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tv   wusa 9 News Saturday at 6pm  CBS  August 24, 2013 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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>> justin: welcome back to fox saturday baseball presented by budweiser. we go to the seventh here at camden yards. look at that, a ducks fan. >> mitch: i grew up in oregon.
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>> justin: brandon moss takes the first pitch changeup for a strike from chris tillman. >> mitch: that's that get me over curveball that we were looking for. and i don't think based on the last couple of innings, i don't think jarrod parker is going to be in there much longer. tillman is into the seventh. they have both thrown well. this is why i don't believe in pitch count. because on any given day you can go out there and throw 130 pitches and feel fine. some days you can throw 80 pitches and be tired. >> justin: moss fouls it away. one ball and two strikes. the shift is on with moss at the plate. again, it's manny machado going from third base to shallow right field, the rover position. >> mitch: that's because he's got the strongest arm of all the infielders. >> justin: moss gets into one, but markakis goes over and jones
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calls him off for the first out. let's go around camden yards and take a look at the fan cam. one away now for yoenis cespedes, 0 for 2, struck out both times swinging. >> mitch: on high fastballs. let's see if he throws him a get me over breaking ball or goes right 59 him with fastballs again. >> justin: first pitch fastball as roberts moves over to the shortstop side of second base. only person on the right side now is chris davis. high and outside, 1-1. >> mitch: that's the one place he's got a chance to get to a fastball, up and out from him. anything middle in, and it's up.
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he just cannot get the head of the bat there. >> justin: 1-2. is this something where they have to address it in the off-season? >> mitch: as a pitcher, there's certain guys i knew just couldn't catch up. and tillman is seeing he cannot catch up to a fastball above his belt. >> justin: fouled off the foot, stays 1-2. >> mitch: in that situation, throwing him that breaking ball in the zone is foolish, because you're speeding his bat up. >> justin: 1-2 is fouled back.
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if i'm not mistaken, chili davis, in 1999, when he was playing for the alex, pedro martinez, they threw a one-hitter. the one-hit was a home run to chili davis. 16 strikeouts by pedro in that game. >> mitch: chili could hit. i played with him a couple months in kansas city. >> justin: cespedes strikes out for the third time today. sixth strikeout of the game for tillman. >> mitch: we're going to take a look now at the two shifts of the orioles. this one here is for moss. and then i want to see cespedes on that. this one here is for cespedes.
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and i don't understand, honestly i don't understand the shift on cespedes, because when a guy is late, you don't play him to pull. >> justin: we got another shift on for reddick. this time it's roberts in shallow right field and machado is the only guy on the left side of the infield. you've got to have a wrist band to figure out who has to go where on these shifts. two balls and no strikes to reddick, who is 0 for 2. struck out his last time up. excuse me, three balls and no strikes. >> mitch: you don't want to give in here. >> justin: right there he was taking. >> mitch: i'll be really surprised if he gets another fastball in this at-bat. >> justin: there's that curveball. >> mitch: i think tillman is
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figuring out he doesn't have to have his wipeout curveball to be effective. this is just the get me over breaking ball. >> justin: doesn't have a lot of bite to it. got him swinging! another one, two, three for tillman. ♪
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♪ never loved ♪ [ sighs ]
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♪ ♪ have you ever, think ♪ ooohhhh, oh, oohh ♪ ♪ perfect work of art ♪ i knew right from the start ♪ i was sent here for you ♪ we were made to love [ male announcer ] the all-new 2014 chevrolet impala. made to love. >> justin: the orioles, in the 7th inning or later this year, second in home runs in all of major league baseball. fourth in runs, fourth in batting average. and here in the seventh, the bottom third of the order, j.j. hardy, ryan flaherty, and
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roberts to face jarrod parker. >> mitch: the reason i don't think parker is long for this game, he did throw a complete game last time out. >> justin: cespedes over by the line, now in foul territory for the catch. >> mitch: in his last two innings, he's thrown 15 pitches, 7 balls and 8 strikes. then there's the previous inning was 22 pitches, 12 balls and 10 strikes. >> justin: they basically have mirror stuff. >> mitch: exactly. it's been fastball/changeup for both of them all day long. tillman mixed into some breaking balls. first pitch to ryan flaherty is taken for a strike on the outside corner.
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>> justin: familiarity has accounted for the only runs for the orioles, a home run back in the third. one ball and one strike. >> mitch: there's that changeup. that's going to be a big tell. last inning his changeup was up in the zone. first one this inning, down. that's right a curveball. wait until the seventh inning to break out a curveball? that's a straight up curveball right there, and a good one. >> justin: two balls and a strike to flaherty. >> mitch: you see the bull pen is getting up and everybody is moving around down there. everybody wants to come in.
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>> justin: chavez and blevins pitched last night for oakland. two balls and two strikes with one away here in the seventh. he goes up top and flaherty chases. fifth strikeout of the game for parker. >> mitch: we're going to look at the three pitches, i think there are three different pitches. there's the fastball right there. this pitch right here, i think that's a split. this pitch i think is just a straight change. i honestly believe he's throwing a straight change and a split. i've never seen anyone that does that. >> justin: two outs for brian roberts who walked his last time and struck out back in the third.
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there was that curveball again. >> mitch: yeah. >> justin: is it a curveball or a slideer? >> mitch: that's a -- the first one was a pretty good curveball. that was more of a slur. >> justin: comes back with a changeup. 1-1. it's almost like it's whiffle ball for jarrod parker. >> mitch: it's got that side to side and down to it. a strange change just doesn't get there. >> justin: roberts pops up, shallow left, going out is lowrie. cespedes coming in and a quick one, two, three inning worked by parker. license and registration please. what's this? uhh, it's my geico insurance id card, sir. it's digital, uh, pretty cool right? maybe. you know why i pulled you over today?
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>> mitch: tillman has gotten them into the eighth inning now. another changeup right there. and the funny part about listening to buck talk about this guy, his pitch count will get around his limit, and he'll come in the dugout and hide from buck so he can't find him. >> justin: o'day is warming up in the bull pen. two balls and a strike to young. >> mitch: he does not want to come out of the game. those are the kind of guys i like. i don't want somebody looking over at the dugout with that
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come get me look on his face. he's still got hop on his fastball. >> justin: phenomenal numbers in his career against the american league west. he gets him looking. three strikeouts in a row for tillman. eight in the game. >> mitch: this is a hitter looking for an off-speed pitch who goats frozen with a fastball. >> justin: monday, we'll take you inside the pennant race to follow baseball's best. it starts with an exclusive look at the pirates seeking their first playoff appearance for the first time in over 20 years. that's only on fox sports 1. you want to know something amazing about the pittsburgh pirates? this would be the 21st year with a losing record. who is number 21 for the
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pirates? >> mitch: roberto clemente. >> justin: not going to let it happen in year number 21. >> mitch: no. >> justin: the baseball gods are amazing. >> mitch: yes, they are. >> justin: eric sogard takes the fastball on the outside corner. no balls and two strikes. we talk about the pittsburgh pirates. a one-game lead over the cardinals. the reds, 3 1/2 back. those teams, very good chance. sogard strikes out. that's nine in the game, four in a row. >> mitch: this is where a starting pitcher can start to mess with hitters. none of these hitters are getting off-speed pitches in off speed counts. >> justin: he's getting stronger as we go along. nine strikeouts, a career high. it ties a career high.
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>> mitch: and he's at 111 pitches. he needs to get through this inning and run hide from buck. because he is still throwing the ball exceptionally well. >> justin: first pitch to suzuki, 94 miles per hour. >> mitch: that's as hard as he's been clocked all day long. this is my point to the pitch count. if he's not struggling, it doesn't matter how many pitches he throws. you think about just inning by inning. he had one inning where there was stress. other than that, there's been no stress on him all day long. >> justin: the sixth inning was the stress inning. since then he's struck out four in a row. 1-2 the count. this is where he needs to bear down. the inning ain't over until it's
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over, and make a quality pitch right here. >> mitch: right now, suzuki doesn't know what's coming. he struck the first two guys out on fastballs. so he doesn't know what to think. >> justin: 1-2, in the air to left field. mclouth racing over to make the catch. 12-pitch inning for tillman. ♪ ♪
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>> justin: sit a pitcher's duel here at camden yards here on this saturday afternoon. 1-1 as we go to the bottom of the eighth. jarrod parker will have to face the top of the order for the orioles. chris tillman looking on. >> mitch: i think he's done. it's hard to believe. his last two innings pitched,
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he's thrown 12 pitches, nine strikes, three balls. >> justin: mclouth takes the first pitch curveball for a ball, 1-0. 1 for 3 on the day. infield single back in the third, two flyouts to right. >> mitch: tillman has pitched well enough to get that 15th win. they need to hit a solo homer or something in this inning. >> justin: 1-1. both guys have pitched well enough to get the win. jarrod parker, 15 straight starts without a loss. >> mitch: he may not get one today either. he's thrown the ball exceptionally well. two innings ago, i thought he was getting to the verge of coming out of this game because everything was starting to get up. now he's getting everything back down again. >> justin: there's the closer, jim johnson, warming up, tie game. they're hoping to have the lead
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going into the ninth inning. 2-1, in there. >> mitch: that's a changeup again. in the seventh inning, parker broke out a curveball. >> justin: two balls and two strikes to mclouth, leading off here in the eighth. 3-2. >> mitch: with that show-me fastball, he tried to free him on the inside corner with a fastball, it would not surprise me to see him go to that changeup here.
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>> justin: the payoff pitch. mclouth to right field for a leadoff single. >> mitch: you heard me say earlier in the game, down and in to a left-hander, down on the inner third of the plate with this pitch. and you see tillman, he's cheering for a run. >> justin: mclouth on at first base. machado at the plate. a lot of possibilities. you got the possibility for a stolen base, mclouth, 29 of 34 on the year. machado handles the bat well. >> mitch: mclouth has to make sure he gets back. you cannot get picked off in this situation. sogard is up the middle, shading up the middle. so sogard is going to cover on
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anything, and machado does handle the bat well, which brings the hit and run into play. >> justin: machado squares to bunt. no balls and one strike. >> mitch: the one thing you don't want to do, when you're squaring to bunt, you play baseball your whole life. i don't understand guys that can't bunt. all you're doing is catching the baseball with the bat. you saw right there machado poked at the ball with the bat. all you're doing is letting the ball come to you. >> justin: squaring around early. charging is donaldson. and he gets the bunt down. mclouth gets down to second base. an awkward slide, because he was fooled. it looked like jed lowrie deked him out. >> mitch: he's laughing, so it looked like it was a bunt and
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run right there. it was just a bad slide. don't worry about it, nate. there's probably only 15 or 16 cameras in the park that caught that. they'll have that on a loop in the clubhouse. >> justin: it will be a sacrifice 2-4 for machado. dan otero and sean doolittle warm up for the a's. adam jones is on deck. again, we come to this point. you've got the manager going out there in bob melvin. chris davis is at the plate, first base is open. davis, 0 for 3. what do you do? >> mitch: i said earlier, i ain't pitching to him. you do not have to hit me over the head with a damp moss twice. adam jones, he's got a lot of
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rbis, too. parker has thrown the ball too well to have it come down to the one guy on that team. this is the guy we're not going to let beat us. >> justin: here's the next question, does parker get to face adam jones or do we go to the bull pen and bring in otero? >> mitch: if it was me with the pitch count where sit right now and the way he's throwing the ball, i don't believe in pitch count, i let parker face him, but i bet he doesn't. >> justin: bob melvin and the dugout staff. i think he's going to go with a right-hander out of the pen.
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>> mitch: this is one of their young studs on the mound that they're going to be counting on for years to come. >> justin: first and second, one out after the intentional walk to davis. >> mitch: this really surprises me, and i like it a lot. >> justin: i'm a big fan of this move by bob melvin. >> mitch: you find out what pitchers are made of when you get to situations like this late in the game. >> justin: adam jones walked his last time up. 0 for 2. a line out to left and a strikeout. first pitch fastball is low and inside for ball one.
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>> mitch: you look at the hole when first and second and the gap in right center field. young can shade towards left center. and i like the fact that parker is coming in right there. if i'm jones, that tells me they're trying to come in on me. >> justin: good pitch. you don't get 94 rbis by august 24th without hitting with guys in scoring position. >> mitch: he's hitting behind a guy with 117. >> justin: the 1-1. fastball is inside. 2-1. adam jones, good numbers over his last 18 games. .364, five


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