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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  September 16, 2013 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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dancer since 2010. but supposedly he proposed a year ago. but she got so candid with it, she just said this is my fiance. i think it's fun thatny that he proposed with her like one weekend, like lock that down. >> if i were on a date with madonna, i'm proposing at the end of the night. >> i'm proposing when she opens the door. >> she can't go anywhere and have her secrets kept. i mean, who is sitting there in the middle of the services tweeting this? to life and style magazine so they can get a paycheck? >> the rabbi. >> here's the thing. if that donna and this guy are a couple, we have to a cute name. >> what about bradonna. >> i like it. >> perfect.
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one of two things are going on here. really rough times for the royal family or at the end of the day, the royals are just like us. because guess what kate middleton was spotted? she was spotted at mcdonald's. what is going on? i don't know if the money not flowing right. while her nanny had prince george, they stayed in the car. >> only thing i could see kate ordering from mcdonald's is the if filet of fish. >> no, number three. and a big orange hi-c. and a big thick straw. they have the best straws ever. >> what is the baby going to eat? >> maybe those animal crackers. >> those are really good. >> she'll breast feed the baby
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after she drippinks a big shake. >> they skipped burger king. royal family should eat at burger king. i would. >> prince william announced that he'll be leaving the military to become a full-time royal. so basically he's not working. kate not working. they're at mctdonald's. what do you think kate ordered? i think she probably ordered the salad. >> 99 cent one. listen, folks, nobody going to mcdonald's for a salad. >> white people. >> what i really do like, they have black toilets. >> what? >> black toilets. >> like the seat top? >> the whole toilet is black. disney has brought us such
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movie going memories like the lion king, alladin and the little mermaid. but now they are ruining going to movies forever. >> what is this about? >> they're rereleasing some of their films in an interactive format. they endo you remembcourage aud to bring ipads and iphones and they can interact and play games. >> the kids are so antsie. they constantly need to be doing something. i think this is a way to almost get them to sit. >> i guess i'm on board. i've been playing with myself and watching a little mermaid for years. >> time for we got issues. we take a look at all the magazine covers from this week and we'll start off with live and style magazine. guess who is on the cover? >> kardashian. >> lamar finally found a way to get on the cover with his wife.
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it says he's the husband from hell, blah, blah, blah. drained their bank account for drugs? isn't she worth like 100 bazillion dollars? how much drugs can one man possibly do to drain that thing. >> if lamar is draining their bank account, he could win $500 in cash on page 65 if he wants. >> i love the star thinks they have the exclusive story that chl khloe and lamar's marriage is over. about a month ago i seem to remember the same headlines. >> "ok" magazine inside jessica's surprise wedding. do you think she will go all out for wedding number two? the first they did a whole book on it. full photography spread. >> apparently they had 75 guests
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there, so it was very intimaint. >> she wants to lose weight, breast feeding helps take off the weight real quick. >> you know so much about breast feeding, it's disturbing. >> i thought you told us men can produce milk. >> if i suck on that nipple long enough, would milk come out? >> want to try? >> is it like sympathy milk? >> that will kill the buzz. >> need a little cream with their coffee? >> oh, stop it. america, this needs to be stopped. twerking all over the place, got the whole country in an uproar and she was spotted naked somewhere. we must do something now. ♪
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♪ ♪
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♪ >> don't egg him on. next -- >> i'm going to be a movie star and she's coming running back to what made her famous. what's the toughest job in the world? >> coal miner? >> oil rig worker? >> no. keeping lindsay lohan sober. ♪
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lindsay lohan hired an escort? >> high priced at that. >> really? >> well, not exactly an escort. this dude by the name of doug caine charges $2500 to be his sober coach. somebody travels around with you, make sure you donhur ure y vices you were doing. so makes sure she stays out of trouble.ub do the vices you were doing. so makes sure she stays out of trouble.b do the vices you were doing. so makes sure she stays out of trouble. do the vices you were doing. so makes sure she stays out of the vices you were doing. so makes sure she stays out of trouble. >> $2500 and that's every day? that's, what -- hold on. how much -- $2500 is what? >> a day. >> $2500 monday and tuesday, that's what, that's $10,000 -- >> no.
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>> wait. i'm trying to count. >> what about saturday and sunday? >> whoa, whoa. this is serious. >> if you let me count, i'm trying to count it. $17,500. add that up for a year. $17,500 times 52. ♪ $900,000. >> come on, gary. >> that ain't it? >> you can't add it up. >> give me a beat. >> this dude don't know it, he can't do math. she have been a poet. or maybe a designer.
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>> what if it was a leap year? >> hell, no. all right. everyone is a huge cakathleen heigl fan. she's coming back to tv, guys. don't worry, it's not gray's anatomy. because you still watch that, right? no. >> i haven't watched since denny died. never forgive shanda for that. >> that was like two seasons in. >> exactly. i ain't watching. >> she left gray's anatomy because she had to follow the he will husband tree us movie career, remember? she was like i'm going to be a movie star and she's come running back to what made her famous. >> the hollywood reporter says she's landed a starring role on a new cia drama being developed right now. same people that did the following which is the show i
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love. the one with kevin bacon. >> she's like a cia agent who was hand picked to give the president his daily briefing. they say it's like scandal meets the west wipg.>> she's so unlik. i don't know what it is about her. her husband could not be a nicer guy. >> she has to have some redeeming qualities. >> exactly. she has to. and one time i remember the police or firefighters showed up because the neighbors complained about the noise they were making. >> i had that happen a couple times. >> a diva on the streets and freak if in the sheets. >> your girls were doing -- let me out! >> apple released the iphone 5-c
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and iphone 5-s. >> you realize we'll be having the exact same conversation from thousand. the iphone 6. >> new of the new comes in silver, gold and a color called spacey gray. when i first glanced at it, i thought instead of suri, it would be the voice of macy gray. >> can i help you? >> yeah. i was just wondering the closest italian restaurant. >> i guess this is just something else for people to get excited about. >> so you're saying everyone in atlanta wants blackberry? >> draw. >> yeah. >> i want an iphone. >> next -- >> we show you the shoes on the red carpet. >> what's the only thing to make
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welcome back. we have the answer to our dish squish. it is will smith and jada. so here is a sneak peek at our
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next squish. who do you think it is? let us know on facebook and twitter. another celebrity ties the knot? >> young man patrick is like 73, he met a girl 35 and he tweeted over the weekend, yep, married. and then a big bucket of balls. >> yeah, somebody's happy. this is getting to be ridiculous. >> men marrying these young women. >> they're keeping them alive. >> and if their wedding ceremony couldn't have gotten any cooler, guess who officiated the whole thing. the guy in the x-men movies. if that dude had any of the power, he could totally make the marriage last forever. he was a mind reader, right? >> but he still can play mind games on that girl. she's 35 years old.
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>> she's grown, though. >> and this is the third time dude's be. basically what you're saying, professor x had twoe ex-wives. >> you don't do your vows at chuck e cheese in them colored balls. >> that's not encouraging. it's a rich man. >> you don't know what the future holds for me. time for walk that this way fashion. season three of the x factor premiered this week. simon is back and tck and it's t the big red carpet. everybody is excited about the fashions. what do you think about demi lovato's outfit? i heard men hate came prpri pan.
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>> i like them if you have nice calve s calves. >> i'd be dropping stuff in front of her. where is my program? >> i do love the look of the shoes if they were the right size. >> too big? >> yeah, just a little bit. her toes must be all bunched up. that must be so painful. >> too big better than too small, guy, right? >> and look at kelly roland. this girl is just -- she's a little bit finer than beyonce. good kind of looks like michelle obama there. >> that's cleavage right there. we nomeknow mario lopez and hise had their baby boy.
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so this was taken right before birth. >> she is doing the right thing. wear black. it always makes you look slime. we have no idea what kind of shoes she's wearing. she could be wearing slipper, tr flip-flops. she's comfortable. that's all that matters. >> so what is your favorite look? >> paulina. >> me, too. i'd wear that outfit. >> i'm going with the pregnant chick. >> said by no guy ever. >> this report is brought to you by the makers of dr. sholl's. next -- >> [ female announcer ] this is laura. laura's being healthy and chewing her multivitamin. with one a day vitacraves for women. it's a great-tasting gummy multivitamin designed for women with more calcium and vitamin d.
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it's gummies for grown-ups. one-a-day vitacraves for women. it's gummies for grown-ups. >> but my spots i had to lose. vo: garnier clinical dark spot corrector. a daily moisturizer with potent vitamin c. > it breaks up spots, lifts them away, prevents them from surfacing. vo: 82% saw spot reduction. dark spot corrector. garnier. what would a day be without riveting kardashian news? the young one, her twitter account was hacked by her sisters. and tweeted out some interesting things to her 4.6 million followers. >> i feel like the kardashians are a very busy family. like aren't you too busy to be fakekhloe probably just
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need as distraction right now. i think she's probably trying to unwind and have a little fun. they probably find her xeetcomp and the twitter was open. >> you know what they found, lamar's crack. [ bleep ]. >> allegedly. >> yeah, all allegedly.
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>> good morning, everyone. it's 4:25 g on this monday september 16. 1 a live look outside right now. feels pretty nice starting your workweek. i'm wisdom martin welcome to fox 5 morning news. get an early check on the weather. >> what a gorgeous weekend we had around here. things changing up this morning. clouds moving in and threat of showers for at least the first half of the day as we get a cold front coming through. let's get to the radar. there's your cold front. that's the blue bars to the t north andhe west bring showers o pittsburgh and southeasternrn ohio. that pushes to the region later this morning. i don't think it's going to be a washout but showers later this t morning to the early afternoon.o
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it will remain a cloudy day. mostly cloudy and cool with wit temperatures in the low to mid 70s. reagan national 66 degrees. 62 dulles. bwi marshall 63 degrees. mostly cloudy. low 70s in the forecast. we'll have much more in the forecast in a few. >> thanksreca very much tucker barnes. we begin with the shooting death of a 16-year-old in fairfax county. police say gerard gomez, called gerald by his friends was killei sunday morning outside of of residence inn in vienna.ienn >> police have made an arrest and believe the two had an argument before shots were fired. houston has more.ore. >> many in the crowd at the candle light vigil said people knew the man who pulled the trigger. police say jose blanco turned
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himself in. it was clear from the clear that goamedzful well liked and popular. everyone trying trying to digese news that their friend at mount vernon high was killed. >> no one knows what they were fighting about but i'm sure it didn't merit jose being killed. >> police found him after reports of a shooting.hoot he wasn't breathing. officers were unable to to resuscitate him. >> every time i need to talk to someone, he was there. >> the mother of one of the classmates called the shooting senseless. >> it was a party at a hotel that got out of hand. those close to him can'tan' understand how it could happen.
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>> he was such a good person. >> he was a junior at mount m vernon high. he played football and lacrosse. >> he was so kind. >> always consider him my brother. first moments i met always getting along with gerald, everybody liked him.. >> 16 years old. gone too soon. a woman in critical condition this morning after she was hit by two cars in prince george'sr' county. happened at the suitland parkway. running re woman was down the road and jumping on cars. one car tried to avoid hitting her but was unsuccessful sendinn her to the southbound lanes where she was hit by another vehicle. >> we have plenty ahead this morning.rnin weather, traffic and all youro top stories. >> fox 5 morning news at 4:30 starts now. >> good morning to you. time now is 4:28.
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happy monday to you as we take a live look outside to get things started for this week. we'll check in with tucker t barnes in just a second to get an update to see how the weather will be today and heading throughout the rest of the week. >> welcome to fox 5 morning news. we'll say hello to tucker bernse and get the latest on the weather.r. feels nice outside like fall is hanging around. >> comfortably cool. gorgeous weekend. changes today. not terrible. included cover and the risk of showers the first half of the day. a cold front coming in. i >> like this morning. some rain. >> like this morning, yes. >> first half of the day, dwre. >> this morning would qualify as the first half of the day. this is our half. >> our half, right. we trade it off. 66 this morning at reagan national. some people call it night be we call it day.
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we're cool out there the dynamics with this are suggesting that the-est of theft rain remain -- heaviest remain to the as that sort of back end coming through this morning we'll get the risk of scattered showersd s across the region along with w cloud cover and reenforcing shot of cooler air. behind the front really nice for tomorrow and wednesday. plenty of clouds, chance for showers, 75. i think the shower threat will primarily be this morning. by early afternoon partly sunny. >> 75 not so bad. thank you.k y >> julie wright has our first look at morning traffic.g >> off to a quiet start around the capital beltway. an early morning crash has cleared. 395 northbound the pace is good leaving


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