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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  May 1, 2013 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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. we're beginning with breaking news from boston concerning the boston marathon bombing investigation. police there say that three additional suspects have been taken into custody in connection with those bombings. we have the latest information now from vinita nair. she is live in boston. >> reporter: three additional suspects are under arrest in connection with the boston marathon bombings. cbs news has confirmed the three suspects will be charged
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with harboring or aiding the prime bombing suspects the tsarnaev brothers aft fact. we are looking live at federal building in boston. we're told the suspects will face federal charges that should be announced later today. the new suspects were not arrested in the city of boston but nearby. boston police say the suspects pose no danger to the public at this time. the tsarnaev brothers are accused of killing three people and injuring more than 260 others with two bombs that were placed near the finish line of the boston marathon. police caught up with the brothers three days later after releasing surveillance videos and photos of them at the scene of the bombings. they allegedly killed an m.i.t. police officer in his car before one brother was killed in a shootout with police. the other brother was taken into custody after he was found hiding inside a boat. investigators are now trying to determine if the brothers acted alone or had extremists influencing them. the additional suspects arrested today have not yet been identified. live at cbs studios in new york, vinita nair, cbs news.
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now back to you. >> attaching you. we will continue -- thank you. we will continue to follow this story and have the latest information on our website and of course on our evening newscast beginning at 5:00 p.m. the food and drug administration says it is lowering the age to buy a controversial morning after pill without a prescription. soon anyone with identification showing that they are at least 15 years of age will be able to purchase plan b over the counter. danielle nottingham reporting from fda headquarters in silver spring, maryland. we're having a little bit of difficulty getting that report from danielle. let me tell you that the fda's ruling applies only to plan b one-step and not to generic versions. police in the district's trinidad neighborhood are looking for the gunman who shot two people this morning.
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the two victims were found near trinidad avenue northeast. one of the victims is in the hospital listed in serious condition. the other victim was shot in the leg. jurors have started deliberations in the case against the man charged with beating a capitol hill man last summer and leaving him for dead. 22-year-old tommy branch is being tried for beating and robbing 29-year-old thomas maslin. he was attacked last summer while walking home from a nationals game. branch is accused of hitting maslin in the head with an aluminum baseball bat. maslin suffered severe brain injury. two other men are also charged in that beating. another frustrating morning commute for people on metro. crowded platforms, crowded trains and delays up to 45
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minutes. delia goncalves explains what happened. >> reporter: a lot of late calls to work this morning. >> i'll be late but i'll have to stay after and take the metro. >> reporter: platforms were packed as folks waited and waited for a train and when one finally came, hundreds squeezed in just to catch a ride. >> this is public transportation. delays are expected. >> reporter: metro single tracked red line train between no machine ma gallaudet and fort to then. -- totten. therefore they turned trains around at judiciary square frustrating a lot of passengers. trains finally pulled into judiciary square. passengers unmoved. >> it's final. we finally made it here. >> it was a delay, at least 45 minutes. >> it was like that all weekend too. they have to get their act
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together. >> reporter: but this morning's unexpected rail crack was not related to this weekend's work that was performed by ddot shoring up a bridge that the red line passes through. all in all a late start to the wednesday morning, but these washingtonians won't let it ruin their day. >> i just think it's an old system. they're going to happen. but it was -- it ended quicker than i thought it would, though. >> reporter: delia goncalves, wusa9. >> the track was repaired and normal service resumed after an hour. a man on a motorcycle suffered light threatening injuries during a multivehicle accident on i-95 just south of quantico, virginia. the crash shut down all three lanes during a big part of the morning commute. virginia state police are investigating exactly how this accident happened. right now all three lanes of i- 95 in that area are open. an investigation is under way into a deadly pedestrian
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crash in waldorf, maryland. it appears that the victim, a man in his 20s, stepped into oncoming traffic on southbound 301 near vernon road just before 1:30 a.m. the driver who struck him remained on the scene. that highway was shut down for a while but all lanes of route 301 are now open. starting today, visitors to some sith spokennian museum -- smithsonian museums will find parts of the building closed. secretaries in three buildings will be closed -- sections in three buildings will be closed through september to help absorb the $42 million in cuts mandated by the sequester. the closures include a small exhibit in the national museum of african art, some sections of the hirshhorn museum and the smithsonian castle. all major exhibits, however, will remain open. find out what triggered this knockdown, dragout fight
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the food and drug administration says it is lowering the age to buy a controversial morning after pill without a prescription. soon anyone with identification proving that they are at least 15 years of age will be able to purchase plan b one-step over the counter. danielle notingham report -- danielle nottingham reports. >> reporter: girls as young as 15 will soon be able to buy plan b one-step over the count. until now anyone under 17 needed a prescription to buy the morning after pill but now all someone needs is identification showing they are 15. groups like the family research council say young girls should not be making these decisions without their doctors or families. >> parents are still in control
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of their daughters' lives at this point, and they're not -- their concerns are going to be bypass. >> reporter: but women's groups wish the restrictions came with no age restriction. >> it make it is more burdennensome to get access for all ages. >> reporter: a federal judge ruled the fda must make the drug available to anyone regardless of age. there's still no final decision in that case. plan b does not end a pregnancy. it prevents ovulation if taken within 72 hours of having unprotected sex. the drug's maker has to change its packaging to meet the fda's new requirements. that is expected to take a few months. danielle nottingham, cbs news, silver spring, maryland. >> by the way, the fda's ruling applies only to plan b one-step and not to generic versions. apparently this is how lawmakers in venezuela settle disputes. several legislators were injured during yesterday's session. it began after some lawmakers
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refused to recognize president's election. he won the election following the death of hugo chavez. finally there's some sun to talk b. erica will be here with our forecast coming up next. >> that's right. the sun is going to stick around for a few days. can it last through the weekend? i'll tell
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you can spend memorial day because one mother has inspired hundreds of people to walk or run in order to save lives. i'd like you to meet cindy glass, the founder of jeremy's run. it's going to be memorial day which is may 27. it's in honor and it's a tribute to her son who had an unfortunate death. he died from an overdose of drugs. >> right. >> and you're having this run. this is the fifth year you've done this. >> yes. >> in honor of others who have had similar deaths. >> in memory of jeremy and in honor of others who have also died and also to honor the recovery of people who have been successful. they're able to be in recovery from drugs. >> let's talk a little bit about jeremy. he was 20 years old when he died. what was he like? >> he was an amazing guy. he was 20 years old. he was in college and he had had relapse from drugs.
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and so we were getting ready to send him away again and that night he died in his bedroom, the night before. but he had played football. he had a lot of friends. he had tons of passion and lots of plans for a future. >> those who participate in this run, again it's memorial day. it's going to be at the fair hill shopping center in olney, maryland. registration begins at 6:30. opening ceremony 7:40. and then the run and the race will begin at 8:00. and the money that you garner from this run will go to whom? >> the colmack foundation, partnership for drug free america. and the family support center has a program called lights on which is an education prevention for substance abuse in montgomery county public schools. and it's funded solely by jeremy's run. >> that's wonderful because in the past four years, you have
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donated more than 85 -- $85,000 to drug prevention and treatment. i salute and congratulate you. >> thank you. >> i do hope that this run is able to raise awareness about the problem that affects young people and also to keep jeremy's image alive. >> yes, me, too. >> and spirit alive. it's memorial day. we're a little early but we want you to remember it's in olney. you can sign up by going to your website. i'm going to put it on so if you go to, i'll have your information and you can sign up and run and help other young people who are going through that pain. thank you and congratulations. >> thank you. let's get the forecast from erica grow. >> thank you very much, jc, boy, what a difference a day makes, right? the image on michael & son weather cam yesterday looked nothing like this. today we have tons of sunshine out there at reagan national. it's going to stay that way all day long. 68 degrees by 3:00 p.m. with all that sunshine.
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67 at 6:00 so still holding on to some of that warmth and even as we head into 9:00, still in the 60s. that wind is still out of the east just like it was yesterday but it's a little bit lighter today. and the main difference is that we still have the east flow at the surface but in upper levels of the atmosphere, we're starting to see some clearing. that's why we have a return of the sunshine. that's your first weather headline for today. it's still cooler than average because of the flow out of the east to northeast. dry weather though is going to stay with us through the weekend. we're in what's called a blocking pattern. so you don't get a lot of movement when you have a block in place. that's good news for us. temperatures will return to near normal as we head toward the end of the week. right now it is 66 degrees with winds out of the east, northeast at 15 miles per hour. that dew point 38. so a much lower dew point today despite the persistent east flow. of course that easterly wind has also subsided a little bit today. you'll see in a second on satellite and radar where they're still dealing with that
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gloomy weather like we had yesterday. right now 66 in leesburg. 63 in manassas. it's 56 in fredricksburg and tappahannock and 65 degrees right now in cambridge on the eastern shore. we're looking at nice, mild temperatures as well. it is significantly warmer than it was yesterday, especially places like gaithersburg where it's 9 degrees warmer than it was at noon yesterday. here's a look at satellite and radar. you can see where the stormy weather is right now. may snow falling in places like denver all the way up to minneapolis. that stormy weather is going to sit and stay in the midwest for the next couple of days. we also have a persistent area of low pressure developing in the gulf of mexico. those two are going to combine eventually and make their way toward the d.c. metro area, but in the meantime, we are high and dry. and there's that gloomy weather i was telling you about that some people are still dealing with. it's down in southern virginia near norfolk where they have the showers moving on shore. highs today will be beautiful.
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69 degrees in martinsburg. 68 in winchester. 69 leesburg and frederick. 70 degrees for your high in downtown washington. overnight tonight, temperatures aren't going to dip too much, 46 degrees at andrews. 44 manassas and leesburg. 44 westminster and well and bwi a low of 43 degrees tonight. our green alerts will stay with us through the end ever the workweek. low clouds to start tomorrow morning but we'll break into the sunshine with a high of 70 and on friday, a high 69 degrees with partly sunny skies. take a look at this weekend forecast. 70 degrees and sunny on saturday. doesn't get much better than that. on sunday we'll see a few clouds drifting in, especially in the afternoon and early evening with that slow moving approaching storm system. it will bring us a shower or two on monday with a high of 71. and then tuesday a greater chance for showers as that storm system really starts to make its way toward us. temperatures going back into the 60s but a beautiful stretch of weather for the next several days. something is smelling really, really good in the kitchen.
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we'll take a look coming up after the break. [ male announcer ] unlimited is a beautiful thing.
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now's the time to start fresh and switch to sprint. visit your sprint store or today. ♪ if you have not made plans for this weekend, you should go to the national harbor because they're going to have a wine and food festival on saturday and sunday, one of my favorite restaurants old hickory steakhouse. they have the best steaks. we have the executive chef. he's participating in this wine and food festival. you'll be able to taste lots of food, taste lots of wine, bring the kids out. there will be things for everyone to do. and we're going to have great
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weather, according to erica so show me what you're going to show me. i think you're going to show me how you slice potatoes. >> absolutely. this is going to be one of the dishes. we're doing a wine dinner on friday night. what i'm going to show you how to make a pave potato. you take a starchy potato. we're going to slice it thinly, about an eighth of an inch into some milk. keep it is from oxidizing. we lay it into -- you can use any kind of loaf pan. you brush it with some beef fat. you can use butter or bacon fat. >> that means it's going to taste good. >> season with salt and pepper. bake it for about an hour and a half. and then we just -- when it comes out of the oven, we put -- i make -- this is out of cardboard. you put it on top. you put whites on top. i like to use a vinegar bottle. you can use a can or anything like that. and then we have our finished product here. >> our pan's smoking. >> it is smoking.
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a little too warm. you unpoald it. once you unmold it, this is what you have. >> i'm going to tell you right now i'm not going to do this. i'd rather come to your restaurant and get it, okay. i'm not going to do this but you gave me the recipe and i'll put it on my website for the cooks who are great at doing this. >> it has the nice layers. >> it looks great. >> we cooled it off. you want it nice and hot because you want a good golden brown seer. the potatoes are already cooked so you'll heat it through. there are a couple of ideas how we can serve it here. just by itself as a side dish. this is actually going to be the main course for our wine dinner on friday good what is that? >> a new york strip loin. just seared nice medium rare, some glazed carrots and a little bit of red wine sauce. >> you do have some great, great steaks. and you have seafood too,
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there. if you don't want to eat steak, you can get a great lobster or crab cake. >> everybody can come see us at our wine and food festival this saturday and sunday from noon to 6:00 p.m. and we still have tickets available for our wine dinner on friday night as well. >> that is going to be nice. and the weather is going to be wonderful, erica. would kind of weather? >> for strolling around or staying indoors, it doesn't matter. going to be fantastic. around 70 degrees. lots of sunshine this weekend and staying dry until you have to go back to work and back to school. >> by the way, we have some visitors here. we have an elementary school from alexandria, virginia. the news crew. they're sixth graders. they're visiting us and guess what? they're going to replace us one day. i'm already nervous. congratulations on the food and wine festival. we hope all of you come out and support it for a great cause.
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and great weather from erica. thanks for being with us. come
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