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tv   wusa 9 News at 430am  CBS  July 10, 2013 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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leaning over the person doing the shooting. >> he also testified in the defense -- [indiscernible] student loan rates doubled at the end of this month and while politicians on both sides of the aisle agree something needs to be done to bring the borrowing costs for education back down, neither side can agree on just how to do that. tara mergener is on capitol hill with the story. >> reporter: congressmen walked out of the capitol from tear 4th of july -- from their 4th of july business with unfinished business. the interest rate on student loans doubled to 6.8% impacting about 7 million college students borrowing money this year. >> definitely not -- [ inaudible ] >> reporter: there's just one catch. >> i know they're not going to vote to simply extend this for current law for another six
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months. >> reporter: the battle over student loan interest rates pits house speaker john boehner against senate majority leader harry reid. >> the house has done its job. >> reporter: house republicans passed a bill that ties the student loan rate to the u.s. treasury borrowing costs includes 2.5%. as rates rise, so does the cost of education, up to a max of 8.5%. >> what they've done over there is worse for students than doing nothing at all. >> reporter: democratic senator joe manchin working with republicans has proposed a similar plan with one key difference. it won't use the savings to pay down the nation's debt. >> in this bipartisan group, we all agree profits should not be made on the backs of students trying to go to school. that's a difference from what came from the house. >> reporter: but majority reid says lenot introduce any bill that ties student loan rates to the market. tara mergener for cbs news, washington.
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4:32 now. federal investigators say the pilots of asiana airlines flight 214 noticed too late the jet was flying way too low and too slowly as it tried to land in san francisco on saturday. the ntsb says the pilot at the controls was only halfway through his training on the boeing 777 and was landing that plane in san francisco for the very first time. the ntsb also says all four pilots on the plane thought the auto throttle was controlling the air speed but it had not been activated. we also learned that two flight attendants were ejected from the plane on impact. they were found injured but alive on the tarmac. canadian police opened a criminal investigation into the fiery crash of a runaway oil train that killed at least 15 people and destroyed much of a small town. dozens of people are still missing and authorities believe some may be buried in the burned out wreckage. police have ruled out terrorism but say they had discovered elements during their investigation that could lead
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to criminal charges. congress is taking up immigration reform again today. house republicans are meeting to discuss how they want to proceed on the issue. the senate has already passed an immigration reform bill with bipartisan support, but house republicans say they won't vote on that plan for fearing to create their own legislation. still no closure for a d.c. family after the death of a 7- year-old boy with autism. the medical examiner ruled that the body of michael kingsbury had no visible signs of trauma. and the community is still trying to find out how he ended up in a locked car not far from his home. ken molestina has the latest. >> dear michael, i'm sorry that you died. love you, michael. >> reporter: even the youngest members of this community, the kids michael kingsbury played with have become all too familiar with heartbreak and sorrow. >> if he died i'm sad.
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>> reporter: they left letters and toys at a makeshift memorial just yards away where the 7-year-old's body was found. >> they're grieving. they asked me if they could write a letter and i said okay. >> reporter: while the children try to deal with the loss and make sense of it all, everyone is asking the same question, how did this happen, especially after learning that family and police officers searched the area and the car where the boy's body was found in several times. >> we identified three other mpd officers over that about 30- hour period that have told us that they also looked inside of the vehicle and did not see the body. >> reporter: that fact is now leading to speculation in this neighborhood that the police searches weren't adequate and failed or that someone put the child's body in the car sometime after officers looked in it. >> it's very frustrating and confusing to the whole community. >> reporter: late monday night just hours after the deadly fine, michael kingsbury's mother spoke to reporters for the first time after the
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discovery was made. >> i'm going through all kinds of changes. i haven't seen my boy since saturday and will never see my boy again. >> reporter: katrina was nowhere to be seen on tuesday and now the people in this neighborhood off west virginia avenue are hoping this wide open case will turn up answers soon. >> still a mystery. nobody knows anything. >> reporter: when you talk to folks in this neighborhood, you get the sense they are too frustrated to even begin the grieving process. so many people came out to look for the child, community members, police officers but it wasn't enough. we're in northeast d.c., ken molestina, wusa9. governor bob mcdonnell is not commenting the arrest of his 21-year-old son over the weekend. sean mcdonnell is charged with public intoxication and public swearing. he was picked up saturday morning in charlottesville. that's where he's a student at the university of virginia. spokesman did say it was a personal matter and being addressed by the family. the ban on gay marriage in virginia could be challenged in court soon.
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the aclu in virginia is planning a federal lawsuit now. this comes after the u.s. supreme court struck down a key provision of the federal same- sex marriage ban. in 2006 virginia voters approved a constitutional amendment that prohibited same- sex unions and it would refuse to recognize marriages performed in other states. the aclu argues that that ban violates the constitutional guarantee of equal protection under the law. could former first lady hillary clinton return to the white house as president? the super pack pushing her presidential bid is joining forces with the democratic firm whose leaders built president obama's widely successful grass roots campaign operation. the ready for hillary super pack has hired 270 strategies to build a field operation and gather potential voter support for potential 206 clinton -- 2016 clinton campaign. sarah palin may not be done with politics after all. the former alaska governor said tuesday she's considering a bid for u.s. senate against
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democrat mark begich. she revealed her possible bid to sean hanty. she rusty the red panda is back in his exhibit at the national zoo now. he's already getting quite a crowd because everybody missed him apparently. rusty escaped for a while and made a few stops around the city before he got picked up in adams morgan. >> i can't imagine walking around d.c. and hey, is that a panda? >> if i escaped from any place, i would end up at adams morgan, too. it's a great place. >> for a little while rusty lost his night privileges. he's being kept indoors until zoo officials gain a little trust on him again. how did he get out? >> how will he prove that he's
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trustworthy again. that's what i want to know. the federal reserve is focused on wall street and the employment picture is a mixed one for teenagers. we're watching your money. we're going to have that and more coming up. don't leave home without your umbrella. that's in effect today, too. more storms affected this afternoon. first alert forecast from
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it's. good morning. highs today mid- to upper 80s with a few showers this morning. then some afternoon storms could have heavy downpours and a south, southwest wind at 10.
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i'll be back in a few minutes. i have a seven-day forecast that actually has a couple of nice days in it. over to beverly farmer with timesaver traffic. just watching as folks pick up the construction bairnls and finish the -- barrels and finish the work in the hov lanes. they're in newington working their way back to dumfries. 395 they're picking up the barrels at the 14th street bridge. back to you. >> thanks, bev. time for your money segment. jessica is off this week. we do have the headlines. >> the federal reserve is back in focus on wall street. investors hope to gain more insight into the fed's plans today when the central bank releases the minutes from its june meeting. last month ben bernanke rattled the stock market when he said the fed may start scaling back its bond buying program by the middle of next year if the economy continues to improve. earnings are also front and center for investors. we'll get reports later this
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week from banks jpmorgan chase and wells fargo. let's take a look at the numbers from yesterday. the dow rose 75 points and is about 100 points away from an all-time high. the s&p was up by 12. the nasdaq rose 19. netflix, they already stream movies and tv shows. on july 22 it will also start streaming its earnings reports. it's going to host a video chat with its earnings discussion. investors also have the opportunity to submit questions to the moderators using e-mail or twitter. the employment picture is mixed for teens this summer so far. new government data shows that employers added 250,000 -- 215,000 teenagers to their payrolls in may. the best may showing since 2006. but fewer 16 to 19-year-olds were hired in june compared to a year ago. the experts say teenagers are facing stiff competition in the job market from college graduates and retirees who now
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have to reenter the work force. it's more than a game. video gamers are saving little lives. when we return, technology that can detect a sleeping child left in a car. howard will have more on when the storms are expected to arrive and the seven-day forecast too
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it is 4:46 on this wednesday morning. quiet now. we've got cloudy skies and a lot of humidity. spotty showers this morning. then thunderstorms coming through this afternoon. looks like early this afternoon here in d.c. and then it will move to our south and east during the afternoon and then maybe even late this morning. areas north and west of town with highs in the mid- to upper 80s. yesterday we didn't have sun till late in the day. this morning we have clouds and showers and thunderstorms from northwestern ohio right toward
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west virginia. as they move toward east and west virginia and approach virginia, the activity is certainly losing some punch. we'll go over to doppler and show you the action here. heavier showers in the pittsburgh area coming out of eastern ohio but locally as we see this moisture move toward the state line with west virginia, virginia, there's only a little bit after kick to it. cumberland the lighter showers. you have to go south into west virginia where we're seeing moderate showers coming out of morefield earlier. this is south of route 50 moving toward frederick county, virginia. looks like the southern or southwestern part of the county toward straussburg and also the valley. if that holds together you'll be seeing that in the next 30, 40 minutes. it is losing steam as it moves toward the east. speaking of steam, it's steamy outside. temps in the upper 70s in many areas like college park 78. alexandria 77. we fall into the mid-70s in rockville and leesburg and ashburn all at 75 degrees. same with wall waldorf. a sticky 78 -- with waldorf.
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a sticky 78 in annapolis. the scaffolding on the washington monument all lit up. the temperature 79. dew point 72. gives us that heat index, the feels like temp of 82. a southwesterly wind at 7. so clearly another sticky, muggy morning in store for us. when you've got this humidity around and low level moisture, itself showers and storms can persist overnight. the disturbance is really up to the north. you see how they're firing here from areas of ontario across lake erie back into ohio. another cluster of storms out to the west. we're going to watch this action because we'll get that first wave coming here later this morning north and west through the early afternoon in d.c. then it's going to move south and east of us for the afternoon. still spotty showers and storms not out of the question north and west for the evening hours. then tonight midnight still a couple of showers. we'll quiet down toward tomorrow morning. then tomorrow afternoon we'll pop more showers and storms but it will be from d.c. and it
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looks like points south and east as drier air starts to move in tomorrow night into friday. by the way, chantal still a tropical storm. we'll see how well it does as it approaches the dominican republic and haiti. hispaniola can really affect its circulation. 87 degrees today. a couple of showers this morning. storms this afternoon. 74 tonight. tomorrow scattered showers and storms, mainly in the afternoon and a better chance late. we'll start to move south of d.c., 86. as drier air moves in for friday, it will be cooler, less humid, comfortable, 84. looks nice on saturday, too, with highs back in the mid-80s. sunday a late storm, 86. and then a better chance for some storms on monday back in the mid-80s. let's go check in with beverly farmer. it is early on this wednesday morning. things should be moving well. bev, are they? moving pretty well indeed. beltway in maryland overnight road work we had north of andrews both loops of the beltway should be out of your way at route 4. everything is looking good each direction.
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down toward the wilson bridge, inner loop no early problems for you. downtown anacostia river routes in good shape. much earlier crash we had on 198 at the bw parkway has been cleared in maryland so we're looking good overall. virginia drive east on 66, the overnight road work we had in manassas getting into fair oaks should be out of your way. trip a good one front royal. and northbound 95 still opening the hov gates working their way back toward dumb fridays but the lanes open 395. in the last week two children in our area died after being left in a hot car. on average 38 children die across the u.s. because of this. that's why some students at johns hopkins university's whiting school of engineering have stepped in. the result? an ingenious convergence of the desire to save little lives with surprising off-the-shelf technology. scott broom has more. >> reporter: like a lot of
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technology obsessed young people before they were students here at johns hopkins university, they were video gamers. an unlikely recipe now for potentially saving young lives. as a teen, he had no idea the call of duty might lead to saving children left in hot cars. >> what this is a modified xbox. >> reporter: there it is, the prototype design designed to prove that the slightest motions by a sleeping child accidentally left in a car can be detected setting off alarms. >> we wanted to look into what it would take to really make that happen. >> reporter: he was part of a team of seniors at hopkins whiting school of engineering who solved the problem just before their graduation in may by doing what they know. >> this is my sister's game. i'm not that good at it. >> reporter: what they know is video games, particularly games run by microsoft's xbox 360 kinect device, a $250 off-the- shelf system that uses motion
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detection technology to turn your entire body into a game controller. >> basically it's detecting my body, taking the feedback, seeing what kind of motion and comparing it to what it wants me to do. if you use that in different ways, you can use that to even detect children who are left in the back of a vehicle. >> it's 91.1 outside but it's 1125 degrees in-- it's 125 degrees inside. >> reporter: as lesli foster demonstrated monday, the interior temperature of a car goes to tragic temperatures in a minute. the charging of a money in arlington -- of a mother in arlington who apparently forgot she had a sleeping baby left in the car in the sun. isn't it amazing people can get so busy and distracted that they forget they have a child in the vehicle. >> it's unfortunate and it results in a lot of family tragedies. being able to help solve that is actually really rewarding. >> reporter: at the johns hopkins university in
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baltimore, scott broom, wusa9. >> the hopkins team did get an a on their senior project, well deserved. but they say it won't mean much unless such systems become as common as air bags in cars. we wish them and all our children the best on that. it is 4:52. time for today's question of the morning. of which the following will the average american consume almost 25 pounds of this year? >> could it be a, caffeine, b, red meat, or c, ice cream? post your guesses on our facebook fan page. we'll have the correct answer in our 6:00 show. we'll
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4:55. some showers in west virginia. a. we'll be 80 degrees by 9:00 a.m. mostley cloudy. late morning a couple of showers in northern virginia, toward hagerstown, low 80s. by this afternoon 84 at 1:00. notice the spotty nature of the showers and storms we're dealing with but anything that does pop could be on the heavy side. highs today mid-to upper 80s. beverly? howard, checking for a crash. they're roaming the beltway between colesville and georgia. there is an accident with police on the right shoulder. police and fire rescue are looking for the new crash and we'll keep you posted. back to you. >> thank you, beverly. it is 4:56.
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mass dough dom -- placido domingo has been hospitalized. he undergoes treatment for a serious blood clot in his lung, according to a statement from his publicist who also says domingo is expected to make a full recovery. the director of the national opera is under doctor's orders for three to four weeks of bed rest. today is going to be elizabeth hasselbeck's last day on the view. she's leaving the show to came ta a new role as a co--- the leaving the show to take a new role as a co--host on another show. barbara walters said we had ten wonderful years with her. we will miss her and wish her everything good. meredith very era is returning to the daytime lineup. she's going to host her own nationally syndicated talk
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show. it's going to resemble her home complete with actual furniture and family photos of hers. it's slated to begin in the fall of 2014. we have the story of a women's sports team that has done something no other team has done. >> a fascinating story and diane roberts has it. >> reporter: 45 women representing the united states of america played two weeks of football in finland. vying for gold in the women's world championships. >> it was the most amazing experience i ever had. i'm about to jump out of my seat and slide through the roof right now. >> reporter: running back donna wilkinson plays professional football for the d.c. divas and was one of three divas on team u.s.s. sporting reld, white and blue, they took part in one of the most lopsided performances ever
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on america's birthday. >> that was the game on the 4th of july we really felt like we're representing our country. the u.s.a. meant so much more to us on that day. there's 45 women that came together that did something to represent the country, did something that no one else has ever done before. we broke men's and women's u.s.a. football in scoring and defensive records. >> reporter: the final 107-7. 107-7. the offense scored every three point two plays. they won gold by defeating canada 64-0. this is the second world championship game. team u.s.a. won gold in 2010 as well. wilkinson says she hopes these games are precursors to something better for women. >> who love football, who want to play as a little girl, who then aren't allowed the opportunity to play because they're girls, just because of their gender no longer have to think i'm a girl, i can't play football. not only that, if they're going
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to play football, they're going to be on tv, be on espn and they're going to get played for what they like to do, for what they're sacrificing. >> welcome back. you're watching wusa9 at 5:00 on this wednesday morning. mike hydeck, andrea roane. monika is out. we have bev with timesaver traffic. i'm howard with your weather first. first alert weather here on this wednesday morning. it's mowg gi wednesday morning -- it's a muggy wednesday morning with temperatures running well in the 70s at this hour. heat index already over 80. we'll be 83 by noon. mostly cloudy skies today. a couple of showers this morning. then the threat for a few storms this afternoon. not expecting this widespread outbreak here but anything that does form this afternoon, there's so much moisture around, it will put down heavy downpours with highs in the mid- to upper 80s. 85 around 4:00. it will feel more like 90 if not the low 90s with the humidity. this morning the showers are coming at us from pennsylvania, western maryland, west virginia but they're also losing their punch as they move toward the


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