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tv   9 News Now at 5pm  CBS  December 17, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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friends, jack pinto. adults sobbed. he loved the new york giants. family and friends also gathered to say goodbye to noah pozner. his twin sister was at a nearby classroom at sandy hook elementary school but survived the shooting. police are trying to figure out why 20-year-old adam lanza burst into the school and started firing a high powered riverle. emotions are running high as this community begins to lay them all to rest. throughout newtown, there are memorials like this one for the victims and their families. this one is closest to the school. people from across the northeast are traveling here to pay their respects. mary drove three hours from massachusetts to bring teddy bears. she no longer feels her own children are safe. >> there's no way out. people ask us to not be pair foiled but how? >> reporter: there was no school today so some parents brought their children to a local recreation center to have
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fun. >> this is exactly what the kids need after such a terrible tragedy. >> reporter: crews are renovating an old school in a nearby town for students who sur vierved the shooting. it's expected the -- survived the shooting. it's expected the school will be ready for classes later this week. sandy hook elementary remains a crime scene and it's not known if it will ever reopen. police refuse to reveal details. one spokesperson saying they're too awful to discuss. in newtown, i'm randall pinkon. back you to. >> thank you for that report. we're learning the mother of a georgetown university student here in washington was one of the newtown shooting victims. katie sherlach was the school psychologist, one of the
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heroes. the newtown school shooting has spark add new push for gun control. new york mayor michael bloomberg joined with dozens of families affected by gun violence today. they announced a campaign to press lawmakers to come up with a plan to reduce the number of guns on the streets. they are calling for tougher gun laws, including restrictions on the type of assault weapon used in the newtown tragedy. but the executive director of gun owners of america thinks principals and teachers should carry guns to prevent more tragedies like nowtown. >> there are members of congress that would like to see the school zone gun ban done away w. i think that's en-- away with. i think that's encouraging. >> pro-guns -- [indiscernible] so work on what he called a reasonable approach to curbing gun violence. he says all options should be on the table. we have live team coverage tonight of the gun control
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debate. and our scott broom has been talking to gun rights advocates in frederick. but first, kristin fisher was at a gun on the points rally outside nra offices here in washington. she's in the newsroom with more on what they are saying today. kristin? >> reporter: what they're saying is they want a ban on the sale of all assault rifles to people like you and me. they want them to only be in the hands of the military and police. it's something we have heard so many times before. but they're hoping what happened in connecticut is going to be the game changer for gun control in this country. >> i've got four grandkids. they're all the age of those kids up in newtown, connecticut. i don't want my kids to end up like them. >> reporter: earl mitchell is a retired lieutenant commander in the navy, served 28 years. yet today he's marching to the nra's headquarters on capitol hill with this message. >> let's stop all the assault
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weapons. >> reporter: he's joined by other vets, parents, and teachers like karen martinez. >> i'm here because i'm tired of lighting candles and crying and praying for victims of violent crimes. and i want to do something. >> shame on the nra. shame on the nra. >> reporter: but mid-march they hear this. arm the teachers, arm the principals, the man is saying. he's booed but he still comes outside. >> the truth is if there was one teacher or one principal armed with one shot could have saved dozens of children. >> how about japan? probably the safest country in the world. we don't need them. >> reporter: three days aft second worst school -- after the second worst school shooting in american history, the debate of gun control rages on the sidewalk right juice side the offices of -- right outside the offices of the largest gun control office in the country. >> i can't believe more guns
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and guns for everyone is a solution. >> we'll be back. we'll be back. >> it's just unacceptable when you see these faces. shame on all of us if we're not doing something about it. >> i would give all my money to bring one of those kids back. >> reporter: the nra has been very quiet ever since friday's shooting and they stayed that way today. i asked them several times for an interview. they declined all of my requests and they never once came outside during today's protests. bruce? >> i'll take it back for bruce. our team coverage continues with scott broom. he joins us live from frederick, maryland where gun stores have been busy following friday's mass shooting. >> reporter: they have. with president obama repeating several times that he's looking for, quote, meaningful change, the result here among gun owners and gun enthusiasts has been a run on guns. at the gun center of frederick, at times there were ten
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customers for each man behind the counter. owner bill kelly taking phone calls like this. >> right now i've got channel 9 recording me because everybody in the country is buying guns. i've got a store full of customers that are all trying to buy the same firearm you are. if you know where one is, go grab it. >> reporter: a behind me a row of semiautomatic assault style rifles, some with prices over $600. >> in maryland it a cash and carry. >> reporter: which means they can be purchased with an instant background check and no waiting period. jeff meanwhile was shopping for a handgun. the newtown tragedy has had this effect. >> doesn't change my thinking. it helps clarify it actually, and it's not in my view it's not about the gun. eight about why did this guy freak out? what underlying medical mental issues combined with really a dumbing down of morals in the country, what has -- how did that contribute to what
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happened in connecticut, in colorado, and arizona. >> what you're see drag is the very fact that the american people fear that their government is going to prohibit them from doing what is currently lawful and legal. their response to that is to do what's lawful and legal and purchase what they can purchase. >> reporter: a lot of the reactions i heard here today were mirrored on our facebook page essentially they boil down to that often heard phrase. guns don't kill. people do the content of this debate has not changed that much on this side of things, but the intensity of reactions has definitely ramped up if you're measuring it by sales. >> a lot of emotions all the way around. thank you, scott. students here in the washington area went back to school today under a lot more security, but the nerves of many of them as well as their parents were understandably a bit jittery today. matt jablow has that story from
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upper marlboro. >> everybody was a little bit more aware how thankful we were for life. >> reporter: it just felt different. that's what students all across the washington area, all across the country no doubt were saying about being in school today. >> it did feel different. >> reporter: the first day back in class since 20 young children and six adults were shot to death inside sandy hook elementary in newtown, connecticut. >> i want to make sure it's clear that what happened in connecticut by no means means that good doesn't exist. it's just the evidence that evil does. >> reporter: at the clinton christian school in upper marlboro, a special prayer service was held this morning to remember the vehicle tips of the shooting. the flag outside the school was flown at half staff. ♪ we need...
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♪ >> reporter: as were flags outside most area schools. >> i told them i loved them. >> reporter: a lot of parents described a certain amount of ant about dropping -- anxiety about dropping off their kids even though security at many schools was significantly heavier and more visible than usual. >> did a lot of things with the family this weekend. >> that was our matt jablow reporting. >> three days after the shooting some parents still struggling with how to discuss the tragedy with their children. a child psychologist says the most important thing is to assure them they're safe and be sure to ask them if they heard anything about it at school. >> you want to find out and help them express whatever it is they're feeling and say i understand you would be sad or scared or worried. >> experts say be honest with your children and keep your explanations age appropriate. elementary schoolchildren need
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brief, simple information. older children will have more questions that require deeper discussions. also, limit your children's exposure to media coverage of the tragedy and make sure you keep to your normal routine as much as possible. finally, keep a close eye on your children's behavior over the next few days to see if the tragedy is affecting them more than expected. will the murders of 20 innocent children be the tipping point when it comes to cracking down on gun violence. coming up at 5:30, we'll get your questions answered from an impartial voice in the gun control debate. i'm meteorologist topper shutt. we have drizzle and fog. we'll come back and give you some fog driving tips, tell you how long the fog is going to be around, if it's going to last through the morning commute. >> reporter: there's new hope on capitol hill for a deal on the fiscal chive. i'm tara merge -- cliff. i'm tara mergener in washington with the latest on the negotiations coming up.
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>> new optimism on capitol hill. a new offer from the house speaker is on the table and talks are pushing forward at the highest level. tara mergener has the latest. >> reporter: house spoar john boehner refused -- speaker john boehner refused to answer questions after meeting with president obama to discuss the
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fiscal cliff. after weeks of talks, the air changed course on friday. he is offering to support tax increases for households making more than $1 million a year. in exchange for a trillion dollars in spending cuts to entitlement programs like medicare and medicaid. >> the president has also said that part of this is revenue and part of this is spending cuts. he's willing to make tough choices. >> reporter: boehner is also offering to increase the federal debt ceiling for a year which allows the government to pay its bills, but some republicans wanted to use the threat of default to demand more spending cuts. >> there's still exchanging offers but moving to the middle. i was very encouraged by the boehner offer. >> reporter: alice rivlin served as a member of the president's debt commission. she believes neither side is foolish enough to let the nation go over the cliff. but she says our leaders must find a way to reduce debt for
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future generations. if no deal is reached by the end of the year, automatic spending cuts will kick in and taxes will go up for all americans. >> that was tara mergener. if and when the speaker reaches a deal with the president, lehave to convince his -- he will have to convince his fellow republicans in the house to pass the legislation. we made it easy for you to track all the developments on the fiscal cliff and ways it could affect you and your family. just go to our website and click on the banner at the top of the page. virginia governor bob mcdonald's revised budget includes modest spending increases in health care and teacher raises. changes in the $80 billion package adds about $211 million in spending. the money includes $59 million for a 2% teacher pay hike. $70 million to hold down state employee health insurance rates, and another $128 million deposit for rainy day reserves the. the governor says he's
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tempering the state's projected revenue over the next year because of the economic shock that could come as the country goes over the fiscal cliff. republican congressman tim scott will replace south carolina senator james demint. south carolina's governor made that announcement earlier today. scott is a tea party-backed conservative. the appointment makes him the first african-american to represent the state of south carolina in the u.s. senate since reconstruction. however, he'll have to run again in 2014 in a special election. demint is resigning in january to become president of the heritage foundation. president obama is expected to nominate john kerry to replace hillary clinton as the next secretary of state. kerry, a massachusetts democrat and former presidential candidate has support from both sides of the aisle. word of the possible selection comes days after u.n. ambassador susan rice withdraw her name from c. a formal announcement could -- from consideration. a formal announcement could
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come as early as this week. wisconsin avenue is closed north of tinley circle after a car flips over in the circle trapping a man inside. the manual was rescued and was taken to the hospital but with some serious injuries. as a result wisconsin is closed between tinley circle and albemarle. traffic is a mess in the area. we don't know yet when wisconsin avenue will reopen. >> it's incredible. traffic is 25 miles an hour. >> on a good day. wet out there. slippery. maybe that has something to do with it. >> redskins five in a row. can you believe it? >> they can't even talk about weather, they're so excited. >> you know that's big for me. >> we go back to joe gibbs super bowl. >> we do. wow. >> we deserve it. >> good thing i'm not a compulsive gambler. we have fog, drizzle.
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first we're lucky. we don't have snow. i think we would like it. this is up in maine. it hasn't snowed that much anywhere in the country. the rockies are dry. even northern new england has not had that much. they had about 4 to 6 inches in maine with this storm. but still for them, that's way below the normal snowfall. it is kind of pretty. dealing with it okay. let's take a live look outside. we have fog, drizzle. it's our live michael & son camera. the airport reporting visibility of about four miles. in many areas only down to a quarter mile. dew point 50. temps not going down very far tonight. winds out of the southeast at 10. we have marine layer air in here. half-mile visibility in gaithersburg. quarter mile up in baltimore. a dense fog advisory for howard county and points to the north. i just tweeted this map out. so follow me at topper's
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weather. good stuff. here's at radar. all the showers back in the mountains. in fact, i don't think we'll see the showers go into the metro area till about 9:00 or 10:00 tonight. we still have some drizzle and some fog for the evening commute. but the heavier showers are well to the west out toward cumberland. temps pretty mild. our average high 46. still 50 in bethesda. 49 rockville. 51 in great falls. 51 in respectston, vienna. still 50 in arlington. and still 50 in college park and bowie. 52 andrews and 52 down toward wall door. dense fog. use your low beams. keep yore distance. it will affect the evening commute tonight. it should burn off by midnight. the winds will scour the fog out of here. here's our futurecast. by 11:00 some yellows and oranges showing up around frederick. even a rumble of thunder not out of the question about 11:00 or midnight tonight. everything else just light showers that will roll through. clouds break away pretty quickly.
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lingering clouds to the north of town in the morning. maybe by 11:45, some leftover clouds gaithersburg, manassas and fairfax. after that we'll be left with a pretty nice afternoon. it will be breezy but it will still be mild in the wake of this cold front. just kind after misnomer calling these cold fronts. cloudy, breezy and cool, showers, early fog. low temperatures in the 40s. winds out of the southwest at 10 to 15. so staying mild. fog tonight. could your low beams. a wet -- use your low beams. a wet commute for many. a wet morning commute for some and still mild on tuesday. next three days, we're going to go 9 weather alerts green, green and yellow. just a few showers in the morning. not a huge deal, 58. nice on wednesday. probably the nicest day of the week, 54. mostly sunny. late rain possible on thursday, temperatures in the mid-50s. and because of that rain getting in here just in time for the commute, the evening commute, we will go with a yellow alert. next seven days, we may have a little dose of reality late in the week, although nothing
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crazy. rain on thursday night. could end as snow flurries early friday before you get up, no worries. blustery on friday, saturday and sunday in the 40s. next monday we're in the 40s. of course the ravens are home this week. temps in the 40s. not bad. >> philly away. >> philly away. just fine. temperatures in the mid-40s. >> i was talking about the score. >> i don't want to predict because i'm not -- no. bad luck. bad luck. coming up, the girl who sparked a push to make an easy bake oven for boys moves toward to getting her wish. >> fire breaks out in a maryland apartment building. look, you he copd likme,
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you kn it cabe hard to eathe,n.
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we have an update on a fire at a maryland apartment building. the state fire marshal says 21 people were taken to the hospital after escape tearing burning three--- their burning three-story building. many had to jump to safety. it took nearly 100 firefighters about two hours to get that fire under control. the cause and the origin of the fire is still under investigation. a marymount university student is under arrest tonight
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for allegedly stabbing another student. the incident occurred during an alcohol-fueled fist fight inside a dorm on the arlington, virginia campus. police say 20-year-old francis maguire stabbed the 18-year-old victim with a pocket knife after the victim punched maguire in the noadz. the victim is -- nose. the victim is hospitalled with a large but nonlife threatening stab wound. maguire is charged with malicious wounding. mothers out on bond charged with assaulting a school bus driver. bept any rudd -- bethany rudd hit the woman in the face after students were getting off the bus friday afternoon. witnesses say rudd yeldz at driver first -- yelled at the driver first claiming the driver threatened her son. she said she merely told the boy to sit down for safety reasons. future top chefs like bobby flay might thank a new jersey girl for the success. that's because the has broke toy company has -- hasbro toe
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company has agreed to make ovens for both genders. this comes after a new jersey girl complained the current oven was too girlish for her brother to continue using. she launched an online petition that drew support and grabbed hasbro's attention. the pregnant duchess of cambridge makes her first public appearance since being released from the hospital. >> what can our nation do to prevent another tragedy like the one in connecticut? i'm andrea mccarren in baltimore. your questions answered by the john hopkins center for gun policy and research coming up.
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intlz we continue our coverage -- we continue our coverage of the tragedy in connecticut and how it could possibly change our gun laws with the slaughter of 20 children the tipping point. andrea mccarren looked at a body that studies gun violence from a public health perspective. >> a nonpartisan research center, bruce. this may be the tipping point like you and i were discussing. consider there. there are an estimated 280 million guns in the hands of private citizens right now. that's one for every man, woman and child in this country. we use social media to solicit your questions and here's what
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we found. >> i do think that this connecticut shooting might represent a real game change. >> reporter: one question you had, why is it so hard for the u.s. to enact policies like in the u.k. that have reduced mass shootings. what actions can be taken? >> households that have both guns and young children in them, more than 50% of the respond dents say that the gun is -- pond dents -- respondenss say that the gun is not locked up. >> reporter: how can we convince gun enthaisists to controls don't eliminate the right to legitimately and safely own guns? >> the option has now been taken off the political table by the supreme court. so gun enthusiasts really shouldn't have anything to fear from universal background
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checks. >> reporter: another question you had: how do we get more guns into the hands of responsible people and more guns at school to prevent similar scenarios from happening? >> the argument goes criminals will be afraid of encountering an armed civilian. unfortunately the research doesn't bear that out. there isn't credible, responsible speaker -- responsible persuasive evidence that arming civilians reduces crime. >> we are likely to see more of a discussion, bruce, on those universal background checks as well as potential policy change. the military assault style weapons now apparently in the hands some of civilians. so the debate continues but some very interesting issues that all of you raised on facebook and twitter. we appreciate the feedback. >> this is incredible. we talk about this all the time. one of the things i'm mystified, we don't hear much from the nra right now.
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it's almost as if they have nothing to add to this conversation because the cards are stacked against them because of what happened in connecticut. but the gun control advocates are saying they're not trying to take the guns out of the hands of the hunters, the legitimate people. it's getting mad people away from the guns. it seems like they've got to come to the table and be part of a this debate. the second amendment. you have the guns, the right for the guns. >> the presumed focus now seen suring that guns -- is ensuring that guns stay out of the hands of high risk individuals, those that would be banned from owning some of these weapons like some of the mentally ill. >> and some of the young people who have these guns in the city. we've been covering. >> we have. we may never know the why behind this tragedy, but we do know that the shooter's mental health was an issue. many who knew him knew something wasn't quite right but never imagined something this tragic would happen. dr. kathy katz is at the
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georgetown university medical center and joins us to talk a bit more about mental health. it's a conversation that we don't typically have unless there is some sort of unfortunate tragedy like the one that has befallen the newtown community. i guess people are wondering how do you intervene if someone you love or son you know or someone you suspect has mental illness? >> i think fortunately in the washington area, we do have a variety of resources for getting help. certainly in the schools with young people, school age children and adolescence, conversations with teachers, with school psychologists can be helpful and getting referrals from them. with young adults, certainly you would contact your physician or call one of the major medical centers where we have departments of psychiatry where you can get a referral there. >> clearly we know what we have right now is not enough. here's a case in point. today a mother who has a son with mental illness wrote about how she's concerned that her
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son might one day commit the unthinkable. she writes in a blog post published in the blue review. she says no one wants to think a 13-year-old genius who loves harry potter and has a snuggle animal collection would go to jail but our society, with its stigma on mental illness and it's broken health care system does not provide us with other options. then another tortured soul shoots up a fast food restaurant, a mall, a kindergarten classroom. and we write our hands and say, something must be done. >> what we have is quoful. that really -- woeful. that really appears to be part of the problem. >> i think that's a very important issue that it really would be important for us to consider mental health problems in the same way that we consider physical health problems in terms of insurance coverage, in terms of personnel who would be available in our health centers who could help
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families in early identification and getting the resowrses that -- resources that they might need for their disturbed family members. >> at this point if they can't get the community health resources, their place of last resort is calling law enforcement to come in and potentially take that person off to jail which is also not a solution. >> it's not, although there often are resources that one can turn to before one gets to that point. >> for example? >> we have is variety -- we have a variety of systems of care, especially for children and adolescence where we call them would around services. so that -- them wrap around services so that there are services that may be home based, may be school based to enable families, even respite care services to enable families to maintain their disturbed child at home. >> we are running out of time but i have to ask you this last question because there are some reports that adam lanza, the alleged shooter was diagnosed with asperger's. can you clear the confusion here about whether or not there
5:36 pm
is a link between this developmental disorder and violence. >> i think we don't really know what adam's diagnosis truly was. we haven't had that kind of information. but i think the thing that's important to remember is that children who are on the autism spectrum and children with asperger's syndrome rarely are vie lent. it's a sub set of children -- violent. it's a sub set of children. certainly our resources through the schools that can be very helpful in those individuals developing at an early age capabilities for managing frustration. >> dr. katz, i know you have to let you go. one of the points you mentioned is you said the majority of people who have mental illness are not violent as well. so there's a lot of education that needs to be done from here going forward. let's hope this is the beginning of a substantive conversation about mental illness reform. dr. kathy katz with georgetown university. thank you so much for coming
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in. >> thank you. when 12/12/12 rolled around, we all knew it was a special day but for one family the day was not only special, it was momentous. london reopens the investigation into the death of singer amy winehouse. we'll explain coming up next. don't forget, we're always at stay with us. we'll be right back.
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new information tonight on the investigation into the death of amy winehouse. london's camden council says the inquest into the 27-year- old singer's death will be heard next month. it says the coroner who first oversaw the inquiry lacked the proper qualification. winehouse was found dead in her london home back in july of 2011. late their year it was ruled that is he died of accidental alcohol poisoning. last night the former kate middleton made her first appearance since her hospitalization for acute morning sickness. she presented an award. she hadn't been seen since leaving the hospital on december 6. palace officials
5:41 pm
have said the duchess is in her first 12 weeks of pregnancy. it would be the first child for her and her husband prince william. hat, dress and broom from the broadway musical wicked now part of the smithsonian. a donation ceremony was held today at the national museum of american history. the costume will go on display in the museum's american stories exhibit. that's also where you'll find dorothy's ruby slippers and items from broadway's lion king and the king and i. it was a record breaking weekend for the hobbit. the lord of the rings prequel finished first at the box office earning nearly $85 million. it makes it the largest opening for a december flick ever. it also took in more than the last lord of the rings film, the return of the king, which opened with $72.6 million. bruce can't stop talking about it. that five-game winning streak now has the redskins sitting on top of the nfc east. we're going to show you how
5:42 pm
they got there and take you inside the locker room. >> but up next, how would you solve the fiscal cliff crisis? we hit the street to find out.
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the clock is ticking for lawmakers to reach an agreement before the economy tumbles over the fiscal cliff. and with so much at stake, many of us are just scratching our heads wondering why the politicians haven't come up with a plan yet. >> that's right. how would you solve this problem? we sent our bruce leshan, one of our veteran reporters out to let people sound off literally. they got on a soap box. >> reporter: how you doing, man? i'm from channel 9 to try to get people to tell politicians what they think about the fiscal cliff. fiscal cliff. the fiscal cliff soap box. come on through. how you doing? all right, people, step up. the fiscal cliff soap box. we'll give you this beautiful 9news travel mug if you talk to us. here we go. step right up. do you worry about your taxes going ?up. >> i'm not wealthy so no. >> reporter: if we go off the cliff, taxes will go up on
5:46 pm
everybody. >> everybody? >> reporter: everybody. tell the politicians what you think of them. >> my name is lou weinstein and i write novels. no one wants to hold up a tax cut for most people in this country so the richest people can avoid paying their fair share. it's absurd. happy to pay the additional taxes if he agrees not to spend any more than he already has. >> reporter: come on. give me a break. >> of course the rich will have to pay more. they could certainly suck it up. >> i don't know what that means. >> one party can't add and the other party are too much wooses. >> reporter: the fiscal cliff? >> there's money problems. >> please don't film me. >> republicans can't add and the democrats are woosies. i'm not dead yet. >> they're not looking out for us like they're supposed to. >> reagan started the whole thing. >> they wouldn't get around to me. i'm not important. >> reporter: we have this beautiful 9news now travel mug. you get a travel mug out of the
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deal. give you a travel mug. >> the defense department doesn't need anywhere near what it's getting now. we have enough weapons to kill everybody on this planet several times over. >> bad. >> i'd say go over the fiscal cliff. >> what they should have been doing as our elected officials is working on a solution. >> thank you for having me on the soap box, you know. it was a pleasure to meet you. >> i think that pretty much sums it up. >> reporter: you have two minutes to tell the politicians what you think about the fiscal cliff. >> i don't think so. i don't have any opinion. >> reporter: you don't have any opinion? >> 9news is making it easy for you to keep pressure on our elected officials to solve the fiscal cliff crisis. just log on to our website and click on the fiscal cliff link to write an e- mail to your senator or representative. >> the travel mug didn't seal the deal? come on. by now you've undoubtedly heard of the babies born on december 12, 2012. but one iowa family has taken
5:48 pm
it to a completely new level. these are the smiths. james smith delivered her 12th child on 12/12/12. little regina marie smith was due to arrive on december 13 but she apparently couldn't wait and neither could her momma. >> we usually go late. we found out she wanted out close to my due date, we were trying for 12/12/12. >> she was born at 11:41 p.m. on the 12th. the family's other children range in age from 21 years to one year old. she is so calm. that must come when you have that many children. >> i guess so because you've lost the battle. you can't win. >> so calm. >> i wonder how many jobs dad has. >> that's a big family. all the best to them. >> absolutely. we have new information. we actually have a dense fog advisory right now that covers the entire metro area. they expanded it. it was up in baltimore but now
5:49 pm
it covers engsly everybody. let's -- essentially everybody. let's start with our camera. 52, the temperature. that's kind of nice. dew point around 50. winds out of the southeast at 10. until the winds turn southwesterly and start picking up, that will help scour the fog out. nothing is going to happen for a while. through at the visibilities now. half-mile at dulles. three-quarters of a mile up into gaithersburg and about a quarter mile in baltimore. much worse anne arundel county, howard county and baltimore county. again, everybody is covered by the dense fog advisory. it goes until 6:00. i think the real danger is going to be until midnight. again, slow down. use your low beams. radar, don't have to worry about showers for a while. showers still back in the mountains. most of the showers roll through here between about 9:00 p.m. and 1:00 a.m. and the heaviest activity will be frederick northward. might even hear the rumble of thunder before all is said and done. temperatures very nice.
5:50 pm
48 gaithersburg. 50 vienna. 50 in fairfax. 50 in arlington. still 50 in college park and 50 in bowie. okay. so staying mild but fog tonight. use your low beam. a wet evening commute for many. and a wet morning commute for some, especially north of town. still mild on tuesday. that is really good news. here's a look at our futurecast. by 11:30, you see greens across most of the metro area but some yellows and oranges near frederick and the border. everything moved through pretty quickly. we're in pretty good shape by morning. a few clouds in the morning and by afternoon we're left with partly cloudy skies and a pretty nice day. we'll be breezy on tuesday. may not feel quite as warm as the temperatures really are. cloudy, breezy, early fog, low temps in the 40s, winds out of the southwest at 10 to 15. next three days our 9 weather alerts will go green, green and yellow. 58 tomorrow. 54 on wednesday. gorgeous on wednesday. late evening rain possible thursday.
5:51 pm
thus the yellow alert. but 56 still a pretty warm day. next seven days after that front goes through on thursday, colder on friday. we're back in the low 40s on friday and saturday. sunday for the ravens game, they are home. temperatures in the mid- to upper 40s but dry and mid- to upper 40s also in philadelphia and mid-40s on monday, christmas eve day but dry. >> i would like to quote what our producer just said. all right, john, control yourself. we're really tied to sports so don't lose your mind here. i know you did that analyst thing. >> you guys are happy. happy folks this morning. >> i had a couple of questions. lesli just used my time. >> there was a point to that. >> there's a lot of positive stuff to talk about. the redskins are in first place in the nfc east. can you believe we're saying those words? the redskins released information about playoff tickets. the win number five was a big old question mark at the very beginning. kirk cousins started in place of rg3. would he get it done? well, he did and then some.
5:52 pm
here's dave owens with more on cousins' big debut. >> reporter: kirk cousin daze in a nutshell. a little instability, a lot of poise. >> you have to keep your poll says our -- keep your composure and fight through. i thought we did that as a football team. >> obviously today, the way our quarterback coach has coached us since we got here in may -- [indiscernible] >> reporter: the ship was taking on water early. the first pass picked. >> we just know it takes time to get the offense going. the cleveland browns are a great team. they're known for their defense. >> i did play football in the big ten. i had games like that where you start slow. you have to have character. >> reporter: he served notice. burgundy and gold nation, you're in good hands. >> everyone knows what a great player he is. so he's not surprising anybody around this organization. >> he has a lot of confidence. you can see that in practice. i did not say anything to: all of a sudden he -- to him.
5:53 pm
all of a sudden he comes out. there's a small window. a free safety. he made a perfect throw. >> reporter: the second half showed how much confidence they had in cousins. play calls were aggressive and cousins responded. he had more than 200 yards passing and. >> it's a game that i'll remember for a long time. you know, if i die tomorrow, i can say i started a game in the n.f.l. and we won. >> reporter: now the redskins sit all alone atop the nfc east and who thought we would be saying that five weeks ago. as he walked off the field tonight, steven bowman said now people have to chase us. in the locker room afterwards, i said was anybody going to catch the redskins. he said absolutely not. as cleveland browns stadium, dave owens, 9news now. >> after the game, cousins was overheard telling rg3 all right take the reigns. -- reins. this is your team. take us to the playoffs. >> he showed us what it takes.
5:54 pm
the deadly sandy hook school shooting. 9 news reporter debra alfarone gives us some thoughts.
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
>> less than half of the district's students who enter high school in ward 8 will graduate. the majority of students who drop out do so before the tenth grade. but one local organization tries to keep students on track. for today's hero central, jc hayward salutes the resources for inner city children better known as rich. >> reporter: damos lewis is one of the smartest in his class. he's a junior at anacostia high school. the 16-year-old is a member of resources for inner city children, a tutoring program located inside his high school.
5:57 pm
>> you get help and you get taught more things, better language skills. >> reporter: the program's founder is a former teacher who wanted to give back to one of the poorest parts of the community. >> it's about justice. we're trying to give some of the same services that wealthier kids have enjoyed to kids who can't afford them. you know, high quality tutoring as well as the mentoring and show them there's a path to college and success. >> reporter: today lewis is an excellent student but he had problems in the past. he improved his gpa from 2.7 to 3.6 after working with the program's tutors. he says the program better known as rich helped him overcome adversity both socially and academically. barbara taylor is a tutor for rich. >> he's a very bright kid who needs some writing work and articulation because he's quiet
5:58 pm
usually. >> reporter: lieu rich he's a member of a matt enrich month -- math enrich month program where students compete in a math contest. he also true stores sixth -- tutors sixth through eighth grade students. >> i feel i can make it to the next level which is college and hopefully become a successful business person. >> reporter: i'm jc hayward, 9news now. >> resources for inner city children offers in class and after school tutoring inside anacostia high school. they also work inside the cesar chavez charter schools's capitol hill campus. about 90% of the kids go on to college and others find jobs. for more information, you can go to we begin with breaking news.
5:59 pm
senator danielle inouye has -- daniel inouye has died of estory illness. he -- respiratory illness. he had been hospitalized at walter reed since earlier this morning. he was the most senior u.s. senator. he served as hawaii's first congressman. he ran for the senate in 1962 where he served for nearly nine consecutive terms. a painful farewell has begun for the young victims in the connecticut school shooting. christmas decorations have given way to roadside memorials. >> reporter: the first funerals were held today for victims of friday's shooting at sandy hook elementary. two 6-year-olds, jack pinto and know would pozner were -- and noah pozner were laid to rest. >> we're going to do everything it takes to ensure we uncover every bit of evidence, that we examine every facet of it, that we conduct as many interviews that w


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