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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  May 2, 2013 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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. we begin our must cast with breaking news about two suspect deaths in maryland. prince george's county police are at an apartment complex. bruce leshan joins us with more information. >> reporter: just a horrible scene on a beautiful day. grieving family members are arriving at this apartment complex which as you say is just off muirkirk road in
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laurel. neighbors are craning their necks from balconies and they're all focused on this ground floor apartment with the lights on. there are dozens of police vehicles here. apparently this morning somebody called the police worried about the welfare of the couple that lives in that apartment and their young adult daughter. when the officer arrived, he found the couple dead, a man and a woman in their 40s and the young woman who neighbors say is a quadriplegic in need of medical help, she was uninjured. they rushed her to the hospital. she is apparently going to be released soon but now police are focused on what happened to this couple. they do not say whether there are any clear or obvious signs of trauma. you can imagine the crime scene investigators are going over this very carefully. neighbors say that the man who lived here was a nice guy. he had cookouts, would give you
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food, beer, even if you didn't know him he would invite you in but they also say that he had the kind of lifestyle that might make him vulnerable to attack. so that's all the details that we have at this point but we're obviously going to be following this very closely and let you know later in the afternoon and evening what we found out. >> we'll have the latest information on our website of course and also on our evening newscast as bruce said beginning at 5:00 p.m. we are also following a construction site rescue that occurred in northwest washington. authorities say that a man fell 50 feet down a hole in the 1200 block of 17th street northwest. rescue crews used a fire truck's basket in order to get to the victim. the man did suffer some head injuries. first responders had to use caution because blasting cords were also in that hole. three college friends of the boston marathon bombing suspect are behind bars today.
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they are accused of helping the suspect cover up his tracks. randall pinkson has the latest information from the federal courthouse in boston. >> reporter: three 19-yard friends of boston marathon bombing suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev appeared in federal court. azamat tazhayakov and dias kadyrbayev have been charged with destroying evidence after the attacks. robel filipos is charged with lying to investigators. after seeing pictures of tsarnaev on television and exchanging text messages with him, they went to his dorm room and removed a backpack and computer. they also found other bomb making materials. two friends are accused of throwing the items in the trash but it was later found in a landfill. a lawyer for one of the suspects says he want trying to destroy evidence. >> he did not know that those items were involved in a bombing or any interest in a
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bombing or any evidentiary value. >> reporter: one of the suspects is due back here in federal court on monday. the other two have hearings set for may 14. all three are being held without bail. prosecutors hope all three will cooperate with investigators telling them everything they know about tsarnaev. two of the suspects shown in this photo were tsarnaev in times square last year are from kazakhstan. they told investigators tsarnaev bragged to them a month before the marathon attacks that he knew how to make a bomb. tsarnaev reportedly told investigators that his older brother had recently recruited him to help carry out the attacks. randall pinkston, cbs news, boston. >> the suspects each face between 5 and 8 years behind bars and $250,000 in fines. this morning president obama nominated hyatt hotel heiress and philanthropist danny pritzker to the commerce
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department. right now the president is flying to mexico to meet with that country's. the two leaders will discuss immigration, economic growth and how to stop the prarving of illegal drugs into the united states. today maryland will become the 19th state to legalize marijuana for medicinal use. governor martin o'malley is scheduled to sign a number of bills into law, including one to approve marijuana programs. ill patients will be able to get the herb from medical research centers. however, state experts project that the program would not be up and running until 200016. just last month governor o'malley signed a separate bill removing criminal penalties for buying marijuana on behalf of a seriously ill family member. there are more troubles for the overdue and overbucket silver spring transit center. yesterday the montgomery county council met with members of the executive branch to discuss what is being done.
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all this comes after metro announced that it will no longer operate the facility once it opens. the council made it very clear that they were hoping to hear directly from county executive ike leggett but he didn't show up. instead the council grilled his staff. now, the big question is why did council members have to learn from the media that metro had sent the county a letter saying it would no longer operate the transit center. >> as i said from the beginning, there was a lot of work to be done to understand what this letter meant, but i don't disagree that once the letter was provided to "the washington post," we should have made sure you had a heads up on that before it occurred. >> the montgomery county executive branch says that they are confident that metro's commitment is binding but metro is standing firm. they're saying that the design and construction flaws would
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some celebrity golfers are teaming up with novice golfers for a very good cause. they will be taking part if the inaugural shot in the dark dinner and golf classic. it is sponsored by the columbia light house for the blind. i have the president and c.e.o. with me, tony. columbia lighthouse for the blind has a motto of independence is our vision. you've been around for such a long time. you've done so many -- not but but i'm talking about the organization has done such great things, helped so many people. so the many from this tournament is really going to be used in a great way.
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>> we're celebrating our 113th year on may 17. the shot in the dark is the most unusual golf tournament you'll ever be in. >> tell me about it. >> it's going to be fabulous. it's going to be at the woodmont country club on may 10 starting at 5:30. the unique part about it, prior to that there will be a clinic, a golf clinic given by the three international world golf blind champions that we're flying in from around the country to give this clinic. it's going to be fabulous for the vision impaired and blind, it's going to be great for those who shoot in the dark. >> how do you have these special individuals who are blind giving a clinic? i have eyesight and i can't get it. how do they do that? >> they have spotters. they have techniques of how they spot the ball, how they hit the ball. their form. some of them have played golf in the past.
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but we are going to run the clinic for individuals who have never played golf. >> that is wonderful. it's may 10. >> may 10. >> it starts at 5:30. >> at woodmont country club. >> i'm going to put all of the information on my website so people can go there, get more information. if you want to be a volunteer and learn more about all of the programs that lighthouse for the blind has, please go to my website. congratulations. >> thank you so much. >> i hope you raise lots of money. >> we're going to try. >> we're on a board together. we'll talk
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i have a question for you. when was the last time you saw a towing company return the money that it cost a driver to get the car back? well, practically never happens. but you are going to see it because a local towing company is giving refunds to drivers who should not have been towed in the first place. all this after our hidden camera investigation put an end to illegal towing at a silver spring shopping center. >> reporter: officials in downtown silver spring have said they're sorry and they are changing their ways, but the towing company gng has been
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aggressively silent, speaking only in the form of a refund check. >> $173. >> i'm supposed to pay $168? >> i think wrong is wrong and the tow truck company knew it was wrong. >> i don't think it's right. >> reporter: he doesn't think it's right either. >> i'm sorry for the confusion. >> reporter: he's the boss at downtown silver spring's management company which authorized the towing. he acknowledged towing from private parking meters there was not only confusing consumers, but the signs weren't even large enough to allow legal towing, let alone unsuspecting driefertion. >> i want it released. >> reporter: is this your car? >> yes. >> reporter: i want this released. >> this is not how we operate. we identified ten to 20 victims a month. what are you going to do for them? >> we're working with montgomery county again to identify all the victims and issue them refunds. >> since you got involved, i got this check in the mail yesterday. >> reporter: wow.
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when they towed reed jackson's car, they didn't realize she worked for a south carolina cbs affiliate and she would message us on facebook. >> i'm glad that you guys did listen and that you guys took action because now they won't be doing it to anyone else. >> reporter: there were no tow warnings on the meters and the only signs were half the size required for legal towing and they didn't mention overparking at the meters. >> don't even think about it. >> reporter: we tried to reach the towing company's owner. but they ordered us off their property and haven't returned our calls. look at that refund check. it's from the account of g&g towing. >> i got my $173 back. shy have never been charged. >> reporter: montgomery county is using police tow records to identify victims and let them know they're entitled to a refund. if you're a victim and want a refund faster, tweet me or send me a message on facebook. we'll try to help.
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i'mi'm investigative reporter russ ptacek, wusa9. >> let's take a look at the forecast. is it going to be nice? >> we have a nice stretch of weather. i have not one but two puppies. >> can i say one thing? >> it's someone's birthday. >> i'm a dad of a teenager now. i won't be here tomorrow or monday. big bar mitzvah weekend. family coming into town. you know the drill if you've done one of these. >> can't believe the baby was in a basket. >> years ago i started here he was in a car carrier when i walked in the door. he'll be taller than me soon. let's talk about the allergy index. that got inspired by some of the moisture earlier in the week. we had sunshine. numbers just came in. they're not good. tree pollen is high. grass pollen is moderate. the weed spores are in the low category but they don't usually pick up till later in the summer and the fall. look at this beautiful sky we
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have across the nation's capital today. temperatures are going to shoot toward 70 this afternoon. another beautiful day with the easterly wind at about 10. occasionally we get gusts in the 15 mile an hour range so might get a bit of a breeze. the easterly winds brought us cloudiness this morning. now we're generally cleared out here, still a few clouds down towards southern maryland, towards areas like colonial beach but you're going to get out of that too i think quickly as well. it was a chilly start with the clear skies. got down to 36 in frederick and 39 in winchester. this is one of the reasons. you think it's okay to plant the safe stuff. it probably is. mother's day, may 1, mother's day is really a safe time to plant without worrying about any more frost. now we're up to 57 in annapolis. 63 frederick. 36 to 63 already. 61 in winchester and leesburg. down south remember there were a few more clouds down here? we're still in the upper 50s to near 60. it's turning out to be a real, real nice day. one more look outside. you can see the sunshine here. just a couple of clouds out
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there. another beautiful afternoon. cool nights and mild days continue. we're up to 62 at national airport right now. it's going to stay nice through the weekend. showers. we warned but some rain. well, showers through the weekend. if you have planted some things, you have to water them. they're going to get a little dry. we're having some of the nicest weather in the country. parts of minneapolis had snow. wisconsin, 10, 12 inches of snow. places in colorado 2 feet of snow. this is unbelievable for may 2. some of these areas are seeing their all-time greatest may snows on record here. now we're also talking about rain along the gulf coast and back in florida. when you see all this out west, you think it's coming in a day or two not going to happen. the atmosphere is all blocked up. not going anywhere. what we're seeing is high pressure up here. going to move down in our direction. so all of this rain and even snow, it's going to stay west for a few more days. we'll watch a little system pass to our south.
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the only thing we have to worry b maybe some clouds friday night into saturday morning coming in on the easterly flow. even saturday afternoon ends up looking pretty darn nice around here and i think the pattern with us through the weekend. 70 this afternoon. going to be gorgeous out there. tonight 52 with some low 40s. tomorrow near 70 and around 70 on saturday. again some early clouds will be possible. looking at the extended range, sunday looks good. monday things start to change with some of the moisture out west creeping in our direction. could see a late shower, upper 60s. we stay in the highs upper 60s. showers possible tuesday and wednesday. petline thursday. oh, my goods in, christie curtis, these are some of the cutest animals i've had in such a long time. how do you get some beautiful guys, hello. >> there were four puppies and their momma. they're all at the center and they are a dachsund mix with possibly a small terrier. >> i have a dachsund mix
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myself. these are great animals. oh, yeah. they're very sweet. you guys are in the charles town area, 340 headed toward berryville, from the highway down to more the local road, they're right there. but even though they're in west virginia, if you're in virginia, maryland or d.c., you can go to them and adopt. i've got to tell you, full disclosure, i got my dog from these folks. it's a nice process up there. hello. you're good. oh, yes, you're a good guy. do you have any adoption shows coming up? people coming down to the center? >> just people coming down to the center. of course we have a thrift store now that benefits the doggies. >> you're always looking for funds. >> yes, we are. it's a good way to raise money. if you're cleaning out your closets, contact us at the center. they help little guys like this. >> they have the good puppy smell, too. >> what is a way they can contact you?
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>> please go to our website or call us. >> if you missed any of that, go to our website and go to the petline section. these guys are cute. wish i could take them home myself. we
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the summer is here and a lot of people are going to be traveling overseas. vivian who is president of travel services is here to tell you what you need when you're traveling overseas. of course you have to have a passport. >> we need to start with a passport because when is the last time you checked your passport? >> a lot of people don't check it and then the important thing is? good it's going to take them a
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while to get a new one and they must make sure they have six months of validity on it for after they are going to leave the country. you do not want to be going to the airport and find out when you go to check in that you're not getting on because you didn't check the validity of your passport. >> because it's going to expire in two or three months and you think, yeah, but i'm going to be back. >> it's not going to work. there are lines at the passport office and we need to know how we're going to expedite getting those taken care of. >> what should we do? >> number one, go to the post office, have your picture taken in advance. >> where. >> you can get your pictures taken at cvs. that is the simple part. make sure you have the whole package together, the paperwork you need to have and your passport pictures and i would suggest taking a few pictures with you in case you get -- you have to get a visa which we'll talk about in a second. you need those passport pictures. >> how many pictures would you
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suggest a person take? >> it depends on where you're going to need a visa for. it wouldn't hurt to have six or eight passport pictures. it's all in one little package and you take those with you. going to the passport office, if you're going to take everything to the passport office, get there early. get there at 8:00 in the morning. otherwise, go to your post office. have all your paperwork and your expiring passport and they will take care of it but expect the return to take three to four weeks. >> another suggestion on that one is there are services that will expedite getting your passport done as well as taking care of your visas but they are costly, and especially if you need it done in an extremely quick turn around. so we need to take care of that. now, let's talk about visas. >> if you need a visa, you need to talk to the country, the embassy, your travel agent and find out if you need a visa. >> or go to they have a great site for
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that. thanks for
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>> neil: thank you, detective. appreciaha


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