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tv   wusa 9 News at 6am  CBS  January 21, 2013 6:00am-7:00am EST

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good morning. welcome back to wusa9 special inauguration coverage. today is monday, january 21. i'm andrea roane. so glad you're waking up with us. i'm mike hydeck. today is a big day for president barack obama. of course his second inauguration. we're coming to you live in northwest d.c. as you can see the white house is right behind us. >> raise your right hand and repeat after me. i barrack hussein obama do solemnly swear that i will faithfully execute-- >> we have many exciting events ahead, including full coverage of the inaugural parade, the swearing in -- the public swearing in and president obama's inaugural address. of course you're looking at video from the private swearing in ceremony yesterday as mandated by the constitution. it happened in the oval office just before noon sunday. again, the reasonable the constitution states the presidential term expires at noon on the 20th of january. watcrs. obama, their
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daughters along with the bidens. of course earlier in the same sunday, vice president biden was sworn in again and justice sotomayor administered the oath. >> it was administered at the vice president's residence at the naval observatory. last night this was a rough night for me to watch. i'm a patriots fan. you know what? the night was pretty much all ravens. here's tom brady. this is one of thed onest plays of the game, -- one of one everred onest -- one of the oddest plays of the game. the patriots could not get any offense going in the second half. ray lewis' career gets extended for to more weeks. he's headed to the super bowl against the san francisco 49ers. the are-- it's going to be a great super bowl. right now we're talking
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cold. it won't be cold in the dome for the super bowl, i can tell you that. but it is cold today. not as cold as four years ago. howard bernstein has our weather first. we have traffic cameras behind me. we've got temps in the 30s right now. mid-30s in town but a lot of the suburbs are down in the upper 20s. this is nothing compared to what we're going to be looking at over the next couple of days. control room, give me some weather graphics please. there we go. good visibility. here's our day planner. 39 by 11:00. mix of sun and clouds by 1:00 41. this afternoon we get to 44 with a 5:00 p.m. temperature of 43. the winds, gusts to 20 miles an hour at times today. tonight maybe even more than that at arctic air moves in and in the mountains out to the west, we've got winter advisories starting at 10:00 tonight. got some clouds around this morning, some snow flurries in southwestern pennsylvania. i know we have a few returns east of us. there could be a stray flurry, the biggest story just a chill with the temperature down to 43
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at national. 25 in hagerstown and martinsburg. it is 30 in culpeper. 29 in fredericksburg. going up to 44. we could be 20 degrees colder tomorrow. let's check in with monika right now. lots you need to know this inauguration morning. >> reporter: it is a federal holiday. that means roads that normally carry one-way traffic during the rush hour are carrying two- way traffic this morning. plus, you have all of your road restrictions in terms of parking and entry and exit points as well into and out of the district. marc trains special inauguration day service on brunswick and penn lines. if you're planning to use metro this morning, you'll want to know the smithsonian archives and mount vernon square are all shut down. will you not be able to access those but they do have 60,000 parking spaces in their lots and garages available for you. let's go outside live and show what you it looks like if you're planning to head here on 270. as i said it's going to be nice and light with it being a federal holiday. it's going to be getting into the district that's going to be
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tough. i subject you use metro. let's take one more last like on the northbound side of town. no problems on the beltway here. by the way, no hov restrictions as well on this inauguration day and federal holiday. more traffic coming up in a few minutes. but first, back to you. >> thank you, monika. if you're going to the swearing in ceremony today, you already know there are a lot of items you can't bring with you. >> many of them are obvious, but we're going to list a few of them anyway. they include aerosol spray cans, air horns. leave the alcoholic beverages at hope. no coolers, backpacks, especially the laser pointers as well. >> also leave behind the strollers for the baby, signs, posters, thermoses, glass containers, umbrellas, weapons and fireworks. how obvious is that. and if you need to see this list again, you can find it on our website at again, if you're going to the national mall today, know that you will only be able to get in on certain sides. constitution avenue at 7th
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street northeast, 9 rght street northwest, 12th street snort northwest -- 12th street northwest. you can also enter at independence avenue southwest at 7th street southwest and 12th street northwest. the park service has downgraded the number of people that will be entering the mall. they think it's going to be around 600,000 to 800 thown but -- 800,000 but it's still a lot of people. >> it's like adding another small city. joining us live from the national mall is peggy fox with a check of how people are filing in. good morning, peg. >> reporter: good morning. we're here at 9th add madison which is where the hershorn is on one side and the museum of natural history on the other. it's a great place to be. as you can see, we have one of the jumbotrons right over there. we see ellen degenres live. a lot of people below too
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coming in. you can see people streaming in. lots of porta-potties as well, lots of things in place to help people get through the day. i hope you dress warmly if you come. earlier we spoke to a woman named hate bergis who has -- hattybergis who has come all the way from tyler, texas. four years ago she came on a bus with other people from tyler and they came back again to see president obama on his second inauguration. take a listen to what she said. >> it was very inspiring. i saw all nationalities come together to honor our president and so see him sworn in the ceremony. >> reporter: one thing's different she said this time is things are a little bit easier. last time they had to stay up in delaware. this time they're in old town, alexandria so they're happy
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about that and able to see a lot more since they're here in the area. we'll be here all morning for you bringing you live reports. back to you. >> peggy fox live on the national mall. today's inaugural may be president obama's big day but it's also martin luther king, jr. day as well. the reverend sandra butler is an african-american historian and the owner of the gallery on u street right here in d.c. >> thank you for getting up early this morning. you've been with us here in the freezing cold temps for a long time now. you're very dedicated to being our guest. we appreciate that so much. >> that's because i love you. >> we love you, too. your gallery focuses on the strug of black americans through the sif rights era and -- the civil rights era and how special a day is this inauguration that it's falling on the official day of martin luther king. >> god must have preplanned that. i didn't get it at first. then all of a sudden i said it's dr. king's birthday, the
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day we're going to celebrate. so it's been a wonderful day. i had the opportunity to post a lot of pictures of obama and dr. king on my website and do some things, have conversations with people about the struggle as well as how did -- or how they feel about obama becoming president and how they feel about him winning a second time around. >> what are you hearing? >> people are really, really pleased about that. in washington, d.c. of course, you know, this is a democratic town. we were so happy that the democrats won one more time. so i'm personally real pleased by that. >> one of the things people started to jump to conclusions, we're in a post-racial society right now. and we heard the conversation moving forward we still have a long way to go but he was elected a second time. that has to be another step in the right direction.
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>> you're absolutely right. at my age, i never thought that i would live to see this. and it has been such a blessing to me to have seen this. the only thing i wish, i kind of wish my mother had been around to see something as great as this. it made a great change in washington, d.c. and the country, period, because people have changed their idea of what can happen. i can go to my grandson now who's ten years old and i can say listen, you can be the. of the until. that's -- the president of the united states. that's a great thing. >> that's a great thing for any child to know there's that potential. but there are still some things that have not been realized in the first administration for people of color, black americans, other minorities. what do you want him to focus on in the second term? >> i want him to continue to focus on health care. i want him to continue to focus on social security for senior citizens. i want him to focus on
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education for our young people. >> on that note about social security, entitlements, everyone says entitlements are definitely a big part of trying to reduce the budget and get in line. the age thing has really made a big difference. people don't want to have to work till they're 70. what do you think about that? >> i'm still working and i'm 73. i mean, you know, i'm one of those people -- i believe in working for what you want. so i don't have a problem with -- as long as i'm healthy, i can work. >> we like that, sandra butler, thanks for getting up this morning and braving the cold, staying here with us. >> thanks for having me. we have a big team covering this very special day. let's go over to jessica doyle who probably has one of the most beautiful views aside from ours overlooking the white house. she's watching people file in, in front of the capitol this morning. >> reporter: good morning to both of you. good morning to everybody at
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home. it's definitely arguable who has a better office this morning. we're about six hours away from the big event with the official swearing in of the president. i'll show you that podium right there. they're in the process of fixing the presidential seal. we don't expect the dignitaries to show up here till about 9:00 this morning. so all the setup is going on right now. of course i am surrounded by the media. we've been out here since about 2:30 this morning because security is just so tight. reporting live at the u.s. capitol, i'm jessica doyle, wusa9. back to you. >> all right, jessica, thank you very much. that's a beautiful shot we're taking of the capitol, the west front, where the president and just roberts will do it all over again, the public swearing in. the presidential inauguration coverage is not complete without you. you can always count on us to bring you the latest events as they open but you're also a very important part of our
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coverage. >> we rely on your feedback and input to help us give you the stories. you can post on facebook or the other social media sites we all use. join the cftion on our face -- join the conversation on our facebook fan pain. we appreciate -- pan faij. we appreciate -- fan page. we appreciate that, too. >> we need you to tell us the full inauguration day story. log on to or our facebook fan page. sends us your inauguration pictures and stories. tell us what you experience minute by minute, even if you're watching us on tv from your home. whether you're on the mall, riding metro, watching the parade, wusa9 wants to know about your day both the good and the bad. >> wusa9's continuing coverage of the presidential inauguration continues right after this.
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good morning. women come back to our special inauguration coverage. we're happy to tell you that joining us right now is entertainment tonight's rob marciano. he's been telling us about getting his feet wet right off the bat in his new assignment. >> it's been great.
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of course et has been here all week long. as you've been reporting on the events just keep coming and coming. we caught up with the first lady of the united states after the kids concert. tried to get her to tell us -- [ inaudible ] she got the new haircut so that's a big deal. the daily beast luncheon yesterday, at love stars showed up for that. eva longoria was there. jennifer washington was there. they're jam-packed. roxi is dialed in like no one i've ever met. she's going to be in the trenches. she may be rubbing shoulders with oprah. >> who know. she scored the big interview, getting the first lady and dr. joe biden so we're all envious of her. >> and of course the performers beyonce and james taylor and kelly clarkson. it's a big lineup outside the
6:17 am
political dignitaries as well. as you probably have been reporting on, biden's ceremony took place earlier because of a scheduling conflict. >> ever the news man. >> some of the things you're looking for, you'll be out and about. this is d.c.'s version of red carpet madness because there's a ball every four seconds here depending on where you are in the city. you're covering a lot of them. >> we are. roxi has an invite to one of the presidential inaugural balls tonight. >> only two this year. they scaled way back. >> that's a big deal so we'll be showing you the inside secrets there as well. >> only et can show you the real story behind the story. so we look forward to your reports. rob, thanks for joining us this morning. >> thanks to you and wusa9. we love the partnership. >> welcome to et.
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>> thank you. taylor stormer is a historian-- >> i think we're going to go to howard first. we're looking at 33. it's dropped 2 degrees. the closer we get to sunrise is the coldest time, right? just before the sun comes up? >> tell them, howard. >> often that is the case. we have a cold morning but nothing compared to the next few mornings with arctic air on the way. if you're going to be out tonight, take a minute and look in the sky. we have jupiter and the moon. stick your index finger out. that will be the separation in the sky between these two as they come together this evening. so kind of a cool thing there. let's talk about the cold because we've got a cold day but again the arctic air is not even here. 40 by noon. by 4:00 44. and by 8:00 p.m. 38. you'll notice a few snow showers by 8:00. winds are going to gust at times to 20 today out of the south and southwest. and then become northwesterly tonight. they could be gusting 20 to 25. so windchills become a factor. in fact in our western mountains, windchill advisories going into effect at 10:00. some of the wind chips overnight through the day tomorrow down to 10 below zero.
6:19 am
temps cleveland 19. pittsburgh 21. so our 33, you know, looks warm in comparison. outside on our michael & son weather camera, a good looking morning. still quite dark with sunrise 7:22 or so. 33. feels like 27 if that makes you feel any better, mike and andrea. wind chills only 27. a lot warmer than what we're expecting. east, northeast winds at 7 and the barometer steady. minneapolis 4 below. chicago 11. as we head to tuesday, here comes the cold us for with mid- 20s in our neck of the woods. that cold moves up toward at would and caribou and buffalo at 13. even on wednesday we're still looking at mid-20s around here. so very, very cold air coming in. it will squeeze out a few flurries and snow showers late today and tonight but the mountains will get snow and the ski areas will be making snow. 44 today. tonight 23 in town with teens north and west. tomorrow 25. it will be blustery. stray flurries or snow showers. got the yellow alert out
6:20 am
tomorrow and wednesday because the cold, if you've got to be outside, this is really going to affect everything you do outside for the next few days. we've not been this cold for this long since 2009 january. by friday we have a chance for a wintry mess. maybe 40. we'll see that again on sunday. let's go over to monika with timesaver traffic. we have a lot of visitors in the district today. we're beginning to see a lot of little problems around the area with disabled vehicles, some accidents as well. be a good samaritan today and help out when needed and show people what the district is really like. if you're using metro, they are open from 4:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m. -- 4:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. inauguration ticket holders, you can get off at union station, judiciary square, capitol south and federal center. there will be surety check points there -- security check points there. let's go outside live and show what you it looks like on 95 northbound. beginning to bunch up just a bit here in springfield. all hov restrictions are lifted.
6:21 am
once you get to the 14th street bridge, you'll only be allowed to get on the southeast- southwest freeway and no access right now to the 3rd street tunnel. i'll show what you it looks like live from our sky 9. this is the bw parkway southbound heading for powder mill road where there's been an overturned vehicle in the left lane already causing this delay on the southbound side of the bw parkway. more on traffic coming up once again in a few minutes. back to you. >> thank you, monika. joining us now, taylor stormer a historian for colonial williamsburg foundation. >> he's here to talk about the inauguration and how it affects the revolution of society. thanks for being here in the cold. >> thank you. if you're interested in political history, this is the place to be. this is our version of the oscars. where else would you want to be? >> we were talking about how we see our process, our democratic process, something that's a peaceful transition, but looking back to some of the inaugurations, they were not peaceful and the guy leaving office didn't want to even talk
6:22 am
to some of the guys coming in, namely john adams, jefferson, john quincy adams and andrew jackson. >> it's a big marker the way the presidency and even the inauguration as a major reflection of the american presidency in american culture has shown the development of the idea of america across times. the very beginning and the first couple of decades this is probably the most rancorous period of american politics in our history where you have the guys going together in the battles for the white house. whereas we might be more negative about the tenor of political debate niece days but in the end it -- these days but in the end it comes down to a peaceful transition of what you'll see today. the jowndz tones are gone -- the undertones are gone. >> it's completely evolved from a ceremonial standpoint. from washington there were a few people and as we moved
6:23 am
through the centuries, wow. hollywood is here. it's a big evolution over time. >> colonial williamsburg we like to talk about the idea of america, a lot about the founding principles. here is where you actually see it being put into action. but within that, you really are talking about how it can go from one very important man being sworn in, in a private ceremonial. there's a party later on that mrs. washington didn't even attend. that was pretty much it for the first inaugural and then you get to today where it's a huge part of not just our politics but our whole american culture. >> we talk about the tickets and the colors of the ticks. some of the inaugural balls, people just came in, trashed the place and left. >> well, that's why they don't do them at the white house anymore. president jackson's inauguration, he allowed people to come in and they trashed the
6:24 am
white house. that's pretty much -- they don't do that anymore. >> thank you very much. we'll be right back. at honda, we know some people are never happy with the way things are. and are always dreaming of how they could be. smarter, simpler, how-on-earth-does-it-do-that... er. and they make it that way. because things can always be better. we like those people. they think like us. introducing the best civic sedan yet. made possible by honda.
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welcome back. 6:27 on this monday morning. maybe a day off, the mlk holiday, schools are out. it's going to be a cold day. arctic air arrives tonight. here's a look at our inauguration day forecast. temperatures from 41 to 47. i'm forecasting 44 here in d.c. it will be breezy and chilly. we start upper 20s to low 30s. late afternoon, evening flurries and snow showers. winds at times could gust to 20 miles an hour. but get everything you own out.
6:28 am
you'll need it to stay warm after today. andrea and mike? >> thank you, howard. fewer rider expected this year than the 2009 presidential inauguration of barack obama but there will be station closures and other transportation adjustments. >> there are indeed hundreds of thousands of people expected to make their way to the national mall. a lot of them taking metro. delia goncalves is live at the new carrollton metro stop this morning where she's already had plenty of conversations. >> reporter: we had the early birds. there was a little lull and now things are starting to heat up. joy from chicago is here. you brought an exchange student with you. >> we did. we have an exchange student here from thailand. she's 15. we thought okay, she's here for the year. there was a presidential election, an inaugust ag. we should come out here and give her that experience with our own 16-year-old daughter. >> reporter: president obama was your senator. >> he was indeed. he and his wife met at my law firm where i work in chicago. >> reporter: that's some great history that you have there. what are you looking forward to
6:29 am
today? >> i'm really looking forward to just the experience. i grew up out here and i went to a lot of inaugurations when i was a kid but i haven't been back in a long type. i think it's the pageantry and the excitement. we were downtown yesterday and the buttons and people are thrilled. it's great. >> reporter: you can feel the energy, the excitement in the air. >> it's awesome. >> reporter: speaking of air, you're from chicago. can you notice that joy has no scarf on. i'm completely bundled up. >> got no gloves. >> reporter: i'm a rookie. >> it's balmy. >> reporter: enjoy yourself on this balmy inauguration day. >> absolutely. >> reporter: have a great day. thank so you much. lots of folks coming to these metro stations on the end of the line and that's exactly what metro was advising folks to do. we have an update. parking here at new carrollton, 40% at capacity. greenbelt, springfield, shady grove 40% as well. so it seems that a lot of people are heeding the advice,
6:30 am
coming early, parking their cars and taking the metro in. we can see folks are lining up outside and hopping on to those metro trains to head downtown. this is the best way to get to downtown so you don't have to fight the massive crowds and those street closures. we'll have the very latest for you. back to you. >> get your round trip ticket on your way in now. don't try to do it on the way home. it's going to be horrendous. >> they sold out of the commemorative passes so that means a lot of people are choosing metro. let's go over to our partners at cbs this morning who are here with us in the nation's capital. >> charlie rose is going to tell us what's coming up. i wonder what you could be talking about this morning. hi, charlie. >> oh, my goodness. i can't wait to share that with you. good morning from just down the way along the national mall. we're getting ready for a day of special coverage from our correspondents around d.c. the president's advisor will tell us what to expect from the inaugural address.
6:31 am
also former secretary of state conned leases today -- conned leeza rice. -- condoleezza rice and reggie love. we'll see you at 7:00 for a special edition of cbs this morning. one question before you go. are you inside or outside? >> inside. >> of course you are. >> notice he doesn't have the heavy coat on. >> i wanted to be more courageous and say like you, i'm outside touching it. they made me do it. >> all right. your arm was twisted. charlie, have a great day. we will be watching after our special coverage as well. it is inauguration day 2013. we have continuing coverage when we come back.
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back on this exciting historical day. the 57th presidential inauguration. president barack obama's public swearing in ceremony will take place in about five hours. >> is this a gorgeous backdrop or what. it's cold outside but look what we get to see. the white house and washington monument in the background. normally we see them on camera. >> and the viewing stand lit up as well. >> we're so glad you're us with this morning. we want to get to weather first because a lot of people are headed down to the mall today. hundreds of thousands in fact whether from here -- 33 degrees right now. it dropped 2 degrees in the last half-hour. howard bernstein is standing
6:36 am
by. i remember last inauguration i was down by the key bridge in georgetown. it was frigid. today we'll make it into the 40s before the arctic air comes tonight. it is going to be really cold the next few days. looking at your day planner for this monday, 41 by 1:00. 40, 41 inauguration time. in the low 40s for the parade. there will be wind gusts to 20 miles an hour but it will be this afternoon, late this afternoon into the evening when we have a chance for some snow showers thanks to an arctic boundary headed our way. we've got some clouds out there this morning but it is a dry morning. it is chilly. as mike said 33. that's at national. down to 27 in gaithersburg. 25 in frederick. and 29 in fredricksburg. going to about 44. we're only going to be in the 20s tomorrow. i'll have a frigid seven-day forecast in just a few minutes. right now over to monika samtani with timesaver traffic. we of course have been encouraging you to use metro but also want to let you know that go dc go has established a bike parking area at 16th and i
6:37 am
street for several hundred bikes. the only thing you need is your own lock. so be aware of that. a great place to park. 16th and i street. you can see the traffic volumes are increasing behind me. you've got a lot of yellow, although it is a federal holiday and that means there are no hov restrictions to worry about. that's a good thing 06, 95 and -- thing on 66, 95 and 395. if you're planning to head here on 95, as i said, looking great right up from dale city into the 14th street bridge which now is only diverted over to the southeast-southwest freeway and also the 3rd street tunnel is blocked off there. you cannot use the 3rd street tunnel in either direction this morning. again, we subject that you use metro. they've got 60,000 parking spaces in their lots and garages available for you. more information coming up in a few minutes. back to you. wusa9's coverage of the presidential inauguration is not complete without you. and you can always count on us
6:38 am
to bring you the latest events as they happen. you're also a very important part of our coverage. >> we love your feedback on different ways to cover a story. the easiest way to connect with us is through social media, whether you post on facebook or twitter or any of the other sites, please do that. you can always join the conversation on wusa9's facebook fan page. wusa9 is also relying on you to bring us the stories we don't know about or see. we need you to tell us the full inning august ration day story -- the full inauguration day story. log on to or our facebook fan page. send us your pictures and stories. tell us what you expernsed minute -- experienced minute by minute, whether you're on the mall, riding metro or watching the parade or watching us from home. wusa9 wants to know about your day both good and bad. >> you know what else is absolutely terrific? the brand new wusa9 app. 24 hours a day you can see our streaming coverage available on tablet or your smartphone. no matter where you are, at home, the national mall, just
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go to itunes. go to the free wusa9 app. eight compatible with most devices. you can wusa9 no send us your pictures on your inauguration experience. we'll be streaming live coverage on that app so you can be home watching tv or on your mobile device. >> don't go anywhere. wusa9 will be right back. [ male announcer ] verizon fios is the fastest internet in america.
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with welcome back -- welcome back. 6:43 on this monday morning. beautiful skies here in washington. i'm going to step out of the way. look at this picture of the skies just beyond reagan national airport. reagan national in the foreground there. it's a gorgeous morning. it's a chilly morning, though. we're in the 20s and 30s. 40 by lunch time. inauguration time south, southeast winds at 9. could have gusts to 20 today. high of 44. then this evening as we fall back into the 30s, some snow showers could be flying. better chance of that north versus south but arveghtic air on -- arctic air on the way. 30 at andrews this morning and 29 at columbia. looks relatively warm
6:44 am
considering what's coming. 30 in dulles at this hour. germantown 28. dumfries 29. and springfield we've got 33. why don't we look at it again. it's a nice looking camera. 33, feeling like 27 with that east, northeast wind at 7. and humidity at 48%. and a lot of cold air is coming down from the arctic. you can see it in minneapolis right now at 9 below. bismarck 11 below. chicago 13. this is all moving toward the southeast. we'll be getting in on the cold here over the next few days. you see how the temperatures are going to be colder and colder. snow showers in the mountains. by this afternoon we may see some passing flurries, snow showers especially north of town and in the mountains ahead of the arctic boundary. comes in tonight. stays cold here. not just for tomorrow but wednesday and thursday. i don't think we get out of the 20s. we haven't been this cold this long. last time we had three days below 30, that was january 2009 and a windchill advisory in the
6:45 am
mountains. 10:00 tonight, to 6:00 tuesday. windchills could be running to 10 below zero tonight and tomorrow. so today 44. a little breezy at times. late snow showers possible. tomorrow and wednesday, yellow alerts for the cold. we've got highs in the 20s, mid- 20s. lows in the teens. some single digits even by wednesday morning. by thursday still a cold day. i'm going to keep it in the 20s with 35 friday. perhaps a wintery mix. could be a messy day. the weekend dry and milder on sunday. annual dray ya and michael -- andrea and michael? >> thank you. the park service has downgraded the number of people coming for the second obama inauguration from 800,000 to 500,000 or 600,000. but don't tell that to people packed in on the metro. >> we've done live shots throughout the morning. let's go to l'enfant plaza. that's where ko im is standing by. you see more traffic now? >> reporter: good morning, mike, andrea. things are really picking up here this morning. we've seen a steady stream of people. and some people that are coming
6:46 am
here for the second time for president obama's second inauguration. so they're saying it's not as cold as before, not as crowded as before. some people here, though, for the first time, including debra from grand junction, tennessee. you feel very blessed to be here. >> i'm very blessed to be here. i was blessed with this trip from my uncle and auntie. i say kudos to them and i'm just grateful and thankful. i want to say hello to my friends and family out of grand junction, tennessee. >> reporter: enjoy your time. we'll send it back to you. >> all right. love her smile and her attitude this early in the morning. >> she'll have to leave that poster behind if she has one of those tickets. but there are other areas outside where you can have your post irs. stay with -- posters. stay with wusa9 for everything you need to know about the 57th presidential inauguration. we'll be right back. me noce] whemotu ith lht
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6:49 am
tht n'weh irow f hr thacaiviny ow ewneusyd-lht [ won yollev stlagn. [ alanunr raseousnrd
6:50 am
jessica doyle is live in front of the u.s. capitol where all the action will take place in just about five hours from now. >> who's with you now? >> reporter: i have a very special guest with me this morning. joining me is nor tim kaine. he -- me is senator tim kaine. he's a freshman senator but everybody knows him because he was also governor of virginia. it's got to be exciting for you to be here. >> it is. it was fun four years ago but i was worried because as governor, i was in charge of bridge closures and stuff. i wasn't able to relax. today it's just about being here with my wife and enjoying it. >> reporter: you were out at the balls last night. you are up early with us this morning. where are you sitting later?
6:51 am
what is the program for you today? >> the senators and spouses gather in the senate chambers at 10:00. i guess they'll kind of herd us for a while and we'll process in probably 10:45 or so. we're sitting pretty much right on the platform behind the president. it will be a really exciting occasion. then more events this afternoon on the parade route and visiting with friends. a lot of virginia januaries here obviously -- virginians here obviously and it make it is great. >> it's an exciting day. we also have a lot of work to do in the nation's capital. sequestration and the budget are coming up very quickly. these are issues that obviously as a senator you're going to be dealing with. what are your expect stations since you're -- expectations since you're on the budget committee. >> it is a challenge. i come from the recent experience of having been a governor who shrunk a budget. when i left office, the budget was smaller than when i started. so i do bring some experience. it's a little bit of a different experience to the table. you can make wise cuts and find savings without hurting the
6:52 am
economy but you have to do it very delicately. i'll be sharing some of those ideas with my colleagues because we've got to find a path over time to get back to a more balanced budget. >> gun control will be another major issue to deal with for this congress. what are your expectations? what do you want to accomplish? >> i think the american public overwhelmingly believe gun violence is a problem. sadly i was governor when the horrible shooting happened at virginia tech and since virginia tech, we've had tucson. we've had newtown. we've had aurora and the shooting at the sikh temple in milwaukee. we can't sit back and wait to see more of these. i'm really happy that the president has put this on the table. it's mental health. it's campus and school security but it also is guns. i hope we'll be able to dramatically expand the background records check step. that's the only way to keep guns out of the hands who are dangerous who shouldn't by law have them but we also need to tackle the issue of the high capacity magazines and the assault style weapons. in those two areas, you've got to get the definitions right. it's important to do it but i
6:53 am
think we can do it. >> are senator, thank you for joining us. i know it's cold so stay warm. back to you guys. >> thank you, jessica. congratulations to senator tim kaine. we'll be watching him as he watches the president later on. right now we have a special guest, local legend. charlie has been the voice of 15 inning a recall parades -- inaugural parades. >> when did you start? 1949? >> 1949. i thought 40 was old. >> look who we have here. this is an exclusive for wusa9. this is the book from which charlie will be reciting all of the events, itself parade, the -- the parade, the marchers. >> this is a ton of introductions. >> when did you get this. >> you're kidding. >> that's it.
6:54 am
>> people think when our announce, it's right there, you just read it. there are proper names in there you don't want to mispronounce. how difficult is something like that? have you had a serious name that's exponentially long? >> normally i get this a week before but this is gigantic and they've got a lot of people but they would like for me to introduce. >> do they give their pronunciations? >> yes. >> were you up all night last night going through this? >> pretty close. >> you know, charlie, let's face it, we're in the social media now and all that i'm surprised they didn't give you an ipad to deal with this. >> no, no, no. >> got to have the book. got to have the book. what's the big difference going from this inauguration, the past inauguration for obama or j.f.k.? >> they're all different and it's an attention of the president's personality. that's exactly what happens.
6:55 am
if it's an eisenhower, if it's a carter, if it's a nixon. normally they're nice parades but nothing gigantic. if you're talking about something gigantic, you're talking about reagan. you're talking about half of hollywood being in washington. and that is fun and games when you rub shoulders with the really important people. >> right now we're going to rub shoulders with monika samtani who's going to take us to break afterwards and tell us about traffic. no? well, we thank charlie because we are running out of time. we thank you. we're looking at some of the j.f.k. inauguration and the reagan inauguration. best of luck. we know you're going to pull it off no matter when they give you the book. >> i'll do my best. >> one final check of weather and traffic right after n. keep it here -- after this. keep it here.
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