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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  January 2, 2013 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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still feeling pretty od about that new years resolution to lose a few pounds? just don't throw that cheese burger away yet. a new study says a little fat can help you live longer. >> a team at the centers for disease control compiled research done on people all around the world and focused on
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bmi, body mass index, weight, light ratio, being obese is not good for longevity people in the over weight category have lower mortality, a greater chance at longer life. >> some times that surprises people but they should not be too surprised in our categories, 87% show lower mortality in over weight than lower weight people. >> findings were consistent across ageethnic groups all around the world. as someone who has covered health and fitness for years this study blows me away. deborah alfarone's reaction. >> reporter: it is a little much to take anita. this study was done by some very reputable people and published in the american journal, the sample size was 3
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million people but before you go and order up three slices of cheese cake my sample size tonight was smaller 13 included a fitness con -- and included a fitness conscious crowd. >> who would have thought this, this and don't forget this, could maybe help you live longer? >> it does surprise me. i would imagine, the more fit you are, you know, the longer you would live. >> reporter: just in time for new years resolutions a new study says being over weight can help you reach a ripe old age. >> that is fan it'sic. >> reporter: the owner say -- fantastic. >> reporter: the owner says the study is fine by him. >> good news. come and get good burgers. >> reporter: this info may fly in the face of everything we know. at l.a. boxing in georgetown, sweating it out is a way of life, study or not.
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>> no, i would still work out as much as i do. >> reporter: the study says being obese has quite the opposite effect but take over weight and put it in a ring with normal weight. >> some body who, one, i have to be at a certain weight for fighting and two i am a type one diabetic i am conscious of what i eat because of that. as much as that study may have truth behind it i think using that as a fall back, as an excuse to not pay attention to your diet, exercise is a bit ridiculous. >> you heard it there. one man i spoke to said he like it is study as much as the one that says we should drink red wine at night. there is a thought being over weight doesn't cause you to live longer rather being thick can cause you to become thin. lots of other theories. >> there are and researchers
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talked about a couple that could be at play. you are over weight you may get screened for diseases earlier like heart disease and diabetes linked to over weight they catch them earlier. the other is let's say you face a major emergency, complications from pneumonia put you in the hospital, a bad infection if you have a little weight to lose it may be a buffer for your body. >> if you are skinny and lose a lot of weight that can't be good for you. >> this is not license to go totally crazy no body wants their bmi to climb up into the obese range but very controversial. >> it is. absolutely but they found this across the world. i am not going to give up on the working out i know you won't. >> i won't. i will join you tomorrow but where is that burger derek had. >> it went the way of all flesh but cutting the fat in the federal government will cause pain around here even without
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the fiscal cliff. deep spending cuts have only been delayed for a few months. our local economy will take a big hit and some folks are going to lose their jobs. gary is staying employed by explaining what is ahead. >> reporter: what we have seen in the last few weeks in congress derek we will see in the next few weeks as congress struggles to figure out how to cut spending. government agencies were funded for six months until march 27th. the sequestration of the fiscal cliff was delayed two months. the country will reach the debt ceiling. >> we face three more fiscal cliff, where, the only questions asked will be what programs do we cut and how deep do we cut them. >> reporter: congress avoided the fiscal cliff by cutting taxes and delaying decisions about difficult spending cuts, setting up the one, two, three punch >> we will get hit hardest of
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any congressional district in the country. >> we dilad i but haven't avoided much -- delayed but haven't avoided much. >> reporter: uncertainty ahead has business on hold. >> we will still have a hold on hiring, a hold on new investments. >> reporter: even as business knows. >> there will be people fur loued, people not -- furloughed, people not hired into new jobs. >> we are in a new economic reality. >> reporter: the president of council of government's board of directors, knows if those sequestration cuts kick in in two months. >> programs such as head start in the school system to emergency preparedness will be cut 8%, it is the local governments that will have to deal with either replacing that 8% cut or terminating programs, that funding supports. >> reporter: as the federal government spends less ... >> we think we will need to
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rebrand this region. it is not just a government town. we will need to remake ourselves as a manufacturing, as an innovative, entrepreneurial region in ptomaine competitive -- to remain competitive. >> reporter: it wasn't a fiscal cliff averted it was hold your breath. as the president said a few days ago, it is deja vu all over again. >> we move on gary. new tonight at 11:00 p.m., murder rate in dc now at a 51 year low. just 88 murders in 2012. the city has come a long way from the 80s and 90s where some folks called it the murder capital. one big coincidence what the dc firefighters union is saying about new years eve when nearly 100 paramedics and
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firefighters called in sick. in one case both department insiderunion officials confirm a stabbing victim was taken to hospital in a fire truck because there wasn't an ambulance readily available. the staff shortage was most likely due to many department members exercising their right to call in sick. virginia man who spent 11 years on death row could be free come tomorrow. justin wolfe convicted of master minding a murder for hire. the trigger man and prosecution's star witness, recanted his testimony and told a federal court, wolfe had nothing to do with the killing. two years ago his conviction was thrown out. today his parents were in a manassas court where a judge ordered their son released. >> this is something we have been hoping for, for a long time. >> he knows this is a huge victory. >> i didn't sleep last night,
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doubt i will sleep tonight. the attorney general is asking federal appeals court to block his release. he is set to be freebie 5:00 p.m. tomorrow afternoon. the school in annapolis will reopen tomorrow. they had a boiler explosion there yesterday. maintenance workers were firing up the boiler when the built up pressure triggered a small blast. two employees, breathed in smoke and soot and went to hospital as a precaution. no students were injured but went home early. tomorrow, students at sandy hook elementary head back to class. they are not going back to the scene of one of the worst mass shootings ever. they will attend a neighboring school day parentkids got a chance to pay their new school a visit. friday marks the three week anniversary of that shooting. 20 kids, 6 adults were killed when 20-year-old adam landa
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opened fire on them. hillary clinton is home from the hospital. these are pictures of her leaving today. clinton was admitted sunday for a blood clot in her head. doctors are confident she will make a full recovery no word when she plans to return to the state department. a story that has a lot of you all riled up. a sperm donor being sued for child support. how could it happen? >> a warning for anybody with tickets for sunday's red skins game. what you need to know about fraud before you do. topper. >> high temperature, low 40s that was average. your wake up weather you need a winters coat. cold, the 2 to 32 by 5:00 p.m., 28 to 34 by 9:00 a.m. bound it will kids at the bus stop. we will talk about how we will finish the day and look ahead to the all important forecast of sunday [ male announcer ] now at your neighborhood subway: the big hot pastrami melt.
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♪[ music ] red skins, fans, beware. ticket scammers are out to get you. if you are not careful you could end up a victim this sunday. >> that game against the seahawks is already sold out. chances are, there are plenty of foe knee tickets floating around. why thousands could get scammed. kenny. >> yeah, here is the deal a ticket insider tells us, all of the tickets for this sunday's
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game were sold online, as e tickets, scammers could take you for a ride if you aren't careful. >> washington red skins, into the playoffs. >> reporter: red skins are on a hot run, going into their playoff game sunday. as fans gather up to take part in history, some have found a way to ruin the fun. >> the red skins didn't have enough time to mail out hard tickets for this game. >> reporter: the owner of great says. >> this game could be trouble. >> reporter: at least for naive buyers who will more than likely get ripped off. >> this sunday's game could be quite a bit of problems for people. >> reporter: an e ticket is easy to reproduce and printout a scammer could get a hold of a legitimate ticket, sell them for 100% profit unsuspecting fan will pay for a seat, sold several times over to others who fell for the trick. >> you bought on craig's list,
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exchanged cash for a paper ticket, you are asking for trouble. >> reporter: to prevent falling victim to a scam like this, there is only one thing you can do. >> buy from a reputable store, a friend, someone you know. >> i have been bugging the red skins all night to try and get some comment on this e ticket system and find out why hard tickets are not being used although they took me e-mails and calls i never got a response on the issue. buyer beware. eric. >> you might want to tune in after sunday's game for a complete wrap up of the skins show down. a lot more fun if the skins win. post game reaction live from fedex. highlights and expert analysis and a special post game edition of game on. when most guys donate sperm they get paid for it. one donor is being told to pay
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up. a kansas man donated to a lesbian couple. he signed a contract absolved the couple splits up the man is being sued. the state says it provided more than $6,000 in benefits to the child and wants to be reimbursed. kansas says that contract wasn't valid. >> hundreds weighed in a lot with the same opinion. absolutely not i can see what the sate is trying to do -- state is trying to do. the girl received state support if there was legal paperwork showing he was just a sperm donor he should not have a legal responsibility to the child the other lady should have to pay child support since they brought the child into the world themselves. >> kathleen writes absolutely not he did these lesbians, her words, a favour and expect he
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didn't expect a life sentence from it. we want to hear what you have to say. tonight top of the newscast we reported experts say, a few extra pounds could be better for you in the long run. good news in a country gaining weight and getting more worried about it for decades. derek says he is not quite ready to celebrate why? >> i remember back when my dad would periodically ban various foods from our house when some new study, came out suggesting they were bad. for example, don't eat butter, use margarine. eggs are bad for cholesterol, fatoils are far worse than sugar. all of this was conventional medical wisdom at one time or another and then it wasn't. heck my dad used to drink the water mom cooked our canned peas in because he read somewhere that is where most of the nutrients were. pops was prepared to go to an
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extreme for his health but you can't blame him forgetting confused. remember mega doses of vitamin e. antioxidants were all the rage until it was found they were more likely to kill you than help you. i love to blow off this conflicting advice. let's be real, somethings we do know, smoking will kill you, there is a reason why they call this morbidly obese and there is such a thing as too much of anything. three rules that probably wouldn't be extreme enough for dad but would work out for the rest of us. >> you can also layoff the gummy bearthe fries that will not hurt you either. >> let him celebrate a little bit. teem iii which you are today hit 40 -- temperature today hit 40, almost average and we will look ahead to
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sunday. a lookout side, we will show you a time lapse here. we have a lot of clouds. those high and mid-level clouds, this was earlier this evening these clouds will be with us for while. that is the deal. no big deal but we will see clouds especially south of town, actually. this is now a live lookout side, our wealther cam, looking at temperature -- weather cam, looking at temperatures, 30s. dew point 11, pretty darn cold night. satellite pictures, radar combined this is is causing the cloud cover there is some rain even a few embedded thunderstorms along the gulf coast. atlanta, charlotte, raleigh, light rain but as far as we are concerned this will be high and mid-level clouds, tonight and most of tomorrow. for the north, more cloud,
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south, more sun. cold across the board. need a coat, hat and gloves not much wind, no wind chill. more clouds south of town no precipitation and cold and quiet, on friday, nice way to finish the week. weekend looks chilly but no rain and no snow. good news for saturday and really good news for playoff sunday. all right, overnight looks like this, partly cloudy and cold, two to three blanket night. upper 20s downtown, windings light, northwest, 10, by morning, partly cloudy, cold, 20s and 30s. winds light, northwest, 5 to 10. more clouds south of town, winds southwest at 10. next few days, weather alert green. cold, 40, friday. sunshine on saturday and 46, next 7 days drum roll please, temperatures mid-40s on sunday, dress for the 30s going up to
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the ravens game or fedex, dress for the 30s. mid-40s on monday and near 50 tuesday, low 50s wednesday. >> wow. >> not a drop or a flake for the next 7 days in january. this is the time to make hay if you are a snow lover. >> speaking of big games, all work, no play makes rg 3 a dull boy. >> nothing like rg 3 is dull. red skins may be focused on their first playoff game in five years but that doesn't mean they can't have a little fun. how rg 3 pranked mike shanahan. >> ray lewis says goodbye to the only pro team he has played for. >> get 9 news severe weather alerts on your tablet. hourly and extended forecasts, closings and delays customizable to your child's school. free 9 news tablet app.
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download it today
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red skins, have spent their week like any other week. that's good whatever they have been doing the last 7 weeks seems to be working just fine. when they are at practice it is all business. when they are off the field, it is nice to see, they are still able to have some fun. during the day's press
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conference, rg 3 pulled out a play fake on coach shanahan. >> coach, we just wanted to know, -- [ laughter ] >> you got me by surprise there, who is this guy. >> what did you do for new years? >> tried to put a good game plan together. i wasn't sure how healthy you were so it was hard without you calling me. [ laughter ] >> you got me good. >> good to see a sense of humour there. >> something that didn't come as too big a surprise. albert morris, named player of the week. this marks the first time two rookies from the same team have won this award in the same season. rg 3 being the other. from raise the roof to who let the dogs out to hot in here. ray lewis emerged from that smoke filled tunnel pumping up the ravens home crowd for 17
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seasons. this sunday could be the final time that happens. lieulouis was the heart and soul of the franchise he is one of the most popular players in the nfl helping guide any young player willing to listen. something i am sure won't stop, once he hangs up his cleats. >> everything that starts, has an end. and for me, you know, today, i told my team, that this will be my last ride. >> the wizards, bradly named eastern conferences rookie of the month for december. believe it or not good news out of that camp. but it didn't help much. roy hibbert, helped beat wizards, they just can't catch a break. bradly was best of the rookies.
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>> maybe some body will prank their coach. >> need a lot more than that
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>> time for choose your news. our facebook fans can choose from an ostrich pillow, a plane that snapped, the winner the ostrich pillow. makers say it allows busy people to snooze any way they want to it has four holes, one for your head one for your mouth and two for your hands. that just looks weird. >> crazy >> i like it too. >> i am bringing one to the
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newsroom. >> there is a battle brewing on twitter. >> all between investigative reporters, trying to see who can get to 4,000 followers, first. >> why should you follow me? i will give you your news with a side of sass. tell you everything you need to know and everything going on 234 your neighbor -- in your neighbourhood plus i don't have to crawl around on the floor looking for mice in restaurants. every follower, gets a brand new puppy. maybe not. >> russ, you are going down. >> my mother always said if you can't say anything nice. i will not dig any fie, a response to the alfarone camp's pointing out of my musical taste i will just point out the spelling of my name, on twitter. >> i don't think he made much of a case. just saying. >> giving away puppies. >> he likes justin bieber.
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>> see what happens. >> i think his ability to sniff out bad food -- >> check my refrigerator. >> does he? >> go crazy. >> russ posted a picture of pam working out. >> thanks for sticking around. >> don't forget, we are always on at good night.
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