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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  January 31, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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news in laurel tonight where right now floodwaters are still rising and there's a state of civil emergency in effect as the gates from two upstream dams on the patuxent river had to be thrown open. the bad news, one person has been found dead in those floodwaters right near the city of laurel and there have had to be some evacuations. scott broom is live in laurel tonight where life is a little rough today. scott? >> reporter: it is. you can see the flooding behind me. let's start with the most serious incident of the day. that is the party drowning death of a woman found in a homeless camp in the woods along the patuxent river this morning. sky 9 over the scene about 11:30 this morning as rescuers brought the body of a woman out of a completely flooded homeless tent camp set up in the flood plain in the patuxent river just downstream of route
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198. a survivor of the camp was rescued and treated for hypothermia. meanwhile in the city of laurel a scramble to save commuter cars parked near the marc railway station and town officials spreading the word to businesses along the river like this transmission shop get out. >> they told us a mandatory evacuation, so we got to go. >> reporter: craig moe is laurel's mayor. >> we're down so low in the city, so this always floods and they're releasing so much water it's causing real problems this time around. >> reporter: the water moe is talking about is coming from the two washington suburban sanitary commission dams upstream, brighton at and duckett at rocky gorge which simply cannot hold any more water. >> we had an excessive amount of rainfall, probably in some areas close to double the amount that was predicted. >> we're not planning on leaving unless we're told it's mandatory. >> reporter: laurel opened an evacuation center, though most
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residents are waiting to see what happens. >> they came door to door. it was a voluntary evacuation. >> reporter: you think you're going? >> no. >> reporter: as many as 2,000 might have to move according to the mayor. a number of area roads are closed like brock bridge where two motorists were stranded by rising water this morning. the entrances to the laurel racetrack are flooded, too. and you're back live now taking a look at a auto rental place which had a parking lot around it this morning that was completely dry. the risen has risen. now they've had to tow and move most of the cars out of this lot. right now only about 250 people have been affected by the evacuations. most of them are related to some of the businesses as you can see behind me here in laurel, but if the water comes up another couple feet or so, then they get into a more serious situation with potentially some residential evacuations long brock bridge
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road and route 197. folks in laurel have to wait and see. there is a huge amount of water behind those dams here now spilling more than 3.7 billion gallons an hour according to wssc and there's a lot more water behind the dams yet to come. scott broom, wusa9. >> 3.7 billion gallons an hour. it's incomprehensible. the day began with several folks who had to be rescued from their stranded cars in those floodwaters. montgomery county fire and rescue helped out eight folks stuck in their vehicles and needed help to get to dry land. one of those rescues happened at brighton dam road and new hampshire avenue in brookville. >> reporter: are you okay, sir? >> if there's any amount of water across the road whether it be still or running, just turn around. choose an alternate route. it's not worth the risk of getting stuck and it's certainly not worth the risk of putting other people's lives in jeopardy as well. >> topper shutt says it all the time. that overnight rainfall caused flooding throughout our area.
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this is sky 9 out over maryland city in anne arundel county, found two cars stranded on the very same stretch of road, didn't follow topper's advice. it was a downed tree, not the rain that caused a problem on the train tracks in gaithersburg this morning still affecting marc service tonight. more than 300 people were stranded. they were taken by bus to the shady grove station. that downed tree was removed, but the three evening trains that normally make the return trip to frederick in west virginia can't do that because they were unable to reach union station. the storm caused big headaches for drivers in upper northwest this morning. a downed tree and power lines blocked porter street between beach drive and connecticut avenue. that's just blocks from the national zoo. clean-up caused traffic problems overnight into the morning, but there were no reports of any injuries. we're tracking a developing story out of atlanta where there's been another school shooting. reports indicate the victim, a
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14-year-old middle school student, was shot in the back of the neck outside the school. emergency crews say the victim was awake and responding on the way to the hospital. that's the good news. the shooter tentatively identified as another student is in custody. a teacher was treated for minor injuries, possibly from being trampled in the mayhem right after the shooting. it's happened again, not one but two more groper attacks in springfield. fairfax county police say this could be the 16th and 17th attack by the young man who has been groping women in springfield since september. our peggy fox joins us live from the first crime scene. >> reporter: that's right. the first crime scene yesterday happened at 3:10 here at dana and dunwoody street right behind the plaza shopping center. this is the first time the two attacks have happened so close together timewise, so i decided to walk the root because this guy could be on foot and people might have seen him. in fact, the route from this
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crime scene to the next one is right out in the open. so i took this route from here, dunwoody to amherst and to backlick road where the second attack happened. the second attack yesterday happened right under the i-95 overpass along backlick road. a 25-year-old woman was walking southbound when she felt someone groping her. >> comes up from behind, grabs the woman, gropes them and runs away very quickly. >> reporter: the apparent 16th and 17th attacks are the same m.o. used in the 15 other attacks since september. police say the description of the suspect is also similar, a young hispanic male about 5' 6. i just drove from the second scene and my odometer tells me the distance between the two scenes is just under a mile, .9 miles. so now i'm going to see how long it takes me to walk it. first i put on some walking shoes. i'm going to use my iphone to time myself to see how long it
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takes to walk from the first crime scene to the next one. all right. see you. now i'm turning left on amherst and coming up on three minutes. right now i'm at nine minutes and 17 seconds. okay. i'm coming up on the 495 overpass. i stopped the stopwatch at 16 minutes just when i reached the 495 overpass. this is where the second woman was attacked yesterday at 3:35, 25 minutes after the first attack, just about a mile away. you want him caught quickly. >> yeah. i appreciate it to get him out of our neighborhood, yes. >> i think he needs to be apprehended. >> reporter: now if this was the same suspect in both attacks yesterday, he may have changed. the second attack the victim reports that he was wearing a black jacket and the first attack the vtim reports he was wearing a sweat shirt. now the police say they have officers out here. we have seen police cars
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driving around. they say we can't have officers on every corner, but that is really going to take the public to catch this guy. i'm peggy fox reporting live in springfield for wusa9. our blitz and glitz people coverage of super bowl xl -- team coverage of super bowl xlvii begins with news on a blitz on fake glitz. today the director of the u.s. immigration and customs enforcement agency says it's taken a record breaking number of counterfeit nfl memorabilia off the streets. since operation red zone began in september federal agents have seized more than 160,000 fake jerseys, hats, t-shirts, jackets and other items worth more than $13.5 million. i.c.e. says fake good undermine the legitimate economy, take away jobs from americans and fuel crime overseas. over the next hour and a half we have live super bowl coverage from our blitz and glitz team in new orleans. andrea roane takes us to the louisiana school where she used to be principal. our kristen berset serves up
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lemonade with rookie redskins running back alfred morris and jc hayward goes one on one with cbs this morning's gayle king. >> but first kristin fisher joins us live from new orleans where the super bowl halftime performer beyonce had a thing or two to say to all you folks who have been giving her a tough time about lip syncing the star spangled banner at president obama's banner or should we say she had something to sing. >> reporter: oh, she put on quite the show and, you know, forget about the players. today was all about beyonce and everybody was wondering how is she going to address lip syncing during the inauguration. it was something that everybody was talking about. well, beyonce being beyonce, she didn't just address it. she walks up on stage, asks everybody to stand up and then she sings it acappella. ♪ and the rocket's red glare the
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bombs bursting in air gave proof through the night that our flag was still there ♪ oh say does that star spangled ♪ >> reporter: flawless. as soon as she finished she smiled and said any questionses if to say do you really think i -- questions as if to say do you think i can't kill the national anthem. she put us in our place, but later during the q and a she was still asked about it, so here's how beyonce explains why she chose to lip sync during the inauguration. >> i did not have time to rehearse with the orchestra. it was a live television show and a very, very important emotional show for me, one of my proudest moments and due to
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the weather, due to the delay, due to no proper sound check i did not feel comfortable taking a risk. i will absolutely be singing live. i'm well rehearsed and i will absolutely be singing live. this is what i was born to do. >> reporter: so no lip syncing for beyonce at the super bowl. she said i will absolutely be singing live, but everybody now wants to know what is she going to be singing, what's the stage going to look like, what's she going to be wearing? she's keeping all that very tight under wraps. she didn't reveal any of those details. she just said you'll have to wait and see. these press conferences, you learn a lot because you get asked some pretty weird questions. somebody asked her what kind of toothbrush do you use? i'll let you know what she had to say at 7:00. back to you. >> those teeth are pretty flawless. so we do want to know about the toothbrush. some of us could use some help. >> reporter: it's just
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exciting stuff. >> thanks. let's go now to our andrea roane live along decatur street overlooking the famous quarters and you're going to take us back to the time when you weren't quite the famous tv anchor you are now, but you were some kind of role model. >> reporter: what is that? i couldn't hear you very well, but you were saying we're here in the middle of the french quarter. i'm at sanders quarters on the roof. so we've got jackson square down there, margaritaville over there and the french market over there and this is how the baltimore ravens hope to spell repeat. take a look at that. that's what they got the first time all those years ago. this is courtesy of our gm mark burdette who is with the baltimore ravens organization and i have to give it back definitely. we're having great time and we know the ravens are having a great time here because, in fact, new orleans has almost become their home city because the ravens are in the afc and the saints are in the nfc, so no competition here. it's just been great and the
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weather couldn't be more beautiful today. told was a little nostalgic for me. thursdays is when mike hydek does cool schools. well, here in new orleans i have a cool school that i have to tell you about, one that is very personal to me. take a listen. this is noca, the new orleans center for creative arts. i think it's the coolest school in town. it's the coolest school in the state of louisiana, but i may be a little biased. when noca opened in 1973, i was its first administrator, its first principal. back then we shared rooms on the uno campus. today noca is five buildings on 5 acres and growing. noca president and ceo kyle wheatburg. >> we have 620 students. they come from 16 parishes across the state of louisiana. last year we had 126 seniors, 98% which of go on to college conservatory university and between those 126 they garnered $14.5 million in scholarship offers. >> reporter: noca began with a
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core faculty of six and about 100 students who spent half a day on campus. today academics and the arts are all under one roof and noca is about much more than just the performing arts. >> we've had jazz, drama. we've had students that go on to have incredible careers and then we have people that just make a living in the arts. >> reporter: but the coolest thing about noca has always been its students just like these culinary arts students learning from top she as part of the taste of the nfl. -- top chef as part of the taste of the nfl. >> what's cool about noca is learning from all the great teachers here. >> reporter: now that's a cool school. that last student you saw darrell staves jr., you might recognize that baby face. he was on the drums last night at snug harbor playing with
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delcio moremar -- marsales. there was another student there, also. they'll be part of the halftime show with beyonce and those culinary arts students are preparing meals for the taste of the nfl that are going to be served tonight and on saturday raising money for the homeless and people in shelters. so it was a great day for me going back to my roots in education and the arts and being able to share that with you. derek, lesli? >> she's a rock star. she is. from the school to the television, she's a rock star. don't forget all this is leading up to super bowl xlvii between the baltimore ravens and the san francisco 49ers. you can watch it 6:30 sunday right here with us on wusa9. but coming up we'll talk to one of the doctors who performed that delicate operation to save the arm of a
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firefighter seriously hurt in an accident on the beltway. top. >> the wind advisory is no longer, but tell you, what the wind chills are fairly impressive. if you're headed out tonight, dress for the 20s, looking at 26 in gaithersburg, 25 in leesburg. we made tomorrow a yellow alert day. we've got snow on the way. we'll let you know when it rolls in. >> but first many of you watched it at home. we had a group of ladies watching it here. we'll get their reaction to dr. phil's interview with the mastermind behind the manti te'o girl friend hoax when we come back.
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i felt like even if we ended this and we moved on with our lives and this wasn't brought back up and the truth wasn't known that we wouldn't truly be moving on. it just wasn't the truth. right then and there i knew i
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needed to come clean and make everything right. >> but can he truly make things right? some would say that ronaiah tuiasosopo has done irreparable harm by pulling this hoax on manti te'o and, you know, he supposedly came clean today with dr. phil about how he staged this whole thing, but we assembled a panel of ladies, several of them colleagues of us here at wusa9, to talk about this whole thing and they have a lot to say, but priscilla, since you're our guest, i'll put the first question to you. do you buy what this guy is dishing out? >> i don't simply because i think there are some pieces missing to the puzzle. i haven't heard his voice and i believe there's just some pieces missing and i also believe that our football player may have known before it
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was told that he is who he is and he wasn't a woman but he's a man. >> this is interesting because dr. phil kept saying people who don't have anything to hide hide nothing, but you all get the sense that he was hiding something. hiding something? >> aolutely. if you are making up a voice and someone says do the voice it, should be very easy to just do the voice and he said he wouldn't do it. i guess we'll see tomorrow if he goes behind the screen and does it, but something just seems off in all of this just like priscilla said. >> dr. phil went to great lengths to have this voice analyzed, the voice on the answering machine. what do you think about the fact that this guy stages this hoax, kills off this fake girl friend on the same day that poor manti te'o's grandmother passes away. that's pretty cold blooded, don't you think? >> i think he's trying to seek out attention and there's something obviously very unstable about him and so for him to now come out and talk to
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dr. phil, it's like trying to fill in the gaps when you really know there were no logical answers. >> why do you think we care about this so much? why are we paying attention to this so much? >> he's seeking attention. >> but why do we care about this? >> it's like a real life soap opera and we're glued to it. >> just because of manti te'o because he's such a big -- in the draft he's supposed to go very high. he was second to win for the heisman. so i think people just care about him and it was such like a compelling story that his grandma passed away and then his girl friend passed away on the same day and went through all this heartache and he led his team to victory and all this stuff. so all of america is like oh, wow, this guy and then all this comes out that it's all a lie. >> who knew there was a reality show behind all the reality shows that we didn't know about at all.
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clearly this saga is not over and there's more to come tomorrow. ladies, thank you so much for joining us. guys, back to you in the studio. >> we're trying to figure out just how weird this thing. >> crazy soap opera. >> it's very odd. i watched it on dr. phil. it's very odd. >> and you never watch dr. phil. >> like little voices in my head. we have a little snow coming, not a big storm, but the timing could not be much worse, so early morning commute. let's start with live look outside, much quieter today, no big storms, no flood watches, no tornado watches, but we do have temperatures about 30 degrees colder. it's 40 now, dew points in the teens. remember the dew points in the 40s and 50s yesterday and the temperatures in the 70s? winds northwest at 14. they are calming down a bit. they'll end up turning southwesterly 10 to 15 tonight. advisory is long since canceled for us, wind advisory. temps in the 30s primarily
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outside the beltway, 36 bethesda, rockville, 37 reston and also fairfax, even springfield 38. looking at 39 college park, 38 bowie and still 40 by the water in annapolis. here's a look at radar. you see snow showers rolling eastward, could even see a couple flurries before this night is out, but the main event is now just entering southern sections of illinois and over toward indiana. not a strong system. the system is a fast mover, can't tap the gulf of mexico and it can't tap the atlantic moisture unless storms are able to do that. they're just not big storms for us, pretty impressive the upper air support. we're looking at a couple flurries possible between leesburg and dulles airport and just north of fairfax tonight. that is not what's coming top. so don't freak out if you -- tomorrow. so don't freak out if you drive through a snowflake on your way home tonight. best chance of snow 5 a.m. to 8 a.m. windy and colder friday, in fact, temperatures probably not going up tomorrow, probably holding in the low, maybe mid- 30s if we're lucky.
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here's our futurecast. 10:0tonight no worries. we'll advance this for you. 5:00 in the morning to 6:00 here comes a little batch of light snow. the models have been cheating it farther north. we talked to howard earlier best chance would be south of town. now it could be as equal chance north of town. you might see as much as a dusting to an inch in gatorburg down toward waldorf, but it gets out of here quickly. by 9:00 it's across the bay. next three days 9 weather alert yellow tomorrow, morning light snow 33, afternoon clouds saturday, more light snow or snow showers possible saturday night into sunday, temperatures back up to 39 sunday. don't freak out either. that will not keep you getting to super bowl parties or keep guests from getting to your home for the super bowl party. next seven days, monday chilly again, in fact, almost cold. temperatures go back to the mid- 30s, mid-40s tuesday, a couple snow showers possible, not a big deal. temps go up, low 40s wednesday
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but almost 50 by thursday with sunshine. it is thursday. this is nice. this is burke lake sunrise january 25th. it was 15 degrees and boy, it was crisp air. gilbert did a nice job sending that in, really appreciate it gilbert from fairfax county, virginia. that's textbook. go to our website click on the weather tab and include your name and location and town and a brief description and we'll post it on the web and we'll also show it to you on air. >> you are the man, top. coming up next we're learning more about why metro riders evacuated themselves after their train became stranded on the tracks.
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metro now says a smoking piece of equipment on a track is to blame for last night's nightmare on the green line. about 2,000 riders were stranded for hours on trains stuck underground near the anacostia and navy yard stop. one woman reportedly had a seizure and three people were taken to the hospital. dozens of passengers evacuated the train on their own. firefighters responding to the scene say they found burning insulation. they say that fueled a small fire that produced smoke in the tunnel. we'll have more on this story
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at 6:00. at least three people were killed in a chain reaction crash on a detroit highway today and at least one of the victims is a child. it happened this morning on southbound i-75 during pretty much near whiteout conditions. they say 16 vehicles were involved in this crash. five of them were semi trucks and more than a dozen people were hurt. in alabama negotiators are still trying to talk a man into surrendering his 5-year-old hostage. this sad affair began tuesday when police say jimmy lee dikes boarded a school bus and demanded the driver give him two children. the driver said no, so dikes shot and killed him. dikes is described as 65 years old and a man who harbors some fierce anti-government views. dikes dragged the boy to his property. they remain holed up in a small underground bunker. negotiators were able to get medicine to the boy who apparently has some health issues. >> reporter: i'm danielle
5:30 pm
nottingham on capitol hill. coming up sparks fly between former colleagues at chuck hagel's confirmation hearing. >> reporter: the firefighter who had to have his arm reattached after that terrible beltway accident is still here at union memorial hospital in baltimore. i'm surae chinn. i'm surae chinn. i talked wit the chie (woman) 3 days of walking to give a breast cancer survivor a lifetime-- that's definitely a fair trade. it was such a autiful experience. (jessica lee) ♪ and it's beautiful (woman) why walk 60 miles in the boldest breast cancer event in history? because your efforts help komen serve millions of women and men facing breast cancer every year. visit to register or to request more information today. it was 3 days of pure joy.
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♪ and it's beauful
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right now we're learning more about the surgeon who reattached a firefighter's arm
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that was served in yesterday's beltway accident. 30-year-old ryan emmons was involved in that tragic accident that sent him and three other firefighters to the hospital when a tractor trailer hit their fire truck from behind. surae chinn talked to the chief surgeon who did this amazing surgery. >> reporter: the doctors are brilliant there at medstar memorial hospital in baltimore, but right now lieutenant emmons remains in icu. he's being watched very carefully. doctors say the eight-hour surgery went smoothly and they are hopeful. >> this after takes went right to the joint in such a manner that there was not a fracture to the mid-portion of the former bones nor the upper arm. >> reporter: west lanham hills volunteer firefighter lieutenant ryan emmons' arm was cleanly severed at the elbow following a beltway accident where a tractor trailer slammed into the back of ryan's fire truck. >> getting the part back on becomes critical. >> reporter: there was a narrow window of time. little did ryan know he would be in great hands.
5:34 pm
dr. james higgins, chief of the curtis national hand center at medstar union memorial hospital in baltimore, led the team. that was just one of many factors working on ryan's side. his detached arm was well preserved. >> it was placed on ice in a plastic bag. >> reporter: just the day before dr. higgins was part of a team that announced the success of a double armed transplant of a quadrilateral amputee iraq war veteran at johns hopkins. >> you'll never know how important your hands are till you lose function of your hand and brendan was actually quite eloquent describing how important your hands are for your personality. >> reporter: dr. higgins described the success with brendan morocco's miraculous surgery. with only a day behind ryan emmons surgery, the doctor is cautiously optimistic. the first five days are crucial just to keep ryan's limb alive. after that dr. higgins says it will be a long road to
5:35 pm
recovery. >> that's certainly one of the best parts of the job is the sense that you have made a huge difference in someone's life. >> reporter: dr. higgins will never have the exact same function as he did before the accident, but ryan emmons is a great patient, young, healthy and now their first concern is just to keep his arm alive and go from there. with a bilateral transplant on brendan morocco dr. higgins says they spent two years rehearsing on cadavers at the hospital. so so much work went into that surgery. >> it's microsurgery. it's so tiny. what's the prognosis on this? >> they're thinking more than a year. they'd find out the full functionality. they first need to figure out if the nerves will regenerate. it's looking good so far. so their hope is obviously that he will have a great amount of function in his arm. >> and that they reattach and start to function again bit by bit by bit. >> that's right because every inch past the wrist is that
5:36 pm
much more severe and concerning and it takes a month for every inch farther from that wrist. well, chuck hagel faced hours of sharp questions from his former colleagues at his senate confirmation hearing. >> president obama wants hagel to be his new defense secretary, but he had to work today to explain some past policy positions on israel, iran and iraq. danielle nottingham with the story from capitol hill. >> we would like an answer yes or no. >> reporter: senator john mccain grilled chuck hagel, president obama's defense secretary nominee, about his opposition to the troop surge in iraq. >> your refusal to answer whether you were right or wrong about it is going to have an impact on my judgment as to whether to vote for your confirmation or the. >> reporter: some republicans have said -- or not. >> reporter: some republicans have said they won't support hagel. he tried to address their concerns. >> i'm on the record many times on the floor of the senate and in the book i wrote in 2008 saying that iran is a state
5:37 pm
sponsor of terrorism. >> reporter: hagel served as a nebraska senator for 12 years. during that time he made controversial remarks about israel that are still under scrutiny. >> give me an example of where we've been intimidated by the israeli jewish lobby to do something dumb regarding the mideast, israel or anywhere else. >> well, i can't give you an example. >> thank you. do you agree with me you shouldn't have said something like that? >> yes, i do. >> if confirmed, hagel would become the first enlisted man and first vietnam veteran to lead in the pentagon. >> i saw on the ground what happens and saw the suffering and the horror of war. >> reporter: sam nunn strongly supports hagel's nomination. >> he comes from the republican side but he has a lot of admirers on the democratic side of the aisle. he's a war hero. >> reporter: if confirmed hagel will be the only republican in president obama's cabinet.
5:38 pm
danielle nottingham, cbs news capitol hill. >> we have to note for you republican senator marco rubio is out with a statement released during the hearing today saying he is opposing hagel's confirmation. the american kennel club is releasing its list of most popular dogs in this country for 2012. you'll find out which breeds made the top five coming up. >> up next your first look at some of what's going on display at this year's washington auto show. don't forget we're always on at and the wusa9 app. stay with us. we'll be right back.
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the washington auto show rolled into town today and we got a sneak peek of some of the latest and greatest in auto technology at the washington convention center. more than 700 makes and models from over 42 automakers will be on display including the much talked about new chevy sparrow. there will also be exhibits on the -- camaro. there will also be exhibits on the latest break-throughs in alternative fuels. gabby douglas was the first african american woman to win olympic gold in the individual
5:42 pm
all around gymnastics competition. the leotard she wore during her first competitive season is at the smithsonian, so is the grip bag, her wrist tame, even the uneven bar -- tape, even the uneven bar grips she used at the 2012 london games. for the 22nd year in a row the labrador is the most popular dog in the u.s. the american kennel club released its list of most popular breeds for 2012. the lab's 22 year run in the top spot ties it with the poodle for the longest reign. german shepherd, golden retriever, beagle and bulldog rounded out the top five. how protection put in place by most credit card companies are reducing credit card fraud. >> reporter: i'm kristen berset in new orleans live outside the superdome. there are lots more crowds here, everybody starting to come in for the weekend including so
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get your groceries and gas up for less in tonight's consumer alert safeway is the latest grocery chain to launch a gas rewards program. so now you'll be able to fill up your cart and save at exxon mobil stations. for every 100 points you earn using your safeway club card at the store you'll save about 10-
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cent on a gallon of gas. giant and costco have similar programs. according to a new study the odds of finding a bogus charge on your credit or debit card are pretty slim. it seems the protections that card issuers have put into place are paying off, but there are some simple steps you can also do on your own to protect your plastic. a recent study found the percentage of credit and debit card transactions impacted by fraud are pretty small thanks to fairly strong safeguards by card issuers. still you can do some simple things to protect your plastic starting with the cards you choose for certain transactions. >> we recently have started evaluating the different types of cards and how much fraud protection they have ranging from credit cards to debit cards and prepaid cards and we found out that credit cards offer the best protection when it comes to fraud. >> reporter: card hub found zero liability guarantees for the four major credit card
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networks, visa, mastercard, discover and american express. you don't need to preregister to qualify for those protections, but you do need to report any suspicious activity. be vigilant. check your credit card monthly statement online before you get it in the mail and fill in the blank spaces on your receipt like the tip on a restaurant bill even if you don't leave one. those blank spaces can be filled in by fraudsters. >> now recommends that you use a credit card for all of your primary spending. it's going to shield you from any fraud liability on unauthorized transactions and it's far more secure than a debit card. tomorrow's friday, but it's also national wear red day. it's the 10th year of the american heart association urging us to go red to support the fight against heart disease which is the no. 1 killer of women. tomorrow at 5:00 i'll introduce you to a survivor who defies all the stereotypes of a person
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with heart problems. check your closet and fish out something red to wear. >> i'm thinking a red suit or a red tie. which one should i go with. >> i want to see the suit. i want to see a velour suit or knit suit. >> double breasted maybe, oh, yeah. we were tracking storms last night and now we're tracking light snow. 72 yesterday, in the 40s today. let's start with live look outside, our michael and son weather cam, beautiful shot of the capitol. looking at temperatures around 40, dew point 15. the high today was 66 which is why stats are so deceiving sometimes. that occurred just after midnight. the low so far today is 40. that will drop until we get to midnight tonight. winds out of the northwest 14, pressure falling at 29.18 inches of mercury. 35 in bethesda, 36 rockville. most of us now are in the 30s. this is straight temps, not wind chills, 38 alexandria, 39 andrews, 38 in college park and
5:49 pm
bowie and down toward waldorf temperatures in the upper 30s. okay. here's a look at radar. you see the snow showers moving eastward. this is not the main event here, but this is the main event here pulling out of missouri into southern illinois back into kentucky. again not a strong storm in terms of moisture. the fast mover, pretty good upper air support and it's likely to lay down a little stripe of very light snow. problem with that, it's going to be friday morning commute. between 5 a.m. and 8 a.m., a couple flurries possible just to the west of town out toward leesburg out route 7 and also out 66 you might pop into a little flurry briefly. that's not the main event, though. this is hardly a main event at all. breezy, much colder tonight, best chance of snow 5 a.m. to 8 a.m. windy and colder friday. in fact, temperatures don't go up tomorrow. this is going to bring in another shot of arctic air. futurecast, tonight no worries.
5:50 pm
tomorrow here comes a little batch of snow. by 7:00 it's almost across the bay. 9:00 it is gone. it will continue to snow in the mountains, which is good news for the skiers, a pretty good weekend to go skiing actually. next three days our 9 weather alert is yellow tomorrow because of the light snow, 33 and p.m. clouds saturday, maybe more snow showers saturday night, 35, morning snow showers on super bowl sunday, 39. you'll be able to get to your parties or they'll be able to get to you. next seven days, monday still cold, mid-40s tuesday, couple showers possible, low 40s wednesday and thursday sunshine, highs near 50. >> by the way, you cannot wear a red suit tomorrow. >> if you do, we will have to call you a hot so-calling bandit. >> i do not want to do that. >> i'll pay him to wear a red suit tomorrow. now we move on to a different sort of super bowl bet. this involves beer on one side
5:51 pm
representing the baltimore ravens the flying dog brewery up in frederick, maryland. on the other side the san francisco-based anchor brewing company is backing the 9ers. now the loser has agreed to pour the other brewery's beer in its tap room for a week and brewery guys will have to be decked out in the winner's championship gear for a week, so you don't want to lose. speaking of drinking and the super bowl our blitz and glitz team coverage continues live from new orleans and that is where our kristen berset was out serving up some lemonade today with a little help from one of those redskins star rookies. we should be clear we're not talking the hard stuff. >> reporter: right. good sweet lemonade. we had some kids helping us. when a lot of nfl players come this week past and present and use their celebrity to give back to the community here in new orleans. that included redskins running back alfred morris. i tagged along with him today and kind of helped him as we tried to sell some lemonade.
5:52 pm
>> you're blocking me. i'm trying to get my lemonade on. you're blocking me, man. >> reporter: what's the key to sell lemonade? >> put on a smile. >> that was an awesome smile. some people smile like this. they do. it's the truth. >> reporter: the appropriate seeds are going to junior achievement -- the proceeds are going to junior achievement. as a rookie you had such a great season. what's your experience been like so far down here? >> i just got in yesterday, went out last night, got some food. i love new orleans food. it's great. i was able to fill my tummy up. it's offseason. i can splurge a little bit. that's another lemonade. >> a little more. >> i'm getting schooled by the school kid. that's awesome. >> reporter: talk about your season. what excitementhat you brought to washington d.c. and to the redskins, what's kind of
5:53 pm
-- what was one of the most memorable moments let's say? >> the seven game win streak we had. a group of talented individuals can't do that on this level. it took a real team to do that and just to be part of a team made me so proud and so happy to be a washington redskin to say that i'm part of that organization. it was a fun ride. we laid a great foundation for years to come. it's only a beginning. that costs you a donation. >> absolutely. >> junior achievement, lovely kids. here >> reporter: wh a great guy. he and donald driver from the packers had a little competition. as a redskin, he dominated. that will do it for us right now in new orleans. i'm kristen berset. >> sweet lemonade. got to like that. thanks. hundreds of riders were struck on the green line yesterday and we went to metro to find out why. >> also a certain e.d.
5:54 pm
drug could do something other than give you a boost in bed. >> after the break we finally reveal which one of our lucky viewers is headed to the gr
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
i don't know if lesli is going to let me sit beside her anymore because she's going big time. she will be gracing the cover of washington family magazine
5:57 pm
for their february issue. >> come on. >> you come on. >> that's me and my baby. that's my daughter jordan. i don't know who was more excited, me or jordan, but it was a lot of fun and we got to talk about a day in the life of a crazy news anchor and crazy colleague and all the fun stuff. >> you guys look really gorgeous. i know you tweeted about it because i saw it on twitter earlier. >> i did. it was a great opportunity and so thankful they chose to us do it. it was a lot of fun. >> you guys look spectacular. >> thank you. i'm here with none other than tommy the fly. you partnered with us for this big grammy trip give-away. >> it's incredible and i'm so jealous of our winner. we are sending someone to l.a. to the grammys, hotel, air fare, spending money and, of course, tickets to music's biggest night, a once in a lifetime opportunity. >> and the winner is? >> you want me to say that?
5:58 pm
>> it's me! i'm going! >> really, who is it really? >> a huge congratulations from 94.7 fresh fm and wusa9 to ed violet. ed violet is going to go to l.a. and he has a once in a lifetime opportunity. i'm told he is going to send us video. >> you've got all your best friends invited to a viewing party. >> yes. we're doing a watch party at the renaissance washington d.c. dupont circle hotel where you can win your way in by listening to the tommy show on 94.7 fm. i'm going to cruise up here and hang out with derek all grammy night long to give you guys up to the minute grammy analysis as it happens on our live chat on and, of course, here on channel 9. >> you're ready. >> ready to take the claws out. >> absolutely. that's what's so much fun. if nicki minaj tries some craziness again, i'm watching
5:59 pm
her. >> thank you and congratulations to ed violet. we will see you february 10th only on wusa9. while parts of our community is still recovering from the heavy rains we had last night we may end up with some snow tonight. top, what is the deal? it's weird. we're actually going to close january with less than an inch of snow, but february comes tomoow. we might welcome it with light snow. winds are still a factor, although not as strong as they were. 24 mile-per-hour wind gust at national, 30 mile-per-hour in gaithersburg. temperature-wise it's getting ready for snow. after a high of 72 yesterday we're in the 30s now, 39 downtown, 34 gaithersburg, 39 manassas. factor in the winds and you should really dress for


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