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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  September 24, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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if the congress decides to not authorize further spending after the end of this month, d.c. officials will have to stop spending as well. >> absolutely no reason to shut down the district of columbia government because those are our taxpayers dollars. >> the city's attorney general advised mayor gray he and the council would be violating federal law if they do not close the city government down and keep nonessential workers at home. >> i point out to them that they have taken an oath to uphold the law and if you engage in civil disobedience, you have to take the consequences and the victims of the consequences could be the district. >> that emergency, d.c. council vote essential could come on tuesday. bruce johnson, wusa9. >> district cfo has said he will not authorize checks to be written for nonessential city employees during a shutdown unless the city's attorney general says it can be done legally. joining me now to talk about the potential for a shutdown is
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coleen kelly. the president of the national treasury employee's union which represents federal workers. coleen, thanks for being here. sorry we weren't having the same conversation over and over again. in the shutdowns in the past, government workers could expect that they would have days off, they wouldn't be paid. eventually they would be made whole. that may not be the case this time. why? >> the last time it happened was in 1995 and '96. it happened because after the shutdown was over, congress voted and passed legislation to pay those employees. so it would take an act of congress to do that now. and this is a very different time and a very different congress. so, i am urging employees to not count on that. >> what are you telling them to do to prepare for this very prospect? >> we are asking them to contact their congressman and senators to ask them to act so there's no shutdown and also to stop the sequester and to fund
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agencies at the levels they need so they can do the jobs they are trying to do. from a preparation standpoint, these are employees in the third year of a pay freeze. many just came off of unpaid furlough days because of the sequester in the last few months. this is very serious for most federal employees. the thought that there might not be a paycheck. >> you couple the possibility of a government shutdown with a sequester and talked about this one, two punch for federal workers. which workers and which agencies are going to feel the biggest hit? >> right now, not one appropriations bill has been passed. it would apply to every federal agencies funded through appropriated funds, which is most agencies. from there, each agency has to decide based on the law whether they are accepted and whether those employees come to work. but most agencies are going to see the bulk of the employees not coming to work. the exception will be national security, protection of property, and human life. for the most part, most federal employees will not be working
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if there's a shutdown. >> and you believe that this is a very real possibility given the state of things in washington. >> unfortunately, i do. we are coming up, it's less than a week away. the government would be shut down. when you look at the schedule for congress to be in session to deal with these issues, i believe that we'll at least come right down to the wire if we don't cross over the line into october 1. >> seems this is the new way of governing in washington. everything seems to be down to the wire. let's hope that they are able to resolve this before a shutdown could happen. coleen kelly, thank you so much for being here today. >> thank you. >> and the big debate today at tell is whether you care about a potential shutdown. right now an overwelming majority say you do. cast your vote and leave your comments at jan. >> all right lesli, thank you. kenya's president took to the air waves to tell his people that the terrorists inside a mall have been defeated.
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those terrorists overtook the mall this past saturday killing 67 civilians and government troops. tonight, even though the government says the siege is over, kenya security forces aren't showing many signs that their work ere is done. coming up at 6:00, a woman with d.c. ties caught in the mall massacre cross fire. >> and there are reports out of kenya that americans were among the gunman that storms that mall. and a look at a virginia community accused of being a terrorist training ground. and some of its residents have been under suspicion for being home grown terrorists. andrea mccarren is here to tell us more. you got unprecedented access inside this compound. >> as you know, photographer joe martin and i did gain very rare access to one muslim village. we wanted to uncover the story behind so many inflammatory headlines. >> our radical muslimjay
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jihadists training right under our noses? >> give me a break. >> we're not about terrorism. america should be worried. >> inside a mosque in a remote southern virginia county that is so rural, there isn't a single stoplight. the muslims of america bow down in prayer. more than 7,000 miles away in pakistan, mubarak serves as
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they're guide. he was meeting in 2002 when he was abducted and beheaded. pearl, you recall, was following a tip that shoe bomber, richard reid, trained at one of his alleged camps in pakistan. so why is the shake the key spiritual leader for so many here in the united states? we'll have much more on the muslims of america coming up tonight at 11:00. jan. >> so interesting, especially considering they want to be so seg regaited from the rest of society. we find out why that? >> on the other hand, they work in the community at this particular village. they work at the wal-mart. they work in town for the community. their kids in some cases play on local sports teams. so, the segregation is really in the community where they live. they are in very rural parts of the united states and canada. >> looking forward to that report, thank you. lesli. >> all police reports must be included. that's the recommendation of the navy secretary after learning that the navy yard shooter lied about a previous
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arrest and sales to disclose thousands of dollars in debt when he applied for his security clearance. the gap let him work at the secure facility where he shot and killed a dozen people last week. alexis had been questioned about the shooting incident in the last nine years, but he was never charged in either one. >> today, we did learn that the second of three people sent to the washington hospital center for their injuries is now home. the woman was released late last night. d.c. police officer, scott williams, is still being treated. he was shot in both of the legs and described to be in pretty good condition and d.c. police tell us that a second officer took two bullets to the chest during the gunfight, but his bullet proof vest is being credited with saving his life. >> tonight, family and friends will hold services for mary francis knight. and we are respecting their request that the media not attend. earlier in the day, we were welcomed outside services for
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john johnson and as scott broom reports, mourners were encouraged to put aside their anger. >> a good man like this was taken away. a senseless act. >> age 76 was the oldest navy yard shooting victim and to hear the hundreds who turned out to remember him at lutheran church in gaithersburg today, he was also happy. johnson was a career logistics analyst. he loved the job and the people he worked with. he was renowned for giving big bear hugs. >> we loved it. >> johnson was the father of four adult daughters and nine grandchildren. his family insisted there be no ill will toward aaron alexis and his family. mourners imagined johnson would have hugged his killer. >> it's senseless. when you met a guy like john
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and realize that john would put his arms around that guy. >> no ill will, that's what they said. no ill will. there is strength for us. >> in his remarks, the shootings were a painful reminder that too many people in this world are unraveling and turning to violence. the pastor said america needs public leaders who muster up the courage to voice difficult votes to curb gun violence. johnson's funeral procession was led by a full con tin janes tingence. not to tell the family that what happened was god's will, because he does not believe that. in gaithersburg, scott broom, wusa9. >> johnson was buried at the gate of heaven cemetery in silver spring. two funds have been set up to help the families of those killed as a navy yard and those recovering from those injuries. we have information on the navy yard relief fund and the safer
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communities fund at >> prince william county police arrested six people in the death of a high school football player today. bruce leshan is live in woodbridge with more on this. six people, bruce. >> yeah, and police say that there's just a whole lot of awful to go around on this. a whole lot of ruined young lives on both sides. this was all about drugs on both sides. both the victim, kenny diaz of woodbridge high school student and the chief suspect, a woman named diandra samuels. diaz came here to samuel's house on saturday looking to avenge a drug robbery from earlier in the month. >> what diaz and his buddies not bargained for, was that samuels had a lot of her
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friends here, too. samuel's buddies wrestled away the gun. diaz's buddies scattered. but the 18-year-old was unable to get away. police say diandra samuels, 19 years old, a woman beat the heck out of diaz here. then she and her friends stuffed the football player in a car, drove him to a park nearby where police say samuels stabbed diaz to death and then just dumped his body in the middle of the park. detectives arrested diaz and five of her friends overnight. >> so he was beaten up at the house. >> correct. >> and then they stuffed him in a car and took him out to the park and you're saying that's where she killed him? >> correct. >> stabbed him to death. >> correct. >> at woodbridge high school where diaz was drew to graduate, there is shock and horror. >> did you ever think of this, of kenny this way? >> no, not at all. >> that he would have gotten
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himself in the middle of something like this. >> no. he's a great football player, too. >> what do you think the message is that goes out to you and the other students from what happened here? >> surround yourself with bad groups of people. it's not worth it. even if they try to be cool, it's not worth it. >> diaz's aunt says that he was deeply religious and alter boy. the police expect to arrest a couple more people. but they have his killer and they wanted to let the worried community know what had happened here. in woodbridge, bruce leshan, wusa9. thank you, bruce. still ahead tonight, a new development as a chinese company makes a bid to take over virginia's smithfield food. >> i'm topper shutt. another beautiful day. look at the temperatures. a little better today. 74 downtown. 70 in gaithersburg. another chilly night.
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we'll tell you how cold and a look ahead to the weekend. >> president obama meets with leaders from around the world as the united nations meet in new york.
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at least 40 people were killed today in an earthquake in pakistan. the 7.8 magnitude quake was centered in a remote part of the country, but buildings shook as far away as india. a rescue operation is underway and that death toll is expected to increase. >> president obama didn't exactly break bread with iran's new president today, but as duncan reports, he did open the door for a possible new relationship with that country at the united nations today. >> president obama had lunch with rogue leaders at the u.n. today. >> cheers. >> there was speculation he might cross paths or even shake hands with iran's new moderate president, but that didn't happen. the iranian delegation skipped lunch. he told the u.n. general
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assembly his administration will pursue talks aimed at keeping nuclear ambitions in check. leaders of the two countries have not met face to face. >> i firmly believe the diplomatic path must be tested. >> iran state news agency says he skipped the lunch because alcohol was being served. a face to face encounter with president obama would have been too complicated for rouhani back home. u.s. relations overshadowed the crisis in syria. obama called for a resolution, forcing bashar assad to make good on his promise to surrender his chemical weapons. >> if we can't agree on this, then it will show that the united nations isn't capable of enforcing the most basic of international laws. >> the president announced the u.s. will send nearly $340 million in additional aid to
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refugees affected by the syrian civil war. cbs news, the united nations. secretary of state, john kerry, will meet with iran's foreign minister on thursday. new information tonight about that deal for a chinese firm to take over smilet field foods. today, shareholders approved a plan. final approval is expected to come thursday. the smithfield, virginia, company is the largest pork producer and processor. maryland's attorney general said he is running for governor. the democrat is promising to put the interest of the middle class first. he made his announcement outside the courthouse. >> looking forward to the race and looking for the campaign. it will be a good campaign. it will be a spirited campaign. we see things differently. >> he will face at least two opponents in the democratic primary. they are anthony brown and
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delegate, heather. and maryland republicans have a new man at the helm in the state senate. david brinkley will be the new minority leader. lawmakers pick state senator, joseph, to be minority whip. he replaces state senator, edward riley. we are excited to be part of tonight's lieutenant governor debate in virginia. it starts at 7:00 on the george mason campus in arlington. our peggy fox will moderate for republican, e.w. jackson and democrat ralph northam. you can watch the debate live at starting at 7:00. >> tracking inconvenient weather where you live. wusa9's first alert weather. >> talk some weather. a lot warmer today. i feel like than yesterday. >> but a chilly start. >> need a frost alert this morning with those temperatures. >> some frost in the mountains
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and 30s, not too far from here. milder today and even milder tomorrow. and milder still as we get into thursday. let's start with a look at our temperatures this morning. these are recorded lows this morning and there were plenty of 30s. 33 in gaithersburg. 51 downtown. the kids probably need a sweatshirt or sweater this morning. you can kind of repeat again for tomorrow. 43 up in baltimore. look at that, 37 up into frederic. 42 in hagerstown for a low. a live look outside. it's our live michael and son weather cam, and just a gorgeous evening. not a cloud in the sky. temperatures, 45 degrees. dew point 45 degrees. temperature is 74. we're looking at dew point and humidity very low. another perfect night for cooling. we have clear skies, and a dry air mass. it cools off quickly and warms up quickly. only 70 in arlington. 71 in oldtown. 75 in college park. and 70 down in waldorf.
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only 67 over in annapolis. so chilly tonight, grab a sweater if you're walking the dog late. a chilly start, but a mild finish tomorrow. still beautiful on thursday. don't freak out. friday pleasant, i did put a shower in west of town. i mean just a sprinkle. not enough to change your plans and west of i-81 would be the best chance for clouds. for tonight, clear and chilly. 44 to 54. maybe a couple degrees warmer. winds light, but don't open the windows. you'll be cold. 46 tonight in rockville. 46 in fairfax. 48 in springfield. 54 downtown. but 49 in waldorf and 44 toward leesburg and middleburg. by morning, sunny with a chilly start. grab a jacket. 40s and 50s. mostly sunny, warmer. just beautiful, high 75 to 80 and winds east, southeast at 5 to 10. so we have temperatures tomorrow in the upper 70s. upper 70s on thursday.
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fantastic. friday, i just had to throw this drop in, not a big deal. pleasant, a little cooler. temperatures in the mid 70s. next seven days, still nice over the weekend. low to mid 70s on sunday and that east, northeast flow will keep temperatures down and back in the mid 70s on friday. maybe a shower on monday. and on tuesday, mid 70s as well with partly cloudy skies. it is tuesday. best shot day. beautiful rainbow. and robert took this. he wished he had his nikon7100, but he didn't. it's still a great picture. so when you see a rainbow, it's raining in front of you and robert, that is one heck of a picture. we appreciate that. it's pretty good. that's from a town in maryland. you want to send us something, go to our website, click on weather, upload your picture and just like robert, give me your town, name, and a description. >> some of the best pictures come from your phone anyway? >> but you can't touch a
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nikon7100. >> you think our baby panda is cute? well, prepare yourself for panda overload as we bring you 14 of the critters. >> first, a wrapup of some of the news in your neighborhood. take us to fairfax and howard take us to fairfax and howard counties as well as the i'm terry mcauliffe, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad. for 30 years i've worked as an obgyn, my job is to protect the health of women. so i'm particularly offended by ken cuccinelli. cuccinelli wants to make all abortion illegal ... ... even in cases of rape and incest. ... even to protect a woman's health. i want a governor who's focused on schools and creating jobs, not someone who wants to do my job. who's ken cuccinelli to interfere in the lives of women across virginia?
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that's powerful.
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an indictment against the man accused of abducting 17- year-old, alexis murphy. randy allen taylor says he saw her on august 3, but they were with another person. murphy has not been seen since. >> here's a quick look at news around the region. we begin in fairfax county tonight. that's where sky 9 flew over a high-rise apartment building in reston after a transformer blew this morning. one person was burned. said to be okay. the fire caused power outages in the area. the secret service is investigating a security breech at the white house. it says the unidentified man snuck inside one of the gates in the middle of the night by walking in behind an official vehicle. well only made it a few feet inside and tonight he is charged with unlawful entering. and now over to maryland where a commuter nightmare
5:26 pm
along i-95 earlier this morning after a truck slipped over on the northbound side right in the middle of the rush hour. check out that mess. my goodness. sky 9 captured the scene. all lanes of 95 were shut down after fuel spilled on to the roadway. crews spent hours cleaning up the mess. fortunately, no reports of any serious injuries. still to come tonight, it's time to get things started. we're going to take you to the smithsonian where a pig was reunited with her friend. >> why young people could make or break the country's new mandated health insurance exchanges. i'm teresa garcia. i'll explain just ahead. but first, extraordinary measures. we're going to talk with two counselors about the links they have seen to get their fix even when they are in t
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5:29 pm
only on 9, a rare glimpse of what we are told is really going on behind closed doors at some of the nation's drug and alcohol rehab facilities. two california counselors speak publicly for the first time about drug use they have witnessed in treatment. and as andrea mccarren reports, how addicts go through unusual and extraordinary methods to struggle in the goods. >> i'm mortified that it has taken this long to be found out. >> audrey hope, a veteran addiction counselor who worked with celebrity clients and big- name treatment facilities.
5:30 pm
she says state inspectors are simply too lax. >> they went once to check on someone in the rehab i worked with. he said i didn't do it and they left. >> looks like they open up a book and they have a list on one side that says depression, anxiety, add. >> the counselor, himself, a recovering addict went through seven rehabs before he was able to get clean. >> it was a blind that goes to the other page right to the medication for depression. oh. we have these three different options. >> doctors who readily write prescriptions are replacing one addiction with another. >> every doctor, i would like them to be held accountable. >> at one rehab facility, according to an online forum, patients would take a tennis ball loaded with crash and drop it from a third floor window. the drug dealer on the ground would remove the cash, insert the drugs, and bounce it back
5:31 pm
up to the addict. addicts that will do just about anything to get their fix. >> they urinate for each other. they go to head shots and buy apparatuses that make it look like it is their urine. >> rehab clinics often prescribe medications without addressing the underlying causes of addiction. >> they aren't aware of the things, the situation that fuel the drug and alcohol problem. >> it's just a disease and i wonder what is happening to us because of it. >> for the families now grappling with addiction, ross has advice on selecting the best rehab for a loved one. >> make sure they are getting the treatment they deserve. make sure that they are not just thrown into a cookie cutter program where they are just, it's like a puppy mill that they are pumping clients out. make sure there's a goal at the end. >> plenty of high profile stars have had their stints in and out of rehab. and sunday night, actor,
5:32 pm
michael douglas lashed out about how his son is being treated after being caught selling heroin in new york. cameron douglas was sentenced to five years in prison in 2010. now he's in solitary confinement after caught dealing drugs in prison. his father is devastated he can't visit cameron. >> the success of part of the affordable care act will be determined by the nation's young adult. sometimes called the young invincibles. as teresa garcia explains, this group is critical to keep health insurance costs low for all of us. >> hernandez lives at home with his mother and young brother. he is gone without health insurance for most of his life. >> when we get sick, we don't necessarily go to the doctor. we rely on home remedies, you know, letting the pain go away. >> now for the first time, the 24-year-old working student says he'll be able to afford coverage. he plans to sign up when the mandated insurance exchanges launch october 1. javier's low
5:33 pm
income qualifies him for government subsidies, which means he could pay as little as $30 a month for minimal coverage. >> depends on your age, income. >> the success of the insurance exchanges depends on the young invensables. who think they don't need coverage because they are young and healthy. santiago works for california's insurance exchange. younger people are critical to caring for older, sicker patients. >> that will bring the premiums down. we promised health insurance companies will make it happen for you. >> in california, a 20-year- old would pay $146 a month for a middle of the road plan. a 60-year-old would pay $624. but new subsidies would help low income earners in both groups. dropping premiums as low as $85. javier is sold on getting insured. >> we are young, but we never know when accidents happen. >> the challenge is getting
5:34 pm
the rest of the nation's 19 million uninsured young adults on board. teresa garcia, cbs news, los angeles. >> the obama administration says 2.7 million young people need to sign up the first year. so if not enough participate, your insurance rates could rise the following year. we have more information to help you understand the affordable care act. just click on the box under check it out right there on the home page. >> it might sound like an ox si moron, but today, burger king rolled out the crinkle cut french fries. the fast food chain calls them, status fries. they have 30% less fat, 20% fewer calories, but you can expect to pay more for the healthier version. about 20 to 30 cents more. the price will remain the same for the kids meal. i'll take some of those, wouldn't you? >> uh-huh. >> a rivalry between two high schools turned ugly after a football game in san antonio.
5:35 pm
take a look at this cell phone video of a food fight. this is at a restaurant. students from both schools have apologized, but some could face suspensions now. administrators will review the video before deciding on the discipline. it did take 30 minutes to clean up that mess. >> still to come tonight, a quick stop for food didn't pay off for one man's menu, but you're going to find out why he is still cashing in tonight. kristen. >> we are three days away from another friday night under the lights, which means there is time to vote for our u.s.a. today high school sports game of the week. we have four great games for you to vote on from around the dmv. text the code, 25543. and remember, you can always see that poll. the high school plays of the week in all of our other content at down load the wusa9 app to get access 24 hours a day. lesli and dan are
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all right, get ready for your daily dose of cute. we're getting our look at baby pandas that were born in a birthing center between july and september. i love they are in a crib.
5:39 pm
the oldest of the bunch weighs 7-pounds. the youngest just a pound and a half. of course, none of those cubs has anything ton the little girl born at the national zoo here in d.c. five weeks ago with her mom, look at that. this is the latest video of the baby. this was taken last monday. isn't that incredible? she is getting the black legs and arms and spots are all coming in. getting lots of kisses too, it looks like. >> very cute. >> there was a juvenile joyful reunion as miss piggy joined her man in jim hansen's muffets. sharyl donated more than 20 puppets to the smithsonian. the collection includes bert and ernie along with fragel and traveling matt. both from fraggelrock. >> sesame street for sure. >> now it's yo gabba gabba,
5:40 pm
which i find creepy. you will never feel lonely while sipping your coffee. that's because you'll be in the company of a dozen resident cats. cafe de shay. that is cafe of the cats. on any given day, you'll find the kitties weaving in and out between the tables or curling up on a diner's lap. cafe owners came up with the policy to help them who are unable to keep their pets in their apartment. all right, the mystery in the making in colorado tonight. meet the first woman to lead the u.s. air force academy coming up. but first, we'll tell you about the change chase bank is making with his credit card accoun
5:41 pm
5:42 pm
5:43 pm
we're back now with a consumer alert. the bank says you can't have them anymore. you'll have to add your spouse and other authorized users to the account. this is not going to affect you if you have a joint credit card. chase says they are doing this to try and make things simpler. >> new york state is cracking down on companies that post fake reviews to boost their
5:44 pm
business. a yearlong investigation found that false reviews are showing up on sites like yelp and city search more often than you might think. state prosecutors discovered 19 businesses using made up profiles were paying others to post deceptive rates. >> these companies were soliciting people to write phony reviews from as far away as europe. >> to have people writing reviews about them and they have never been there. >> the company sited by the state will pay a total of $350,000 in penalties. >> move over loudoun county, you are falling to number two on a list of richest counties in the country. according to the u.s. census bureau, that honor belongs to arlington. that's where the median family income last year was 137,216. arden county is $10,000 less. fairfax county comes in third.
5:45 pm
the winner of last week's $400 million power ball jackpot may want to remain unanimous, but today we learned one thing about this millionaire. it was just the second time the guy played the lottery. he only stopped to buy some hot gun buns after getting a call from his wife. the gas station didn't have any, so he decided to pick up $20 worth of tickets rather than leave empty handed. a lesson to be learned. $20 for $400 million, i'll make that tradeoff. and he was listening to his wife. he knows what to do. >> the second time. that's pretty good. that's a lucky man. >> hot dog buns, he won't look at those the same way anymore. >> we are looking at temperatures again, chilly tonight, not as chilly as last night and moderation in temperatures tomorrow and into thursday. let's take a live look outside. our live michael and son weather cam and boats on the river there. cruising along. making me dizzy.
5:46 pm
right now, temperatures 74. dew point still in the 40s. that tells you it's going to be another chilly night. another indication of how cold it can get and our range is 44 to 54. winds out of north at 9. temperatures, there's some 60s already. reston and fairfax, already 68. bethesda 68. 71 in oldtown. 70 down in waldorf and 75 in college park. speaking of college park, i'm about to post on our website on my blog, today's an versety of that deadly tornado back in '01. chilly tonight, grab a sweater. chilly start tomorrow, but a mild finish on wednesday. and then still beautiful on thursday. temperatures go up a little more on thursday. friday pleasant. i got a shower and clouds west, not a big deal. don't change your plans. keep your tee times. for tonight, clear and chilly again. 44 to about 54 with light winds. so, temperatures will fall quickly when the sun goes down. 46 tonight in rockville. 46 in fairfax. 48 in springfield. maybe 54 downtown. but most of the suburbs will be in the mid to upper 40s
5:47 pm
tonight. again, not quite as chilly as last night, but still below average. sunny with a chilly start. a jacket is a good idea. in the 40s and 50s on wednesday morning and by afternoon, mostly sunny, warmer. just beautiful. high temperature 75 to 80 and winds out of the east, southeast at 5 to 10. so sunshine again from the mountains to the coast. our poor friends in oakland after frost yesterday and today. 66 tomorrow. 73 in cumberland. mid 70s in hagerstown and winchester. you'll be close to 80. maybe 78, 79 in culpeper. but warnton and manassas and leesburg and middleburg, 75, 76. maybe 76, 77 in reston and also fairfax. downtown 77. upper 70s into southern maryland through charles county, waldorf, cooler by the water, low 70s, and even mid to upper 70s as you go up 270. frederic topping out at 75. so, warmer and just beautiful on wednesday. 77. still fantastic on thursday,
5:48 pm
78. on friday, i just tucked a drop in here, not a big deal. pleasant, cooler, temperatures in the mid 70s. next seven days, saturday and sunday, still nice. low to mid 70s on saturday. mid 70s on sunday. maybe a stray shower on monday, but no real organized system coming our way. that said, i think howard talked about this at noon. there's an area of low pressure, we'll watch right now, indications are it will stay out to sea. a shower on monday and nice on tuesday with temperatures again in the mid 70s. >> all right top. for the first time in its 59 year history, a woman is in charge of things at the u.s. air force academy. >> jan crawford spoke with lieutenant general about taking on the job at this critical time. >> carry on. >> lieutenant general, michelle johnson, lived life being a first. the first woman to leave the air force academy 36 years after she enrolled here and became the first female to be a cadet wing commander. >> people are wondering why?
5:49 pm
well, the same reason you want to do it. >> did you hear that from fellow cadets? >> in these kinds of institutions, people couldn't imagine that mix. >> look at this. this is inspiring. >> johnson always has been a woman who sees no obstacles. growing up on a farm, she was a state champion in track, but she wondered what was beyond her midwestern horizon. >> used to go in low buildings on a farm, like the hog house, or low barns. my dog and i could climb to the top and we could see the horizon of the earth out there. i said man, it's a big world. i would like to see what i can do. >> at the academy, she excelled. embarked on a career that included flying. she reported to two presidents. george h.w. bush and bill clinton, carrying top secret nuclear codes.
5:50 pm
johnson now is responsible for more than 4,000 cadets. nearly a quarter are women. a major issue she must confront is sexual harassment. last year, up to 26,000 military members reported being sexually assaulted. including high profile cases in the service academy and also against officers, some who led sexual assault prevention programs. >> you have officers who have been charged with sexual assault who are responsible for preventing it. i mean, what kind of message does that send? >> it is hurtful. all our leadership in the air force said how hurtful that is. it's just not right. we can't have it. >> sexual assault is a crime. johnson tackled the issue the first day she spoke to new cadets. >> when you cross those boundaries, there's a human cause to that. there's a lifetime human cause on both parties. and that's what we need to be aware of. >> her words carry weight.
5:51 pm
>> okay. >> and meetings with flight instructors and at lunch with the cadets, she comes across as engaging. she has been here. she has been through it. the worst of it. as a cadet in the late 1970s, johnson's class, the second to include women, was 12% female, it wasn't easy. >> what would you hear most often? what is something that stands out in the experience you had? >> you know, you shouldn't be here. why have you come? >> other cadets would tell you that? >> yeah. and there were faculty that couldn't wrap their brains around it. >> you have broken a lot of barriers as a woman. have you ever personally experienced sexual harassment? >> i have had people question and challenge me, but i wouldn't say in terms of physically that way. >> there have been things along the way. it hasn't been institutionized, or authority. it's been someone who, you know, maybe is block headed frankly or make it difficult.
5:52 pm
i'm not going to say that didn't happen. >> she considers herself fortunate and that's her attitude. also a mother of ten-year-old twin boys, her husband retired from the military to be home with them. now she sees her mission as educating the next generation of military leaders. young men and women. >> and lieutenant general johnson said she faced her biggest challenge after her twins were born. she started having trouble with her vision and ultimately diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. she says her symptoms are minimal and she is able to handle them and tells jan crawford, you can't quit before you have to. stay positive and keep up. >> pretty amazing. we wish her well. all right, still ahead on wusa9. the kenya mall massacre. president clinton is among those mourning the loss of a pregnant woman. with ties to washington. >> renters of an alexandria apartment say they got more than they bargained for.
5:53 pm
a home full of mold. those details coming up. plus, tis the season. the season for travel bargains. we'll tell you how to take advantage of the cheaper fares over the fall.
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in tonight's consumer alert, wal-mart is ready to hire 55,000 people for the holidays and while the bug box retailer is increasing its seasonal work force by 10%, target, cole's, and toys r us
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plan to hire the same number of employees as last year for the holidays. why? there's a pretty cautious consumer spending forecast out there and retailers have decided not to increase the numbers too much. the sluggish time travel between summer vacation and the holiday rush is known as the fall shoulder season. it is also the best time to find budget destinations. so we're going to clue you in on when to start your deal hunting for your holiday trip. fall may not be the most obvious time to take a vacation, but travel can be easier and cheaper. >> you still have wonderful mild temperatures around the country and around the world. you have minimized crowds because the kids are back in school. people are waiting to take their winter holiday vacation. >> janine with obitz travel says take a look at offpeek destinations. >> places like cruising these destinations.
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these are where you will find some of the best deals of the fall travel season. >> fall weather can be unpredictable, so pack for the changes. if your destination is the caribbean, consider travel insurance with hurricane coverage. and remember, it's also not too early to think about those holiday travel plans. >> you don't want to wait until mid to late october to book those air fares because the ideal seats and flights will start to fill up ask up and only going to get more expensive. >> you can guarantee a lower air fare if you book late or early in the day. and you can save if you try on tuesdays and wednesdays. good evening, i'm lesli foster. tonight, six people have been charged in connection with the murder of a woodbridge high school football player. >> and i'm derek mcginty. we'll have a former d.c. resident caught in the middle of a mall massacre in kenya.
5:58 pm
but first, here's a glimpse of the world in 90 seconds. >> europeans and americans, because we are not weak. this security camera photo shows two of the gunmen. kenyan authorities say they are in control of the situation, but three kenyan soldiers died. kenya's foreign minister says attackers are not somalia. >> the u.s. should be worried. >> terrorism experts say the muslims of america is a front group for a radical organization known as jamal. >> we denounced all forms of terrorists. >> a good man like this was taken away. a senseless act. >> john johnson, age 73, was the oldest navy yard shooting victim. to hear the hundreds who turned out to remember him at the lutheran church today, he was also the happiest. >> defy the congress if the
5:59 pm
d.c. council follows through with a threat to pass a bill declaring all city workers essential and able to work during a shutdown. >> you prepared to be arrested? >> absolutely. >> are you concerned they may find this defiant? >> president obama addressed the united nations general assembly. >> more stable than it was five years ago. >> the president said he was encouraged by the new iranian president taking a more moderate course. he is ordering secretary of state, john kerry, to pursue a nuclear agreement with iran. >> i firmly believe the diplomatic past must be touched. >> well, police say they have closed the book on the murder case involving a football player at woodbridge high. a total of six people are in jail now for the stabbing death of 18-year-old, kenny diaz. one of them, a woman is 19 years old and faces the most serious charges. bruce leshan is live in woodbridge with the latest details. bruce. >> yeah, this is


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