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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  September 19, 2013 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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us women have ab an obsession with our hair. >> so, fill the pwhraeupgs in for me. mirror mirror on the wall... >> i spend the most money of them all. >> how much money did you spend? >> i spend about a good $650 a month. >> do you find the money to get your hair done? >> mom, dad. hello. >> mirror mirror on the wall who has the biggest hair confession of them all? >> i do. >> you do? all right girl. >> the biggest hair mistake i ever made leaving a weave in too long and i ended up with dreadlocks. >> i was getting my hair dyed and i thought i was getting black and it ended up green. the biggest hair mistake was getting highlights. my hair literally broke off. >> why do you think we're so obsessed with our hair?
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>> first of all, it helps you feel sexy and adds to our personality. >> lady, thank you for being so honest. we should have it because we're all the queen of hair. see you later. bye! >> thanks. why do you damage your hair in the name of beauty? there's only one woman to answer that question. joining me is nikki walton better known as curly nikki and author of "better than good hair". 5 million people visit her sight, what she calls hair therapy. why do they come in for? >> women want freedom to be themselves. they want freedom to feel okay as they are. we dye our hair, blondes want to be brunettes. curly girls want straight hair. it's crazy. we want to change your outward appear sense and feel better about ourselves and change our
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identity. and it not only can be damaging to our hair and bodies but self-esteem >>. you have to have the perfect hair in order to feel better about yourselves. >> you have to. because unfortunately in our owes site appearance is everything. your hair frames your face and people judge you. a good hair day everything -- you're on top of the world. >> is she right about that? [applause] >> i want to you meet three women who i think agree with you. they say that they have medically destroyed their hair in the name of beauty. behind them on this wall back here is a perfect hair day that they're trying to get back. there's shea. she's a weave-aholic. >> i love it.
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it's tkpwhraeupl -- tkpwhraeupler musts. that's the reason why. >> in order to avoid any bad hair day you have a remarkable collection of weaves. these are all yours. hop up here. i want you to -- if you can and nikki you can arbitrate here, i want you to walk me through why you have all these weaves and so many colors and forms and places? >> well, i can be a diva one day and professional the other. some of this is my party hair. this is one of my favorites. the blue. i love. that it matches your shirt, dr. oz. >> where is your professional one? >> i have this one here. it has been through the ringer. and this also here and then here, this is special to me because this is actually my wedding hair. >> wedding hair. >> wow. >> doing all this, 24/7 what is
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the worst damage you've done to your hair? >> in the front i have a lot of breakage. on the side i have thining to the point where i went to get a weave and the lady braided my hair so tight and she sowed the weave to my hair to the point where i had to cut the hair out. i had bald spots. >> here's an image of it. you lost all the hair on the side. >> what i did was because it's in now, to shave the sides of your hair, i don't know if you want me to demonstrate. have here. i shave the sides of my hair because it was broken off on each side. >> you had no choice. >> yeah. >> i want to ask shea a question. i'm curious, when was the last time you went out in the real world with your real hair? like face those fears, going out without the masks? >> i'm going to be honest with you, it has been five years. >> wow. >> that i haven't been natural. >> wow.
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how did you feel the last time you went out? >> well, uhm, i felt boring, just like every other -- just a common day person. like it's not a good attention that i'm used to get with the hair. people stop me in the street and say, oh my god it's beautiful. when i wear my natural hair it's just like everybody else. >> a lot of women say they feel exposed when they take their wigs or when they wear their natural curly hair so don't feel bad. you have to be gentle with yourself. you can totally start stepping out without the weave. >> before we get to that actual step,chy do want to come back to, i think what holds you back in making that big decision is not understanding truly what is happening with these weaves. so i built you something incredible. come on over here. this is perhaps -- this is for
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all the weave wearers out there. i built you your own weave. and it is big. this is a weave back here. now, i weaved it on to natural hair which is the top dark hair. do you see that up there? when you weave your hair 24/7 you're attaching this synthetic product onto your own hair. we'll have to demonstrate what really happens. i'll take you through a scenario. you'll get to be wear and i'll be tear. i'll tell you, weaves can be dangerous. >> absolutely. >> especially if you're climbing them. now, i've got some -- come on back here. i have some weavers to help us out. these big, burly weaveers. they're pulling down on the weave which is what gravity does. you want to put a weave on because -- let's say the blue
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one. come up there. as you climb up there on the weave, what's the worst that can happen? >> i don't think i can get up there, doc. >> keep going. >> i don't think i can do. >> i'll give you one more second. i'm waiting for you. >> okay. okay. >> there she goes. one more step you got it. here's what we're gonna do, saturday morning you're gluing on your weave. when you do that what happens, folks? things fall off you. unfortunately it begins to tug. the more you manipulate the weave -- because remember you have to take it off later on. the third time you put it on in the last couple of days you glued it over and damaged the hair and pulling on it and what happens to the hair? it starts to come out. when it comes out it's not pretty. it falls all over the place and soon, the next thing you know
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you you've got craziness happen and you don't want that because that's damage to the hair. this is the problem with the weaves. you're watching it all fall out. the question becomes what can we do from preventing the weave from damaging us. put one step up. >> okay. >> two -- cheer her on! cheer her ! she's got it. she got her weave done. all right. come on down here. nice job. >> thank you. >> so i've got a game plan. come on forward here. i'm going to take you backstage and if you're okay with this i'm going to take off that weave because i want to see you being brave and being the person that you are, beautiful and hidden under there, even without the hair framing your beautiful face. >> okay. i'll go for. >> we'll be right back stkpwhrfpl the curling iron
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catastrophe that took youtube by storm. plus, you paralyze the hair. >> why you should relax already with the relaxers. >> >> i was diagnosed with final stages of hodgkins disease and my precious girls taught me how to live and they're 21 and i'm 21 years cancer free. >> stay with us. >> i love learning from people. you're going to be teaching me a lot today. 
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>> we're talking about the biggest hair mistakes you make. this is jamie. jamie has used relaxers to straighten her hair since age five. here's a timeline of her. it's amazing. all through her life she was straightening her hair. why is that? >> well, at five my hair was big and curly and it was hard to
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comb. i used to cry a lot. my mom had straight relaxed hair. i wanted my hair to be way too so we could comb through it. end of story i had her relax it ever since. >> what's the worst damage you've done? >> i had a lot of chemical burns. i had a burn across my fore head. i've had burns in my scalp. it used to ooze. the sores used to ooze. i got a back burn on the back of my neck toy had a star. >> i'm hearing about folks who are risking bodily harm in order to get their hair to look better. >> straight hair in our society is the standard of beauty. women a who do not have naturally straight hair go to great lengths and risk bodily harm and damage. you didn't have a choice because your mother did it. it's been generation after generation to make things easier.
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>> she did it out of love but i'm doing it out of love too. see how much pain we can cause people. risk her life climbing that. let me show you what's going on in your hair. this is an animation of what goes on inside the hair when you actually use some of these chemical relaxants. the coils in the hair wind up. when you chemical treat it you pull apart the connections. you paralyze the hair. you pulverize the hair. when you look closer, that cutele, it gets frayed. when you fray it, you actually fray the entire. you can damage the scalp underneath t they're more than the hair. they're the hair they should have. cox on back. what advice would you give to jamie? >> my advice, jamie, i want you to understand we're not here to judge you, bully and shame you. you'll of to come to your own
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decisions in your own time. i have a soon to be three-year-old and her hair is natural still and i want to stop this cycle. i want the cycle to stop here. that way they won't have to go through the same hang-ups and self-esteem problems we've been through. if you want to go natural and let your daughter go natural and you support each other. [applause] >> finally, her infamous curling iron catastrophe took youtube by storm. take a look. >> hey, guys. i'm basically just curling my hair. >> do it like this. and grab a little. (gasps) oh my god.
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[applause] >> i don't even know why i'm laughing, it's so tragic. that video has over 30 million views. have you used one since then? >> it took about a month but, yes, i have. >> i would have never used one again. >> it looks like you've got beautiful hair. >> it hasn't fully but it is -- >> it's shorter. >> oh, yes, i see where it happened. nikki, what happened? when you said 20 seconds i thought that's a long time. it completely snapped off? >> i don't know exactly what products you used but it could have been a dangerous mix of using an alcohol-based before you used the curling iron or having the heat up too high. both of those two things together is a recipe for
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disaster. that's what i think happened. >> what's the natural thing? what should we use? >> i know you want to be team curly. you like the attention that curls demand. i have a product here called curl former. it's new. i'll put one right here to show you. you take a small piece of hair. thank you, dr. oz. >> if this falls out we'll get more than 30 million views. >> these are called curl formers and they're available at your local beauty supply. you would do these. you put one all over your head. when you take them out after your hair is completely dry you have beautiful perfect curls and it's kind of cute like this, too. i like that. >> you all curious what happened to shea? you wants it see what she looks
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like? >> all right. >> shea, god bless you. she's gone ahead. come on out, shea. [applause] >> thank you. i love. >> how does it feel facing the world without the weave? >> i love it. it really looks good. >> you look stunning. stunning. we'll be right back. what's the funniest caption for this picture of dr. oz. tell us yours with hashtag oz caption. and up next, >> let's go! >> did thus sound like your house? >> if i'm not yelling they're not listening. >> you know what your blood pressure went up to? how you're kphraoupb indicating with your family is making you sick. >> your children just tune you out. >> yell less and you'll be heard
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more. >> i can't hear you because i'm too busy fighting with you. woah, this kitchen is beautiful! give him the tour. let me show you! soft-close drawers, farm sink! um... where's my room? we had to take just a little bit for the kitchen. because your kitchen dreams can be big. ikea has it all.
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 woah, this kitchen is beautiful! give him the tour. let me show you! soft-close drawers, farm sink! um... where's my room? we had to take just a little bit for the kitchen. because your kitchen dreams can be big. ikea has it all. >> i wants to ask you a question. you lash out at the people you love because no one seems to be listening to you. well, you're not alone. we're about to meet a mother who feels if she's not yelling, they're not listening. >> meet delores, a stay-at-home mother of three who like many of you, feels her familiar list out of control and she just can't get anyone to listen to her.
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>> good. aoeuplt not going to tell you again. let's go. >> we wanted to see how the stress of her life was impacting her health. so we went to her house and put a heart rate monitor on her and followed her for the day. >> come not on, we got two minutes. >> trying to get them ready for school pushes me beyond the edges. >> we're not not phalz and. we don't jump on the couch. >> as soon as they get up the chaos begins. >> don't you ever listen. >> my hardest thing seriously i love them to death but i seriously want to kill them sometimes. they're never ready so i end up skraoeping and cursing. >> cut the [bleep] already. >> i got to the point where i ripped the cable wire out of the wall just to get attention. every time i'm at my breaking point because no one is listening to me. >> i do feel guilty and feel bad about how i should have kept my cool. but if i'm not yelling, they're not listening.
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my husband has to work seven days a week to support the fally so i can take home and take care of the worlds. i feel like i don't get a break and he doesn't listen to me. >> every day i feel like i'm going to explode. how much more can one person take. >> everyone welcome delores. not a woman alive does president identify with you. >> that's why i put that heart monitor on you. your body fuels the yelling. i'll give you a couple of examples how i know that. if that's okay. >> that's fine. >> so 8:50 in the a.m. your heart rate is 73. that was fantastic. at 12:10:00 p.m., precisely, you were telling at your kids to turn off the tv, and as you did that, your heart rate shot up to 108.
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anything above 100 puts you in a danger zone. we all have a certain number of times our heart beats in our lifetime. when your heart is going at 108 you're wasting those beats. help me understand what your body is telling you. what do you feel when you have these moments like yelling at your children? >> i feel my blood boiling and my blood pressure is rising. i feel it. i can definitely feel. >> how does stress manifest itself in your house? >> i have gained close to 100 pounds since before children. breakouts. uhm, fatigue. loss of feeling -- restless and things like that. >> you come to the doctor with those complaints, we may be looking at the solution right in your own home. it's one of the reasons i feel
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so passionately about these topic because we miss the clues. one of the clues, maybe the most important one is your blood pressure. it tells me how much your heart is squeezing the blood out and how much you're about to burst from the pressure of what you're sensing in life. your blood pressure tells me in a very real way. your lowest blood pressure was 126/96. the lower number higher than i want. then you start yelling at your kids and you went all morning line. they weren't getting dressed for school and you had trouble getting them out. all of that is falling apart. you know what your blood pressure went up to? >> i can't even imagine. >> i'm going to hold you to this. 156/122. that's a toxic toxic number. i mean, people have big issues, they stroke with those numbers and have heart attacks with
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those numbers. we see that in young ages. >> not good. >> i actually think that how you're communicating with your family is literally making you sick. what creates the most stress for them? the yelling at them? >> no one's listening and if i'm not yelling they're not listening. >> they cannot hear you. >> they cannot hear me. >> want to change? >> absolutely. i want to be healthy. >> i spent a lot of time thinking about you and think about how many people can learn about this story. so i asked someone who i think is the one person who i know who can make the difference and change your situation for good. i want to you meet a woman who was mediating one of the most explosive things on tv >> when you're sitting with people if you don't do anything you're a dumb ass. >> she's a straight talking doctor who finally brought
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sanity to that notorious family feud on the real housewives of new jersey. better known as dr. v. if it goes to problem solver in los angeles who juggles it all, running a booming practice and managing a busy household of six. >> sometimes things get chaotic. i have four boys under the age of eight and i have my mom and my dad and i have my husband. i feel like i'm always being torn in a million directions. i think a lot of women scream and rage at their families because women are expected to be so many things. and i think that creates an enormous amount of pressure. you just end up exploding. my counseling approach is really to throw away all the fancy terminology. i'm all about heart and humor
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and throwing out the [bleep]. that's what makes me different. >> dr. v is backstage. we'll meet her when we come back. up next, the surprising way to be heard by lowering your voice. and later, does your man exercise half naked? >> absolutely. wouldn't do it any other way, dr. oz. >> don't go away.


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