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tv   wusa 9 News at 6am  CBS  July 10, 2013 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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except for the light sprinkles here approaching berryville right now. most of it is west of 340. it's not that much but you probably need the wipers, at least for the low setting here. temps are up. mike was talking about how sticky it was. 78. feels like it's already in the lower 80s in d.c. frederick is 72 with westminster. those are some of the cooler spots with 77 in fredricksburg and 75 in la plata. going into the 80s. beverly farmer g morning you to. 6:00 a.m., volume is building. >> we're looking decent on the roadways too. outer loop of the beltway from andrews, landover, out of greenbelt and college park, the pace still good. right side of your screen getting into silver spring and on toward bethesda. volume for you on 95 southbound still light trying to make it down to the beltway. the bw parkway, 50 in good shape. 270 with the volume in frederick county trying to make your way south toward hyattsville. out of stafford we've seen delays getting into quantico
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and then again getting past dumfries. this incident on the shoulder. still sluggish out of dale city. the pace into springfield has been good heading up on to the beltway and for that matter on to 395. mike, andrea, back to you. >> thanks, bev. friends of gun rights activist adam kokesh say he's in jail this morning after his herndon, virginia home was raided by police last night. we have not been able to get police to confirm this information so far. >> he is in trouble, though, after posting a video of himself on youtube loading a gun at freedom plaza on the 4th of july. delia goncalves is there live at freedom plaza in northwest with more. he's in jail or is not in jail, delia? what do we know? >> reporter: we're still working to confirm that for you hopefully in the next half hour we'll have more information. but we can tell you there were a lot of police officers outside of his home yesterday. you know, this all started back on the 4th of july.
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adam kokesh originally was planning a 4th of july march to washington around the capitol and around the white house. thousands of people were supposed to attend, all of them carrying loaded guns. well, he canceled that march so instead he came here to freedom plaza to demonstrate by himself. police at this point are still trying to determine if the rifle that adam kokesh loaded in this youtube video was in fact real. as you know, it is a crime to carry a loaded gun on the streets of the district of columbia. so u.s. park police executed a search warrant last night at his herndon home. we still don't know what investigators seized during that raid but we did talk to his roommate and the film producer daryl young outside their home. >> adam is not the only guy stepping up. i'm not giving anybody else's name out but a lot of people are fed up with what's going on with this federal government. this is not going to be the
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last of it. >> reporter: almost sounds like a threat. it will not be the last of it. we'll see what elthey do have planned. -- what else they do have planned. adam kokesh said they'll have a march with loaded guns next july 4th. we're working to confirm his arrest now. hopefully we'll have more information at 6:30 but here's what we do have at 6:30. adam kokesh himself. he spoke to us at wusa9 in our studios on monday. you want to hear what he has to say. i'll have that at 6:30. andrea, mike, back to you. >> delia, listening for that coming up later. she's live at freedom plaza. d.c. police at this point say they do not know exactly how little michael kingsbury died. the 7-yard's body was found monday night inside a locked car near his home in northeast washington, d.c. the car was in the middle of an area police and neighbors had been searching for since michael disappeared sunday morning.
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investigators do say the boy had no obvious signs of trauma on his body. they're waiting for the medical examiner to determine the exact cause of death. congress is taking up immigration reform again today. house republicans are meeting to discuss how they want to handle the issue. the senate has passed an immigration reform bill with bipartisan support but republicans in the house say they won't vote on the senate's plan. they plan to create their own version. air force has now pulled a brochure about preventing sexual assault. congresswoman luis slaughter re- - louise slaughter released a letter after it circulated on a base. it says women should submit to an attack rather than resist. she first objected to the letter in may when the pentagon included it in a series of steps to suggest military sexual assault. she said the pentagon reviewed the letter and agreed with her concerns. penn state is in for another whirlwind round of court cases. the long delayed preliminary hearing for three former
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university administrators has been set for later this month. the hearing will determine if there's enough evidence to even go to trial. the ex-administrators are accused of covering sexual abuse complaints against former assistant football coach jerry sandusky. he was convicted of several counts of child sex abuse. d.c.'s living wage bill sup for a final vote today in the council chambers. that has wal-mart threatening to pull the plug on three of the six store it is was going to open in the district. and has also hinted wal-mart has also hinted at possibly abandoning naming the other three stores which were under construction. if approved, the living wage bill would require large retailers like wal-mart to pay workers $12.50 an hour. a wal-mart regional manager calls the bill arbitrary and discriminatory. people hoping to see another clinton in the white house are going to former obama campaign hand letters to get
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advice. >> women wearing red and cream will flock to the d.c. region to celebrate a sorority centennial anniversary. we'll return with more on what this will mean for you getting around town. we'll
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10 after 6:00 on this wednesday morning. mostly cloudy out there. we have a couple of showers, isolated ones north and west of us. we'll look at doppler in a few minutes. partly to mostly cloudy day with isolated showers this morning and afternoon thunderstorms. could have a couple of heavy downpours, highs mid- to upper 80s. back in a few minutes with doppler and the seven-day which actually has some relief in it. here's beverly farm we are timesaver traffic. so far the ride is pretty relieving right now, outer loop of the beltway headed from andrews, landover, college park
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into silver spring. the only slowdown we've seen has been west of colesville road on the left sides of the screen. just below speed to get around georgia avenue. good shape. mike, back to you. >> thanks, bev. it is just 3 -- just about 6:116789 the pilots of asiana flight 214 notices the jet was flying -- noticed the jet was flying too low and too slow. one of the pilots was still training and landing the plane for the very first time. the other pilot was on his first flight as an instructor. canadian police have now opened a criminal investigation into the fiery crash of an oil train which killed at least 15 people. dozens more are still missing, though. authorities believe something may be buried in the wreckage that can help give them an answer. they have ruled out terrorism, how much. they say they've discovered some elements during their investigation which they believe could lead to criminal charges. ready or not, hillary clinton -- ready for hillary's
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super pac is coming to you. a group who want to see her as. have hired two strategists from the obama campaign to help them with their mission. it was started by former obama campaign aides who helped him defeat clinton in the primaries. there will be a sea of red in the greater d.c. area. the convention promises to bring in the green and there will be a few traffic issues with more than 40,000 visitors in town. this morning i'm joined by reverend gwendolyn boyd. good to see you. >> good to be here. >> your current president says promising a celebration unlike any that our nation's capital has siege. what does this mean, all of these women in red coming to d.c.? >> d.c. will be in crimson. the dmv will be in crimson and cream for the next week. we are excited. this is our 51st national
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convention and we're celebrating our centennial. actually this is the third time that we've been in d.c. as a part of our centennial celebration. in january we had a founders day. we were founded on january 13 at howard university. so we had a major celebration here that weekend. and we brought in about 20,000 people, members of our organization. then we reenacted the suffrage march in march. it was just a couple of months ago because our founders were the only african-americans who participated in the original suffrage march in 1913. now we're back in d.c. for this, our national convention. and we have over 40,000 who have registered. >> that's what's amazing. >> that's those who have registered. we know there will be others. >> there are so many people who are coming just to be here. they didn't register or register in time but they want to be here for the celebration. 40 to 50,000 additional people in downtown washington. what is that going to mean? are streets going to be closed
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off? you going to be based at the convention center, right? >> we're based at the convention center. about 30 hotels and d.c., maryland and virginia to accommodate all of those helping us to celebrate our centennial. so yes, it will be gridlock. lots of buses. >> can't get a restaurant or hotel the last minute. >> can't get a piece of chicken anywhere but we're excited about all of those who are coming from all over the world. we even have those who are part of our sorority who are deployed in iraq and afghanistan who managed to make sure their leave time was aligned with being able to come home for the convention. so it's a homecoming of sorts. >> we have less than 30 seconds. as past president, your mission, transforming lives, impacting communities. where do you go forward for the next century? >> we're excited that that has been our mission since 1913 and we're staying on mission, staying on vision that wherever deltas are, we come into the community to make sure that we impact the lives of our young people, our seniors, everyone in that community to make it
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better. so we'll continue for the next hundred years and we hope the d.c. community will come out and celebrate us with as we continue. >> thank you very much, reverend gwendolyn boyd. thank you for being with us. howard, they're going to be in town. are they going to see red as far as the forecast and temperatures, too? >> it's going to get a lot nicer as we head into friday and saturday so that's good news thrcht the humidity, however -- the humidity, however, way up this morning. a few sprinkles. lovettsville seeing a couple of showers this morning. in d.c. we have mostly cloudy skies. 85 by 3:00. 86 at 5:00. there will be spotty showers and storms today. some of the storms this afternoon could be on the heavy downpour type variety with 85 by 7:00. even into the evening hours. enough humidity around to hold on to a couple of storms here and there. this morning watching bigger storms and heavier rains from pittsburgh back toward cleveland and erie in pennsylvania and ohio moving toward the east. we have a batch of lighter showers which will be coming out of west virginia in toward
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northern virginia and parts of maryland this morning in the the northwest suburbs. there's the shower that came through lovettsville. into virginia -- by the way, west of martinsburg a few showers as well. these are generally lighter showers along 340 from berryville toward front royal and 522 as well seeing some of that activity. getting down toward 66 and this is fauquier county. so we've got a few light showers there in the northern part of the county near marshall and la plains. extended toward tuscarora and urbana. even frederick city on the south side maybe seeing a couple of light showers this morning. all of this activity is moving toward the east. we'll see a couple of showers here and there this morning and a few storms by the middle of the day into the afternoon. temps are returning in the mid- to upper 70s although lower 70s for germantown and lovettsville 72. 75 now in springfield and waldorf. andrews, scott and the gang 76 along with north beach and here
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in 78. at national airport, 78. but it feels like 81 with the dew point still at 73 degrees. the mugginess is here for a couple more days. the isolated to scattered showers and storms the middle of the day here. here we are at 1:30. even at midnight we'll still have a couple of showers around. tomorrow we'll do it again but a front coming tomorrow later on in the day brings drier air starting tomorrow night into friday. today 87 with a couple of showers this morning. some storms in spots this afternoon. 74 tonight. tonight 86 and scattered mainly afternoon thunderstorms. better chances south than north. 70 tomorrow night. friday cooler and less humid, 84. saturday looks real nice, too, at 86. sunday a late storm, 86 and a better chance of storms on monday. let's go and see what's happening on that commute for you this morning. here's beverly farmer with the latest. thankfully not too much. more volume east on 66.
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your lanes open, though, as you make the ride in through manassas just below speed. business 234 to get past the rest area. good in centreville, fair oaks and vienna. slowing in falls church. virginia 95 slowest getting up to quantico, getting into dumfries between triangle and dumfries, fender bender on the sheft shoulder. more -- left shoulder. more traffic here. check out the ride from sky 9 in maryland. see how things are moving along. so far we've only had light volume on the outer loop heading into silver spring. that's been good. the pace here 270 heading down out of rockville making your way south toward the lane divide for the beltway is looking good. andrea, mike, back to you. >> thanks, bev. 6:18. let's look at the question of the morning one more time. the average american consumes almost 25 pounds of what? a, scarf fiend, b, red meat or
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c, ice cream. >> one viewer wrote c, ice cream and 50 pounds of coffee and at least 150 pounds of beaver. log -- of beef. log on to the wusa9 facebook fan page. leave your response. we'll reveal the correct answer in mom, frank ate the bones.
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it is 6:226789 showers north and -- it 16:22. showers north and west. -- it is 6:22. showers north and west. 80 degrees. a few showers start to approach the metro toward lunch time. we'll watch it this afternoon with spotty showers and storms, a couple of heavy downpours,
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highs mid-80s. ask serious nationals fans what they know about tyler clipper, you you'll likely get his stats or that he's an all- star relief pitcher with a whacky windup. >> what about his favorite movie or where he would eat in d.c. if given a chance? find out. >> golf is a game that you essentially will never be able to beat, you know. you're constantly trying to get better at it and it constantly fills that void of the competitive juices that i need to get going every day. me and drew lived together for three years so i definitely have to say drew. i lived with craig, real close with him. we play golf all the time. so those two guys are my close friends. i have a few.
6:23 am
i'm throw out bull durham. >> just throw it at the bull. trust me. >> i'm a big sushi guy. there's a place in chinatown that i love. best sushi i've ever had. i've been to a lot of places and that is still the best. funniest teammate? i'm trying to think. there are certain guys that have certain personalities that, you know, you have the dry sense of humor and more of the flamboyant, outgoing sense of humor. i think overall probably gio's is probably the funniest guy. oh, wow. i guess pure athlete? i'm going to say rg3 just because he seems like to me he can do anything athletic. >> rg3 takes it for the third touchdown of the game for washington. >> he's a specimen, runs face, throws a baseball. he probably can do it all. >> he seems like a lot of fun.
6:24 am
>> sushi, we've got to try that. >> clipper and the nats will try to stop the phillys. let's talk to beverly with traffic. right now not too much to tell you about. northbound 95, better pace coming up into stafford but as you leave quantico, you're below speed to this incident on the north showedder north of triangle and slowing at the prince william parkway. that's about the worst of it. thanks for joining us this morning on wusa9. there's more news and traffic coming up right after n. stay with us -- after this. stay with us.
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good morning. welcome back to wusa9. this is a different shot looking down the mall it seems pennsylvania avenue. looks like that. and people walking by. this is a good time to get out and walk now. it's hot already. sticky. it will be even hotter later today. we'll hear more about it wednesday, july 10. i'm andrea roane. i'm mike hydeck. beverly farmer is in for monika. she has traffic momentarily. your weather first, howard bernstein out on the weather terrace this morning. good morning. >> good morning. the humidity is high. we've had a few slight showers generally well north and west of d.c. this morning. so you'll need an umbrella today because not just the showers or potential for some heavy downpours later this morning into the afternoon.
6:29 am
here's a look at the forecast and the murky skies. they are mostly cloudy. we certainly have some breaks here in northwest d.c. overhead with a shower or two this morning and then spotty showers and storms for the midday and the afternoon. 85 by 4:00. i think the high will be 87. winds south, southwest at 10 miles an hour. showers and storms in ohio and pennsylvania, much more than down into our neck of the woods but we still have these lighter showers we're watching from just west of 81 there in east and west virginia panhandle. another line of showers is now east of 81 as you get from around berryville or so and south of that in toward front royal. this is moving toward fauquier county with northern fauquier county a couple of heavier showers. they were southwest of aldie. we're 73. gaithersburg is 75. easton a sticky 78 and 77 for fredricksburg. we're going into the mid and upper 80s again with isolated to scattered showers and storms during the day. let's check in with beverly farmer now in for monika. she has timesaver traffic.
6:30 am
good morning, bev. good morning. for most of the area even where it's been raining we haven't had any big issues this morning. we'll check out the live trip on 66 from sky 9, eastbound 66 heading into fair oaks. volume is still light here. a little slowdown was in manassas and then getting into falls church. more volume fair oaks getting to 123 with all lanes open. virginia 95 coming up from fredricksburg toward springfield, slowest ride northbound has been getting north of quantico toward triangle, just north of triangle an incident over on the shoulder. then as you make your way northbound past the -- in the hov lanes past route 1, there's a new problem with a vehicle broken down in the hov lanes along the right side of the roadway. maryland drivers, outer loop of the beltway college park heading into silver spring, brief delays. they begin closer to university boulevard to head around georgia avenue on the outer loop of the beltway. mike, annual dray ya, back to -- mike, andrea, back to you. our friends at cbs are busy. >> gayle king is in new york to tell us more. good morning. first i want to know did you
6:31 am
really enjoy that donut sandwich yesterday for breakfast? >> would i eat it every day? no, but i did eat half of it. i have to say it was very pleasing. mike, welcome back. the other day i was here and you were not here. >> it's good to be back. glad to be back with my partner. good to see you too, gayle. >> all right. thanks a lot. ahead spotting spies at work. john miller is here with new video obtained by cbs news that shows how the government is urging employees to watch for national security threats that may be sitting in the next cubical. it could be a make or break day for immigration reform as house republicans huddle behind closed doors. two of the most influential conservative column is are taking a big stand against the bill. we'll talk to one of them. the news is back in the morning. we'll see you at 7:00. mike, andrea, back to you, too. >> thanks, gail. we'll be watching. have a good day. defense attorneys in the george zimmerman trial say they could finish presenting their case today. also today, the judge in the
6:32 am
trial is expected to rule on whether jurors can see trayvon martin's text messages. zimmerman's attorneys allege the texts show the teenager had an interest in fighting. zimmerman is charged with second-degree murder for shooting martin but he claims he fired in self-defense. he posted a video of himself loading a gun in freedom plaza. that man is now waking up in a fairfax county detention center this morning. >> he was arrested last night after police searched his home in herndon, virginia. delia goncalves is at freedom plaza live this morning with more. good morning, delia. >> good morning, andre ya. in the last half-hour we were -- >> reporter: good morning, andrea. in the last half-hour we were able to confirm that adam kokesh is behind bars. our sister radio station wnew reporting this morning that kokesh is charged with drug and firearms possession. i am waiting on a call back from lieutenant smith with the
6:33 am
park police. she will confirm those charges for me. let's take a look at some video. it is a crime in the district of columbia to carry a loaded gun in public. and this youtube video posted on the 4th of july shows the 31- year-old iraq war veteran loading a rifle. last night u.s. park police raided his herndon home and seized evidence. we can tell you carrying a gun in the district of columbia is a felony, punishable by five years in jail and a $5,000 fine. adam kokesh says he's willing to do the time. he spoke with our derek mcginty on monday. >> it's fundamentally immoral to by force impose your will on another human being, whether you have a fancy written law to justify it, a shiny badge or a government gun. it doesn't justify imposing your will on someone else by force. we want to fight back against that. we want to mark the high tide, the high water mark of government. we want to turn the tide by
6:34 am
inspiring people to assert their self-ownership and we are going to stop the criminals in d.c. we are not the criminals. we are the law-abiding peaceful people who want to stand up for what is righteous and just. >> reporter: adam kokesh was discharged from the marines in 2007 for wearing his uniform during an anti-war protest. again, the 31-year-old iraq war veteran behind bars, locked up at fairfax county detention center charged with drug and firearm possession according to our sister radio station wnew. i'm working to confirm those charges, waiting on a call back from park police. as soon as i get that information, we'll pass it along you to. back to you, mike, andrea. >> delia reporting live from freedom plaza. the mother of an 8 poaldz baby who died ---month-old baby who died after being left in a hot car is back in court today. 32-year-old zoraida hernandez
6:35 am
is being held without bond and hopes to get bail. she took her son to an alexandria hospital after realizing she had left him locked in the hot car for six hours while at work in arlington. police say the incident was unintentional. sean mcdonnell, the 21 yearldz son of virginia governor -- 21-year-old son of virginia governor bob mcdonnell was arrested over the weekend for public intoxication and swearing. he just finished his third year at uva. the governor didn't comment. a spokesman said it was a personal matter and being addressed by the family. the aclu is planning to file a federal lawsuit challenging virginia's gay marriage ban. the announcement comes less than two weeks after the u.s. supreme court struck down a key provision of the federal same- sex marriage ban. it left intact a lower court ruling overturning california's gay marriage ban. in 2006, virginia voters approved a constitutional amendment prohibiting same-sex unions and it refuses to recognize marriages that are performed in other states.
6:36 am
the aclu says the ban violates the constitutional guarantee of equal protection under the law. it 16:36 and -- it 16:36 and time for -- it is 6:36 and time for another your money segment. the senate plans to vote whether or not to move forward with a democrat sponsored bill to return the interest rates for student loans to 3.4% for another year. >> rates right now are 6.8% after a gridlock congress was unable to compromise on some competing plans to stop that automatic increase. tara mergener has more. >> reporter: congressman walk -- congressmen walked out of the capitol for their 4th of july break with unfinished business. beginning july 1the interest rates on new student loans doubled from 3.4% to 6.8% impacting about 7 million college students borrowing money this year. >> definitely not going -- [indiscernible] >> reporter: today the senate will vote on a democratic proposal that keeps the rate of
6:37 am
3.4% for the next year. there's just one catch. >> i know they're not going to vote to simply extend this for current law for another six months or so. >> reporter: the battle over student loan interest rates pits house speaker john boehner against senate majority leader harry reid. >> the house has done its job. >> reporter: house republicans passed a bill that ties the student loan rate to the u.s. treasury borrowing costs plus 2.5%. as rates rise, so does the cost of education, up to a max of 8.5%. >> what they've done over there is worse than doing nothing at all. >> reporter: senator joe manchin working with republicans has propose add similar plan with one key difference. -- proposed a similar plan with one key difference. it won't use the nation's savings to pay down the debt. >> profits should not be made on the backs of students trying to go to school. >> reporter: majority leader reid says he will not introduce
6:38 am
any bill that ties student loan rates to the market. tara mergener for cbs news, washington. >> white house says it doesn't favor one proposal over the other. it says congress needs to come up with a fix sooner than later. investigators reveal new information against a former top n.f.l. player charged with murder. >> and a beloved member of the nationals zoo -- national zoo is back in his pen. are you ashamed, rusty? more coming up. >> it is 6:39. wusa9 and dc jobs are trying to get you hired. the virginia spine institute is looking to hire a full-time physician's assistant and no experience is required. for more information log on to çq
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6:43 on this wednesday morning. hope the air conditioning is working or a fan or you're near an ice rink because another hot, steamy day on top. >> humidity is way up. dew points in the 70s. heat index values in some spots in the low 80s. temperatures are going to be held down a little bit due to
6:43 am
cloud cover and spotty showers and storms. yesterday we got to 86. today i think we get to 87. a sticky 87 at that temperatures well into the 70s in spots. 83 by 11:00. 84 at 1:00 with some spotty showers and storms, even out there now we've got some showers off to our north and west. the storms would be later, probably in the afternoon. we've got storms, though, firing up in pennsylvania and ohio. up in these areas. even into pittsburgh seeing some of that thowndzer and some showers -- thunder and some showers north and west. you can see the showers out of northern virginia, some toward central maryland now and the thunderstorms west of pittsburgh this morning coming out of ohio. but locally these are for the most part pretty light showers. you'll need the windshield wipers here. some into frederick county. now martinsburg back toward hancock and western maryland and here in toward fauquier county, this is where we're seeing a heavier shower or two going almost down to washington into the other side of the
6:44 am
county line. northeast of marshall, fauquier county, aldie south we're seeing some of those showers. that extends northeast toward poolesville with a light sprinkle. west of mount airy on the east side of route 75 it looks like we have some of these heavier showers here going to past east of walkersville for the most part. a spotty shower this morning. temperatures are well up in the 70s, although low 70s to our north in germantown. lovettsville and leesburg 73. we've got mid-70s. now 76 in springfield and alexandria. 77 college park over to annapolis and here in washington with mostly cloudy skies, a few breaks though in the cloud cover. you see a little glimpse of sun this morning. 78. feeling like 80 with the dew point at 73 degrees. the moisture continues at the lower levels. the upper levels impulses come our way like the one this morning. losing a little punch but we'll get you into the middle of the day with showers, a spotty thunderstorm. then in the afternoon notice a little darker green and yellow here and there so spotty
6:45 am
thunderstorms. heavier stuff in eastern ohio moves into pennsylvania and west virginia this evening. for us probably arriving a little too late to give us a big kick but we'll still look at a threat for a shower or storm by midnight. then tomorrow afternoon more showers and storms with a front coming through. that threat shifts to the south in the afternoon and drier air moves in. we do have chantal by the way, has been weakening. pressurizing a little bit. so that's a little bit disorganized. some heavy rains for the dominican republic. 86 today, spotty showers. spotty to isolated thunderstorms this afternoon. it will be muggy with a passing shower or storm tonight. tomorrow 86, scattered mainly afternoon storms with the front and drier air moves in later tomorrow night into friday. friday looks really nice. cooler, less humid, 84. saturday looks rather pleasant as well with a high of 86. then sunday isolated storm in the afternoon, 86. better chance of storms monday, back in the mid-80s. let's go over to beverly farmer and see if that commute is
6:46 am
still rolling right along for you. rolling slowly southbound d.c. 295, southward kenilworth avenue 295 before you get to benning road. world of an accident. we'll find the heaviest volume on the right side of your screen coming out of cheverly off of 50 and bw parkway heading on down toward that new accident before you get to benning road. volume for you has been on the outer loop of the beltway heading west of college park into silver spring. that's been with all lanes open. heading west to new hampshire and around toward university boulevard, colesville, georgia, everything open just below speed. 95 main lanes open into springfield better than normal. it's the after lanes hung up out of woodbridge. a broken down vehicle. back to you. >> thanks, bev. we are out on the weather deck. you see howard out here every morning and you see a few plants here and there. this place has never looked so nice within the last 24 hours. this is dana tiding of tidings
6:47 am
design. she did a makeover to our deck, an inexpensive one but it looks fantastic. >> thank you so much. >> one of the things you did, you worked with a lot of our existing stuff and added a few things. relatively a cheap fix. how did you start? >> we started -- all of these plant materials were here. we gave everything a haircut and we grouped similar plants together. just like in your home where you collect all of your antiquities and things together. you dot same thing. >> sort of like a theme. >> exactly. we rearranged the furniture because your focal point is this really nice pergola over here. on every patio create a focal point. those are wasp catchers. you fill those with sugar water. the wasps and bugs go up through the bottom. they are attracted so the sugar water and then they can't get out. they can't fly backwards.
6:48 am
>> you've looked at this weather deck over the last couple of weeks. >> and cried. we cried. >> well, it was all brown. now all of a sudden we have this big orange infusion. >> we added a pop of color. most people are very wise to start with the neutral cushions and add pops of color. we haded an indoor-outdoor rug to create -- to anchor the seating group. we added indoor outdoor plates. let your coffee table double as a dining area. this was a great oversized one that was filled with plants. i'm sure your before pictures will remind your viewers. indoor, outdoor. sunbrella cushions. take the color theme and transpose it throughout. we gave you a blank can i in case you're tired. notice our small umbrella. most umbrellas are eight or nine feet. we found this nice little four- foot one which adds a little bit of shade and a whole lot of ambience. >> right.
6:49 am
this looks like inexpensive fixes. because you could spend thousands of dollars on this kind of furniture. you're out of money. you need to do something relatively cheaply. >> for under $300 everything here is courtesy of world market, our local world market. galvanized metal. if it rains, leave it outside. plastic glasses, who cares if it breaks. and if it's a little humid, we can just use our hand fans. >> we have to leave it there. it's definitely humid. we will be right back. dana of tidings design. thank you. this was a lot of fun. be back after this. >> m
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6:53. we're looking at a spotty shower to the northwest. in d.c. we have a mix of clouds and sunshine. watch for spotty showers this morning. a couple of thunderstorms this afternoon. another warm, sticky day. highs mid- to upper 80s. in the news right now, a man linked to the murder case against former new england patriots tight end aaron hernandez told police hernandez admitted shooting and killing odin lloyd. that's according to court documents filed in florida. carlos ortiz allegedly told investigators that another man ernest wallace told him hernandez admitted to the shooting. the documents were filed so police could search wallace's home for evidence in the case. today lawmakers in texas at the statehouse are scheduled to take a final vote on tighter abortion restrictions. if it's approved, abortion will be banned after 20 weeks with no exception for rape or incest. and abortion providers would have to meet much stricter regulations. the restrictions passed easily
6:54 am
in a preliminary vote last night. rusty the red panda is back in his exhibit at the national zoo. you remember he created quite a stir when he escaped last month and eventually was found partying in adams morgan. zoo keepers say rusty seemedz happy to be back with his -- seemed happy to be back with his mate. time to answer the question of the morning. americans consume almost 25 pounds of what this year? is it a, caffeine, b, red meat, or c, ice cream? >> facebook friend karla wrote a, i've got to have at least two cups a day of my coffee. >> but the answer is c, 25 pounds of ice cream in a year. that's a lot of ice cream. >> sounds good, though. we'll be back. ♪
6:55 am
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6:58. spotty showers this morning. spotty thunderstorms this afternoon, 87. tomorrow scattered showers and storms ahead after cold front, 86. we turn pleasant by friday, 84. over the weekend still not bad. could be a shower or storm by late on sunday. beverly? hangup for 95 drivers is in the hov lanes this morning with a broken down vehicle between route 1 in lorton tying up the right side of the roadway. also word after new crash in old town alexandria, washington street at duke street. back to you guys. cbs this morning is next. >> beverly and i will be back in 25 minutes with a live update on traffic and weather. weather, traffic, news 24 hours a day on we'll see you tomorrow morning at 4:25. take care. see you at noon. @
6:59 am
good morning. it is wednesday, july 10th, 2013. welcome to "cbs this morning." what brought down the asiana jet in san francisco? a new theory behind the crash. a long night leads to short tempers at the george zimmerman trial. see why the judge walked out of court. and john miller shows us a video that the u.s. government is using. it teaches workers to watch


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