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tv   wusa 9 News at 6am  CBS  May 20, 2013 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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there elsewhere we are down to 2 at baltimore. temperatures in the mid-60s. 69 with fog in winchester. commuters on the northbound side of i-95 i'm so sorry to tell you about this tractor trailer accident. northbound side right before garrisonville road, the left side of the road is blocked. at one point all lanes were blocked. right now i believe two left lanes are blocked on the northbound side of i-95 trying to get into the harbor. look at that. i would say it is about six miles right now of bumper to bumper traffic. please go ahead and use route 1 or wait for delays to dissipate before you head out the door. if you are planning to head a little further north take a live look here in springfield, it looks great. no issues here. back to the map this time over to the north side of town
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looking good on the beltway college park into silver spring. we'll end with a live look on 270, normal stuff 109 to 121. ill's be back with more on the 95 accident. back to you guys. according to some news reports, president obama or at least someone in the white house may have known the inspector general was investigating the internal revenue service weeks before president claims he found out. >> the irs is accused of unfairly targeting conservative political groups. republicans say their investigation is just beginning of the delia goncalves is live outside the irs headquarters this morning. what did they know and when did they know it? >> the president learned about this irs investigation ten days ago. we now know the top lawyer in the white house found out about the investigation last month. the treasury department last we are. those revelations have many
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critics calling foul and claiming the information was kept secret during the president's reelection bid. but many veterans of government scandal say it is customary to avoid telling ress of independent investigation until all the facts come out. here are the facts. we now know senior management at the irs knew employees in cincinnati targeted tea party and conservative groups seeking tax-exempt status. the fbi now looking into any criminal behavior. white house top adviser david fiorenza on the sunday -- firefighter on the sunday morning talk shows. >> congressman issa was informed and he didn't say pig. he talked about why. because when you are dealing with a nonpartisan epty like the irs, you want to have an actual independent investigation before you make allegations.
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the same reason the administration talked about it. the same reason no one in the treasury department talked about it. >> we have for reason to believe at this point it was anybody outside the irs directioning them to do this. obviously there have been claims the white house may have been involved. i don't have any reason to believe that. >> reporter: that last sound bite from republican congressman aaron shock. another shock. we are hearing a very outspoken congressman, of course congressman darrell issa, a republican from california, he is the chairman of the house oversight and government reform committee. you heard if that sound bite from the top adviser, saying he knew about this investigation a year ago but he didn't say anything and he tolls us quote he thought it was inappropriate to accuse the irs until you have had a nonpartisan deep look. back to you. two fbi agents sadly were
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killed this weekend in a training accident near virginia beach. the fbi says christopher latin america and steven shaw were killed off the southeast coast of virginia. both were members of the fbi's elite hostage rescue team. 40-year-old shaw joined in 2005, latin america joined in 196. the fbi says the cause of the accident is still under investigation. a new federal report from the department of justice when it comes to sexual abuse inside the face's jail system. and it says baltimore city detention center is one of the worst if the country. when it comes to abuse by the guards the marion county jail? indianapolis had the nation's highest rate of inmate sex abuse by staff. baltimore desense center is based on inmate surveys from february 2011 through may 2012. two people are injured in a
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parade crash in nasdaq discuss, virginia -- damascus, virginia. a car plowed into the crud near the parade near the tennessee border if virginia. the elderly driver was actually in the back of the parade and he pave suffered a medical emergency. he has not been charged, it is still under investigation. virginia republicans have to him nature their first break candidate for statewide office in 25 years conservative minister ew jackson won the nod for lieutenant governor on the fourth ballot. yesterday jackson joined the pan at the top of the ticket to campaign if northern virginia. jackson has a nondenominational church in chesapeake and credits his religious background for his shift away from the democratic pear. how you can win a vespa.
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tune in tonight at 11:00 for the facebook word of the day. >> and enter the word in our sweepstakes. the contest ends this friday night. after that two will be chosen randomly as winners. details on our facebook i3 !ñ é
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we have fog about dense fog. otherwise partly to mostly crowdly, the threat for a few showers and storms. the yellow alert is up. mid to upper 70s topping out about 82. 7-day forecast coming up if just a few minutes. here comes monika updating us.
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no 95 northbound seems to be the worst of it. on the northbound side right before route 610. the accident right now blocks the left side of the road tractor trailer is involved. you have got maiming back-ups on the northbound side of 95. i'm going to say 6 to 7 miles already forming. beyond that you are okay if woodbridge 95 and the 14th treat bridge. back to you guys. here are some things if the news right now. tornadoes left behind damage if three states sunday. they were part of a storm that friend from texas to millipore minute. homes destroyed. dozens injured. one person died when a tornado hit a mobile home in a park in shawnee. twisters also hit kansas and iowa. today is the first day the winner or winners of the largest jackpot if powerball history can claim their prize.
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officials say one winning ticket was sold at a grocery store in zephyr hills, florida. >> put the glass on so you can read it. who knew? the ticket was worth more than $600 million before taxes. >> thanks andrea. the time right now is 6:11. i'm watching where you are money and your dream job. kids are graduating from colleges all across the country. joining us now is cassie fields, the career doctor. thanks so much for joining us this morning. it is exciting times, they have their mortar boards on, they are getting their diplomas. but they could be facing challenges in the job market. tell us about that. >> it is true. good news and bad news. we still have a high unemployment rate for folks in this age range. they are come out of school with debt which is hard to
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overcome and salaries are lower for new people entering the workplace. that is a lot to overcome but the good news, there are ways to stand out and get a job. first and most important is a customized resume that demonstrates you, the applicant, have done the work to foe what it is you are applying for and your resume is eye great reflection thereafter so it done come in with a pile of generic resumes and get thrown in the garbage. so it stands out. my favorite strategic i didn't and what my company feels, what we do is we say to young folks, get an internship. not just young people, it is everyone. >> reporter: let's say you are graduating from college, you have not done the internship. you can still do it? >> anyone can. but for young people coming out
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of, get an internship and let's find out if we are a good fit, the company and you. not only that you have saved so much money because you have reduced your learning curve. you have learned so much and you can see if everybody gets along. >> how do you turn the internship into a job? >> if you fit for example, if the middle of this year, i hired five interms. because i like to keep interns if my company at all times. it is a wonderful way to experience someone. i have offered all of them a full-time position because we are great fits. there have been times when someone is for the a get fit and we all know it, the intern knows it, you know it and there are plenty of internships out there and thanks so much for coming in this morning. >> my measure. we are going to look at the weather outside with howard
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bernstein. a donal of breaks. more breaks earlier. parly to mostly cloudy day, muggy this morning. humidity is up you do notice a few showers did storms on the board here. south winds running 5 to 10 miles per hour. the yellow alert will be a slower ride home. fog is a problem interrupting the commute this morning. look at this in winchester to martinsburg. dense fog from orange down toward charlottesville. mid-60s from leesburg. same in manassas, same in springfield with waldorf also at 66. everybody is jumping on the mid- 60s bandwagon. we see a lot of clouds out
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there over dcthis morning with the temperature 67. humidity way high, nine%. a little bit of a frizzy hair alert this morning. heard michael talking about the deadly tornado in shawnee, oklahoma. we had it all way up to the great lakes from north texas through minnesota under the gun. this morning we are watching the upper low over the northern plains. below it we get to the south and still strong storms firing in southeast kansas coming into missouri. as we go through the day, you can throw the heat of the day in. seeing dying storms in south georgia but a lot of low level moisture here over the carolinas streaming in toward southern virginia. more showers and storms these are lifting in our direction. you throw in the daytime
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heating. here we are at midday. we get into the afternoon, a better chance out of the mountains and we are still going to watch the threat for some heavier downpours. patchy fog redevelops with showers possible again tomorrow afternoon. but tomorrow afternoon also again on wednesday, looks to be even warmer. today 82, ask therred showers and storms. generally more isolated tomorrow and wednesday afternoon. temperatures in the upper 80s perhaps. thursday more showers and clouds. the weekend looks cool and drier. nats are back in town with the phillies starting friday. monika samtani earlier it was better not so good for you for those folks in virginia coming up i-95. >> reporter: this is the upon morning blues northbound side of i-95 where the depend on the northbound side was just
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cleared to the left shoulder. i was just looking it up. everything was just cleared to the left shoulder, this was a tractor trailer and two other vehicles involved. look at what it left for you in the meantime. aim going to go say a 6 to 7- mile back-up heading north on i- 95. solid the to the accident. route 1 is going to be your better option. over to the northbound side of 35 leaving the beltway this is what you should expect all the way up to the 14th street bridge. let's go over to route 50 coming in from annapolis. you are in good shape. laurel greenbelt into the northeast corridor. a good place right now on all the potomac river crossings.
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origen avenue a bit heavy. heading westbound on 495. otherwise back to you guys. time for the question of the morning what hair color turn a man on, according to a recent survey. 54% of men prefer their wives to have which hair color? brown net, blonde or red head? >> maria wrote brunette is more sexy and mysterious on most women. it turns heads just ask any man out there. >> log onto the wusa 9 facebook fan page. we'll reveal your answer in about 30 minute. hey, so uh... what's going on here? do you want the long or short answer? long i guess.
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is that we have fog up around win chester and martinsburg. you'll notice we are good by midmorning but by midday showers start to pop. paid 70s there showers and a couple of storms if spots. high temperatures should make the low 80s. good monday morning, everybody. you can lose focus in san diego, trust me. i have lived there for six years. i'm envisioning the nats on a beach thinking about anything but baseball. that might explain their performance on the field this weekend, if particular saturday and sunday. it stunk. saturday they couldn't hit. yesterday they couldn't pitch. era north of 5. that would be an audio daily double.
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san diego up three. nats with for runs until the fourth. ryan zimmerman says if the upper room made it 3-2. aaron struggling. the ball is gone if a hurry. the nats lose 13-4. all right. it is football season already. or getting close to it. ot a. it is important the redskins open organized team activities tomorrow. we foe we went be seeing rg iii for awhile but of course no quarterback competition. but there is competition at other areas. just ask the coach. >> really doesn't matter where you are drafted, it starts over again. we get a chance to see what they can do on a day-to-day basis. tiger woods will be if the dpvery much today holding a
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press conference in advance of the at and t. have a great upon morning, everybody. a former counsel did ity executive appears to be taking steps to making a comeback. and a dreamliner, it he ca you'll it that anyway, is -- they call it that anyway, is going to resume flights in the united states ♪ [ female announcer ] from more efficient payments. ♪ to more efficient pick-ups. ♪ wireless is limitless.
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good morning. this is a live look at the white house where i'm sure they are doing a lot of talking this morning about who knew what when and why didn't you tell me. thanks for waking up with us, i'm mike haiduk. howard, good morning. humidity levels are up, it is on the muggy side this morning. comfortable temperatures though, if the 60s with the high humidity. fog a little bit of a problem toward winchester and martinsburg ag. here's lie -- a look at the forecast. a noon temp of 76. i think we'll make 82 for the
6:29 am
high today with southwest winds running about 5 miles per hour. going to drift up toward the north, approaching richmond right now. could be a stray sprinkle places like oh colonial beach and toward southern maryland. some of the fog trying to get along and east of the blue ridge there culpepper down to a mile and a quarter. temperatures comfortable but 5 with a fog if winchester. -- in winchester. low 80s with a threat for a few showers and storms as we head into the afternoon. looks like heat will be building tomorrow and wednesday.
6:30 am
here's monika. i'm so sorry you have to start your week like this. northbound side of i-95 we have a tractor trailer accident and two other vehicles involved just before the harbor. it is clear to the shoulder actually almost gone now from the road but look at what it left you on the northbound side of i-95. you have this for 5 to 6 miles maybe even more and then it clears out from woodbridge. inbound 66 i would say is actually better than normal. no problems as you head through the fairfax area toward vienna. 270 is in pretty good shape. you are going about 31 miles per hour at route 109. no problems here at the american legion bridge. back to you guys. time now to see what our
6:31 am
partners at cbs this morning are doing. >> reporter: nora o'donnell. >> reporter: we are going to talk to anna warner. she has been chasing down the storm in oklahoma. she is going to be live outside of a mobile home park so dammed she won't let us inside. plus will your next flight have only one pilot in the cockpit? we are going to talk to captain sully, see what he thinks. and an amazing invention that will get amputee athletes back in the action. we'll see you right at 7:00. hopefully you found bacon in the commissary this morning. >> reporter: were you watching? >> we were watching. we love bacon as much as you
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guys. an article in the l.a. times says richard danys i go encouraged the government to increase a supply of an antian flax drug while being a part of the company that produces the drugs. he believes there is for conflict of interest here. two different stories are emerging about the irs scandal. >> articles suggest the white house knew about the irs scandal a month before it leaked. >> a top adviser says the administration learned about the scandal delia goncalves is live outside the irs headquarters with more of the questions asked. this is starting to signed a little bit like that delia? >> a lot of folks are making comparisons. certainly it has not been a good week for president obama.
6:33 am
however obama insists he learned about this investigation ten days ago when many of the american public first learned from media reports. his top lawyer we for you know knew about it last month, but didn't tell the president because all the facts had been come out at that point. again you may remember it was only recently that we learned the results of the inspector general's investigation. it found that several senior managers at the irs knew employees were targeting tea party and conservative groups. the fbi is looking into possible criminal charges the treasury department learned of the investigation last year and so did very outside spoken congressman darrell issa. as congressman issa says quote not to accuse the irs until you have had a nonpartisan deep look. >> there is no question that the activity here was
6:34 am
inappropriate and inexcusable the president said. the new acting commissioner of the irs is going to do a 30 day top down review to look at everything that happened to make sure finn who did anything wrong will be seen. >> i think there was miscommunication and careless detail but i would not call it incompetence. >> reporter: it appears members of the irs and former members are paying for those mistakes made here. we know acting commissioner steve miller was forced to resign last week and we are expecting more firing as this development continues to move toward more investigations and more of these congress ago hearings. in fact there will be another hearing tomorrow and the man in the hot seat, the former commissioner doug shulman, who,
6:35 am
last year, told members of congress there was nothing increment happening here at the irs. certainly they will be asking lots of tough questions tomorrow on the hill. back to you mike and andrea. former montgomery county executive doug duncan may make another run for the office. the 57-year-old served three terms as montgomery county executive before making a short bid for governor in 2006. at a family cookout he thinks he could help move the county forward. >> right now you have the school board fighting county council fighting. too much divisiveness in the county and it hurts fusaria built to get things down and to grow our tax base. >> drunk can dropped out of the maryland gubernatorial race
6:36 am
citing a battle with depression at the time. today the operators of maryland's fourth casino are going to test machines for state regulators. the rocky gap casino restore is near companyber lan. is that boeing's 787 dreamliner return to the skies over the united states today. united will start flying it again on domestic routes. battery problems grounded the whole series of planes this year. the first time an entire airline model was grounded by the faa in more than 30 years. they have redesigned the system cleared the way for the service and they say everything is better. we are going to prince george's county where some homes could be getting knocked
6:37 am
down soon. >> reporter: officials have unsaid a new foreclosure action plan. the washington examplar reports nearly 50 houses and apartment complexes have been demolished so far this fiscal year. another 38 are being targeted. no county in maryland has been hit harder. homes only worth about half as much as they were in 2006. summer travel season shaping up to be a busy un. the prediction is more than 200 million americans will fly this summer 27 million will travel to international destinations. and microsoft will reveal its next generation xbox on tuesday. users will be able to stream music movies and television.
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>> that is really their only homerun product they have had in a while. >> absolutely innovate innovate. two singers walk away winners from the 2013 billboard awards. >> and executives aren't too hey, look! a shooting star!
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welcome back to wusa 9. >> muggy, humidity is lie. we have fog we are dealing with. frizzy hair alert. later today showers and storms will be possible. here's a look at your forecast this monday morning. cloudy now, we had breaks earlier. temperatures climbing from the 60s into the mid-70s by lunch time. a shower or two popping. that is why the yellow alert is out. downpours may slow down the
6:43 am
afternoon commute. fog that is the problem right now. winchester up to half a mile, orange is a half mile. a mile from culpepper down to charlottesville. not too much of an issue. eastern shore, there is no fog across the bay. 64 in bowie, one of the cold spots. temperatures all the way to springfield. if you consider annapolis at 67. we have cloudy skies, a plane coming in on final approach at reagan national. 68 degrees with a due point at 64. that is why they are landing from the north here. we have showers out of the carolinas. moisture coming up 95. out west once again the same system that brought the deadly tornadoes to portions of
6:44 am
oklahoma will once again bring strong to severe storms from north texas all the way up toward wisconsin. missouri through oklahoma looks like they are going to see the brunt of severe weather. our futurecast showing showers and storms popping midday. if this trend continues by noon i'll have that yellow alert off. we'll dropping the threat of an isolated shower with storms through the afternoon. patchy fog could once again be a problem for tomorrow morning. tomorrow we'll start to bubble up, showers and storms in the mountains by midday. we'll have to see how much of that can actually make its way. as we get into wednesday also a very warm day. a very hot day. today we have the yellow alert. the scattered showers and storms this afternoon. if the trend continues with the
6:45 am
miles, will be lower on that. 82, 60s top with patchy fog. 88 tomorrow, same story wednesday, 87. overnight lows 70s if town, 60s if the suburbs. storms likely around 80. drying out and cooling down for the local day weekend. i'm bringing in monika samtani with timesaver traffic. >> i have been the blearier of bad news, especially some virginia. now we have this accident in maryland at university boulevard. let me update you on the situation down in the harbor as well. where the tractor trailer accident happened at 5:20 this morning, it was cleared, i would say about an hour later, and left this for you all the way up on the northbound side of i-95 trying to get into the harbor. we'll get to 270 in just a minute. a live look outside and show what you it looks like first in springfield. this is better than normal for
6:46 am
a monday morning especially. back to the maps 270 pretty much on the normal side. leaving frederick. off and on before the pace improves. one more last look this time on the university boulevard area pretty much around the bend westbound into silver springs. secrets are how to be a successful entrepreneur will be revealed tomorrow at the eighth annual it is all about me women's business and wellness conference. it is about more than just the dollars and kenseth. joining me are two of the organizers, doris mcmillan and dawn jackson. the eighth annual conference i bet it is just growing big and bigger and bigger and. >> absolutely can we still register for the conference starting tomorrow and. >> absolutely again. >> where is it all taking place and. >> the country club in mitchellville, maryland.
6:47 am
we encourage everyone to get online today, register at, because there is still time and it costs less to pre register than to register on site. >> what is the cost? >> $70 for all day. we kick off at 8:00 ap with a continue mental breakfast. we have our top sponsor that kicks off into workshops, panel discussions, wellness activities, come foreking seating massage. >> we really like that. >> and you have some really interesting workshops i know men listening why can't i get in on this? they probably could if they wanted to. >> exactly. >> i'm really excited about the workshops we are going to be offering. one is certification. i have found as a business owner certification has been key to getting contracts. i don't why?
6:48 am
>> because when you are certified it says you are serious about doing business. companies want to know you have that soldier if i cation. we have -- certification. we have the minority supplier development counsel that will be there ten pricing. >> it is amazing. if you want to get your products and services out there, you have to price them the best way for the only to compete but to say this is unbalanced. >> not only that, we are going to have workshop on proposal writing. dawn attended the workshop that time. she said it was excellent i can't it will be one of the greater challenges. how do you stay competitive
6:49 am
and. >> again the scoop on how busy women keep the stress level down. being if business can be stressful right dawn and. >> you are if business. you are a mom you are a wife. you have all these responsibilities because we wear several has. burning the candle at both ends, in the middle, wherever we can burn ourselves. >> we have to end it right there but again it is the ago annual all about me women's business and wellness conference tomorrow the one day registration $70. cheaper to register too. go to your facebook page and register. >> don't forget to tell them southwest is one of our sponsors. >> i think you just told them. >> that is a deal. i have been combing through the daily deals to find you
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6:54. in the news right now south
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korean officials are trying to determine what north korea actually fired off its eastern shore over the weekend. experts are starting to analyze whether or not it was a short range missile or some new type of artillery. studio executives say it was a disappointment but still good enough to come out on top. star trek into darkness grossed 84 .1 million dollars, slightly less than the 2009 prequel. taylor swift keeps racking them up. 8 new billboard music awards last night. justin bieber picked up two trophies, including top male artist and best social artist no time to answer the question of the morning. what hair color turns a man on? according to a recent study,
6:55 am
54% of men like to see their wives with this hair color. is it brunette, blonde or red? >> what about their girlfriends? maria says none of the above for my husband. he is happy with whatever makes me feel pretty. >> and the answer for others is a,
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a chance of showers and storms this afternoon. isolated stuff and warm the next couple of days. northbound 95 very heavy with an earlier accident. mike? cbs this morning is coming
6:59 am
up next. we'll all be back here tomorrow morning at 4:25. have a great day, everybody. take care. good morning. it is monday, may 20th, 2013. welcome to "cbs


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