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tv   9 News Now Saturday at 6pm  CBS  January 5, 2013 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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rebound knocked around. taken away by connecticut. 1:14 to go. huskies drive it inside. mosqueda-lewis drives the long ball. doesn't go. the freshman jewell loyd rebounds for notre dame. connecticut by one. we're under a minute to go in regulation. and notre dame calls a time-out. wow! a lot more to happen in 1 minute.
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>> don: the big east opener of the notre dame men was today. they won. now the women, notre dame men beating seton hall. now the women trying to beat connecticut for the fifth time in the last six meetings. geno auriemma's number 1 ranked team holding to a 1-point lead with 59.6 seconds left to play in regulation. notre dame will inbound the ball against connecticut pressure. >> mary: they have to get it in. i want the ball to mcbride's hand. i'd love to see her on the left baseline. jewell loyd, another person you want to get touches. diggins on the drive. >> don: diggins is fouled. so she'll go to the free-throw line with a chance to give the irish a 1-point lead if she hits them both. hartley with her first personal foul. >> mary: and mcbride comes
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through the traffic. she has an opening as she turns the corner and is able to get fouled, get to the line. >> don: game tied. diggins gets them both. she's 9 of 12 for free throws. the irish have taken a one-point lead. 40 seconds to go. uconn looking a again for someone moving underneath. dolson. who wants to shoot? the freshman does. lost. no ball. it's uconn ball. >> mary: stewart faces on braker. thought she would get the ball. braker, it doesn't get any better than that. just classic defense. outstanding. >> don: so 28.9 seconds left in
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regulation. and the huskies will have the ball. mercedes new mbrace2 system... is i can follow all my sports... catch the latest breaking news... keep in touch with friends... follow the financial headlines... find a great restaurant... and with siriusxm i can get weather forecasts... all from here. in my mercedes-benz. [ male announcer ] introducing mbrace2. the most comprehensive cloud-based telematics system on the road. it's your world, from your car. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. >> don: the battle rages here at the university of connecticut. notre dame just rallied back to take a one-point lead with 28.9 seconds left to play in regulation against number 1 connecticut. the huskies 12-0 after knocking
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off stanford the previous number 1, ending the cardinal's 82-game home winning streak in basketball. >> mary: boy, muffett mcgraw understands that we were a much better team than against baylor and boy are they. >> don: inbounds the ball. doesn't go. rebound knocked around. fight for the ball. man, alive! >> mary: time-out. she was rocking herself out-of-bounds. stewart pulled the trigger quickly on that. >> don: so uconn will inbound the ball. >> mary: that's just a mosh pit. somehow, kelly faris is able to get possession and call time-out.
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>> don: so connecticut gets another chance now to take back the lead on their home floor. and perhaps extend their unbeaten season to a 13th straight win without a loss. tomorrow, college basketball on cbs. temple goes against kansas. that's at 4:30 eastern time. today it's the women. number 1 ranked uconn, number 5 notre dame. inbound. notre dame by 1. game clock down to 15 seconds to play. >> mary: uconn not in a hurry. you need time for the rebound. >> don: every coach looks to the player that will make the shot. shot doesn't go. rebound knocked around. notre dame has it. here comes diggins on the fly. the ball in the air. and the irish have done it
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again! a fifth time in the last six meetings, notre dame has beaten connecticut and they knock the huskies from the number 1 spot. >> mary: and they do it at uconn. what a game by the fighting irish. playing like champions today. geno auriemma will have a lot to think about. here's the miss on the hurt right ankle. >> don: for mary murphy, this is don criqui. saying so long from storrs. final score, notre dame 73, connecticut 72. tonight on cbs, it's "the medallist" followed by back-to-back edition it's of "48 hours." this has been a presentation of cbs sports, the home of the 2013 men's national championship. thanks for joining us.
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sports experts picking seattle over the redskins tomorrow. but what do they know? tonight redskins fans are confident rg3 can lead the team to its eighth consecutive win. hello everybody, i'm bruce johnson. thank you for joining us.
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the team tonight is in a hotel following a walk through today. in preparation for the first playoff game since 1999. dave owens begins the redskins coverage tonight. >> it's big. i mean we know this one is big. it's wild card weekend. we haven't had this like you say since 19990. no doubt about. bruce you've been in the community for a long time and you know as well as anybody tomorrow sets up to be a signature sporting event. like you say, last time nfl playoff game here? you got to go all the way back to 1999. unexpected. heck yeah. that makes its all the more special. fedex field getting all decked out for wild card weekend. this is a shot right here from above. the big old stadium as they put the special playoff logos on the field. now as for the game redskins have been preparing this week. like the previous seven with a winner go home mentality. big stage, postseason. winner advances and loser goes to the golf course. >> the ball game you know most
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of the time you're doing way too much thinking trying to devise the perfect play for the perfect defense and you get in the game and they do something totally different because they do the same thing for the past month. i think it's just like a regular season game. but with a playoff game atmosphere. you know guys are going to give it their alienia motier what. i'll -- all no malter what. we'll be ready for it. >> they're top ten in every category. they have great players. they have a great front four. >> just to have a chance to be in this part of the season and to face anybody. you know you don't really care. you want to go out there and be at your best. >> all right, tune in after sunday's game for a complete wrap-up of skins and seahawks, postgame reaction live from fedex field. that's where i'll be. highlights and expert analysis. a special postgame edition of "game on" starting at 8:00 tomorrow. bruce, this is a great match- up. seattle comes in a hot team. the redskins have won seven straight. it's all on the loin tomorrow. >> going to make it eight
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straight tomorrow. write it down. >> you haven't been wrong yet. cod the redskins be moving back into the nation's capital in some years to come? prince george's county officials get upset just to hear the possibility. the team could be leaving landover, maryland. but that hasn't stopped d.c. elected officials from working to make the move happen. they feel rg3 and the skins' success will lead to a new covered stadium inside the nation's capital. >> it's only a matter of when. not if. and i mean that is because they have a lease in prince george's county that lasts until 2026. i can tell you in 2027 they'll be in the city. my hope is we can get them in there five years from now. >> redskins' owner dan snyder has been mum on the subject. he's under a long-term contract to remain at fedex field. more on the story tonight at 11:00 including reaction from prince george's county officials and skins fans, they've got something to say about the issue as well. okay erica i'm going to guess seattle players hoping
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for rain tomorrow at fedex field right? because they're used to it in seattle? >> hey bruce. well, it is still chilly out here of course. the chilly weather could actually lead to a couple of flurries overnight. take a look at satellite and radar. weak disturbance on the way. but it could bring flurries overnight. it's not going to bring a lot of o precipitation. -- of precipitation and by the time we head into game time tomorrow we are looking good. check out this redskins' forecast. partly cloudy. of course it will be chilly. but it's january. you got to dress for the 30s when you're heading out to fedex field tomorrow. the seahawks are going to be in town. low 40s by kickoff at 4:30. and winds will be out of the west southwest at 10 to 15 miles an hour. coming up when i step inside i'll tell you more about the forecast of course. any chances for precipitation. it's been pretty dry for the past few days and i'll tell you if we have any coming up in the forecast. back to you. >> erica, thanks a lot. virginia man will be singing the national anthem at
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sunday's high stakes playoff game against seattle. his name by coincidence d.c., washington. we can't make this up. as surae chinn reports tonight he sang last week at the redskins and cowboys game and they invited him back for an encore this week. ♪ >> reporter: whether in front of 80,000 fans at a division title game or one reporter -- ♪ d.c. washington can belt out the national anthem. >> whenever i become the center of attention i get really uncomfortable. >> reporter: a little ironic perhaps. with huge crowds to him it's about the singing. >> yeah,t don't bother me at all because it's not 80 tow people. it's just me and -- 80,000 people. it's just me and me singing. >> reporter: you walked out into the stadium. you weren't looking at the people and didn't get nervous? >> i get nervous, whether there are nine people or 80,000 people.
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>> reporter: we still had to coax him to sing for us. >> my pitch pipe. ♪ oh say can you see >> reporter: after last week's performance the redskins asked d.c. to come back again this sunday and although he says he's more of a nats' baseball fan. he says last week was something special and expects nothing less this sunday. >> who doesn't like their hometown team to be on the verge of doing something great? >> reporter: the name might fool you, dwight clyde, but known as d.c. washington all his life and not even a native. >> born and raised in the state of arkansas. >> reporter: you can find him in springfield, virginia where he's the cochoir director. that's where he'll be before he heads to the redskins/seattle game. >> going to do what i did last week. i'll walk out on the field and i'll sing. and i'll walk back off the field. it's not about me. ♪ >> reporter: in fairfax, surae
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chinn, 9news now. >> d.c. washington. from arkansas. we're back in a minute.
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a leesburg, virginia neighborhood has been battling a problem of unwanted guests for a couple of months now. dozens of vultures have been nesting and causing damage to property there. as mole mole is down -- ken molestina is down there right now. ken, what's going on? >> reporter: well, get this bruce. we're talking about a lot of vultures. just so you know. we're here along the 200 block of mayfair drive and up to now these vultures have had some pretty comfy digs in these trees above us but that's all about to change. get this, 200 vultures upwards of that have been roosting on the branches and trees that line the backyards of this neighborhood. neighbors have had enough. they say these birds are unsightly and they damage property and their feces stinks and folks don't enjoy being outside. but that's going to change. the u.s. department of agriculture wildlife services will be coming to the neighborhood on monday the get them out.
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they're going to use lasers to spook the birds away. these folks don't care where they go as long as they leave their backyards. >> they look horrible and they just -- they make a mess, they leave their feathers and feces and stuff all over the place and they're kind of scary. they're a little bit intimidating when they fly in because they fly low and circle around. >> reporter: yeah, these neighbors just so you know bruce, they say they can't wait for the vulture removal service to take place a little background on what's going on over here. a neighbor from across the street initially had the problem and she'd been dealing with it for years. and after trying so many things to get the vultures out she finally just cut down her trees about five trees were removed from her property. but of course that meant the vultures went across the street and they took up residence in other homes in other trees. bruce back to you. >> okay we don't have a lot of time. i suppose it's one of the stories any neighborhood but ours, any idea or reason why the vultures picked that neighborhood, what's drawing them there? >> reporter: nobody knows. i mean there are some tall
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trees around here and they think that's the reason why. but how many neighborhoods do we have in the area with tall trees? but there's no real reason. bruce? >> ken molestina thanks a lot. what can we expect here tomorrow and next week? erica grow is here with the forecast. stay with us.
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welcome back. i'm 9news now meteorologist erica grow. here's a look at the weather headlines, we have the pocket of a -- pocket of a flurry or sprinkle overnight. much milder weather in the forecast on sunday, it will be nice for the redskins' game and also for the ravens. chilly weather once again returns to the forecast on monday. right now, it is a chilly 32 in frederick. 39 in leesburg. 36 manassas and 38 fredericksburg and even in culpeper only 34 degrees right now. and you can see that shower activity on the way. on satellite and radar, even some snow here to the north. but i think the snow will mostly miss us to the north, maybe hagerstown, frederick a flurry tonight of sprinkle a possible down to leesburg and manassas.
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but most of us will actually be dry overnight tonight and you'll see that here on 9 futurecast. the possibility of a shower moving through but then into the morning hours, pretty much everything is skirting off to the east. so as we head through the day, we'll see more and more sunshine. and it looks great by kickoff for both games. the ravens and the redskins. the ravens have the earlier game this time. and that sunshine will stay with us through the rest of the day on sunday. and monday looks like a sunny day as well. overnight tonight lots of clouds a flurry or sprinkle. 25 to 32 so it will be chilly. with south-southwest winds at 5 to 10 miles per hour. partly cloudy and chilly in the morning with temperatures in the 20s and 30s. but not too much of a windchill. in the afternoon, that windchill will become a little bit more of a factor. west southwest winds at 5 to 15 and mostly sunny skies. and it will be chilly but nice and we're keeping it in the green zone for the next three days. lots of sunshine on monday and then look at these temperatures into the 50s on tuesday. and it gets even warmer than that in the seven day forecast. 55 degrees on wednesday.
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looks fantastic. mid 50s on thursday with rain arriving and 60 degrees on both friday and saturday. with that rain possibly a thunderstorm on friday. >> okay. >> 60 degrees. >> great. >> yeah. back in a minute with sports. stay with us.
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well, redskins/seahawks, a little history there. the last two times washington made the postseason. seattle has served as their personal delete button. extinguishing burgundy and gold in both '05 and '07. so in a way the redskins are reuniting with an old girlfriend that's broken up with them twice. tempers boil when the two teams get together. last season actually the two got into a brief fracas when they got into it in seattle. deangelo hall. they don't like us, we don't like them. the intensity level tomorrow?
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>> seattle has been playinglights outtop both -- playing lights-out on both sides of the ball. the railroads are 0 of -- records are 0-0 now and may the best man win. >> we're trying to do everything perfect even in practice and film studies, this time of year you make one mistake it cost you. we're trying to keep the run going. >> i can't wait for that one tomorrow. basketball season because the redskins, they've stunk in years' past but they're going is well now it's sort of like mangal season already? indeed it is. maryland has a 12 game win streak going. not against great teams but 12 games nonetheless looking for lucky 13 today. how about the virginia tech hokies in the acc opener? doing a little dancing during warmups. fans showed up in large numbers, 17,000 today. alex lynn big fella drawing the double dip. that means layman is open. splash. the freshman came in averaging just 3 points a game. remember that. what did he have for breakfast
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this morning. ihop or he hops. how about the follow slam? he had 20 points and virginia tech were in orange but they needed groan. eric green crosses over but the hokies' defense awful. allen to the 10. the terps score 53 in the first half. how about the triple try from there? 3 of his 21. how about a point? a ukrainian exclamation point. maryland wins the 13th straight 94-71. hey coach? it seems like someone different stepping up every game. >> i don't know who our best players are. i really don't. and i think dez when the game is on the line can get to the foul line or the rim and he's really good. alex when he was playing great, you know he was separation. but shaq is coming on now. i think we all feel comfortable as coaches whoever we put in they can handle the situation and it's going to be fun to watch this team just continue to get better. >> it's a lot of factors that haven't been included in us playing and being the best team
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that we can so far. so once with you all click on the same cylinders it's going to be really, really scary for everybody in the acc. >> much more coming up tonight of course georgetown lost today. george mason a winner. so i'll have those highlights for you at 1:00 -- 11:00. >> also tonight the councilman says the skins are coming back within five years. and prince george's county responds also. tonight what's it look like? >> looks pretty good. just a flurry or sprinkle and staying chilly tonight. >> all right, we'll see you back here at 11:00. bye bye. [ captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: ] (vo) they were married for... 53 years. she was his everything. he can't live alone anymore. but we don't have the room. so, we talked to suntrust... looked at our options... remodeled... for family, you make it work. he taught me that. (anncr) join the thousands of people switching to suntrust's award-winning service.
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