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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  August 29, 2013 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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9. >> breaking news. a shooting in the 400 block of graysonville cemetery road in graysonville. police are still investigating the circumstances. right now they have no one in custody and as soon as we get more information we'll bring it to you. >> a fairfax count police officer is on leave following a
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deadly shooting. officers responded to a home on pebble brook home in springfield. a man had barricaded himself in the home and there was a standoff. fairfax count police say one fire was shot at the suspect. no word on the vict's name. >> now to another developing story. no war on syria. that is the mess oth demonstrators had for the president tonight outside of the white house as the president tries to make his case to the lawmakers and the american people for military action in syria. the protestors said the united states doesn't have the right to do that. we have the story. [ chanting ] >> reporter: protestors here on american soil calling on president obama to stay off the foreign soil tonight outside of the white house. >> war in syria is going against the true wishes of the american people. >> reporter: these men and women say the president's push for military action in syria is based on a lie. >> the obama administration cannot be judge, jury and
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execution yores. the u.n. inspectors haven't left or made a report and the administration is saying, yes, we must bomb syria. >> reporter: dustin brought his 8-year-old daughter to the protest. >> why are we rushing in. >> nations do bad stuff. we should all just get along. >> reporter: but the president is pushing for military action. the administration is saying it concludes syria's government carried out deadly chemical attacks on its own people. >> we do have to make sure that when countries break international norms on weapons like chemical weapons that could threaten us, that they are held accountable. >> reporter: at least one lawmaker has expressed support. >> we stand up for human rights and we stand for not allowing innocent civilians, including children to be gassed. >> reporter: but other lawmakers feel the president hasn't made the case for action and should get congress amral
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approval first -- congressional approval. a reuters poll -- in a reuters poll, 27% said no, and 21% said yes. >> tell president obama the american people are dead set against another bomb in the middle east. don't bomb syria. >> reporter: some are wondering if the u.s. will go into this alone. british lawmakers voted against military action as the u.s. continues weighing that possibility. >> tough position for the president. thank you. >> alexandria school superintendent morgan sherman is hanging it up and he wants to retire and so he is getting out of his contract 22 months early. dr. margaret walch has been named acting superintendent. the movement is picking up steam and now than a quarter of a million people are behind a frederick woman's fight for justice for his dead brother. alma sailer sent out a petition
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asking for an independent investigation. deborah has been following the story every step of the way. >> reporter: and derek, it seems that ethan died after the altercation with the three deputies over what people are saying is a $12 ticket. this petition, let me just refresh this here and see what number we are up to. it looks like -- it is coming up more since we started this live shot, 312,797 supporters. it is really risen even just today. and almost eight months later after ethan's death, his family and including his sister are struggling to find their new normal. >> just kind of lost. i mean, there really isn't anything else to say about it other than he's my brother and i want to know what happened. >> reporter: take a look around the saylor house.
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ethan is everywhere. look around and he has top billings there too. more than 312 people have signed a fight for an independent investigation no her brother's death and now the merrill senator is asking the governor to act too. after ethan died, ruled homicide by asphyxiation, the sheriff's department investigated it self-and the three deputies found clear of all wrongdoing. >> i think if there were an independent investigation so my family can get a sense of peace and closure. >> this is not just our story or the frederick story or just the downs syndrome story, it affects everybody. >> stephanie holland has a son with downs syndrome and he knows the saylors and is part of a core of justice for ethan movement. >> there are people who think it wasn't the deputies fault, they weren't trained and they might have been able to respond
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earlier or they should have responded to his care-giver. >> some are holding on to what was lost. >> his sense of humor and delight and the amount of love and affection he gave out every day, it was just incredible that he's not here. >> reporter: the petition asked alley and attorney general doug gansler to investigate the death. and calling for training for police to figure out exactly how to deal with differently abled people. now i called both the attorney general and the governor's office today. the attorney general's office said they don't have the jurisdiction to investigate. that is up to the governor if they want to have an independent investigation. i haven't heard back from the governor's office, but you know, we're going to keep you posted on that one, derek. >> and a testament to that family's love. they will not let this story go away. the cia is top dog, at least when it comes to federal funding for u.s. intelligence. that is one of the secrets we've learned from document leaker ed snowden.
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y e washington post published several stories based on budget documents it received from snowden. the documents show the united states intelligence community had a $53 billion budget for just this year and the cia got 15 billion of that, most for data collection. >> and tonight an update on a story causing outrage nearly everywhere. the mother of a 14-year-old rape victim said the montana judge only apologized to cover his own butt. judge todd ball said the victim, was quote, older than her chronological age and she had as much control of the situation as did the teacher who raped her. the judge gave that teacher a slap on wrist, 30 days in prison. before her attacker was even sentenced, the teen committed suicide. the mom has rejected the judge's apology and she is calling for the judge to resign along with others. the judge said that is not going to happen. the state's attorney general is still deciding whether federal
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government is lightening up on pot. the justice department said it will no longer challenge laws in d.c. and a handful of other states that allow the medical and recreational use of marijuana. however, the justice department said it will be prosecuting those who go beyond what is legally allowed. >> and an update on a story you saw first right here on wusa 9. and before we get started on it, we want to warn you, there are graphic images. a monrovia, maryland man, accused of selling dumpster meat in his discount store. rodney sparks pled guilty to selling the meat months ago, but as surae chinn tells us, he may be at it again. and neighbors concerned caught him red-handed with his hands in the dumpster. >> reporter: michael said he and his son took this video of his neighbor dumpster diving for food the a frederick grocery store. not once but five times this
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summer. >> anything he can find. it is like an auction to him. whatever it there. >> i was blown back. i was like, wow, it is true, he is really doing it. >> reporter: there is nothing illegal with dumpster diving but who or what is getting the food. that is unclear. but he's been charged with not keeping records of where his food comes from. >> hamburger buns, it looks like bagels,. >> reporter: the trumbull's video taped the dumpster before sparks arrived may 3rd. >> right now he has a grabber and he's pulling the food items that we just saw earlier out of the dumpster. >> reporter: when we talked with rodney sparks who owns this front royal, virginia store called rodney sparks discount foods last year, he said the meat was for his cats. >> you've never gone dumpster diving for meat? >> no. >> reporter: you can clearly see in this video he
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oranges, berries and pineapples. use been accused of getting meat from a dumpster and repackaging to sell in his discount store. inspectors say the meat was putrid, decomposed and unhealthy. michael trumbull became concerned when dead cats showed up at his doorstep and then saw our story and became upset. >> you don't know where it has been before it was put in the dumpster and who is eating this food. >> reporter: we wanted to talk to sparks but he is not home. he is in jail again. he pleaded guilty to last year's charges, ten counts of distributing tainted meat. while he was on probation when he was arrested again this week on similar practices. four misdemeanor counts on misbranding of food and no record of where and when he got the food. inside of his store, he sells what grocery stores throw away. damaged cereal boxes, or the meat sell-by date is about to expire. this frozen sausage had a june
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last year. >> i couldn't get my head around it, to think that food is coming out of a dumpster and wasn't sure where it was going. >> reporter: in monrovia, maryland, surae chinn, wusa 9. >> new at 1:00, encouraging news on valerie harper. she is defying the odds. remember how she had brain cancer. her doctor now said it is getting close to remission. back in march the 74-year-old announced she only had months to live and five months later she is still around and working. harper and her doctor agree that life for her right now is all about buying some time. >> well you might want to leave work early tomorrow when you are heading off to work or school. right top? >> not so much for showers or storms, but again fog. patchy dense fog in the morning. here is your wakeup weather. temperature-wise, 68-74 at 5:00. but then mid-60s to 70s at 7:00 and in the 70s by 9:00 and burning off fog early than it did this morning. we'll coand take you
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through the holiday weekend, the heat and the storms are just around the corner. >> thank you, top. >> trying to decide where to pick up a bite to eat after that weekend movie date and hang with us until after the break. it is that or take your chances on guessing where the rats, mice and roaches like ask me what it's like
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>> wait until you see the look on russell's case when he uncovered a health violation in china town. will the food make you sick or him? but if you follow restaurant alert. >> know this is one dirty soap opera with recurring characters. >> we start here at another closure in the 300 block of morris street northeast. and you may recognize this warehouse and market other closures we've reported here. best known probably right there at sam wang produce, including the video and the photos showing evidence of rats. it was january when rats jumped out in front of us at neighboring sam wang's dock. >> i saw two rats. >> health department photos documented rat droppings inside. and now three doors down at
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divine food, a new closure citing mice droppings and a cross-contamination violation. >> they saw goat and fish in the same container. >> no. >> she said only one fish had fallen in a meat container. >> it is not a big deal. >> they say when goats and fish are in the same container, it creates the opportunity for cross contamination. >> no, you can put it out. >> so can we show it on camera? >> no. >> she did show us around. we saw the cooler where health inspectors identified the rodent droppings, we didn't see any and look on the floors and didn't see any rodent dropping inside. and you may remember this location too from our report in august of 2012. roaches at momma's kitchen on mapleview play southeast. among 23 violations. this month, a new closure, the momma manager claimed she didn't know anything about. >> they identified mice, rat droppings in the kitchen and they said that the kitchen was
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dirty. >> okay, what you want to do? do you want to do -- what do you want to do? we already handled that. >> inspectors also cited them for a hand sink that has no hot water. just down from the arch in china town, they sited mings restaurant for 16 violations, including chicken and eggs stored over 70 degrees and fruit flies and roaches. they invited us in to show improvements. >> we do every night. >> and right now you are doing your pesticide every night? this is where i would expect to see it and i'm not seeing anything. >> and they also sited them for inaccessible sinks and no soap or paper towels. >> and you don't have any paper towels there. >> he countered they could wash their hands in the employee toilet. but look for yourself. >> but the problem is the employees need hand soap after they go to the bathroom and there is no hand soap there. >> we had one.
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>> you have some hand soap somewhere. >> he promised he would give his workers soap. >> in georgetown, in spectors sited no hand washing sink in the salad making area and the other salad making sink blocked and no soap in the toilet room. in a statement sweet green attributed the closure to the renewal of a business license as well as the addition of a sink. whether it is at a restaurant or in your own kitchen, experts say hand washing with warm water, with soap, is one of the most effective ways to protect your guests from getting sick. in georgetown, i'm russ ptacek, wusa 9. >> big fan of washing of the hands. all of the restaurants did pass reinspection and back in business. if you would like to be the first to know which food establishments are being cited. follow russ on twitter or find him on facebook and he'll get the message. and if that food alert didn't
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gross you out, this might. >> take a look. this is a severed human toe and a man in canada swallowed it on purpose. there was beverages involved. the sour toe cocktail and if you ask for the toe in it. if you do that your lips have to touch it, but you are not supposed to swallow it because they need it for the next drink. they did have to pay a $500 fine and so thankfully they have a back-up toe. >> i don't know where the toes come from. >> maybe we don't know where. >> or the origin or the age of the toe. >> that toe did not look good. >> bad case of athletes food or something there. >> okay. we are looking at a hot holiday weekend. a better chance of some --
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>> fungus among us. >> let's start with a live look outside. our life michael and son weather cam. 80 was the high. the averages are coming down. average high is 85. right now 76. the relative humidity 76%. that is coincidental. dew point coming up to the 60s. which is not that comfortable. patchy dense fog tomorrow morning and concerned about some of the areas. mr. bernstein will be here bright and early at 4:25. humid on friday. still a decent way to finish the week. heating up for the holiday weekend, and then increasing chances for storms as we go through each day. culminating probably the best chance will be labor day. overnight, clear to partly cloudy, muggy. got the patchy dense fog and low temperature 64 to about 72. now tomorrow morning, mostly sunny, the fog will burn off earlier tomorrow morning than it did today. remember the sunglasses. by noon partly cloudy and almost hot. maybe olat thunderstorm.
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won't plan around that. high of 86- -- 86-90 and winds south, southwest. you can hit 90. knocking on the door. 89 in springfield, 89 in woodbridge. 89 in fairfax, 87 toward sterling. only 81 by the water. 78 in oakland but you jump the divide and you are 84 in cumberland. 85 in hagerstown. 86 in winchester. 90 in culpepper. upper 80s for warrantton, fairfax about 87 or so. downtown 88. 87 in gaithersburg. near 90 into southern maryland. but only 82 by the water in annapolis. so green alerts everywhere. hot on saturday. isolated thunderstorm possible, 90. and 91 on sunday. isolated thunderstorms possible as well. now the next seven days, it is hotter on labor day. low 90s on labor day and that will probably be the best chance for a shower or a thunderstorm. front goes through and then actually sets the stage for y.
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wednesday we'll be in the low 80s for highs and then thursday back in the mid-80s. so all things considered, a nice way to end the unofficial -- end the unofficial end the summer. the redskinses put the down on the buccaneers and i'm reminded that steve spurrier went 4-0. >> it doesn't say much, but it is four wins. it is exciting. they win 4-0 but nobody really cares. all anybody wanted to know about tonight was the state of this guy. what is dr. james andrews final diagnosis?
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right now, get a 2013 chevrolet volt for around $269 per month. >> usually the focus of the final preseason game is which bubble players will play themselves into a job. it is the last-ditch effort to make an impression not just for the redskins but the other 31 teams in the league. but tonight in tampa bay, all anyone wanted to know about is robert griffin iii. he worked out for dr. james andrews for 30 minutes before the game and by the look of the smile, things went well.
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andrews followed him off the field and they met. we'll get the big news in a moment. but let's get to the game. those fighting for a roster spot. evan royster doing all he can. 59 yards and a touchdown. but tough competition from this guy. rookie chris thompson returned this punt 69 yards for the bobbing and weaving on his tiptoes, helping to fill a void since crawford suffered a knee injury last week. and david amerson off of his former college mate linen. we'll find out who makes the final 53 man roster. redskins win against tampa bay but at the post redskins conference the first question was about robert griffin iii. >> i did talk to dr. andrews and he will approve reporter to play. there is a couple of concerns that he has. i'll talk to robert over the
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weekend and i'll let you know on monday. >> so we still wait a little bit for some more news. ravens in their preseason finale in st. louis, rainy with a good game. 32 rushing yards. this is his second touchdown of the game. marlin brown had a good preseason. i told you a couple of weeks ago to look out for this guy. he is on the receiving end of a touchdown pass. and will he make the team? they look good but the ravens offense wasn't good enough. they lose tonight 24-21. >> a settlement reached today in the class-action suit against the nfl regarding long- term effects of concussions. $765million is the final number, a majority played out to the 18,000 plus retired players. >> for the diamond, nationals taking care of business tonight. weh, desmond, both three-run shots. gonzales pitching against his
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only town team. 7 innings, 8 strikeouts, retiring the last 11 batters, he picked up the first victory in six weeks and the nats have their 8th win in 9 games. and time to announce the win ert of the -- winner of the first game of the week winner of the season. the winner is saint johns at bullets. we'll have the friday night highlights tomorrow night at 11:00. >> got to keep saying it. if the nats win all of the rest of their games. >> well they have 8 out of 9 so far. >> tonight is the nats team we like to see. it is the low loy marlins -- the lowly marlins but we've seen
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>> for those who think it is unlikely the nationals will win the rest of their games, remember redskins won their last 7 games. they could win the division. anything can happen. >> anything can happen. hope for the best. >> that's our broadcast. thank you for being here. we're always on at letterman is up next. have a great night. we'll see you tomorrow.
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