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tv   wusa 9 News at 430am  CBS  April 15, 2013 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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table. >> reporter: the sunday calm quickly turned into panic as neighbors watched this house go up in flames. >> we were just returning from church. we turned the corner and seen all the smoke. >> everything was just up in flames when i came out of my house. everything was up in flames. i had never seen anything like it. >> reporter: as firefighters got there, they rushed inside and were able to rescue two people that were trapped. the victims were a 93-year-old woman and 50-year-old manual. they were suffering from burns and smoke inhalation and rushed to the hospital in what a fire official called, quote, grave condition. >> they took two people out. it looked pretty bad. >> reporter: neighbors we spoke with say the flames were intense and massive. within seconds they were shooting out of every window of this second story house. you could see the damage left behind. fire investigators were called out immediately to search for
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clues and determine a cause. at this point it's too soon to rule anything out including arson. a dog and a cat were also rescued. a second cat, however, died in the fire. >> it's just traumatizing. >> reporter: fish officials say -- fire officials say their firemen pulled off two heroine rescues. we're in northeast d.c., ken molestina, wusa9. an arrest has been made in the deaths of a d.a. and assistant d.a. in kaufman county, texas. eric williams was charged with capital murder in the deaths of mike and cynthia mcwheelland. according to investigators williams had a history with mccell lad. williams is being held on a $3 million bond. secretary of state john
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kerry wrapped up a trip to asia monday and he continues to call on north korea to reenter peace talks with the u.s. and its allies. >> tara mergener has the latest. >> reporter: north korean celebrated the birthday of kim il song, but no missile launch. secretary of state john kerry met with japanese prime minister monday morning. >> one thing is for certain. we are united. he says the u.s. and japan are hoping to -- are opening to negotiations to deescalate tensions in the region. >> the burden is on pyongyang. north korea must take meaningful steps to show it will honor commitment it is has already made and it has to observe laws and the norms of international behavior. >> reporter: that seems unlikely. north korean state tv dismissed the south korean offer to enter
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peace talks as a crafty trick. secretary kerry says the u.s. is working with china to find a solution to the crisis in the korean peninsula. >> their preference is obviously for a stable region and north korea right now is threatening the stability of the region. >> reporter: china has issued a public appeal for north korea to abandon its nuclear weapons program. but north korea continues to work on a way to put a nuclear bomb on a ballistic missile and some fear it may be close. >> i think it's a matter of time before they have that capability. >> reporter: u.s. intelligence officials say they expect north korea to perform another missile test sometime soon. tara mergener for cbs news, washington. >> secretary kerry tells cbs news that even if north korea does launch another missile test, the united states will still be willing to negotiate with the country as long as they follow through with their international obligations. in venezuela nicholas --
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nicolas maduro has been declared the country's new president. the opposition candidate is demanding a recount after a razor thin loss in sunday's election. maduro won 50.7% of the vote. the challenger won 49.1%. the national electoral council earlier has said more than 99% of votes had been counted and maduro's victory was irreversible. four people aboard a sinking tugboat are doing well because of quick work by the coast guard. a rescue helicopter located a group floating in a life raft about 13 miles off the california coast near big sir. the captain of the boat had made a distress call and activated the electronic positioning equipment before abandoning ship. no word on what caused the boat
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to sink. a father and his daughter were waiting for the metro on their way to a caps game when they -- [indiscernible] jennifer biew cannian and trent wright were waiting for their train when a man slipped on to the tracks. the train was just feet away. what happened after that was pure instinct. the father and daughter duo says they don't even know the man they saved because they got on the train so they could get to the game but before they left, the man did say thank you at least. if you're monitoring your child's activity on twitter and facebook, know this. you're not the only one. an anne arundel county policeman says gangs are using the social media to detect new members.
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fighting fire with fire, prosecutors are now using social media to find evidence against gang members. the plan to build a columbia pike streetcar has hit somewhat of a snag. according to "the washington post," the federal transit administration did not list a $250 million project on its funding list for this. it may be the result of federal budget cuts. the county board chairman says the project will move forward anyway even without the funding. the streetcar would go from the fairfax county skyline area to pentagon city. we all know the deadline to file your taxes is tonight, midnight. in honor of today, some restaurants are offering freeb business. jessica will -- breebies. -- freebies. jessica will have the list. >> what researchers say
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>> 4:39 on this monday morning. a couple of sprinkles out there. grab the rain gear. in the 50s. going to be a seasonably cool day if you will. 65 to 70 with plenty of clouds. maybe a peek or two of sunshine. mainly morning showers, some light ones. could see lingering showers generally west of town. high 65 to 70. back in a few minutes. a lot of things to tell but this week, including big snows up in the plains. we'll let you know when the storms are going to return in our area. right now over to monika with timesaver traffic. on the northbound side of i- 95, here's what it looks like in springfield. par for the course as you head for the 14th street bridge. no issues to report downtown over the potomac and anacostia river bridges. back to you. it is 4:39. time for the first your money segment of this monday morning. >> dollars and cents with jess. good morning. >> good morning. wall street hoping to get back to its winning ways today. a string of rallies really came to an end on friday but, you
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know, it wasn't that bad. this morning we're waiting on a new economic report of earnings from citigroup. checking the numbers the dow stands this morning at 14,865. pretty flat close on friday. look at that. 0.8. that's flat. the nasdaq was down by 5. the s&p 500 was off by about four and a half. the major averages for the week all up about 2%. we'll take it. hopefully this next story is not news to you. today is april 15 which means last day to file your taxes if you haven't even started to file, it's okay. head to and apply for an extension. the tax man still expects you to pay what you obey today regardless of the extension. on the plus side of tax day, many local restaurants and businesses are offering tax day freebies and incentives. blt steak is having a half off
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drink sale for lunch and dinner today. anything you want from your favorite beer to your finest wines all because of tax day. and the four seasons hotel in georgetown is offering 20% off any massages starting today through friday. just mention the tax break special. sounds good to me. want to buy a new personal computer? you better get them while they're hot and cheap. many pc makers are slashing prices after reports show sales plunged last quarter. some experiments say they're seeing prices on laptops that they would normally see on black friday. >> you even had some in your dually deals. -- >> daily deals. >> crazy how cheap they've gotten. i know one mother who needs a computer so i might be looking at that myself. >> i didn't realize this was the hundredth anniversary of
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the taxes. a florida police officer is in hot water for what looked like a picture of trayvon martin for target practice. coming up at 4:48, the reason he gave for using the photo. >> plus, a man accused of stealing jewelry is trapped inside. the drastic steps he took to hide the evid ttpcwwww
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good monday morning. coming up on 4:44 and 39 seconds. a special good morning to latisha richardson, part of the event star at the cherry blossom parade. wonderful lady. she says she starts her day with us every weekday. so we were pleased to meet her. thanks for saying hello. what a gorgeous weekend we had. great weekend for a parade. >> it was beautiful saturday
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morning. debbie brooks who was our contest winger got the v.i.p. tickets -- winner got the v.i.p. tickets. she and her friends were fabulous as well. you did a nice job on the parade. >> we had a lot of fun. thanks, howard. >> and howard has pictures posted on his facebook page. let's get you going with not so classy weather this morning. a little drizzle. also over to andrews this morning. so spotty light showers now and a few more hours. better chances west as we head into the afternoon. we'll stay mostly cloudy today. temperatures in the upper 60s for high. it will be a little cool, especially with a southeast wind at 10 to 15 miles an hour. you'll probably need a little wind breaker, sweat shirt or something. here's the moisture. storm system well to the south. we have lightning in northeastern north carolina here with the storms. for us, just very light sprinkles now which have been falling across the region. not all of this is reaching the ground but you see some of
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these dark areas and a little yellow into areas in east central montgomery and howard county approaching columbia, going back toward easton and down prince frederick toward andrews. as lieu to the south and -- as you look to the south and west, some breaks. then you get to fairfax and prince william, really just the low clouds more than anything. same areas up in the upper shenandoah valley. we're looking at a lot of sprinkles here and there. let's -- i think i had a few extra frames in there. 55 lovettsville. temperatures fairly uniform. 54 again. drizzle being reported at andrews and waldorf, 55 degrees. outside on our michael & son weather camera, visibilities still way up there. anything that's falling is very light. national airport not reporting anything but clouds on the hour. one of our warmer temps at 59 with an east, southeast wind at 6. humidity 55%. yesterday got to 69 degrees. it was beautiful and sunny.
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then the clouds sort of rolled in overnight with the showers that we're watching. one system here, we're watching another front by the way coming through chicago. by the time we get into wednesday, that's when we'll get that front closer that will give us a better chance for a few source and store. then the dakotas by the way, i was looking at some of the snow totals, bismarck, as of 11:00 last night had about 18 inches of snow on the ground from the latest storm. so we'll watch the showers break up a lot here midday. still showers here and there. then a better chance west and southwest of town as we go into the evening hours. here we are. notice with the southeast end withs they hit the ridgetops and that will squeeze out showers out of the neighborhood. we'll head to tomorrow. there could be spotty drizzle in the morning. i think we end up with basically sunshine in the afternoon. there's the front that by wednesday will increase our rain chances. looking at the forecast today lots of clouds. mainly morning showers, 68. 55 tonight. tomorrow we'll be in the mid- to upper 70s.
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i'm banking on the afternoon sunshine. if we stay cloudy and overcast, probably closer to 70 but 80 wednesday with a chance of afternoon storms or two. high temperatures again on the warm side. by thursday around 80. friday 75. chance of some showers and storms. better chance there later on in the day friday night. so saturday morning, softball or little league, the fields could be a little on the damp side and then cooler this weekend, highs in the low 60s. usually when we have even a little sprinkle on a monday morning, i get concerned but this morning i'm happy to say so far so good. all construction pretty much cleared up. if you're just now heading out the door, i think you're going to be absolutely fine. all the green behind me and all the interstates look good heading for the beltway and inside the beltway as well. let's take a live look first of all. here's what it looks like on 270 at montrose road. the entire stretch from frederick down to upon toes and the point where -- montrose and the point where the lanes
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divide look good. 355 no issues as well to the georgetown area. northbound 395 at washington boulevard, no issues to report into the downtown area, 14th street bridge looks good as well. all lanes are open on the southeast southwest freeway. we'll wind a live look at route 50. n. is heading for the beltway through cheverly into the northeast corridor. all lanes are open at this time. back to you. >> thanks, monika. a florida police officer fired for bringing targets resembling trayvon martin to a gun range apologized to the shooting victim's family for, quote, being used as a pawn some somebody's political agenda. former police sergeant ron king denies he was leaving the target practice with two overs with that target. he said he was using martin's target as an example of where police officers shouldn't shoot. 34:50 just about -- 4:50
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just about. when you're planning have a robbery, having a getaway strategy should be a big part of that plan. a would-be crook in new hampshire is not good with details. >> the doors in one jewelry store are automatically locked so you have to be buzzed in and out but this 54-year-old didn't know that. after finding a ring he likes, he snatches it and bolts for the door only to realize he's trapped in the store. instead of immediately giving up, he swallowed the evidence. yes, the $3500 ring he swallowed and then he just waited for police. >> it was an excellent system and worked out beautifully for these folk. when he got trapped at the door, the three employees confronted him about the suspicion he had taken the ring. >> he didn't try to kick the door or fight with officers. he just waited for them to arrive. now liss are just wait -- now police are just waiting for the ring to reappear. former president george w. bush became a grandpa over the
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weekend. his daughter jenna bush gave birth to their first child on saturday night. in a statement from the former president, the girl's name is margaret laura mila hager, named after her grandmother's. congratulations to the bush family. premature babies who listen to music, eat, sleep and relax easier. a recent study of 300 infants in 11 hospitals showed that their vital signs improved. >> that's especially when the rhythms match the infant's breathing rate or sounded like the mother's heart beat. preemies also did better when they listened to sounds of the ocean and their parents singing lullabies so get your act together, parents. start singing to your children. the masters golf tournament ended up being quite a nail biter. >> it was awesome yesterday. for the second year in a row it came down to a two-hole playoff. this year it was australia's adam scott against argentina's
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angel cabrera. no australian had never won the masters till yesterday. >> reporter: a dramatic finish at the masters. on a rainy sunday, adam scott won a playoff against angel came bare remark the first australian to win the tournament. >> what an incredible day. everything fell my way in the end. >> reporter: scott came from behind in regulation and made this long putt on the 18th hole to take the lead, but cabrera made a tough cut of his own at 18 to force a playoff. it ended up being a frustrating tournament for tiger woods who was the favorite going n. he stayed within striking distance with a five under par, but he couldn't overcome the controversial two-stroke penalty he received for an illegal drop on friday. >> we could do a what if in every tournament we lose. >> reporter: as always, woods drew big crowds here, another
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fan favorite tianlanguage guan, more -- tianlang guan, more for his age. he finished with the best amateur score of 12 over par. he will now trade his golf clubs for textbooks. where do you stand on your homework? have you been able to keep up on it? >> yeah, probably tonight. >> reporter: the final day saw the leader board change several times which kept score keeper kevin wilson busy. >> the whole score has been posted. >> reporter: scott finished with the best score earning him the coveted green jacket. susan mcginnis, cbs news, augusta, georgia. >> amazing. it is 4:53. time for the question of the morning. according to, which one of these do 62% of men believe exist? >> come on, guys. is it a, aliens, b, ghosts, or c, angels?
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what do you think? put your answer on our fan page. we'd love to hear
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light sprinkles out there. spotty drizzle. we'll have it on and off. better chance it stays west of us. a cool day. you'll need a jacket or light wind breaker with highs 65 to 70. let's check in with monika with timesaver traffic. i'm happy to say this is what it looks like on the beltway in oxon hill. all of your southern maryland corridors look good as well. at 210 to the wilson bridge, we're in good shape. no problems on route 4, route 5 or route 301 this morning. back to you guys. last night was the mtv music awards. among the big winners, comedian will ferrell.
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he received an award that most people would agree he truly deserved. >> he was given mtv's ain august recall com-- inaugural comic jean just award. he wore a suit covered in bills as he accepted. >> there are two basic dreams. first, to one day hopefully be able to make people laugh. thank you. the other dream, to be able to wake up every day and dress myself exactly like dennis rodman. you've got to clap louder than that. >> also during his speech, he brought up a fake family and renewed his vows with his fake wife. >> at the mtv movie awards. >> very funny. the running of the boston marathon gets under way today. >> you've done this, haven't
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you? >> i have. >> a group of mobility impaired veterans is participating. paul burton reports the team is quite an inspiration to fellow runner and spectators alike. >> reporter: these are the real heroes of the boston marathon. they're called the freedom team. wounded warriors who will be hand cycling the 26.2 miles. >> it's one of the oldest marathons. >> it's a privilege to be here to do that. >> just to be able to do the marathon is a dream come true. >> reporter: jake murphy is from wellesley. he's so happy to be home. in july 2011 his entire life changed while on patrol in afghanistan. >> the ied went off, took both my legs and consequently was also in a comb ha for about six weeks -- coma for about six weeks so i suffer add traumatic brain injury also. >> reporter: but today he's doing better and proud not only to serve his country but take part in the boston marathon. >> after years of walking down the street and watching them go
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through wellesley this is my first. >> reporter: he was greeted by local authorities. >> welcome is absolutely amazing. i've been to a lot of cities and this is probably the first city you get off the plane and firefighters and police are outside just there to welcome us. >> reporter: it's certainly inspiring to watch these heroes step off the plane one by one on their own power. >> it's breathtaking. they're so inspiring and part of our family now. >> reporter: each one knows they have a long road to recovery and while getting through the marathon will be challenging, it's something each one of them knows they can accomplish. >> it's a new adventure for me to see how far i can push myself. >> the biggest message is that never let anything get you gone. you can accomplish anything that you want to. me and all the rest of guys here are living proof of that. there's nothing to stop us. >> that was paul burton reporting there. good morning. thank you for watching wusa9 at 5:00 a.m. happy monday. you'll need an umbrema


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