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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  September 15, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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and allow employers to deny coverage for cancer screenings and birth control. we can't afford to let him take away our choices... to take away basic health care. vo: both backed proposals to outlaw abortions...even in cases of rape and incest. i don't think that women's health issues have faced a crisis like this in decades. >> tonight, the obama administration is ordering evacuations and warning americans not to travel to certain muslim countries. hello, everybody. i'm bruce johnson. thanks for joining us. we've got new developments in the muslim world.
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the state department is ordering nonessential u.s. government personnel and their families out of sudan and tunisia. anti-american protests continue in those countries and more all sparked by a film produced by an individual in this country. tonight the man behind that film is being questioned by federal authorities in california. >> reporter: nakoula basseley nakoula wrapped a towel around his face as police took him in for questioning. the southern california filmmaker is linked to an antimuslim web video that sparked deadly protests in the muslim world. >> he was never arrested, never detained, never in custody. it was all scroll voluntary. >> reporter: he denies directing the film but federal authorities want to know if his involvement violates a condition of his parole. he was convicted of bank
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fraudand is banned from using the internet. protests spread to australia saturday. police used pepper spray to push back hundreds of demonstrators outside the american consulate in sidney. >> we're demending mohammed's honor. >> reporter: in cairo where the demonstrations began, officers cleared protesters from the square. demonstrations erupted in more than 20 countries over the past week. ambassador christopher stevens and three other americans died during an assault on the u.s. consulate on tuesday. president obama is calling on all nations to protect americans serving overseas. >> we must also send a clear and resolute message to the world, those who attack our people will find no escape from justice. >> reporter: the state department ordered nonessential government personnel to leave sudan and tunisia because of
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the continued threat of violence. >> in a web posting this weekend, al qaeda is calling for muslims to, quote, set the fires blazing in an effort to drive american embassies out of their countries. the top cleric in saudi arabia though is urging muslims not to be dragged by anger into violence. tonight the taliban is taking responsibility for the killing of two u.s. marines in afghanistan. they claim e attack was carried out to avenge the antiislamic film that insulted mohammed. police in fairfax county are on the hunt for whoever shot out the windows of more than 25 cars in the falls area. a handful of those cars hit cars that were parked right outside a mosque and belonged to members of that congress. ken molestina explains how that community was reacting. >> reporter: it was early this morning following prayer services that members of the mosque found this. their car windows had been shot
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out. according to police it was the work of vandals with a bb gun. >> the bad news is they got our car. >> reporter: he had his volvo's windows shattered. >> there were objects on the seats of the car, money, valuables. so the motive was to be a vandal. >> reporter: about half a dozen cars here along groves street and falls church were also hurt. police say although the cars were parked near the mosque they don't believe the place of worship or its members were targeted. >> it does not appear this was a hate crime or targeting any specific religious community. >> reporter: even though police say the mosque was not targeted, the members of this muslim community say they're staying on high alert. >> the people at this mosque feel a kind of tension, a kind of vulnerability. >> reporter: according to him, those sentiments come from the unrest in muslim nations
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overseas like libya and yemen. members here feel they may be a target of domestic retaliation. >> reporter: so they beefed up their own security and are hoping police get to the bottom of this. >> we're going to investigate this until we have a closure. >> reporter: so as you heard, police are vigorously investigating these cases of vandal lays many. in the meantime the mosque's iman is reaching out to the community and offering to help all those who had their windows smashed. turning elsewhere, it's been a month since the government opened fire and killed a 17-year-old flowers high school student in her own bedroom. there have been no arrests in the murder of amber stanley who was shot last month in her upper marlboro home. today her father hosted an event to bring awareness to teen violence. surae chinn has that story. >> reporter: he says nothing can bring his daughter back, but what keeps him going is to help the community so no other
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parent has to go through what had to go through. today he hosted a self-defense class to help other teenagers. >> it's been hard. i miss my daughter every day. >> reporter: anthony stanley says it's now his mission to help curb teen violence in his community. martial arts instructors are teaching some of amber's classmates at the school amber would have graduated from. >> keep going. keep going. >> it's hard to have her not here with us. she wants to be here with us, but we have to carry on without her, and for her. >> reporter: amber stanley, an honor roll student at flowers high school dreamed of attending harvard to become a doctor. >> i didn't have the pleasure of knowing amber as much as i wish i did, but i heard she was a wonderful girl so i felt the need to come out and support. >> there's so much violence here and we want to eliminate that in the community. >> reporter: a central high schooler was gunned down while walking to school in capitol
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heights. police say the two shootings are not related but in both cases there is no suspect. police have been posting fliers and talking to people in the respective communities. >> there was a young man killed the other day for no reason. my daughter killed for no reason. this needs to stop. this is just a community trying to improve the community. >> it brings students closer together, just the fact that astudent comes out to support a student's family shows the bond with the schools for the student. >> reporter: amber's father hopes with the money raised today he can put a memorial bench at his daughter's grave site. he also hopes to create a scholarship in his daughter's honor at flowers high school and bring self-defense classes to other high schools. in the satellite center, surae chinn, 9 news now. full circle martial arts academy provided the instructors for today's events. a man is under arrest in chicago tonight for allegedly
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trying to set off a car bomb outside a bar. 18-year-old adele dioud was arrested by the fbi in an undercover operation in which agents pretended to be extremists. they gave him a phony car bomb. neighbors are stunned tonight. >> it's just a shocker because you just never would have thought. his mind set didn't seem to be that way at all. >> according to the fbi, the 18- year-old was offered several opportunities to change his mind and walk away from the supposed attack. in beirut, thousands of christians and muslims turned out to watch pope benedict as he was driven through the streets. he's on a three-day visit to lebanon. there was heavy security. soldiers monitored the crowds who had been gathering for hours. >> we're here to support the pope, and also to get support
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from him, because our experience has been that when we listen to him, we are helped in our lives and touched. >> later the pope addressed a crowd of thousands of young people telling them not to let discrimination, unemployment and instability drive them abroad. he told the syrian christians in the crowd, quote, the pope has not forgotten you. u.s. banks and money laundering. federal regulators are investigating whether several banks failed to monitor transactions properly allowing criminals to launder money. it includes some of the biggest banks cluding j.p. morgan, chase and bank of america. the newspaper says the office of the comptroller of currency could soon take action against the two companies. a striking teachers in chicago are ready to make a deal and head back to school. we'll have the details on the weekend negotiations. and i'm meteorologist erica grow out here on the patio.
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it's a beautiful night, calm skies. take a look at your wakeup forecast. clear, calm but chilly. 47 to 56 degrees at 6:00 a.m. warming into the 60s by 8:00 a.m. for most of us. a pretty nice day ahead but what are we looking at for the work week. i'll have the details for you in the 9 news now forecast coming up in just a little bit.
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the vote is on the way to try and get striking chicago teachers back on the job as early as monday. the framework for an agreement was announced on friday. today both sides expressed optimism that students could be back in school at the end of the weekend. as a massive rally in chicago today, the crowd was reminded until a bill is signed, the strike is not over. >> we have a framework for an agreement. we don't have an agreement. we have a framework for an agreement. so i want you all to understand that until you hear it from cpu -- i didn't hear you -- until you hear it from cpu.
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>> students missed the first week because of the strike. negotiators due back at the bargaining table tomorrow morning in hopes of finalizing a deal. if you're planning to take metro this weekend, expect delays up to 20 minutes on several lines because of weekend work. red line trains will share a single track between van necessary and friendship heights. orange line between very ena and west falls church. blew line a single track between stadium armory and morgan bullard. new poll finds more than 8 in 10 americans suppose limits on the amount of money given to super political action committees and other groups triting to -- trying to enforce limits. good food and a fashion show. stop by the 8th street
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festival. we'll keep this good weather around for sunday hopefully. the forecast is coming up next.
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thousands of people took advantage of today's great weather to attend the 8th
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street festival. the revitalized 8th street corridor in northeast washington, this festival featured live music, a fashion show and food and drink. >> i really liked the darts. >> the darts? >> yeah. >> did you win anything? >> yeah. and getting snow cones and stuff. >> lots of great food. >> this is your first time? >> yes. we're pretty impressed. >> looks like you did some shopping. >> we have some nice artwork. so it's been great. >> also today the 8th street heritage trail was inaugurated. the 3.2 mile trail winds from union station down to 8th street. it's the 13th trail in the city that highlights historic d.c. neighborhoods. a big deal for us because we want to welcome the newest member to the 9 news weather
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team, erica grow. you come from? >> i just got here from connecticut, literally just got here earlier this week. >> that's right. >> but i'm originally from pennsylvania and that's where most of my family still lives. >> we have all kinds of weather here as you know. >> absolutely. the full gamut. i think i've gotten a taste of it the different places i've worked but here we'll get it all together. i'm looking forward to that. as we head through the overnight hours, beautiful, a little chilly though. you're definitely going to need that jacket early in the morning tomorrow if you're heading out the door. let's take a look at our michael and son weather camera right now. things are looking pretty good out there. it is getting cooler. 67 degrees. that dew point only 49 degrees. so when you have low dew points like that, you know that you're in for a chilly night, especially calm winds at the moment. that means that there isn't a breeze to be found out there. and that also means that we're going to have some chilly
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numbers. so keep that in mind if you're heading out the door emergency room. sunday looks beautiful, lots of sunshine, gore scwhrus weather on tap as we head into monday. that is going to change. rain arrives. that rain could get heavy. here's a look at our current temperatures right now. it is 58 degrees in great falls. 67 in d.c. those numbers will slide down as the high pressure is approaching. on satellite and radar, you can see we'll start to see the first of those showers after the monday morning commute is over on monday. it will get pretty heavy at time as we head into monday and tuesday. it looks like the weather is going to get pretty unsettled
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on futurecast that we keep it dry on sunday. just some clouds filtering on through. as you're heading out the door for services tomorrow, we keep lots of sunshine in the forecast. a few sprinkles showing up to the south and west. if you have a trip planned it can get soggy at times. as we head through the night, speaking of clear, it will be chilly with winds settling down to 56 degrees. light winds out of the northwest. the 48 in gaithersburg and rockville. the temperatures getting pretty chilly down to the 40s. 56 for your overnight low in d.c. tomorrow morning lots of sun. cooler and breezy. a light southwest breeze. as the center of high pressure moves to the east, we'll start to get more of a southwest wind. at high near 80 degrees. it looks like a beautiful day
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and in the zone forecast we'll have lots of nice numbers. 79 in leesburg and 80 in manassas. to the east along the bay, 80 degrees in eston and cambridge. it looks good. over the next three days we'll look at the rain arriving, so keep that in mind. highs in the upper 70s on both monday and tuesday and in the seven-day forecast. >> erica, thanks a lot. redskins all time sack leader thinks the skins can win this season. dexter helped launch game on our new hour-long sports show that follows scc sports show. it's live, informative and sometimes crazy. for the launch of graeme one, i was able to -- game one, i was able to grab dexter and talk
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about the skins and rg3. >> he gets the ball out of his hand quick and what the good thing about it, he's a competitor. he seems to take the leadership, not necessarily verbally, but with his play hand. >> too early to talk about playoffs? >> i don't think so. i think they're going to win ten ballgames and go to the playoffs. for this guy to be successful, they have to play great on defense, create turn offe and protect -- turnovers and protect the guy. >> game okay be seen again, channel 9 right here next saturday from 7:00 to 8:00. here's the host, kristen berset. great job. >> thank you. so exciting, something so new and fresh. there's still plenty of sports to talk about. we have college tonight. we've got reaction, plus a look at the rest of the area schools. and a look ahead to the redskins road game against st. louis.
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from week one to week two, we saw a lot of improvement from the maryland terrapins, but the first true test came this weekend. not just a matter of picking up their third win but beating head coach's former team when they came to coach the terps. there he is right there getting ready to face his old ball club. his new ball club having some
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problems today. freshman quarterback perry hill under siege all day long. he was sacked six times throughout the game. one of the only bright spots of the day, who else but stefan diggs. he reels in his first t.d. he didn't get a lot of help. yukon getting just enough out of their run game. huskies exacting a little revenge on their former coach. afterwards the coach was emotional about facing his former team. >> again, i have emotions, you know. i don't think you're human if you don't have emotions. you go and say hello to people that you worked with and people that you coached, and wish them well and tell them if there's anything you can do for them after they graduate, is to give you a call. >> down in atlanta, virginia
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trying to slow down georgia tech. yellowjackets doing what they do best. the triple option. kevin washington, the pitch to swift and he is gone. 77 yards to the house. georgia tech more than 260 yards rushing in the first half alone. uva gets crushed today, 56-20. frank beamer 13th ranked virginia tech visiting pittsburgh. the hokies were having a rough day as well. down 11 in the fourth. cue mike shanahan, the receiver for the panthers, catching the dagger. stomps the hokies 35-17. navy up in state college to take on penn state. both teams looking for their first win. airing it out for alan robinson for the 45-yard score. almost the time to see if robert griffin, iii is the real
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deal. after pulling off the upset against new orleans, playing in another dome. they've got a chance to go 2-0, but they need to avoid the big win let down. we got a chance to see much more of the skins playbook last weekend. rg3 putting on a performance that earned him multiple player of the week awards but he said that's just the tip of the iceberg. >> every offense involves doing different things and different concepts. that's just how it is. teams will try to adjust to what you've done. you try not to show them the same thing twice. i think our coaches are doing a good job of that. >> the baltimore ravens defense helped to raise question marks against the bengals. ed reed doing what he does best, picking off andy dalton to set the league record in interception return yards. he could very well do the same against michael vick, a quarterback who threw four interceptions last week. but the ravens aren't getting too caught up in that.
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they know vic and the eagles are really good. >> it's going to be tough. it should be a great test for week two. >> we know this is their home opener. we know it's going to be loud and rowdy. and they're going to be ready to play. and we can't look on last week and say, oh, they're going to play as bad as they played against the browns. no, i don't think that at all. i think we're going to get everything they have. to the diamond, nats taking on the braves in atlanta tonight. one hit back to jackson who throws it to first. itlooks like he gets prado out, but the ump calls him safe. davy johnson obviously not happy. he gets tossed. that failed to spark the nats but sure helped the braves. next batter gets a piece of one, a two-run shot. all tied up at 4. bottom of the 8th, same score, bases loaded for atlanta. the ump says rye i don't know matthews grazed the -- ryan
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matthews grazed the jersey. the braves win 5-4 over the nationals. you don't see a letdown tomorrow against st. louis? >> i would hope not against st. louis, but i'll be in philly for the ravens-eagles game, so i'll have a report on that tomorrow night. >> pittsburgh. you're not pittsburgh or -- >> no, i am a skins fan. am i allowed to say that on the air? >> absolutely. >> you're going to have dry weather for the battle of the birds. we'll have beautiful weather here as well, but rain arres on monday, probably in the evening. >> welcome again. >> thank you. >> thanks for watching, everybody. get updates any time online at we'll see you back here tomorrow. bye.
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