champs came out of the tunnel. it was all dallas during the game. the cowboys dominated new york. tony romo fell for -- cowboys take down the giants 24-17. as this new season begins, a new
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study shows how dangerous football can be and looks at what a career of collisions can do to the brain. it came out the same day the nfl made a $30 million donation to research the connection between brain injuries and long-term bigad shaban reports. >> kevin turner had plenty of collisions during his time in the nfl. some so hard they made his head spin. >> some ringing in your ears. you may see a few spots. >> now the 43-year-old is battling als or lou gehrig's disease. a new study finds players like turner may be more likely to die from diseases such as als and alzheimer's disease which damage the cells in the brain. >> three times the risk of dying from these causes than you would expect from the general population. >> recent study suggests head injuries on the field may lead to neurological problems, but the researchers of this study
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stopped short of drawing that conclusion. the study in the journal of neurology looked at about 3400 men who played in the nfl between 1959 and 1988 for five years or more. the nfl says it's taken significant steps to address head injuries and protect players. it's been two years since doctors told turner he has als, which has no cure. patients with the disease eventually lose control of the muscles needed to move, speak, eat and breathe. >> never have -- did i think that my mental or cognitive abilities would be impaired by playing this game. >> now he's trying to make sure other athletes know they could be putting themselves at risk when they play the game. bigad shaban, cbs news, los angeles. this is pretty scary. a picture for the oakland a's got hit with a nasty line drive.
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it slammed into mccarthy's head. knocked him to the ground, walked off the field, went to the hospital for observation. angels beat the a's 7-1. roger federer won't get a 6th trophy. he is out. the number one seed was overtaken in the quarterfinals. he wins in four sets. the earliest exit for federer since 2003. it's game, set, career for american tennis great andy roddick. he fought hard against dell potro was loses in four sets. he said the u.s. open would be his last tournament. roddick won the u.s. open in 2003. when we come back, the first lady tackles letterman's top ten list. michelle obama offers up reasons why you should watch the democratic national convention. you won't want to miss this. mmmm, just how satisfying is every spoonful
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here's a look at the forecast in some cities around the country. in d.c., partly sunny, 91 degrees. afternoon thunderstorms in atlanta, 87. mostly sunny skies in st. louis, 87 degrees. partly cloudy in denver, 92. sunny and warm in seattle, 80 degrees. a manhunt is under way in california for two suspects who pulled off a brazen bank robbery. teresa gars gars takes a look at how they care you had out the potentially explosive heist. >> the manager of a bank of america hid her face and reportedly had tears in her eyes as police questioned her. she told them two masked gunmen kidnapped her, strapped what looked like a pipe bomb to her stomach and forced her to rob her own bank. >> according to the woman, the robbers told her to get money out of bank and throw it out the back door where the robbers were waiting. they got away with an
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undetermined amount of cash. the bomb squad safely removed the device. >> there's absolutely no indication that this woman would have put this on herself and done this herself. >> a robot inspected and disabled the device with a loud explosion. the bomb squad also inspected the bank manager's car in the parking lot to determine if it had any more explosives. police say the woman is cooperating with their investigation, but they haven't said whether she knew the robbers. teresa garcia, cbs news, los angeles. a 7-year-old girl is recovering after surviving the plague. sierra jane downing was returned to a hospital in colorado last week after she had a seizure and a temperature of 107. it's the first case of the bubonic plague in the states. she could have been infected by insects on a dead squirrel she wanted to bury. about 26 million people tuned in tuesday night to watch michelle obama's speech at the democratic national convention.
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on last night 'episode of the late show with david letterman, she presented the top ten reasons to watch the dnc. here are a few. >> number seven. >> finally, you get to see some coverage of the presidential campaign. >> it's about time. >> number 4. >> there will be no kiss cam. >> no. come on why not? >> number two. >> joe biden says it will be a big you know what deal. >> wait a minute. the number one reason to watch the democratic national convention. >> at long last, i'll reveal who i'm voting for. >> there you go, ladies and gentlemen. >> first lady recorded the list when she was dave's guest last week. russian president vladimir putin flying with cranes. they were raised in captivity. part of a project teaching them to migrate. his white costume is meant to replicate an adult crane. fly like a bird, i will fly
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. good morning. welcome to 9news now. today is thursday, september 6. i'm andrea roane. we're close. we're close. i'm mike hydeck. boy, it's been a long week already. i think we've all been staying up late watching fun stuff. you and your tennis.
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>> big upset yesterday. >> i can't believe it. >> here's monika samtani doing traffic and tennis. mr. howard bernstein went to bed early yesterday. >> somebody's coffee smells great. is that yours? must be. >> we have good coffee around here. >> we have a few showers around. got some showers around west and southwest of town. i think the shower threat will be with us more so this morning than this afternoon. it's going to be a hot day. mid 80s by noon. by then i think we'll start see something sunshine breaking out, especially northwest of town. this afternoon partly sunny, hot day. highs in the low 90s. 89 by 5:00. could be an isolated storm this afternoon but most of it looks like it's going to fall this morning. you look at the satellite and radar combined, there's the moisture coming out of west virginia now, in toward western virginia, the shenandoah valley
4:27 am
with light showers. you can see the activity, especially north and west of d.c. going into southwestern pennsylvania. want to zoom in and show you the next round here. we have some light showers coming. this is into northern fauquier county. you see it -- that's route 17. just east of 17. it continues going up toward aldie and maybe purcelville. we have a few light showers. heavier stuff from new market toward harrisonburg. this is all moving to the northeast. luray, sperryville, you'll get this in the next half-hour. temperature wise, another very warm, muggy morning. it's 80 in annapolis. we're 79 in town with low to mid-70s across many of the suburbs. we'll have sunshine this afternoon. let's go to monika and find out if anything is happening on the roads this early hour. just a little bit with the construction on the west side of town especially. i always start off with that because that's where it affects you the most. if you're planning to head around town, especially the
4:28 am
beltway, you want to give yourself a tiny bit of extra time because between the dulles toll road and georgetown pike, only the right lane is getting through. westbound on i-66 between the beltway and nutley street and route 123 and beyond as well there's construction. on the northbound side of i-95, this looks great. no problems in newington heading for springfield. a loot at our maps on 270. no problems as you head to about these today and the beltway -- to bethesda and the beltway. i'll be back with more at 4:39. president barack obama has received his party's official nomination to be the next president. the president was on hand to hear former president bill clinton make his pitch to middle class voters. mr. clinton says president obama deserves another four years to fix the economy which he says the republicans broke in the first case.
4:29 am
>> it's time for the president to make his own pitch. the venue was changed and shrunk. the worries were because of severe weather. >> president obama made a surprise visit to stage. bill clinton nominated him for a second term. >> i want to nominate a man who's cool on the outside but who burns for america on the inside. >> the crowd went wild when president clinton acknowledged the power of the first lady's speech. >> by the way, after last night, i want a man who had the good sense to marry michele obama. >> reporter: he then turned his sights on mitt romney and wall ryan -- paul ryan. >> we're -- we were left with a total mess. >> reporter: he said romney's plan to cut the deficit with the $5


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