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tv   wusa 9 News at 6am  CBS  January 30, 2013 6:00am-7:00am EST

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tomorrow. here's a look at that day planner with temperatures which are really way up there. we're in the 50s in town. some 40s north but also some 60s already south of town. we're going to run towards 70 here in d.c. with 70 to 75 in the fredricksburg area. late today more like after dark we'll see showers and storms approach d.c. with temperatures at 8:00 still in the mid-60s out there. we're quiet now, but look at the radar. out to the west lit up big time. snow in iowa headed toward wisconsin but strong and severe thunderstorms across kentucky and tennessee this morning. these are tornado watch boxes. when these storms get here, they may still have some damaging wind gusts. that would more than likely be after dark tonight. 30 in -- 38 in hagerstown. annapolis 51. and 61 in manassas. we're going up toward 70, if not 75 well south of d.c. another incredibly warm day. watch out for storms tonight. let's talk to monika right now. we have timesaver traffic. as i said earlier, a fannic
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start to the day in -- a tragic start to the day in prince george's county. an accident on the inner loop of the beltway. it happened before 3:00 this morning. it involves a prince george's county fire truck, a tractor- trailer, and a jeep. believe it or not, all three of which overturned on the beltway before 3:00 this morning. we're going to go to a live picture from our sky 9. first of all to give you some perspective. if you're planning to head on the beltway, this is what it looks like near route 50, the southbound side. that's the inner loop, right side of your screen. you can see all the equipment on the scene. two lanes are getting by right now on the inner loop. it looks like three lanes on the outer loop get by. again, our delia goncalves has been on the scene. she's been talking to the prince george's county fire chief bashoor who tells us you can expect this to be the situation for the remainder of the rush hour and throughout the morning. so in the meantime expect delays both directions of the betway. maybe use the -- beltway. maybe use the bw parkway as your alternate route or 450 to
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202. >> thank you, monika. you just heard her say but it bears repeating. it's a mess in prince george's county. four firefighters are being treated for trauma after this crash right near route 50 in landover, maryland. >> we've been all over the story all morning long. a jeep, a fire truck and a tractor-trailer all involved in the wreck. we're told a total of seven people were hurt. wusa9's deal zeal is live at the scene -- delia goncalves is live at the scene with the latest details for us. good morning, delia. >> reporter: good morning, jess, mike. it is a terrible scene here and a pretty active one. you can see all the flashing lights behind me. it's going to be a mess for several more hours we're told till at least noon. so that is the advisory for anyone who is commuting to work this morning. what i can tell you, new information that i learned from chief bashoor who is here on the scene, he will be heading to the hospital soon because four of his volunteer firefighters have been injured in this crash. three of them at prince
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george's hospital. one has just been transported to a hospital in baltimore that special leadses -- specializes with injured limbs, whether or not the limbs are to be amputated or are already severed. let's take a look at some video we just shot a short time ago so we can bring you closer to the scene. you can see the wreckage for yourself. we're told by the fire chief this happened just before 3:00 a.m. a fire truck returning from another accident on route 50 was rear ended we're told by tractor-trailer on the inner loop of the beltway. those vehicles spun out, overturned, crossed the jersey barrier and then hit an suv traveling on the outer loop. seven people, as you said, rushed to the hospital. four volunteer firefighters. they are from west lanham hills fire station. let's listen to the chief and hear what he had to say a short time ago. >> normally this fire -- normally the fire truck accidents we have, normally it's because they're blocking
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the scene of an active accident and they get hit by something. it's unusual to have an accident of this severity where a truck is actually moving and gets struck by another vehicle. >> reporter: this was a rare case where they were traveling, as the chief mentioned, and that fire truck was rear ended by the tractor-trailer. we don't know specifics about this crash as of yet. obviously still very early on. but we can tell you this is a mess out here. and the commute well under way is a mess already. it's going to be like this until noon. back to you, mike, jess. >> delia live in landover. take heed. avoid that portion of the beltway this morning. it's going to be a long morning if you're headed that way. coming up on 6:05. a former culpeper, virginia police officer convicted in the death of a motorist should learn his sentence very soon. the sentencing hearing starts today for daniel harmon-wright. he was found guilty of voluntary manslaughter and two other charges. this stems from last february. harmon-wright shot and killed 54-year-old patricia ann cook while she was sitting in her
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jeep. prosecutors disproved the claim that he shot her in self- defense. he's facing a maximum sentence of 25 years. the anne arundel county council is going to hold an emergency meeting today with the goal of ousting county executive john leopold. by law he was suspended when a judge found him guilty of misconduct in office. the judge ruled that leopold broke the law when he made a staffer empty a catheter bag after surgery and when he had members of his security detail put up campaign signs. the judge, however, acquitted leopold of charges of having his security detail drive him to sexual encounters saying the detail was paid to guard leopold regardless of the situation. time right now 16:05. i -- is 6:05. i am watching your money. higher taxes appears to be hurting consumer confidence. a new survey find it is plunged to the lowest level in more than a year. part of the problem here, the hike in social security taxes that is leaving americans with less take-home pay. home prices jumped 5.5% in
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november. the latest data available compared to a year ago. it's the biggest annual increase in six years. of the 20 cities surveyed, phoenix saw the biggest price jump of 23%. new york was the only city to report an actual drop in home prices from a year ago. and apple coming out with an ipad which has more memory. the full size model going on sale a week from today will have 128 gigs of memory. that is up from 64 gigs. nothing else, though, has changed so it will remain a fourth generation ipad. the memory increase does not apply to the ipad mini. i know you're going to run out and get one, mike. >> does it have a newer, sharper camera? 6:06. we're in for another mild, windy day. howard will explain it all in a few minutes. >> talk of gun control will fill the halls of the u.s. senate today. >> senator john kerry overwhelmingly approved by his
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colleagues to become the next secretary of state. >> wusa9 returns in two minutes with your weather first. thanks for waking
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howard here with your weather first. we start mild. another warm day. windy, though, with more clouds and late today, the threat for some heavy if not severe
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showers and thunderstorms. highs from the mid-60s to the low 70s. >> we're going to take a live look from our sky 9 at an ongoing accident on the inner loop of the beltway south of route 50 in the new carrollton and landover area here on the beltway in prince george's county. we're told that the situation will remain this way till about noon today. inner loop two lanes getting by. outer loop three lanes getting by with major delays. i'll have details and alternate routes coming up in my next report. the time right now is 6:10. so here's a look at some other things making news right now. gun control will be debated today on capitol hill. the senate judiciary committee will hold a hearing on this issue. the witness list includes former congresswoman gabriel  giffords and her husband mark kelly. wayne lapierre, the executive vice president for the national rifle association is also scheduled to testify. congress is considering new gun safety legislation which includes an assault weapons
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ban, limits on high capacity magazine clips, and universal background checks. president obama says now is the time to pass immigration reform. during a campaign style speech in las vegas, the president praised a bipartisan agreement between a group of eight senators. the agreement would lead to an eventual citizenship for roughly eight million undocumented immigrants in the u.s. it also strengthens border security and allows for better guest worker programs. and the senate has confirmed massachusetts senator john kerry to be next secretary of state. kerry will replace hillary clinton who is steps down after four years. massachusetts will hold a special election to replace kerry. soon you'll have a chance to enjoy several pieces of chinese history. the new exhibit called style in silk, tradition and innovation in chinese fashion begins this friday, february 1 and runs
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through april 14 so you have plenty of time to get out there. the exhibit is free, open to the public. if people are not familiar with the meridian international center, what is it and why are you doing the exhibit? >> meridian has been around for 50 years. we're dedicated to promoting international understanding. it's through the exchange of people, ideas and culture. on the culture side, which i direct, we have a diplomacy program class' been around for 30 years and the purpose is to create a neutral convening space where people can get together, americans can learn about other cultures and by the same token we send things abroad. the exhibits travel and american culture goes abroad. people find each other and learn about the highest qualities of each other's cultures. >> you have a model with us this morning. it seems like a beautiful start to start conversation about other cultures as well. why the silk and why now? >> well, we've had for a number
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of years meridian began working with china in 2001. so we've had 12 years at this point. i'm also a delegate for the state department for the u.s.- china people exchanges. the silk museum, and we're working our way gradually through china's cultural heritage-- >> is it a lot of silk clothing, tapestries? >>it's all of the above. the museum we're working with in china is dedicated to promoting the anthropology, the hipsry of silk -- history of silks. you learn about how silk emerged over 5,000 years. there's also clothing. the chinese fashion industry is picking up old motifs and bringing them into contemporary usage. what victoria is wearing here, it's a two-piece garment. it is based on sort of central asian motifs. it dates to the 12th century
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ad. these are motifs and designs you would have found along the silk road. they get back into china and the chinese at one point would tweak these and twist them and create chinese fashion based on this international road. that's what's going on in china today. >> it looks very comfortable. is it? >> yes. >> it looks it. among the clothing, tapestries, what else can people see? and are there things to read about the breadth and depth of the culture as well? >> exactly. the museum again is dedicated to teaching people and this is the museum in china about the history of silk, anthropology of silk and how it works, how it's made, the worms. then also this contemporary fashion industry. there's a full display of how it all happens. >> remind people where it is? >> meridian international center is the at 1630 crescent place. it's sort of in the adams
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morgan area. >> excellent. thanks so much for joining us this morning. great job. and where are we going? howard, over to you. mike, we're looking very mild this morning. got a lot of 50s and 60s. some 40s. like jan in reedville, happy birthday, jan. 45 degrees right there on the bay. but we're going to be in the mid and upper 60s here for the lunch hour with partly to mostly cloudy skies. late this afternoon, got a couple of thunderstorm symbols in here with highs around 70. those storms are going to be west and northwest of washington. i think the storms really don't get to the metro till after dark. it may be 7:00, 8:00, 9:00 before we see them. wind warnings are going to up for late tonight and tomorrow along the coastal areas. but to our west we have a high wind advisory. some of the gusts here at elevation could get to 50 miles an hour. this is between noon and 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning with those storms coming in. clouds streaming over us. storms now in toward western ohio and central kentucky. that line of storms will slowly
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march east. that's what we'll be watching for tonight. the cold this morning, it's getting pushed out toward new england. providence is 37. but 69 already in west virginia. a lot of warm air. 56 in alexandria with 50 in germantown. 61 in manassas. baden 62. andrews 60. a little chilly at bwi, 41. so the bay has a big influence with the cold air. it's like a cold sink this time of year. right now outside on our michael & son camera, good visibility. 55 at national with a south wind at 9. that barometer, yes, will be falling as low pressure in the form of that front approaches. look at the 50s and 60s all the way up across the ohio valley, the mid-atlantic, the southeast. new orleans this morning where blitz and glitz crew seen joying super bowl festivities, 73. here comes the arctic air. bismarck 1 below. so in between the warm and the cold, you have a big storm with heavy snow coming through iowa, we ways and heavy showers and thunderstorms, tornado watches
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from mississippi and alabama all the way now in towards southwestern virginia even with some of these watch boxes that will be in effect. for us we have a threat of severe weather later on. really this afternoon and evening out west. then this evening to tonight here in the metro with the main threat being damaging wind gusts. we're all going to have to watch this line of storms which will be approaching later on. for the afternoon north and west of town, it looks to be much more under the gun. here we are at 7:00. this will be coming across us tonight. showers and storms. then the cold? we'll turn back to the snow showers in the mountains. should be another good ski weekend. 70 today. showers and storms late really after dark in the metro. tonight 47 but temperatures barely move tomorrow, 48. windy and colder. by friday some morning flurries and snow showers. only in the low 30s. we stay in the 30s this weekend. and back to 40 monday. i'm thinking phil will likely see his shadow regardless of what is going on because that seems to usually be the case. let's go to monika who has
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serious issues to talk about. i do. we've been telling but this since early this morning. a serious and very tough situation on the inner loop of the beltway right here in landover south of route 50. as you can see with the icons, it was a tractor-trailer, a fire truck, and an suv involved. i'm going to step out and show what you it looks like live from our sky 9, a close-up shot here. is this video or our live shot from our sky 9? i believe this is video. if you're planning to head on the inner loop of the beltway, this is what you'll have to deal with with the fire truck. again, a tractor-trailer and suv involved all of which overturned on the beltway before 3:00. we'll take a look now from our sky 9 and you can see that the left side of the road is now -- the right side of the road is now getting by in both directions, but our delia goncalves tells us that this situation will be this way till about noon today on the beltway in prince george's county so be aware of that choose your alternate routes. maybe the bw parkway or route
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450 to route 202, good alternate routes now. we'll take a look quickly from our mdot camera as well. you can see the delay getting by here on the beltway in prince george's county. more information coming up in my next report. you're watching wusa9. stay with us. eat good fats.
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see the seam? more processed flakes look nothing like natural grains. you can't argue with nutrition you can see. great grains. search great grains and see for yourself. for multi grain flakes that are an excellent source of fiber try great grains banana nut crunch and cranberry almond crunch. welcome back. 6:22. another mild morning. another spinning like day but it will be different because we'll have more wind, clouds and late today, probably after dark, some strong thunderstorms and showers headed our way. highs frommed mid-60s to low 70s. perhaps 75 down towards fredricksburg. we have a full team in new orleans covering everything leading up to the big game. >> one of those in the big easy is our very own new orleans native andrea roane. she joins us by the phone right now. andrea, you're having a blast,
6:23 am
aren't you? >> i'm having a good time. good morning, everybody. but can you believe it? i really do miss you guys. >> i bet your friends and family are glad to see you down there. the story you did last night was terrific. we were so jealous about the oyster shucking. you have all your fingers? >> i have all my fingers and i didn't spill any blood. that was the most important thing. that's what i was afraid of. but al and his son, blake, you can believe how he's dressed shucking oysters? a real character. i was in good hands. ralph brennan took very good care of me. i almost had my -- i've almost had my fill of oysters. >> you're a hometown girl. how is the vibe in new orleans given mardi gras is coming up and the super bowl on sunday. is it different? >> it's excitement. they're so happy to have everybody here to showcase the city. and they're calling it super gras because it is super bowl,
6:24 am
mardi gras so you have all of the mardi gras decorations. the parades took a break. they're on a break for this week but they'll start up next week and the following week is mardi gras. but people are just excited. everybody wants to know where you're from, who you're rooting for. the city seems to be behind the baltimore ravens. i think that's because they're not in the same conference as the nfc new orleans saints. it can be okay to root for the ravens. plus, purple is part of the colors of mardi gras so it fits right in. they're having a blast. everyone is so wonderful. they talk to you on the streets when they find out you're from home. where did you go to high school, where did you live, are you glad to be back. and we're meeting so many people from maryland. i met three women yesterday, bowie, gaithersburg, another part of maryland. they go wait, wait, we know you. it's fun. >> i don't know if there's a sanitary way to bring back
6:25 am
maybe some gumbo, that would be wonderful. i don't know if that works but we'd love that. >> i know you'd love that but you'll have to settle for something a little less liquidy, a little smaller. i'm definitely bring back some treats. you saw what we had with dan aykroyd yesterday. we'll tell our executive producer i can't bring that back home. >> so, so much jealous we are of you. have a great time. be safe. we'll look forward to your reports tonight on tv. >> okay. just let howard know we're expecting major thunderstorms here and then a cool qown and a beautiful -- cooldown and a beautiful run of weather right through super bowl. >> terrific. thanks for waking up early. >> we miss her. >> talk to you tonight. of course our wusa9 crew is in new orleans. they're going to help us countdown the big game all week long. then you can settle down with your super bowl feast this sunday at 6:30 on wusa9. federal officials say taxpayers like you stand to lose billions of dollars all
6:26 am
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6:29. good morning. this is wusa9 this morning. you might be a little confused if you peek outside. 55 degrees. it's the end of january. thanks for waking up with us.
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i'm mike hydeck. i'm jessica doyle in for andrea roane. meteorologist howard bernstein is live on the weather terrace with our forecast. it is a changing. howard? >> monday morning it's out here -- morning i'm out here with the jacket, the gloves, we had freezing rain going on. this morning 50s in spots and a spring like day but different than yesterday. we'll be up towards 70 but more clouds around at times and more wind. yesterday was nice. today the winds could gust 30, 35. tonight it's when we'll have some showers and potentially some strong thunderstorms coming through. your north -- you north and west of us, western maryland, you'll see those storms later this afternoon. the storms this morning are all over kentucky, tennessee, coming from mississippi and alabama. andrea was talking about the storms that are going to get into new orleans later this morning. the rest of the weekd will be dry. look at the storms pushing through kentucky right now. tornado watch boxes ahead of it. we're quiet this morning. 38 in hagerstown but 65 in fredericksburg. we're sitting in the mid-50s
6:31 am
now. forecast highs up toward 70 in d.c. that 71 in fredricksburg, i think it's probably going to be closer to 75 and mid-60s towards hagerstown. watch out for the storms tonight. i'll be back with the colder forecast in a few minutes. right now, mike and jess. >> we'll be monika in a moment to talk about the mess on the beltway. when you think of consumer reports, you think about reviews of cars and other products but cbs this morning will discuss a new rating from the organization. >> gayle king is in new york city with more. we're intrigued. good morning to you. >> hey, jessica and mike, i'm intrigued too. i think about cars and toasters. i don't think about this. for the first time consumer reports is rating cancer screenings as mike just mentioned. ahead the three that could save your live and the eight it says most of us should just skip. plus, the one man responsible for saving the careers of countless star athletes, including your rg3. this top sports surgeon reveals which big names cause the
6:32 am
biggest challenges. we'll see you at 7:00. >> thank you, gayle. we appreciate it. now let's toss it over to monika. a major mess on the beltway on 495 in landover. she has the details. >> this happened before 3:00 on the inner loop of the beltway this morning south of route 50 as you just heard mike say, in landover, involving a fire truck and a tractor-trailer on the southbound side of 495, south of route 50. our delia goncalves has been live on the scene with the latest information. >> reporter: we just received an update if state highway officials who are here on the scene that we could be dealing with this mess until possibly 3:00 this afternoon. i'll explain why. take a look. you can see that crews have managed to upright that fire engine. we're told that fire engine in pieces at this point. it's a $500,000 vehicle so certainly a big hit to the prince george's county fire department. that fire engine has been
6:33 am
uprighted. crews will then try to upright the tractor-trailer which is also overturned. if in fact that tractor-trailer falls apart in pieces, we're told by state highway crews we could be here until 3:00 this afternoon. let's take a look at some video we shot just a short time ago. the crash here happened just before 3:00. a fire truck returning from another accident on 50 was rear ended by a tractor-trailer on the inner loop. the vehicle spun out, overturned, crossed the jersey barrier and then hit an suv traveling in the outer loop. seven people rushed to the hospital. among them four volunteer firefighters from west lanham hills fire station. one of them in very serious condition, just transported to a hospital in baltimore that deals with limb injuries, whether or not they have to amputate it or served already. we don't know his condition. but the chief spoke to us some time ago. >> no injuries at this point appear to be life threatening.
6:34 am
however, there are several priority one, what we call priority one significant trauma patients to the fire department members. the fire engine is probably totaled. it's in pieces. the equipment still needs to be picked up, towed out of here and taken to our facilities. the tractor-trailer of course is on its side. it is full. again we believe with food. it's going to take quite some time to get that overturned. >> reporter: it's going to take quite some time and you can see how this has already snarled traffic for the morning commute. we have two lanes here in the inner -- an the inner loop open by route 50. three lanes in the outer loop but it's going to be a mess. the chief originally told us we'll be here till noon this way but if they can't overturn that tractor-trailer in one piece, it could be a situation where we're dealing with this kind of mess till 3:00. i know you have some advisories and detours. monika, i'll toss it to you. thank you so much, delia.
6:35 am
as you just heard her say, the integrity of the fire truck is in question which means that they will try to attempt to move it now that it's been uprited but it could -- uprighted but it could fall to pieces. they have reassessed the situation to noon and now to 3:00 in the afternoon before they may be able to open up more lanes. in the meantime on the inner loop southbound 495, two lanes get by as you can see there on the outer loop. northbound 495, three lanes get by. but you've got some serious delays in that area. this is the east side of the beltway. if we go to our maps real quick, i can give everyone perspective of where it is. this is the east side of our beltway right here south of new carrollton in the landover area. both loops of the beltway severely affected by this accident and now we're just getting word from chief bashoor that there's another very serious accident on the southbound side of the bw parkway right here at route 450. i believe that's because a lot of people are choosing bw parkway as an alternate route.
6:36 am
it's taking an extra heavy load on right now. do not take the bw parkway right now with a serious accident with injuries as well southbound bw parkway inside the beltway here at route 450. instead go ahead on the inner loop. take route 450 but you can exit at 410 and take that over to the beltway. route 50, you can exit at the beltway but you will hit those delays. route 202 will be a good option for you as well south of all of this mess. again keep that in mind for your travel plans. big situation here in prince george's county ongoing. of course we will keep you posted throughout this morning's rush hour. jess, back to you. >> thanks, monika. this is going to be a long rush hour. again, avoid the beltway in landover in prince george's county. still ahead, on sunday most americans enjoy super bowl parties with family and friends, but what party could be complete without some amazing food? >> our friends from the cheese cake factory are here and they're going to show us how to prepare a tasty localery dish that we're going to want to our
6:37 am
party spread. thanks for waking up with
6:38 am
6:39 am
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6:41 am
good morning, friends t. 16:40. it is warm outside. we're going to have more on the mess on 495 in a bit, but first we're going to talk about why it feels like spring in january. >> winter weather pushing the warm air toward us. incredible day yesterday. temperatures today about the same but not as nice because we've got more clouds, more wind. by tonight we're going for have some showers and storms. potentially strong to maybe severe ones. here's a look outside right now. it is a nice looking sky with a couple of breaks to our east. we have mostly cloudy skies right now. we're starting in the 50s with 60s south. in town we'll be in the mid-60s by noon, if not warmer. then i'm saying a run toward 70 degrees. south winds at times will gust 30. maybe 35 miles an hour. by 5:00, even though we've got the thunderstorm symbol, that's going to be north and west of town. there you can see some of the brightness in the eastern sky as we're about a half-hour or
6:42 am
so, not quite, a little more than that till sunrise. clouds have been streaming over us. mostly cloudy conditions. we're dry. showers and storms well west of us. that is the tornado watch in parts of kentucky and a sliver of west virginia and virginia. roanoke 65. incredible warmth for january. while' in the 40s in williams -- while it's in the 40s in williams port and the cold stuff up in maine. 63 in manassas to 41 up in baltimore. columbia is 43. college park 55. rockville, you're in the 50s. upper 50s. waldorf, this morning, enjoying 60 degrees out there. there's that beautiful sky i was telling you about on our michael & son weather camera as we look beyond the southeast beyond reagan national airport. 55 degrees this morning with a dew point of 51. so really very humid. for january, an air mass we normally don't see till maybe later february or march as the temperatures are really going to shoot up the east coast today. 70 here. look, bismarck, 4 below.
6:43 am
minneapolis 22. we'll watch the cold air continue to move south and east. tomorrow in the upper 40s. then by friday we're looking at highs in the lower 30s. 34 might even be wishful thinking here as the cold comes back for the weekend. so that's good news for the skiers. the ski areas will get back in shape. i know it's warm now but they'll get back in shape for the weekend. here are the storms with the snow in iowa and wisconsin. big storms there. when the storms get here tonight, probably won't be as strong because we're a little farther north. no, sir as warm but we're still looking at a few showers here late this afternoon with the better threat of storms tonight as we get toward 9:00, 10:00 now, then will come through and by tomorrow morning colder air moving in with snow showers in the mountains. 70 today. storms basically tonight. some of those will be strong. that's why yellow alert. tomorrow 48 but i think temps could actually fall in the afternoon. still windy tomorrow. flurries, light snow showers friday morning. only in the low 30s for highs on friday. staying in the 30s this weekend. back to 44 on monday.
6:44 am
let's go over to monika samtani with the very latest on what's happening. it's been a very bad rush hour this morning. things are generally speaking going from bad to worse right now. that's because not only do we have this big accident on the inner loop of the beltway south of route 50 in landover, but take a look from our sky 9 where we have another accident. this is the southbound side of the bw parkway. all lanes blocked at route 410 insides the beltway. southbound bw parkway, the accident happened closer to route 450 but the blockage is now at route 410. you can go no further than that southbound on the bw parkway. all of these people that are stuck behind that are the ones that were using this as an alternate route which up till now was a great idea. now if you're heading inside the beltway, go ahead and use kenilworth avenue instead. do not head on to the bw parkway. another option for you is greenbelt road route 193 to get around the mess on the beltway as well which is where we'll go live right now from our mdot
6:45 am
camera. this happened before 3:00 this morning involving a prince george's county fire truck, a tractor-trailer, and an suv all of which overturned. the investigation and the cleanup may take till 3:00 this afternoon. more details on that coming up in my next report. back to you, jess. >> thafers, monika. -- thanks, monika. super bowl sunday just a few days away and that means the parties. joining us is the chef from cheese cake. he subjects adding a localery dish to the spread. this is fantastic and it looks amazing. what are you cooking for us? >> the super bowl is in new orleans so today we'll be paying homage to the cajun cuisine from new orleans. it's one of more than 50 items on our menu all under 190 calories. >> how do we start with this? >> the first thing i did was got the pan nice and hot. i'm going to add a little bit of red and yellow peppers. a little bit of yellow onions.
6:46 am
this is known as the trinity cajun cuisine, the foundation of all creole cuisine. what you want to do is caramelize these vegetables and get the flavor. >> through the magic of television, you have it fixed. >> you want to release all the flavors from the peppers and onions. we're going to add a little bit of garlic. the garlic you'll cook for 20, 30 seconds. get the flavor of the garlic into the dish. then we're going to hit it with a little bit of roma tomatoes. they add a little bits of asoitty and bold -- acidity and boldness to the dish. very medium size shrimped. i've seasoned it with cajun spice and some rice flour. we use rice flour instead of regular flour because of the localery count. -- low calorie count. we'll get the shrimp seared on both sides.
6:47 am
we'll add spicy broth and sauce. these are one of over a hundred sauces we cook in our kitchen every day. and cajun style ham. >> so delicious. you've got some seasoning here. this is the final product over here. this is available right now at all cheese cake factories? >> any cheese cake factory right off the skinny-licious menu. i have one of our delicious flat breads also on the menu. >> tell us what you're doing with cheese cake. >> any super bowl party wouldn't be complete without a cheese cake. i brought our oreo extreme packed with oreos, chocolate fudge. for every slice that cheese cake sells, we're donating 25 cents to feeding america which is the nation's leading elite organization. >> can people order things from the cheese cake factory for their party? >> we have catering. all of these items and many more are available on our specific catering menu. and we'd love to host any super bowl party for all of our guests. >> this is fantastic.
6:48 am
you can really taste those flavors of the peppers and the garlic in there. i love this option for people. so thanks so much. thanks for coming in and doing this for you. mike, over you to. i know you're jealous. >> you love this option for people? you love it for you. what are you talking about. the question of the morning. which city hosted the super bowl more than any other city in the united states? is it a, new orleans, b, phoenix, or c, miami? our facebook friend jeanine wrote it's a tie between a and c if you count 2013. new orleans and miami have both hosted 10. if you're not counting '13, then the answer is miami. phoenix has only had three super bowls. she's right. the answer is indeed miami. they hosted n.f.l. football's biggest game nine times. if you answered this morning's question correctly, you have a chance to win four tickets to the golf show
6:49 am
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welcome back. 6:52. we have a gorgeous sky out there this morning. some breaks in the overcast making for some pretty colors there. still about a half-hour till the sunrise. we'll have partly to mostly cloudy skies today. windy and warm with highs up around 70. late day showers and storms west. better chance we'll see the showers and storms in here as we get into tonight. michael? >> thank you, howard. here are some of the stories making news right now. president obama has sign add $50 billion sandy relief bill into law. it took congress three months after the october storm to approve the emergency funding. the president's -- the president scolded lawmakers for delaying the efforts even after he recommended them for providing the long awaited aid.
6:53 am
japan says it replaced batteries on a 787 dreamliner aircraft ten times before one of its planes was forced to make an emergency landing on january 16. that incident led to a grounding of all boeing 787 dreamliners. u.s. transportation regulators are asking boeing to provide a full operating history of the lithium ion batteries used in the 787s. justin timberlake's first new album in six years is going to be released on march 19 called "2020 experience." he performed his first concert on saturday. invitation only show in new orleans. time right now is 6:53. we have one final check of weather and traffic, bringing sexy back and a look back at a classic super bowl commercial when we return. some times the big plan doesn't work.
6:54 am
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all week long, one more thing before we go, we've been sharing super bowl memories. not about the game. the commercials good we've been asking you what has been your favorite commercials. this one got a lot of requests. >> i'm not trying to micromanage your finances but i will tell you that my e-trade savings account earned the daytime national average. it's funny. me and the boys were talking about what to do with the extra coins. i said, i'm renting a clown. i really underestimated the creaminess. -- the creepiness. >> this one first aired in 2008 during the super bowl xlii when the new york giants defeated the undefeated new england patriots. >> all right. >> we'd love to hear from you
6:58 am
on our face facebook fan page. leave your suggestions. well -- on our facebook fan page. we'll play them all week. it will be windier than yesterday. late this afternoon north and west we'll see showers and storms. better chance we'll see them after dark here in the metro. 70 today. 40s tomorrow. 30s by friday with some snow flurries so get ready. winter not dead by any stretch but it's taking a break today. >> i'm so sorry. very nothing but bad news for you this morning. first of all, the accident we've been telling you about that happened before 3:00 on the beltway in prince george's county. this is a live look from our sky 9 of another serious accident southbound bw parkway. it's blocked inside the beltway. oh, looks like some traffic just now coming through on the left side of the road near 410. but delays through greenbelt. let's take a live look at the beltway accident south of route 50 involving a prince george's county fire truck, tractor- trailer and suv all overturned. our delia goncalves tells us this could be blocked here on the left side of the road till
6:59 am
3:00 this afternoon. so keep it here. we'll have all the information for you. >> they have to upright the vehicles, get the debris off the road. >> and investigate. >> we have about 30 seconds left. cbs this morning is coming up next. they're talking about a new consumer reports rating and they're on cancer treatments which is interesting. we want to thank the cheese cake factory for coming in and feeding us this morning. >> don't forget howard and monika are going to be on live through 8:00. >> through 9:00. we appreciate you joining us this morning. join us right back here tomorrow morning at 4:25. have a great day, everybody. bye-bye.


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