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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  November 5, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EST

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5:03 eastern standard time. clear to partly cloudy, we have a storm system off the carolinas pulling away. this storm system that is going to be our nor'easter as we head into the wednesday night thursday morning time frame. 36 in winchester this morning. cumberland 37. the warm spot on the bay in annapolis 35. 42 here at dc. skies mostly sunny. 6:00 a.m., here's monika. she has timesaver traffic. >> reporter: good morning, everybody. it is 6:00, that means traffic volumes are increasing and we have an accident on the northbound side of the bw parkway. show you what it looks like live from our sky 9. northbound side you can see through the trees there. now you are looking at the delay. this is against the rush hour flow northbound bw parkway. it was a multi-vehicle accident
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causing a major, major back-up here. keep that in mind for your travel plans. there it is. rots of equipment on the scene as well. multi-vehicle accident. it is too dark to see. you can see police are trying to direct traffic with a block. northbound and southbound again is also causing some delays with everyone looking over. i'll keep you posted on that one. back over to our mops this one 270, you have delays out of frederick toward route 10. brake lights begin at least here at 109 toward 121. back with more traffic coming up at 6:11. superstorm sandy hit the u.s. the signs are still he have den. power generators are being marshalled. voting machines are being put into place. >> and as things start to
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slowly return to normal, riders on the transit system need to be prepared. it is going to be slow and crowded. bigger crowds expected. students are going book school. the overall death toll is up to 179, 110 in the united states. 47 of those are in new york. now with the damage so widespread, homeland security secretary janet napolitano says the number one concern is housing. new york city's mayor says up to 40,000 people may need shelter. temperatures are close to freezing. here at home the city of fairfax is doing its part to help out victims. a detective there is leading the effort in this. good morning. >> good morning. we are talking about a food, clothing and supply drive that started yesterday and will continue until tomorrow. and then on wednesday a group of fairfax city police officers are going to drive up to new york and new jersey and hand deliver
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all of your donations. yesterday, i want to show you this video because people were just pouring into this pardon me, donating everything from sleeping bags, blankets, food, water, diapers, the turnout was a welcome surprise for the woman who started it all, captain laura kenyan, she has been a police officer for 20 years. she has never seen anything quite like superstorm sandy. the same thing was said by thomas coon, who is president of the edison electric institute. listen to what he had to say. >> sandy is the biggest one we have ever encountered. more than 9 million customers were out of power at any one.throughout the storm. we had a pre mobilization, where we brought in a virtual army of 65,000 linemen from all around the country. they are out there working on it and basically, these are the unsung heroes, the people who left their homes and have come to a place where they encounter
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a storm and get to work right afterwards. >> reporter: did you hear that? 65,000 linemen were on standby before the storm ever hit. it is the largest mobile relief effort ever in the country's history. they are being joined by crews from as far away as california and hawaii. the amount of this relief effort, the extent of it is truly just staggering and i think people here in virginia, maryland, dc, we all want to help, but we have election day coming up. lots to do. if you want to help out in some small way, this drive here at the fairfax city police department, they are going to be accepting donations. if you have supplies, go ahead
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and bring them by. back to you. a new wall street journal poll finds that president obama and republican nominee mitt romney remain deadlocked in virginia. vice president joe biden and his wife will be in sterling and richmond today. john mellen camp will perform and governor tim kaine will be at both events. i saw the long lines, i was in some of them. it turns out more than 5 2,000 residents in dc voted early in the board of election. it is more than 10% of the district's registered voters and it is more than double the number of early voters in the 2010 primary. if you want to see a breakdown of the national and
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local elections, we have a breakdown on right at the top of the home page. this morning an alexandria family is desperately searching for a man who has been missing now for two weeks. 64-year-old mohammed dhani is being searched for. dogs and teams covered the park. if you have any information please call. there will be a candlelight vigil held this evening for christina morris ward. the 15-year-old was hit and killed by a car in german town. christina was walking to school when she was struck. she died at the hospital from her injuries. the vigil will stress the importance of pedestrian safety. coming up, jessica doyle is here with another your money
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report. >> with everything going up, how would you like a break? > >> reporter: that's right. lots of relief at the gas pump. get ready. prepare yourself. it is the biggest drop in gas prices in four years. that sounds good right? the average price of a gallon of gasoline is down 21 cents over the past two weeks. the lundberg survey puts the average price of regular at $3.55 a gallon. you can thank lower crude oil prices. a big drop in prices in california. demand is also way down after hurricane sandy because people just can't find gas in the new york new jersey area. in the washington area the price is a bit lower at $3.52 a gallon. in the past month they were down 22 cents. there could soon be some relief for the gas lines in the new york area. the federal government is buying gasoline to help get more fuel
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to drivers in new york and new jersey. do you talk politics at the water cooler? a lot of people don't think that is such a good idea. career builder finds 66% of workers do not share their political affiliation at work. going a step further, 28% of workers say they feel like they need to keep their affiliations secret around the office. probably a good idea. >> you would never want somebody to judge you poorly because of who you vote for. not a bad idea to keep it silent. coming up, more like december temperatures this november morning. howard will have the forecast first. monika has the latest on
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traffic. a us navy legend heading toward history. what happens next to the uss enterprise?
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a good deal of sunshine today if a change with a noon time temperature a brisk 46. tem in the low 50s, maybe even 40s north and west. i'll be back in a few minutes
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with the election day and 7 7-day forecast. clean up continues at a multi-vehicle accident on the northbound side of the bw parkway here just past route 197, about a two mile back-up already forming northbound bw parkway trying to get by the accident scene. back with details in a few minutes. mike and andrea? here are more stories making headlines this morning. adding insult to injury, some people in northern new jersey woke up to find the ground shaking this morning. it was centered in ringwood, an area still dealing with downed trees and power outages from sandy. this is the first tremor reported in new jersey in more than two and a half years. the uss enterprise is bound for its home port of norfolk, virginia where it officially will become inactive. it is the first nuclear powered
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aircraft carrier. it is too big to fit through the panama canal. around 40,000 people were expecting to run the new york city marathon yesterday but it was canceled amid some controversy after the aftermath of hurricane sandy. thousands decided they wanted to volunteer and show up to raise money for hurricane victims and several other charities. they made a loop around central park and ran staten island. many carried supplies, food and other kind of help. >> they are not even neighbors. look what they are doing. >> it is the least we can do to help them out. >> chefs donated their time to
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cook some warm meals. >> all right. it is 6:14. we have a beautiful shot of the jefferson memorial. it is a gorming's morning. it is dark of course, but it is a cold morning as we said earlier. feels more like december than november. freeze warnings in part of our viewing area as well. >> look at that. tonight is going to be back in the 20s and 30s. wednesday we have a nor'easter. >> you better get them. wednesday is going to be a raw day wednesday. the coast is going to get pounded again. this won't bring flooding to new york, but the jersey coast is going to take a beating. around here wednesday afternoon, wednesday night could be cold enough for some of that wet snow to mix in with the rain. lots to talk about and your bus stop forecast. chilly. andrea wishes she had the heavy coat. we have 20s out in the
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shanendoah valley. we'll see sunshine increasing, i think later this morning. 46 by lunch time as we head toward 4:00, 48, perhaps around 4 3-rbgs we could get to 52 for the high. >> freeze warnings were dropped north of town. they remain culpepper west toward the shanendoah valley. harrisonburg, we are 40 in baltimore. cloudy skies on our michael and son weather camera. humidity this morning right there, not bad, 51%. storm system a, missing us offshore. it is going to be storm system best, coming into missouri that is going to take a turn through the deep south and reorganize after the south carolina
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georgia coast and head this day wednesday. clear skies later today,ton into tomorrow morning. tomorrow looks to be another sunny but brisk day. then you'll notice the storm system developing here off the carolina coast, coming up toward us later in the day wednesday. by wednesday night not each out of the question, a little snow will mix in north of town. 52 today,ton we are back in the 34-degree range in town. chilly tomorrow, around 50 and dry on election day. high temperature only 45. maybe even colder than that. late wednesday, wednesday night thursday 50 degrees, we warm up big time by the weekend. heart walk saturday morning at nationals park. 6:16, here's monika. >> reporter: monday is living
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up to its reputation. monday morning blues for sure. we have two big accidents north bw parkway. trying to travel through laurel, from our sky 9, it was a multi-vehicle accident and traffic is still only squeezing by. you have aleast a two mile back up. this is against the flow, some rubbernecking delays on the southbound side, although that remains unaffected. and now let's go over to our camera, if you look closely, you can see the accident right here on the bridge span. you are getting by to the left, but look at that delay. in fact we are going to go to our traffic land camera at georgetown pike, just after that and you have slow traffic coming up through virginia, trying to get to the american legion bridge where again the accident is causing delays with crews on the scene. back to you guys.
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time now for another look at our question of the morning. the average american does this 256 times a year. is it blow their nose, donates to a charity, or cooks a meal? >> lately i blow my nose 256 times a day. sunny says i wish it would b, donate to charity. >> that would be nice. we's have more of your responses and the correct answer in 30 minutes.
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mostly cloudy to clod did i skies out there now. just on the cool side, like it's been all weekend. temperatures running 10 degrees below average. here's your day planner. we start out with clouds. 46 by noon. maybe by 4:30 behit the 50, 52 degrees.
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and now, 9 sports. >> reporter: good morning, everybody. the skins were back home playing a one win team that has struggled all season offensively. this was a special day for the team, and it was a game they probably should have won. instead robert griffin iii's body language says it all. what the heck happened? instead the offense put up one of the lowest points for the season. an embarrassing outing for the skins homecoming celebration. fans are calling for serious personnel changes for this week, which is their bye week but r gi ii says that is not the answer. >> they are going to say drastic changes need to be made. i don't feel that way. >> they are disappointed right
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now. just as everybody would be. so you go back and look at who made mistakes and what we need to do as a staff to improve to make sure we eliminate some of those mistakes. >> come back and play better. >> reporter: the baltimore ravens coming off their bye week looking if a win in cleveland. they got things started early and the browns kind of stifled the ravens offense. this touchdown pass to tori smith just kind of sealed the deal. the ravens end upbeating the browns 25-15 to stay atop the standings. a quick look at sports this morning, have a great monday. the maryland dream act, it is on this year's ballot and has caused much debate. coming up we'll hear from both sides. right now let's go to monika? >> reporter: west side of town is in trouble on the beltway.
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look at that delay, the inner loop at the american legion bridge. i'll have more details as well an accident on the bw parkway, coming up. you are watching 9news now. stay with us.
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first, here's a live look at blue skies over the u.s.
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capital dome. isn't that a lovely shot? 42 degrees feels even colder than that really. >> now we have changed the clocks, it is starting to get light. >> thank you for starting your monday with us, i'm andrea roane. >> i'm mike haiduk. thank you. >> good morning howard. >> just a little early morning, you know how that goes? > >> reporter: little hot tea and lemon will take care of that. chilly morning out here with heavier coats and gloves. 30s in many of the suburbs. with clouds overhead that actually prevented us from being colder. you are looking at clouds with breaks there in tyson's corner looking off toward the southeast this morning. 42 in town, by noon sunny and 46. highs today upper 40s,
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sunsetting 5:03 standard time. the one toward missouri and iowa that is going to be here as a nor'easter with rain and wind. maybe even a went try wick there. 36 in winchester, 45 on the bay in annapolis. probably got down to freezing for the first time this year. this afternoon, sunshine a chilly day for this time of the year. low 60s, 10 below normal. volume is building this monday morning. >> it is, and we have an unusual slow down on the northbound side of the bw parkway, because of an accident in laurel. let's take a live look from our sky 9. you can see the accident better, one off the roadway, this was in fact a multi-vehicle accident. the only good news is it is northbound. the bad news is, this, the
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delay. at least two miles if not more. now i would say even three miles northbound bw parkway trying to get into laurel. maybe reconsider and use route 1 as your alternate route. a tiny bit of a back-up. those lanes have remained open. southbound 270, look at that slow down all the way from frederick nothing stopped in the roadway. that is your monday morning rush hour. now let's look at the west side of town where accident clean up has been completed. there was activity right here on the bridge that's gone. i'll be back with more traffic at 6:43. back to you guys. election day just a day
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ahead. >> charlie rose joins us live. >> reporter: good morning, it is the last day of the campaign. plus political director john dickerson is here. he will break down how each candidate can forge a path to victory and on what will make the ultimate difference. that and more, when we see you at 7:00. gas shortages, power outages. frigid temperatures all combining to make it much more difficult. >> aid to new york and new jersey will soon be arriving from this area i can't a detective is leading the effort to collect donations for sandy victims. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, you know one week ago this police department was bracing for superstorm sandy.
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excuse me. now they are just two days away from hand delivering much needed supplies all the way up north. >> seeing the devastation and the death, i actually couldn't sleep that night. i just couldn't. i cried. and i came into work friday and i just thought about what could i do to help? i mean, was there something that i could do? >> captain laura kenyan decided there was something she could do. she is the head of the criminal investigation division of the city of fairfax police department. she has been a police officer for 20 years and witnessed all types of tragedies. but something about sandy hit her hard. she organized a food, clothing and supply drive that started yesterday at the city of fairfax police department. people have donated blankets, diapers, food, water. but they need more. the drive is going to continue
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today tomorrow and wednesday. everything donated will be driven up to new york and new jersey by captain kenyan and a few other fairfax police officers, and they will be driving it up in vehicles donated by a local car dealer. i know we have a lot going on, the election day is tomorrow. but this drive is going to conthroughout the day into tomorrow and you have until tomorrow evening to drop off any donations you want to get up north when these fairfax city police officers make the drive to help out our fellow new yorkers and all the people along the new jersey coast. back to you. maryland's dream act is on this year's ballot and it is a hotly debated topic. this morning i have brad from help save maryland senator victor ramirez. they are here to present their sides on the issue.
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we were talking about where the polls are. it seems slightly those in maryland are supporting the dream act. give me the best argument you have for trying to change the opinion. >> i think it is a lack of education right now. this is not an issue of fairness, certainly not a civil rights issue or a social justice issue. this is all about illegal immigration in maryland and if this dream act goes through, this will be putting maryland ahead of the federal government on this. for the past ten years the dream act has been shot down in congress. there was only 11 states that have it so far and a lot of states are rethinking it. it is very expensive and not to the benefit of maryland citizens. >> senator ramirez, in the a civil rights issue. what is wrong with this argument? >> it is an education issue.
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parents are filing income taxes who have a commitment that maryland is their home and they want to go to school and want to make it affordable for each and every one of our maryland high school graduates to do that. the polls show that once people understand that, once people understand that you have to be, the parents or guardians have to file taxes, not one year but several year, they have to be residents of maryland and committed to adjusting their status once the opportunity is available, they sign up for the selective service and they start out the community college, which is open enrollment. doesn't displace any maryland citizen and then they are able to transfer to a four year university. >> they followed the rules and therefore they should enjoy these benefits. these young people are cut ago
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head of them in lane taking a way slots in schools they should get or others should have available to them and i guess i could speak to that. i'm an immigrant myself. our in state twice is based on you live here. >> i'm a second generation legal immigrant. >> i'm legal too. just to clarify. >> my grandparents came through ellis island legally on a lottery system. what we are talking about is a very small pool of students. >> but these students will have a better education, make more money, pay more taxes. >> the people who are going to pay besides all maryland taxpayers for this is the
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african-american community and prince george's county. >> how so? >> where you have the highest unemployment rate in baltimore city, the highest foreclosure rate, you are going to get bumped effectively. >> aren't you still getting into a college based on your ability to succeed in the college? not just because of your ethnicity? >> it is a bad investment. they cannot work, vote or get a driver's license in maryland. this is a mistake for maryland to do this. to jump ahead of the federal government, the federal government decides who can stay and go. >> it is incorrect information. this access maryland actually goes hand in hand with what the policy the obama administration has put forth. the kids will be able to work, they will be able to give back,
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and they will be able to work legally. >> we'll have to let it end there and the voters will have the final say tuesday. thank you, gentlemen, for being here with us. jessica, mike? thank you, andrea. jessica is here and we are talking about you know when you strt a new business often times people go for venture capital money? the people who lead those firms are mostly men. >> this is the seed money who goes out to people starting businesses, and there are not a lot of women making decisions about these big money investments. our partners at usa today report 11% are women. they represent 46% of the work force and there is a reason to look to women on these issues. venture backed companies are more likely to go public, turn a profit or be sold at a steep
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price. at successful companies 7% of executives are female, compared to just 3% for unsuccessful companies. one of the hottest funds out there does not have an apple symbol on it. samsung reports it sold more than 30 million galaxy smartphones in the past month. that makes it one of the fastest growing selling smartphones. >> this is not beer into wine, but it does help. anheuser busch has been converting its beer into a system to pack water in cans. 30,000 cases of water are headed to the new york new jersey area free of charge. anheuser busch has been doing this thing all the way back to the san francisco earthquake of 1906. they are doing a good thing.
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they'll need it because now a nor'easter is expected later this week. plus waking up to cold, we are here, they are there as well. howard has your weather first and monika has your timesaver traffic. >> daily deals. >> on a samsung.
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multi-vehicle accidents. we are starting first with the northbound side of the bw parkway heading into laurel, just after route 97, where it started with a deer struck and then several vehicles going above the speed limit, i'm sure, crashed into that vehicle that hit the deer. i'm going to step out and show you the clean up live from our sky 9. looks like a couple of vehicles but it has been there so long
6:45 am
we have a two to three mile back- up against the rush hour flow. northbound bw parkway trying to get into laurel. southbound is unaffected by this accident in terms of lane closures. on the beltway here watch out for the accident blocking the two left lanes. back to you guys. it is 6:45. here's howard with another cold blast of air coming our way. >> we'll get to the next weekend, up in the 60s and 70s. we might see snow in spots wednesday night. andrea alluded to 30s and 40s. outstandingly, i would say. sunrise happening a few minutes ago, sunset will be at 5:03. i do expect the clouds to give
6:46 am
way to a lot more sunshine by 5:00. after hitting a high. 38 in fairfax, bowie is 41, along with upper marlboro in college park. arlington 3. as we look outside on our michael and son weather camera, mostly cloudy skies. temperature of 42. the air has really dried out, so if you are feel your skin drying out a little bit and need chapstick, dew point 25 degrees. that will go to the deep south. make the turn up the coast. no problems today tonight or tomorrow. as we get toward tuesday evening and start coming off the coast, wednesday morning we have showers south and east of town
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moving in. i know it is going to be a raw day wednesday. tonight 3 in town, 25 in the cold spots, by wednesday here's the nor'easter. the wind and the rain. 45 degrees opt mistic along the coast. winds gusting a little bit more with northeasterly winds. friday 62, and the weekend looks beautiful. highs well up in the 60s, might even flirt with a 70-degree spot. 60-year-old bishop was chosen sunday during a ceremony
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in cairo. the company's post revolution government is islamist land. president obama is bringing in star power. music legend bruce springsteen will perform at the president's stops today. rapper jay z will perform at the ohio stop. let's check on the question of the day. it is now time to answer it. the average american does this. 256 times a year. is it blow their nose, donate to charity or cook a meal? >> patty thought it was c, cook a meal. but i can't the correct answer is blow your nose.
6:49 am
>> retailer websites, here's some of mine. favorites a deal to display that holiday picture. google offers has a deal with a framing studio in washington, d.c. you will pay $49 and get $200 to spend on any custom framing project. get an x-ray, exam and teeth cleaning. >> in the cathedral section of upper northwest you are going to find it on groupon. >> get open bar for two people on a friday or saturday night of your choice and you will get open bar for you and 14 of your best friends. have a little party. if you are a local merchant
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with a deal for our viewers, i would love to hear for you. a check on the news is up next.
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some people in northern new jersey woke up to find the ground shaking this morning. the quake was centered in greenwood a community still dealing with downed trees and power outages from sandy. no reports of damage. this is the first tremor recorded in new jersey in more than two and a half years. and more and more people around here are chipping in to help in the aftermath of sandy. a collection drive today and tomorrow at the fairfax county police department. vice president joe biden
6:54 am
and dr. jill biden will be in in virginia today campaigning for president obama. -- in virginia today, campaigning for president obama. one last check of traffic, right after this.
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one more thing, we are talking about the hurricane sandy relief efforts. a local police department is being out in the forefront, getting supplies to -- the fairfax county police department getting splays to the new york new jersey area. $5 million to the president's charity. >> the donald?
6:58 am
>> yeah that is why i was late walking over. i was trying to find something on the internet maybe where he made multi-millions of dollars on the shoreline in energy energy with his casinoes, where is he helping the victims in their time of need? he is all about talking about birth or issues, where is money to help the people right now? >> maybe hopefully in this case he is being quiet about his generosity. >> when is he quiet about anything. >> mike i'm sure when it is appropriate, we will be told. >> on the debut of his show. howard, take it away. >> reporter: we have a decent day today, chilly. 52. tomorrow fine for election day. by wednesday a nor'easter comes with rain and potentially even snow late wednesday and wednesday night. we'll be much warmer by the weekend. that is something to look forward to. monika? >> reporter: major headaches on the bw parkway this morning because of a multi-vehicle
6:59 am
accident. it all started with a deer struck. northbound side trying to get into laurel past route 197. don't go there please. now over to the beltway on the inner loop, the left side of your screen, early morning accident cleared, leaving virginia heading north toward the american allegiance bridge -- the american legion bridge. howard and i will be back in just 25 minutes with a live update on traffic and weather. >> get news weather and traffic by visiting us at wusa >> thank you so much for joining us, we'll see you back here at 4:25. have a great day. bye bye


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