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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  August 16, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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firefighters, too; but this appears to be a move in the other direction. earlier this week, fire chief kenneth ellerbe, says expectsays changes during an interview to fox 5 morning news. i want folks to understand, is we're in a critical perfectec change foperiod ofchange for ths move, and go back 15-20 years, and start hiring singlesingle paramedics only, it's a hugehuge issue. as you might imagine there's twt sides to this story, other union that represents the paramedics thinks that is a step in the right direct. they say there's other departments across the nationay thatss t employ non-firefighters paramedics and this policy in d.c. if it is adopted could held reduce theop shortage, shawn. we can certainly understandd searching for any solution theye can, matt ackland, thank you.yo. emergency crews just rescued a worker, we understand trapped inside of a collapsed buildingbi inside of d.c.
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we understand that i wall pinne the worker from the torso down. officials say the man isis conscious and alert. no one else was hurt. we are told the building is under construction during the time of the collapse. so far no word yet on whatf caused that wall trdo come down. >> right now a news alert out of egypt tonight. the death toll in clashes across the country today has risen to 60. the violence broke out after afr protesters hit the streets. today the muslim brotherhood is calling a day of rage.ra. pry an boltebrian bolter is fol, from the newsroom. >> reporter: on wednesday, more than 600 people were killed when the egyptian military used bulldozers, and snipers ton snatch two promorsi sitten sit-n cairo. they commanded his reinstatement
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since a coup forced him out ofof the power six weeks ago. they forced the first free election after a popular uprising forced new bar ic toic stenew bar ic.but he lost favore economy stagnated and he pushed toward strict islamic law. neither the muslim brotherhood nor the military will back down the united states has condemnedd the military action, will, back upstairs.upai >> brian, i know you will have more on this tonight at 6:00. there's more issues for the nsa the washington post reveals new evidence that the agency way spying on more americans.americ the agency admits to breaking privacy rules, they say it's all a mistake. craig boswell has the latest. >> reporter:after receiving an n audit from the nsa from admitted leaker edward snowden, "the washington post" reports, the
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spy agency overstepped the legal bounds thousands of times. the audit turned up fe 380000 incidents in a year. a that is what happened in washington d.c. as the type graphical errotypograph cal led, 202, instead of 20, which is the international dialing code of egypt. >> reporter: there's those whoth say the illegally gatherey communication is a tiny fraction of the possible numbers. >> yeah, 2007, yeah, that ish, something to be concerned abouto and we should be, but was that a potential, the 100 billion cases. >> reporter: the nsa directoror of compliance wrote a statementt to fox news saying we take eachh report seriously. investigate the matter, addresss the issue, constantly look forlo trends and address them as welll all as a part of nsa internal
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over cite anoversight and compl efforts. >> reporter: today's report comes after president obamaent a calls for more transparency. trp it's ignited the privacy debate. a poll found that 47 to 41% margmargin, more voters found tt the surveillance does more to hurt americans, than it does to help track down terrorists. after this report, the judiciary chairman plans to hold another hearing on the nsa surveillancel program. three weeks after thethe lincoln memorial was vandalizedd with that green paint, the cleal is now complete. crews washed off the rest of tho pain this morning. a woman charged with defacingng chapels at the national cathedral with green paint ispat also a suspect in the vandalism of the lincoln memorial andal other sites.r we still haven't heard about any motive behind the vandalism. preliminary tests result show blue-green algae is to
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blame for the fish kill on theko national mall. about 1,000 fish were found dead. experts say the algae only posey a threat to fish, not to people, not to animals, the nationalim park service is working toal cot up with a solution. the pond is at the top of the list for construction upgrades. >> a little controversy at two local universities. un they joined more than 1,000 other colleges in banning smoking both indoors and out. the widespread smoking ban isban now in effect at george washington university, and american university, fox 5 john henrehan as a look at the new ruleslo on smoking and reaction from students. >> reporter: according to theth center for des disease control only 19% of adult americans nowadays smoke tobacco products, but when kids depo away to college, -- go away to college,o they sometimes like to a experimentom with new >> it's my object servation that students often smoke, and theyen get here, and s we are enabling
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them by allowing them to smoke, even though they don't smokesmoe inside, they smoke outside. >> reporter: the rules at american university have change except for three outdoor areasth on campus, smoking is no longere permitted anywhere on au grounds. >> when you look at the research of secondhand smoke, we feelwe that we have a commitment to the health anding with man and wellr community. >> reporter: in january, anyone who wants to light up at the american university will u have to go to the public sidewalks on nebraska orni massachusetts avenues.avue graduate student darnell valentine loves the new ban on outdoor smoking.r >> i'm not a smoker, i hate having to walk through peoplethg who are smoke, and rush throughg people, to get to class, andcla, those people who have asthma, i feel sorry for them.el >> reporter: s the traditionalr smoking zones should remain in effect, the whole academic year. >> we are still in transition,l
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and i think it'sin really difficult to just kind of alienate students or faculty or staff who happen to >> reporter: administrators at george washington university have got cold turkey. no smoking indoors or out, no transitional smoking zones and using d.c. law, no smoking on sidewalks within 25 feet of buildings. that is pretty much the whole campus park of d.c.'s foggy bottom the new antismoking rules at gwu prompted maggie taylor to quit using tobacco this week. >> i can smell better, i can, i taste better, i can breathe bree better already after 5 days,r 5 when you start to feel the positive effects so quickly, itu helps you stay motivated. >> reporter: both gwu and ua are offering programs to help students stop smoking.g. mackemaggie taylor is using 1 of
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those programs. lalazaro wrote, they have should places where student cana smoke so they don't feel discriminated against.ri >> it ismi discrimination, sincc you areri smoking outside, the likelihood of someone being exposed to secondhand smoke is >> lynn posed the question.esti. fair, do you think it's fair to have the smoke, and the stinking cigarette, and choke on the smoke when it's near you. >> and deborah wrote as long asw smokers are located in an areaca where they do not expose others to secondhand smoke, they should be allowed to live their lives and doze the do as they wish. drivers may notice somethino different.fferent. the transportation departmentor tweeted thista picture, take ate look, it shows two 50-foot tree-like structures forming a gateway over the bridge. it looks pretty at night.
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the artwork is an effort to lynch up a less than scenic --t life enup a less than scenic drive in and out of city. a man fights back after getting a speed camera ticketmea that he says he did not deservev we will tell you about a stretch of road that has some drivers a bit confused.ed. >> the 50th anniversary of thean the marchni on washington is jut days away, will work on the martin luther king memorial be completed on time? tonight the national park services gives us an update on the repairs. >> all of those people working hard every day, sacrificing themselves. >> and oprah winfrey returns too the big screen in a movie about a white house butler who works for eight u.s. presidents. >> tonight fox 5 sits down withn the man of the man who inspired the film. fi it's been so, so nice thece last few days, will this extends right on through the weekend? we will take a first look at
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forecast, it's for sure that thh evening looks real, real nice, that's a bit of a hint for you. the news will continue, stay with us. 
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the controversiale co inscription from the martin mari luther king memorial is complete. the national park service wasn'a sure it would be finished in time for the 50th anniversary oh the march on a washington which, by the way, is august 28th. carol johnson spokesperson forrf the national park service, joins
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from right in front the memorial. carol, thank you for joining uso >> reporter: my pleasure. beautiful day at the mall. >> when did crews actually wrapy up the work? >> we brought in our historic preservation training center anr they came in on wednesday night, they experimented with blastingg medium, that night, they found something good, bunt perfect, and then they sided to try something else. se >> let me ask you, when you sayy you guys came n i know at one point there was a concern because the original contractorg didn't have the insurance to don you put a team to come in and finish it up, so finish your story. >> reporter: our preservationtion training center, these are skilledilled professionals that work on monuments all over the country. we knew they were going to be a great crew. they came in and when they triey it on thursday with the medium e that they got the night before.
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they were happy with the resulte so they continued, and theyey finished up last night. >> we have been looking at videt of the crews putting the final touches today.touche we can't wait to see what it wh looks like. we're going to show the video in a just a second. you're down there, and you're in person, when you look down, what is your take on what thee finished job looks like? >> reporter: i would not know n that there's anything done to it. i think it looks terrific. they were able to come in, and remove the inscription and make everything match up, so it looks like it was built this kay. ka >> for folks who had not seen it, there was an inscription in the actual stone of the monument, and that has been be since removed, not replaced witi another inscription, butscript describe what it looks like now. >> reporter: you will see if you can see behind me, there's striations, lines, grooves inli the memorial, and they'rene supposed to represent the stonee
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of hope being ripped from the mountain of and what they did, is theypp o k out the words, etched them out and turned them into some of those striations. >> i can't wait to see what it looks like. i know it's going to bein beautiful. i know everybody is looking ilo forward to be down there for the 50th anniversary of the march on washington. carol johnson, thank you for, fo and thank you to the folks who o worked to put it back together. >> we're happy about it, thank you. i'm cecil, i'm the new brother. >> you hear nothing, you see nothing. >> lee daniels the butler hits theaters the movie is loosely based on a white house butler that worked for eight presidents, the star for rest whitaker, and oprah winfrey, among other big namesbg that are taking for this. it shows the perspective frompes the inside and outside of theofe white house.use. >> everything that generation, freedom writers, my father, my
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mother, the generation before bo them, all of those people stood for working hard every day,g sacrificinhag themselves in the face of people who, you know, thought that they were literally, one 5th human. >> it was so extraordinary that that is a part of the fabric and tapestry of our history. o >> the butler is already gettin early oscaear buzz. i can't wait to see this. the drama was inspired by a man named ugenera u18 eugene allen n in 2009. >> he talked about mr. eisenhower, because things, would come toutbe and about mr. eisenhower, he said mr. eisenhower might not haveer been fully m in line with what s going on, but he did his job and so far as protecting the rightsi
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of those young people. he did his job as the president. >> we are about out of time, but will haywood wrote a nice storyy when your father passed about pt the funeral, and you shared a ad moment about first time you saw your dad write. >> yes. >> you mind sharing that with us. >> w it was after presidentt kennedy had been shot, and i haa just -- we went to school a half a day. i had just gotten home.ho i'm sitting there with my mom watching it and we were veryry numb. we didn't say anything, and my father came about an hour later we sat there all the way up toan the time whenhe they were leavin love field and coming to an triewz, and the driewz, andandre plane would be back at andrews. at that time my father got up m and said i got to go back toy o work. he got up and put his coat on, and he was in the hallway and he
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went against the wall and broke down. that was the first time i sawmei him cry.y. people of his generation, theyni just didn't do that. >> you heard from tony, that waa the tail end of the interview, you can watch the whole thing ah our website atol just click on the morning newsgs tab, right at the top of the th home page. all right, we're checking in with gary mcgrady to find out what the rest of this evening is going to be like. gary, today was beautiful.wa >> yeah, it sure was. and yesterday was beautiful, ani the day before authat, too: the question is, shawn, and l how long, and today's evening is great. will this carry through the evening. >> that is what everybody wants, bring it on, bring it on. it tunt look like it' does not g to. we had clouds come up from the south this afternoon, so we're mostly cloudy at times this afternoon here in the city, but, north and west, it's been pretty sunny all day long. the rain has stayed well down to
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the south of us. you see these clouds thisis afternoon, and this evening, kind of coming on across, there's no rain in them, but if i pull this back out, you can see where all the rain is downra to the south. and that is t really is going to be what we're going to contendnd with this weekend and it's dry's out to the north and west righth now. this weekend, it looks likeoks we're going to have some showere this evening, it looks great at 7:00, clouds around at 9:00 and 11:00, too. overnight tonight as well.ll. we will be dry, coming up in the full forecast, i will tell you w when i think the rain will come in for the weekend;ai okay, sha. >> we have had a string of great days to a little bit of rain, i don't think we will be too upse with it. >> it doesn't look hot at alll this weekend. >> indeed, thank you.
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as we continue on the 5:00, a woman darts out in traffic to get away from the cops, why they were trying to get to her. scott. >> first and training camp in richmond is in the books. lindsay murphy has a camp wrap. 
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it's a wrap from rich moppe, this afternoon, the redskins yapped up their skin twrapped t. do they have a total of how manw people showed up there this year, because every day itca seemed like the crowds were pretty big? big? >> they were averaging 10,000 every day per practice. prac >> wow. >> they were hoping to do 100,000 fans when they went in there, but they blew away past that. 536,000 redskins fans, poured, and the bruce allen said he he thought richmond provided the te right environment for his teamtm as they get set for the season.e with more on the final day ofof camp, here is lindsay murphy.y >> reporter: today the redskins would depo on the red skins, training camp in
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richmond, minus a bumpy start, camp ran pretty smooth. >> reporter: robert griffin iii glue wit proved with every e that he is ready for the week one. injuries were kept to a minimum. year one in richmond has received rave reviews from thete players. >> we got coach and one of the great things about being away from for training is it forces you to spend more time getting to know your teammates, and getting to know the staff, and k the support staff asno well. >> it's a great city.grea we had a great time. >> reporter: at this point most players are happy to see camp come to an end, no one aon freeze with that more than the rookies who by all account havet had it easy so far. >> have you experienced any of e the rookie hazing yet? >> i think the biggest thing wan the rookie skit and we did
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pretty well in that. besides carrying pads off of ths field or so, but if you get booed during a rookie skitie they're beyond you. >> reporter: they said if you had a good skit, then are you cleared. >> we had a good skit, i think we had the best skit. i think we had the best one overall. i mean, they did it. d we got to do it. >> reporter: as the skins move their act back to ash burnt the fans here in r bichmond wil see them off the only way they y know how, and the driven family will find their seat at fedexfex field. in richmond, lindsay murphy, fox 5 sports. and he also gave a sample o the economic impact for richmonc alone, 4400 hotel room nights were booked and 15,000 meals were served and that is just th redskins organization alone. they head back to ash burn with they will notice redskins park has under gone a little bit of a face lift there. and the preseason game will beml
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here at our sister station. >> let's go redskins. >> i was going to ask you about the skins.e >> i'm imagining they're happyin to be there, and happy to getto out of their homes. >> a lot of these guys, i talked to most of them throughout theth time. they have families there and thr that is tough. some of their family doesn't have time to come down, anddown, they're not staying in the team hotel with them, i'm sure they missed the family. >> all right, thanks, scott. >> the big paychecks. more trouble for yankee's third base man alex rodriguez. they are reporting members of his inner circle leakedle documents that implicated several players that usedral performance enhancing drugs. a lawyer for rodriguez hasue denied the allegations. he was suspended for 211 games2 through the 2014 season but hee0
5:27 pm
is allowed to play until a t ruling is issued by an arbitrator after the season. a man got a ticket by going the speed limit. they are questioning theg the fairness of the speed camerad that got the first man fined.d. find out where police are on the hunt for a man wanted in and a whole bunch of kea car braken. a man has a connection to cn another missing person's case. we will have the details coming up.
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what is in a sign?wh tryat a $40 speeding ticket college that is what a maryland man goto when he went through a stretch a of the the road last month. he says it's not fair, and guess what, he is fighting back. maureen umeh is here with our ou story.r >> reporter: he is fighting back, he thought he was driving the speed limit, it turns out ht was wrong and iit't s all becae of signage is clearly rather
5:31 pm
confusing. >> i opened up the ticket, tookt a look at it, and you know, i thought to myself, i think i know where that area, i think, thei wooded straight away is 40 miles per hour, why am i getting this ticket for 30 milee per hour. >> reporter: he is fightingfigi mad upset over a ticket he got on the 3300 block last month. there's the speed camera that clocked him going 42 miles per hour in a 30-mile per hour zone. it sits between two different posted speed limit signs on the westbound side, the first speed limit sign is for 30 miles, andr hour, and less than a mile aheat is the more visible sign of 40 miles per hour.ha according to the county officials the speed limit stays 30 miles per hour until the driver crosses 40 miles per hour. he says that it isn'vitiltod ou4 fair. >> i think it's natural for the drivers to see a sign, and an adjust the speed accordingly. >> reporter: the department of publithc works is responsible
5:32 pm
for the signage, and they saythy the sign and the placement are legal. >> the thing that is important to remember, is when you see the 30-mile-an-hour sign, you comply with that speed limit until youi reach another sign. >> reporter: the city of of college park puts the speed camera nearly two years ago. the city manager, says that thet public safety issue and heand doesn't think there's anything confusing about the speed limit sign. >> i've never seen a sign that said, you could speed up now and get ready to get to the next speed limit. i have certainly seen signs that say reduce speed ahead to warnto you there's a slow down coming ahead. >> reporter: we contacted wp ticket program, and with theirtr help is fighting the $40 ticket. he says it's not about the money but about fairness. >> our local officials tell usll that these cameras are about safety and we see a camera like this one, where i don't thinkthk there's a safety element. >> reporter: surprisingly
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city, have gotten few complaints about the speed camera in question, but they will consideh the issue.ey both agencies are expected to discuss the matter at a meeting next month. at least they are considering it, sometimes it pays toe aea fight. >> maureen, thank a prince george's county man is sentenced to 50 years in prison for shootingeno his wifd trying to shoot his son and he pled guilty to attempted murder and assault. the shooting happened outside o the crisis family center onon mother's day two years ago. he opened fire on his wife before the gun jammed. prosecutors said that the wifete had a protective ordertive dependence him at the time of the a british man has been convicted of attacking i a george washington university'sto student with a hammer. he wasn charged with severalsea charges including assault with a dangerous weapon. police say he just walked into this bathroom in 2009, and hitom the victim in the head with i te hammer, and then took detectives identified himidenti through security video andd
5:34 pm
credit card transaction. he was caught trying to travelhy through panama four months ago.n a virginia prosecutor isia hoping the arrest in the case on a missing teenager will lead to the information of the disappearance of another teen. alexis was w last seen, and shee still missing, but police arrested randy taylor andtaylor charged him with abduction. and they say that taylor has been a person of interest in the disappearance of samantha clark. taylor's attorney says that police have the wrong math.math samantha murphy was at her client's camper with another man on the night she disappeared. the murphy's car was found a few days later, taylor says he does not know the other man. >> police are asking for the public's help finding a man who broke into several cars. the entire thing was caught on security camera. it happened on cornwell street on early tuesday morning.y anyone with information is aske to call police.ll a man is caught on camera
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spiking drinks. wait until you hear what he does at the bar where this happened. and soda isn't just bad for your waistline. why a snu study says the sugary drink could affect your child's behavior. ♪
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in tonight's health alert,hs you may want to think twice before giving a child ta soda. a new study shows a link between drinking soda and childhoodood aggression. public health researchers lookes at thousands of 5 years old ands found the more sugary soft drinks they drink, the more likely they were to cause damage and hurt others. a study found the link between soda and aggression, but itit doesn't prove cause or effect. another health alert as obesity rates show no signs of slowing down. according to the latestlatest government study, at least 30%
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of adults were obese in 13 states. the top states on the list weree mississippi, and louisiana with nearly 35% of adults obese. the state with the lowest numbers was colorado with less than 21%. the more time you spend on facebook, the unhappier youu become. apparently those had were the results of the study, measuring the social network impact on the users sco psychological well be they found interacting withg people directly either face toto face or over the phone actually made the participants you know, what that is one theoe of the things with this generation, everybody is on a phone. >> it's the same with e-mail, nobody is writing a letter, fewer people are making calls, your phone doesn't ring as much, everybody text you, e-mails you and sends you something through
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facebook. chill out, putso the phone downone and talk. as we continue to the 5,5, warrants reveal new information on the relationship between the california teen and the man whoo abducted her. he and an emotional day in moore oklahoma as students whosh lives were devastated by a deadly tornado return to school. big changes are in store foo the forecast. gary is coming back to tell us all about it.
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"i'm terry mcauliffe, candidate for gogovernor, and i sponsored this ad." it's been called "cuccinelli's witch hunt" "designed to intimidate and suppress" ken cuccinelli used taxpayer funds to investigate a uva professor whose research on climate change cuccinelli opposed. cuccinelli, a climate change denier, forced the university to spend over half a million dollars defending itself against it's own attorney general. ken cuccinelli. he's focused on his own agenda. not us.
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a bar manager in florida was caught on surveillance video spiking another bar tenders' drink. the video shows jeff robertson and a female bartender enjoying drinks after a long day on the job, right. the woman went straight to thent hospital after work, and a tocks col report confirms she -- toxicology report confirms she o was drugged.
5:44 pm
staying in florida tonight where an infant died last week after accidentally eating a packet of laundry >> his mother told police shece had placed the packet informs a laundry packet on the bed and d when she returned, she found hen son had eaten it. no charges were filed in the the case. the florida department of children andfl families say neay 2 dozen children died every year from accidental poisoning.g. in tonight's consumer alert, your home to be full of hidden dangers. we are shown where they are ande how to protect ourselves. >> reporter: dangers could be hiding all over your home, and o the specifics, well,ve they coud shock you. government documents show roughly 147,000 household kitchen applieses catch firetch each year. human error often is to blame. but a recent consumer report'sps investigation shows plentyenty caused by the appliances
5:45 pm
themselves. when it comes to your microweigh you want to keep an eye on the digital display. >> you see anything that looks a little corky, the numbers arecok crossed, it's not a normald, display, that could be an indication that the internal workings are starting to fail, and if your moi myocrow waiveoco comes on by itself, that's a a problem. >> reporter: if you have issues with a small appliance, forget repairs, just throw it out and get another one. clothes trier ar dryer are consa fairly safe appliance, but firet are responsible for over 15,000 fires annually.nuly cleaning the lint screen is not enough. >> the lint gets past the lint screen, it gets into the fire exhaust duct, and most people think that because it's air it pushing that, it leaves,aves, itistics inside of the duct. what you have to do is pick up a duct brunch. it's a small brush, we run it from the outside, pull it pack
5:46 pm
up. >> reporter: older garageder doors can also be a hazard. ha some aren't up to modern safety standards, because they lack an, antireverse b mechanism. >> you need to make sure that your door opene opener, you repu it. close the door, if it strikes is and comes back up, if you are okay, if it didn't come back up, that is a problem and it has to be repaired or replaced. >> reporter: for more hidden hazards check out the report. re an emotional day in oklahoma, students return to thras class they months after a monster tornado destroy their school. the twister hit back on may 20th. two dozen people were killed,ze and n a parent walked their parr to class today at a temporaryory location. she says that it was really real emotional. some stud errants were worried about the -- students are st worried about the next the district plans to rebuild
5:47 pm
both schools. >> there's a question of whethee those schools will have shelters, and they do have somee sort of facility just in >> i'm not going to stir ir controversy, but let's hope when they build the schools if they don't put a tornado shelter sh inside, they can have meteorologist for the childrenis tot go. >> fair enough, and i thinki everyone would agree, lessons learned after that. >> let's talk about the weekende okay, let's do it. it's not -- i don't want -- everybody to think it's going to be a bad, bad weekend, because e it's not, we're going to have to some clouds in place tomorrow, that is going to be the big change for tomorrow and showers will be basically in place on on sunday coming up from the southe so again, some changes coming an our way, highs today, high to temperatures were close to 80, 0 mean, a little bit above 80 in some places, 78 in 77 from manassas, dulles it's 76. it's great out there.atut a few clouds at 7:00, some 7: clouds at 9:00, and 11:00. and
5:48 pm
the temperature of 69 degrees. clouds are is that what we have been seeing in then city that afternoon. farther to the north and west, depending on how far you were up there. it's been complete sun today, so gorgeous, and temperatures just a little bit down to the south, we see all o this rain coming down, thisut is coming from the gulf of mexico e northern, sections of florida, l you got part of georgia. of you got part of south carolina a and north carolina all getting wet and this all comes together for a storm system that willll move up to coast for the for weekend, this weekend forecasted is going to be tricky, but it's all about how far that area of r low pressure will stay inland or depo out to sea -- go out to sea and so we are going to be be running a fine line on how much rain we do have on sunday. it does look like tomorrow will be dry, high temperature withure more clouds up around 79 or so. it's just a little bit cooler
5:49 pm
than where we have been today, late showers sunday night or saturday night, pardon me me, and into sunday morning, we do believe on sunday there will beb a better chance of getting somee showers moving on across. right now it looks like most off the rain will stay to the east of i 95, here is the set up on futurecast. tomorrow at 6:00, just some clouds, rains stay to the south. coming up on sunday morning, an, sunday at noon, can you see here the yellows, the heavier showers should stay just off to the district, some of you north and west of the district, the waye it's looking right now willdi sl a little bit drier, i don'tier,i think you will be completelyly dry, but you will be a drier. still showers around, but we will be drying around as we gete into the beginning parts of next week.we. tonight 64, some clouds, still chilly out in the suburbs, we will have 50s out there.50 wind will be out of the east at
5:50 pm
5-10. tomorrow just more clouds thanbe what we have a hadus today and t looks like we will continue to be clouds and sun, and n, temperatures will be warming up to about 80 degrees, most ofof you, and then more showers on sunday and then next week look e at what happens on the seven-day forecast, upper 80s to some lower 90s.lo so not a complete weekend wash a out, but we're going to have some showers coming up on sunday. hi,n scott >> reporter: well, today was the final day of training camp, but before we move on, a look back. earlier in camp we played red skin movie madness, wherek c the players acted out scenes from sc different movies. last week you weighed it and voted for the best actor. tonight it's the movie madness org. the oscars. >> the nominees for best actor and red skips movie madness arer alfred morris as jerry mcgwire,,
5:51 pm
in jerry mcgwire. it's cynical.l. >> i work in the business of tough competitors. i love it, you complete me. >> chester as darth vader oner star wars the empire strikesemre back. >> if you only knew the p.o.w. of the dar-- the power of the d. obi one won didn't tell you thet power of the dark side. i am your father. i will answer that question. >> i think i'm entitled. do whatever. >> i want the truth. >> you can't handle the truth. >> bacarri rambo as rambo? this is what we do and who we are. and the winner is.
5:52 pm
>> alfred morris as jerry mcgwire in jerry mcgwire. [ laughter ] >> thank you. >> this is greatest day of my life. i don't know if it was theae greatest day of his life. i told him i want to see it on the mantle. it's got to be at the house wito all the other awards he has received or it's got to be in the locker room.or uldn'though i wouldn't have given it. >> that was good stuff. >> the voice, and the stage. >> they all did a great job. >> good point inside let's checc in with brian and see what isat coming up >> reporter: ahead at 6:00 a day of rage and vilence erupting in egypt after days of protests. and the classified arguments, new revelation, top
5:53 pm
sesecret area 51 does really exist. [ man ] launch sequence initiated.
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jerry recommend i is beingco held without he stabbed a woman in the w cups mass home. the young daughter was there at the time. police arrested remi two days earlier assault battery charges he has had 15 criminal chargess brought against him since 1998. the following the safe rescue of a california teen.. hanna anderson sent severalsevea letters to her alleged abductor and exchanged more than a dozen calls with the 40-year-old justy hours before the death of bothof the mother and brother. meanwhile, an out pouring of an suoupport for the teen last nigt as she appeared at a fundraiser at a california restaurant. she didn't address the media,
5:57 pm
but her father thanked the community for their love.. >> the community came together, and put it fundraiser for hannaa and her future and healing, this is how lakeside rolls. i just wanted to say how much we appreciate it from everybody,od, the community, family, friend for being here. >> a portion of the proceeds raised by the fundraisers will be used to help the family with the funeral expenses. and finally, a shopliftingna suspect in texas took police on a different kind of chase. you see him running there. cops responding to an incident. she dropped the bag with the alleged stolen good and made ama run for it. she leaped over the highwayhigha media and sprinted through multiple lanes of traffic, guess what, she got away. police are still looking for her. hot on the end.end. earthquakes sending people scrambling for cover causing damage across central new
5:58 pm
zealand, a quake struck a central town around 2:30 in the afternoon. at least six after shocks 5.0 os strong e no serious injuries were reported, but trembling knocked out a major bridge and n destroyed several homes. thanks for joining usning u tonight at 5:00. the news edge at 6:00, coming to you now. a deadly crisis in egypt. it's nightfall in the country,c, but tear gas and fire fill theth sky in another day of violentt protests around that country. violence runs rampant in the streets of cairo during what is called a day of rage in egypt. at least 60 people were killedre in today's clashes between protesters and security forces. the demonstration follow several arrests resulting in hundreds of deaths. we are monitoring the situation from jerusalem. >> reporter: heavy gunfire in
5:59 pm
cairo as clashes erupt again ong the so-called day of rage callee bit muslim brotherhood. people ran for cover on protesters shooting rocks on an over pass, and officers shotrs tear gas from above. and the government giving security forces a go ahead ofea using live ammunition on anyone who threatenses a publicblic institution. by the afternoon, the dead and wounded. >> egypt is now on the brink of becoming serious style civil war. that's not a good thing. i don't see where it ends other thanit political and economiccan chaos as far as the eye can see. >> reporter: the stirring camp set up by the brotherhood. the death toll continues to ris as the clashes continue throughout the country followinw a new


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