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tv   Up to the Minute  CBS  December 31, 2012 3:35am-4:00am EST

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ake epithelials, doesn't it? ("testify" by carney playing) ♪ i don't wanna have to learn the hard way ♪ ♪ i don't wanna fall along the side ♪ ♪ while i keep on running out this good race ♪ ♪ i will testify ♪ i just wanna listen to your heart beat ♪ ♪ tell your people, lord, you're still alive ♪ ♪ there ain't nothing sweeter than your mercy ♪ ♪ i will testify ♪ it is all for you... ♪ i don't wanna keep on living my way ♪ ♪ i don't wanna keep believing lies ♪ ♪ i don't wanna wait until it's too late ♪ ♪ i will testify ♪ see, i just wanna listen to your heart beat ♪ ♪ tell your people, lord, you're still alive ♪
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♪ there ain't nothing sweeter than your mercy ♪ ♪ i will testify ♪ it is all for you. (music fades) sit down, mr. yates. no, no, no, no. you can't prove i didn't touch that rope somewhere else. someone could've stolen it from my shed. no, we know that you strangled her, because we have dna that proves it. okay, here's the thing: you're going to go away for hannah wilcox's murder, there's no doubt about it. there isn't a jury in the world that is going to find any sympathy for a corporate executive who's killing for a profit sheet. boa vista: and you're not going to last one day in prison, because executives are right down there on the food chain with pedophiles. duquesne: you can make this smoother for yourself. but you get one chance. how?
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have a seat. if you tell us everything, we will offer you protection. all right, here's a list of employees who have policies that have died in the last five years. circle all the names you're responsible for. let me ask you a question, mr. yates. you're just the numbers cruncher here, right? so you didn't come up with this plan on your own. who's behind this? you'll tell the judge that i helped you? yes. my ceo, desalvo. he said, "we have the policies, why not use them?" he told me i'd have "lifetime employment" if i did this. do you have anything that can prove that? like a little trail of bread crumbs?
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desalvo's not that stupid. forgot to circle jeff lofton. because i had nothing to do with that. i swear. excuse us for a moment. this guy just gave us half a dozen murders. what's the problem? here's the thing: if we don't have any hard evidence, it's going to be desalvo's word against his. well, then our ceo walks. exactly. and we still have to figure out who killed jeff lofton.
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ñe hey, did you get my message? yeah, patrol found our missing girl. yeah, they also picked up her dress. they found it at her apartment. okay. well, i'll take her. i'll take the dress. thank you. do you know who i work for? i'm the executive assistant to the ceo of renovation warehouse. they have a team of lawyers who will help me, because i haven't done anything wrong. well, why didn't you return our phone calls? i was busy. i had errands to run. really? sequins match the dress. cardoza: you see, these sequins here were found with our murder victim. they came off of your dress. (ripping) (screaming)
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(sighs) just tell us what happened. i don't want to lose my job. i'm not saying any more, okay? well, caroline, you may want to rethink your company loyalty. what's this? cardoza: that is an insurance policy that your company took out on the guy who got murdered. they also have one on you. boa vista: your company killed lofton so they could collect the insurance money. which means, you could've been the one in that aquarium. no, it wasn't like that. (sighs) i was with max. and i'm guessing you weren't taking a memo. someone's going to catch us. we should get back to the party.
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so you don't want me to give you, uh, your year-end bonus? are these actual diamonds? we had a very good year. what the hell is this, desalvo? you say the company can't pay for decent health care. but it can afford diamonds for a secretary? go down and order me a drink. i went downstairs after that. okay, how long after that did lofton fall in the tank? couple minutes, maybe. but there's no way max killed that janitor. i think we'll let mr. desalvo speak for himself. (sighs) step onto the butcher paper, please. what is all this? caine: if you pushed jeff lofton off the balcony, there will be evidence of him on you. i told you that my run-in with him was before the party. but a witness places you on the balcony before he was pushed. and by "witness," you mean caroline? all right, we're going to start with your clothing, so take your jacket off.
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why don't i save you guys the trouble? i may have told a little lie. i was up on the balcony with your witness when lofton arrived. i ask her to leave, and he went christian bale on me. you guys won't pony up decent health care for me, but the new girl gets a diamond bracelet? the young lady works very hard, mister. mr. what? i've busted my ass for this company for 15 years, and you don't even know my name?! (both grunting) (crowd screaming) help me! help me! (screaming continues) if you pushed him off the second floor, that's murder. i had no choice. he attacked me. he did this to me.
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pattern of the bruising matches lofton's knee brace. so you're claiming self-defense? you know, all you've got is circumstantial evidence, lieutenant. and my story's just as good as yours. caine: we also believe that you are responsible for the insurance policy murders. really? mm-hmm. it's my understanding that one of my actuaries confessed to that. his word against mine. and again, i like my story better. take him, please. i'll be out before sunset. he's right. everything we got could support self-defense, and we got nothing connecting him to the other murders. these things have a way of working themselves out. ("2-1" by imogen heap playing) ♪ first the earth was flat ♪ but it fattened up when we didn't fall off ♪
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♪ now we spin laps 'round the sun ♪ ♪ oh, the gods lost 2-1 ♪ the host of heaven pointed out to us from light-years away ♪ ♪ we're surrounded by a billion galaxies ♪ ♪ things are not always ♪ things are not always ♪ ♪ how they seem ♪ will you be ready? ♪ will you be ready? ♪ the interim of life ♪ has got you tiptoed and pinning all your hopes ♪
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♪ on the top dog of dreams ♪ you're not alone in this ♪ the polyfilla way looks strong in the weakness ♪ ♪ of the gaps ♪ things are not always ♪ things are not always ♪ ♪ how they seem ♪ they don't turn out always ♪ don't quite turn out always ♪ how we think ♪ will we be ready?
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from iraq and afghanistan... our brave warriors are coming home. wounded. some with wounds you can see... some with wounds you can't see.
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wounded warrior project was created to support our men and women coming off the battlefield. please help carry these warriors the rest of the way home. get involved at
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it was more surreal than anything. you're under fire. you're getting blown up. there's definitely adrenaline. there was the explosion, and i remember just opening my eyes, and it got both of my legs. i had surgery after surgery, you know, i was on a lot of pain medicine. "what's going to happen next? and how long am i going to be here?" the wounded warrior project dropped off a backpack for me. and it had everything in there that i could possibly have needed at that time. peer visitors, people who have been where i had been before, said, "look, brother, "everything's going to be okay. "three months from now, or four months "from now, a year from now,
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you'll be fine." that type of thing was an invaluable service. to be honest, i don't know if i would be as well adjusted as i am now if it wasn't for them. to learn more, call... or visit
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