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tv   wusa 9 News at 6am  CBS  May 23, 2013 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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scattered showers and then scattered showers and thunderstorms. mid-70s at noon. we'll be looking at upper 70s to near 80 for a high. some of these showers and storms this afternoon could also have some heavy rain, gusty winds. we had a couple of strong ones yesterday with severe warnings. i don't know if we'll get that bad today but certainly will be somewhat active with winds out of the south at 10 to 15 miles an hour. then turn much colder starting tomorrow. we are looking at the moisture moving in from southwest to northeast this morning. we do have areas of showers, especially south and west of town. east of town, these showers have come off shore from north beach to shady sidetracking toward looks like st. michaels. to our south a few sprinkles on the potomac here from just south of mount vernon to quantico. look at this from warrenton south, this is the biggest area of rain at the moment. all moving toward the north, northeast. so haymarket, gainesville headed your way. trying to come up 29 from
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culpeper. that is a wet ride. temps to start in the 60s and low 70s. let's go to monika with your latest timesaver traffic. randolph road east of park lawn road. wasn't to watch out. the signal lights are on flash. you want to treat that intersection as a four-way stop out in rockville. over in the downtown area, yup, that sinkhole repair remains. 14th street is closed between pennsylvania avenue and new york avenue. this is all just east of the white house. it's been there for a couple of days. i think it will be there throughout today as well. i believe they're going to try and fix it up by tonight. in the meantime, let's go to the northbound side of i-95. that was final. here on the beltway north of town, just past colesville road, there was an accident sitting on the shoulder. luckily it didn't do too much to traffic although you do have slow stuff coming around new hampshire avenue to georgia avenue off and on right now. let's go back to the maps, this time to the north side of town. no problems as you travel on the outer loop 270 in good shape. 95 out of the baltimore, 29 out of burtonsville and the bw
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parkway as you travel through cheverly into the northeast corridor. we'll end with a live look one more time and this time we're heading to the northbound side of 395 leading to the 14th street bridge. back to you guys. family, friends and neighbors have many unanswered questions about a shooting death of a young manual. 22-year-old -- man. 22-year-old julian dawkins was killed yesterday in his own alexandria neighborhood. >> sooter was an off-duty arlington sheriff's deputy. delia goncalves is live at the scene with today's developments. good morning, delia. >> reporter: good morning, andrea, mike. we arrived here shortly after 4:30 and saw about half a dozen of julian's friends. they are still here, don't want to be on camera but we've been talking to them all morning long. they want justice for julian and they told me we want to spend the night with our best friend. that's why they've been here paying tribute to their friend and holding vigil outside this
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makeshift memorial. they put a basketball jersey jewel qan had during middle school years when he was playing basketball and then here's a picture here that they took yesterday with his mom and stepdad. julian was on the other side of this fence when he was killed. a deputy was out here on the opposite side of the fence. last night hundreds of people, friends and family members gathered on lynnhaven drive for a vigil to remember the 22-year- old. police say he was shot by off- duty arlington sheriff craig patterson. police don't have a motive they're telling us or a connection between the two but several neighbors have told us they believe the two got into an argument following a game of dice. julian was on the phone with kim bragg, one of his best friend's mother. she tells us there was no arguing before the shooting. there was just silence and then a gunshot.
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>> somebody needs to find out what happened to this baby because a mother has lost her only child. this is her only baby. she has no more kids. that's her only child. he's her only boy child. i can't put myself in that place. he's a good kid. he worked hard. he worked every day. he's not out here doing anything wrong. he's a good, respectable kid. >> reporter: the deputy is on paid leave pending an internal investigation with arlington county sheriff's department. julian turned 22 years old on mother's day. coming up at 6:30, hear from his mother. we'll have that in a half-hour. back to you, mike and andrea. >> delia goncalves reporting live from alexandria. officials in oklahoma say as many as 13,000 homes were damaged or destroyed in monday's deadly tornado. the initial estimate of damage is being placed at about $2 billion. the tornado was on the ground
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for 40 minutes leaving a trail of destruction 17 miles long. 24 people died. hundreds more were injured. the white house says president obama plans to visit moore, oklahoma on sunday to meet with survivors and first responders. the people of moore need your help in their recovery effort and we've made it easy for you to support them. we have a list of charities on our website log on and click the wusa9 cares banner at the top of the home page. will gays ever be allowed into scouting? the boy scouts of america expected to vote on that today. officials are proposing allowing openly gay scouts but they would still ban gay adult scout leaders. conservatives have denounced the proposal. the vote will mark the end of a two-day meeting in texas on boy scout leadership. a terror attack in london ends with the brutal murder after british soldier. >> also ahead this morning, how would you like to make some more money? coming up in your money report,
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jessica is going to discuss ways you can use your expertise as a sowfers income. >> we'll -- source of income. >> tune in each night at 11:00 to learn the word of the day and go to our facebook page and enter the word in our sweepstakes. >> contest ends this friday, meaning tomorrow night. after that the two entries will be chosen randomly as the winners. for complete details, go to our facebook page or wusa9 -- or we'll
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just about 6:10 on this thursday morning. it's a muggy morning out there. temps in the 60s and 70s and even a few showers especially to the west and southwest coming up in toward fauquier county out of culpeper and orange. showers and storms. more in the afternoon. some could be on the heavy side. highs between 75 and 80. i'll come back in a few
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minutes. we'll talk about what you can expect for the rest of the day and big changes as we head toward the weekend. here comes monika samtani with your timesaver traffic. no issues to report as you head northbound on i-95 leaving springfield on to 395 and the 14th street bridge. we are getting word of a vehicle fire, though, out in the herndon area near dulles airport. route 7 at route 28. so watch out for that activity. route 7 at route 28. back to you. >> thank you, monika. in the news now, the british prime minister call it is a shocking crime. two men hacked a british soldier to death on a london street wednesday with butcher knives and cleavers. at one point one of the suspects spoke to a tv news camera saying annual eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth because british soldiers are killing muslims every day. both were shot by police and taken to the hospital. the rock 'n' roll hall of fame is honoring the rolling stones. an exhibit called 50 years of
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satisfaction opens tomorrow in cleveland. it celebrates five decades of the rolling stones. it features clothing and instruments that belonged to the band members and a whole lot more. how would you like to make more money? let's toss it over to jess. >> time right now 6:11. we're watching your money. we all have some things we're good at, our own special skill set. our next guest says you can turn the skills into a way to make money. amanda miller joins us now. amanda, you've got great tips for us. we're going to start with your first one of the your first piece of advice is embrace your expertise. how do we do that? >> what i find is so many people, especially in this region, have accumulated so much expertise over their years working but they don't really know and they're not embracing the fact that hey, i'm an expert. i'm really great at what i do. i've been doing it for a really long time. i could probably help someone else. party, most of my clients are already out there helping
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people in their day-to-day lives or in their work lives giving their expertise away for free. i tell them, you know what? embrace that you're an expert and brace yourself so you can sell your expertise. >> we've figured out what we're good at. now you're saying embrace a process so you can package your services to others. tell us what you mean by that. >> once you embrace the fact that okay, yes, i'm an expert. you need to identify how is it that you get results every single time? can you figure out a three-step or five-step or ten-step system for getting the same guaranteed results so you can predict, okay, when i work with you, you're going to get this, you're going to achieve this, we're going to see success. >> that makes a lot of sense of the your final tip for us is put a number on it. this is probably the most important one. >> right. and the hardest part. there's so many tips out there for discovering our hourly rate or figuring out how much i
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charge but i come at it from a very more intuitive level. think about the last time that you helped someone. you, for example, have you helped someone prepare for a media interview and then they went on to a really great job and made a ton of money and what did you get? nothing except the satisfaction of knowing you helped them. think about what would have made me feel duly compensated and feel good about the fact that i helped that person get to the next level. >> so we're embracing ourselves. we're coming up with a process, putting a number on it and you're making us money. we appreciate your advice. thank you so much for coming in. now we'll throw it over to howard bernstein who has your weather today but that's free. he doesn't put a number on it. if we had to put a number one through ten, maybe we'd put a four on it today. not the greatest day. you're looking at planes getting ready to take off at reagan national. a quick look at the allergy index. they were bad yesterday.
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tree pollen was way up in the high category. grass pollen was high and mold spores was high and only the weed pollen was on the low side. our weed season doesn't begin till later on in the summer and the fall. there goes the jet taking off there at reagan national. we have temperatures in the 70s to near 80 later on with scattered showers and thunderstorms. a little bit more likely this afternoon than this morning. winds south 10 to 15. hoping to bring in the low- level -- helping to bring in the low-level moisture. this morning no real thunderstorms going on unlike yesterday afternoon and evening but we do have some showers just off to our west. heavier ones there. looking closer in, a couple of sprinkles just south of town, light ones. to the east we've got some showers. these guys are headed over to the bay bridge. queens town headed your way in the next 20 minutes or so. but it's really the area out west right now that's the heaviest stuff we're seeing from culpeper north through fauquier county. route 17. look at this here from midland
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up through warrenton now. that's a slow ride. this goes up into prince william county, even southern, southeastern loudoun county going to see some of that fauquier also of course very slow at the moment with the rain. temps in the 60s and low 70s. the warm stuff in town at 72. but mid-60s in lover vetsville -- lovettsville and leesburg. 70 in college park and andrews and 72 on the bay at north beach and annapolis. outside on our michael & son weather camera, lots of clouds hanging over reagan national this morning. a light shower last hour. just cloudy now, 72. it's a muggy 72. maybe not as muggy as yesterday morning but pretty close with that dew point at 66 degrees. feeling a little bit more like florida. that's where the moisture is streaming in from. way down here moisture is coming all the way up into the mid-atlantic and new england and even the great lakes. the upper level system is back here that will help fire off showers and storms at times throughout the day today. it's not going to be a constant
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downpour but we're going to have enough showers and storms around that if you're trying to get work done outside, just take some time outside for yourself later on this afternoon and this evening. that could be tough. we'll finally swing a lot of us through east of us by tomorrow morning. a threats of a shower -- a threat after shower through midday on friday with slow clearing friday afternoon and much cooler tomorrow. today 79. yellow alert day. showers and storms. could be a few heavy ones in there. tonight down to 62. a much cooler friday with spotty showers and late clearing, 66. 50 friday night but outside the beltway, some low 40s. only 69 on saturday. i didn't even mention the winds by the way. they could gust out of the northwest at 30 miles an hour. sunday still cool, 72. monday pleasant, 75, warming up by next wednesday. monika samtani, we've got the sinkhole issue but what else is going on? >> well, we thought there was a vehicle fire out in sterling on route 28 near route 7 but
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nothing was found there luckily. want to tell but the sinkhole, though. yup, it is still there. it's been there already for over a day. 14th street is blocked because of it between pennsylvania avenue and new york avenue and now we're told that they may not be able to repair that till about 11:00 tomorrow morning. so you want to choose your alternate routes through that area. there are message boards set up for you as well. northbound i-95 in the meantime getting into the downtown area using the interstate, no problems. just a few slow spots, triangle and in springfield. let's go outside live to our sky 9. again nothing was found with the vehicle fire. by the way this is route 28 approaching i-66. we're in good shape out here. let's go back to the maps this time to 270 southbound which is slowing down as usual out of frederick in toward urbana and clarksburg. we'll take a live look one more time at route 109 southbound where your break lights continue over toward route 121. back to you guys. >> thanks, monika.
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6:22. a frizz alert. very muggy out there once again. we have a few showers at the moment, especially fauquier county south and west. as we go through the morning we'll see temperatures climbing to the low to mid-70s. scattered showers and storms this afternoon. some could be on the hefty side. we're looking at a computer model. it's not certain that we're going to see them in western loudoun county at 6:00 p.m. but we'll have the scattering of showers and storms so pay attention to the afternoon. >> thank you, howard. if you have kids and they have food allergies, it can be really challenging to find out which foods they're allergic too sometimes. two middle schoolers may have found a pretty cool solution. the big yellow bus stops at kilmer middle school in vienna, virginia. >> reporter: say you love cheese pizza but there's a chance you might be allergic to something in the sauce underneath. these two teens may have found
6:23 am
a way for you to tell for sure. >> it has to be less than two centimeters away from the sample. >> reporter: they design add food allergy detector. their poteau type is the size of a cell phone. >> it has a list of all the allergens. right now it has 50 allergens or would have 50 allergens. then it says yes, it has it, no, it doesn't have. >> reporter: she was looking for a project to enter the toshiba explorer contest of the her mom said with all the food allergies in the family, wouldn't it be great to find out before you eat something if you're allergic. the food allergy detector project got under way. so how would did work? by using something called ramon -- [indiscernible] >> it will release foe tons and shift in frequency because energy changes. so this shift in frequency, it's unique for all the food items. so it's kind of like a fingerprint. >> reporter: an 11-page paper
6:24 am
brought home the regional title for them. then they built a website complete with video and it brought home the national title for the middle school division. science teacher susan baits was their coach but she gives them all the credit. >> they did the research on their own. built the propoe type and website on -- poteau type and website on their own. >> reporter: whether it's pizza, pretzels or protein bars, the food allergy detector might just be the next big thing. >> for their efforts, they each won a $10,000 college savings bond. in jiewrnl they'll present their project on capitol hill. they're going to have a gala at the national press club for all the winners around the country. that is really cool. if you have a cool school, send an e-mail my way. we'll be right back.
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good morning. it's thursday, may 23. i'm andrea roane. good morning. i'm mike hydeck. monika will have traffic momentarily. howard bernstein is on the
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weather terrace. it's warm and sticky. it's all a matter of perspective. i do tell you i got the umbrella with me. it's all closed at the moment and we may need it at times. we will need it at times today. here's a look outside on hour michael & son weather camera with the clouds that are hanging out over d.c. this morning. we have plenty of them. there are a few breaks here and there but generally showers and even thunderstorms at times today. not an all-day rain but the threat will be with us morning, midday, afternoon and evening with your highs in the upper 70s to around 80. south winds 10 to 15. plenty of showers out there now but nothing as intense as yesterday. you can see the area since last night has sort of shrunken in coverage as we've lost the daytime heating. a significant area of showers we're watching. off to the east we'll start there first. we're seeing some showers which have really pulled out of the north beach area toward queenstown. it's this stuff out west coming out of culpeper county through fauquier now. manassas, prince william, manassas in the upper part of
6:30 am
the county toward gainesville toward aldie in southern loudoun. moving forward fairfax over the next half hour or so. that will affect your commute. temps running in the 60s and low 70s. monika will update us on the specifics of the morning commute. if you're planning to head on the inbound side of 66, we'll go straight to our live picture from sky 9. this is route 50. you can see accident activity sitting on the shoulder. although your travel lanes are open, it is going to be very slow getting by. everybody wants to know what's going on and therefore this backup on the inbound side of i- 66 approaching route 50. beyond that, though, you're fine toward the beltway and inside the beltway through falls church to the roosevelt bridge. we'll go over to our maps. want to keep you posted on this ongoing situation with this huge sinkhole downtown which continues to close 14th street between pennsylvania avenue and
6:31 am
increase avenue. ddot tells us that it probably will be that way till about 11:00 tomorrow morning. so maybe use 13th street. use metro but in any case plan early and ahead. let's go over to another live shot. this time over to the north side of town or south side of town. no problems on the beltway in oxon hill at 210 heading for the wilson bridge. back to you. time to see what our partners at cbs this morning are covering. >> charlie rose standing by in new york. good morning, charlie. >> good morning, mike and andrea. we like being your partners. ahead terror on the streets of london. we'll hear from the hero mother who confronted the bloody attackers of a british soldier. plus, after a decade of losses, airlines are making a comeback. gas prices are dropping. so why are you still paying all those fees? we'll ask delta c.e.o. richard anderson. regis philbin is back on morning television and will be in studio 57. the news is back in the morning and we'll see you at 7:00. >> charlie, have a great
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morning. the united states government is now confirming what was already widely reported. attorney general eric holder admitted that four american citizens abroad, including a 16- year-old boy were targeted and killed in drone strikes by the u.s. military since 2009. that 16-year-old boy was anwar al-alawaki's son who is a known terrorist. president obama is expected to address the drone policy and national security during a speech at the national defense university. he has plans to pledge more trarns parent si to congress -- transparency to congress whether it comes to the antiterrorism policy. amnesty international has come out criticizing the obama administration's drone policy. the human rights organization says the killings amount to executions which violate international rights laws. they also say the strikes which targeted u.s. citizens violates the 6th amendment of the
6:33 am
constitution. the i.r.s. official who first apologized for her agency targeting conservative groups refused to testify yesterday on capitol hill. >> i have not violated any i.r.s. rules or regulations and i have not provided false information to this or any other congressional committee. >> that was all lois lerner said after pleading the fifth amendment. house oversight and government reform committee chairman daryl ie sus said she waived her right to plead the fifth when she issued her opening statement. she may be called back to testify. 22-year-old julian dawkins was shot and killed early wednesday morning while standing on the side of an alexandria street. it appears the shooter was an off-duty arlington sheriff's deputy. >> this morning the dawkins family, friends and coworkers are still trying to figure out why this all happened. delia goncalves is live in alexandria at the scene of the shooting. delia? >> reporter: right. the scene, three doors down
6:34 am
from julian's own home. it happened here in this front yard. you can see friends have made a makeshift memorial of sorts. this is a jersey, a basketball jersey that julian wore in middle school. here's a picture of a number of friends with his mom and stepfather. the family has lived in this neighborhood for 30 years and that's why if you look at last night's vigil, tons of folks, there were hundreds of people who were here remembering their friend, their family member, a kid that they loved in this community. 22-year-old julian dawkins. he was an only child, a loyal pbs employee and a funny, kind hearted kid. julian dawkins was shot in the upper body by offduty arlington county sheriff's deputy craig patterson yesterday overnight. police have not released a motive but several neighbors tell me that they believe it all started with a game of dice in which the deputy lost money.
6:35 am
>> i don't know who this off- duty officer or sheriff or whatever he was, i mean, i've been in this neighborhood. we've been in this neighborhood over 20, 30 something years and i've never seen this guy before. i'm hurt. i mean, that was my only child. i just have faith in god that he's going to take me through it. >> reporter: it's been a tough road for julian's mom. she buried her father recently. he died on mother's day, the same day julian turned 22 years old. in fact yesterday she told me they were celebrating hours before her son was shot dead, they were celebrating together three doors down because julian's cousin is the newest member of the washington mystics. they were celebrating together and then hours later her worst nightmare came to life. the officer, the deputy is on
6:36 am
paid leave pending an internal investigation. back you to, mike, andrea. >> delia goncalves with that live update from alexandria, virginia. george huguely, the former university of virginia student who killed his ex-girlfriend is being sued by his family's insurance carrier. american international group wants to be released from defending huguely or having to pay damages in a wrongful death lawsuit brought by the family of yeardley love. he's serving a 23-year sentence for love's murder. aig says huguely's refusal to answer questions from its investigators constitutes a breach of contract. d.c. school's chancellor is asking more than 100 teachers and staff to reapply for their jobs. employees at core doze today high school and patterson elementary will be reconstituted as part of the no child left behind act. both schools have struggled with test scores in eents years. teachers say trying to improve test scores by replacing staff
6:37 am
is simplistic. they say it ignores the school's challenges. core doze today high went through a staff shake-up in 2008. since then test scores only improved marginally. the 2013 hurricane season starts next week. virginia wants to make sure you are prepared. so this saturday, a state sales tax holiday on hurricane and emergency preparedness equipment is under way. so if you buy a portable generator which costs about $1,000 or less, depending on which one you buy, no sales tax. also applies to items like batteries, flashlights, weather radios, smoke detectors, fire excontinuing gear -- excontinuing gears -- extinguishers. the tax holiday runs for seven days. time for the latest your money segment. >> jessica is here with a little good news for some of the victims in the oklahoma tornado. >> they need good news. we saw the damage. all those houses flattened in oklahoma this week. the good news is fortunately people whose homes were destroyed or damage should be fully covered for the damages. the president of the insurance
6:38 am
information institute says standard homeowners insurance policies cover this time of destruction caused by the high winds, the hail, the rage. this sun like hurricane damage which usually requires special insurance for any blood damage and often carries heavy restrictions. still it could take a very long time before victims actually receive checks because the process takes some time. an estimated 3,000 homes were damaged or destroyed and believed to cost about $2 billion to rebuild everything. 500 new jobs could be coming to fairfax county. a subsidiary of am is expanding -- is expanding there. amazon's web services plans to open an office in the the herndon area. jcpenney getting a lifelong. the struggling retailer secured a $2.25 billion loan, about half a billion dollars more than expected. jcpenney has been burning through cash and struggling to win back its customers. proceeds from the loan will be used to fund the company's
6:39 am
operations and pay off some of its debt. and a safety alert this morning to tell you about. more than 27,000 cadillac suvs are being recalled because the wheels can fall off of them. these are the 2013 cadillac srxs. the wheel nuts may not have been tightened enough at the factory. nobody has been injured. if your suv is part of this recall, here's what you do. you go to your dealership. you have your tires rotated and then they will tighten the nuts on those tires all for free. obviously potentially a very serious situation. also a little disconcerting. you're driving down the road and your wheel falls off? >> you spend that kind of money for a car, you expect the wheels to stay on. >> those are pretty nice wheels on some of those cars. if you haven't heard them yet, chances are you won't experience the 2013 cicadas invasion. we'll explain why coming up. >> an american hiewsk legend is -- music legend is honored by
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america runs on dunkin' coffee.
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good morning. welcome back to wusa9. 6:44. a special good morning to chris white. he saw something. desomething. we thank you very much for doing that and for watching us. howard says you're going to need the umbrella and a fan probably to keep cool. >> a little sticky out there this morning like it's been the last couple of days but in the next couple of days, you're going to need the jackets, especially at night here. friday night and saturday night, could be downright chilly here, especially inside the beltway with some 40s. i'm not worried about any frosty weather but awfully chilly for may. here's a look at the forecast, though, for this sticky, warm thursday morning. temperatures are starting out in the 60s and low 70s with lofts clouds. some -- lots of clouds. some breaks in the cloud cover here or there but not too many. a chance for a shower or storm this morning and better chances as we head up.
6:45 am
some of the storms, especially d.c. north could be on the stronger side with gusty winds. we'll watch that. your highs 70 to near 80. south winds 10 to 15. moisture continues to flow in from southwest to northeast. not as active as it was yesterday afternoon when we had all of the severe weather out . /-81 and points west and some of the heavier showers even migrated toward the metro toward evening hours. this morning we're watching some showers, especially west of town. heavier ones there. had some showers in southern maryland and to our east. those have now moved east of us here. some lighter ones from just north of college park, anne arundel county, near annapolis and across the bay. but the heavier stuff trying to get in toward western montgomery county. we'll focus first toward the east. across from the bay bridge coming in from annapolis this morning, a couple of sprinkles there. this shouldn't be nearly the deal as out west where we have more moderate activity stretching from southern fauquier county now almost toward point of rocks there up on route 15. we'll take you first down
6:46 am
south. midland to catlett, some heavier showers west of nokesville. this is tracking northeast. haymarket or if coming in from haymarket, watch out for that then into loudoun county. this will be headed right toward dulles and sterming in a little while -- sterling in a little while. all of this drifts off for the north, northeast. up in urbana in frederick county, maybe toward boyds and clarksburg, you may get in on some of this as well. fairfax county, you'll have to watch this coming out of prince william in the next hour. mid-60s north to low 70s across the board. pax river naval air station at 72. a cloudy, murky sky in washington. 72. cloudy skies. by the way, today is a yellow alert today. we put out the yellow alerts when we're going to have disruptive weather, not so much severe but disruptive weather. it's feeling awfully sticky. from d.c. north to see isolated
6:47 am
damaging wind gusts. that week the biggest threat here later on this afternoon and this evening. here come the showers and storms. see this guy spinning in wisconsin toward michigan. same system that brought the tornadoes over toward oklahoma earlier in the week. that's affecting us for today with the showers and storms, 79. tonight fewer showers. we're down to 62. spotty shower tomorrow, breezy to windy, colder. late clearing but winds could gust over 30 out of the northwest. then look at the chill in the air saturday, sunday and monday, upper 60s to midz 70s. some of the -- mid-70s. some of the nighttime temps in the low 40s over the weekend. amazing. that is pretty amazing. if you're planning to head outside right now, what is amazing was a big sinkhole that happened over a day ago on 14th street east of the white house. it is still shut down between pennsylvania avenue and new york avenue and probably will remain that way till 11:00 tomorrow morning. it's a little complicated all that repair going on there. in the meantime choose your alternate routes.
6:48 am
if you're planning to head elsewhere, let's take a live look from our sky 9 at the inbound side of i-66. we'll go to northbound i-95 here in springfield. it's going to be slow off and on as you head to triangle, dale city and newington up to this point. 395 is a bit heavy through landmark. let's go to our next live picture. here we are sky 9 on the inbound side of i-66 right before route 50, the accident sitting on the shoulder. it is causing quite a bit of a backup getting by. once beyond it you're okay and the lanes are open heading for the beltway. we'll end with a live picture here 270 southbound just your initial backup here at route 109 to 121. the pace improves down to the point where the lanes divide. all lanes are open this morning. by the way, metro at this time is running on time but memorial day weekend won't be much of a holiday for metro riders. that's because track work is going to shut down six stations from friday night through the close of business on monday. they are vienna, dun loring, west falls church and east falls church stations on the
6:49 am
orange line and shady grove and rockville stations on the red line. so you should allow extra time. jess, back to you. >> thank you, monika. i've been combing through the day's retailer websites to find you deep discounts. a urge sale on coach bags -- a huge sale on coach bags. the coach factory online stores are having a huge sale. 65% off clearance prices. gilt city is running a deal with edge salon and spa in arlington. $42 for two blowouts. that's 40% off. this is for you, mike. other packages available. $270 off a keratin treatment. i know you love those? >> i don't know what it is. >> normal $42. take the kids to great wave water park in alexandria. 50% off with this deal from groupon. you have all access to the park's wave pool.
6:50 am
it's awesome. water slides, other features. prices start at $16 per person monday through friday. you can pay for a four-pack. no time restrictions. the weekend passes are sold out i'm sorry to report. if you have an offer you've seen or you're a local merchant with a deal for our viewers, i would love to hear from you on facebook. a check of the
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we have showers extending from loudoun county basically down into fauquier county right now moving north, northeast. the scattered showers and thunderstorms today. more this afternoon. it will be warm. high 75 to 80. some of the storms later on could pack a little bit of a punch. andrea? in the news right now, singer/songwriter carol king was honored last night at the white house at the library of
6:54 am
congress earlier in the day. she was awarded the gershwin prize for popular song. she's the first woman to ever receive the award. some of her more popular hits include "you make me feel like a natural woman" and "you've got a friend." the cicadas invasion is here. here's the thing. if you haven't seen or heard them yet, chances are you won't. people are saying the 17-year cicadases to our south -- cicadas to our south. but if you live inside the beltway, the invasion may have been a smidge overhyped. >> who would have done that. 6:54. time to answer the question of the morning. every year americans consume three bottles of this condiment. is it a, mayonnaise, b, ketchup or c, mustard? >> our facebook friend delores sutton wrote i'm not a mayonnaise fan so i'll say b. >> a lot of people are using mustard instead of mayo. of course the answer is b, ketchup. duh. >> you can enter our country
6:55 am
music tickets give away. you will be eligible to win two tickets to kenny chesney's no shoes concert. >> the sweepstakes ends today at noon so enter right now. a little tobasco on top of the for our families...
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our neighbors... and our communities... america's beverage companies have created... a wide range of new choices. developing smaller portion sizes and more.. low and no-calorie beverages... adding clear calorie labels so you know... exactly what you're choosing... and in schools, replacing full-calorie soft drinks... with lower-calorie options. with more choices and fewer calories... america's beverage companies are delivering.
6:58 am
it's going to be warm and muggy with scattered showers and storms. upper 70s to near 80. spotty showers tomorrow but only the mid-60s. nice and cool and pleasant through memorial day. inbound on i-66, this accident has been here on the shoulder before route 50 for a while. yes, you've got quite a big backup trying to get by although the lanes are open. >> as for wall street, we could see pressure. we saw a big drop overseas so that could follow up over here. cbs this morning is next with regis philbin. >> howard and i will be back in 25 minutes with weather and traffic. >> you can always get updates
6:59 am
on news, weather and traffic don't forget the iphone app and ipad app. you can also visit us on our facebook fan page. we'll see you tomorrow morning at 4:25. howard at noon. take care, everybody. bye-bye. good morning. it is thursday,


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