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tv   wusa 9 News at 6am  CBS  August 23, 2013 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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jail next, matt. >> good morning, everyone it is a big weekend on the march on washington. fifty years later, already a festival. i am matt ackland, we'll have the latest coming up. >> this is "fox 5 morning news." ♪ >> it is great to great to wake up to 6:00 august 23rd, friday. lovely look at the skies over washington, d.c. as the sun comes up, getting ready for a big weekend. good morning, i am a sarah simmons. >> i am wisdom martin. it is tgi friday and big john spinning the tunes.
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nice variety going this morning. >> i agree. >> we are loving it. >> this is great. we had sinatra. >> little marvin gay, now country music. >> i can't remember who it is. it is going to drive me crazy. everybody knows this song. >> we are going to chat with him later in the show. >> let's chat with tucker on our forecast. >> good morning. sunrise, threat of storms early. beautiful afternoon and beautiful evening across the area as the nice cool air sets in. >> you said "cool air" -->> you can't do that, i only have 10 seconds. radar, shower activity. come back in a couple of minutes. reagan national 74°, 74 dulles.
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70 bw parkway. good looking weekend. >> steve with traffic. >> 118 in germantown town. 95 northbound little build up, nothing -- just early friday rush hour. everything is moving well. south looks good at prince william parkway. smooth ride for new york avenue,
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traffic inbound stopping at the signals. little volume from maryland heading northwest. everything is still open. that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> thank you, steve. justice this morning for vanessa pham her guilty found guilty of first degree murder. >> the case was nearly unprecedented in d.c. room because a judge allowed the media. julio blanco garcia had no emotion during the verdict. phams mother and aunt spoke. >> how has your life changed if it has since vanessa pham was murdered.
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>> i think i have no life. when i go to work, when i come home, i just stay in my room. >> jury recommended 49 years in prison, 30, plus 19 for each year of his life. judge will hand down formal sentence later this year. >> this was timothy daukens as uni union temple church. police say he was gunned down. the 24-year-old studied to become a preacher. he had plans to run for anc commissioner. it was a pivotal point in the civil rights movement. >> a number of festives and
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events. matt ackland is live in west potomac park. >> reporter: good morning, wisdom, great to see you. maybe hundreds of thousands of people are going to be coming across the country to the district to take part in this wonderful ceremony. big one being saturday, next on wednesday. if you are in town a little early today, there is look behind me, you can see the tents set up there. this is the global freedom festival. we are told by organizers they should get underway by noon. right across the street from mlk memorial. centrally located. i want to give you a list of what is taking place this weekend. we should have a graphic for you. global freedom festival.
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realize the dream rally. that is when everyone is coming out tomorrow morning, reverend al sharton. on sunday sclc worship service will take place at howard university campus. that should be quite a big event. if you are thinking of getting here, consider the traffic issues. take public transit, that is the best way. if you are driving, the arlington memorial bridge off gw parkway closed 6:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. here you see the video of 50 years ago, what a wonderful event that was. we are told many of the folks there including mayor gray,
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eleanor holmes norton original at the march are marching once again. there is a statehood march, mayor gray, many of the folks that have been pushing for state hood are gathering together early at 8:00. they are going to lincoln memorial and all the people that have come here across the country. a big, big weekend, wisdom and sar sarah. >> thank you very much, matt ackland. >> out west, a yosemite national park fire grows bigger. >> bradley manning is going to prison but has one request and wants you to pay for it. 
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>> california governor jerry brown has declared state of emergency because of state fire.
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wild fire started saturday and grown to 99 square miles, larger than the size of san francisco. two homes and seven buildings have been destroyed. >> appears the tax payors will not be paying for bradley manning to become a woman. he was sentenced to 35 years in prison. he announced yesterday he wants to undergo hormone therapy. the army does not provide therapy or surgery for military inmates. they are trying to decide if major nidal hassan should get the death penalty. he has admitted to being the shooter of the 2009 killing of 13 people. after prosecutors called for the
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death penalty. a new hospital will go up in prince georges county. we are going to share the official plans. >> tucker has your forecast coming up and check in with the morning commute with steve h hershon when we come back. 
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"i'm terry mcauliffe, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad." it's been called "cuccinelli's witch hunt" "designed to intimidate and suppress" ken cuccinelli used taxpayer funds to investigate a uva professor whose research on climate change cuccinelli opposed. cuccinelli, a climate change denier, forced the university to spend over half a million dollars defending itself against it's own attorney general. ken cuccinelli. he's focused on his own agenda. not us.
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that's american ingenuity to find new roads. right now, get a 2013 chevrolet volt for around $269 per month. ♪ >> all right. welcome back to "fox 5 morning news." live look outside, it is dj friday here on "fox 5 morning news." dj big john in the building
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mixing it up for us with a nice variety of music. >> it is amazes me how little sleep they operate on. we all keep each other going in the morning. 6:17. we'll talk with dj john. first let's talk to tucker. >> tucker barnes. >> later this afternoon, i want to point out we have showers in the forecast. later this afternoon, things are going to get nice. still talking about a great weekend. >> we'll arrange for a dj at my house. >> you let us know. >> 72 in quantico, 70 in leonardtown, 68 gaithersburg and fredrick. our cold front off to the north
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and west. it is a beautiful end of the week and nice weekend. we are watching that band of shower activity. it is in tact at the moment. over the next couple of hours, some scattered shower activity out towards morgantown. once we get the front south and east, by the noon hour, you'll notice clearing on the backside. winds pick up out of the north and west. we'll be in for a very pleasant afternoon, much less humidity as well this weekend. early showers, perhaps a thunderstorm, sunny and cool this afternoon, less humidity till warm. 65 becoming clear. gorgeous weekend saturday and sunday, low humidity.
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humidity will increase by monday, tuesday. nothing terrible as we enter the last full week of august. that is your forecast. let's do traffic. steve hershon as your roads. >> clapper road, couple blocks away wires down. you'll be directed around that. still looking pretty good on 270 passed 109, picks up quickly after you pass truck scales 95 northbound at the prince william parkway. 395 northbound little bit of volume near the 3rd street tunnel. 66 looking good at fairfax county parkway. beltway, no delays, that is a
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check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> all right, steve, thank you, prince georges county will have a new hospital near the largo station. it will replace the hospital in cheverly. the new build will bring in more middle class patients. construction expected to call 695 million dollars and expected to open up in 2017. >> coming up, what shutted down the nasdaq and are they worried it will happen after the break. >> check out these back to school pictures jackie thomas tweeted us. great photos, jackie, look at that. ready to go back to school.
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keep those picks comes, tweet us @myfoxdc and use the #backtoschoolselfie. ♪
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looks like you started to make something. ♪ oh, a green! ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] cheerios. with flavors your heart will love. ♪ find your favorite cheerios flavors. available at target.
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>> short gains on wall street after a three hour outage on nasdaq. lauren simonetti joins us live this morning with what happened, good morning to you, happy friday, lauren despite what happened yesterday. let's talk, first let's talk about what we can expect for today in light of what happened yesterday. >> reporter: people are uneasy. i think the best thing that happened yet and today it is august, volume is lying. you don't have that much activity. crisis of confidence. nasdaq shut down, wisdom for three hours. in the end, the nasdaq was the best performing market, up 1.1%.
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we had a huge crisis of confidence, was it hackers, was it a squirrel that got into the power system? i say that because that happened in the late 90s. no one knew, for three hours, no one could trade. it was a data feed issue, a technical glitch which is unaccessible considering the nasdaq is technology trade. the sec is looking into the matter, nasdaq is looking into the matter. many people are saying these technical times are too fast. electronic trading needs more of a human touch that you get at the new y exchange. >> we have modern technology, anything we can do? >> >> reporter: no. >> hope it doesn't happen again. >> reporter: your 401k, ira,
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they are fine. for people who like to trade in big blocks and time the market and when you can't do that for three hours, you definitely get scared. this is a huge black eye for nasdaq. >> lauren simonetti always great to see you. see you next week. >> reporter: you too. >> when we come back, rg3 got fined 10 grand, we are going to tell you why. >> a lot of money to us. drop in the bucket to him though. next batman, wow, it is what people were talking about this morning, it had twitter on fire, people have been posting on, coming up, the actor and the strong reaction to that choice. kevin mccarthy. >> they would be better having
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adam west coming back than this guy. 
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♪ >> all right. 6:30 right now on this friday morning. dj big john we have with us. >> mixing it up, yeah. all right. thank you for coming in. >> thanks for having me. pleasure is all mine. >> thirteen hour drive. >> from tallahassee. we asked you, usually we get guys and ladies, straight from the club. but a thirteen-hour road trip. >> when i saw that, i said i have to move baby girl i have to leave you. my daughter, one and only johnay
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famu. >> you had to drive her down there. >> left wednesday morning, got her in her room, fridge ray to, etc., etc. right back on the road almost straight here. >> dedicated dad. and you are a proud washingtonian, born and raised. >> elementary all the way through, blue high school. >> shout out to balo. okay. the eagles. >> eagle pride. >> cool. tell us about your music, you went from sinatra, chuck brown, country music. >> i have been djing over 20 years, i am still 30. [laughter]. i have done all kinds of corporate to everything. i play all kinds of music. people say what is your favorite
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music? that is a hard question for me. i play all types of crowds. i can't keep big john in a box. >> you can't, you are right. sinatra, marvin gay, alabama. >> we have everything. yea yeah. >> alabama be cranking. >> cool, awesome. >> we'll continue to talk with you. where can we see you this weekend? >> friday, eclipse that is in washington, d.c., saturday tacoma station celebrating shawn's birthday with familiar faces, sunday i am on the radio, 93.9 at 9:00 p.m. crank session.
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>> loving the music so far. we appreciate it. >> let's send it over to tucker barnes. >> thank you very much, wisdom impressed with the commitment driving 13 hours. we have showers and storms breaking out along this front. this front is what we are focussed on. it is going to move through here during the early afternoon and much more refreshing drier air on the north side of this front. once the front is south and east, 74 in washington. humid start. 60s off to north and west, very comfortable in places like detroit. here is a look at your forecast. showers and storms breaking out to the west. this will possibly bring shower activity over the next couple of hours. it should move south and east by early afternoon. we'll see gradual clearing.
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quick look at seven-day forecast, 84 today, afternoon sun. we'll look at the seven day in a couple of minutes. let's do traffic, steve hershon in for julie wright, steve? >> on-time traffic brought to you by toyota. visit for special officers. >> suza bridge inbound to capitol hill area, a good ride. there was an accident on the 11th street bridge causing quite a back up heading north on i-295 with an accident blocking a lane. other river crossings look good. we'll head over to 270 near route 109, little volume. otherwise not too bad. farther down 270. starting to see volume build passed montros road.
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otherwise everything is okay. quints orchard road near cloper road. their cleared it up. it is completely reopened beltway little bit of volume. once you pass georgia avenue, 95 in virginia near prince william parkway. that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> thank you, steve. here is a look at stories making headlines, president obama speaking out for the first time about alleged gas attack in syria. he tells cnn possible weapons attack is big event of great concern. state department cannot verify a
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gas attack happened near damascus. rebels are still finding bodies and it is in the thousands. more bad news this morning for virginia bob mcdonnell. his job approval rating near an all time low appointing to a new university poll. voters are split saying 42% saying he is trustworthy and 41% saying he is not. wednesday is the anniversary of march on washington. tomorrow thousands expected on national mall for realize rally being let by al sharpton.
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♪ >> time for morning line. it maybe only pre-season. there is a lot of pressure going on tomorrow night. you have another outstanding pre-season game monday. redskins have to make cuts from the roster. we are going to talk to junkies coming up later on, redskins and all of those different things that are going on with pre-season and talk about rg3 and london fletcher. >> i am sure they are going to want to talk about sun dress party. >> no doubt. special guests. we'll have more "fox 5 morning news" after the break. 
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>> we have a lot of buzz about "batman." reviews kind of mixed. kevin mccarthy is here, what do
6:40 am
you think of this? we couldn't believe how big of a deal this became on twitter and facebook overnight. >> it is massive. at comma con they announced it. you have batman and superman facing off for the first time in movie theatres. a lot of speculation who was going to become batman, joseph levit. >> do you think he can pull it off? >> i grew up on michael keaton's batman, i thought he was the best batman, christian bale was the best bruce wayne. my problem with bail with bruce wayne was the awful voice.
6:41 am
[laughter]. i couldn't get over that voice. it bothered me. it is in the "dark knight." [laughter]. i thought that keeton was the best batman and bail the best wayne. if they can get rid of the growling voice, i think affleck can nail it. he iss tall and can nail it. he has been directing for years. "argo." >> thank you. let's talk about the movies now. "worlds end." this is a movie you really like?
6:42 am
>> i am a huge fan of "dawn of the dead" this is the cornetto trilogy. they are connected through ice cream. i know it sounds strange, what that means in england, in america we have drumsticks, american ice cream in a corn. they are called cornettos in england. every one of the movies has a different flavored cornetto. i said i think everybody decertains a cornetto dropped into it. what scene is the most classic to have an ice cream dropped into it. >> immediately what comes to
6:43 am
mind was opening of "raiders of the lost ark." [laughter [laughter]. >> what if they dropped it in and just had a cornetto. >> we feel like these movies are like the temple of doom. this is nick's thing, three separate beautiful things, if you bring them together as one, they glow. >> they are awesome. this particular film five best friends on epic pub call. the name of the pub is a foreshadowing of what is going to happen in that bar, i give it four out of five, least of the trilogy. >> we have 30 seconds, we want
6:44 am
to get to -- next. >> imagine this, home alone, hu hunger games and strangers, incredibly horror film. so tired of hollywood shelving these amazing films. horror film, very violent, check out my interviews. i am all for ben affleck. >> can you do the bruce wayne? [laughter]. wisdom, back to you. >> okay, sarah, thank you very much. on the with news. it maybe pre-season, a lot of pressure going on for the redskins. let's talk to the sports junkies. let's ask them questions about what is going on with the
6:45 am
redskins hey sports junkies. >> morning, guys. >> let's talk about rg3 and being fined 10,000 for wear ago shirt. >> i don't want to get into that. he did that a couple of times last year, he went to a press conference, he is adidas guys and you have to wear nike in the nfl. >> adidas will stroke that check in two seconds. brilliant, get fined 10 grand and get written in every newspaper. >> by the way, we are up for a clothing deal we are open for business, it pathetic.
6:46 am
[laughter]. >> d.c. gear, underarmor represented, we have nike. >> i am sure a deal is imminent. >> tomorrow night's game, who is it a big game for? >> it is 15 guys fighting for their life, they are cutting 90-75 hours after their game. starters a lot of them aren't going to play. rex grossman for a half, pat white for a half. some suggested they might keep two quarterbacks. back linebackers. >> we have heard a lot about joslar revis. he could end up getting cut.
6:47 am
>> desmond brisco, dante. >> what could save revis, he was a high draft pick. >> truth of the matter is, look we are going to be real, ugly game, a lot of backups. waiting to see rg3 on the field in philly. >> tucker has a question he wants to ask you guys. >> what do i need to wear to the party? >> nobody cares what you are wearing to the party. >> we are bringing the ladies, sarah, allison. >> wait, wait, wait. what makes you think i am associating with these two? >> tucker, there is a recommendation, old school jams. remember those?
6:48 am
>> i probably have some of those. >> op shorts. >> john stockton type. >> bottom line, come, party starts at 7:00 on the roof time. have a good time. >> great. thanks, guys. [laughter]. >> i have a pair of the op's. look at the weather real quick. we have cold front on the way, beautiful outdoors. temperatures falling and humidity falling later this afternoon, 68, leonardtown, quantico, 62, 68 in fredrick and hagerstown. cold front in maryland at t moment. you can see showers and storms pressing east. we maybe -- we'll start to
6:49 am
clear out that is when the core. forecast only gets better after early morning hours. future cast giving us activity. then gradual clearing trend but 7:00, 8:00, just in time for sunset, should be noticely less humid. saturday, sunday, great, low to mid 80s. keep sunny into early next week and temperature into the 80s. it will warm up. that is a look at weather. >> steve hershorn with the late latest, hey, steve. >> so far both sides of the
6:50 am
beltway, little more company, not enough to slow you down. that is good. pretty good friday so far unlike yesterday, 270 little heavy as you pass 109 passed the truck scales. 270 accident free on to beltway. 95 in virginia. over to lorton, 95 northbound hov lanes moving slowly. going to see it slow down 395 passed the beltway off and on to kings street. nothing too unusual and open up to the 14th street bridge. here we are at the wilson bridge, oxen hill and alexand a alexandria. st. barn bus road, no delay to get to the wilson bridge. that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> steve, thank you.
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exploring to sea. >> that's right, holly morris is taking us to the national aquarium in baltimore to learn all about sharks. all right. "fox 5 morning news" will be right back. ♪ what makes your family smile?
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backflflips and cartwheels. love, warmth. here, try this. mmmm, ok! ching! i like the fact that there's lots of different tastes going on. mmmm! breakfast i'm very impressed. this is a great cereal! honey bunches of oats. i hear you crunching.
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>> reporter: good morning, i am holly morris. i don't know who you are waking up with this friday morning. i am waking up with the sharks. i am standing above the brand new 12 and a half million dollar exhibit in baltimore aquarium. it is home to 20 black tip sharks and 65 other species. they are all living in this environment. jack culvert is the general cure ray to. you were telling me we really are, these sharks are waking up as we talk?
6:55 am
>> they are waking up, they are not too in tune to airborne sounds. they are moving around, all the fish are moving aren't. >> reporter: they are in tuned to the light. >> they are in tuned to the light. light is coming up with dawn and dusk. we recreate nature here. a lot of the smaller fish, how can we keep the smaller fish with sharks, which are apex predators. >> reporter: i was wondering. [laughter] how do you keep the little fish? >> we recreated this coral reef structure exactly the way it would grow in the wild. this is where the small fish sleep. they find hiding places physically protected by the coral from the sharks who do their hunting at night. >> reporter: how amazing we here in the greater washington area
6:56 am
have access to watch something like this. we would have to travel far? >> reefs off of hawaii, great barrier reef would be considered pacific reef. it is one of our most bio diverse reefs. they are like the cities under the ocean. lots of species, lots of structure. beautiful colors. you'll see unicorn fish with horns, brightly colored fish. absolutely amazing diversity in this exhibit. >> reporter: black tip sharks over to the left that is a zebra shark? >> showing you sharks don't have to swim constantly. sometimes they will go through the water columns.
6:57 am
two sharks, spotty, you would think it is called leopard shark. >> reporter: we'll tell them why the spotted shark is called a zebra shark. remember the bull sharks found at the potomac, we are going to talk to jack about that? we are focussing on the black tip reef. we are going to feed sharks, feed rays and tell you why you need to come out here and experience this under the water world yourself. back to you all. >> holly, be careful feeding the sharks. time to say good morning to today's facebook fan, cally mclaughlin. today is her birthday. that is allison giving a shout out. that does it for the 6:00, let's
6:58 am
send it over to wisdom and allison. >> smells like friday, wisdom. coming up on "fox 5 morning news" on this friday morning, it was a day that changed the course of history, nation is marking anniversary of 50th march on washington. >> a promising life cut short by a killer, 19-year-old vanessa pham murdered doing a good deed. we hear emotional testimony from pham's family. >> do you like the health insurance you get through your job? what if they dropped you and told you to get on your spouse's plan instead? companies are blaming president's health care reform. what you need to know at "fox 5 morning news" 7:00 starts right now. >> this is "fox 5 morning news."
6:59 am
>> >> ♪ >> all right. >> wisdom that song just makes me mad today. >> why because it is not payday? >> [laughter] it is friday. >> dj friday on this august 23rd. it is still friday. good morning, i am wisdom martin. >> i am allison seymour. >> we want to say happy friday to tucker barnes. he didn't get paid, either. >> that is what you think? [laughter]. we have showers and storms moving nor from north and west. it is our cold front. certainly a potential we could get local showers


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