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tv   wusa 9 News at 5am  CBS  May 23, 2013 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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when a yellow alert is issued by your wusa9 meteorologists. sunis up at 5:49. you can see all the moisture that's coming in from the south to the north with a slight drift east. storms last night. we had a nice gust front too, producing showers and storms as it moved across especially the northern part of the metro. we are looking at some showers this morning generally from d.c. north and east. not too much west at the moment. in prince george's county, look at this. right on the beltway south of 50. we're watching the showers going through andrews into southern maryland. a batch of showers coming to charlottesville moving northeast. 60s and 70s to start the day. monika? >> well, you know what? we've got this ongoing situation with a very large sinkhole for the last day or so blocking off 14th street between pennsylvania avenue and new york avenue and ddot tells me it's going to be that way throughout the day today as well. so you want to plan ahead and maybe use 13-g9 street as your -- 13th street as your alternate route and expect
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heavier than normal traffic of course. let's take you to the east side of town, bw parkway and route 50 look good through cheverly. no issues as you head through the northeast corridor and into downtown right now. let's take a live look outside and show what you it looks like first on the northbound side of i-95. it's beginning to build here but no big deals as you travel through springfield to the 14th street bridge on 395 as well. back to the maps this time over to 66 on the inbound side. no problems from manassas to centreville and fairfax. we're looking good on the beltway through annandale and we'll end with a live look on 395 northbound here at duck street. back to you guy -- duke street. back to you guys. friends and neighbors have a lot of unanswered questions about the shooting death of a young man. >> 22-year-old julian dawkins was killed yesterday in his alexandria neighborhood and the shooter was an off-duty's sheriff's deputy. delia goncalves was there yesterday and is live at the scene do with the latest developments. good morning, delia. >> reporter: good morning. emotions are extremely raw in
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this neighborhood. julian dawkins was popular. his family grew up here. they've been in this neighborhood for about 30 years so obviously he is well known, well liked. we didn't hear anything bad about him when we were here yesterday. everyone really loved this kid. and you can see this makeshift memorial that they have put here at the spot where julian unfortunately was killed yesterday. the off-duty deputy was here on the outside of the fence. julian was there in that front yard on the other side of the fence. the small intersection lynnhaven at evans was packed with people yesterday at a memorial last night remembering 22-year-old julian dawkins. he was a pbs employee, a high school basketball star and an all around good, kind person, friends and family tell us. the 22-year-old was shot and killed overnight yesterday by off-duty arlington county sheriff deputy craig patterson.
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he's 44 years old, a 17-year veteran of the force. >> he don't carry no weapons. he don't carry nothing but jokes. that's all he has for you when he comes to you is jokes. for this man to pull out a pistol and shoot this brother is wrong. >> i remember him for his smile, for the sweet spirit that he had and the love of his mother. he loved his mother. >> reporter: julian dawkins turned 22 years old on mother's day, the same day that his mother buried her own father. that family has gone through incredible tragedy in just a short time. coming up at 5:30, we talk to julian's mom about how she will cope and what she thinks may have happened here. we'll have that in a half-hour. back you to, mike, andrea? >> delia goncalves live in alexandria this morning. the chancellor of d.c.'s public schools wants to shake things up a bit.
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so kia anderson is asking more than 100 teachers and staff at two city schools to reapply for their jobs. she says employees at cardoza high school and patterson elementary will be reconstituted as part of the no child left behind act. both schools have struggled with low test scores. today is the fourth annual capital region hov awareness day. that's sort of like a beware situation here. i'll explain. that means police in virginia and maryland will be on heightened alert for hov cheaters. look out. officers in virginia will be targeting hov violators on interstate 66, 95, 395, and the dulles toll road. in maryland the state police will have hov enforcement on 270. most of those hov restrictions go into effect at 6:00 a.m. today. that's less than an hour from now. as we look ahead to the memorial day weekend, it's not going to be much of a holiday when it comes to metro riders. that's because track work is
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going to shut down six stations starting tomorrow night running through monday night at closing. they're vienna, dunn loring, east falls church and west falls church stations and shady grove and rockville stations. there will be shuttle buses but expect delays. it is 5:05. time for the latest your money report of the morning. >> let's talk to the lovely jessica doyle. what are you starting with? >> we're talking about the markets and hoping for a much quieter day today than a better day than we saw yesterday. yesterday we saw wall street up in the morning. we're hearing congressional testimony by fed chief ben bernanke that the central bank probably won't slow its bond buying stimulus program any time soon. that's good news but then in the afternoon, stocks tanked on minutes from a fed meeting suggesting the stimulus could be scaled back as early as next month if the economy picks up. what's going on? so here's where we start from today. the dow stands at 15,307 after dropping 80 points. the s&p 500 was down by almost 14 points. and the nasdaq was off by
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almost 39 points. electric car company tesla says it has paid back a $465 million loan it received from the department of energy. and the payoff comes about nine years earlier than it had to. strong first quarter profits and a near perfect rating from consumer reports for its model s van sent the stocks soaring recently. as a result tesla sold more shares and the founder paid a hundred million dollar investment in the company. how would you like a 6.5 raise last year? that's what the average c.e.o. got. c.e.o. pay has been going up for the past three years. the ap reports the head of a typical large public company made a record $9.7 million in 2012. 6.5% more than the year before. a lot of that because the market bounced back but that's nothing compared to the 24% c.e.o.
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jump in 2010. >> that's their salary or total compensation? >> everything all in. >> so 2010 was a banner year so she had to rough it in the last couple of years. >> they had a tough time during the recession. not as bad as the rest of us but they're doing quite well right now. pays to be the boss. but we know that. >> they can buy a couple of teslas if they want. what do you have in the next half hour? >> we'll take a look at the controversy at abercrombie and fitch not going away. now they have a new problem so we'll talk about that. a disturbing terror attack in london and the bloody suspect shouted islamic logans. -- slogans. we have an update on how the three kidnapped cleveland women are doing after being rescued earlier this month. >> also, if you are looking for ways to help tornado victims in moore, oklahoma, we have a list of charities that are taking part in the recovery efforts. you can find the entire list on
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10 after 5:00 on this thursday morning. we've got a few showers out there now. we're going to have more showers and storms as the day wears on, especially this afternoon. some of those could even be on the heavy to strong side if you will. here's a look at the forecast. temperatures mild. 60s and low 70s. we'll be climbing into the mid- to upper 70s early this afternoon. highs upper 70s to near 80. again showers and storms, some locally heavy downpours. maybe in the stronger storms, some damaging gusty winds. right now watching the commute. here's monika with timesaver traffic. we're watching the traffic. it looks great on the north side of town. we're in good shape beltway between 95, i-97 over to 270. no problems on 270 coming in from frederick down to the american legion bridge as well. back to you. here's a look at what's new this morning. a suspect in a brutal attack in london said, quote, you people
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will never be safe. two men killed a british soldier with a machete during the daytime on a london street. witnesses say they called the bloody act retribution for soldiers killing muslims. and in the last hour, prime minister david cameron called an emergency meeting this morning to discuss this. the dead boston marathon bombing suspect may have been involved in a triple homicide in 2011. police tried to interview a friend of tamerlan tsarnaev yesterday in florida but shot and killed him when he became violent. they were trying to ask questions about the unsolved killing of three people in waltham, massachusetts. the three cleveland women rescued from captivity earlier this month are asking for some space. attorneys for amanda berry, gina dejesus and michele knight say the women are happy and safe and continue to heal, a process, though, they say requires time and privacy. the charity fund for the women has raised more than $650,000. 5:12. we're facing more thunderstorms again today.
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>> but what a fantastic memorial day weekend is coming up. howard has the details
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good morning. welcome back to wusa9. it's 5:15 on this pre-friday morning. we want to say good morning to a special group of women,
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executive women in government who held their annual leadership conference at the u.s. chamber of commerce. i interviewed courtney lynch. and michele miller was moderator of the whole event. it was a good afternoon, learned a on the. i know they love your forecast but they're not thrilled about the allergy index you keep talking about. >> bad day yesterday and a frizz alert. once again the humidity is way up. yesterday it was just tough. i've been dealing with this, too, with the spring as well. you come take a tissue from me every morning. >> just in case. >> but i've been lucky, knock on wood. >> allergy index came in yesterday. tree pollen was high. the grass pollen was hype. the mold spores are high. only the weed pollen is low but that will come back later in the summer into the fall. this morning we've got plenty of clouds with a few breaks, even some spotty showers out there. that's going to be the case where we'll see even more showers and storms this
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afternoon. highs make it up to 75 to 80. 76 for the ride home. i think we'll have more issues with the storms for the ride home than the ride in. we are watching showers this morning. not as intense as they were last night when we had very heavy rains and thunderstorms with some tree damage in spots along the i-81 corridor and in the mountains. this morning notice the moisture coming in from the southwest to the northeast. nothing too heavy but we do have the spotty showers around, especially east of town and on the south side of town. here it is headed toward bowie coming out of the -- where central avenue comes into the beltway not far from six flags. we see some showers also down toward costco and southeastern areas of prince george's county and far eastern charles county. all of this is lifting to the northeast. anne arundel county will see some. northern calvert. got showers not far from springfield this morning. quantico, some showers just off to your south and east. then a broader area of showers coming in toward culpeper out of charlottesville headed toward fauquier county.
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it will get to prince william and fairfax the next hour, hour and a half depending on how much it holds together. keep that in mind as you head out this morning and keep in mind more showers and storms later on. mid-60s to the north. it is 66 in leesburg. 69 in dulles and alexandria this morning with arlington at 70. 68 for bowie with the rain knocking on your doorstep and waldorf also 69 degrees. outside on the weather camera, plenty of clouds. a couple of breaks. we have sunrise at 5:49 this morning. 72 degrees with the clouds at national. still very muggy with the dew points in the upper 60s and a slight chance of even some strong to severe storms this afternoon from d.c. north and east. the damaging wind gusts being the bigger threat. a threat for storms out of the texas panhandle in southwest oklahoma. the front comes through late tonight with spotty showers tomorrow but much cooler after today's 79. yellow alert today. we'll issue those when the weather is going to be an
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inconvenience. you may have plans canceled because of that. slow commutes potentially. spotty showers, late clearing tomorrow. cold by friday night. 40s to 50 for the low. start blustery, 69. looking real nice for the weekend through memorial day. monika samtani, it's almost friday. >> thank goodness for that because we've had to deal with a lot this week. and an ongoing repair on a big sinkhole on 14th street east of the white house between pennsylvania avenue and new york avenue. yes, that repair is still going on throughout the day today. that means that traffic is going to be a little bit of a mess through that area once again today. so be aware of that. if you're planning to head over on the northbound side of i-95, it's pretty normal for this time of the morning. lorton, springfield on to 395. no issues on the beltway in alexandria. just looks like it's a little slow through the area. let's take a live look on the northbound side of 95 in the newington area at backlick road. traffic is doing really well.
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both the main and hov lanes up to springfield. back to the maps this time to the north side of town. looking good on the beltway between 95 and 270. no issues on route 29 to the beltway. we'll go over to a live picture this time on 270 in clarksburg at 121. that's fine to rockville and the point where the lanes divide. back to you. >> thank you, monika. after getting one of the richest contracts in n.f.l. history, supervisor bowl winning quarterback joe flaco is going back to work. >> the nationals come home from a losing west coast trip but not a bad way to end it yesterday. we have highlights coming
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welcome back. 5:22 on this thursday morning, this muggy thursday morning. a few showers out there now. i think we'll have more showers and storms in the afternoon. we'll show you the futurecast through 9:00. again, a widely scattered shower or two, low 70s. we head toward lunch time, mid- 70s again with showers here and there. in the afternoon when we throw temperatures up toward upper 70s and 80, that's when we could get stronger showers and storms to be coming through here. we'll be watching that very carefully for you. good morning, everybody. you know the nats could use some rest on their own temperpedics these days. bryce meets wall. detwiler strained oblique, matthews punches locker and
5:23 am
breaks hand. that's not a good thing for a pitcher. bryce criticized by the way by raphael soriano. this is how he responded yesterday. this beat is his recital. he thinks it's very vital. going opposite field for his 12th. 1-0 that was your lead till the 8th. gives it up again and so we're tied at 1. extra baseball in the afternoon on the west coast. desmond says let me take out my west coast whipping stick. going the other way. harper scores. that salvaged one game in the series 2-1. you can sum up joe flac owe's season in -- flacco's season in three words. he got to go to disney world and worked at dairy queen like any mvb would of course, not. but it's back to his real job seriously. of course that's going to get a lot tougher because the ravens have lost a lot of ammo from a
5:24 am
year ago but as the team convened for organized team activities yesterday, john harbaugh not concerned. the one thing he can count on is big joe and big joe ain't james. >> nothing is going to change joe. joe is going to be who he is. i don't think changing the roster is going to change joe. a change in the contract is not going to change joe. joe is joe. >> i probably don't know 80% of the guys' names on our team at this point. that's the only thing -- i would say that's the only difference. >> we will have full coverage of the redskins otas beginning tonight at 5:00. we'll hear from rg3 till then have a great thursday, everybody. counterterrorism policy. that's going to be the focus of the president's discussion today. we'll have more on that coming up. >> plus, jessica has a major update in the abercrombie&fitch plus size scandal. how are the rides looking? here's monika. >> they're looking pretty good here at backlick road to the
5:25 am
14th street bridge along 395. you haven't gotten much of a delay yet. there's one disabled vehicle in dumfries on route 234 north of i-995. police are on their way.
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good morning. welcome back to wusa9 on this thursday morning. i'm andrea roane. >> you like soup? >> pea soup? >> that's what it feels like outside. good morning. i'm mike hydeck. it's thursday. that's a good thing. >> in this case it's not that tasty. >> definitely not. >> we're changing seasons again, sort of. >> it's going to get chilly around here, especially starting friday night, saturday night. we're going to have 40s in many of the suburbs. i know the ac has been buzzing. we'll go back to needing the heater. >> the heater?
5:29 am
>> i think so. maybe the wood stove. i don't know. we have showers out there. kind of a neat looking cloud bank hanging out over the potomac this morning here just looking north not far from reagan national back toward d.c. but breaks as well. yellow alert day because showers and thunderstorms around at times, more so this afternoon. i don't think we'll go more than two, three hours without something falling from the sky where you are. some of those could be on the heavy side with locally heavy downpours. last night we had some of the locally heavy downpours. this morning the showers are scattered around. nothing going on in the immediate metro north and west. you head d.c. east, now we have showers. on the hour we had some drizzle in places like dulles and andrews. you see the showers from bowie north there. a couple of light sprinkles here on the east side of d.c. then down to our south, look at all the rain here from culpeper down through charlottesville moving over toward warrenton. let's send it over to monika samtani early on this thursday morning but that doesn't mean there aren't problems for you. there's always something going on in d.c. this time it's
5:30 am
this huge sinkhole over in the downtown area, 14th street between pennsylvania avenue and new york avenue. it continues to be blocked. i'll show yu with our overnight video and gauge what happened here a couple of days ago. underground piece of concrete fell on a sewer line. by the way, that sewer line was built in 1897, 15 feet underground. that's why the repair so-so complicated. d.c. water is working round the clock to fix the problem. you want to choose your alternate routes and maybe use metro to get around t. let's take a live look on the north side of town here at georgia avenue we're in good shape. no issues on the outer loop as you leave the 95 interchange heading westbound to this point or even to 270 in bethesda. back to you. >> thank you, monika. it's 5:31. family, friends and coworkers of 22-year-old julian dawkins want some answers. >> he was shot to death early yesterday by an off-duty arlington sheriff's deputy. this happened near dawkins'
5:31 am
home in alexandria. delia goncalves is live at the scene of the shooting right next to a fence where he was killed. >> reporter: good morning. it happened three doors down from his own home right here as you said near that fence in that front yard where he was shot. you can see that family members have created a makeshift memorial. dawkins played basketball. he was a high school basketball star at tc williams. that is a jersey from his middle school years. julian dawkins has been in this neighborhood all his life. his family has been here for 30 years. and that's why last night's vigil was so impressive. it was so large. look at all the folks who came out. the community coming together to remember the 22-year-old. julian dawkins, an only child,
5:32 am
worked at pbs. he was shot in the upper body by off-duty sheriff's deputy craig patterson yesterday. police have not release add motive but many neighbors tell me that they believe it all started with a game of dice in which the deputy lost money. >> i don't know this off-duty officer, sheriff, whatever he is. we've been in this neighborhood over 20, 30 something years and i've never seen this guy before. i'm hurt. i mean, that was my only child. i just have faith in god that he's going to take me through it. >> reporter: julian's mom tells me the family was just together hours before he was shot dead. they were celebrating his cousin, the newest member of the washington mystics. we know that celebration turned into that mother's worst nightmare. julian was on the phone when the gunshot rang out.
5:33 am
coming up at 6:00, hear from that woman he was talking to on the phone. in a half-hour. we'll see you then. back to you, mike. >> thanks, delia. 5:33 now. this afternoon a woman who was victimized as a teenager says she's going to speak out against her abuser. a well known local swimming coach. in february 63-year-old rick curl of vienna pled guilty to one count of child sex abuse. the case dates back around 30 years. the victim in this case is now in her 40s and has come forward. kelly kern originally took a settlement from curl to keep quiet but says she came forward to press charges a couple of years ago when she realized he was still coaching teenage girls. today a former d.c. elementary schoolteacher is scheduled to appear in court on child pornography charges. the f.b.i. captured 31-year-old eric toth in nicaragua last month five years after he vanished. he taught in northwest and disappeared in 2008 after a
5:34 am
colleague discovered pornographic material on a school computer and a camera he was using. the medical examiner in oklahoma has finished identifying all 24 victims from monday's tornado. ten of those victims were children, including two infants. now that the process is in full -- the recovery process is in full swing, the damage estimates are coming out. up to 13,000 homes were damaged or destroyed. and it's believed the cost to rebuild will top $2 billion. president obama plans to travel to oklahoma this sunday to meet survivors and first responders. the salvation army is one of the many charities dispatching help to moore, oklahoma and they're accepting donations via text message. just text the word "storm" to 80888 to donate $10 to the salvation army. we have a list of the many other groups you can donate to on our website at just click the wusa9 cares banner. good morning. it's 5:35. if you are just waking up, it's
5:35 am
time for another your money report. >> jessica is back with the latest in that controversy involving ap control by and fitch. >> what -- abercrombie and fitch. >> what we've seen is a brand trying to salvage its image in the public space. it's trying to work overtime on this issue. they've been publicly ravaged this month after comments from c.e.o. mike jeffries. they resurfaced from a 2006 interview in which jeffreys justified not selling clothing larger than size 10 for women because they want the brand to be worn by cool, good looking people. jeffries says he's story but not changing anything. he said abercrombie and fitch targets its marketing at a particular segment of customers but the company cares about the community in which it operates and is strongly committed to diversity and inclusion. the company met with protesters and has now released a new statement. it says, quote, we look forward to continuing this dialogue and
5:36 am
taking concrete steps to demonstrate our commitment to antibullying in addition to our ongoing support of diversity and inclusion. we sincerely regret and apologize for any offense. the apology definitely kicking up a little bit in terms of the language there. but it seems abercrombie and fitch cannot catch a break. a new problem has cropped up for the company. a federal judge in denver is considering an injunction after ruling several stores are unfriendly to the disald. they're potentially difficult for customers in wheelchairs to navigate. a lawsuit also alleges the sales countertops are too high. they can't catch a break. >> i saw an ad on the web yesterday. it was abercrombie and fat and it was a hot guy and on top of him a beautiful but plus size
5:37 am
woman scantily clad. >> it's a new viral campaign. >> i haven't seen that yet. >> from a female blogger. she's basically recreated what the abercrombie ads would look like if they had women larger than a size 10. >> it was a beautiful looking ad. >> thanks, jess. today in washington, the president is scheduled to talk at the white house and about his terrorism policy. >> but his address comes a day after new revelations about how many americans have been killed in drone attacks. that story
5:38 am
5:39 am
welcome back. 5:39 on this sticky thursday morning. i have the umbrella with me. some of you need it. we have a few sprinkles. most of us will need it at some point whether it be later today or this evening with showers and storms expected. cloudy right now. a humid morning. we'll see a chance for some showers and storms increasing this afternoon. by 3:00 77. highs around 79. but showers and storms unfortunately for that ride home. i'll be back in a few with the seven-day of the right now here comes monika talking about the
5:40 am
ride in. the ride in looks pretty good. there is one accident on the outer loop of the beltway. it's after route 29 colesville road on the shoulder. and here at colesville road itself it looks like traffic is moving pretty well. be aware of the accident on the shoulder and give them some room to do what they need to do with the cleanup there again on the outer loop after colesville road. back to you guys. today two stamps marking major events in the civil war will be dedicated. >> the gettysburg national military park, the stamp commemorating the 150th anniversary of the battle of gettysburg will officially be issued. our director phil jordan of falls church created the stamps using images from civil war battles. a second stamp will also be dedicated today. they'll join a collection of the 150th anniversary civil war stamps. president obama as a counterterrorism speech today right after unsettling revelations about the use of drones. that story is coming up. >> plus, the heat haters got excited when the pacers took
5:41 am
the lead with two seconds left on the clock. who february 22nd. a landmark transportation bill is up for consideration in the virginia legislature. even though it's backed by republican governor mcdonnell, tea party republicans refuse to support the plan.
5:42 am
but terry mcauliffe thinks this is too important a time for partisan politics. mcauliffe reaches out to democrats and urges them to support the bill. and the bill passes. terry mcauliffe. putting virginia first. foour neighbors.... and our communities... america's beverage companies have created...
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a wide range of new choices. developing smaller portion sizes and more.. low and no-calorie beverages... adding clear calorie labels so you know... exactly what you're choosing... and in schools, replacing full-calorie soft drinks... with lower-calorie options. with more choices and fewer calories... america's beverage companies are delivering.
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5:44 this thursday morning. steamy, sticky out there. 60s and 70s. mostly cloudy as you can see on more michael & son weather camera. we'll have spotty showers and storms this morning becoming more widespread this afternoon. mid-70s toward lunch time. upper 70s to around 80 for the high. we're driving home with scattered thunderstorms and temps still if the middle 70s. we've been watching the moisture yesterday afternoon and evening. things were popping big time in the shenandoah valley, the mountains, i-81 corridor where there were some trees down by some of the strong, gusty winds. this morning not anything too heavy but a bunch of showers which are coming up from the south to the north, maybe north, northeast from south, southwest. see the biggest cluster here now in central virginia. locally we're looking at a few lighter showers dotting the landscape here not too far from
5:45 am
college park, north of bowie. light sprinkles there this morning. also near north beach, chesapeake beach. light ones generally east of 301. shady side maybe seeing a sprinkle over there. as we head into central virginia, look at this coming out of the orange area toward culpeper and warrenton into fauquier county. catlett will get wet as well. then nokesville and prince william county. it will head toward manassas and eventually fairfax. and eastern loudoun as we get into the next hour or so. it's all moving northeast at 25 miles an hour. this morning's temperatures are up. big time. cool spot at 65 degrees. excuse me, 64 in round hill. 65 germantown just behind them with annapolis and north beach and baden all at 72 this morning. 72 also here in town under cloudy skies in washington as we zoom out on our michael & son weather camera.
5:46 am
very muggy. on the hour national was reporting a light shower, 72. dew points are in the 60s with the humidity way up. 83%. the moisture is in place but we just need the trigger. there's not much of a trigger needed with the showers now. all this moisture flowing north. we have the upper level energy. same storm that brought the tornado toward moore, oklahoma the other day. well, it's a different form but of the same storm but it's going to bring scattered showers and thunder toward us. this morning a few showers here and there. we could see some sunny breaks but don't count on it too much. this afternoon the scattered showers and storms at times to affect us through the evening as well. here we are at midnight with fewer showers. by tomorrow morning, the heavy stuff east of us. cooler air moving in and spotty showers through midday on friday. so yellow alert today with showers and storms. could be a couple of heavier ones as well. high of 79. 62 tonight but only 66 tomorrow. tomorrow is going to be windy, gusts toward 30 with late clearing. 69 on saturday after a chilly
5:47 am
start, in the 40s to around 50. sunday also cool, 72. finally winds laying down. monday looks nice for memorial day. cooler than some would like, though, but very comfortable, the high of 75. here comes monika with the latest on timesaver traffic for you. ongoing repairs of a huge sinkhole downtown on 14th street. it is shut down between pennsylvania avenue and new york avenue and i suggest that this is still going to be there throughout the day today. maybe use metro, use 13th street as your alternate loud. a-- alternate route. just avoid 14th street. you have dries forming in triangle -- delays forming in triangle. that's pretty normal. from newington to springfield, this is at backlick road. the hov lanes still look pretty g. back to the maps. no problems on the beltway on the outer loop till you get past colesville road where the accident sits on the shoulder.
5:48 am
it may slow you down just a bit through that area. your main line is open on the utter loop westbound 495. we'll end with a live look close by here at colesville road. back to you guys. >> later today president obama is scheduled to deliver a speech on counterterrorism at the national defense university in southwest washington. >> this address comes amid some revelations that since 2009, four americans have been killed in drone strikes in pakistan and in yemen. cbs reporter tara mergener joins us live with a preview of the speech. first off, the timing of this speech seems a little bit questionable. it almost feels orchestrated. what do you think? >> reporter: well, certainly the timing some would speculate it has something to do with some of the potentially brewing scandals, the already brewing scandals on capitol hill. you have benghazi, the attack of the u.s. consulate there in september of 2011. you have the i.r.s. that seems to be a growing scandal. then you've got the seizure of
5:49 am
the ap records. perhaps this is some attempt on the president's part or the administration's part to kind of regain control of that washington debate. certainly as the president prepares to make his speech, i would assume possibly he's hoping to turn the attention away from all those kinds of things and really regain control of what washington is talking about. whether he can do that or not is another question at this point. >> no matter what the controversy is, the president, the administration is still sticking by its policy on the drone attacks. i understand they may scale is back. what are you hearing? >> reporter: well, certainly that is one of the things out there on the table. what we know for sure, andrea, is that the president is going to address the legality of the drone program which is really the centerpiece of his counterterrorism effort. it's also an attempt possibly by the president to make good on his state of the union address promise that the administration would become
5:50 am
more transparent in discussing what many accuse the president of being too secretive in terms of this drone policy. in february, a controversial memo did leak from the justice department that did say it does consider drone attacks legal when it involves americans involved with al qaeda or their overseas affiliates but andrea and mike, civil liberties groups are very upset about this and lawmakers on both sides of the aisle think the president has not been transparent. they need a lot more information, especially when it comes to killing u.s. citizens. >> tara, one american citizen the administration admits to as being targeted, what do we know about the others who were killed? were they innocent bystanders? they were in pakistan. they were in yemen and pakistan has now been a hot bed for breeding terrorists. >> reporter: absolutely. certainly dozens and dozens of civilians we understand have been killed in the attacks. but what we know for sure right
5:51 am
now, in a letter attorney general eric holder did confirm to congress that only one victim, this u.s. citizen, was specifically targeted. that was anwar al walki, a radical islamist. the administration had not confirmed the american involvement. also other americans killed in the same strike. the fourth american we don't have a lot of information about him at this point but we do know he's been identified. andrea and mike. >> thank you. we're also following what's new this morning at 5:52. authorities fear they're on a recovery, not a rescue mission at a park in minnesota. a landslide swept over fourth graders on an elementary school field trip. two were rescued but one child's body has been recovered. another is still missing.
5:52 am
crews brought in lights to keep searching in the overnight hours. the boy scouts of america are scheduled to take a final vote on whether or not to allow openly gay members for the very first time. one proposal would allow openly gay scouts but keep the current ban on gay adult scout leaders. conservatives have denounced that proposal. in sports a thrilling end to game one of the eastern conference finals late last night. the pacers had the game won in the closing seconds of overtime but they made a mistake. they allowed miami's lebron james make the winning layups just as time expired. heat downs indiana 103-102. game two tomorrow night. >> two seconds left on the clock when he did that. it was that close. time to look at the facebook qep of the morning once -- question of the morning once again. which condiment do you think each person consumes three bottles of per year? everybody in your household does three of these in a year. is it a, mayonnaise, b, ketchup or c, mustard?
5:53 am
>> jennifer hall says b. a family of five goes through a huge bottle of ketchup every three weeks or so. >> i agree. post your guesses and comments on our facebook fan page. we'll have the answer in about an hour. when you go through, you can also enter the country music ticket giveaway. eligible to win two tickets to kenny chesney's for shoes nation -- no shoes nation concert. today is the last day to enter. the inteep stakes -- the sweepstakes ends today at noon. we've been waiting but most of us haven't seen them, the cicadas. we'll have much more coming up in our next half-hour. a a preview of a movie to draw families to the box office this weekend. we're looking at "epic." i've been combing through the day's retailer websites to find you deep discounts and here are some of our favorites. how about a huge sale on coach
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5:57 am
the people who brought the animated films "ice age" and "rio" to the big screen have a new offering. "epic" opens in theaters tomorrow. you'll definitely recognize some of the voices. big name stars helped out with this one. alexis christoforous sat down with colin ferrell who is making a departure from some of
5:58 am
his roles. >> reporter: the forest comes to life in a vivid array of colors and sounds. based on the william joyce novel "the least men" "epic" stars colin on a mission for save the forest from the leafmen. >> it's kind of neat to lighten up a little. live a little. >> reporter: it's a departure for him who is usually drawn to darker roles. >> there were some things that came along that were lighter than a lot of the stuff that i had done. i didn't go to seek them. >> reporter: beyonce reigns as queen terror. >> sometimes the connections aren't always clear. >> reporter: amanda cypress lends her role as a teenager who joins the leafmen in their quest to defend the forest. >> this is all new to me. >> reporter: it also features
5:59 am
the voices of josh hutchinson from the "the hunger games" and saturday night live's jason sudakis. the sound track includes songs from beyonce and steven tyler. >> something for the family to do this holiday weekend. thank you for watching us at wusa9 at 6:00 a.m. it is thursday. closer to the weekend. may 23. i'm andrea roane. i'm mike hydeck. thanks for joining us. hey, monika. >> it's a holiday weekend. >> nothing wrong with that. >> nothing too wrong with the forecast if you can get through the muggies and the rain today. >> because it's going to be sunny and dry. it is going to be cool, though. unseasonably cool as we go through the weekend. it's kind of been that way a lot of the springs here. >> a mixed up pattern. >> we have a couple of showers in spots. your forecast on this thursday morning is calling, though, for mostly cloudy skies. a few breaks here and


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