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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  August 20, 2013 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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through the labor was more than happy to share her side of the story. >> 911 what is the location of your emergency. >> i'm on 100 my wife is in labor. >> it was a conversation meghan will never forget. the howard county 911 dispatcher has received calls about labor pains but this was the first. >> they don't have the baby until there's a hospital or maybe in the ambulance. >> in this case mom and dad had pulled over on the highway because their baby was not going to wait. you can hear the father's disbelief in the 911 recording. >> she says shows delivering. >> okay. so shows full term correct. >> yes. >> -- she's full term. >> he was calm. >> meghan had an ambulance en route but within seconds it was go time. >> okay. so the head is out, sir?
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>> the bouncing baby boy made his entrance inside his parents car in eastbound route 100 near the exit to i-95. >> the baby is out. >> he's completely out now? >> yes. yes. >> okay. is the baby crying and breathing? >> yes. >> ok. >> do you have a towel, t-shirt or cloth the you? >> meghan stayed on the phone until the met detectives arrived. this little boy was the third baby born out of the delivery room in our area in three weeks -- medics. on august 1st a lady gave birth to a baby boy and last thursday a little girl was born. >> i don't know if people are waiting longer to get to the hospital or whether it's traffic. >> megan was honored to be part of one family's special day. >> you have a fear you don't want complications but you're
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excited you get to be part of that. people thinks that happens in movies but it really happens. >> i asked meghan how she was able to remain calm onto phone and she says it's just part of the job. we don't know too much about the family but the baby boy does have name. his name is cam man -- the third child for this family. these babies just want to come. >> at least they're happy and healthy. >> lauren demarco. >> news alert from charles county, maryland where authorities found the hit-and-run driver who is responsible for striking a man in a wheelchair as the man was attempting to cross saint charles parkway. they've identified the vehicle and driver. >> suffice it to say we're confident this vehicle was involved in the crash and she was driving it at the time of the crash. >> the sheriff's office has not
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released the identity of the driver. the sheriff is talking to the state attorney general's office. >> the victim is reising at home -- resting at home. >> julio blanco garcia is the man accused of murdering jessica family who was scalped -- stabbed to death in her car, had 15 slash marks on her hands. she died after she was stabbed in the neck and chest. >> two big stories making national news involving young people. the disturbing murder of a collect baseball player but we begin down south in georgia. hundreds of children and staff lucky to be alive following a shooting on school campus. police say a 20-year-old man aimed with an ak-47 got into the school fired a half dozen shots to officers before sure rend
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ding. it happened in -- surrendering. the gunman may have slipped inside the school behind some one authorized to by there. once inside he entered the front office held employees captive. he told staffers he wasn't there to harm them or the students. he wanted to talk to police but when they arrived the suspect began firing at them. >> why he did this right now is very preliminary. we have no idea. he has been taken into custody. he's meeting with investigators. as we determine more about this person, we'll release that to you. >> after a brief exchange the suspect surrendered. police were able to track down the gunman's car where canine dogs detected explosives in the trunk. bock -- bomb squad was able to detonate the bombs. no one was injured fortunately. >> another big story out of oklahoma. a college baseball player from
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australia was gone down after three teens decided to kill someone for the fun of it. christopher lane was for a jog and three teens shot him in the back. christopher's father addressed the media in australia saying there's no explanation for his son's death but that he left mark on the world. >> we've lost something that's never going to be replaced. the saying that it takes a village to raise the kid chris was the product of a fantastic village. >> two teenagers 15 and 16 years old being held without bond charged with first degree murder a third aged 17 charged with accessory after the fact and driving a vehicle while a weapon was dis charged. >> to the latest developments out of ft. hood where prosecutors have rested against major natted dal hasan -- nidal
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hasan. >> prosecutors have called nearly 90 witnesses in their case. casey stegall has more now. >> military prosecutors wrapping up their case in the court marshall of army major nidal hasan. the prosecution cannot show his motive was jihad or terrorism. >> the judge makes a calculated decision as to something like that and here it's not going to be needed. he's going to be convicted regardless so why recreate -- create an issue on appeal. >> he killed 13 and injured many others. he's acting as his defense attorney but he only questioned three witnesses. the defense case begins tomorrow. he decided otto not to call he decided not to call the original witnesses he wanted -- the judge tells him if he's going to take the stand he must give answers
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instead of making a statement. >> here you're going to basically have a situation where they use the third person. you know what did mr. hasan do at that point? and then hasan says i did this and that. >> hasan could face the death penalty. 13 officers if they find him guilty, he could be sentenced to murder. >> i wonder if he's crazy. we all know when a defendant asks for something it's not what they're going to get. just because you want the death penalty doesn't mean you're going to get it. >> the trial resumes tomorrow morning. >> up next on the news edge dr. oz comes to the rescue during and emergency plus local high school football players will be looking fresh thanks to be area garcon. >> -- pierre garcon. >> 
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t.v. lowe's dr. oz part of. t. v host dr. oz part of a terrifying scene. dr. oz rushed to treat the victims. one of which had her foot severed in the accident. >> there was a dog leash and a belt. basically two things you wouldn't think of but they saved her life. between the two of them we were able to stop bleeding because you don't have much time. you pour out blood. it's coming out of a fire hose when you're leg is severed. >> not clear what caused the cab driver to lose control. >> closer home redskins wide receiver pierre garcon was out showing off new uniforms for several local high stool -- school football teams. >> it might look like they're headed to friday night lights but this is a tuesday afternoon surprise.
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>> redskins wide receiver pierre garcon visited roosevelt high school with them two football players modeling their new look. >> it is school to be -- cool to be back in high school. it's great feeling. >> the feeling is even better in slick new uniforms donated by athletic. >> it makes me feel better mental ly and i feel likely can do better physically -- >> we're looking to make something happen. >> garcon advised the kids to dough more than go through the motions. >> one play you could be out for the season or out for the rest of your life and you'll live with regrets. that's the most hurtful thing is living with regrets. >> pierre garcon was draft understand the sixth roundabout 50 players away from not being drafted at all.
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the reese velt roof -- roosevelt rough riders didn't have a win and their coach said like pierre they know what it means to fight. >> at the end of the day you appreciate it because what you work really hard for and gain it gives you a sense of appreciation and it gives you actually motivation to continue to work on hard tactics. >> coach johnny sharp says his players are winning in the classroom. >> proud to say of all the students that i had for my second year i've only had one kid that wasn't able to play academically. so i'll take that everyday. >> there was one special request. >> if you can come out to one of the games and support us. >> i can come to one of the games. that's not a problem at all. >> new uniforms and the skins top receiver in the stands sounds like a winning combination. >> the national zoo maybe on panda watch but it's getting
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ready for three other new editions. >> plus a new deal is giving netflix anses to more films -- access. >> good news for gamers. number five we knew it was coming out this fall and now we know when you can get your hands on sony play station four. the ps4 will arrive in north america drumroll please novembe! just in time for christmas. we also know it will cost $399. >> number four you've heard of paying it forward well tomorrow a group hoping to promote sharing and kindness will pie it forward. they will be handing out free pie near the chinatown metro station at 6:00 p.m. and saturday during the rally for the 50th anniversary of the march on washington. d.c. is their 29th stop on their nationwide store. >> netflix customers you will soon have more options now that the company has inked a deal with the weinstein company.
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netflix will get streaming rights starting in 2016 including the artist and the kings speech. >> number two the effects of childhood bullying can last into adulthood. researchers assessed 1,500 people from ages nine to 26. those classified as bully victims had the greatest risk of health problems by adulthood they were more than twice as likely to have difficulty keeping a job, committing to save money or maintaining relationships. >> number one tonight national zoo's elephant herd is doubling in size. thanks to a $2 million donation the zoo will receive three female elephants from calgary zoo in canada. they will arrive next spring and they're expected to stay indefinitely unless they don't get along with the existing elephants. we hope it works out for all of them. >> brian, that's tonight's fox 5 top five. >> thank you very much, shawn. oil take it from here and we are going -- oil take it from here.
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we're going to show you an august day as the dog days came roaring into town. we got up to 89. easy to see that we've got more heat on the weather maps. knowings -- nice temperatures. we're going to be in the 80s tomorrow. humidity is really high again and it will remain so during the day tomorrow. so prepare for a dog day. 70s. in the area. when you combine it with the humidity it's noticeable tonight ready to turn on the air conditioners i'm sure for many of you. it feels like 79. which is about where we are. humidity with the dew points up and around 70 degrees tonight. what about the next two days? we keep it warm. it stays tropically but we have a slight chance of a
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thunderstorm tomorrow afternoon and a little better chance thursday with 89. i don't think storms tomorrow will be widespread at all. i don't think they'll be widespread thursday. by the way we don't expect them to be severe either. that moisture will get pulled from the deep south where we've had tropical moisture pretty much all weeklong. here's futurecast. we'll probably see a shower here or there mainly in the afternoon. even though i know futurecast is showing something later tonight. i do think we could have fog later tonight and again a couple showers around in the afternoon. you can see this at 6:00 tomorrow evening. especially west of d.c. we might have some of these tracking later tomorrow and then we start out dry thursday. but once again, a chance that we bubble up some activity in the afternoon and to be honest can't rule it out for friday. this is the frontal boundary swinging through. i think the bulk of the activity left before the noon hour. we'll bring in beautiful dry less tropically air just in time
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for the weekend. so it's a good looking forecast. temperatures stay mild. that means it's going to be a kwafrm -- warm stop. there could be fog around here and there. check out your fox 5 accuweather forever distance. it feels like summer. thursday 89. friday 87. as the afternoon rolls on i think temperatures friday will get more comfortable. the humidity will drop. notice the nighttime lows in the 60s. a beautiful stretch of weather and the next three days not bad. a couple storms to keep an eye on in the afternoon. it may be important news for the redskins. scott will tell you about that right now. >> well tomorrow redskins hold their first preseason practice in ashburn getting ready for saturday's game against the buffalo bills where rex grossman and pat white maybe your featured quarterback. the good news is that mri show no serious damage but bad enough
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to end his night. cousins run toward the sideline -- he was tackled from behind. his right foot gets rolled underneath the other. >> hard to say right now. oil know more as the week goes onto -- goes on. i had an x-ray that didn't show anything which was a great thing. when i did it. it feels like a sprained ankle in the middle of my foot. >> well we got a good look at rg3 for about an hour we watched him sprint, throw and go through agility drills sporting an operation patience t-shirt. dr. james andrews was on the sideline with bruce allen watching the work out. according to dan snyder andrews will decide when griffin is ready to play but says he feels good about robert's progress.
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>> he's going re-evaluate him after the tampa game and then he'll make a decision from his perspective where he's at but like i said he feels very good and if there's no setbacks he thinks he'll be ready. >> he continues to have a nice season ryan kerrigan picking off a screen pass by ben roethlisberger. it's now the third time in three years that he's done this. tops it off with a jam across the crossbar there. but he did play little hot potato with it before gaining control. >> not till seven yards that i initially hit it i thought i was going drop it. >> it took him 10 yards to catch hit but i think it qualified -- >> today chip kelly named michael vick his quarterback. skins fans expect to see rg3
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versus vick on september 9th at fedex field. >> the nationals -- do they salvage the double in the windy city? >> ♪
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nats acquired david dejesus and he was placed on revehicle bl trade wavers -- dejesus.
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dan herron. he delivers to brian. turns on the inside pitch. a win aimed at the right centerfield and it's gone. he ties it at one. top of the six now. same score. tyler moore. zimmerman scores. the throw to second worth thinking the ball will go into right comes off the bag and is tagged out. the nats add two runs in the ninth and win 4-2. >> american league the rays orioles top of the ninth. rays lead 3-2. matt joyce with the bases loaded and sees and delivers. rips one over first base. two runs come into score. the rays bat around in the ninth top the orioles 7-4. the 0's have lost the last five home games to tampa bay. >> -- tampa bay. >> fox 5 news is brought to you by verizon.
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taking the edge off we know what the claw machines are. for parents it eats up all the money. but this kid ended up getting stuck inside the machine. mom panicked. the little guy thought the situation was funny. not for long because an employee came over with the keys, got him out. it's unclear whether the boy went home with his prize. >> and 2345u -- now you have the news edge. the news is always on
11:28 pm as always thanks for staying late. real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company.  
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>> today on "tmz" -- >> so this lebron james scandal has gotten even crazier. jay z said he wouldn't start his concert until lebron james arrived. i think it's wrong. >> the opportunity isn't presented to you, no offense. or lebron jay z james. >> a moment. >> what moment? >> you know bryan cranston, obviously. we got this picture of him at canoga park high school and he was on a club, the chemistry club. >> what loser joins the chemistry club? >> that's a crappy thing for you to say. do on athe hell do you chemistry club?
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do you sit around talking about how you're not getting laid? >> dick van dyke had a big day. has car exploded into flames. his wife picked him up. >> how old is she? >> late 40's. >> she's probably like why did you get him out of the car? >> jessica alba pose, on a boat, south of france. >> are you staring at the ass? >> i'm looking at how nice it be being there. >> you could do that, you could quit and do that right now for the rest of your life. >> you could afford for all of us to be living on st. tropez. >> adolph hitler, kim jong il, they were all amateurs compared to diddy who ruled his company, bad boy entertainment, with an iron fist, according to one ungrateful intern. someone tell us more. >> bad boy entertainment is being sued by a former unpaid
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intern who claims she was basically abused in the workplace for no pay. >> just like children in the early 1900's and the chinese workers who made the iphone, diddy's interns are exploited, according to the ex-intern. just listen to what he makes them do. >> answering phones, getting lunch and coffee for employees, making deliveries and decorating the office during holidays. >> oh, my god! >> yes, the man isn't human but hey, diddy's had weirder requests. >> walk up to the bronx and get breast milk from a cambodian immigrant. milk.he finest breast >> we miss you, dave. but does this intern really have a case? actually, yes. >> all interns by law must be paid. >> what a lame ass. she's making it look like these are things she shouldn't be doing and it's b.s. yes, she should get paid but
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those tasks, that's part of the world. >> and he knows about fair treatment even if he doesn't believe in it. kidding -- is what he made us say -- and for diddy's intern whiney whinerson. >> good luck with her getting a job. >> all that really matters is that diddy is kept happy. right, diddy? >> 100% cambodian. because it's probably accurate. >> do you feel lucky to be alive? >> absolutely. >> dick van dyke had a big day, his car exploded into flames on of the he's good. we talked to him after it happened. in his car. his wife came and picked him up. the story is this guy came by and saw him slumped over his steering wheel. and the car was smoking. that's why this guy stopped and out.d him >> they said i was passed out and they yanked me out of the car. i thought i had a flat and it burned to a crisp. >> and his wife came to pick him
11:33 pm
up and videotaped him and put it on the internet. >> what happens? >> she's like oh, my god. >> how old is she? >> late 40's. >> she's probably like why did you get him out of the car? >> oh, god! >> i have been planning that for weeks! [laughter] >> that's horrible. >> you know there's a hair of truth in there somewhere. here, baby, i think you can drive it home. it's still drivable. get in there. i drained all the oil out of it. go. >> do you think she did this to him? >> no, she didn't do it to him. it was an accident. >> good luck. thank you. >> kanye. >> oh, my god, it's adequate. and this photog's going to talk to him which means it's time
11:34 pm
who wants to get kicked west? face by kanye >> remember what he told us before? >> don't talk. i don't want to hear paparazzi talk to me. >> yes, it was the great kanye west "don't even think about talking" edict of 2013. >> everybody never talk. don't talk to themselves, don't talk ever again. and he meant business because the next guy who talked, kanye smashed! but fast forward to monday and another photog dared to open his mouth in front of his almighty yeezus. >> give kim our best. >> and he stops in his tracks and there's that glare like i'm going to snap on you. >> we all know what comes next. cue the blood bath! >> and kanye turns that frown


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