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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  May 23, 2013 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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middle school division. you got to be thrilled just to be part of it. >> we are so excited. >> reporter: science teacher susan bates was their coach but she gives them all the credit. >> they did the research on their own and built the prototype on their own and website, just fantastic girls. >> reporter: their future is pretty bright. >> yes. >> reporter: the food allergy detector might just be the next big thing. mike hydek, wusa9. it has been a very busy night of breaking news. in the last 10 minutes rescuers reached the man trapped after a garage collapsed at westfield montgomery mall. the accident killed one person. that person's body is still in the rubble. the good news is the other trapped individual has been
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extricated. >> and all these rescue efforts are being complicated by some weather moving into the area and as you heard in that press conference, while they were able to extricate the person who survived, the person who died in the incident is still there and they also talked about the fact the concrete is shifting. so this is a very, very delicate carefully coordinated situation and the next hour to two or three is going to be dicey. >> it is. here's the deal. there are some big storms, nothing severe in the immediate metro area, but off to the north and west just north of where the rescue effortsing gab on right now it's pretty hairy -- efforts are going on right now it's pretty hairy, starting out here to the west looks like hail, south of percyville. i just tweeted about this and just to the wes of leesburg. this storm is moving -- west of leesburg. this storm is moving off to the east, northeast. it's going to cause urban flooding at the very least.
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please do not cross a flooded street. this storm is still hanging on, in hail yet, but reports of hail in the panhandle of west virginia. right now we have heavy rain with this storm around 5:22 moving off to the north and east. we'll go into this storm again. this is hail around south of route 7 and maybe route 7 around round hill down toward black oak road. if you know somebody going out route 7 to get home, it may take them a while. this is a big storm, too from damascus to woodfield with hail as well. we'll zoom in, pretty sure that's hail around the wood neil area around 124, hawkins creamer road and up near 27 and founders way. there are no warnings on these storms, but these are very intense storms. we are under a yellow alert. >> thank you. let's get back to our breaking news, scott broom live on the scene of that deadly
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garage collapse at the mall in bethesda. scott, you brought us that press conference moments ago. >> reporter: yeah, we did and just as topper was finishing up his report a bethesda chevy chase ambulance unit passed behind us with the survivor inside. he's being taken to a nearby athletic field where a maryland state police helicopter is standing by to take this victim and the medical team that was flown here to attend to him to shock trauma center in baltimore. this is a life and death draw today. i'm going to step back and let my partner give you a view of the situation here. behind us a parking garage at west neil mall where this afternoon about one -- westfield mall where this afternoon about 1:47 where the upper deck for some reason of this construction collapsed. one level down two workers were crushed underneath 55,000 pounds of concrete and steel. one of those workers unfortunately died. his body is still somewhere in
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that unsecured concrete and steel, but as chief scott graham just reported and as we just saw, a survivor who is pinned in all of that rubble was rescued this afternoon. we have hundreds and hundreds of rescuers here who came with all sorts of heavy equipment and specialized shoring materials. we were told that during this rescue concrete and some of the steel began to shift. so they spent so much of their time here trying to secure the location, make sure that nothing else collapsed so that none of the rescuers were injured if something else happened. it is quite a job and because of that, they were able to fly a medical team in with surgical capabilities from baltimore to keep the victim alive while they continued to do all that work and just a few minutes ago the dramatic announcement was made that they were able to
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rescue this individual. here's scott graham of montgomery county fire rescue. >> that is our secondary plan. we need to make certain that the structure is safe. we need to make sure the investigation is allowed to go forward and that they have the information and the documentation that they need. so we'll be now regrouping and working with the investigators as to how they want to move forward. >> reporter: that's scott graham, montgomery county fire rescue, talking about what's going to happen next. this is a live shot of one of the rescue trucks here with the heavy duty shoring materials that were brought to this site. so because they still have a body in there and there's still more work to do here including the investigation, they're going to continue to have to shore up this unstable parking structure. this is a construction site, half construction, half demolition as they add on a movie theater complex and food court complex onto this mall.
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it's a very familiar parking structure. a lot of people use it on the west side of montgomery mall here. so again the headline the survivor after being pinned under 55,000 pounds of concrete and steel has been extricated and rescued and is on his way to the hospital with the medical team, but unfortunately another victim has died. an investigation is underway. reporting live at westfield montgomery mall, scott broom, wusa9. now let's talk about the scope of this project. we can tell you the mall project is a 16 screen luxury movie theater is being built scheduled to open next spring and according to the westfield website it we be above the parking gang next to the food court. that is where the site of today's accident took place. the plans also include redevelopment of the food court into what westfield describes as an expanded dining terrace with several new restaurants, all this going on. the expansion is believed to be the first substantial upgrade
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since westfield bought the mall property 19 years ago. we've got new information about a sinkhole that has closed part of 14th street for the last two days. d.c.'s department of transportation reopened two of the southbound lanes just before this evening's rush. you still can't park along 14th street between new york and pennsylvania avenues while crews finish repairing the sinkhole at f street. the northbound lanes between 13th and 15th streets are expected to remain closed through tomorrow. gas prices are moving up as we head into the memorial day weekend, surprise, surprise. according to aaa, the average price of a gallon of regular unleaded is up to $3.66. that's up six cents in the last week. we're paying a little less in the greater washington area. our average is about 3.58 a gallon. we'll look at some gas prices along the way to some popular destinations throughout the rest of this half hour. you can always find the best prices on our website
6:08 pm click on pump patrol. ocean city was pretty fortunate during superstorm sandy. it sustained minimal damage with one big exception, the town's landmark fishing pier. it collapsed into the ocean, but tomorrow morning just in time for the memorial day weekend the town will celebrate the reopening and rebuilding of the new pier. the first funeral has been held following the devastating massive tornado that hit moore, oklahoma. family and friends gathered for the funeral of 9-year-old antonia cunderlaria, one of seven children killed when the twister destroyed the elementary school. a mem cal service will be held later -- memorial service will be held later that night. >> it will be a time for us to come together in prayer, thanksfulness and for those who
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have lost loved ones and that have been injured, a time for healing. >> 24 lives were lost when the tornado roared through the town of moore. wusa9 cares about helping the survivors of that deadly tornado in moore rebuilt. so we're asking you to consider donations of $10 to the charity of your choice. you can see a list of several organizations and how you can donate at imagine being trapped in your body, unage to speak, move, do nothing -- unable to speak, move, do nothing, but you are still fully aware of what's around you. tonight at 7:00 i'll introduce you to a contemporaneous local woman who made a -- a courageous local woman who made a recovery after a stroke. still in this half hour we are standing by for major vote of the boy scouts of america that could change the face of a major organization. >> but first let me tell you
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about this bridge we want it sell you. >> okay. no, really, why it's no joke up next. >> as we go to break, here's a look at gas prices if you're heading to the eastern shore for memorial day. according to gas buddy, your best bet to fill up is salisbury where there's a shell station on route 50 charging 3.35 for a gallon of regular unleaded. pretty good price. you can check gas prices along your route at just click on pump patrol. ♪
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wireless is limitless. we're back with a check on gas prices. stations along the new jersey turnpike are charging 3.39 a gallon. off the turnpike we found prices as low as 3.27 in burlington. log onto and click on pump patrol to find the best gas prices along your route. a piece of history could be yours if you're willing to dish out the dough. according to the roanoke times, the natural bridge in roanoke is up for sale. you could buy the virginia landmark along with the natural bridge, cabins and a 150 room hotel or just pieces of it. the entire property was listed for $39 million in 2007, no word what they're asking for tonight. we just don't know about the price tag. would you call this next
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story a fire too hot to handle? this is amazing footage of a wooden train trestle burning uncontrollably over the colorado river in texas and according to fire crews responded to it sunday but just couldn't treat it due to the intense heat and they're still trying to figure out how it started. still ahead from the fire to the rain, topper is keeping an eye on the skies as some weather is going to move into our area.
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one last check of gas prices today, if your route on memorial day takes you south toward hampton roads or the outer banks, there's an exxon station at exit 220 on i-64 selling regular unleaded for 3.21! you can fine the best gas prices along your route every day on and click on pump patrol. breaking news, the boy scout organization just announced its 1,400 national council members have voted to end the group's ban on openly gay youth. this follows months of intense debate both within and outside
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of the organization. it did still ban boy scouts from having openly gay troop leaders. so there's a bit of a discrepancy here, although this is something they have talked about for some time. joining me now to talk about what this vote could mean is psychologist dr. michael rakowski and we know you counsel young men and women both gay and straight. what is your reaction to this vote? >> i think it's great for kids who want to be boy scouts and don't want to hide who they are and be ashamed of themselves and not be able to let anyone know who they really are, but i think it's very mixed bag because for gay youth who want to be scout leaders eventually they have to hide who they are and continue to do what they've done all along which is devastating to their self- esteem. >> because essentially you're saying you're okay enough to be a scout but when it comes to being a scout leader, you're not okay enough for that. i guess you're concerned about the message this sends. >> well, if you have your eye on being a scout leader what
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does that mean? at a time when you are supposed to form close friendships with other youth, you have to hide who you are and not let anyone know something very important about who you are. >> do you believe there's sort of a contradictory message going on even within the boy scouts that they are teaching things that are incredible life skills and yet teaching that it's okay to discriminate at the same time? >> it's okay to discriminate. it's okay to lie about who you are so that people will like you. that's a very bad message to send for you're youth who are trying to have a good sense of their own self-esteem. >> we don't have a lot of time left, but you said there are no studies that show any connection between homosexual and pedophilia. >> absolutely not. this ruling helps scouts believe that it's okay to discriminate against people and it also leaves gay youth who are scouts without role models of adults who can show them that it is really okay to be who they are. >> this vote is clearly just the beginning of this next
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layer of debate. thanks so much for coming in and sharing your perspective. it's topper's time now. >> we have a brand-new severe thunderstorm warning for morgan county and essentially up from romney to cumberland just in till 7:00, allegheny county as well in maryland, reports of hail and strong gusty winds. it's going to move to the north and east, probably miss hagerstown and go up into pennsylvania maybe around franklin and fulton counties. we'll widen the radar out. we've got a lot of activity here, big thunderstorms developing a line from just west of baltimore back through leesburg and even back across 66 just south of winchester. we'll zoom in. there aren't any warnings, but this is plenty heavy. just to the north of percyville hail and small hail and big time rain in the darker red in
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excess of an inch per hour. at the very least you'll have street flooding with these storms. don't try to cross a flooded street by foot or bike or car or anything. we'll go to poolesville, cross the river, pretty heavy activity there and a big storm from laytonsville to eldersburg past damascus with heavy rain and frequent lightning and once again if you hear thunder, you can be struck by lightning. get the kids inside. possibility of hail, waterford, the dulles toll road 287 and route 7. it looks to me like could be some hail, if not very heavy rains right along the hamilton station road area just south of furnace mountain. this is pretty big. there's not a warning on that storm, but it's a heavy storm. we'll move further north, could be some hail, too just southeast and go back up 287 in
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the next half hour. we'll widen back out. pretty big storms from mount airy across 270 to germantown, rainfall rate in red about an inch per hour and again heavy activity even further west back 15 west of leesburg. so everything is slowly pushing off to the east, northeast, but it will take a while to get these storms out of here. so our yellow alert will continue. the next three days, we're in kind of good shape tomorrow except for the fact we'll lose almost 20 degrees, 66, leftover shower, end late, maybe a sprinkle saturday, 69, so maybe two days in the 60s. we should go back in the 70s sunday with sunshine. next seven days memorial day is probably the nicest of the weekend, back to the mid-70s with sunshine and 80 tuesday, maybe showers tuesday night into wednesday. we're in the mid-80s by wednesday and upper 80s
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now game on with dave owens live from the wusa9 cadillac sports desk. >> the whole time i was listening i kept thinking why didn't the redskins let rg3 talk sooner? until today we've heard from everyone about rg3 except rg3. all they did was give us more questions to ponder. if only griffin had spoken a few months ago, we wouldn't have spent all this time dissecting what his daddy said and we would have gotten to the bottom of things.
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here he was at otas this afternoon. he's been spending time in the gym buffed up. griffin grew fast like fred davis who are limited due to injuries. afterwards griffin discusses whether he and shanny are on the same page. >> we hashed everything out. we talked. we're moving forward from it. so i told you guys that before. say it again and that's all i can say. we talked about it. we're on the same passenger and ready to go win. >> that's that -- page and ready to go win. >> that's that. last year he was both electrifying and nerve wracking. the last part is what worries burgundy and gold nation. if griffin can't protect his body, he's not doing himself any good. so can he protect the body? >> the 1 thing that everyone get fired up about is they say i need to inning cha the way i play. -- to change the way i play. i can't change my mindset, but i can be smarter of what i do
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out there. i've got a year of experience, which some might not think that's a lot, but a year of experience in the nfl is big for anyone. now that ray lewis is retired he's going to climb mount kilimanjaro to raise money and awareness for clean water projects in east africa. he plans to do it next month. hopefully there is no preaching at the top of that mountain. you can take that any direction. >> he might be preaching it took him all that energy to get up there. that's it for us. the cbs evening news is next. anita will see you at ♪
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[ female announcer ] from meeting customer needs... to meeting patient needs... ♪ wireless is limitless. >> pelley: tonight, president obama redefines the battle against terrorists. >> this war-- like all wars-- must end. >> pelley: major garrett on the president's plan for a mar targeted strategy and new reri


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