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tv   wusa 9 News at 430am  CBS  February 1, 2013 4:30am-5:00am EST

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a spokesman for house speaker john boehner said in a statement, the president treated his jobs council as more of a nuisance than a vehicle to spur job creation. >> when we hear, you know, some of the -- somewhat ridiculous criticisms about this, they come from people who -- on capitol hill who consistently opposed every growth initiative and job creation initiative the. has put forward. >> reporter: the white house says the group was only intended to last two years. susan mcginnis, cbs news, washington. >> during the two-year tenure of the jobs council, the group met four times with the last meeting coming more than a year ago. well, he knew it was coming. former senator chuck hagel expected some tough questions on capitol hill as he tries to get confirmed as the next secretary of defense. his former republican colleagues asking about his past statements, a bunch of them, including israel and the troop surge during the war in iraq. he told them that no one vote or statement defines him. hagel is expected to be
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confirmed next week despite opposition from some of his former colleagues. today is hillary clinton's last day of secretary of state. she'll be meeting at the white house and say goodbye to her staff before she leaves. john kerry will be sworn in as the new secretary of state in a private ceremony coming up this afternoon. the government will now be able to borrow hundreds of billions of dollars more to pay the nation's bill. the senate passed the bill to raise the debt ceiling. without it, the government would have to default on obligations as soon as mid- february. one of d.c.'s area neighborhood advisory commissioners wants to limit the sale of ski masks. >> this comes after several people were robbed by gunmen wearing ski masks. gary nurenberg has the story. >> reporter: a prince george's county armed robbery. can't see the guys because of the ski masks. a 7-eleven robbery, three guys, can't see any of their faces because of the ski masks. d.c.'s fourth police district.
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look at the list serve and you see? >> a number of reports that people are assaulted with folks with ski masks on, black ski masks. >> reporter: neighborhood advisory -- this woman should know. >> i saw the man pulling a ski mask over his face and standing in the middle of the road in my path. and so i basically focused on his face between the parked cars and him and that car took off really fast. >> reporter: a week ago tuesday, 13th and varnum, armed robber, ski mask, woman loses her purse, can't give much of a description. and a man was robbed here in the 5900 block of 5th street northeast by an armed robber, face covered with a mask. he was unable to give much of a description. wheeler says it's worth talking about asking retailers not to sell the masks but has a more
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practical request. >> more patrol officers, bike patrol officers, and more unmarked cars and more plain clothes policemen. >> reporter: a d.c. spokeswoman would not provide an on camera interview but said there are increased patrols city wide. gary nurenberg, wusa9. a 41-year-old warrenton, virginia, woman is facing more than 15 years in prison for having sex with two teenage boys. yesterday stephanie strait was convicted of soughting a 15- year-old last march while she was awaiting trial in this case, investigators discovered she'd also been involved with a 13-year-old boy. an atlanta middle school student is now in custody for allegedly shooting a classmate. the 14-year-old victim was shot in the back of the neck. he was taken to the hospital and has since been released and is expected to be fine. no one else was hurt in this. charges are pending in the case. it is now day three in a
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standoff between police and a man holding a five-year-old boy hostage. the sheriff's department in alabama says negotiations continue with the gunman. they say the suspect shot and killed a school bus driver and then snatched the boy as a hostage. he's been in an underground bunker with him since wednesday. police say it appears the little boy has not been harmed. at last 25 people killed and more than a hundred injured in a blast at a mexico skyscraper. it's the home of mexico's state- owned oil company. the cause of this blast remains unknown. and "the wall street journal" is the latest newspaper infiltrated by chinese hackers. officials reported the problem late yesterday. earlier in the day "the new york times" said chinese hackers broke into its computers and got a hold of the company's passwords for every employee. no customer data was stolen. just about 4:35. we're already seeing some snow
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flurries north and west of the city. when is it moving into d.c. and how much will we get? howard will answer those questions in just a little bit. >> the justice department hits the pause button on a merger between two of the largest names in the beer business. >> and a local grocery store inks a new deal with exxon- mobil. >> we'll be back with your weather first in just two minutes. happy
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welcome back. 4:37. winter weather advisories in effect till 10:00 for us. a little bit of snow this morning. maybe will pick up an inch or so in spots. watch out for the isolated slick areas. temperatures pretty steady. upper 20s to low 30s. on the northbound side of
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355 right at the beltway ramp to the inner loop of the beltway, watch out for an accident. if you're planning to head here on 270 at democracy boulevard at montgomery mall, you're good to go to the spur and the beltway at the american legion bridge. more in a few minutes. mike, back to you. the time is 4:38. i am watching your money. this is what we like to hear. the stock market just finished its best january since 1989. the dow rose nearly 6% and flirted with 14,000. as for today, traders will get a broader picture of the overall labor market when the government releases its january unemployment report. analysts expect anywhere between 164 to 170,000 jobs being added last month. the unemployment rate staying put at 7.8%. checking the anybodies for you, the dow lost about 50 points in trade yesterday. it starts today at 13,860. nasdaq pretty much flat on the day while the s&p 500 lost almost four points. a multibillion dollar
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merger between the makers of budweiser and corona beer may not be happening. the justice department has filed an antitrust lawsuit. it challenges the proposed $20 billion buyout of modella by anheuser-busch. it says the merger would hurt computation and raise prices for exon assumers. you can -- for consumer. you can get groceries and a discount from exxon-mobil the next time you go to safeway. for every 100 points you earn at the store, you'll save 10 cents on a gallon of gas. some safeway stores already have their own gas stations. giant has its own program with shell that people have been using for years. >> i got my discount this morning. >> i love that. 4:39. metro riders, get ready for some delays this weekend. >> one local company is in the fight against hunger. >> wusa9 is back in two minutes with your weather first. flurries headed our way.
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keep it here.
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time right now is 4:42. it is 34 chilly degrees outside. howard, some snow? >> a little bit of snow on the way. the radar is starting to till in. the air is dry so it's not reaching the ground in a lot of areas but just starting to get the reports from remington, prince frederick. a little bit of snow just beginning. warrenton as well. out in old town in western maryland, shirley says it's snowing, 26. the ground is white. yeah, the mountains are seeing it first. it's coming across. a fast moving piece of energy in the upper levels of the atmosphere, enough to squeeze out a little bit of the white stuff and give us a winter advisory and maybe enough to slow you down on the morning commute.
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we've got some of the clouds out there. looked like i saw a stray flurry or two but for the most part just cloudy. i think between now and 6:00 a.m., a lot of us are going to be seeing the snow flying. by 9:00, western sections will already be finishing up. we'll still have some areas dealing with a little bit of that light snow. 11:00 30 and partly sunny. temperatures not moving much today. 32. potentially getting up to 34. a windy day but not like yesterday but winds could still gust 25, maybe 30 miles an hour in the west, northwest. windchills today only in the low 20s. look at this piece of energy. you can follow it coming across west virginia in toward maryland, southwestern virginia, up through the metro area approaching the eastern shore. and this is what we're looking at on the radar. it's lit up here a lot. but the brighter white areas is where we're starting to see it reach the ground. the air is still very dry so the initial batch of moisture is going to evaporate first. once the column from top to
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bottom moistens up, then it will start to reach the ground. warrenton and reppington as i said toward cross junction in virginia we're seeing some snow showers reaching the ground there. even in southern maryland some very few scattered reports of light, light snow starting to develop. 28 in gaithersburg this morning. 2 hagerstown. colder north. a little milder south. mid-30s fredricksburg to the patuxent naval air station. behind this system that's coming through, the winds will once again blow and it will be another chilly day. you can see the low clouds hanging over the city this morning on our michael & son weather camera. temperature at national airport 36. they're reporting some flurries. feels like 31 with the winds south, southwesterly at 6 ahead. the system. it will turn to the west and northwest and pick up later this morning into the afternoon. here's the big picture. a lot of cold air has come down through the northern plains. there's the clipper like system coming through this morning. still lots of lake streamers all over the place. the cold air will follow, again reinforced i should say about this system that will come
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across us. it's moving so quickly that by mid- to late morning it will be out of here. here's our futurecast. i want to put it in motion. 6:00 a.m. a lot of folks are on the road trying to get to work. i know the highway departments are going to do their job spreading salt and chemicals. by 9:00 looks like the bulk it now will be d.c. and points east quickly racing away. there are some spots in jersey, northern delaware might even get 2 or 3 inches of snow out of this fast moving system. by noon we're back in the sunshine, breezy conditions. the cold stays with us here through the weekend. and i do want to tell you as we head toward later saturday, saturday night, another piece of energy is going to pows some snow showers around here -- to produce some snow showers around here to sunday morning. we may pick up another inch or so in spots here and there. temperatures are not moving much today. light snow this morning. winter weather advisory till 10:00 a.m. 22 tonight. teens north and west. tomorrow 36. some nighttime snow showers with a low of 30.
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sunday early flurries, 41. next week still cool but a little bit of a moderation heads our way. super bowl sunday looks fine again, just early flurries. by tuesday flurries, 45. pushing 50 by next thursday. monika samtani, a little bit of snow starting to break out. probably downhill from here. >> yeah, probably is but what we do have going for us is that it's friday morning light. and that means we have lighter than normal traffic. that's a good thing. i think everyone need as break from all the stuff we dealt with this week. laurel marc station at the american legion lot is closed due to all the flooding they had yesterday in laurel. keep that in mind. i moot only have about 40% of the parking available for you in other lots that you have normally so again keep that in mind. that might be tough for you this morning. overall the beltway looks great. no problems to report as you come northbound on i-95 from woodbridge into springfield and on to 395 up to the 14th street bridge. let's take a live look outside and show what you it looks like in springfield. as i said friday morning light.
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that's a good thing. no issues to report right now on the beltway through alexandria and springfield as well. let's go back over to the maps. this time we're heading to the north side of town. there's an accident on the northbound side of route 355 just inside the beltway. so it may cause a little bit of a delay now. you'll have to follow police direction there. let's take a live look outside. here's what it looks like on the beltway at route 1 in college park. no issues as you travel around the bend, past 95 into silver spring. all lanes are open. but you can expect major delays this weekend on both the blue and orange lines due to track work. starting tonight at 10:00, six orange line stations will be closed between federal center southwest and cheverly. blue line trains won't run between the federal center southwest and benning road stations but buses will be provided. riders should add about 20 minutes to your travel time. there's a rising need to feed hungry families in fairfax county, so the county is once again asking you to help stuff the bus with food for local
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pantries. the bus will be at local grocery stores throughout the county until president's day february 18. the first two months of the year unfortunately are usually the lowest giving period of the year. so last year the program collected more than 25,000 pounds of food, lots of money as well for a schedule of pickups, check out our website or it all began on national day of giving on martin luther king day and ends on president's day. that's the way they're going to do it every year. so a good way to remember and look for the bus. >> thanks. see you in a little bit. it's 4:48. neurologists could be on the n.f.l. sidelines next season, that quickly. the league says a doctor would work for the n.f.l. and the players association and not for any team. this is one of many ideas being considered to deal with head injuries in football. the n.f.l. is currently facing lawsuits from thousands of former players related to concugs.
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emergency doctors -- concussions. emergency doctors need to act quickly when it comes to diagnosing someone with having a stroke. a new list of guidelines has been put out for doctors. they want patients to receive clot relieving medication within an hour of getting to the hospital and should be transported to the closest primary stroke center as well. after a year of delays, the federal government is expected to propose a new set of rules in april on what kinds of snacks can be sold in schools. health advocates want potato chips and candy bars out of the machines and replaced with healthy snacks and sodas need to be exchanged for low fat milk and juice. some states have already banned junk food in school. yoga may be good for people who suffer from heart rhythm problems. nearly three million americans have a condition that causes the upper chambers of the heart to occasionally qiferrer out of rit -- quiver out of rhythm.
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49 people were followed with the condition and did yoga regularly. after three months the average patient cut their rhythm episodes in half and had less anxiety. today is the tenth annual national wear red day. the american heart association urges all of us to go red. you see a lot of us in red here this morning, to support the fight against heart disease. a new beer is coming out, but the combination of its name and special ingredient is raising some eyebrows. coming up at 5:06, the new local beer which has people talking. and right now at 4:50, it's time for the washington golf show question of the morning. >> a record number of women tuned in last year to watch the super bowl. out of the millions who watched, how many do you think were women? a, 50%, b, 46%, or c, 42%.
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>> log on to the facebook fan page, leave your response. we'll reveal the correct answer during our 6:00 hour. if you anted the question of the -- if you answered the question of the morning quickly, you'll have a chance to win four tickets to the washington golf show at the dulles expo center in chantilly, virginia. today is the last day.
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howard here with your weather first at 4:53. watching a fast moving disturbance coming across the region producing light snow in spots. getting reports now that just light snow beginning but in cable town in the charles town
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area, i-81 covered there, western maryland some snow is flying. we'll see the snow break out a little bit more over the next hour. so look for some snow this morning, especially over the next three, four hours. a dusting to an inch will be possible. anything that's not treated, we may get some slick spots for you commuters this morning. keep that in mind. we'll turn partly sunny, windy and a cold day. temperatures not moving much from where they are now. the winds could gust at times toward the 30 mile an hour mark. for the weekend looks like another chance of snow potentially saturday night. more coming up on wusa 9news at 5:00. here's monika with traffic. you may encounter slick spots from the north and west. southbound 270 at 121 clarksburg looks final. no issues to the point where the lanes divide. the beltway is good as well between college park and bethesda. more in a few minutes. >> thanks, monika. 4:54. we're just a few days away from the biggest sporting event in the world. we're talking about super bowl xlvii this sunday in new
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orleans. tens of millions, if not hundreds of millions are expected to watch the game. >> of course many of us also watch just for the commercials. super bowl commercials as much a part of the game as the game itself. here's a historic super bowl commercial you may remember from january 1996. ♪[ horses chin -- [ horses whineying ]
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[ horses whinnying ] >> do they always do that? >> nah. they usually go for two. >> love the clydesdales. they're awesome. >> also related to the super bowl, beyonce had a little controversy after spending some time here in d.c. recently. she decided it was time to face the media in new orleans because of course she's performing at the half time show during the super bowl sunday. >> this is the first time the superstar has actually spoken publicly since all of the controversy about her performance singing the national anthem at the inauguration. teresa garcia has the story from new orleans. >> reporter: at the start of her news conference, beyonce got right to the point.
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the singer's surprised performance was clearly intended to silence critics following her performance at president obama's inauguration. she now admits she sang along with a prerecorded track. >> i am a perfectist. one thing about me, i practice till my feet bleed. dy not have time to rehearse with the orchestra. >> reporter: she posted super bowl rehearsal video online. she said this performance will be different. >> i absolutely will be singing loud. i will rehearse and i absolutely will be singing live. this is what i was born to do. >> reporter: prerecorded music at big events is nothing new. madonna and whitney houston both relied on recorded tracks to pump up their sound during their super bowl performances. many fans accept lip syncing as part of the performance. >> i hope she gives us the real thing. i prefer the real thing but she's a great singer and i'm happy with whatever she'll do
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for us. >> reporter: beyonce will not be the only star at the super bowl. alicia keys sings the national anthem and the chorus from sandy hook elementary school in connecticut will perform america the beautiful before the ravens and 49ers take the field for super bowl xlvii. teresa garcia, cbs news, new orleans. >> singer jennifer hudson will join the chorus from sandy hook elementary in singing america the beautiful during cbs' pre- game show sunday afternoon. and be sure to tune into the super bowl. of course this sunday on wusa9 starting at 6:30. >> sunday is super bowl sunday? who knew. >> maybe you heard something about that? happy friday morning. you're watching wusa9 at 5:00 a.m.
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beautiful. good morning. it's friday. we've finally made it, 5:00 a.m. i'm jessica doyle in for andrea roane. she's back on monday. >> she's still in new orleans. i'm mike hydeck. thanks for joining us. the ladies are


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