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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  April 16, 2013 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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. thank you for joining me. i'm jc hayward. right now the investigation into the deadly bombing during the boston marathon is at full speed. randall pinkton is in boston with more information. >> reporter: still no arrest, no one claiming responsibility
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for the deadly bombing at the boston marathon that occurred about six blocks behind me. right now investigators say they are combing through hours of video frame by frame looking for the person who planted the explosive devices. the area around the finish line of the boston marathon is what police call the most complex crime scene in the city's history. >> any time bombs are used to target innocent civilians, it is an act of terror. >> reporter: investigators continue to collect and process evidence, including bomb fragments and cell phone videos and photos. mourners have been placing flowers at the scene. investigators denied reports that several unexploded bombs were found in the area. >> we only had two devices that we're aware of. both of those devices were the ones that were involved in the damage and in the explosives incident. >> reporter: three people were killed and more than 175 others were injured in the two blasts. among the fatalities, 8-year- old martin richard who greeted his father at the finish line.
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the boy's sister and mother were badly injured. >> they're a wonderful family. this is a horrific tragedy. >> reporter: investigators say the 12-block area near the finish line will remain a crime scene for at least two more days. the f.b.i. agent in charge would not confirm reports agents are questioning a saudi national who was injured in the blast. police searched his home in the suburb of revere. >> i'm not going to say who it might or might not be in custody right now. >> reporter: the injured people, several of whom lost limbs in the attack, are being treated in hospitals across the city. doctors say the bombs were packed with shrapnel. >> probably this bomb had multiple metallic gregments in them. we removed nails. >> reporter: no one has claimed responsibility for the attack. mayor thomas menino says yesterday was a bad day for boston, but the city will overcome. reporting live in boston, i'm randall pinkston. back to you.
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>> thank you, randall. washington, d.c. along with other u.s. cities have increased their security after yesterday's attack. part of new york's laguardia airport has been evacuated due to a report of a suspicious package. here locally, d.c. police have increased their patrols along today's emancipation day parade. our bruce johnson is standing by. he's in northwest washington. he has more information on that part of the story. bruce? >> reporter: jc, we're in the middle of pennsylvania avenue northwest. talked to the mayor a short time ago. he says there have been no incidents. he's excited about the size of this crowd. it's emancipation day in d.c. recognizing, commemorating what happened here back in 1862, some 3,000 slaves, african- americans were freed by abraham lincoln. that was before the emancipation proclamation. behind me a group of distinguished men. talk to me first about boston and this being the nation's capital, you know this could also be a target.
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what are your thoughts? >> first of all, the brothers of the fraternity want to send their prayers out to the families of those in boston. we think it was a terrible thing. here in washington, d.c. of course it's an open city. we have 20 million tourists that come here and citizens. we are thankful for the protection we have here. we're always a target for terrorists but we believe we have the best law enforcement personnel in the world. >> reporter: you personally coming out here, did you even think about it that d.c. could be dmex? it's happened -- be next? it's happened before. >> i thought about it but i still wanted to help d.c. be recognized. >> reporter: your thoughts on the importance of this event recognizing what took place here in 17862-- >> in 1862. >> this is an exciting time, the emancipation proclamation that we, the citizens of this town, also would like to say we
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like to abstate one day. >> reporter: i -- be a state one day. >> reporter: i knew we would get that in at some point. no voter representation in the house. are you satisfied on this -- [indiscernible] >> we are encouraged that the president has in fact put the tags on the vehicle, but we certainly would like to see a little more support going forward. >> reporter: talk about living in d.c. the possible danger. did it impact you? has it changed your way of life because of what happened in boston? >> not at all. i have full faith and confidence in our protective services here. >> reporter: gentlemen, thank you very much. just happened by. going to show you more of the parade later o. back to you, jc. >> think you very much, bruce johnson on pennsylvania avenue. more than 1,000 people from the metropolitan area absolutely -- actually participated in yesterday's marathon in boston. the runners, their family and friends are returning home now.
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some of them shared their story with jessica doyle at reagan national airport. >> reporter: i-- >> i had crossed the finish line about 29 minutes before the bombs went off. it was my first boston marathon and i ran much faster than i usually run. so i'm very thankful because had i run my normal pace, i probably would have been there about the time the bombs went off. >> reporter: amy huffman from ohio is visiting a local friend after her harrowing experience in boston. she, like laura gabler of d.c., feels drained. >> i couldn't sleep. i mean, it was probably 4:00 a.m. before i fell asleep and woke up around 6:00 to camp my flight back to d.c. >> reporter: after intense training, a day that should have been triumphant turned profoundly tragic. >> when i walked out into the boston harbor, it was eerie and sad. you could feel the whole city was very sullen. >> reporter: after the tragic events in boston on monday and
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for many sleepless night, passengers arrived here at reagan national airport with their emotions feeling raw. still many report to us that they felt safe to fly today. department of homeland security police patrolled the airport while a bomb-sniffing dog paid close attention to garbage cans. despite the safety concerns, this runner is undaunted. she says she will run the boston marathon again. >> i told my family members, you can live your life in fear but then you're not really living your life and running is about living your life. >> reporter: truly the spirit of a marathon runner. they just don't quick. jessica doyle, wusa9. was it domestic terrorism? international terrorism or could it be a lone bomber? those are some of the key questions that the f.b.i. will be asking after yesterday's attack. with me now is a counterterrorism expert with a
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lot of backgrounds. he's an author. from your perspective, what reaction do you have right now? >> well, this is one thing that we have to look at is we have to allow the professionals in the law enforcement community to make their decisions and not do it hastily. what we saw in previous instances was that people jumped the gun. people came to conclusions too fast. that's not something we want to do in such a high profile case like this. >> there was one person i think that was -- they were questioning yesterday, but that person is not a suspect. and they searched his home. what are some of the first steps, though, that will be taken? >> one of the things is we're going to have law enforcement sort of make sure the area is secure. they're going to have very, very trained individuals go through the crime scene and look for evidence.
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the next thing they're going to do is they're going to work with both federal, state and local organizations to determine whether there is a domestic nexus or international nexus. as you know, the government has not actually said who they think is culpable for this attack. so it's going -- we're going to see this played out over the next couple of days or maybe weeks. >> do you think they know? >> i don't believe actually they know. if they knew, let's say, a terrorist organization that was a foreign terrorist organization, they would have said something by now. i think the smart thing to do is to let the law enforcement folks and the intelligence folks do their business, because this is what they've been doing for the last ten years. >> were you surprised that something like this could happen at a boston marathon? >> not at all. the boston marathon is obviously a very high profile american event. a lot of people are there. cameras are there. the media is there. and if i were a terrorist, i would want to attack something like this. >> so it's only natural that someone who wants to attack us
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would use this venue. >> they would use this thing because it's a high profile event. they knew that whoever did this, whether it's an individual or an organization, they would know that the media would be there, that they would get a lot of attention and excitement from both the national and the international media. >> but that's frightening because now how do we move through the future? >> right. that's one of the things is that the thing about terrorism is that chances are things like that will happen. the more important issue is looking at things through a prism of resilience. these things will happen, but we are a resilient nation and we will continue forward. at the end of the day, terrorists are not growing to collapse american civilization. only we have that power. >> the word from officials is we should be vigilant. we should keep our eyes open and our ears open to listen and see if anything is strange and we should report it. >> absolutely.
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that is exactly -- everybody, the citizens and everybody should actually be doing at this juncture. >> aki peritz, thank you for being with us. >> thank you very much. you can continue to follow the doasmghts that occurred during -- developments that occurred during the boston marathon bomber when you're not in front of the television because we're going to post updates on our website and you can also get a recap of the latest developments on twitter. our handle is at at wusa9 and our facebook fan page. you'll find an extensive gallery and interviews with local runners and spectators. coming up next, we're going to talk to a homeland security expert about who could possibly be behind this attack. wusa9 news at noon returns in two minutes.
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we want to talk some more about the bombings in boston. the blast happened on tax day. also this is a week with a number of unhappy anniversaries, including the oklahoma city bombing and the waco assault. with me now is jeff stein. he edits the spy talk blog and writes for the "washington post" on intelligence issues. the president jumped on this immediately yesterday stating that yule of his resources would be -- that all of his resources would be involved. give me your reaction to where things are and what you think is going to happen? >> i think he was rightfully cautious about defining this act and whom might be responsible because in fact we don't know yet. my assistant overnight surveyed the right wing, white superiority, neonazi websites, by the way. and we find we're cautious in
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reacting to this bombing, although one of the most extreme said that they're worried they were going to be blamed for this bombing and that the government would for yao it as a pretext -- would use it as a pretext to take away their guns. some of the more extreme websites talked about that but most of them are very cautious. the most radical comments come from the readers who visit these websites and say it's time to hang all the muslims and things like that that's the kind of thing you expect to find there. but the. has a huge array of security apparatus in place that we built since 9/11. the department of homeland security was created and they have all these intelligence fusion centers, including massachusetts. we have the joint terrorism task force. in an odds, ironic way, you couldn't have had a better environment for a criminal investigation than yesterday. i mean, you had so much security on site, including the national guard, the joint terrorism tank force is on high
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alert for big events like this. i think they're going to crack this case pretty fast. >> you feel very comfortable that very soon we should have some information on who was behind this attack? >> i do. because it looks like an amateur job for one from what we know. >> it does? >> the early analysis of the bombs. these are not plastique explosives favored by professional terrorist groups you might say. also, you know, many of the things that civil libertarians complain about, the intrusive surveillance and monitoring of e-mail and phone traffic and so on, these are all in place. these are going to work much to the government's advantage in this particular incident. >> so very soon some information should be coming out. >> we don't like to same, you know -- but if ever the government was positioned to solve the case quickly, it's in boston where all the security apparatus is already deployed. you've got cctv, film to
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review, eyewitnesses, forensic evidence. so lots of these things add up to kind of a cornicopia of evidence for the investigating agencies. >> jeff stein, thank you for being with me. >>
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welcome back. still mostly cloudy skies around washington at this lunch hour. we are going to get some sun this afternoon as temperatures
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climb to about 74. we already have some areas that are seeing sun. they're going to be warmer than us. they'll make it i think into the upper 70s. you can see whaim' talking about with the satellite -- what i'm talking about with the satellite and radar. showers to the north. lots of breaks in the delmarva. look at the breaks west of the blue ridge out toward i-81. so we are going to burn off some of these clouds. it's just taking a little longer in some spots than others. 66 in town. on the bay only 58. easton up to 70 with the sunshine. we're pushing 670 in -- we're pushing 70 in leesburg. what a difference it's making with the sun. one more time outside on our camera, you see the cloudy conditions. 66. winds south at 10. that's different than yesterday. we had an easterly wind and that kept us socked in. but we're burning it off over the afternoon. 80s here. look at the other side. there's a front. 20s, even only 19 right now in casper. winter still holding on strong. jet stream really dipping in the west. when that happen it is rises in the east. a lot of energy.
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going to be a lot of snow across wyoming into south dakota, nebraska. maybe a foot or two the next couple of days. we have this boundary with the showers and storms in illinois coming in toward western new york. that is going to be getting close to us tonight. tonight we've got a threat of showers. even late this afternoon some of these might just make it in toward western maryland. showing you the futurecast. we'll burn off some of these clouds. here we are at 6:00. slight chance of a shower hagerstown down to win winchester. tonight as the boundary comes through, there will be a shower here or there. tomorrow the boundary sort of near us but it's going to sink south and west. that's where the better chance of showers and maybe an isolated storm will be than in d.c. on wednesday. but wednesday night, thursday morning, this is the boundary that returns. we'll be on on the warm side of things i think to finish out the workweek but colder this weekend. so 70 for today. some areas will make the upper 70s. 60 tonight. we do have a chance. even tomorrow an isolated shower. more likely south and west of us. mid-70s. 80 on thursday. i'm going to keep it dry for
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now but could be a shower early in the morning. friday night showers and storms with the next cold front. that's a strong one. soggy field conditions for saturday morning sports. cooler and drier for the weekend. we'll be back. going to the kitchen when ttpcwwww
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in the kitchen today, i have chef michael costa. the restaurant is located 701 9th street northwest. we're celebrating greek orthodox easter till may 5. >> we have our first annual open air market. we'll be featuring local artisans. may 5 we'll be hosting a big brunch which will be a lot of fun for us as well.
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>> what are you prepare something. >> an english dish. we'll make our yogurt base which starts as you might predict with greek yogurt. >> everybody is talking about the greek yogurt. it's tasty. >> we like to make it a little richer with some ladin. it's richer. we'll mix them together and season with salt. so a tiny bit of white pepper, just a little bit. then we'll give some fresh herbs. we have mint and some dill that have been freshly chopped. so at that point we could mix in the peas and pistachios if you'd like or do maybe more of a restaurant style presentation which is what you see there where we will take it and spread it around the inside of a bowl and then we'll layer everything on top. >> i love green peas. i really do. >> they do well with the yogurt. their sweetness is enhanced by
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the acidity and richness of the yogurt. >> i have this recipe on so people can do this at home. you brought some other things just to show. >> i have some different lentin specials. in the middle we're doing zucchini which has an eggplant puree on the bottom. we're marinating it and grilling it which is a lot of fun. and that's our spit roasted lamb shoulder which is a signature for the restaurant. we have a nice crispy lettuce cup, cucumber which is more traditional than the pea variety we're doing today. >> don't forget to go to siytinya located at 701 9th street northwest and celebrate greek orthodox easter. say hello to chef michael costa when you go. that looks good. thank you. congratulations. thank you for being with us. come back and visit us at 5:00. have a good day.
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