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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  January 18, 2013 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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behalf of ritz carlton guests. the ritz says it's worth about five grand. >> to get people to try it and. >> if you are curious, go over to you can get the recipe for michelle obama's white and dark chocolate chip cookies. maryland's governor announces major new proposals today aiming at sweeping new restrictions on gun ownership in the state of maryland. he calls it his top legislative priority for 2013. scott broom is live in frederick county with reaction. scott? >> reporter: outside a gun store here where guns rights advocates are very concerned about this, a target of the governor's new proposed
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restrictions are those so- called assault weapons and the high capacity ammunition clips that feed bullets into them as well as handguns. inside the gun center here in frederick racks that used to hold so-called assault style rifles like the bushmaster are empty because they're sold out. outside customers with strong feelings about gun rights are unnerved by talk of gun restrictions. >> i'm going to stock up while i can. >> reporter: by maryland governor martin o'malley. >> our constitution gives us the right and unfortunately our governor of maryland doesn't understand infringement. >> reporter: the o'malley plan calls for a state ban on assault weapons similar to the federal ban that expired in 2004, restricting the size of magazines to 10 bullets or less, prohibiting gun sales to people under 21. additionally o'malley proposes gun licensing with renewal
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every five years including fingerprinting and a mandatory gun safety class requirement. rifles and shotguns used by sportsmen would be exempted. >> if you have to get a license to drive a car on the streets or a motorcycle on the streets, i think most marylanders, democrats, republicans and independents, agree that you should have to be licensed in order to operate a firearm. >> whether the governor likes it or not, this is a right. >> reporter: republican state senator e.j. pit kin represents maryland's eastern shore. >> it's a right and to needlessly restrict those rights is unconstitutional. >> reporter: also on the governor's agenda announced today better reporting and gun ownership restrictions on mentally ill people and $25 million earmarked for schools to spend as they wish on things like security cameras, bulletproof glass at the front door and door buzzers. reporting live in frederick county, scott broom, wusa9.
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>> we'll be following this closely. in virginia state lawmakers are grappling with gun control as well. for a while today it looked like they were getting somewhere. a senate committee approved a bill to close virginia's gun show loophole, but not long after the vote the committee apparently got cold feet and took back its support saying it would reconsider the issue next week. that loophole lets a private person at a gun show sell you a weapon without a background check. on the national political scene let's talk debt ceiling, the government's limit on how much money it can borrow. the issue divides democrats and republicans and threatens to send us into government gridlock in the next few weeks, but tonight some encouraging news. house republicans say they are prepared to raise the roof on the debt ceiling for another three months, a bit of a breather. in return they want guarantees from democrats that congress will work quickly to pass a budget so it can focus how to bring down the nation's debt. security will certainly be
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tight near the capitol for the upcoming inauguration and the coastguard will keep a close eye on the rivers through the city. increased security is in place on the potomac between the key bridge and reagan national airport already. on the anacostia patrols will extend from the 14th street bridge to the 295 bridge, but from sunday through tuesday water traffic along those waterways will be closed entirely for 48 hours. while the president's been working on his speech his staff has had to respond to a petition signed by 34,000 people demanding that the government build a death star, that is, death star as in the ds1 orbital battle station, you know, the one from star wars. maybe that's why the white house is changing the rules for those online petitions and bruce leshan is here to tell us all about it. i like the death star, but it's a little odd in real life. >> and how many quadrillion dollars would it take to build? here's the website, the we the
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people website petitions. when this was launched initially, it was like 5,000 signatures you needed to get the white house to actually respond. that was boosted to 25,000 some time ago and now it is up to 100,000. so you can bet what the first petition was that people put up after that and here the petitions, you can just go through them real quick and one of the first petitions that people put up after they boosted this thing to 100,000 is revoke their increase on the number of petition signatures required for a response from 25,000 to 100,000. the white house has just been overwhelmed by this. there have pen like 10 million people who have -- been like 10 million people who have signed petitions and they've had to respond to quite a few. some of them are a little loopy. i mean here's one, try andrew cuomo in federal court for
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treason regarding the gun control in new york state and the funny thing is the white house has actually had to respond to all kinds of these things, if i can get this one to come up. let me see. okay. so this one was about we request that obama be impeached for the following reasons. i mean they actually had to respond to this thing. the short answer is no, but keep reading and here is actually the one on the death star and they responded to that one and they said you know what? this is going to cost 850 -- can you see the number here, derek? 850sextillion-dollars or something like that. >> which would put a little hole in the deficit. >> the administration does not support blowing up planets. why would we spend countless taxpayer dollars on a death star with a fundamental flaw that can be exploited by a one-
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man star ship, doesn't make sense. so again going up to 100,000, but with the rate people are signing up for this thing, they could get to 100,000 pretty easy. >> i think the whole idea is they didn't count on the ease of signing with the world of the internet. >> it's participate -- it's participatory. the department of environmental services says the a 30-inch culprit broke at the intersection of arlington boulevard and south irving earlier this week. there may be low water pressure between 6 and 9 p.m. the county has responded to breaks this week at stafford and 16th streets south and quincy and 13th streets south as well. changing temperatures may have played a role in all those
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water breaks. how low will they go? topper has a check of our forecast from the weather terrace. >> with clear skies and winds dying down temps will fall very quickly tonight. if you're headed out, you need a big time coat, 35 downtown currently, 30 in gaithersburg and manassas, 32 la plata, 31 in cambridge, 30 in easton and baltimore. temps are falling very quickly. tonight 26 to 32 for lows, clearly skies, breezy, cold, wind chills in the teens after midnight. winds pick up 10 to 15 southwest. we'll come back and show you where it did snow yesterday both video and still pictures. also we'll talk about some of the coldest air in two years and let you know when that rolls in. a former parking lot attendant will be parked in prison for a while. he worked at the air and space museum annex near dulles airport. prosecutors say over the course of three years he pocketed
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nearly half a million dollars in parking fees. today a judge sentenced him to a year and eight months behind bars and the cash he stole? he has to pay it all back. >> serves him right. we'll have complete inauguration coverage at 7:00 including a courageous young man and his family who will all have special seats for the big event. it's an amazing story at 7:00. >> still to come in this half hour the security measure people seem to love to hate may be going the way of the do-do. >> up next investigators take the next step trying to solve the mystery of a murdered lottery winner, all that and
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the latest news in weather is a touch away at the itunes store where you can download the wusa9 app for your mobile phone or tablet. it's free. it will give you a link to all the local news and information you want at your fingertips. chicago authorities hope an autopsy will give them more insight into the poisoning of a lottery winner. here's the details surrounding this mysterious case. >> reporter: workers in a chicago cemetery exhumed the body of urooj khan friday morning. they erected a tent around the gravesite, then brought the body into the hearse. police escorted the body to the cook county medical examiner's office where a complete autopsy was performed. >> the body was in a state of
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advanced decomposition. we were able to identify the major organs and take samples of each of those for toxicology analysis. >> reporter: kahn died in july after he was about to complete $425,000 in lottery winnings. his cause of death was hardening of the arteries which could be a heart attack or stroke. then a relative demanded a closer look. further tests revealed he was poisoned by cyanide. it may be difficult to tell how the poison was ingested. >> cyanide can essentially evaporate and leave the tissues. so it is possible that cyanide that was in the tissues is no longer in the tissues after several months. we'll just have to see how the results play out. >> reporter: it will take a few weeks to get the results of the tests. today the transportation security administration confirmed it will get rid of those body scanners that give screeners a naked image of your
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body. congressman dated the agency stop using those x-ray machines by june. tsa will continue to use another type of scanner that only shows a generic image. still ahead people start getting their hands on the hottest tickets in town courtesy
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wusa9 is your inauguration connection this long weekend. we're ready to go. our coverage begins tomorrow with the national day of service. then sunday will be live for the official swearing in ceremony. monday or coverage begins at 4 a.m. and we will take you through the second ceremonial swearing in and the inaugural parade and all the balls. we'll bring you the most comprehensive coverage possible. if you're not near the tv, download the wusa9 app on your tablet or mobile phone to see everything streamed live. every inauguration four members of the military are selected to dance with the president, the vice president and their wives at the commander in chiefs ball. it's a huge honor. this year air force staff sergeant brea nelson will be the president's dance partner. the 29-year-old is stationed at
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bolling air force base. a 27-year-old who is currently a control protection dog handler who will dance with the vice president. >> it's surreal. i have no idea. i don't even have any words to put how exciting and once in a lifetime opportunity this is. i think all of this is just overjoyed. >> i'm really excited and i'm really nervous. this is great opportunity. there's a lot of other soldiers out there who could easily be in my shoes right now who are deployed. so i thank them for my service and wish they could be here and i hope they're safe. >> the president and vice president's wives also need dance partners. so the first lady will be dance with marine gunnery sergeant timothy easterling while dr. jill biden will be dancing with navy petty officer third class figueroa. some lucky constituents, senator ben cardin got their
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hands on tickets to the inauguration today. more than 3,700 people contacted his office, but he only had 325 tickets to give out. those winners were chosen through a lottery. hate fumbling around for cash to pay a cabbie? in d.c. just say charge it. the d.c. taxicab commission is ordering all cab drivers to now accept credit cards by the end of march. the commission is looking into things like gps systems for all taxis. expect more on that this summer. you might want to rind stead of walk if you're going to be -- ride instead of walk if you're going to be out. >> that's huge because i never have cash. my says can i have some cash? i have a dollar in my wallet. >> because you'll spend it? >> i don't know. >> all that college tuition thing going on. >> we just missed the snow yesterday, talked about the bull's eye being west of town.
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we'll take you down to roanoke. they had about 6 inches of snow, beautiful sight, not so beautiful with the cars on the side of the road. it was a wet snow. their surface temperatures were 33, 34 at the height of the storm. that cut down on accumulations and made the snow stick and made it a very pretty sight, kind of like the norman rockwell cards. let's look at our picture that was sent. in this is lexington park in maryland. we talked about a little snow occurring south of town, not much on the lawn. kent sent this in. we appreciate that. now live shot of the ken city center on our michael and son weather cam. 35 the temperature, dew point 11. time to start thinking about adding moisture back in your house. you want to add it back in the winter. 30 now in reston, 32 in springfield, 31 bethesda, 33 in
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college park and 30 in andrews, temps falling pretty quickly. so breezy and colder tonight, dress for the teens and 20s especially if you're out late. it is friday. a nice weekend ahead, deep freeze next week, in fact, probably the coldest air in two years. inauguration forecast, temps in the 30s, but breezy and cold. so dress for the 20s and snow flurries are possible late in the day. that's not even super cold air. lows tonight 22 to 32, clear skies, breezy, winds picking up southwest 10 to 15. 25 in bethesda and rockville for lows, 203 out toward fairfax, maybe 26 or 27 in college park. tomorrow morning 20s and 30, plenty of sunshine. by afternoon a very nice day, lots of sunshine, temperatures in the upper 40s becoming partly cloudy. next three days 9 weather alerts are green, 40s, bundle up monday, inauguration day
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only mid-30s, but that's not as cold as it will get. mid-20s highs on tuesday, a better chance of snow flurries or snow showers, upper 20s wednesday, upper 30s on thursday. guess what? we warm up and go back to rain next friday. >> okay. at least it's not snow. there is a multi-million dollar debate going on right now with maryland athletics. >> the fight over $53 million might just set the stage for what the acc eventually becomes. maryland athletic says we won't to leave and don't want to pay any cash to do it, the legal battle ensuing today. >> and torrey smith a factor not many are talking about in sunday's game, [ male announcer ] now at your neighborhood subway: the big hot pastrami melt.
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now here's dave owens at the wusa9 cadillac sports desk. >> maybe vegassens something we don't or maybe they're -- vegas knows something we don't or maybe they're just in love with tom brady like the rest of the universe, but new england an eight-point favorite? need i remind them the ravens beat them earlier this year and baltimore has weaponry, too. joe flacco lobbed torrey smith bombs all day long last time. flacco is confident in his guys to make the plays. >> we got guys outside that can do it and torrey has been big,
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jacoby, antwan. those guys are good doing those kind of things and we've been able to exploit some of that on the defenses we've played. it definitely gets us going and it's a big part why we won those games. >> it's the best time of the year. it's the second best week of the year. so we're trying to earn the best week of the year is what we're shooting for. >> i'm pumped up, too, this the place to be ravens/patriots sunday, 6:30 live coverage from foxboro during game on overtime at 11:30 and preview the championship saturday night at 7:00. university of maryland president also said an exit fee from the acc2 not hold up in court. we're about to find out. the state attorney general filed a complaint today citing the fee vital anti-trust laws. -- violates anti-trust laws. shortly after maryland announced it was leaving the acc for the big 10 in 2014 the acc filed a motion to impose the exit fee.
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stay tuned. such a short season, anything possible which is why the caps who barely made playoffs believe they can cop a cup this year. they're certainly not favorites, but don't tell that to karl alzner. >> in my opinion we generally think we can go all the way to the finals and win. i don't ever come into a season thinking otherwise. so i don't know if other people have other expectations, but that's what mine are and i would hope everybody's are the same. ian desmond getting a raise agreeing to a one year deal 3.8 mill avoiding arbitration, hit 25 home runs, 73 r.b.i.s a year ago, tyler clippard also signing a one year deal. the team can stilling in the long term contracts. thanks to the 22,000 of you who voted for our game of the week. stop by tc williams for the battle of alexandria, tc versus west potomac, full highlights at 11:00. >> i'm from alexandria. >> i thought you were from
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detroit? >> i live in alexandria. >> he is now from alexandria. >> that's it for
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