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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  September 20, 2013 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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and it's a blatant act of hostage taking. >> this bill doesn't allow thee government to do what it can too improve the lives of our people. >> in the end house republicans prevail. >> reporter: the bill is passed. >> reporter: openeportethe enrt for obama care was supposed to start october first. the "wall street journal" found glitches on on incorrectly calculating the people's amounts of coverage.coa they disagree on defunding obama care, what they do agree on is what would be a devastating effect for the federal workforcf in this city should the shutdown go into effect. >> that is no way for democracy to operate, it's not going toino work, and that means next week we're going to come very close to the deadline of a shutdown. >> reporter: f democrats have e been saying the democrats are dividechedded. divided, in the senate takes upp
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the bill monday leaving eight days until the deadline. it's important to remember the democrat leader harry reid, the senate will vote to keep the government running but striprip away the defunding of obamaama care. the president has repeatedly said that he will veto any pill that dismantles his healthcare reform. a federal judge is siding with the navy and refusing arefs request to reveal details aboutb the burial of osama bin laden. islamic tradition was followeda for the burial and only seniorsr officers knew about it, no sailors witnessed it. the judicial watch asked to get the classified information through theclass freedom ofeedom information act. the ruling comes a few monthsw after a federal court of peals e court turned down the appeals ts get photos of raid that killed osama bin laden. will remember the victims of the navy yard
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shooting on on president obama and first lady a will attend a service at thehe marine barracks at southeast. the time of the services has noo been made public, we will bring you the service if its entirety >> we are learning more aboutler the system ofn the governmentvem background checks and security clearances.rances aaron alexis had a security clearance despite the state oft his mental health. that clearance allowed him into building 197 where he opened fire killing 12 people. a computerized record of 911 calls, and radio traffic at at the navy yard is revealing, aing minute by minute account,cot, obtained by fox 5, suggests that the shooting and search for aaron alex see alexis went on f0 minutes. >> maureen, the fbi has released little information on exactly houk, aaron alexis terrorized
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people inside of the building 197. >> reporter: workers in theorkr building were sharing sh information on the shooter and the shots fired with 911 and hiding wherever they could. when aaron alexis opened fire on the 4th floor of building 197 at 8:20 on monday morning, 911 dispatchers began receiving frantic calls.franti the subject is reloading outside of the door, room 3 west, 2830 says one caller. another one says heard ten shotn inside of building. the third says female can hear someone yelling don't shoot. there were also descriptions of the gunman with one dispatcher running, people running out ofri the navy yard, plaque outfitaque with a shot gun, male with a shotgun. >> subject is a black male, 6-foot close, dark complex, black pants, polo shirt, subject as a shoulder fire, a third says all plaque cloth armed -- black clothing arm with
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an ar15. one dispatcher makes reference to the deathkes of the police officer, richard, his weapon has been tang. a navy guard police officer, in the parking garage. he is stating that he is already deceased. >> there's numerous calls with i people telling 911 where they wr are hide being. somewhere rooms where filing cabinets have been pushed upsh against the doors.e the time line suggests that the shooting went on for at least 40 minutes. at 8:57 a.m., they are now saying support is on the first e floor of building 197. yowe now know alexis was killedl the upperd floor. there are no sprees significantt alexis has been shot examinene killed. a reference tie room on then third floor. >> although aaron alexis had been shot dead by police, it would be hours before investigators were certain theye had ended the attack..
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with information there may bebe have been two other people involved. the fbi has not come up with a motive for the attack.k. although james comey, the fbifb director has told that it was not terrorism. they searched for alexis car and hotel room are still under seal. paul wagner. and tonight we're learning that alexis had the background check for security clearancesecu done byri the very same firm tht investigated nsa leaker edward snowden, bob barnard joins usins with that part of the story. >> bob. nothing's coincidence alaboualal aboutcoincidentalaboy does a number of background checks. the company in question is u.s. investigation services or usisus based in falls church posting on its website that nationaltial security is our focus, confirming that in 2007usis 20
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conducted a background check onn navy yard murderer aaron alexis an it specialist for a defense contractor with the governmentnt security clearance despite clear warning signs that he was having mental health issues. in a statement to fox 5 news, the usis spoke man says we are contractually prohibited from retaining background checks. office of personnel management, and therefore are unable to to comment further on the nature oe scope of this or any other background chefnlgt th check. the company confirms it wasconfr hired toms look into theo background of edward snowden, the nsa contractor accused of leaking security information. in a press release, usis says, the company performed a five year periodic reinvestigationesa for mr. snowden's clearance in february 2011.uary 2 usis did not perform the background investigationgrou supportingnd snowden's initial security clearance. national security analystt
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michael owe hanly says he faults not the company but the system. >> it's a privilege to have a clearance and there could be an ongoing monitor of your behavior at some level.level if you wind out shooting theshog tires of a car, or if you wind up showing other kinds of mental unstable behavior, presumably there should be some triggers. we can automate a lot of this to get to the initial threshold of suspicion and turn cases over to more diligent investigators who want those kind of warningrng signs. right now the warning signs are not tabulated until you 5 or ten years later go back. u.s. senator, clara mccaskill shares a committee, says that usis has shown a pattern of failures, and agrees that the system of back groundck checks is also broken, maureen. bob barnard, thank you. more ahead tonight at i 6:0. talk about the ultimate schoolte excuse note.note the story min behind this pictu.
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get connected and maximize the quality of life. we want people to live out theio years at home in a safeway. and opportunities like these are nonthreatening we're comingwe'r together, we're eating, we're we talking and socializing andsocia we're using our brains at the sameour time. so -- >> i'm sue palka. it's a beautiful friday here on d.c. hope you have plans to get outot and enjoy t we do have rain inhe the forecast. it's a 50/58. 50 >> going to dinner a couple of minutes. girl, let's go. you have reason to be excited about the future. how do you rule jo roast jo, it's not that easy. the news edge at 6:00 continues. 
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au greenbelt man has been
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arrested are raping a minor. he has been charged with humanwh trafficking and second degreecod rape among other charges. ch he was found it with a minor in a local charles county hotel this week. minor was missing from virginiag and told police she was forcedd to perform sexual acts for drugs. the minor has been placed in the custody of virginia state police. he is being held without bond. the edge on virginia, thee look out man for several smash e and grab robberies in our area r will spend seven years in jail. floyd davis was sentenced today after pleading guilty earlier this year to theft. police used the tips along withh the surveillance video along with the cell phone records torr break the case. he is connected to 15 robberies, and in several stores along in maryland and pennsylvania. a twist that is the concept behind the memory cafe helping e people with dementia and others and their caregivers.
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s new restaurant opened in maryland today. to not the sort of thing you normally see here on fox 5, but this restaurant is different. fox 5's beth parker stopped by for lunch.nch. there's a cash register andd silver ware, but they're not serving up the usual at this restaurant instead it'sad compassion on the menu. >> this is so wonderful to be here. >> it's called memory cafe. >> and this is -- >> get out. >> sarah haggins has been be married to her husband for 43r 3 years, he is a retired engineerr who has parkinson's and early dementia. >> you know, he is a pretty smart person, and he doesn't quite have -- >> the frederick county department of aging has opened a restaurant inside its senior center. they're serving people with
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alzheimer's and other forms of dementia and their care givers. >> i like to go out with friende and meet people. >> we usually go over and have a meal together. >> i think having a meal might h be not as threatening than just going to a support group wherep you have to stand up and tell te your story. >> now on each table there are cards, this one says when you yu were a teenager what did you and your friends do for fun? >> this one says of all the pets you had, which was your favorite? the idea is not just to break br the ice and get people talking, but also to get their minds working. >> we are told that social engagement programs like the memory cafe, exercise, eating right, these are factors that can help slow down the progression of the disease. >> they chat about things like staying fit. >> and al alzheimer's itself.
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half of the people that have it don't know that they have it. >> the lunch costs just a few dollars. >> thank you.ank those here, believe thatat it's those lunch dates worth keeping. >> we hope you join us dependnd next month. in frederick county maryland, beth parker, fox 5x 5 news. this might be the best excuse for missing school. president obama wrote a handwritten note for 5-year-old alan as she was visiting. she asked a note to show her kindergarten teacher and he obliged. >> now that note better not endt up in the office. fi that needs to go right back to her. sue, beautiful day today. we have not had a lost rain in september. >> we haven't. >> and thisptbe is how it's pava the way for the news i'm about to give you. >> it's softening the blow. >> softening the blow becausehel it's going toow rain around heru
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tomorrow and there's some thingh happening around tomorrow. that's going to be a tough one.n let's take a live look outside, on this beautiful fridayiday evening. you know what, we have the maryland terrapins playing in in baltimore against west virginia and that isagains at the m and n baltimore. if you are heading for that one, you want to take rain gear for o that one. little going to be a bit of thunder in the card for us, but hopefully, we can dodge an lot of outdoor events. that's a great event. we got up to 82 degrees, at reagan, dulles at 80, and temperatures are so pleasant this evening, i hope you can sit on the front stoop a little bitt or make a reservation outsideon while the tables are still stil available on these beautiful evening. our last friday night of summer because fall officially begins on sunday.on it's going to end this month off -- the season of summer with wit heavy rain potential for us tomorrow, and i want to show yoo where it's all coming from. this has a bit of a tropicalical
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connection. the gulf of mexico has been busy. we had heard manuel come in to mexico from the pacific, and tex texas is getting pounded. austin texas had four itches of rain in two hours. ho texas has had a lot of drought going on, and now they're th getting too much rain. ra we don't think that kind rain rn gets in here, put of should that rain is going to beou moving in our area from west to east tomorrow. most of the morning will be primarily dry. the afternoon and into thed int evening hours a different storyt tonight we had a couple of, a a little showers popping along thg ridge those won't get this here and we will generally have clear skies, but thickening clouds during the morning and you will start to see showers showing up on the fox 5 weather app if you have it. the cool frontal boundary is the trigger. it's going to be sliding througg during the day. the at one point it looks like this would be soke slow, it would stl rain on sunday.n sunday it's going to be a drier day, a little on the blustery
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side as w that will be good news for thee redskins, this frontal boundary because it's going to be out ahead of it, and plenty of moisture that we're going togoig have showers and thunderstorms in the area. how much rain are we talking about? we are going make quite a bit of a deficit. if we get a thorpe a thunderstoh to an inch and a half not out o the question. we think, a spotty shower in the morning, but you can see the bulk of it starting to show up at the noon hour along and the interstate of 81, i'm pausing this at 5:00, if you're getting ready to go to the nats game, aa couple of showers, at 5:00 when they are slated to begin. there could be a few delays, midnight a little bit of thunder as this finally clears our area by sunday morning.rning. pausing this at 1:00, redskins fans it's going to be dry but breezy, a pleasant sunday. we're splitting the difference.
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here is the accuweatherweath forecast, it's only 70s and the only day we are having rainn and thunder is tomorrow, and the rest of it is smooth sailing. we could easily get an inch to an inch and a half. lf some areas flooding issues to the west. >> we will have to wait ask see. >> thanks, sue. thas, and the nats may be the hottest team in all the major league baseball, but this hot streak will it carry them to a wild card spot. that is what i'm trying to say. lindsay murphy will have thee real story coming up next in sports. remember the super bowl half time show, where mia came under fire for the obscene gesture, he gave fans the finger during madonna's performance.rfrm now the nfl is suing the mia and demands a public apology. the lawyer says the suit is for the books.
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i'm terry mcauliffe, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad. ken cuccinelli's ad twists the facts. terry mcauliffe had no role in running the company and owned just 1/1400th of the company's stock. it's ken cuccinelli we should worry about. pursuing an extreme agenda. interfering in our personal lives. and waging war on abortion, even in cases of rape and incest. ken cuccinelli. he's focused on his own agenda. not us.
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hello, everybody, i'mverybo lindsay murphy, will it be nats park or the stadium. the big talk.he big town is the nfl big event is coming to the nation's capital.n the day is new years day, and the venue and opponent to beto e determined.determi but the players know all aboutka it. two years ago they played the penguins on new year's day at pittsburgh and the caps beat their rivals 3-1. they will make the a nowngsment official tomorrow, he has been h wanting it it since they got aa taste of the game two years ago. imagine if the nats got hot in june, but they did start a s little bit late, but they're not mathematically out of it. they are back in the wild card
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chase with only five games toto play. it would be a change, because they have been thechan hottest e by far in the final two months of thel season with the win over the marlins, and also rafael soriano's 42nd save. they improved 28-11 on august 9th. that's the best mark in the bigs, george zimmerman will tak the mound trying to keep the nats wild card alive. the streak has come to an end on 29 games, that is one shy of the zimmerman's record of 30,0, stephen strasburg he has passed his test, he will startstart tomorrow. on to the redskins,ify players are liste listed as questionablo sunday's game. and there may be a slight shifth at the tight end position, last week, jordan reed was targeted three times by rgiii, that wastt in the 4th quarter ofter of sunday's loss at green bay.
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conversely, davis seemed to be missing in action. a he dropped one pass and caught his only one ball for threethree yards. he was asked about having onlyoy five total snaps in the second half. >> it was surprised and kind frustrated want to help out. but that is what happens. kind of like that during practice, before we even came, , kind of really locating. somebody got a, got a good drive, they are just leaving it. >> last night at the lands down resort, former skins joke was roasted anroasted and toasted.dn how do you do that?? >> here is how.e is >> i probably spent more time with joe gibbs than anybody in this room and it was not pleasant. >> he would get up in these meetings and his voice would get
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higher. it was almost as if somebody was roasting a rooster. >> you got to go kick theirtheir buns. he always wants to be in charge. this is the way our relationshit was. anytime i tried to offer any constructive advice, shut up anp run it, that's all i would ever hear. >> kick their buns, no it's on s you now. >> lindsay, i love that. >> and we will see you tonight at 10:00. 
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>> today on "tmz" -- >> the audacity of britney spears to be a coke enthusiast when she made millions off of pepsi. >> she has been wheeling and dealing in the stock market. she sold 574 shares of coke. she lost $640 on mcdonald's. she invested in john deere. >> the stock, i like tractors! >> i got this video of michael jackson doing a photo shoot. a sheet of paper has the holes in the wall. he starts to crawl through the hole. he can't get his leg through. he eats it so hard. >> what was it for? >> it was for "ebony" magazine, ow did he qualify? >> brian holloway called out kids on line for tsh


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