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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  January 10, 2013 6:00am-7:00am EST

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in the 30s and 40s in january, that's what i consider comfortably cold. and it's going to be a comfortable weekend. we have rain on the way. this morning, pretty, patchy clouds. temperature now down to 44 at reagan national. 48 by noon. more clouds this afternoon. and then this morning, the high temperature 50, 51, with wins comfortable, 5, 8 miles per hour. a couple surprise showers yesterday afternoon. i thought they were going to stay in the mountains. they made the trip and got us a little damp for about an hour. this morning, the patchy clouds, blowing off the ridge tops here in the west virginia mountains so. thin enough. we will get a nice sunrise out of it. 41 for winchester. to the east, 40 on the bay. and low 40s across much of southern maryland going to about 50. it's 6:00 a.m. get an update of time saver traffic.
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building volume and hopefully nothing more than that. there was this one accident at route 424. and it's already been moved to e left shoulder. happy to say, you should be okay from 97 and no issues to report north of town. from college park to silver springs, still running really well. a few brake lights leaving new hampshire. but i think you can deal with. that a live look outside and show you what it looks like. if you're planning to head here on the beltway, south side of town looking great. back to the maps, this time over to the other side on 270 southbound, it's beginning to slow down down to 121. it's there every single day. and it improves into germantown. this time over here at the heart of rockville route 255 at route 28. back with more traffic at 6:11. >> thank you. the only thing certain in life, you know what it is, death and taxes.
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the fairfax county board of supervisors voted tuesday to increase property taxes on residents and developers. >> and that's all to help pay for a walkable green, transit friendly urban center there. but it's going to take a while to make it happen. and people don't want to pay anymore. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. you kind of just said it, boiled it down right there. >> sorry. >> reporter: no, didn't steal my thunder. it's going to take a longtime for this to get done, 40 years. some folks who have been living here since the '70s may not be around in 40 years, they still have to pay for this. and the plan, huge walkable, bike paths every where. it's a huge plan. it looks good on paper. but it's going to cost a lot of money. this construction and the traffic, people have been dealing with this here in the area. now land owners, the commercial
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and residential land owners, they have to pay for this construction. and they'll start seeing their taxes go up this time next year. but the 18,000 condo owners in the area say the tax unfairly targets them when all of fairfax county will benefit from the 40 year plan. the board of supervisors still needs to raise the $230 million in taxes, the $230 million rather that the taxes promise to bring in, but they'll now have to current state law. that law lumps all commercial and residential land owners together. if they change the law, maybe residentses will get a bit of a tax break when it comes to paying the new taxes. >> we can decreate and recreate to make changes to it which is something we could do as a result of general assembly action. >> who wants to buy a business or condo when i can go a mile away and pay less tax for the
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home and business. >> reporter: but know typically things in the general assembly move very slowly. however we're told by the board that the governor wants to focus on transportation for this short session. and she believes, the chairman believes that they can take up this issue and change the current zoning law in regards to taxes this session. so possibly there could be a change in the law before residents have to fork up their money and extra taxes next year. back tow. >> all right. -- back to you. >> all right. >> a well attended meeting. >> we know that one. thank you. vice president biden sits down with the national rifle association later today to discuss gun safety. biden met with representatives of victims groups wednesday to come up with ideas to move forward with gun control legislation. president barack obama supports legislation to ban assault weapons. but the vice president says he
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and the president are determined to act in order to end gun violence. lawmakers return to annapolis yesterday for the latest session in the maryland general assembly. and in the wake of the sandy hook school tragedy, several gun control bills are now on the table. and lawmakers are prepare preparing for the debate. the governor intends to submit a bill early on that would ban the sale of assault rifles and high capacity magazines and limit the availability of guns available to people mentally ill. president barack obama is ready to move forward with his new treasury secretary. he is currently serving the president as his chief of staff. if the senate confirms him. and the president has another cabinet position to fill, the labor secretary told coworkers she will step down from her position. she is expected to return home to california to run for a seat
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on the los angeles county board of supervisors. talk about an all-star musical line-up. when it comes to the inauguration for president barack obama's second term on january 21st. beyonce will sing the national anthem. kelly clarkson. and james taylor will sing america the beautiful. president barack obama did have a hand in selecting the performers. he says their music speaks to people across the country. investigators are saying that a high speed ferry that crashed into a manhattan dock yesterday morning had recently undergone a major overhaul giving the ferry new engines. but fors say it's too soon to tell whether the engines played any role in the accident that left 11 people seriously injured. during world war ii, america was engaged in the battle against nazis and racism, but another campaign was launched that few knew
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that i put on my children's plate. that's why we use all-white meat, breading that is whole grain with omega-3 and no preservatives. it is my goal to make the highest quality, best-tasting nugget on the market. i want consumers to go, "dang, that's a good nugget." we're going to start out with sunshine on this thursday. temperatures in the low 40s at 9:00. the upper 40s by noon. and we will finish mostly cloudy, high temperatures upper 40s to low 50s. we've got rain on the way. i'll let you know when it's going to be here in a few
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minutes. on the inbound side of 66, a few slow stretches. route 24, centerville 29 to 28. and route 50 to 123. this is fine into the downtown area. back with more details coming up at 6:18. back to you. >> thank you. math really matters in this week's cool school. it's time to head over to silver springs. they love video games. and that just happens to make fractions more fun too. >> your problem. >> reporter: fractions, a big part of math in the sixth grade. >> what is it? >> multiply one-half times seventh eighths. >> yeah. >> two times eight. >> all right. >> reporter: what is cool about this lesson is how the classmates got to this point. >> what we're going to do. >> reporter: they are not only
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learning fractions in the math class. >> take the other one. >> reporter: the computer programming class has a big role in fractions too. >> every time they hit the wall, it makes an object. >> reporter: it starts with the love of video games. >> temple run. >> reporter: he is teaching them how to program their own games. the catch is, it has to include fractions. >> the equivalent will get destroyed, but the fractions won't. so it's like that. >> reporter: this is the best way the kids learn? the principal says the team teaching approach is something you can expect to see more and more of in schools because it works. >> all the research says that kids don't learn in isolation. the curriculum and the strategies need to be integrated, that's the way they get a really good depth of understanding. >> it helps the foundation. what i find is they are used to seeing a process. they are seeing, okay, step one, step two, step three. but they don't understand why.
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so having that reeastbound forcement helps them to see, okay, i know one-half is the same value, not making it bigger. >> reporter: not to mention the skills they're learning now could be the beginning of a career some day. >> this way we're going to do it they become producers and create their own games. programming skills, artistic skills. >> reporter: and almost without realizing it, sixth grade math gets easier with a fraction of the stress. >> what can go into both of those? >> really cool. and the principal says, you get not one but two teachers on the same page, it helps to drive the lesson home. and it can make it fun too. getting great results. if you have a cool school, we would love to hear from you. and maybe we will feature your school coming up. >> thank you. my next guest is an author. she wrote the reason of fools. and she is one of four speakers
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at the national archives this month. n connection with dr. martin luther king's birthday. we have been having a good conversation there. is interesting, i read that you're so excited about the opportunity to share the experiences of the men, many of whom that have tales never known to us or our children. you are talking about world war ii veterans. >> yes. >> and i was telling you my father and father-in-law were both part of that war and did live to see the memorial. what are some of the stories we're losing? >> well, obviously, it's a rate, as i was telling you, how i wish i had the opportunity to speak to your father and father- in-law, but you can't get to all of the veterans because we are losing them so rapidly. but what i will be speaking about today is going to be something called the double b campaign. that's a story that i'm not going to say the story is lost, but when i ask people if they know about it, whether they're
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white, black, the answer universally has been no. and that includes when i ask veterans of world war ii. >> that's interesting. very interesting. so what was the campaign? >> the double b campaign was actually was started by the pittsburgh courier newspaper in 1942. but it was because of a letter that they received from a cafeteria worker, a 26-year-old man named james thompson. african-american and he had been drafted. and he wrote this beautiful letter. and it was described as having a dim light, a beautiful letter that said, if i'm being asked to sacrifice my whole life for this country, would it be too much to ask that i enjoy the rights of citizenship. >> yeah. >> and at that time, quite a question to ask. and in the novel, the reason of fools, i parallel what was going on in nazi germany and
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who was going on for the african-american servicemen without enjoying the full rights. >> and there were stories when german prisoners were brought to the united states, they were able to eat in the restaurant with the black soldiers had to go around to the back. and that's a lot for people to understand. >> yeah, it's hard, it's hard to believe. and what was strange for me and a real learning for me during this process of interviewing veterans, i was surprised at how few knew about the campaign. which james thompson said, let's have a v for victory and a v for victory over racism at home. but the veterans were busy fighting and they were counting on people here in newspapers, like the chicago and the pittsburgh courier to carry it. >> the fact that it's part of the martin luther king, jr. holiday, you're saying it's a journey of hope, love and
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feeling. and that was his message. and people have read the book and love the book and they're hoping for another. >> i do have it ready. it's coming out in september. i say i've written it. it needs a lot of editing. that's the ted yows part for me. but there will actually be three books and the next will come out in 2014. and that will deal with children of vietnam vets because those children suffered a very different experience. i have interviewed the children of the era. >> and briefly, the novel the reasons of fools has a personal connection because it's based on letters you found after your mother's death. >> yes, and on the cover, my mother had this fiance who died. and it's something to read. >> and she was german-born. >> she was. and she had a very poignant story to tell. and i tell part of the story. >> how exciting for you to be
6:17 am
at the national archives. it is. and exciting to be here with you. and i thank. >> you are welcome. the book is called the reason of fools and what else is important, the stories that she is collecting from the surviving veterans of world war ii. they are wonderful stories that need to be told. thank you. >> thank you. >> let's go to howard now. it's very nice this morning. we've got 30s and 40s. winds are in a good spot. fairly light. and even though we've got patchy fog, a good way to start the day. 35 to 46. sunrise at 7:26. and the clouds will thicken up throughout the day. more sun this morning and more clouds this afternoon. light wind, 5, 8 miles per hour. and the high temperature should be about the 50-degree mark. 39 in baltimore currently. winchester, chilly at 37. the the south, low 40s. -- to the south, low 40s. and here in the district, a nice looking morning on the weather camera. temperature down to 44 degrees.
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a northwesterly wind at 9 miles per hour. so feels like 39. but considering it's january, wind chills could be a whole lot worse. the cold air, the arctic stuff way up in canada. in fact, most up in the polls. looks like in a week, it may start to move toward north america. in the meantime, a nice warm-up along the north coast. and some cold, but nothing terrible. again, in good shape at the moment. a storm system out west. but this thing produced a lot of rain. and also some severe weather this morning. but this tornado watch across louisiana and mississippi. and it's also, this storm moves to the north, it's going to pump a lot of warm air up with it. and we are going to be on the warm side of the storm. and maybe struggle to get past 50s today and tomorrow. it's going to be the weekend. clouds will increase here tomorrow afternoon. and evening. when we will have rain around.
6:19 am
look at the forecast, we've got a yellow alert for tomorrow afternoon. the afternoon showers will impact the commute, the get away for the afternoon and evening. today 50. tonight 39. tomorrow 51. as we head toward saturday, here comes the warm air, 62 by sunday. we warm up to 68 monday. perhaps off for the holiday. some showers in the afternoon around 60. and much cooler tuesday, back down in the 40s with rain. >> thank you so much. good morning everyone. you know this rush hour has been fairly easy. the beltways look great all morning long. no big problems to report. going about 42 miles per hour. heading up towards springfield. off and on for you at 42. it's really just fine. all commuters had to deal with this week on 95. a live look outside on the northbound side. and springfield, just as usual, slowing down, coming up from
6:20 am
route 64 4 . back to the maps, this time, inside the beltway. all of the bridges are looking good. roosevelt and memorial, 14th street bridge, no issues on 295 up to the river. and one more last live look, this time at 66 inside the beltway for the roosevelt bridge. back with more traffic coming up. >> thank you. rg3 made it through surgery, but now begins the long road to recovery. a former professional football player who suffered a similar injury, recovered and decided to dedicate his life work to helping others heal.
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welcome back. comfortably cold with temperatures in the 30s and hos to start. a big warm-up this weekend. looking at the futurecast, well, not seeing the clouds now. but temperatures are going to be in the upper 30s and low 40s
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by 9:00. head toward lunchtime with 48 in town. mid-40s in fredrick. and near 50 in the south western suburbs there. afternoon, the clouds increase, the highs upper 40s to low 50s. >> thank you. everyone is breathing a sigh of relief this morning. rg3's knee surgery was a success and he is expected back within six to eight months on the field. my next guest with a wide receiver for the detroit lions before he suffered a career- ending knee injury. edward lee had acl reconstruction and went through rehabilitation. that experience led him to become a physical therapist to become others. founder and president of physical therapy and sports ainternational space stationment. ed, good to -- sports assessment. ed, good to see you. and you have worked on my mother and son. when you watched the game and saw him go down that last time, did your knee ached? >> yes, i grabbed my knee.
6:25 am
when you see a knee buckle like that, it brings back memories. >> six to eight months, the kind of mental health he has, determination to get back into the game, that he could be back in the field in eight months. is that realistic. >> it's real realistic, but it's not conservative. he basicallier to three ligaments in the knee. we have to caution to not look at him like peterson. i don't think we can expect the same thing. >> go ahead. >> well, because her to three ligaments, he's 6-foot 2 and with the one he injured initially, you have to be cautious and protect that. and you can't be too aggressive the range of motion. and they had to take a ligament from his other knee. and now he has to rehab both sides. >> what i was going to ask you again, how long did it take? you didn't go back because you said it was career-ending. but before he is able to really
6:26 am
start rehab, do we have to ease him into this? i know he walked out of the hospital probably yesterday. and they are going to start rehab today. what will that look like? >> well, they'll work on range of motion gently. because he had the lateral injury, they have to protect that. >> and still swelling. >> a lot of swelling. that initial injury against baltimore. that was traumatic and now just reinjured it again, worse. and then surgery. that's a lot of trauma on the joints. a lot of inflammation and they'll have to get rid of that first. but they need to start gradually working on the range of motion. >> does he do anything in water to make it better? or start doing leg lifts? gentle treadmill action? what? >> definitely won't be on the treadmill. probably on crutches initially. he will start doing leg lifts. he won't be on water right now. he has to let that heal. but eventually he will get in
6:27 am
the pool. underwater treadmills. there are a lot of different things he will have access to. >> the first weeks, how critical is that? >> very important. still in the protection phase. so it's very critical. >> if you worked on someone, because i have seen the pictures at your office, you worked with the lead athletes in ice skating and basketball and football. and tennis. do most recover? >> yeah, when i played back in the early 80s, you didn't come back from the injury. but now, everybody comes back from the acl injuries. just a matter of when? >> acl and lcl? >> yeah, he's going to be fine. and it's just a matter of when. if anybody can do it, he can do it. >> thank you for being here with us. >> good to see you. >> great guy. thank you for coming in. and folks in tyson's corner, they are complaining. the latest on a recent board of supervisors tax zone. more money out of their pockets
6:28 am
possibly. on the north side of 95, looks good here. the brake lights begin closer to 644 heading up to 395 which is now slow. all the lanes are open. back with more news, weather and traffic when we return after the break. you're watching 9 news. stay with us. wrap
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good morning. we're back at 6:31. always the place to get your weather first. a live look at the u.s. capitol
6:32 am
building. a lot of activity there in the next couple days. >> we hope. >> with the swearing in of the president. and right now, can you believe it, 44 degrees. wow. thank you for starting your day with us. >> thursday's here. we're glad you're waking up with us. no jacket, really? >> yeah, we want out here, it's in the 40s, light winds. just comfortably cold is all i could call it. if you're going to be out for a while, i recommend a jacket. but a beautiful sky. just to the east of reagan national. and we are back, moving the camera around. the moon, that is venus to the upper right. but the moon is out there. and if you're following me on twitter or facebook, i posted that picture that i grabbed of this about five minutes ago. a really neat sky this morning. some are seeing it obviously just the camera angle. 44 at reagan national. sunny this morning, 41 at 9:00.
6:33 am
by noon, 48. and by 5:00, we are at 49 degrees. i expect the afternoon temperatures to be around 50. patchy clouds this morning and. the one cloud timing was not good for me just a moment ago. but no moisture around in the form of the precipitation. so it's a dry morning, temperature down to 32. we're 44 toward the 50-degree mark. let's go inside. happy thursday. >> happy thursday. almost friday everybody. just one more day. and if you're planning to head out to commute this morning, it's actually a great thursday morning there are no big issues to report inside the beltway here on the vw parkway on route 50 through the northeast corridor. in toward the capitol heights area, the beltway has been incident-free this morning. a live look planning to head over to the north side of town
6:34 am
or south side, here's 210 to the wilson bridge. things looking good this morning. back to the maps. and this time we head over to the west side. no problems on the gw parkway, leaving the beltway. a live look at the american region bridge west side of town looking good. i'll be back with more traffic at 6:43. back to you. >> thank you. and now time to see what our partners at cbs are doing. >> good morning charlie. >> good morning. we will talk with the television host who has put himself at the center of the heated gun debate. it's led to a petition for him to be deported. plus the newest car technology that could leave the driver in the dust. we have that and more when we see you at 7:00. >> you ordered that car already, didn't you? >> yeah, i did. i want one. >> it's still a little scary. you see the car driving on the
6:35 am
street, no hands, mom. we'll be watching. >> thank you. all in the name of progress, not just that driverless car, but the county is look ago head 40 years down the road with development plans. the board of supervisors voted to create a tax zone that includes a 10% hike to help pay for an urban center. >> and opponents are angry, they say it will hurt future growth. more on the debate. it's interesting on how the share of the tax would end up hitting people. >> reporter: absolutely. there are about 18,000 condo owners in the area. and roughly we're told about this tax could add about $30 a month to their property taxes. they essentially say we shouldn't be the only ones here in the area having to foot the bill for this construction that we may not see the benefits of in our lifetime because it's a
6:36 am
40-year plan. they say everyone's going to benefit from this construction. and the redevelopment. so the whole county should have to pay. but right now, you know, it seems like, this area will likely get hit with the tax. not only commercial land owners, but residential land owners as well. and that's the debate, why should residential land owners pay the same tax rate that the commercial land owners are paying and that's why so many folks are upset. >> and it's making way for new development, new retail, new housing, new major areas for businesses to locate. they'll try to get more business in the area. shouldn't some of the developers who are going to profit from this be among those paying their fair share? >> reporter: that's interesting because we spoke to one of the, the real vocal proponent -- vocal opponents of the tax.
6:37 am
and he says the developers should scale back their plans. and if they scale back their plan, they would have the extra $230 million in order to fund the rest of their project. right now, the county wants developers to pay for bike lanes and some additional amenities that maybe these, maybe the taxpayers or residents here say if they just scale back the plan for the project, then they'll have this extra money and we won't have to pay for it. >> and you may not have as many residents paying that money, maybe they'll go some place else in the county. >> reporter: say that one more time? >> and those are ready to move out and go some place else and still benefit from when ever the development is completed. >> reporter: right. 40 years for this to be completed. folks say why should i move in to the area when i can go a
6:38 am
mile down the road and not have to pay the tax. and so a lot of people say, have the whole county pay for this tax. interesting side note, the board of supervisor's chairperson told me, this is likely to repeat itself throughout fairfax county. we are seeing a lot of development, a lot of construction happening. and so we're going to have to fund these projects. and so you're likely to see this kind of debate repeat itself in several communities throughout fairfax county when the county is trying to look for extra money to foot the bill for these projects. >> progress, not an easy proposition. thank you. >> thank you. well these youngsters want a job. they were training to be medical students and now hundreds of them are without their school. that's because the american career institute shut down yesterday without warning. aci has a school on georgia
6:39 am
avenue as well as columbia and baltimore. a note on the front door of the schools in massachusetts reads that the company was forced to close, quote, due to a sudden inability to access additional credit. couldn't get any money. at this point, students aren't sure how they'll finish their stew i dids. today, -- their studies. today, jerry sandusky is headed back to court. he was sentenced to 30 years in prison after being convicted on 45 counts of child sex abuse last year. today attorneys plan to argue they weren't given enough time to prepare his defense. and the national flu outbreak is spreading there. city of boston declared a public health emergency after the virus killed more than a dozen people and at least three more states have declared a widespread outbreak bringing the total number of states dealing with the flu to 44. the centers for disease control reports the number of people going to the hospital with flu
6:40 am
symptoms has doubled in the past month. at 6:39, coming up, we're here with another your money report. more lay-office coming to wall street. morgan stanly is expected to cut 1600 jobs or 6% of the work force. roughly half will be in the u.s. and mostly from the investment banking division. in december, citi group announced it is laying off 11,000 workers. wal-mart had a change of heart. the largest retailer will join talks at the white house today about gun control and safety after initially declining to attend citing a scheduling conflict. wal-mart is the country's largest seller of firearms. the insurance giant american international group decided not to bite the hand that feeds it. they'll not join a shareholder lawsuit against the u.s. government. the same government that rescued the company from near collapse in the 2008 financial
6:41 am
crisis. they were legally obligated to consider joining the lawsuit brought by the ceo. he claims the terms of the taxpayer bailout were not fair to shareholders. highs still seasonably mild today and tomorrow. >> and boy is it looking good this weekend if you like to do things outside. all of the details right after this.
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good morning. welcome back. 6:45. such a good morning. i met her yesterday at the national museum of women in the arts. she told me she wrote a paper about me in the third grade. she's not in the third grade anymore. a few years ago. but she did get a good grade on it. >> she drives. >> yeah. really. no heavy coat required today. that's the news bulletin. >> yeah, this morning, chilly, but a comfortable cold because the winds are light. and doesn't feel bad at all. no. no. today it's going to be 50. the morning is going to look better than the afternoon. we have clouds to start the
6:46 am
sun. the bus stop forecast. writing a paper. temperatures are running in the 30s and 40s with light winds. partly cloudy skies and if you saw it earlier, that was venus next to the moon. it's sunrise at 7:26. starting to get the sky really bright to the east of reagan national. by lunchtime, more clouds, 48. by 5:00, 49 degrees. we will be looking at the clouds rolling in. high temperatures, 50, 51. which is well above average. average is 43. in fact, we're average, the average high already at 43. 37. so a little bit of a chill out there. to the east, we've got 45 for our friends. and 42 in college park. outside, the weather camera, it's a little out of focus this morning but you get the idea. partly cloudy conditions. 44 degrees. a dry morning. northwesterly winds at 9 miles per hour.
6:47 am
and the humidity sits at 49%. cold air coming into the country over the next couple days. and you can see it in a moment. between now and saturday, the cold moves in toward the northern rockies. and then toward the plains and at the same time, the warm sergeant shooting up from the gulf coast region through the ohio valley and the mid- atlantic. big storm in texas is also a decent storm coming into the northwest with rains and mountain snows. skiers having a great time in the northwest. rains in texas and louisiana. that tornado watch in effect until noon. for us, some of the rain will be here tomorrow afternoon. and then the warmth, 60s and 70 possible by sunday. 50s, chilly. we've got temperatures, we've got an echo, we've got 30s tonight. and tomorrow, showers in the afternoon. a yell le alert for that, 51 -- yellow alert for that, 51. by saturday, nice saturday. nicer sunday, 68. and showers by monday afternoon
6:48 am
and temperatures around 60. you're loving this. i know you love to play tennis. >> playing tennis, no jacket required. it's going to be awesome. and you're planning to head outside, opposite. it's not that awesome. there's a couple accidents i need to tell you about. the first one on the inner loop of the beltway right here. look at that slow traffic because of it. that's the southbound side of 495. and this has been so quiet for so long, so not used to that. and take a look at another accident, northbound 395 northbound of edgeville road before duke street, the right side of the roadway affected. and we will see from springfield on the northbound side of 95, and this is where it's going to begin to slow down and try to cross the beltway and to 395. stay to the left. and a quick look live, 270 southbound, route 1 to route 121. back with the accidents south
6:49 am
of town at 6:58. back to you. around 8:30 this morning, the 2013 oscar nominees will be announced. the award show will air february 24th. and now democracy looks to be the key figures this year. >> best picture favorite, nominees include the history- based lincoln, zero dark 30 that everybody has been talking about, les mes. >> what's interesting, you could have as many as eight to 10 nominees. >> i didn't realize that. >> actresses sandra bullock was named favorite humanitarian. the first time the award is being given. she was selected because of her commitment a school in new orleans. those students were heavily impacted by hurricane katrina. it's the only major award show
6:50 am
where the winners are chosen by the public. >> we like that. and time now to answer the question of the morning. the question, 25% of men say they do this when they have a bad day. is it, a, lift weights or go running? b, break something? or c, talk to their significant others. >> one of our favorites wrote, it would be nice if they would talk to someone, but my answer is break something, b. >> and yep, the answer is 25% of guys say, definitely break something. i used to be that guy, but not anymore. >> but you still don't talk. like a guy. we have been thumbing through the daily deals. looking for a good deal on a watch. you can buy the women's adventure watch for $89. that's 70% or $210 in savings. you can find this deal in the clearance section. and bestbuy is offering 54% off
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welcome back. your weather first. and a nice looking morning across the state. we've got temperatures in the 30s and 40s right now with lighter winds. more clouds this afternoon. lunchtime temperature 48. look for a high of 50. >> all right. one more thing before you go, london underground celebrated its birthday yesterday. it's 150 years since it began rumbling beneath the streets. >> cool video. it's called the tube. and it's the oldest rail system of its kind in the world. >> it is 6:55. one more check of weather and traffic right after this. honey, don't use your sleeve.
6:56 am
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6:58. we will get to 50 today with more clouds this afternoon. tomorrow afternoon, showers to slow the commute home, and then a very warm weekend, should be
6:59 am
close to 70 by sunday. and then we cool down, down by the middle of next week. >> would you do that for me? >> thank you. on the inner loop of the beltway, a graphic, an accident. and if you're planning to head northbound on 395, a quick look, an accident north of edgeville has been cleared. next on cbs this morning, thes acorr -- morning, the oscar nominations plus the gun debate heats up with the white house. we will see you back here tomorrow morning. >> bye-bye. >> see you at noon.


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