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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  September 24, 2013 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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beautiful kids playing in this terrible, crazy stuff going on around him. abduction, murder by knife, by a teenager, a woman of a high school football player over what? police say kenny diaz came here on saturday to diandra samuel's home, looking to a avenge robbery earlier in the month. what diaz and his buddies had not bargained for, was samuels had a lot of her friends here, too. samuels buddied wrestled the athe gun. diaz's buddied scattered, but the 18-year-old was unable to get away. police say diandra samuels, 19 years old, a woman beat the heck out of diaz here, then she and her friends stuffed the football player in a car, drove him to a park nearby where
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police say samuels stabbed diaz to death and then just dumped his body in the middle of the park. detectives arrested diaz and five of her friends overnight. >> so he was beaten up at the house. >> correct. >> and then they stuffed him in a car and took him out to the park and you're saying that's where she killed him. >> correct. >> stabbed him to death? >> correct. >> at woodbridge high school where diaz was due to graduate this year, there is shock and horror. >> did you ever think of this, of kenny this way? >> no, not at all. >> that he would have gotten hums in the middle of something like this? >> no. he's a great football player, too. >> what do you think the message is that goes out to you and the other students from what happened here this terrible tragedy? >> don't surround yourself with bad groups of people. it's not worth it. even if they try to be cool, it's not worth it. >> police say they may yet
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arrest a couple more people in diaz's abduction, but they say that diandra samuels is the one that killed him and the 19-year- old is locked up looking at a long prison term if she is convicted. derek. >> and a brutal death it was, too. thanks, bruce. >> we continue to monitor an on going breaking news story in frederic county, maryland. sky 9 is over the scene of a trench rescue. looking at some video of that rescue right now. a county fire spokesman tells us a construction worker's feet have been stuck in the mud. this all happened on eagle head drive in new market. and firefighters from montgomery county are trying to help free him. they tell us they are making some progress, but they do not know how long this whole thing will take. we'll keep an eye on the situation and bring you updates as we get them. >> claiming al-qaeda, the terrorist involved in the kenya have been defeated. the president of that nation has declared three days of
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mourning. in a national address, the president said the 61 civilians and six members of kenya security forces died during the siege in the upscale shopping mall and one of those victims is a graduate of johns hopkins university's d.c. campus. and as kristin fisher reports, she was just two weeks away from giving birth to her first child. >> ellis says the love of her life and a new home in east africa. the 33-year-old just moved to tanzania with her boyfriend. but last weekend, the couple was in nirobi because they were expecting their first child. ellis was due in two weeks when she was killed by terrorists at the west gate shopping mall. her boyfriend and their unborn child were also killed. an entire family wiped out in an instant. >> you see something like this reported in the media, that sounds awful and all of a
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sudden, it hits much closer to home. >> faculty and students at the harvard school of public health are stunned .z ellis just earned her doctorate last spring and well known for her work fighting fight malaria. >> it's been very hard listening to folks, you know, talk about her. >> but before her time in cambridge, ellis lived here in washington. she graduated from johns hopkins university's d.c. campus, and she worked at the world bank. but she moved to africa to work for the clinton foundation. >> she and her baby's father. they went there because they thought it was the safest, best place for her to give birth. and they were staying in a place right across from the mall. and they were just walking home that day. >> in washington, kristin fisher, wusa9. >> another good-bye today. friends and family said good- bye to john johnson. johnson was one of the 12 people killed in the navy yard
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massacre. he was remembered as an optimist and religious man with an infectious smile. scott broom has more from gaithersburg. >> i'm scott broom in gaithersburg where today the family of navy yard shooting victim, j.j. johnson said they bare no ill will toward the navy yard attacker. johnson was a career logistics analyst who could have retired, but he wouldn't. he was renowned for giving big bear hugs. >> they loved him. >> johnson was the father of four adult daughters and nine grandchildren. remarkably, his family insisted there be no ill will toward aaron alexis or his family. mourners imagined johnson would have hugged his killer. >> you get angry about it because it is senseless and then when you met a guy like john and you realize that john would be the kind of individual that would just put his arms around that guy. >> no ill will, that's what they said, no ill will.
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they are friends for us. >> johnson's funeral procession was led by a full contingent of montgomery county police. gaithersburg, scot broom, wusa9. >> and funeral services are being held today for four victims of the navy yard shooting. lesli, tonight at 7:00, there's an important debate between the men who would like to be virginia's next lieutenant governor and wusa9 will be streaming it live and virginia voters, well they aught to pay attention to this, because the winners are going to be a heartbeat away from the governorship. wusa9 reporter, peggy fox, is moderating that debate at george mason university in arlington. she joined us live with a look at those candidates. peggy. >> yeah, i tell you what. this is the first debate between the lieutenant governor candidates. you are right. this is an important job. it's an important race. first of all, if anything should happen to the governor and he cannot complete his term, it's the lieutenant
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governor who steps in. also consider that virginia's governor only serves one term and the lieutenant governor often runs for governor. the lieutenant governor presides over the senate and that means that he gets the tie breaking vote if this is an even party line split, which we have seen. given now we have a split in the senate, 20 democrats, 20 republicans. a very important job. let's meet the candidates. republican e.w. jackson is a minister. his family history in virginia goes back two centuries. he served in the united states marine corps. he's a harvard law graduate. he practiced small business law and top regulatory law. he became a bishop in 1998 and is the founder of the faith ministries in chesapeake. democrat, ralph is a state senator and a pediatric neurologist in norfolk. he grew up on the eastern shore. he went to vmi and the eastern virginia medical school where he is now teaching neurology. he also serves as a doctor in
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the army treating wounded soldiers in desert storm. derek, the debate starts at 7:00 and i know you'll be coming back and showing some of the debate to your viewers. if people want to watch this, you can watch it live. we're streaming it on derek. >> thank you, peggy. if nothing else, see the two very educated candidates. >> thing we expect here in the washington area, that's for sure. topper has a lovely forecast for us. although we may need to bundle up in the morning. >> 75, but the low side was 51 downtown. it was 42 at dulles. we'll come back and talk about how cool tonight, look ahead to the weekend. >> plus, renters beware. people living in an alexandria apartment say they are living with something they would rather not. we'll tell
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a 9 month old baby went to the hospital sick. affected by a dangerous mold they say is in their apartment. delia discovered how hard it can be to get the management company to respond. >> evans would do anything to keep his little girl safe, but he couldn't protect her from dangerous mold. >> one morning at 2:00 in the morning, i woke up and i could
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not breathe. >> family rushed to the e.r. the diagnosis, mold exposure. nine month old's rash was treated by her pediatrician. mom prescribed an enhailer. >> as a father and trying to provide. >> family moved, look empty? well, most of their furniture was destroyed. their mattresses, clothes, and shoes covered in mold. >> we would hang up the towels in the morning, come back, and the towels would still be damp. >> not a good complex at all. >> and it may surprise you, that complex is the gated community of the reserve at eisenhower. owned and operated by equity residential. we stopped by to get some answers and given an offsite manager. we called and still nothing. management finally sent a maintenance crew to the first floor apartment, admitted it was damp, and offered a dehumidifier. >> it has been over 100 days.
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>> they received reports in the past about mold. but it appears that all of those complaints went unresolved, even though according to the state law, landlords must remediate mold and also provide housing while they clean up the apartment. there's no one to enforce that law. the health department does not send out inspectors to follow up on any reports of mold. the family just wants life to get back to normal. >> for my kids to be able to sleep on a regular mattress, if nothing else comes out of the this, i don't want this to happen to anyone else. >> in alexandria, wusa9. >> we just heard back from the property managers who tell wusa9 their private contractor found no mold in the apartment,
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but admitted there was mildew on the clothes. the contractor said the apartment was damp because the tenants did not run the ac continuously, but could not tell us the origin of the damage. cool, psychedelic, groovy man, you have to time travel to hear those, and you'll have to say the same thing for the mini bus. the final road trip when we come back.
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i'm terry mcauliffe, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad.
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for 30 years i've worked as an obgyn, my job is to protect the health of women. so i'm particularly offended by ken cuccinelli. cuccinelli wants to make all abortion illegal ... ... even in cases of rape and incest. ... even to protect a woman's health. i want a governor who's focused on schools and creating jobs, not someone who wants to do my job. who's ken cuccinelli to interfere in the lives of women across virginia?
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we are taking you back to new market so we can show you the rescue crews who have finally pulled a construction worker out of a trench. he had been there for three hours. his legs and feet trapped in the mud. they were trying to get him out of there and it appears that they have. we don't know anything about his condition, but you can see there, rescue workers have them on a stretcher and they are going to take him to hopefully get all better. >> well, it turns out it is the end of the road for an automotive legend. residents keep up with the latest safety requirements. volkswagen will get out of the mini van business. >> for some, the volkswagen
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bus was the driving spirit of their youth. for others, it is an enduring relic long past its prime. but for all its charm, volkswagen will stop producing the pill shaped vans after december 31. that is when brazil, the only country where the bus is still being produced will start requiring air bags and antilock brakes in all new cars. >> volkswagen, rather than bring the bus up to that standard has decided to stop. >> that will mean the end of a vehicle first introduced in 1950. >> really, without the volkswagen bus, you wouldn't have seen the popularization of a mass market people mover, like a mini van. it's something appealing. it makes people smile whenever they see them. >> in the u.s., the buses resembled art projects on wheels. others are immortalized in
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works of art. in argo, was bus was less art and more hero. trapped american industry employees to safety. the basic design has not changed much through the decades. a testament to the vehicle sound engineering and functionality. >> it really ressic resignates broadly. >> after the beetle. since then, some 10 million buses have been sold worldwide. for cbs this morning, michelle miller, new york. always watching. always tracking. wusa9's first alert weather. >> you know, i got a ride from a friend in one of those many years ago and every time we went down a street, he was flooring it trying to get this thing to go. i could see him pressing it
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down. this is the weakest engine i have ever seen. >> you said it has the power of a squirrel? a squirrel can move, though. >> are people lining up to miss this car? i don't know. >> it is kind of necessary of sad. >> let's take a live look outside. if you're going to be out tonight, i would take a sweater or a jacket. temperatures will fall pretty fast. the top chart. my mother-in-law had a dodge. 75. >> don't ever bring it back. >> 75 was the high. 73 right now. dew points still low. relative humidity still low. we're still looking at another chilly night. temperatures, already in the 60s. 66 in reston. 67 in fairfax and 67 in bethesda. still some low 70s in and around the beltway. but it's falling fast. chilly tonight, grab a sweater. chilly start tomorrow, but a mild finish on wednesday. that's nice. still beautiful on thursday and just a few clouds on friday.
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still a pleasant day. emphasize pleasant day with showers possible. so for tonight, clear and chilly, 44 to 54. winds will be light. we're looking at 46 in rockville. 46 in fairfax. 48 in springfield. and 47 or so over in college park. so, looking at a great start to the day. just kind of chilly. 44 to 54 to start. gorgeous by afternoon. 75 to 80 and pleasant by evening, 70 to 75. and it is fantastic on thursday. a little cooler on friday. pleasant, i got a drop in there west of town and it won't change anybody's plans. next seven days, nice weekend. a little cooler on saturday. low 70s. mid 70s on sunday. mid 70s on monday. a slight chance of a stray shower on monday. watching an area of low pressure that could produce a stray shower. we'll keep you posted. right now, sunshine, nice on tuesday, temperatures in the mid 70s. we'll be back with sports right
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now, game on with kristen berset. live from the wusa9 cadillac sports desk. >> there has been so much talk of baseball and football, but believe it or not, hockey is right around the corner. the washington capitals kick off their season next tuesday, october 1, and once again, the expectations are high for this team. yes, the team has had an exciting, but frustrated
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season. but that's not the only pressure they feel. with the woeful wiz sadrs and 0- 3 redskins. the caps now feel extra pressure from the fans. >> one team is not winning, they want to move on to the next team and support all the teams in the area. so, with certain teams getting off to poor starts, they might be looking to us to lift their spirits and kind of make a run here. >> you definitely want to be the top of the class of winning, you know, we obviously want to do that for sure. but you know, for the city, the goal is to bring a winner and you know, we are reminded that the city hasn't had a winner in a while. >> you know, to get some points. >> right now, the caps are the best chance for the city to have a playoff team. >> and i hear that talk and i just go, come on.
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you know, after all these years, what they need to be saying is, you all should hope for the best. >> i know. getting the stanley cup is tough, but getting in the playoffs is just as tough. they talk about how these guys are -- they are more mature. they worked together longer the second year. >> this could be their year. >> could be. >> apparently it's not anybody else's. >> not going anywhere else. >> nobody else is having a god year. >> breakout year for the wizards. >> their breakout forecast. >> bundle up tonight, gorgeous tomorrow. >> 75 to 80. >> that's it for us. the cbs evening news is next. bye.
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>> pelley: tonight, iran's
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president says they won't build a bomb. rouhani says he's ready for immediate negotiations over his nuclear program. is it the moment the world has waited for? kenya says the terrorists at the shopping mall have been defeated, but not before part of the building collapsed. they're looking for the missing and counting the dead. >> the bodies were stacking up like a pyramid. and we had to do something. >> pelley: charlie d'agata is on the breaking story. who's flying this f-16? no one. david martin on the technology the air force just revealed. and look at what a contractor found in a barn, the lost movie of america's sweetheart. anthony mason on the recovery of a turning point in hollywood history. captioning sponsored by cbs


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