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tv   9 News Now at 6pm  CBS  January 4, 2013 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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representatives finally voted on federal aid for the recovery and as we hear the report, it is just the first step. >> reporter: the damage and pain from superstorm sandy is still taking a toll on hard hit states and the frustration with lawmakers on capitol hill is growing. >> i cried for two weeks when i lost this house. if i can cry again, i'd cry again. very no use for them in washington -- i have no use for them in washington. >> reporter: after we'll be of delays friday the house finally approve -- weeks of delays friday the house finally approved a relief package for super victims, the first portion of a larger $60 billion relief package the house initially declined to consider. lawmakers are expected to weigh in on the $51 billion broader aid bill later this month. >> while it is never too late to do the right thing, it is late that we are doing this thing. >> reporter: the federal emergency management agency urged congress to take action
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because money in the national flood insurance program was set to run out in days. >> this legislation is vital. this is not a handout. this is not something we're looking for as a favor. what we're asking for is to be treated the same as victims in all other storms. >> reporter: lawmakers purr off the vote on the aid -- put off the vote on the aid package while wrangling over the fiscal cliff. they have now passed a lifeline to sandy victims. survivors say lawmakers are out of touch. >> it's all politics. everything is politics. >> reporter: but friday the first step in getting sandy victims the help they were promised soon after the storm struck. in washington i'm sandra endo. >> new york and new jersey's governors say the vote today is a good start. the house is expected to vote on the rest of the aid package january 15th. legislative agendas for the year are starting to take shape on the hill all the way down to local communities, but tonight there's question. s about whether one measure
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proposed in virginia is necessary or just another way to try and prevent abortions. as peggy fox reports, it would make gender-based abortions a crime. >> a bunch of feminists walk down to richmond and say yes, aborting girls is a good thing. come on, they're not that stupid. >> reporter: delegate bob marshall has been trying to chip away at abortion rights for 20 years. this year he is sponsoring a bill to make gender-based abortions illegal. there is some evidence it's happening in the united states. using a 2000 census the national academy of scientists found male biased sex ratios among u.s. born children of chinese, korean and asian indian parents. >> we cannot have a society tolerating the frivolous killing of people just because they're of the wrong sex. that it is ludicrous. >> reporter: the national abortion rights league says even though they don't support gender based abortions this bill she says is just bad policy. >> it really puts doctors in a
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very precarious situation. they have to be mind readers. they are essentially becoming agents of the state and it really violates the doctor/patient relationship. >> reporter: in bob marshall's bill a woman who has a sex selective abortion would not be prosecuted, but the doctor who performs it could be charged with a class 4 felony which carries a maximum 10 years in prison. 10 years in jail. >> for an abortionist? sure. killing a person for the wrong sex, that's too soft. >> that's not what this bill is about. this bill is chipping away at a woman's right to choose. it's intimidating doctors. >> reporter: peggy fox, 9 news. >> the association says the bill is also racist because it would cause the profiling of cultures which are known to have a preference for male children. statistics of virginia police show a record number of guns were sold in the
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commonwealth last year up 35% from 2011, the highest jump from year to year in two decades. industry analysts believe the spike was driven by this summer's repeal of virginia's limiting handgun purchases to one gun a month and those mass shootings in connecticut and aurora, colorado. on to a 9 news update, a former guard at the prince george's county jail once accused of abandoning a dying inmate pleaded guilty today to falsifying records during a federal investigation into the case. he's 49-year-old anthony mcintosh. he was working at the county jail in june, 2008 when he found 19-year-old ronnie white hanging from a sheet in his cell. white had been charged with running over and killing a county police officer with a stolen car. another plea today from the man accused of killing his estranged wife and her 11-year- old son. >> reporter: i'm bruce leshan in montgomery unty circuit court. curtis lopez displayed not a hint of remorse as prosecutors
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went ahead and detailed the incredibly strong case against him. dna, videotape, photographs, cell phone records, the murder weapons. he was the little boy who captured our hearts across the area vigils and prayers that 11- year-old william mcquain would be found alive after police discovered his mom bludgeoned to death in her germantown apartment, but after days searching they found william's battered body dumped in the woods and his mom's husband has now pleaded guilty to murdering both mother and son. >> it's about money. it's about things. it was about property. >> reporter: the prosecutor says he did consider seeking the death penalty but could not make it fit under maryland's complicated rules. sentencing now set for april 17th, the big question seeming to be life or life without the possibility of parole. in montgomery county, bruce leshan, 9 news now. police hope you can help
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them find a missing germantown woman. look at this picture of bernice calacko last seen new year's eve when she left her house along gunner's terrace. if you've seen her, please call police. the man suspected of groping over a dozen women in fairfax county appears to have struck again. this most recent incident came last night. a 30-year-old woman said she was jogging along briarwood court near patriot drive when a man grabbed her. here's a sketch of the suspect. if police determine this one is connected, it would be no. 15. a fairfax county judge is stopping attempts to regulate stormwater in fairfax county. the u.s. district judge says the environmental protection agency overstepped its bounds when it tried to restrict the runoff from the creek. attorney general ken cuccinelli says the ruling will save virginia taxpayers over $300 million. they say old habits die
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hard and you can't teach an old dog new tricks, but those concepts today came together to save a woman inside a burning home in bowie. retired firefighter billy mills saw smoke as he was driving along route 301. he knew it was a house fire by the smell. so this 20-year-old veteran made a beeline for that sneak and arrived at just about the same time as emergency crews, but then he got some unexpected help to save the day. >> a large black lab come charging at me, not knowing what he was going to do, i shut the gate real quick and when he came over, his tail was wagging. so i assumed he was okay. opened the gate, he jumped up a little bit frantically. i calmed him down. next thing i know he took off to the house. to the right was a sliding glass door. when he took off, i looked right and when i did, the flames were coming out the top and thick black smoke, but underneath i could see what looked to be a lady. the dog was already up there. so when i went up there, i
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knelt down. sure enough, she was in there about 4, 5 feet, crawled in there, grabbed her. she was on her knees, helped drag her to the backyard. >> he's amazing. so is the dog. the dog is named pumpkin and they are both being hailed as heroes tonight. the woman they rescued has burns but is expected to make a full recovery. we still don't know yet how the fire started, but what a great ending. >> that's why we love dogs. a video with teenagers joking about chase mate's rape is dividing a small town tonight -- a classmate's rape is dividing a small town tonight, plus resolutions for the new year and a lot more at 7:00 on 9 news. still to come in this half hour excitement is building for the skins' battle with seattle. we'll take you to redskins park a little later in sports. >> another chilly day but not out of the ordinary for january. officially high and low at national north 6 and 27, averages in the 40s, 43 and 28,
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record high 73, record low 2 below. we'll come back, talk about playoff sun weather. we're tracking snow -- sunday weather, we're tracking snow. >> but first the white house photographers release their favorite pictures of the past year and we've got a unique way you can see them all.
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still looking to populate that new tablet? head over to itunes to download
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the wusa9 news app, your free link to news and weather compatible with most tablets including ipad and kindle fire. one of the cool features with that app is a link to our photo gallery and today the white house photography team released its top photos of 2012 on flickr and our web team made them into a gallery for you. check this out. the first one of the president in the ocean off of hawaii for new year's, a little family vacation, what great shot that is. here he is hugging gabby giffords ahead of the state of the union address last january and the gallery continues. this one you got to see. there's the first lady and jimmy fallon in a potato sack race, part of the late show taping that promoted her let's move initiative and the photos keep coming behind the scenes in the oval office. you've got candid shots of some young visitors to the oval office including this little guy who grabbed the president's phone. all of this is available on our new wusa9 app. it's free in the app store.
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you can also find this photo gallery on, great pictures, lesli. >> they are. this month's inauguration will be the second go round for president obama and chief justice john roberts. well, technically speaking i guess it would be the third because you see, back in 2009 at the president's first inauguration justice roberts transposed some of the words in the first sentence of the oath of office and that seemed to throw off the president. so then the president ended up taking the oath of office for a second time the next day. you can read more about the flub heard around the world at hopefully we won't see a scene like this come inauguration day. find out where they are enjoying this winter weather coming up.
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we're back with an update about a nationwide child sex trafficking sting. we told you last night about operation sunflower. it led to the arrest of 245 people and the direct rescue of 44 children from their abusers. today we received a call from the director of immigration and customs enforcement to thank us for our coverage and to let us know the woman you see here on
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your screen was arrested last night as a result of our story. so we want to thank you, our viewers, for taking the time to report what you knew to authorities after seeing the story. we know it made a difference. 18 months, that's the sentence for a former fbi agent convicted of killing 1 teenager and injuring another while he was driving drunk. 38-year-old adrian johnson's blood alcohol level was nearly three times the legal limit when he crashed into 18-year- old lawrence garner's car nearly two years ago. garner was killed almost instantly. his friend in the passenger seat was seriously hurt. garner's family wanted the maximum sentence and an apology. today, though, they got neither. >> i don't think he had any remorse and like i said in my letter that i read, he didn't have any remorse and i still don't think he has any remorse. >> he never said i'm sorry. >> never said i'm sorry, but my son is dead. >> charlene garner's son was about to attend college to
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study criminal justice and apparently he, too wanted to become a law enforcement officer. friends and family came together today to remember a prince william county police officer killed in an accident earlier this week. >> reporter: i'm surae chinn in woodbridge, virginia, where thousands came to pay respects to their fallen come raid officer chris yung. >> if you would have given him a few minutes of your time, you would have walked away with a friend forever. he loved being a motor officer. he loved riding with you guys. >> reporter: officer dale yung followed in his brother's footsteps and became a prince william county police officer. cameras were not allowed inside the chapel, but sound was piped outside for others to hear. dale yung describes how it brings him incredible sadness his brother won't get to meet dale's soon to be born son. you could hear the pain for a brother taken too soon. >> i love you and i mess you.
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>> reporter: friend johnny stone embraces officer yung's wife robin, her three grade school aged children in the back seat now without their father. officers lined up in formation to give final salute. in woodbridge, virginia, surae chinn 9 news. some stations along metro's orange line will be closing this weekend as part of the silver line project, the dunn loring and west falls church station won't be open, but buses will be available between vienna and east falls church. there will also be some signal tracking on the red line. leave yourself extra time if you're traveling on either line this weekend. topper is hoping, maybe praying for signs of life from this winter, but if he really want to see a lot of snow, he will have to head overseas. check out the fun these pandas are having in china. snow began falling yesterday afternoon and the three had no problems venturing out to enjoy.
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it okay, super cute. >> super cute. >> all 7 years old and drawing a crowd. now, topper, we do like snow. >> we do. >> don't have people out there thinking we don't like snow at all. we just don't want a foot of snow. >> yeah. >> how about 3 inches? that's manageable. >> my dad's favorite snow, on the grass, on the trees, not on the roads. >> that is conversational. >> we'll show you some snow. you have to go far and wide to find it in the 40 contiguous states. this is kerrville, texas, south of i-10. it wasn't all snow but mainly snow. it coated the ground and was pretty. that's like all we got. we searched high and low across the 48 contiguous states. there you have it. it is nice. we'll take a live look outside. this is our michael and son weather cam. we're looking at temperatures still in the low 40s downtown, dew points in the teens, so
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it's going to be cold tonight. winds picking up west, northwest at 13, pressure up 30.14 inches of mercury. temperature-wise a lot of 30s showing up, 37 in rockville and bethesda, also 37 in great falls and vienna, still 40 in burk, 38 in fairfax, 40 in college park, 39 in bowie, 41 in andrews, 42 in waldorf. factor in the winds it feels like it's in 20s from rockville northward, 29 gaithersburg, leesburg, 27 in frederick and feels like 27 in hagerstown. staying chilly, breezy and cold tonight, chilly and dry saturday, but a touch of winter possible saturday night and still dry for the playoffs on sunday. in fact, partly cloudy and chilly. dress for the 30s. temperatures 36 to 46, winds not very strong, west southwest at 10. so for tonight clear, breezy and cold, two to three blanket night, low temps in the 20s,
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winds northwest 10 to 20 and gusty. tonight wind chills will be in the teens. next three days again 43 tomorrow, just chilly, a few snow showers possible after midnight tomorrow, returning partly cloudy sunday, mid-40s, monday 41 and the next seven days we pop in the low 50s tuesday, the mid-50s wednesday, showers, maybe even a thunderstorm wednesday night and in the wake of that storm we're in the upper 50s thursday and my goodness, your hearts be still, sunshine, 64 next friday. >> we're not going to hate on that for sure. >> i'll try to knock that number down. >> i like the crunch time moments where you see what they're made of. when you see their character. we'll see what they're made of this weekend. it should be a good one. rg3 brings brains, athleticism and leadership, check, check and check. that last one we're finding out much more about this week. >> now normally don't want to watch the wizards, but tonight i promise you there is reason
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to tune in. details next. ñ??
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and now 9 sports with dave owens. >> when did this whole thing turn around for the redskins? many pointed have mike shanahan's concession or nonconcession of the season after that carolina debacle, but we're finding out now it had a lot to do with 1 rookie's ability to step -- one rookie's ability to step up. who else but rg3 who decided
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all this stuff i'm doing on the field, that's not enough. let me take on more responsibility. he became more of a leader, got elected captain and began preaching the word to those teammates who might have been nonbelievers. i guess it worked. >> robert came in and he texted everybody, let everybody know we can turn the season around and we did. >> in my opinion to be a rookie quarterback coming in and leading your team and your team votes you captain halfway through the season, so i don't know if me being a captain changed the season by any means, but i just think everyone else bought into me as their leader. >> tell you who else was buying in, the kicker. who says kickers don't mix it up? you remember this tackle on dallas' duane harris sunday, right? illegal because he almost decapitated the guy. he was fined 7,800 bucks today by the league. the ravens have all the motivation they need heading into sunday not getting a lot of respect from pundits like me and ray lewis returns as well. expect him to be a powder keg.
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will that carry over to the quarterback? joe flacco seems to be in a purple daze at times. the guy has to play better if they expect to win which has been a bit of a problem at times this season. joe has been very average when they needed him to be above average and no time for that this sunday. a young colts team beckons, baltimore not looking to ease their way into. it they want to jump on indy quick. >> that's the job of the quarterback support only go out and get completions and -- is not only go out and get completions and points, but getting everybody excited about every single down and i think we're at that point. finally andray blatche returns to face the wizards tonight. he's probably the most controversial dare i say hated former player outside of gilbert arenas? a few weeks back he bashed his former team on twitter saying it's good to be with a winning organization for once. blatche is with the nets, extra security tonight at the game since he's talking trash.
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>> no kidding. >> the cbs evening news is next. >> derek is back at 7:00 with our area's only local newscast. good night.
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