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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  January 4, 2013 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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they called it a last- minute miracle in court today. an anonymous white knight riding through the rescue of an iconic redskins fan who is just moments away from losing her home. the one she has been living in for 37 years. >> we told her story here 80 days ago. she was on the verge of
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eviction worried about ending up in the streets. we've got the happy update for you. >> reporter: anita, washington got to know pat hill in 2009 when she was sued by the redskins over season tickets she had cherished since 1962. as of this morning it appeared she would lose her home and wouldn't have anywhere to watch sunday's big game. as of this morning. tonight that as all changed. >> they're going to win sunday. they're going to have a miracle. i just had a miracle. >> reporter: the former woman was hit hard bit housing bust giving away a lot of money to her own view to a mom down on her luck. >> and paid a down payment on her home. i think that was $60,000. >> reporter: pat gave away too much facing an eviction hearing on friday. >> if they were to win they would put me in the street. >> actually as of this morning we were at the end of exhausting every single possible avenue, legal and
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otherwise for the past two years. >> reporter: her lawyer got a call from a man who wants to remain anonymous. >> he was touched and moved by the story that you ran and he wanted to help her. he's buying her house and as of the last hour, he's speaking to them. he wants to buy her house with cash just so he can allow her to remain in her house until she dies. >> reporter: and she always goes to church and last sunday she said that today's message. >> impossibilities are a miracle. >> reporter: and when you were in church and saw that, what went through your mind? >> the lord will bring me through. >> reporter: they were last convinced that they just knew. >> the inevitable eviction. it was inevitable for my perspective. >> reporter: and then the phone rang. >> he said your story that was on the tv touched my heart. and so that i want to do whatever is necessary to help you stay in your house. as long as you're alive. >> reporter: and you just know
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what you'll be watching in her home on sunday. >> i love the redskins. we're going to win sunday. >> reporter: well of course she says they are there. but just a few hours ago no one would be betting on her either. >> why did this wonderful guy do it. >> the man wants to remain anonymous. he's done well. told her lawyer look, i've been blessed in my life and i simply want to help. >> wow, what a great story. >> that's awesome. got to love that and the fact she'll be watching the game. she's confident. >> oh man we're all fired up. it'll be a great game. >> seattle, redskins. you couldn't get any better than this wild card weekend. absolutely. what a turnaround it has been from the 3-6 guys to the 10-6 with the 7-game winning streak. no one saw it coming. the play on the field had to get better, which it did. it might have been an off the field move. we're talking about mike shanahan designating rg3 as one of the captains. high honor for the rookie.
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he was all in on number 10. even though he had done a lot, they were looking for him to take on more of a leadership role and it worked. the team has not looked back since. >> he said don't be afraid to speak up because guys look to me not as their leader, but as their captain. even though i am only 22, you know, guys, you can see a look in their eyes and they see how much they are inspired by me. >> and it will be after sunday's game for the complete wrap up games. we'll have post reaction games live. plus, highlight and expert analysis. a special post-game edition that starts on 8:00 sunday right here on wusa. i can't wait. i'll be out at fedex field. >> all right, looking forward to it as well. >> sounds good, dave. tonight a big development in a case that shocked people all across this area. a man caught on camera in d.c. beating and robbing an elderly street vendor, a woman 83 years old known as grandma on the
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streets. james was convicted of that crime more than six years ago behind bars ever since. but he might go free. an appeal's court as overturned his conviction. the court found that police ignored his request for a lawyer at the time. a former fbi agent sentenced to 18 months behind bars. his crime is getting behind the wheel drunk, crashing into the other car, sending one teenager to the hospital and another to the morgue. the defendant, the 38-year-old johnson, prosecutors say his blood alcohol level was three times the legal limit when he crashed into that other car two years ago. the 18-year-old lawrence gardner died. his friend in the passenger seat was badly hurt. his family wanted the maximum sentence and an apology. but today they got neither. >> they didn't have any remorse and i still don't think they have any remorse. >> he never said i'm sorry? >> never said i'm sorry, but my son is dead. >> the family says that lawrence gardner planned to
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attend college to study criminal justice. a young man killed by the law enforcement officer had wanted to become one. well just one day after we showed you the photo of the woman wanted in the child porn case. they caught up with her, arrested. the 52-year-old was busted in california by the feds. she and another man still on the run somewhere are accused of molesting a young girl and distributing photos of the abuse nearly a decade ago. they are expected to make her first court appearance on monday. well, he was on his way to the store when he noticed that something was wrong. well now a retired firefighter is being hailed as a hero. >> absolutely. they are live to explain how they were at the right place at the right time. >> yeah. and the retired fighter lieutenant, he says he was going about his day when he saw some smoke off to the side of the road. moments later he was pulling off a life-saving rescue. >> reporter: you can see it from high above, the charred
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out shell of the house all that's left of the lane here. >> i thought it might be a brush fire first. >> reporter: if it wasn't for this man that the fire could have had a deadly ending. >> i guess i had to be in the right place at the right time that day. >> reporter: and that's a bit of an understatement. you see the fire lieutenant of 20 years said he was driving down the road. >> and i rolled my windows down with a good whiff of what it was. >> reporter: he didn't think twice. all the training and the instincts took over again. >> reporter: met by the frantic black lab near the side of the gates to the house. just like the trusted friend that it is, the dog lead them to the disabled woman in distress. >> and actually they directed me to her right off the get go. >> reporter: once around the backside, he saw heavy flames and smoke shooting out of the house. it was a sliding glass door as he looked inside. >> sure enough she was in there about four to five feet, crawled in there and grabbed her. >> reporter: the woman was
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trapped. even as the fire tore through the house, without any protective gear himself, pulled her to safety. >> maybe another minute or two. the outcome could have been worse. >> reporter: prof of how an ordinary day could turn into a life saving moment for an unsuspecting hero. and the woman who has not been identified, she was taken to the area burn unit as they tell us she is expected to be okay. anita? >> quite the rescue. every year in this country an estimated 3,000 people die from eating contaminated food. two years ago president obama signed into law that gives them more power to help prevent such contamination. and today finally the fda outlined how they plan to use that power. among the proposals hiring 1,000 more safety inspectors, enforcing tougher standards for how you grow the fruits and vegetables. well tonight the national senate for the victims of the crime is speaking out. what they've got to say about the case out of ohio where a
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teenage girl was allegedly raped and then ridiculed online. that's still ahead. something isn't quite right with the picture. do you know what it is? the picture that has people talking and nancy pelosi defending herself. topper? the high temperature is 46 today. that's actually a tree above average. here is your wake up weather as it will be cold again tomorrow morning a. little breezy too. 24 and 42 at 6:00 if you're up that early, upper 20s to the mid-30s by 8:00 and 10:00, sunshine and a cool 38 to 34. still tracking a little bit of snow. we'll tell you when that's going to roll in. i have some new information.
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at fairfax county groper who may have struck again. we're talking about the man suspected of groping more than a dozen women out in the streets mostly in springfield. last night a woman says she was jogging along briarwood court in avondale when a man grabbed her. she screamed and he ran away. here is a sketch of him. police determine that the case is connected then it would be attack number 15. well this building inspector is in trouble tonight, accused of trying to slick down a restaurant -- to shake down a restaurant owner.
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he tried to force the owner to pay his band $1,000 a week to perform. if he didn't, then brown allegedly threatened to take away the operating permit. well the owner got sick of it. he called the cops and well brown is now arrested. senator michael has lost his license for the next 12 months. today he plead guilty to drunken driving charges. the idaho republican was busted last week in alexandria and in addition to having his license suspended for a year, he was fined $250 and received a suspended 180-day jail term. he is a man of the church of jesus christ, which prohibits the abuse. it's one of the most talked about and the tweeted stories tonight. many say that the victims have been dragged through the mud and the two high school football stars and the alleged rapist put on the pell sal. but what really happened
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tonight? they have the very latest. deborah? >> reporter: anita the bottom line, we don't know if the girl was raped or not. if she was, then we don't know for sure if they did it or not. that's up for the court to decide, but the people all over the country and right here in our own backyard are asking tonight, what if this is your daughter? and you can hear them talking about it and about this young girl being raped as you'll hear in a few seconds. and i'll have to warn you that it might be a little tough to take. >> and that is the one that will be harder than that there. >> reporter: heartless and the video taken by the football players, they are talking about the alleged rape of the 16-year- old girl and an alcohol-fueled end of summer bash. the district guard of the seemingly unconscious girl continued with this. the lawyers confirm that the teens holding her are the football stars and the alleged ripes trent maize and malik
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richmond, both 16 years old. she didn't know she was allegedly raped and humiliated. rather tweets, texts, compromising pictures that tell the story. this one, the song of the night is definitely rape me by nirvana, a family member saw the evidence online just days later the family went to police. and the two star players arrested. >> we as a country need to understand that the consent means that saying yes, i want this. and anything short of that and it means that this type of contact, it is nonconsensual, which is rape. >> reporter: he helps victims. the reason for being. >> here we have people that are not only looking away, but video taping it, taking pictures, sharing it through social media. >> reporter: it comes to trial in february. lawyers for the two players said they didn't rape the victims. many say it bears a resemblance to the sex abuse case. >> people saw the sexual assault take place and they did not act or intervene.
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and i think that the general response from what we have seen on the public at large is that they were outraged. >> reporter: there is much more to this. and the alleged previous relationship between the victim and one of the players. the interjection by the bloggers and the others. the role social media brought to life and the darkness of the blame game. and the case is said to be tried on february 13. anita? >> it will be appalling stuff, deborah. thank you. nancy pelosi is defending a photo shopped picture she posted on facebook.
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here it is. and it was freezing cold and they could not wait any longer. >> it was not like the rest of the day to stand there. but it was an accurate reflection of who, you know, the 61 members and the democratic members of congress are. and that they reflected the beautiful diversity of our country. they include the voting members and they are all freshmen. and as redskins fans get themselves all lathered up for the big game on sunday. tonight derek has a question that you might be in the mood to think about. why do you care so much? >> well what is it about that we human beings with the guys, matching outfits. smashing into the other guys in
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the different matching outfits, that they could show you the kind of passion that make the grown men go out in public and dresses like that? they get their whole families to spend thousands of dollars on the jerseys and the season tickets. and they get to be a little too much. every time i see that classic super bowl photo of the great john riggins. surely it is not just us, or even just football. but remember how cleveland cavalier fans lost their collective mind when lebron james took his talent to south beach? i mean it is just a game, right? apparently not the sports fans. i think it's the drama of the big game that will suck this all in and the addicted high of the raw escape. but even more than that, researchers suggest that it will be social animals. we identified truly madly, and early with our favorite team. in other words we are the redskins and the redskins are us. so if they do happen to lose come sunday, then that really
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is your heartbreaking out there. but if they win, well let's just say i'm always looking for another reason to get a little view of it. anita? >> i don't think that you'll make it back here. >> that's funny. >> but it is also the long suffering part of it. don't you think? fans are ready for them to be winning again. >> yeah, it's been tough. >> so we care. we care a lot. >> yes. >> and that is kind of crazy. all right, a very nice weekend for football. i don't see any problems. just one little interesting note on saturday night. we'll talk about that in just a second. first thing is first. a live look outside. the live michael and son weather cam. it's 38 downtown now. dew points still in the teens. so it is a very dry air mass. how do i know that? well i shuffled my feet on the carpet and shocked our 11:00 producer. that's how i know that. pressure is rising at 32.220 mercury. i'm going to zoom down to texas and partially to the south. in arkansas and louisiana. some of this moisture is going to try to get up here tomorrow night. and erica will have a sharp eye
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on this tomorrow night. not a very organized storm. cold air is marginal, but a little bit of the shower activity is possible across parts of the metro area, north of town tomorrow night. don't change your plans. it will be after midnight. right now we're looking at clear skies. we'll stay clear through the morning. and so here is the interesting story. dry tomorrow, light winds by the afternoon. tomorrow temperatures will be feeling pretty comfortable. about average, low to mid-40s. snow showers are still possible, but after midnight, not a huge deal. no problem for the church on sunday morning. and it will be chilly, dry for the playoff games. and then colder again on monday. that will be kind of an aberration because the temperatures again next week, they will go right back up. the forecast for the redskins game, partly cloudy and chilly, dress for the 30s. temperatures during the span of the game getting back home, 36 to 46. winds are southwest at 10. so now overnight looks like this. clear skies. still breezy and cold. i would say two to three
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blanket night. now tomorrow morning, mostly sunny. still breezy and cold. we've got your sunglasses. 20s and 30s. winds are northwest at 20 to 13. the good news, winds become light. partly cloudy to cold. kind of cleaning up the sky cover. just high clouds. but for the most part, partly cloudy tomorrow. temperatures between 40 to 45 and again light winds. the next three days. 9 weather alerts. green. we're looking at chilly, chilly, cold. 43 tomorrow. again snow showers are possible tomorrow night. clouds may linger. and it might be pesky clouds on sunday; staying dry. 46. then cold on monday, but mostly sunny. temperatures in the lower 40s. now check out what happens next week. you're a snow bird then you're in deep depression like myself. low 5:s as we -- low 50s as we get into tuesday. 54 on wednesday with showers, maybe a thunderstorm on wednesday night. in the wake of that, it gets even warmer. upper 50s on thursday and then
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my goodness, mid-60s next friday. >> you know we still have a lot of winter to go. >> he's counting down already. >> eight weeks. [ laughter ] >> 7. and now dave is up next with sports.
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earlier tonight the wizards were up by 7 points. the knuckle head dave owens was so sure that the wizards were going to win tweeting this. if the wizards blow this i'll do the sports cast without a shirt on. and dave now we know for sure that you are indeed a man of your word. >> i'm a man of something. i don't know about upstairs, but i'm a man of something. >> yes. >> but you are. you've got the gun show. >> yes, welcome to the gun show. [ laughter ] >> and let's take a look at the highlights that have caused me so much pain. >> coming into the game. that's andre black right there. the former wizard, he had a pretty good game. 13 points, 12 rebounds. we're headed for overtime in the end of overtime.
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down by 3. the career high of 24. we're going to overtime. double overtime that is. joe johnson says strictly butter as they won 115-113. and i am wearing this crazy get up. all right, you won't catch them in a get up like this. too much of a serious of a customer to do that. i would say he caught both of them right there. remember that he played in the super bowl. so as the redskins make the transition from the regular season to the playoffs, they are providing the advice right here. you'll still be playing football when you play there and with a different system,
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you know, different system. and hopefully i could bring some of those great games for them throughout the area. >> yes, indeed. the high school game of the week takes us here. from the high school verses quint. orchard tonight is a good one. cougar senior says that i like my reverse with a little bump and grind. that's an old one right. there the crowd loves it. later on, justin whitler buries the three winning it 59-48. all right finally the best part of the wizards game by far. the half time entertainment. not sure about the nickname, but we will call them the old nimble native. why don't we. you'll see why. good news here. check it out. anybody want to limbo? yes, how low could she go? that low just inches off the deck. check it out she's using the toes to make her move.
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>> wow, that is limbo at a whole different level there. >> wow. not so much. >> look at your tweet, saying without a shirt on. that's some kind of a shirt. >> we've got to go. >> this is a family show. >> yes. >> oh man. let's go. >> and other people need to be onset with him too. >> the scary thing is he's got the shirt in purple too. >> we'll be right back.
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all right time for the winner of tonight's choose yournews contest. we asked our facebook friends which one you want to see, the beer pong championship or the old bike molded into the tree.
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the winner by just one vote, the giant rub duck. check out this huge thing. it's 85 feet high. >> wow. >> the duck artist created it back in '07. ever since then the cute inflatable animal has traveled to countries all over the world. right now it's in australia. i'm sure they love it. >> he needs a mega bathtub. >> yes, it's summer in australia too. >> it's hard to get over that, i think. >> extra small. >> and i'm about to suffocate in this thing. >> i bet you r. we're back on monday. >> see ya.
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