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tv   wusa 9 News Saturday at 6pm  CBS  January 19, 2013 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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artis. anderson weaving up the floor. gliding to the rim. he will shoot 2. ucla cutting this deficit in half as larry drew pass to powell for the corner three. three-point lead for the ducks here in westwood. time-out. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] bud light. for the fans who do whatever it takes. give your team some mojo at here we go.
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♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] don't just reject convention. drown it out. introducing the all-new 2013 lexus ls f sport. an entirely new pursuit. >> spero: tomorrow, tom bikers bump and run on the a.m.a. super cross. something has to give when the top 15 cowboys get ahold of the toughest bulls in the pbr
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bucking battle. that's tomorrow at 1:00 eastern right here on cbs sports. oregon 62, ucla 59. 3:30 to play in the second half. time for the capitol one impact performance with 3:30 to play. >> doug: travis wear, a transfer from north carolina. coming backhoe to socal. in his year off and off-season, worked on his game extensively. what a skilled big man. he has 17 points. he's the go-to half court scorer for the bruins coming down the stretch. >> >> spero: that was our capitol one impact performance of the afternoon. take a look at our game reset. three time-outs apiece. both teams currently in the bonus. this is what you want, two teams. a lot of youth on ucla and oregon, a team nobody expected to be at this point, certainly
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at this juncture, looking for a road win. who will make the plays here to win it? i'm for oregon, it's interested that dana altman is going with johnathan loyd at the point right now down the stretch instead of artis. loyd not a great scorer but a great defender and penetrator. >> spero: anderson hits the first of two. e.j. singler back on the floor playing with four fouls at this point. singler not a guy that will bowl you over with his statistical production. certainly one of the heart and seoul players for altman. anderson a freshman. 8 boards and 6 assists. cuts the oregon lead to 1.
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loyd, turning the corner. kazemi cleans it up. second chance points again an impact for the ducks. >> doug: also the lack of a second big man for the bruins. oregon going big with kazemi. and ucla going small. kyle anderson is a mismatch offensively. defensively, he's not a traditional rebounder despite the stats. you can see larry drew there towards the end of the ucla bench. 12 second chance points for oregon. none for the bruins. so a three-point deficit for ucla. under three minutes to play.
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here's muhammad. 10 points today. going to the left hand. hasn't quite had the impact on this game as you'd expect. >> doug: that's a good shot though. within the flow of the offense, travis wear got away with a ridiculous moving screen. a good shot for muhammad. just didn't go in. >> spero: muhammad didn't start. disciplined why ben howland for showing up at practice late. came off the bench. shot clock at 10. here comes dotson. a little fake. foul by travis wear. more free throws for the freshman, damyean dotson. >> doug: here's the previous offensive rebound. watch kazemi on the weak side. he will seal and post-up so that creates almost like a red sea opening for johnathan loyd. as loyd cuts in, there's kazemi. here's the opening. he also gets a second chance point. loyd blew a wide-open lay-up. kazemi not only creating the
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lay-up but also created his own shot. >> spero: his angle spacing, plays the game at a fundamental level. >> doug: he's actually very athletic. just not vertically athletic. people think you have to jump out of the gym. on the perimeter, he can pump fake and go by you. >> doug: you mentioned his three-year stint at rice before electing to transfer leaving that program. five-point lead for oregon after the free throws by dotson. woods got a hand on a pass and dotson with the loose ball. dotson in the open floor. back for woods for the nancy finish. and ucla, let's see here, a time-out or violation on the inbounds play. i believe oregon saying that
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travis west stepped on the baseline. >> doug: so ben howland is yelling for time. he's calling for time. first there's a deflection. woods switched on the ball screen. damyean dotson, ucla just stopped playing. dotson attacks, kicks out to woods. ben howland is yelling time-out as everybody at home, you're a ucla fan saying time-out. when ucla got the ball in, they stepped inbounds. the only question is did anybody on the floor actually call the time-out. >> spero: all kinds of confusion here. 7-point game as it stands now. as oregon coming on with the game hanging in the balance. they have hit six straight shots. >> doug: ucla flat footed. damyean dotson says fine, i'll get me a bucket. so woods scores. howland yelling for a time-out. >> spero: so the officials will give the time-out to ucla with
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1:42 to play. ucla down to their final two time-outs. 40 miles per gallon highway or better? ford. america's freshest lineup, with exclusive ecoboost technology that delivers efficient power. ford has you covered at the pump. and now we'll cover your first three payments on select vehicles. no wonder ford is america's best selling brand. now, get a ford focus and we'll cover your first three payments plus you'll get $1000 cash back. or get 0% financing for 60 months. >> spero: thursday on cbs, catch "elementary", cbs's number 1 show. doug, what did they tell you about that last sequence? >> doug: ben howland can get the time-out but not before the
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violation. frank harvey iii standing under the basket heard the time-out and gave the time-out to the bruins even though travis wear did commit a violation. the time-out happened before the violation. >> spero: so the bruins catch a break. down 7. 1:39 to play. desperately need points right now. travis wear on a turn-around. left it short. rebound kazemi. oregon in the bonus. eight team fouls for ucla. woods walk to the rack. hard finish with a right hand. now ucla in deep trouble down 9 with 65 seconds left. ben howland will take a time-out. he'll have one left here with 61 seconds remaining. let's go to new york and get an
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update. >> all right, spero. syracuse going down the length here. seva just turned it over for a bucket. and jang loses it inside. syracuse upsets the tom-ranked team, 70-68 in louisville. back to spero. >> spero: huge win for jim boeheim and syracuse. >> doug: what a win! without james sutherland? unbelievable. >> doug: to go into louisville and get a win? you ask anybody in college basketball to say put them in the hat, top 12 teams could win the national title. there are teams beyond that. and there's the michigans and the indiana that got beat at home. louisville got beat at home. last year we had three elite
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teams. this year, anybody's ball game. >> spero: 7-point lead for oregon. 61 seconds to play. ucla the steal and they give it right back. travis wear with a miscommunication and the play. trying to find powell, it looked like. ucla having issues with the turnovers throughout. so 57.2 to play. bruins one time-out to play. both teams in the bonus. contact on the drive. johnathan loyd sprinting on the run for oregon. foul charged to travis wear. this will be a one and one situation. loyd's first trip to the free-throw line today. he is a 69% free thrower. his only attempt at 13 free throws all season.
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>> doug: we talked about shabazz muhammad. from bishop gorman high school in las vegas. >> spero: loyd the junior. dotson had it. ucla running out of time. adams deep three, not even close. drew. friendly bounce makes it a five-point game. and ben howland will take his final time-out down 5 with 43.5 on the clock. gger! bigger! bigger! so which would you rather have? a big treehouse or a small treehouse? if it's big enough, you can have a disco. oh, yeah! why do you not want a smaller treehouse? because it wouldn't be able to fit a flatscreen tv in and then the tv would be about this big and you would have to hold the wire and the position you would hold the wire you wouldn't be able to see the tv. that's a pain in the buns. yeah. yeah. yeah. yeah. [ male announcer ] it's not complicated. bigger is better. and at&t has the nation's largest 4g network.
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arizona and arizona state. you don't want to allow oregon to beat you twice, but arizona is good enough. leaves you a two-game losing streak if you can't pull something out of your had. >> spero: and ben howland takes on the arizona wildcats thursday night. foul charged to the bruins. it's on norman powell. his second. >> doug: ucla up coming, washington. never an easy out. they're off to a hot start. usc has better talent than their 7-11 record. they had three lay-ups to beat oregon thursday night. >> spero: two-shot situation. 10th team foul against the bruins. what a huge road win this would be for the ducks. up 6 with 41.5 remaining.
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>> doug: and every coach has their guy. when you spoke of their name, it's almost under hush tones. altman had a guard named ryan sears. he says he's the best guard he has add a freshman. >> spero: one of the most high profile recruits he's had in eugene. third season leading this program. artis 14 points today, six assists. oregon leads by 7. drew on a step-back. a long 2. ucla out of time-outs. got to foul here. get singler. singler and 82% shooter. >> doug: whereas oregon on the other hand, you get washington at home, stanford and cal.
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they're going at it this weekend. colorado, utah. again, at home. the ducks get a chance to advance in pac 12 play. they don't play ucla anymore. they don't play arizona anymore. they beat the top two teams. >> spero: so oregon 21th in the country. unranked going into the year. nobody expected them to be in this position mid to late january. but a win today takes them to 5-0 in the pac 12. 16-2. singler gets a friendly bounce. 28 seconds to play. and that's the kind of second half it's been for the bruins. >> doug: larry drew has shown some signs of offensive life. he was a mcdonald's all american. hit the last three buckets for ucla. he's played well enough down the stretch. an untimely turnover. >> spero: oregon, the signature win up in eugene against
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arizona. this one will go right at the top of the list. coming to westwood today. and taking care of ben howland's bruins. ucla will fall to 15-4. and 5-1 in the conference. >> doug: something about the ducks and the bruins this year. bruins football team got two chances at them. basketball team, all hopped up on quack. >> spero: i tell you what, tony woods had a career high for the big center. 18 points. there he is on the bench. receiving ivs yesterday in his hotel room here. certainly didn't look sick today. final 15 seconds. larry drew to the rim. in and out rebound. kazemi. adams will foul dotson. have a chance with damyean dotson to pad his stats.
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>> doug: for ucla, spero, i felt like they got selfish. muhammad shot it quick twice in a row. adams took a quick shot. that has a tendency like the flu. they have been playing unselfish basketball during this 10-game winning streak. you can't give in to taking quick shots against oregon. >> spero: doug, what is the feeling for oregon? how good can they be? >> doug: they're tough. they're coached well and they have veterans in the front line. in this year of college basketball, no reason why either of these teams can't be a sweet 16. >> spero: there's dana altman, year three. his team 4.6 away from this huge road win. and that will do it. the oregon ducks come to pauley paviloin and defea ben
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howland's bruins by 9 points. now forgot got, this is spero dedes saying so long from pauley paviloin. >> doug: oregon 76, ucla 67. this has been a presentation of cbs sports. home of the ncaa basketball championship. we go to new york with tim brando with road to the final four after this. at enterprise rent-a-car,
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>> in the game you just saw, oregon beat ucla. i'm joined by greg anthony and seth davis. a big win for altman. >> dana altman has always been a terrific coach. i said they have terrific guard play. how about the quality road wins? they knocked off my alma mater, unlv on the road and knocking off a hot ucla team. >> and beat arizona at home. i wondered about their guard play. >> we had three games going on simultaneously. syracuse taking on number 1 louisville. pitino and boeheim going at it.
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>> looks like louisville would hang on and get this. two costly turnovers down the stretch by peyton seva. carter-williams with the finish there. this ill-advised pass down the stretch. really costly. credit syracuse and the way they persevered. terrific win on the road for boeheim. >> and you wonder why he went inside. he wasn't in position. let's look at the top ten. i know your a voter, seth. where do you go from here? >> i usually wait till sunday night on twitter. this week i'm voting michigan as my number 1 team. that impressive win at minnesota and that very impressive second half in the loss at ohio state. they're playing better than everybody. they're at full strength as opposed to duke. indiana had a tough loss at home. kansas unimpressive. michigan is number 1. >> a young team with a higher ceiling. now, let's talk about another matchup that we saw earlier on
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cbs. kansas at texas and sheldon mcclelland with a floater here. seth, take a look at this action. >> this is an unfortunate turnover. maybe your thoughts. feeding ben mcelmore. kansas very fortunate to win. kansas got it done at the foul line. they're having some issues with elijah johnson at the point. he was 1 for 11. teams are slowing them down. they've been in the 60s for three straight games. so a win is a win. but they have to play at kansas state tuesday that will be tough. >> mcelmore had 16 in the game. other action that we need to update you on. arizona with ease. 71-54 over the sun devils. the florida gators are really playing well for billy donovan. his team rolling missouri without bowers. 83-52. you mentioned ohio state. they're underway right now with michigan state. sparty up by 8 early on. the creighton-wichita state was something to behold.
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a classic matchup. dougy getting it down early on. this time inside the painted area. >> yeah. big play. how about williams with the nice finish. put the shockers up 2. talked about doug mcdermot. he showed up. williams here again with the finish and the foul. and they just could not do enough down the stretch. you can see her with the opportunity to get the three from ethan groggy. the shockers shock the blue jays. >> the iron unkind at the end. the three-point win for wichita state. oklahoma and kansas state. rodney mcgruder will get the three-pointer. they're off and running. >> he had 20 points today. 4 for 9.
6:27 pm
and mbuai, what a game. as i mentioned, the jayhawks coming to town tuesday. >> you sure you mentioned that? >> okay. >> north carolina today at home against a maryland team coming off an n.c. state victory. loosing 62-52. the tar heels with the win. pittsburgh beating uconn 69-61. they're even in conference play. that will just about do it for us. here's a look what's coming up tonight on cbs. and a reminder, the road to the final four continues next saturday at 1:00 eastern. it's an acc matchup featuring the terrapins and number 3 duke. be sure to join us for the afc championship game. the ravens take on the patriots with a super bowl trip at stake. for all of us here at cbs sports, have a great evening. bye-bye, everybody.
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