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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  September 23, 2013 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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police are there and no trains are moving through that area at this time. also, what we are following right now. the red cross says 62 people have been killed at a terrorist attack in kenya. it is unclear what the situation is like there. >> we do know loud explosions, gunfire erupted today as that siege entered day number three. kenyan officials said the government forces have taken control of the mall. they say two of the militants are dead, ten others arrested and the hostages have been freed. president obama talked to kenya's president via the phone. >> we stand with them against this terrible operation that occurred. >> the militant group is taking responsibility for this attack and claims three americans took part in the attack. the state department says they have no confirmation that americans were involved with the group, but, the department did confirm that five u.s.
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citizens were hurt. >> now there are some who believe it's not a matter of if, but had a terrorist plays out at a shopping mall right here in the u.s. scott broom spent the day talking to security experts. >> the cell phone video shows people scurrying, but some standing up tall looking to see what is going on despite obvious gunfire. it is the wrong instinct. >> bring that down. >> this is a television show called surviving disaster. an episode surviving a mall attack, who reacted by phone today. >> if you can remember these two things, you'll have a chance of getting out alive. get down and move. that's all you need to do. get off that kill zone. >> cade means crawl, not just duck. and head for the exit in the rear of the store, not out in the mall. >> if you are standing out, if you're looking around, you are an easy target. >> in cordova, tennessee,
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local responders trained for a mall attack scenario, convinced it is a very real possibility here at home. it is surprising when you look at that kenya video, that maybe people don't react the way you think you would. safety experts say in the one and a million chances, it pays not to live in fear, but what you would do to be prepared for the possibility of a mall attack. scott broom, wusa9. >> now one of the largest shopping malls in the country, the mall of america in minneapolis, holds lockdown drills twice a month. cust merse practice sheltering and in order to minimize casualties in the case of an attack. we are one week away from a possible government shutdown and neither side appears ready to back down. the republican controlled house is already passed the spending bill to defund obama care and texas republican senator, ted cruise, promises he will block any spending bill that funds healthcare reform. still, a lot of democrats and
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everyone some republicans say this is nothing more than posturing. >> tactics and strategies aught to be based on what the real world is and we do not have the political power to do this. >> this is about running for a president with ted cruz. this isn't about meaningful statesmanship. >> if the government were to be shut down, some federal programs like social security would continue, but, other ageneral se sis like the e.p.a., they would be effectively shut down. what is more, 1/3 of all federal employees would be furloughed. national parks would be closed and paychecks to soldiers would be delayed. >> meantime, our d.c. government preparing for a possible government shutdown. the city has a contingency plan to deliver essential services like school, fire, and police, but, some agencies would have to close their doors. including the department of motor vehicles, department of consumer and regulatory affairs. public works and public
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libraries. trash will go uncollected for a week. the d.c. government is the only u.s. jurisdiction prohibited from spending its own money in a federal budget impasse. we have more on the impact the shutdown would have on our local government coming your way at 11:00. >> and the irs employee at the center of a tea party scandal is retiring. lois, head of the division that handles application for tax exempt status and she was placed on paid leave back in may. after the agency acknowledged that agents improperly targeted tea party groups for extra scrutiny. republicans have called for her to be fired. >> tonight, friends are remembering a woodbridge teenager stabbed to death over the weekend. 18-year-old, kenny diaz was found pleading. witnesses say they saw the woodbridge high school football player on a basketball court before he was stabbed. police say it does not appear to be a random crime. the statement on the woodbridge high school website reads, students and staff of woodbridge high school are
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united and sad by the loss of kenny diaz. he will be missed. memories will sustain us as we work to heal and move forward together. a plane that took off from dulles airport crash landed next to a highway near lake in florida. it veered off the road into some bushes. only the pilot was on board and we're told that person wasn't hurt. federal aviation administration is investigating. an explosion in manassas sent dozens of employees running for cover. that blast came from a high- tech weapons research and development company that makes combustion gas guns for the military. a pressurized canister with a mixture of gases had a leak and blasted through the roof and crashed again on its way down. one person did suffer some minor injuries. you think we would be getting used to it by now, but
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a new nickname for the quarterback. rg0-3. a lot of folks are blaming quarterback. exactly what the head coach had to say and he says there's enough blame to be around. >> of course, these guys aren't panicking. even though many of the fans may be. they don't feel any desperation yet. robert griffin, iii, has taken the blame for everything. and some aspects, he probably should. that knee is hampering, but even more so, this is a guy working under the pressure of last year's success, impressing too hard to make things happen. all costing his team. griffin is getting the attention and blame because he is the leader of this team. however, much should fall on the defense. they allowed 1464 yards through their first three games. that's the most ever in the nfl. here's what mike shanahan had to say about that this afternoon. >> i was really pleased with
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our defense. kind of going into the game. i thought we had a good week of practice. i thought we played hard. we gave up some big plays in a passing game. we had a couple missed assignments where they got a couple big plays. we had a couple, you know, young players make mistakes. but hey, that's part of football. but i was much better than the first two games. not as good as we want to do, but i like the direction we are headed. >> that's interesting. good news is, the skins have one more game before their bye week and they get a chance to work on everything. right now, the skins chance of making the post season is a measly, 3%. >> wow. >> you're saying there's a chance. >> there's still a chance. and the division is really bad, so, positive. >> oakland isn't that great. >> they have been more of a surprise, but still should be a winable game. >> watch monday night football and find out how they are tonight. >> all right, the heartwarming story coming up.
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these stories always get to me. coming up, local troops are reunited with their families after spending the last several months away from home. >> all right, topper, hi. >> 69 today was the high. it's getting chilly. here are the temperatures right now. they are falling like a stone. 65 downtown. already 45 in oakland. and 63 in manassas. we'll tell you how cool or chilly it's going to be tonight and if it's going to warm up. >> up next on the heels of our investigation of the drug dealing at the betty ford center. a former patient reveals how the drugs get inside. that story is
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only on 9 tonight, a rare glimpse of what is going on at some of the rehab facilities. >> speak publicly for the first time about the drug use
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they witnessed in treatment. and as andrea mccarren tells us, they reveal some of the unusual and extraordinary ways that addicts will smuggle them in. >> i'm mortified it has taken this long. >> audrey hope, a veteran addiction counselor that worked with celebrity clients and big name treatment facilities. she says state inspectors, at least in california, are simply too lax. >> they went once to check on someone in the rehab i worked with. he said i didn't do it and they left. >> addicts she says will do just about anything to get their fix. >> they urinate for each other. they go to head shots and buy apparatuses that make it look like it is their urine. >> and andrea mccarren will have more and the other secrets from inside the rehab center coming your way tonight on wusa9 news at 11:00. and coming up at 7:00, an
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emotional homecoming for dozens of reservists and their loved ones that have been separated for a very i was honored to serve as governor of virginia. we brought folks together in richmond to focus on creating jobs and getting results. that's the virginia way. and that's why i'm backing terry mcauliffe for governor. terry won't let ideological battles get in the way of making progress. terry will work with democrats, republicans, and independents to create jobs and move virginia forward. it's important for virginia that we elect terry mcauliffe as our governor.
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i'm terry mcauliffe, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad.
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here's what we are working on right now. as police try to gain control of the kenyan mall, we are learning some of the terror suspects are from right here in the united states. >> 9 wants to know how these groups recruit americans and the mayor's plan for a government shutdown. >> what wow you won't be able to do if congress can't get its act together. >> also, it is the story on u.s.a. today on the front page there. drug dealing. a former patient tells how the drugs getting inside. >> that's tonight after hostages on wusa 9 news at 11:00. >> blackberry is being sold. the once dominant smart phone company ed tosell itself
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for $4.7 billion to a group led by it largest shareholder. fairfax financial holding. shareholders will get $9 in cash for every share they own. shares plunged friday after the company announced 4500 layoffs and a loss of nearly a billion dollars. we still don't know how many stores wal-mart will build in the district. but we do know that the company opened hiring centers for two new locations today. the recruiting employees for stores at 2nd and h streets and along georgia avenue and northwest. just like last week, the d.c. council failed to override mayor gray's veto, which warned could jeopardize its plans in the city. happy homecoming this morning out of joint base andrews. >> about 75 reserve troops with the 459th air refueling wing reunited after several months overseas. kristin fisher was right there with them on the line. >> i'm going to see daddy. >> five-year-old, luke, and
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his older brother, william, haven't seen their dad. it's more like 60 days. but, that's long enough for mom, stephanie aiken. >> this is deployment number 6. >> the weekends are the hardest. everybody else is with their families and having fun and having cookouts. >> how excited are you to see daddy? >> awesome. awesome. >> we're excited right now. we didn't sleep last night. >> also waiting for his dad in a nearby hanger. >> show your muscles. >> they already waited months. now they are just minutes away. but for little boys waiting for their dads to return from war, those final minutes are the most difficult. >> they tell you you can, okay? >> it's worth it just to have them home. i would wait for ever just to have them. >> it's a really snowy home.
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i missed you. >> i'm ecstatic. saw him jumping up and down. are you happy to have daddy home? >> those are some of the roughly 75 reserve troops that returned home today. they is been stationed somewhere in southeast asia in support of operation enduring freedom. but their exact mission is still being kept a secret. >> love you. >> at andrews air force base, wusa9. >> and some of those troops are returning from a two month deployment. others had been overseas for six months, but the most of them, this was not their first deployment. i love seeing that video. >> keeping your family safe. wusa9's first alert weather. >> topper will be keeping us safe from too much sunshine this week. >> severe clearance is what we call it. it is chilly out there right now. it's going to warm up as we go through the week. a little like october tonight, but more like september by
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wednesday and thursday. a live look outside. even with full sun, we hit 69 today. right now, we're looking at temperatures in the mid 60s downtown. dew points are low. that gives you an indication of how low we could go. humidity only 43%. winds light. that's not a factor. we have a perfect night for things to cool off quickly. temperatures already 59 in germantown. 58 in reston and 58 in fairfax. 61 in arlington. but already 62 down in waldorf. so, chilly again tonight, grab a sweater. taking a long walk or late walk with the dog. then tomorrow, a chilly start, but a milder finish. so a little better day tomorrow and warmer and nice on wednesday. just keeps getting better and better and we get into thursday, stays dry, don't think we'll see any showers and in fact, we'll end up dry right on through the week. for tonight, clear skies, chilly again. 42 to 52.
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winds light, north, northwest at 5 to 10. not much of a factor. in town, you're in the low 50s. but you get out of town and not too far, it's 46. 45 in rockville. 43 out in sterling. and 44 in fairfax. 42 in latensville. and we're looking at mid 40s over toward bowie and upper marlboro. so to start, sunny and chilly. jacket, good idea. 40s and 50s and by afternoon on tuesday, sunny, milder, gorgeous. high temperature 70 to 75 and winds light northwest at 10. so, gorgeous tomorrow, beautiful wednesday and well, beautiful again thursday. upper 70s as we get into wednesday. upper 70s also into thursday. next seven days. your eyes are playing tricks, we do not have a drop or thunder bolt on the map. looking at a dry stretch here. temperatures upper 70s friday and saturday. maybe near 80 as we get into sunday and monday, sunshine and temperatures again upper 70s to near 80. >> beautiful. >> beautiful.
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>> last season we saw her, tonight we get to meet her. coming up next, hear from the woman who plays the title character in tonight's season premier of how i met your mo
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all right, tonight marks the beginning of the end for how i met your mother. this is the 9th and final season for the cbs sitcom in tonight's season premier. we final lee get to meet the mother. of course we got a first glimpse played by krista at the end of last season, now we get to see how she and ted finally did meet and fall in love. >> there was always the question of when we meet, when will we meet this gal? will it be the last moment of the series, will we never see her? i thought it was really smart to introduce her at the end of last season. it seems like they are threading her through the season. >> one ticket, please. >> she is like a history nerd.
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she's a music nerd. she's a literary nerd. she is very funny. she is kind of a little bit like the female version of ted, i think. >> tonight's one hour season premier picks up after robyn, it does air tonight at 8:00 right here on wusa9. i always thought there was hope for ted to be with robyn. >> wait a minute, tonight, it is the series premier of hostages. tony plays a regular mom and a surgeon chosen to operate on the president, but then, dillon mcdermott shows up. he's an fbi agent who takes the family hostage and is going to kill them if she doesn't help assassinate the president with that operation. that sets in motion a whole series of consequences that finds them battling to out wit each other. that's the new show at 10:00 and of course, immediately followed by wusa9 news at 11:00.
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i think that is going for one season. >> it looks good. >> it's interesting, isn't it? >> a lot of good tv watching tonight. >> and that's all for 9news at 7:00. we're back at 11:00. we have the latest on the deadly attack at
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right there you want it, huh? >> yeah. >> want to see the money?
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give me the money. "e.t." owns the emmys. >> that was the best yet. ♪ applause. applause. >> fabulous. >> is michael douglas determined to get back with catherine. what he told me. >> everything is going to be fine, and i'm very hopeful. >> does "mad men" jon hamm need throat surgery? what we know about the new report. "scandal's" kerry washington on her secret marriage. >> all i can do is what i do. >> is she hiding a baby bump? and our exclusive with larry hagman's son on the emmy memorial controversy. >> there was a little bit of disappointment. >> plus, matt damon. jim parsons. >> i'm filming you right now. >> you are? >> "e.t." introduces google glass to the red carpet with a "big bang" star. >> look at me here. >> "e.t.," of course you are ahead of everyone else. emmy fashion uncensored. >> your dress is see-through. >> it is very see-through.
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"elle's" joe zee breaks down the best and worst dressed. >> she's wearing a dress that just felt like carpeting. plus, miley undressed in vegas. we have her wild emmy weekend. >> do you have a favorite miley face? that's good. i like it. now, nancy o'dell, rob marciano, rocsi diaz and brooke anderson from the nokia theater in los angeles. it's "entertainment tonight" at the emmys. >> it is not the emmys without "e.t." now, "entertainment tonight," the worldwide leader in entertainment news. >> michael douglas on saving his marriage. and does "mad men's" jon hamm need throat surgery? all the emmy news. we got it and we never slowed down. here we are still in the same clothes. i never went to sleep. >> i know. but you still look fabulous. stunning. >> you are very kind. and you survived your first emmys red carpet. i'm impressed.


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