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tv   wusa 9 News at 430am  CBS  August 23, 2013 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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71 at bwi marshall. warm and humid to start your s morning but things improving here. that's your cold front.ront you can't see it. i trust me it's there. rain showers and thunderstorms u to western maryland that are just popping up right now alonga that front. we've got to wait for the front to get south and east of us. and during that process it is possible we can fire up additional showers orhowe thunderstorms for the first half of your day. i think after probably noon the front is far enough south and east that we'll see the sun pop out. you'll notice the humidity falling off and it will become a pleasant afternoon withnoon temperatures falling off a little bit to the upper 70s and le 80s. nice looking if forecast after a possibility of showers for the first part of the day. >> thank you, tuck. >> time now toll check in with traffic and steve.. >> good morning. we're going to take a look at 95 right now. starting off well this morning in virginia. 95 northbound at newington souts of springfield. s traffic moving smoothly, nobody
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yet in the h.o.v. lanes and it should be back to normal by 5:00. no delays as you head on to 95 northbound or southbound on 395 up toward duke street.eet. looks good up from the beltway to the 14th street bridge into town. 66 here we are in manassas with no delays eastbound or westbound. 66 starting off well for fridayf morning to montgomery county. germantown through gaithersburgb to the beltway. no problems or incidents between fairfasm county, -- fairfax county. you can see across the bridge nicely. in town new york avenue bladensburg north east just the traffic signals so far are the only thing slowing you down. >> thank you, steve. s police investigating a deadly hit and run in prince george's county. this happened before 10:00 p.m. last night in landover.
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officials say a woman was walking along the eastboundtbou lanes of 202 when she was hit. the striking vehicle, the veh vehicle that hit her apparently took off from the scene. if you know about it police wanw to hear from you. justice for vanessa pham. her killer found guilty of first-degree murder. >> the case was nearly unprecedented because the judge allowed a television inside the courtroom. the jury unanimously found him guilty in the stabbing death of the teen. pham's body was found inside her car in fall's church in 2010. after his yesterday he confessed to killing her after she offered to give him and his daughter ar ride to the the fairfax county commonwealthc attorney asked for life ine i prison. >> her death was not quick and it was not easy. it was pure savagery. s >> the jury recommended 49 years
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behind bars. the judge will down a sentence.e >> a killer and motive unknown at this time. police say someone shot tim thi dockins. this was him wednesday night at a march on washington event at union temple church in d.c. d.c friends say he was a mediator within the community and had plans to run for commissioner. >> events commemorating the 50th anniversary on the march on washington go full steam today. >> memorial circle will remain r open unless it need it's be
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closed for pedestrian safety tomorrow. participates are encouraged to take public transportation to the march and ral i. why another rally held tomorrow, the d.c. statehood and self determination march and >> the mayor was among those in attendance at freedom applausall activities gathering at the d.c. war memorial at 9:00 tomorrow t morning and then they'll head to the lincoln memorial at 9:30 for the march. ahead of the anniversary of the march the post office will release a new forever stamptamp today. the big reveal will be made on o facebook and actress gabrielle union will be on that event. >> all right. here is a question for you. were you at the march on washington? do you have family members therm or friends who were there? we'll even share your story with us. send the pictures or recollections.reco there's a few ways to do that. e-mail us or tweet us at
4:35 am and give s the #mymarchdc or upload the pictures to the myfoxdc facebook >> despite the growing outrage against the planned million muslim march on 9/11 they are 91 applying for a permit. they applied to march from the department of intear. i don't they said the process ii under review and the permit has not been granted.rant critics say the date is insensitive to the victims of the september 11 attack. the jury is deciding if nadal hassan should be put to death. the jury got the statement aftee he did not make a closing argueg he did not think much of the t case only asking a few questions. he does not deny being the shooter and has allegedly saidly he wanted the death penalty to become a martyr. >> it's a cost that many
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families feel is worth the burden but it can leave you burb glid piles of death. president obama on a cross country push to promote a plan he says will make college more affordable. also in the headlines a bug in i your computer is a minor problem but it's a bigger deal when itni happens on the stock market. m the latest yesterday when we whe come back. 
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>> make headlines in the h financial world some kind of computer glitch halted trading on nasdaq yesterday afternoon.o. trillions of dollars in trades were held up for three hours. you can see where activity flatlined until a half hour before the closing bell. you may remember this is not the first time. this reminded many of the crash in 2010 and the ipo of facebook.
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the dow added 66 to break a six-day losing streak and the nasdaq closed up 39 points. the s&p gained 14 and today investors are hoping for encouraging news on the housing market. the commerce department is setse to release data on the home h sales for july at 10:00 this morning. president obama calling for a new ratingca system for colleges a way to cut costs. >> he is continuing his bus tour through new york and pennsylvania. speaking at the university of buffalo yesterday he called for colleges to rank them based on tuition, graduation ratings -- rates and the earnings of graduates. >> not enough colleges have h working to control costs, how do we cut back on costs. all this sticks it to students,s sick its to the families, but also taxpayers end up paying a bigger price.
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the average student who borrows for college now graduates owing more than 26,000. >> today the president is speaking at binghamton university in new york and lackaand onea college in pennsylvania. tuft was able to persuade the shooter to calm down and president obama praised her for her courage. >> when you hear the tape youyo hear how courageous she was to talk him down. dow heroic for sure. >> definitely. >> head coach shanahan is talking starters for saturday's game against the bills. that's next. >> first we want to talk to tucker barnes. b >> wait until you see the forecast a possibility of showers early.s take a look at the radar and steve is in this morning.
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he has the traffic. tra we'll do it right after the break.
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♪ >> 4:44 right now on this friday morning. live look over washington, d.c. right now, hey it's humid out there. it's a pretty view. we always have the best view in
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the house. we say it looks pretty but we want to be in it most of the day but it's improving, right? r >> a couple hours. once it's fades to the south and east sunshine and low humidity average after the rain. >> potential for rain. i'm not sure we're going get it but a few showers and and thunderstorms moving through. >> weekend is nice. that's the most important thing. >> weekend is going be gorgeous. >> let's go to numbers. not there yet. we're working on it. it's a process. >> thanks for putting it in there's a lot of people pushingp the cold front as we speak. >> 70 in leonardtown. 73 in annapolis. 60's here north and west.est i've had clearing. i wouldn't call it comfortable. i've had a lot of humidity. 60, 63 gaithersburg and frederick. our cold front is right about here, right to southern pennsylvania pushing throughhrou
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western maryland. we're seeing showers and storms firing up. you can see the showers to the west. all of that, potentially some os that moves in here.ere. the potential for scattered showers or storms. probably arriving locally. once it gets south and east of us our winds shift. gradual clearing this afternoon and cooler and drier air that we've been promising for the for last couple of days will move on in. you can see it in motion there t and you can see the cloud coverd and shower activity. once that front gets through,ouh we're setting up for a nice afternoon, very pleasant tonighe and a beautiful weekend. saturday and sunday looking great. 84 today. that's it. yesterday we got to 90. a.m. showers, maybe a thunderstorm. it's scattered this morning. sunny and cooler and less humid this afternoon. winds out the north at 5-10. tonight looks great. 65 the overnight low.. cooler overnight and very, very pleasant without a lot of humidity. it's a beautiful night.
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how about a beautiful weekend. saturday and sunday, sunshine s and low humidity. temperatures in the low to mid 80s. yeah, that's going to be close to perfect.erfe we warm it up next week with temperatures in the mid up tier 80s. that's the forecast. we go to steve who has a look aa your traffic. good morning. >> good morning, tucker. taking a look at the 14th 1 street bridge. bri looking pretty good right now up to and across the bridge. no accidents or incidents up 395. do have that long term work zone on the freeway that causes the t early delays right now. on your early friday morning looks pretty g. route 50 near 202, inside the beltway into town, pretty good. on the beltwayer in new in hampshire avenue inner loop and outer loop no delays or rod work.
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downtown bethesda. bradley boulevard road work overnight. most is open but you have the overnight road work and it clears around 5:00 right now. no delays getting through it. 270 near route 109 where we see early delays. not right now. now too early for that look going to 70 to the beltway with no accidents or incidents leaving 270. that's a look at your fox 5 on time traffic. >> thank you, steve. mike shanahan has released the plans for the game against the bills. starters will be in 20 plays and quarterbacks grossman and white will each play a half. h >> rg3 was fined $10,000 for10,0 wearing the operation patience t-shirt. tucker loves that shirt. i want to tell that you london fletcher was featured in a sports illustrated article.
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he said he suffered a concussion in the preseason and the team te never disclosed. he had the nfl ironman.ronm he admitted the concussion plagued him, it was a problem deep into the season and admitted to having sustained multiple concussions throughout his football career. here is fletcher describing whad it's >> a bell ringing. rin you see stars for a second and then you back to normal, you y know, after two or three seconde or whatever the case may be. that's the just way the game is. so at the end of the day we still have to be smart as players, protect ourselves from ourselves. i've been guilty of needing n something to protect me from me because again i don't tell themt everything going on with me from an injury standpoint. >> donte stallworth is hoping tt
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play for the redskins. he was hamperedered by a hamstrg injury. he practiced the last few daysw and says he feels good and plans to play tomorrow against the the bills as he tries to balance out being a proven vet and having to prove himself again. >> i think one of good things that works in my advantage is ii was here a couple years ago. i know the offense and i know what they expect out of the receivers that probably alone just helps me personally, but, you know, that was two years ago in this league you always have to prove yourself. you are only as good as your last game. i look forward to getting outut there saturday and hopefully putting a good showing up.p. >> by hope he does. >> yes. >> the nats had a rain delay but played chicago.
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>> in the end they played. nats build a 4-run lead. strasberg -- strasburg was w smooth sailing and he was one o out from a second complete game and donny murphy unloads on his pitch deep to left for a home run to tie the game. this will one goes to 13. pinch hitter tracy gets the job done.done a chopper to first and the nats beat the cubs 5-4 in the 13th inning. here is johnson. >> strasburg pitched a heck of f ball game. he hate to see him get beat by a curveball he leaves over the plate in a hot hitter in murphy. but still a low pitch count. still throwing the ball very good. >> at least it was another win, right? >> if they run the table they t still have a shot.t. tucker is saying run the table t and it will be all good as long
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as the braves go down and they keep coming. >> the cards have to be aligneda just right. getting time in the great outdoors could be a good way to destress but roughing it doesn't appeal to everyone.o >> doesn't appeal to a lot of people. how this little craze can helplp you beat that fix you have for sweeping under the stars withous the bugs, dirt and equipment. i believe they call that staying at home. >> or the holiday inn or something. quitting smoking comes with wit health benefits but weight gaini is one of concerns that goes along with it. find out who is more likely to t kick the habit when we return. be great if all devices had backup power? the chevrolet volt does. it's ingeniously designed to seamlessly switch from electricity to gas to extend your driving range. no wonder volt is america's best-selling plug-in. that's american ingenuity to find new roads.
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right now, get a 2013 chevrolet volt for around $269 per month.
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♪ ♪ when the man comes around >> welcome back to fox 5 morning news. time now 4:54. here is an incredible story out
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of ohio this morning. a man declared dead revived on his own after his heart stoppedd beating. >> doctors don't know how to explain. this a 37-year-old man credits his faith. his son said before he came back he told his father quote "you are not going to die today." it's one of those stories that a gives you chills. >> it's something you see in the movies but you are like it would never happen. then here it is. >> maybe my favorite story of the day. a heads up to smoker there's a link between nicotine levels and weight gain.ain a japanese study found people who quit smoking gained 2.4 pounds over three months even though they received support from nicotine patches or oral medication. but smokers with a heavier nicotine addiction experienced three times the weight gain than
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those less addicted. >> here is news for you in youou enjoy the great outdoors. >> there's a new trend called glamping. glamorous camping. that's what that is. >> keep the booze, the march mallos and whatever romance comes beneath the stars. >> ditch your laying your head on hard customers at places like tent and trails have to endure. the bed and the concept may lead actual outdoorsman to drop kick their sacks but manhattan markets this as a camp site. >> where you can have a bofl bed outdoor space. >> in central park it goes for
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$2,000 a night. >> you have the safety of beingb able to go inside and not having to pee in the woods, a nice bathroom it was excellent. >> that's the real appeal you are not stuck somewhere in the mid of nowhere in the rain. you can sleep outside but escape to world class restaurants, different people and a roof over your head whenever you please. e >> access to the city, being in the city and having this thi atmosphere is fantastic. fan >> at least three manhattan hotels offering glampingmpin experiences no understanding of knots or camping required.g >> might be hard to sleep hearing the noise of the city around you. >> that's not camping, justust saying. >> looks fun though. washington is getting ready toy make a turning point in the nation's history. >> we'll look at some of the big events happening this weekend we leading up to the 50th
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anniversary of the march on washington. >> a teenager killed while trying to do a good deed. fox 5 is back in a moment.
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>> good morning. it's straight up 5:00 right now we're looking front and centerfn at the washington monument this morning. looking all pretty lit up there as the work continues there after that earthquake from a a couple years ago. the anniversary was yesterday, right? >> that's right.t. >> time flies that's for sure. it's friday, august 23.. almost at the end of august. >> almost the end of august. aug >> good morning i'm sarah simmonsth i'm wisdom martin.arti welcome to fox 5 morning news. i know summer is the most part. >> here is the deal. today is one of those days where we get to do that transition from summer to fall in the same day. a summery feel this morning. m later


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