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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  September 13, 2013 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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like they were throwing justin bieber's car, throwing parties in his house, cops have been called to his house. this was time for them to go. >> let's do the grid. we got scooter, justin bieber's manager. and then you have little twist. he's his own dude from there is. >> and you have twister and little twist. two different people. okay. >> and then little z achlzay. zane is his open dude. >> you have to explain this stuff. >> they live in a similar neighborhood to where the kardashians live. so they don't want a bunch of young street blacks riding around. >> hold on. african-americans. >> okay. they don't want a bump of rowdy
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african-americans riding around the neighborhood. they should have at least throw one out first.round the neighbo. they should have at least throw one out first.frican-americans the neighborhood. they should have at least throw one out first. instead of both at the same time. >> you can't throw out two black at the same time. they have to be one at a time. >> strength in numbers. >> you kick two blackout at the same time, they are coming back together and more powerful. >> a imt lie detector amount of time that you can stay somewhere and it becomes your house because you've been there so long. >> about 21 days, three weeks of mail start coming to the house, you live there. >> i'll represent you in the court case. >> the most notorious cheater was cheated on. lindsey vonn reportedly caught cheating on tiger woods. she was attending the jay-z/justin timberlake concert and was allegedly caught back stage making out with an older
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guy. >> it says she's reportedly cheat with someone fromjustin's tour. >> either a roadie or dancer. >> kind of love this honestly. how does the medicine taste? how does it feel when your hot sexy blond sporty ge ity girlfr cheats on you? >> here's the thing. ac concert. well, that was amazing. best concert i've ever been to. #decembering old man #cheating on tiger #allegedly. >> #maybe. >> anytime a woman says she really loves something, you have no idea why she loves it, because she cheated on you. she might as well have -- >> he got closer to the hole than tiger did. am i right? >> and now her career will really go downhill.
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so you can always count on twitter to bootst your self-esteem. and this week the hash tag single because was trending. so we figure why don't we grab all the single celebrities and solve their problems. >> sometimes you're single because it's a choice. >> probably not. >> but you tell yourself at night when you're alone. >> i chose to do this. >> much better this way. i'd rather be alone than with somebody and wish i was alone. right, jenna? >> yeah. >> poor thing. >> so let start off with betty white. >> obviously. >> single because she had the opportunity of hooking up with jesus. >> can't lower that expect takes. >> justin bieber. single because he hangs aroundh too many black people. >> jake gyllenhaal. single because nobody can spell your last name.
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>> justin bieber. single because too many latinos around him. >> ryan seacrest. single because a woman just isn't good enough. >> justin bieb eeeieber single he hang around too many white people. >> sharlise hasn't met the right girl yet. >> maybe would have locked it down. >> lindsay lohan is single because i haven't met her yet. >> the two of you would be dead within between weeks. >> rihanna is single because -- beats my. >> justin bieber, single because he was trying to get haitians into the united states..
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>> justin bieber, single because he was trying to get haitians into the united states.e. >> justin bieber, single because he was trying to get haitians into the united states. >> brad pitt watches "dish nation". remember how on monday i said i didn't like his pony tail? lo andoufbehold, he cut his hai. >> awesome. hey, brad, call me. here is my phone number. don't give it out. we've seen what miley cyrus has to offer. we've seen her twerk. we've seen her lick a sledgehammer. >> you'd think she learned her lesson. >> she got a body. >> she ain't got a butt. >> i'm not agreeing with anything that she does necessarily, but she's hot. >> drugs and not eating does wonders for the bod. >> now we can cure your mind. we'll wipe out that clean from your brain about that. >> i'll do anything. >> take a look at this.
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>> nailed it. >> that's scary. >> you can make anything funnier by saying nailed it. >> play it again. >> nailed it. >> whatever i have do to get more of that, i'm signing up for it. i'm following it. that is great. >> so dangerous. anything that close to your junk -- >> one wrong move and that would wreck his ball. >> play it again, one more time. >> nailed it. >> that's the first time i'm not mad at seeing a guyx naked. so did it work? >> did what work? >> i'm still thinking about miley butt naked. >> now i'm thinking about it again. >> now we have to watch it again. >> nailed it. >> pretty funny, though. >> okay. y'all tell me, is it too early to be shopping for christmas?
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>> no. >> because k-mart has done their first official christmas commercial, so the commercial that they have actually promotes k-mart's layaway program people can put stuff on layaway for christmas. take a look. noets noets. >> did we skip halloween? >> we're is 03 days before christmas. seems like a little mch. >> getting a %-ojump-start. walmart is winning. >> since we can't decide, let's go straight to the source. >> ho, ho, ho, good morning, atlanta. >> is it too early for all this or what? >> too early for what? will have to work overtime. is there overtime available? >> oh, yes, they are. very busy around here with our ho, ho, ho.
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ho, ho, hold on a second. i have jesus with me. do you get it? i did a ho, ho, hold on. i'll get him. he's in the shower. >> actually, i was just getting ready to take a bath, but i couldn't get under the water. i kept rolling around on top of it, so i had to turn on the shower. but i don't think it's ever too early to celebrate my birthday. >> did you get a haircut? >> yes, i'm going with a new you like that? not bad for 2012 years old. >> you know i only come once a year down the chimney, that's why mrs. claus and i don't have any children. >> next -- >> mama june and sugar bear tied the nknot. sort of. this was the hardest decision i've ever had to make.
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 somebody spent $31,000 to look like pamela anderson? >> yes, sir. a 28-year-old model. botox, lip fillers, teeth whiten whiteners, fake eyelashes, and guess this, boob jobs. notice i put an s. her double d implants exploded twice. >> she's going for flip over. >> if something explodes in your body one time, why would you try it again? >> aaah! >> what can you do to really
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imitate anderson? >> you're a boat guy. been doing it on a boat. she was driving him nuts. >> last night was the highly anticipated season finale of here comes hundroney boo-boo. sugar bear looked like he was going hyper venhyper vent late. >> and then the guys from duck dynasty crawled out from under her dress.3km >> i want to start off fresh. make this family a whole family. >> nothing that gets me more than seeing like a guy like
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sugar bear break down. >> and he's trying not to. >> until he starts going -- and his shoulders start going. then it was like now i'm laughing. >> i was so moved by it. >> we met mama june and sugar bear. they are the real deal. i fell in love with him that moment. now he's married and i can't have him. >> mama june said she felt like a queen -- wait, she said she felt like eating dairy queen. my bad. you do want to get them a gift, you can't go wrong with insulin. >>1(ñ they registe eed at the pharmacy. >> most talked about performance on x factor was this girl. n n
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anyone want to take a guess at how old she is? >> 19, 21. 30. >> how old are you? >> 54. >> in this light, oh, my -- >> gosh, she looks great to be 54. >> and her voice, she was a singer, too. ♪v@tñ >> she killed it. >> my grandma was not that fine. >> pretty easy to keep if together when you're in a cat suit. kind of like the whole biscuit dough effect. you squeeze it all tight. p with the cat suit off, knowing how old she is, would you hit that? >> you can't say would you hit somebody in their 50s. be more respectful. >> would you do the mo better? >> come on, that's a good chick
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because she ain't trying to get pregnant. >> i had a friend growing up and his mom was fine. i used to go over to their house as much as i possibly could. he didn't have a dad in his house -- >> you wanted to be his new daddy? >> want to apologize to him? >> i'm not sorry. next -- >> eddie murphy and snoop now have a brand new collaboration.. that and more news that would have been exciting 20 years ago. huh...anybody? julie! hey...guess what day it is?? ah come on, i know you can hear me. mike mike mike mike mike... what day is it mike? ha ha ha ha ha ha! leslie, guess what today is? it's hump day. whoot whoot! ronny, how happy are folks who save hundreds of dollars switching to geico? i'd say happier than a camel on wednesday. hump day!!! yay!! get happy. get geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more.
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time to take some of the hottest couples and combine their best features in to a creature only their mother would love. you guess the duo and we'll reveal later. he was a teen on all that and she's nicknamed the song bird supreme. hit us up with your guesses. and when we come 
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welcome back. we have the answer to our dish squish. our dish squish is nick can ól& novemb sdnon and mariah carey. here is a sneak peek at our next squish. who do you think it is? let us know on facebook and twitter. ladies and gentlemen, looks like we have an official '80sha takeover on the way. eddie murphy is now on twitter. i'm on his page. you'd think it was filled with jokes. but, no, it's listen to his first single. stay tuned for more info on upcoming album. ♪ dude is actually a legitimate
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singer. >> party all the time. >> i think we should get all of our viewers to welcome eddie murphy to twitter. let's tweet him welcome to twitter #dish nation. time for ticket or skip it. i am super excited about this movie. >> what is it? >> the family. it started michelle=%ñ fiver, robert de niro. and this movie, a notorious mafia family relocates under the witness protection program where fitting in becomes challenging. >> robert de niro is back.
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>> i'm going to take my kid with me. >> can i have take it in it look like it could be kind of cheesy, too. >> and chapter two starring patrick wilson. >> we don't want to see that. >> there's something wrong with daddy, mom. >> i have like a cold chill. like i can't -- i can watch a scary movie, but that's freaky. i can't sleep at night. my vgnerves, i can't handle stu like that. >> i'm rushing to the movie. be a man. >> what? >> i'm going to the movie.
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clint eastwood and his wife are getting a divorce. she took up with an old friend of hers from back in the day. well, guess what? so they're starting to hook up and get chummy. then his wife calls up clint and says i feel bad about what's happening so now they are seeing each other. >> i think for clint it would be more fitting to have a relationship with scott fisher's chair. >> you can do a lot with a chair, trust me. it all started because of that reality show. and clint did not like it when she put their children on the show. >> this is what celebrity wife
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swap needs to see. i want people when people switch wives to do it for real and hook up and do the actual switching. >> they did. >> but they didn't tape this, so i don't know what is going on. >> you think whatever clint eastwood is doing is still exciting? >> i hope so. >> he has one of the medic alert beepers, i swat but i can't get it up. >> clint southwood. >> no wood. 
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