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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  August 24, 2013 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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>> that there must be equality for our children to come. that's why we're here today, tot stand up, stand up. there will be no profiling here for our children. >> reporter: georgiaepor congressman, one of the last t major speakers from the 1963 196 rally still alive today, urged the crowd to fight the supreme court decision that nullifieduli much of the voting rights allege. >> i gave the brood on the b bridge for the right to vote. vt i am not going to stand by and let the supreme court take the right to vol vote away from us. >> reporter: as the day worry on, one message rez thoughted with many who came to washington 50 years later. they need to keep on marching. >> we come to washington to commemorate. we go back home to agitate. >> reporter: president obama p will deliver a speech on there steps thepe thrin con memorial n
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wednesday, the actual a anniversary of the march on washington.gton back to you. a reminder you can find f everything you need to knowo about the anniversary and activities on another big story, drama before today's march on washington events got started. s it happened at a dc rally, john henrehan says the organizers did not want farm mayor mar-in barry to speak but the current aid councilman did so anyway. our cameras captured the controversy. take a look. >> reporter: about 500 people gathered at the dc war memorial at the mall to push for the cause of statehood. they heard from the city's c political leadership.eade >> we must no longer be the city that hopes the marchs, but whose denial of our rights are ignored. by the marchs.
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>> reporter: all know delegate norton holmes may vote in committees, she has no vote on the floor of house and dc has no votes in the senate. city resident, however, pay full federal income taxes. >> every district resident need tore show up for events like ths and tell our friends and our family all across this nationato and other states about our city's plights. >> reporter: orsers of the rall wanted a limited number of speakers. marion barry was not on the speaker's list but tried to deliver the speech from the podium. here is what happened. >> hello dc! >> reporter: organizers ordered the volume turned up on the music and they cut off the podium mi cur. the democratic councilman refused to leave the podium. he stood there for several minutes, ultimately the organizers yeele yielded.
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>> how disrespectful. i told the organizers turn the damn music off rmp the former te civil rights leader exorted the hole crowd to get more active ia the statehood movements. >> let's do something radical. let's not march on washington. let's march on the congress. >> reporter: shortly after thefr speech, those rallying for stoothood formed up ranks and marched off to join the larger crowd. in washington, john henrehan, fox 5 news. dc police need your help tonight finding a missing woman, 70-year-old von little was seen last night around 11:00 in wittier place.plac she is small in stature, last s seen wearing blue shirts, and purple if you know anything give dc police a call. c the news edge in maryland, m
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fed democratic county isnty investigating a drowning at a days inn inned frederick. this adult male drowned i in the swimming pool.sw no would on the victim's downtown or circumstanceses surrounding the drowning. dro small plane crashed whilehie landing in buo wrr. all four people walked away without injuries. the small many crashed near the freeway airport on church road r off u.s. 50.. they believe the pilot wasot trying to land when the manyhe veered from the runway and landed upside down in the field. it happened just before so a.m. flee people rented that plane. no word yet on where they are from. we're told they were a bit shaken. you couldn't have asked for a much better a day weather-wise. what to expect for tomorrow. gwenn has the answer. >> the weekend is looking better as we head through it. i will have the details on what to an expect and a look at the
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had a great weekend so far. let's keep that going. we had plenty uf sunshine today and testify. t wise exactly where we should be and as well low humidity. that's a good thing. 85 degrees at reagan national are the highs today.ay. 83 at thrust and 83 at bwi. bwi
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tonight the temperatures into the 60s and 70s. 73 in dc, 72 at quantico, learn naldtown, double sixes, hey gassertown at 67. cooler to west. 59 at win cheffer. could see a little bit of patchy fog into the course of the overnight hours and the early morning but otherwise, ridge of high pressure is the main dom mi timberi feature keeping the skies fairly clear. so as we move to tomorrow, a tom almost a repeat performance like today but sky conditions are improve. the of high pressure builds into the north, will skirt the clouds out the picture and we'ree're talking less humidity. so it will be comfortable c tomorrow and the skies bright so very cooperative for all of the outdoor activities. as we look at the forecast for the 50th vurs of the march on washington, we are talkingalki sunshine and dry conditions, low
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humidity.humi temperatures will be in the low to mid 80s. things will change as we move into the seven-day forecast,ecas howf. we'll see our temperatures stare tora be on the rise. r looks like we're headed to near 90 for a couple of days. day also a little bit of unsellinged weather.we there's a cold front to deal dea with that will drive a chance storms into tuesday and wednesday. right now it looks likeooks wednesday is actually the best day of seeing some of that active weather. other than that, not too bad with the weekend ends pleasantls and starts with sunshine as well. let's check back with laura and maureen. thanks very much. that does it for us. sports extra is three minutes away.
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>> sthorks staying up with us. s coming utap on sport extra, thee nationals though back but also leap forward in kansas city. one red skins rookie learns it's
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a take game. first we start with the red skins third preseason game. tonight there was both good news and bad news to report. we'll start with the bad news.e. sec year cornerback richard crawford turn his lcl, possibly liz acl. he will be out for the entirentr year. the red skins won their third preseason game and did it withit the third and fourth-stringourt quarterback. how about that? the first thing quarterback, robert griffin iii suiting up again as a spectator. cuns not suiting up. he was out with a mild foot sprain. third and seven at the red skins h 3 wp jenkins gets blocked to the ground and does not quit. he ends the drive. how about the red skins first possession? it looked better. recollection grossman starting. goes downfield to davis, davis looking strong as he comes backe from c the achilles surgery. 31 yarld game to the 30. two plays later grossman to
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garsoni, seven-yard touchdown. grossman completes 11 of 21 passes for 171 yards, 7-0 red skins. next possession, tied at sen droasman to moss. he turned up field to set up ap field goal. the red skins lead 10-7. second quarter pat white comes this. he ends off to roy june. nice move hat the line of six of 14-yards. and then too plays later pat p white calls his own number, follows the block of young and dives into the end zone for 14-yard touchdown. the play was upheld, 452-yards of phones, dominate the bills 40-7. here is the head coach and his thoughts. >> i was impressed with our football team, two days less
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preparation time.prep for them to may as hard as they did and as well as they did, there are a bunch of positive things. we'll look forward to trying to come up with the top 50 mayors, plus the practice squad butquad there's one more game, a few f more days of practice and it won't be long. we'll be teaming up for the game. the red skins are 3-0 this season. they have tough decisions to make. first cues are on tuesday. final cuts next saturday. one position to keep an eye on running back, roy halou on 13 carry wks likely offers as back-up. also williams, he's fighting for a back-up spot tonight. eight carries for 52 yards and also had a touchdown. let's check in on rocky chris thompson. he's learned how the nfl can be
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bad one minute add good thehe next. he could cough up the ball on a region. it's thompson's second fumble. he makes up for it on this punts return which he returns for 31 yards. torn son finishes the day withy 15 carries, 44 yards, but, the fumble, that's what everybody iy talking about. if you ask mike shanahan, that's not good for your resume. >> i just emphasize to him, no matter how good you are, if you fumble you can't play. i think just getting used to the nfl, i was really impressed on the point return after he did fumble, he had no fear catching that point return and went for r touchdown with a good fieldld position. >> it's a mindedset after a make a miss talk. it will happen. i feel kind of bad that it happened in back to back game but once the coach puts me on the feemed, i have to make big plays. >> chris thompson is a player
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who won't give up. he's broken his back and for his acl. >> the nationals and royals turn back the clock in kansas city and the outlook. there's highlights on deck. ♪ looks like you started to make something. ♪ oh, a green! ♪ ♪
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>> welcome back to sportsdz extra. tonight the nationals were looking to go above the 500 mare for the first time in over a month. july 14 to be exact. their find outing before the all-star break. the narcs offense is on a tear so the odds looked tz good ind their favor against the royals. the nats are in kansas cityas c wearing the throw-back uniforms to commemorate the 1942negro 1 league serious between the hopestead grays and monarchs. brice harp, the third batteratte puts the nats on the board witha an rbi off of wade davis. harper 2-4. top of the fourth, nats up 3-1 and tracy adds to the lead. that would bring in two more runs. adam laroche and tyler moore and the narcs had a 5-1 lead. the top of the sixth, ian desmond goes back to the left.
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they go on to win their fifth straight, 7-2. they have averaged 7.6 runs and 11 hits during that winningning streak. remember this face in former nats capper yesterday disa suzuki. until ryan gets ahold of thehe pitch. he looks over the score diagnoses boor. gifts the birds a 1-0 he'd. darrin oh day brought in but the first batter he faces, he would take him deep in a tie game. gam that homerun would prove to be the game winner. the orioles due fall to a.s, the final 2-is. they now trail oakland for sec american league wildcard. third round of the plays we start with the par three, 14th hole. today, 135 yards, troy with a
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pitching wedge, bounces it init for a hole in one. troy is two over par. on the next group, on 14, this is greg charter, the leftie using a pitching wedge, he, too, gets the desired results, another hole in one, sec thisec year on tour. tiger woods, he didn't card an ace but did make five birdies his final coming on number 18, he shot a 69 with eight under and four shots back. matt kuchar, putting off of the green, his goal hits a sprenkle. he is tied for the lead with garry woodland at 12 under par. , how good was this block by young? enjoy it. heetion going one on one, operation patience.nce. we'll be right back. ♪
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>> welcome back. young joked yesterday that the running back position was so good he may be out of a job as the red skins full back. he changed everybody's mind tonight as he blocked for pat white's touchdown. scott smith chatted with him
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after the game. >> the third preseason game is the one they say like a dress rehearsal.rehe you guys posted 477 yards of offense out there today. your thoughts? >> the next stop of where we're trying to go. i think you have guys in the t system for you look at pat white, that's what r grr iii did. everybody has been playing well this preseason. >> one area you do noel is runningback core. how do you see that shaping up? >> this last week has gone -- will be very competitive. that's all i can say. honestly, there's a lot of runningbacks playing well. everybody will be in the league this year. regardless of it's here or not,n everybody is doing their job so like i said, the coaching staff will come down to specialty. >> a week from today, your team will be cut to 53 players. talk about what that last week s is like, in the locker room,
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what's the vibe? you know it's doom's week? >> stressful, just because you're with a group of guys you call a family, so from a personal standpoint, itt sucks because you have guyss leaving. you don't know what's going to happen. some guys you're close with. you want to see the best for everyone. >> on a good note, you have two weeks of operation patience. >> this whole off-season has been different, not just with the hype but just to understandt that we have a group of guysuys going into the system that we understand what we're trying to do. we have six that started. i think you put us all togetherl for a year and understand whatad we're trying to do, we can doe fun things. thi but we'll stay low key. >> such a good guy. one more spreen game remains.emi a road day in tampa against then buck they'res. next week is cut week. the red skins have to get down
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to 75 players by tuesday. tue 53 players a week from today. that's all for fobt. thanks for watching. have a good night.
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